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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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“Anche quando ti sembra che tutto stia per crollare, tu ridi.”


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i started my little business last week. i FINALLY took the plunge and decided to make some prints of my work, ive been putting it off for a whole year, and im so glad i took that chance on myself! its nice knowing people will have a little peice of me in their room🪐

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Harry: From this moment on, I don’t want you to follow anyones rules. You’re a renegade.

Niall: Okay.

Harry: See, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Don’t say okay.

Niall: Sorry.

Harry: And don’t say sorry either.

Niall: Okay.

Harry: NO! Forget it just go to bed!

Niall, goes to bed: Okay, sorry.

Harry: Damn it, Niall! It’s only 6:30!

Niall: I thought it seemed early.

Harry: Then why did you go to bed!?

Niall: Because you told me to.

Harry: That’s exactly why you shouldn’t! Here, drink this beer! *Hands Niall a beer*

Niall: I’m at allergy medication that shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol, but if you say so. *Drinks it and falls backwards*

*At the hospital*

Doctor: I’m sorry, we did all we could. He’s dead. *Leaves*

Harry, sobbing: NIALL, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!!

Niall, sitting up: Okay.

Harry: Ah, you’re hopeless!

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Libra: Being kissed in your sleep is like the purest form of love.

Scorpio: Unless you’re home alone.

Aries: Or in prison.

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Reblog: What Do You See — Into the Light Adventures

Reblog: What Do You See — Into the Light Adventures

What Do You See, As you may notice, I don’t have one certain subject that I photograph. I take photographs in the moment, picking up a camera can actually make you see things completely different. Making me slow down and enjoy looking at something as simple as frost on the windows. I took these photos…What Do You See — Into the Light Adventures

Reblogging such a beautiful and interesting post,…


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Taurus: *Making breakfast naked*

Leo: What do you think you’re doing?

Taurus: You can see invisible people?

Leo: You’re not invisible.

Taurus, covering himself: Then why do you let me walk around the house naked?!

Leo: Because I don’t care!

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So disturbing!

I just found out what happened and this is so distasteful, what is happening to us as a nation. Speaking fluent English does not mean anything like nothing!!!! It’s just another language that is not even the 1st language spoken in Pakistan🤯 The owners who think highly of themself for knowing a language have no moral compass. This guy works hard for their business and this is how they decide to treat him, so shameful🥺

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Shigaraki is the type of person who’ll help a kid who drops their toy in public, but then disintegrates it in front of them before giving it to them.

Like Gru when he popped that kid’s balloon with a needle.


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Podriás venir y abrazarme mientras me tocas suavemente la cabeza lo necesito.

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Ahri: I’m sick.

Evelynn, petting Ahri with an eight foot long stick: Aw, sorry buddy.

Ahri, tears up: So you really do care?

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Evelynn: Give me that serotonin, babe.

Akali:[Gives Evelynn a genuine smile]

Evelynn: Aaaahhh, yes, serotonin.

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Kai'sa: Where’s my heat warmer?

Fox Ahri:[Scampering into the room and hopping into the bed with Kai'sa]

Akali, screaming from down the hall: HEY, I WASN’T DONE WITH HER!

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“Non ho paura di quello che sento, ma di quello che non riesco a sentire più.”


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