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becauseanders · a year ago
Where I Want to Be - Chapter 40: “I don’t think you realize that you are perfect in my eyes”
[read from beginning]
They are both intense, just like Zuko said, and that does make their current situation make more sense. Their lives, their traumas, their passions, their emotions—everything about them, and the collision of their intensities should be an explosion waiting to happen but instead it’s somehow a balm.
(also please listen to this song it’s perfect i promise)
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userstede · 7 months ago
Video essays that make me go "oh, so you're like smart smart"
Elon Musk and Grimes: A Retrospective
Bo Burnham vs. Jeff Bezos
The Systemic Abuse of Celebrities
Lana Del Rey: the pitfalls of having a persona
we need to talk about Call Me By Your Name
MYTH OF THE AUTEUR: Stanley Kubrick vs David Lynch
In Search Of A Flat Earth
The Commodification of Black Athletes
The Lies Of The Lighthouse
The Green Knight: The Uncanny Horror of Masculinity
Time Loop Nihilism
How Bisexuality Changed Video Games
The Golden Age of Horror Comics - Part 1 (Part 2)
Weighing the Value of Director's Cuts | Scanline
The True Horror Of Midsommar
a few more -
You're Wrong About Cyberpunk 2077 | An Overdue Critique (this is such great critique of both the game and the genre)
Disney's Fast Pass: A Complicated History
It Has Come To My Attention You Don't All Love BIRDS OF PREY
The man who almost faked his way to a Nobel Prize
Music Theory and White Supremacy
Max Payne, Kane & Lynch, and the Meaning of Ugly Games (cw for video game gore)
some great suggestions from commenters -
Nice White Teachers, Bad Brown Schools: Hollywood's Pedagogy on Urban Education
Daddy Issues, Misogyny, and the Pinnacle of Male Privilege
Beauty is in the eye of…the Colonizer
Remembering With A Twist - A Jojo Rabbit & The Book Thief Video Essay 
The Witness - A Great Game That You Shouldn't Play
The Problem With Auto-Tune
The Market of Humiliating Black Women
Here's the YouTube playlist! ill be adding more but that's all so far pls like and reblog xoxo 💕
also feel free to share your own recs in the notes!i tried to keep it to one video per creator (yes, Jacob Geller gets special privilege)
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sebystann · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
While on hiatus I decided to make another fic rec! Below are a few amazing one shots/series I have stumbled across the last few days. Reblogs are much appreciated!
Please note that each blogger has their own set of guidelines for their blog and you should read over and follow those said guidelines. A majority of these bloggers are 18+ so please be mindful and respectful of their rules.
For Stand Alones (One Shots) look for -> 🔪
For Series look for -> ☕︎
Now without further ado, enjoy reading!
Tumblr media
🔪 when it all falls apart by @bucky-bucket-barnes
Summary: The fate of the universe was in your hands. Bucky and you had been sent to retrieve the soul stone, a seemingly simple task. Unbeknownst to you, there was a hefty price to pay for such an exchange. You’re able to return to Earth, but it’s soon apparent part of you was left in Vormir.
☕︎ amaranthine - masterlist by @whistlingwillows
🔪 pretty face on a pretty neck | b.b. by @whistlingwillows
summary: they aren’t fucking dating. not fucking friends, either. no, bucky just fucks romanoff’s best friend until she’s fucking stupid, begging for it, and leaves in the morning because that’s how the universe fucking works. and sometimes, he wishes it didn’t work that way.
🔪 Far From Home | b.b. by @whistlingwillows
summary: Bucky Barnes hates you. You play music too loud in the morning, you’re cold and closed off, you’re selfishly selfless, you confuse the hell out of him—the list could go on and on. He hates you, but when you go missing, he can’t stop himself from spending every waking hour trying to find you. What was that old saying? A fine line between hate and love? Yeah, Bucky walks that line like a man who’s had three beers too many.
☕︎ The Witness - Masterlist by @wkemeup
summary: Owner of a bar full of criminals, maybe you shouldn’t be surprised when you’re the sole witness to a hydra hit. In comes Detective Barnes, the quick-witted, flirtatious cop who somehow became a regular at your misfit bar. When he takes it upon himself to ensure your safety off the books, you learn to rely on someone else for a change and find you don’t mind it at all. Not when it’s him.
