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little-mrs-princess · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Bet I'd look good on your profile 😜
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kda-chat · 20 hours ago
Akali: I need pockets because I need to shove my hands into something.
Evelynn: Shove them into my-
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waterdeep · 5 hours ago
will never understand the weird love/obsession ppl in the boomer age range have with national anthems. it’s a song, i don’t give a shit, i really don’t give a shit.
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anarchist-luke · 20 hours ago
A letter that transmasculine people can sign against the transmisogyny being spread by people like Buck Angel in the community. Please sign and share- we can't let our trans sisters be hurt in our names.
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kda-chat · 20 hours ago
Ahri: Is there a place that Evelynn's tongue hasn't touched?
Akali: My feet.
Ahri: What a coward.
Evelynn, offended: WHA-
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xx-k4nd1k1d-xx · 11 hours ago
tw sh
I am 90-days self harm free:) 10 months ago I couldnt even make it 24hrs without harming myself 2 cope. but now I made it>:) 10 more days til 100!
recovery is hard, I fell into 2 long depressive episodes. but I did it. I will soon be free from these sick self destructive thoughts
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kda-chat · 20 hours ago
Ahri: Bitch, go first. If you die first, then we know the street isn't safe to cross.
Evelynn: Um? Why me?
Ahri: You're the oldest.
Evelynn: You're the leader!
Kai'sa: Or just wait until the light turns green?
Ahri and Evelynn: Uh, sure, Kai'sa.
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peacephotography · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Muzuka is a six-year-old mountain gorilla. She was rescued from a poacher’s snare, losing her foot in the process. Virunga National Park operates a shelter for gorillas that have been orphaned or rescued, giving them a safe place to live, free of intrusive human contact Photograph: Hugh Kinsella Cunningham
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