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Summary: Desire and temptation take over like never before. Is it too much to handle, or not enough?

Warning ⚠️: 18+ adults only

Word count: over 1k

Characters: Dr.Nicky Ransom (female reader,you,etc.)x Chris Evans,Denise Ames (Cousin), Tim ( Denise boyfriend), clones, evil twin look-a-like (aka Adrian pretending to be Chris)

Chapter 11:

*dream sequence *

You look between Chris and his copy.

“This is…weird. I know this is a dream, but Whoa.” Nicky answered in shock.

They both chuckle.

“I can make more, Nicky.” Chris answered.

“You…you can?” Nicky answered startled.

“I can.” Chris answered.

He draws nearer to you,placing a soft,promising kiss on your lips. His clone comes up behind you and plants a soft kiss on the back of your neck.

“H-how many can you make?” Nicky answered blushing.

“To start, how about this.” Chris answered.

Three more mirror images of Chris appear. Their taut muscles gleam in the low light,and 10 brilliant blue eyes fall on you.

“What do you say,Nicky? We can date on you. Treat you like the princess you are.” Chris answered. “What do you want?”

“I could go for a cup of tea.” Nicky answered.

Quickly, you’re settled in at a round table with Chris and all his clones in a lovely bedroom. A tea kettle is being passed around. Cucumber sandwiches rest on fine,china plates.

“This is delicious. What’s in the tea?” Nicky answered.

“It’s a mix of cloves and honey.” Chris answered.

“It’s wonderful.” Nicky answered.

“Pass the sugar,please?”Clone 1 answered.

“Of course,Chris .” Clone 2 answered.

“Thank you, Chris.” Clone 1 answered.

“Does anyone else ever get a horrible itch after shaving their face?” Clone 3 answered.

“That means you’re cutting it too close to the grain. Ease up, Chris.” Clone 4 answered chuckling.

The six of you chatter amiably until all the tea has been consumed.

*end of dream sequence *

When you wake up, you feel yourself blushing bright red.

Well, that was the wildest dream yet…”

Saturday evening finds you buzzing with excitement as you prepare for your date.

“Is it silly to be this stoked about a double date? No. So what if Denise and Tim will be there, too? It’s still a date. It’s normal to be excited.”

Nicky rifles through her closet.

“Hmm. What should I wear for a museum date?”

Nicky smooth’s the dress over her hips and admires herself in the mirror.

“Pretty damn stylish if I say so myself.”

Nicky gives herself one last appraising look and heads out the door.

You arrive at the museum just as the sun sets to find Denise and Tim waiting outside.

“Ooh, look at you, sexy mama!” Denise answered. “Chris won’t know what hit him!”

“Oh, stop…”Nicky answered blushing.

“Haha!” Tim answered laughing.

Tim’s arm rests loosely around Denise’s waist, and you smile.

“Never in a million years did I expect to se Denise this happy with a normal guy. There’s no way Tim would never… break into a Arby’s drive-through. I get Steve was hungry, but it was 11AM. I still don’t understand why he couldn’t just use the front door.”

Your musings are cut short by Chris’s arrival. He greets you with a warm hug, that makes your heart flutter.

“You look beautiful, Nicky.” Chris answered.

“So do you.” Nicky answered. “I mean, thank you.”

“All right, come on! We only have three hours before the museum closes!” Denise answered with excitement.

“Denise….that sounds like plenty of time.” Nicky answered.

“For lesser souls, maybe!” Denise answered.

“Okay, okay!” Nicky answered smiling.

Denise grabs Tim’s hand, practically skipping as she drags him toward the entrance.

“I hope everyone’s excited for art lectures! I have some very serious thoughts about Millais’s brushwork!” Denise yelled from the distance.

Nicky grins at Tim.

“Are you excited for art lectures?” Nicky answered.

“Of course! A teacher should always be eager to learn!” Time answered.

Beside you, Chris chuckles. He moves closer to your side, his hand brushing deliberately against yours.

“He wants to hold my hand.”

You turn your palm out, smiling encouragingly at Chris as he entwines his fingers with yours.

“You are entirely too cute sometimes.” Nicky answered.

“Part of my overall charm, I hope.” Chris answered.

“Very much so.” Nicky answered.

You walk hand in hand through the gallery as Denise waxes poetic about composition, lighting, and negative space.

“She could put the museum tour guides out of a job!”

