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superduperstitionss · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Guess who finished catching up on the owl house
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#also.. jumping on the clawthorne theory about bird themed stuff#they’re shaped more closely to earth based birds#I notice that when you look at palismans belonging to the clawthornes compared to other palismans#like there’s nothing else much macabre going on with their designs#if you notice the other palisman even in 'escape of the palisman' they do slightly resemble their earth counterparts#but they’re usually something that makes them more fitting to the demon realm#like a 3 headed baboon or a squirrel with a scorpion tail#but... oddly the clawthornes’ palismans don’t have any deviations on their form that make them lean to the demon realm#they’re actually weirdly normal shaped compared to their environment#and that’s saying something because a cat from the demon realm is fundamentally different from an earth cat#AND... hunters palisman happens to be a northern cardinal that also doesn’t follow the demonic shape pattern like the clawthornes#something id say the exception would be though is the goose palisman cause its meant to be a reference to untitled goose game#my art#myart#the owl house#toh#toh s2#eda clawthorne#luz noceda#toh amity#amity blight#toh hunter#golden guard#willow park#Gus porter#toh luz#still chugging along on the sibling bandwagon#eda you will have your hands so full if hunter joins the group#I’m also in love with lumity god they’re so cute together#and Gus and willow are such good friends they even tried to help luz attempt to steal a priceless relic that’s so precious u guys
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I wanna talk about Agent F
nabbed some pics from this post because @monotype-on-phantom has a great collection of background characters (go check their 'background characters' tag for more excellent screenshots!)
but yeah guess what, School Kid 6 Agent F looks just as Definitely An Adult in the show as she does in the game gdksksbj
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
seems like she's good friends with Star
unfortunately she's also been at the school from the very beginning of the shows which makes the undercover GIW agent story a bit tricky since it pre-dates Phantom's presence
unless her purpose to begin with was to keep an eye on the Fenton kids because the GIW are super interested in the Fenton's work, and maybe they're interested to see if growing up around constant exposure to ectoplasm did anything weird to them
which would actually be super interesting because would she notice when Danny starts developing his powers if that's the kind of thing she's looking for? what if the GIW know that Danny suffers from some mild form of ecto-contamination and is a little Less Than Normal? what would make this super funny tho is if they still don't make the connection that he's Phantom
Wes figures out immediately that Agent F is clearly An Adult and at first suspects that she's an undercover cop (absolutely nobody believes him of course, like the fuck Wes that's Star's friend Felicia she can't be a cop)
but once the ghost shit starts happening and 'Felicia' starts casually pushing anti-ghost propaganda and she seems to know just a little Too Much about ghosts Wes is like 'hang on a minute you aren't a cop YOU'RE A GIW AGENT AREN'T YOU' and then he proceeds to spend the rest of his existence trying to convince her that Danny is Phantom
but she's just not having it, one she won't admit to him that she's GIW and she wants nothing more than to distance herself from this weirdo before he blows her cover, two she doesn't believe a ghost can also be a human, she thinks Danny might have some ghostly attributes but he doesn't set off her ghost radar (he only blips it from time to time which would be expected from someone who's ecto-contaminated), and also she's been watching this awkward geek all year and there's no way this kid could be Phantom
like he gets beaten up by Dash all the time, and he desperately wants to join the popular kids and be a part of that crowd, and keeping his identity a secret would be in opposition to that
also he doesn't flex his new superpowers for attention, he doesn't use them for anything (other than the occasional prank on Dash but he's smart enough to do that when nobody else is around), he doesn't use them to impress Paulina, he doesn't use them to get onto a sports team, he just doesn't use them to increase his popularity at all
an adult looking at this from the outside, an adult with preconceived notions on how dumb and impulsive teenagers are, could not believe that a teenage boy would be able to control that temptation
he's not Phantom, he's just mildly ecto-contaminated, possibly has some minor abilities he either can't control or doesn't realise he has, and that's about it, Phantom is just an ordinary unrelated ghost with no secret identity who just happens to look similar
besides, there have been depictions of Phantom throughout history, long before Danny was born, there were sightings of him at a university in the 80s, in ancient Rome, at the Salem witch trials, he was even found in a drawing from a boy's diary in the 1940s, the more they look the more they find artwork and stories of a being with his appearance or power, too many and too similar to be coincidence
unless Danny Fenton is somehow capable of time travel he couldn't possibly be Phantom
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oldschoolfrp · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
“The lich Abraxa has raised you from your grave to locate some of the twelve pieces of the magical Staff of Waterdeep” (George Barr, Forgotten Realms Solo Quest Knight of the Living Dead by Allen Varney, TSR, 1989)
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sirartwork · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Bea and SIR playing Minecraft in the Origin Realms server : )
Bea is the powergamer with all the fancy gear/collectables while I am a filthy casual who can’t shoot down balloons because my aim sucks I’m lagging.
