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#reblog bait
vyeoh · 14 hours ago
Empires ask game!!
Haven't seen anyone make one of these so:
1) first POV you watched?
2) current POVs?
3) which empire are you a citizen of?
4) favorite building on Empires?
5) favorite character dynamic?
6) favorite character arc?
7) who do you think is the main character?
8) favorite empires fic
9) favorite visual fanart
10) elytra headcanons for empires characters
11) favorite custom texture
12) favorite custom skin
13) when did you start watching?
14) what caused to to start watching?
15) if you could make your own kingdom, what would it be?
16) any specific miscellaneous character headcanons?
17) any specific miscellaneous location/world headcanons?
I'll add more questions as I think of more!!
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kelssiel · 3 months ago
poll on what kills tumblr+
we bully off every dumbass who tries it
disney sues tumblr out of existence
the irs comes knocking
the inevitable leak of users’ data
some yet unknown stupidity
tag this with your prediction!
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lakemojave · 2 months ago
Reblog and tag this with the reason you're still following the person you reblogged it from
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queer-as-frikc · 4 months ago
rb to give your mutuals a little boop on the nose :3
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Hey uh reblog if you think asexuals are LGBTQ+ regardless of their romantic identity
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hues-of-purple · 3 months ago
Reblog if you
Are part of the LGBTQIA+ community 🌈
Support the LGBTQIA+ community 🌈
Love frogs 🐸
Love plants 🪴
Love space in general 🌙💫✨
And/or just really appreciate glow-in-the-dark stars ⭐️
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madwin · 10 days ago
reblog to make the person you reblogged this from bald
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lezbianz · 2 months ago
okay wait now i’m curious if you’re from the united states and you can drive please reblog and tag which state you think has the worst drivers. i’ll go first and say if i see a florida plate on the road i’m always kinda tempted to rear end them
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✨reblog this to give the person you reblogged it from a friendship bracelet!!✨
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god-of-identity · 9 months ago
i’d care if the person i reblogged this from vanished
idc if you reblog this from me but reblog it every time you see one of your friends or mutuals have reblogged it
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nibeul · 6 days ago
ok ok wait, reblog n say ur ethnicity and whether or not u wash rice before cooking it in the tags
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fangirl2o20 · a month ago
I made a batch of cookies and have extra!
Reblog this to give the person you reblogged from a cookie ✨
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hues-of-purple · 3 months ago
Reblog if you’re asexual, support asexuals and/or love pizza
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cydonian-mystery · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Add more if you have them, save if you need them. We need to start fighting reblog bait and immunizing it wherever we see it.
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goatmushrooms · a month ago
rb if its okay to just send you an ask just telling you about random stuff
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n1neplus10twenty0ne · 17 days ago
I don't feel good like at all so I'm guess I'm making one of these lmao
1 note = 1 day of living
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