Gradually you split off into pairs, you and Chris continuing on as Tim listens raptly to Denise’s highlights on Thomas Lawrence. You set a leisurely pace, commenting now and then on pieces or details that stand out to you before slipping g back into comfortable silence.

“This is nice.”

You smile down at your joined hands. As if noticing your gaze, chis raises your hand to his lips, grinning when you blush.

“Yeah. He’s way too cute.”

A certain painting catches your eye, stopping you in your tracks.

“The Nightmare “ by Fuseli.”

The painting is one you’ve seen before, and it sends a prickle of unease down your spine.

“The Nightmare “ again?”

“Why is “The Nightmare” here? Isn’t it in your house?” Nicky answered with shock.

“Ah, well. The one hanging in my home is of course a print. This appears to be the original.” Chris answered.

You shudder.

“Is everything all right?” Chris answered with concern.

“No. It’s just this painting. It’s…unsettling.” Nicky answered. “It’s so uncomfortable to look at. Fuseli clearly had a deep understanding of dreams and the unconscious mind.”

“All great artist do, I think.” Chris answered.

“Hmmm. You may be right.” Nicky answered.

“What are you guys looking at?” Denise answered. “Oh , “The Nightmare.” Yeah,this one always gives me the creeps. I wonder what inspired Fuseli to paint it?”.

You shrug.

“In the old days, people thought dreams were the result of supernatural forces.” Nicky answered. “Now we know they’re just what your brain does while you’re sleeping.”

“Which is comforting and way less exciting at the same time!” Denise answered.

Denise, Tim, and Chris begin to move on, but your eyes are drawn once again, to “The Nightmare.” The fine hair on your arms stands on ends.

“Nicky? Is everything all right?” Chris answered with concern.

You swallow hard.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m just…A little spooked.” Nicky answered. “I guess “The Nightmare “ kind of got to me.”

“Do you think some fresh air might help?” Chris answered.

You nod, following him out onto the veranda.

The two of you sit down on a marble bench overlooking the ornamental gardens. You breathe in the crisp November air.

“It’s starting to feel like fall.” Nicky answered.

You shiver on cue.

“Okay, that one was because I was cold!” Nicky answered.

“That’s easily remedied.” Chris answered.

He holds out his arm to you.

“Chris is so precious…and I am so freaking cold!”

You slide under Chris’s arm, and he wraps you up in his warmth.

“Much better.” Nicky answered.

He kisses the top of your head.

“I’m really happy to be here tonight. With you.” Nicky answered.

“Me too.” Chris answered.

You gasp.

“I almost forgot! Look what I found in my storage room the other day!” Nicky squealed.

You pull out a photograph.

“This is my sister,Clare.” Nicky answered. “Wasn’t she…beautiful. She had the most soulful eyes.”

But Chris doesn’t speak. His eyes widen, and he pales.

“Chris? Are you okay?” Nicky answered with concern.

“Ah- yes. Yes, just… taken off- guard.” Chris answered. “Your sister strongly resembles a…very old friend.”

His tone tells you all you need to know about that friends fate.

“I’m sorry, Chris.” Nicky answered sadly.

He shakes his head.

“Don’t apologize. I’m the one who made the situation awkward.” Chris answered.

He gives your hand a gentle squeeze.

“Clare was lovely. And I’m honored that you shared this with me.” Chris answered.

He kisses your cheek just as Denise and Time bounding over.

“Emergency change of plans!” Denise yells. “The new molecular gastronomy place down the street is holding a soft opening tonight, and my friend can totally get us in!”

“Let’s go eat some food that doesn’t even look like food anymore!” Tim answered smiling.

“That sounds…cool,but, I’m not quite in the mood for it tonight. You guys go ahead, though.” Nicky answered.

“You’re sure?” Tim answered.

“Positive. You two have fun.” Nicky answered.

They bid you goodnight and scamper off, talking excitedly about foam. You smile at Chris.

“Well, what now? Should we…go back to my place?” Nicky answered. “Netflix and takeout sounds pretty great right about now.”

“I…need to get going,actually.” Chris answered. “I’m sorry to cut the evening short, but I have some work to attend to.”

“Oh. Okay.” Nicky answered sadly.

“Raincheck, thought?” Chris answered.

“Sure.” Nicky answered.

Chris rises from the bench, leaving you colder in his absence. You stand up after him.

“Nicky.” Chris answered.

“Yes?” Nicky answered.

He leans down, moving as if to kiss you. You stare at his lips.