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bowieguy · 17 hours ago
thinking about how dean is canonically down for orgies and threesomes and how cas (if he hangs around dean enough) is also canonically down for orgies and threesomes and how if benny had asked dean for a threesome with his mate dean might have said yes and if the waitress in stuck in the middle had asked for a threesome with him and cas dean might have said y
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alittleminish · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
final designs (minus legs lol)
i wanna play Skyward Sword HD so bad but I don’t have it :(
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belphe-whore · 9 days ago
Ok hear me out.
What if Luke was chosen to be MCs guardian angel and it’s like his first assignment as a guardian so Simeon goes to like help and supervise?
Here’s some headcannons friends
Luke being GNMCs guardian angel:
You’re his first official assignment as a guardian angel so you are the most important human to him before you even meet him
But wait why is his first human being sent to hell??
Wait what?
Michael must trust me if this is my assignment to follow my human to hell to protect them from the demons this is my mission
Super serious Luke
Acting like
Tumblr media
Acts like he’s to grown for Simeon to supervise him
Secretly thankful af
Also confused that he gets to meet you face to face rather than watch from afar
Refuses to tell anyone but Simeon he’s your guardian because you’re no supposed to know your guardian
When he first meets you jumps on you very protective
Keeping you from the demon boys like
Tumblr media
Definitely sees you as the younger sibling
Why do you think he and Simeon pop up wherever you go even in the human realm
Dude is actually excited you’re so powerful and such because it makes him feel very valid that he was hand picked to guard you
Ok but I know it’s part of the story or whatever but hear me out
First season spoiler here
But like when Belph tries to do the thing
Luke comes out of no where and like
Tumblr media
Yep I like my version better no offense devs
Yea Barbs has cool powers and such but a good yeet to the face by a little power house 🥰
And then barbs can just play it over and over and over
Also side note I want to know wtf satan and mammon did to belphie I bet beel had to protecc
I just feel like Mammon would’ve gone full second born power mode
But anyways imagine 6 of hells baddest, the literal prince of hell, whatever Solomon is, and barbs not being able to get to you in time but little baby they mock comes it and handles some shit
And then Him immediately checking on you I just 🥺🥺🥺
Give Luke the street cred he deserves
I plan on adding more if I think of more lol. If you have ones to add please tag me I love this fandom so much.
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happyheidi · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
If I had a flower for every time I thought of you.. I could walk through my garden forever. - Alfred Tennyson
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galaxy-lilies · 17 days ago
For the princes of the realms art requests, could I request some bodyguard Ranboo and Techno designs? 👀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ranboo is intimidated and Techno is wondering why the End prince’s bodyguard is in a posh outfit if he’s supposed to be protecting a prince (as if Techno had a say with his own outfit)
Techno occasionally shifts into his piglin form it depends though. Ranboo has an angy enderman form too.
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mighty-dragons · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Icingdeath, Frost Tyrant by Kieran Yanner
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markrosewater · 5 days ago
What did you dislike about Dungeon & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms?
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