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New painting

New logo

I started this a while ago but I finally finished it today. Posting this so I can finally start working on my other stuff. Got a couple artworks that I started that I just never finished because of this xD

This is a frog that was used as reference in a schoolism video.

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✨please like and reblog if you enjoy my work it means a lot to me✨

Shoutout to my partner for being my muse 💙 (they/them/she/her)

Hey yall! I haven’t posted my art to tumblr in a while since i’m much more active on my instagram, but I figured i’d share some stuff here to try and reach a larger audience. Follow my insta @ archeranimation to see more of my work!

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“A stolen glance” by Eugene de Blaas, 1896

Medium: Oil on panel

I couldn’t find a hq picture of this painting but anyways it’s so marvelous so not posting it would count as a sin! You guys seem to like Eugene de Blaas’ paintings so I hope that softness of lines & shadow, a piece of forest on the background and warmth of colors in this piece will leave you with your heart trembling.

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