☕︎ Delicate Edges - Masterlist by @wkemeup
summary: Your family’s beloved flower shop was not the only thing you inherited when your parents passed. Trapped under a mountain of debt to the Hydra club, you bear the cost of your father’s desperate bargain. It’s only in moments when the charming Bucky Barnes walks into your shop that you can forget the cruelty of the biker clubs of this town. But a war is brewing. The border is crumbling. You're trapped in the middle. And Bucky will stop at nothing to keep you safe. (Biker!AU)
🔪 Cold, Cold Water by @wkemeup
summary: While on a stakeout in the heart of Russia, Bucky learns that touch can bring something more than pain and he will willingly give himself over to the ice if it means keeping you alive.
🔪 Little Lion Man by @wkemeup
summary: Sent on an assignment back to 1943, you encounter a drastically different version of the man you know.
🔪 Cake || Bucky Barnes by @itsapeterthing
summary: you and your boyfriend bucky barnes head down to the wilson residence for a barbecue. sam’s nephews adore the both of you and as you watch bucky play with the kids you’re ready to tell your boyfriend that you’re pregnant.
🔪 Green || Bucky Barnes by @itsapeterthing
summary: three times bucky realized you were more than a friend and the one time he finally admitted it (based on events from tfatws)
☕︎ love me harder | b.b by @celestialbarnes
summary: you and bucky have been flirting and screwing around for months now, after seeing him getting frisky with someone else, you decide to do the same and bucky’s just about had enough.
☕︎ 𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐡 𝐮𝐩𝐨𝐧 𝐚 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐛.𝐛 by @celestialbarnes
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: unhappy with your life as a princess, you wished upon a star, your wish came true alright. it came in the form of one james buchanan barnes aka your kingdom’s most wanted criminal.
☕︎ 𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐛.𝐛 by @celestialbarnes
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: desperate to find a place to stay after your boyfriend cheated on you, you end up crashing at bucky’s apartment, the problem is he’s the ex that you never really got over and he’s got a new girl who doesn’t like you very much. (𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭)
🔪 3,643 miles by @trillian-anders
description: established relationship; you’d met in college, both education majors. you really love bucky barnes, and nearing your five year anniversary when he proposes you go on a coast-to-coast road trip on summer vacation. you seem skeptical and unsure, but he assures you it’s worth it. 
🔪 marked by @trillian-anders
description: soulmate!au; just because you’re meant to be together doesn’t mean it always works out that way. what happens when you’re not completely ready to meet your soulmate? 
☕︎ chambers by @trillian-anders
description: post-endgame. Steve Rogers has passed away from old age. The one remarkable thing is that no one knew his heart would be in the condition it was. He was able to save one more life. After receiving his heart, strange things start happening. Including something that would change your life forever. (Inspired by the Netflix series of the same name.)
🔪 honeypot // bucky barnes by @lilbabycee
Summary: you and bucky’s relationship is unhealthy and you both know it, though that doesn’t stop either of you from craving more
🔪 Questions by @sinner-as-saint
Run-through: While on a mission, you’re stuck in an area of a building with your fellow Avenger, Bucky Barnes with whom you may or may not have a love/hate relationship. And while waiting for someone to come rescue you, you both find quite an interesting way to keep yourselves occupied.
🔪 Rescue Me by @sinner-as-saint
Run-through: After losing the man who was the only parental figure you had, your life was upside down. And the only person who is able to get you out of your misery is an ex assassin, metal armed, semi stable hundred year old man – with eyes so blue that you often forgot your own name when you looked into them.
🔪 Fire On Fire. by @sinner-as-saint
Run-through: Your very handsome neighbor, whom you may or may not be crushing on big time, comes to you after a long shift and you notice he’s somewhat injured. So you offer your help. And the sparks flying between the two of you starting burning too bright to ignore.