“He’s going to kiss me.”

You take Chris in your arms, kissing him back softly.

“I had a good time tonight , Chris.” Nicky answered.

“So did I.” Chris answered.

He hugs you tightly, seemingly reluctant to let you go.

“I don’t want I let him go, either.”

You kiss him again, more deeply this time, earning a low moan that makes heat pool between your legs. You’re both breathing heavily when you finally part. You reach for him once more, but he steps away.

“Tempting as you are, Nicky, I really do have work to do.” Chris answered.

The saucy grin doesn’t quite reach his eyes, though.

“Well. Goodnight, then.” Nicky answered.

“Goodnight, Nicky. Sweet dreams.” Chris answered.

After spending the rest of the night in a sexually frustrates funk,however, you suspect your dreams will be far from sweet.

“I’m really not looking forward to whatever my brain comes up with tonight.”

“The Nightmare “ creeps into your mind again, and you shudder.

“Ugh. Here’s hoping I don’t dream at all.”

*dream sequence *

But dream you do.

You dream of Chris who treats you cruelly, his touch brushing your skin, his kisses leaving your lips bitten and bloody.

“Chris…you’re hurting me!” Nicky yelled.

“Am I?” Chris answered.

He laughs coldly, pinning you against his chest.

“But this is what you want, isn’t it?” Chris answered. “You’re just as weak as Clare was.”

You struggle, but he holds you fast.

“She was never meant to live in this world. You’ve tired to survive by denying what you are.” Chris answered.” How is that working out for you, Nicky? Always running away?”

With one last burst of energy you break free and escape into the darkness, his mocking laughter echoing after you.

“I need to get out of here! There! Maybe that’s a way out…”

You follow the light…into a place you,know all too well.

The creature crouches over the young woman, poised for the kill.

“I need to save her! “

You try to move, to fling yourself at him. But no matter how hard you struggle, your feet are rooted to the spot.

“No! Not this again!” Nicky yelled.

The creature lifts it misshapen head, staring directly into your eyes. It’s bares it teeth at you in a ghostly smile.

“Yes…” the creature answered.

It dissolves into the vampire from your nightmare, hovering above Clare’s bloodless corpse as it beckons you near.

“Yes, Nicky. Come closer.” The creature answered.

And though every instinct tells you to run, your feet begin moving toward him.

“That’s it. You are curious, aren’t you? Come, then. Look upon my face at last.” The creature answered.

He removes his cloak with a flourish…and your heart drops into your stomach.

“No….”Nicky yelled.

“Yes. You know now, don’t you? But then, perhaps you e always known.”Chris answered.

You shake your head furiously back away.

“No. I don’t believe it.” Nicky answered in shock.

“Oh, but you do believe it, Nicky. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?” Chris answered.

“No. Chris…. this isn’t you, I know it!” Nicky answered.”I’m just having a nightmare! You- the real you-you’d never hurt me. Chris is a good man!”

He throws his head back and laughs.

“You are a loyal little creature, aren’t you?” Chris answered. “Pity the one of your affection is so woefully undeserving.”

“No. No, this isn’t real.” Nicky answered. “It’s just a bad dream…”

“Ah, but it isn’t! “ Chris answered. “Search your feelings, Nicky. You know what I am. What I really am.”

You shake your head again, but something about his words rings true.

“Chris… recognized Clare…”

Horror chills you to the core, and Chris laughs. He closes the distance stern you. Before you can blink.

“Yes, you,know!” Chris answered with a devilishly smile. “ you,know I’m not human, and still you want me. How very deviant of you.”

He lifts a hand toward you.

“Fuck that! I’m going to… slap his hand away.”

You smack his hand sharply. He takes a step back, staring at his hand as though he’s never seen it before.

“You’re…fighting me?” Chris answered startled.”Here?”

A lascivious grin stretches over his features.

“Oh, you are an interesting creature, Nicky.” Chris answered. “But how much strength do you have left, I wonder?”

You’re in no mood to find out.

You turn your heel, sprinting into the blackness.

“You can’t run forever, Nicky!” Chris yelled.

*end of dream sequence *

You wake in a cold sweat, your heart pounding.

“It was a dream. It was just a dream.” Nicky answered.

The image of Clare’s lifeless body swims in front of your eyes.

“No wonder my brain shut me off my lucid dreams when she died. It must have been protecting itself. I need to clear my head.”