☕︎ My Favorite Kind Of Night Series by @sinner-as-saint
Run-through: On Friday nights, you are punctual to your virtual meet-up with your favorite camboy over a streaming platform, for your private stream session. You’ve known him for a couple of months now. He goes by the alias of ‘Winter Soldier’ on the platform, which is perfect for the kind of man he is; brawny and drop dead gorgeous. Over the past few months, he has become your favorite kind of night. And secretly, you became his as well. You two get closer over time, and things get interesting when your real, professional lives gets intertwined.
☕︎ Eye For An Eye by @sinner-as-saint
Run-through: Battered and bruising, Y/N is out to seek sweet revenge from a man, James Buchanan Barnes, who tore her family apart 10 years ago. Y/N’s plan was simple; infiltrate his life, mess with his head, toy with his heart and leave him broken. Headstrong, she will stop at nothing, not even when it comes down to her being the villain in her own story…
☕︎ Next to Me - Masterlist by @sgtjbuccky
Summary: After an attempt on you and your identical twin’s life, your father calls in the Avengers for protection. Bucky soon realizes your father’s goal is solely to keep you sister safe, and decides that the times of doing the bidding of others are long gone, and takes your protection into his own hands.
☕︎ Moral of the Story. Masterlist. by @justkending
Series Summary: From childhood friends, to highschool sweethearts, the two naive, young, and lovestruck teens decided the best way to keep a strong relationship during college would be to marry right out of highschool. No one batted an eye at the idea as everyone knew they were soulmates. However, college is a big step in a person’s life. You learn new things about yourself, you make new friends, find new hobbies… And maybe being newly weds and going to different colleges across the states wasn’t the best plan… After a falling out, a tragic and heartbreaking divorce, the two now despise the other for how the whole thing was handled. Neither not really knowing both sides of the story. 10 years later, and they both get a call from the lawyers office that settled their divorce. Somehow the papers never went through and the divorce was never completed. So now, the exes, or should we say husband and wife, have to meet back up after all these years to settle their failed marriage once and for all.
☕︎ Petals & Bullets - Mob!Bucky AU by @revengingbarnes
Summary: For as long as Y/N can remember, she has been sold in the black market as a sex slave. This time, the purchase is intercepted by a group of men in black. Their leader, a man with a silver gleaming arm, is the boss of the most feared mafia in NYC. Sucked into the world of drugs, guns and money, Y/N finds out more about her past than she bargained for. As her past and her family’s mistakes catch up on her, she finds herself falling for the man next to her with piercing blue eyes and a taste for violence.
☕︎ Sweet by @noceurous
summary: it was something cliche but your fuck buddy fell for you nonetheless, even though you swore you would never do relationships again. But rules are meant to be broken.
🔪 devotion by @mellowswriting
summary || Bucky never thought he would achieve that life he dreamed of all those decades ago - the idyllic house full of kids and a wife he adores to kiss him when he comes home from work. But of course, you just had to go and prove him wrong.
🔪 MINE- J.B BARNES by @lanadelreyscokewhor3
Summary: Bucky owns the North End of Brooklyn, New York. You’re his dolly, and someone tries to take you from him. No one touches his dolly. He shows you exactly just who you belong to.
☕︎ undisclosed - masterlist by @pellucid-constellations (She just uploaded the first part of the series and yes I am very excited!)
Summary: Desperate to outrun a secret that could cost you your life, you seek refuge in a small mountain town. Its deep forests and small cabins make it the perfect place to hide, but the travel website hadn’t mentioned anything about the quiet, burly lumberjack that wouldn’t leave your thoughts. No one had warned Bucky about you either.
☕︎ the barnes’ au by @agentofbarnes
bucky barnes has settled down, living in a beautiful home in new orleans with his wife, a former avenger. these are the different stories of how they navigate being superheroes, spouses, and parents.
🔪 Moments by @sebystann
Description: All the moments that had you falling in love with Bucky.
🔪 Let Me Love You by @sebystann
Description: She believes no one can truly love her… because she made terrible mistakes in the past. But Bucky wants to love her, he wants to show her how it feels to be loved.
🔪 Unrequited by @sebystann
Description: Unrequited love ❤
🔪 Closure by @sebystann
Description: Bucky never told y/n how he truly felt about her.