You sit up, selecting one of Clare’s old sketchbooks from the bedside table to distract yourself. But the sketchbook is Clare’s last before her death, and the images grow progressively darker and more twisted as you turn the pages.

“This.. isn’t working as well as I’d hoped. Imagine living with all of this emotional turmoil inside you. Poor Clare…”

You turn to the final sketch, and your blood runs cold. Staring up at you is a photorealistic portrait of a familiar face.

“Oh no…this is.. this is a drawing of Chris.”

Tags: @denisemarieangelina @joannaliceevans-fanficblog @star-spangled-beard-burn @daliaevans @waywardodysseys @pine-fresh-kirk @shellbilee @shreyaaaaaaaaaaaa @chris-butt @worksby-d @patzammit @et-lesailes @what-is-your-plan-today @whiskey-cokenfanfic @wintrcaptn @captainevans @captainchrisstan @captainchrisfics @captaincrazyexlover @amazonx @nbarnes @americasass91 @thatgirly81 @thatsxamericasxass @comebackandhauntme21 @twittytelly @kelbabyblue @kellyn1604 @bellaireland1981 @brilliantkey @kailyndavillier @kayteewritessteve @katiew1973 @imanuglywombat @sweater-daddiesdumbdork @thinkxlovexloud @lovinevans @luvinchris @jtargaryen18 @ohmy-captain @nomadevans82 @littlefiercequeen @southerngracela @optimistic-dinosaur-nacho @oddsnendsfanfics @branflakes82 @trishevans @stephanysgzz @jms358 @mizcaptainphoenix

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Another 15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Darren Hayes of Savage Garden


I made this list of “Another 15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Darren Hayes” four years ago on his 44th Birthday 😉 I couldn’t find if I shared it before, so here it is, enjoy!!

1. Darren got his college degree until 2013 when he graduated as a Bachelor of General Studies.

2. When he was a child, his brother Peter broke Darren’s nose at one blow and he was never taken to the doctor for any revision, fortunately it did not affect him vocally and aesthetically.

3. Darren has married her husband Richard 3 times, the first time in a private ceremony in 2005, then formally in a civil society in 2006 (both in London), and the third time legally in California in July 2013 👨‍❤️‍👨

4. When Darren separated from his ex-wife Colby Taylor in 1998, she put as a condition, not to see him for 1 year, and during that year Darren insisted to come back to her every day. Now he says that it is the bravest and most loving thing she could do, not accepting him back so that he would find himself and be happy.

5. Darren and Daniel now own the master recordings of Savage Garden and not Sony Music, so Darren said he is very happy to be able to inherit that legacy one day to his family.

6. Darren worked as a social volunteer in a community kitchen in New York when he moved and lived alone there in 1999, he spent several weeks working but says that even though they served free food to homeless people, many of them were very rude.

7. The part of the body that he likes the most in women is the breasts because he says they are similar to penises 🤔

8. The song Darren hates from Savage Garden is “Promises”, because the North American label forced them to include it on SG’s first album instead of ‘Mine’ which they asked to withdraw 😕

9. Savage Garden almost had a reunion in 2005 for the release of the album “Truly Madly Completely” but Daniel Jones gave up at the last minute.

10. Darren was charged in 2007 with discriminatory and racist treatment to a waiter in London, he voluntarily surrendered and was arrested for a few hours when all charges were dismissed.

11. The name he would have liked to give his son if he had had one is ‘Jackson’. Darren says that when he told Daniel Jones about it, a few weeks later Daniel gave this name to a new pet, a dog 🙁👎🏼

12. Darren did not clarify it but apparently he had a relationship with one of his back up singers in Savage Garden, Elisa Fiorillo; confessing that he almost decided to have a child with her 😱

13. In 2004, he was hospitalized for having 2nd degree burns on his chest, which was done by using a vaporizer which he uses regularly during his tours to keep his vocal cords hydrated.

14. Darren says he doesn’t have a “bucket list” before he dies, he does what he wants when he wants to, and that a list would be limiting because happy accidents have to be allowed to happen every day.

15. Darren has been taking a medicine to prevent baldness every day since 2000, as he says without it he would be bald due to his inheritance 👨🏻‍🦲😉

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Here it is at last folks! The first full page to my comic series, Boots and Clover! Cover art coming soon for the whole comic of course! We start our adventure with Clover! Next page should be out in 2-3weeks as I will be keeping to a schedule of posting 1 page every month or so for the summer!

Hope you enjoy and please share and like!

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