☕︎ Gaslighting by @sebystann
Description: Her best friend just can’t stop gaslighting.
☕︎ Strange Masterlist by @sebystann
Description: you’re not in love with me. You’re in love with her.
Bucky Barnes Fic Rec
Bucky Barnes Series Fic Rec
Tumblr media
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ggukkiereads · 11 months ago
Hey!!! I send in one ask before but I don't know if tumblr ate it?? 😔😔😔 Or if perhaps I made you uncomfortable? I am sorry if i did.
I wanted to know if you have any recs similar to the fic erised by @/jamaisjoons??? Or perhaps something along the lines of virgin or innocent reader and corruption Kink.
Thank you for your time💖
🌷 Hi there! No, I got the ask actually! I just couldn’t respond to asks related to fic-rec-quests because oh well, I couldn’t really answer yet since it takes time to curate a list and time is something I do not have enough of (lately). Sometimes I log them in the pinned post (pending fic recs requests) but even this I couldn’t maintain for weeks now.
You didn’t make me uncomfortable, don’t worry! 😊 But the filthiest fics ask from you and another anon - this is really tough! I feel like there are so many at the same time I couldn’t organize them! Will get to this later 😉.
As for the type of scenario you are looking for, I can’t recall much but will try to add to this list when I do. I also prefer putting out genre/au-based lists versus kinks so expect a slow response.
Tumblr media
Virgin + Corruption Kink Fics
*mostly Taehyung or Jungkook fics (will try to recall other members)
*if link doesn’t work, click on author and visit their masterlist
*credits go to the authors so please reblog their fics or leave them notes of appreciation =)
*mature content, minors DNI please
Tumblr media
Rotten Angelcake @inkedtae - Taehyung
series [2/?] | 19k+ | CEO AU, Sugar Daddy AU, slow burn, Strangers to Lovers AU | s, f, a
All the Good Girls Go to Hell @lavishedinjimin - Jungkook
one shot | 10k | Demon AU, prim and proper!OC | s, a
uhmm okay maybe it’s not corruption kink since author didn’t really put it in the tags but demon!jungkook wants to get the soul of sweet OC and the whole smut was about “taking over her”
Muse @lavishedinjimin​ - Taehyung
one shot | 17.4k | Artist AU, F2L | S
Ensnared @mygsii - Jungkook
one shot | 6.6k | Siren AU, princess!OC, supernatural au, OC running away from arranged marriage talks | s (please check tags)
Born Sinner @1kook - Jungkook
series [3/?] | 24k+ | sorry I am going to include this even though it’s the member who is the virgin and it’s the OC “corrupting”. I just thought of this right away ^_^ | s
Pomegranate Seeds @taetaesbaebaepsae - Jungkook
one shot | 4.1k | roommate au, succubus!OC, virgin!jungkook | s
yes, another fic where it’s the OC doing the corrupting
Wicked @noteguk - Jungkook
one shot | 9.1k+ | just one big corruption kink fic of one incubus!jungkook who likes to ruin pretty innocent things | s
Devilish @/noteguk - Taehyung
one shot | 2.4k | established relationship, boyfriend!Taehyung and his corruption kink (lots of kink actually), shy!OC | s
The Kids Aren’t Alright @sketchguk - Jungkook
one shot | 10.5k | FWB AU, OC is the Pastor’s kid, good girl sneaking around with JK | s, f, a
Angel of Music @joonscore - Taehyung
one shot | 10.8k | demon!taehyung x virgin!OC, yandere themes, performer OC, Theater owner Taehyung | s
The Good Girl @breadoffoxy - Namjoon
one shot | 5.7k | Best Friend AU, Everyone thought of you as the good girl. | S
Trouble @voidswan - Seokjin x OC x Jungkook
one shot | 7.4k | poly au, fuckboy jin and jungkook, OC accidentally saw them having threesome | S
Tumblr media
🌷 Feel free to chat about fics =)
🌷 posted: 2021 Aug 26 | updated: 
🌷 other fic recs lists
Tumblr media
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blouisparadise · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Upon request, here is a rec list of BL fics where Harry sleeps around at the start or throughout the fic. If you enjoy this or any of our rec lists, please be sure to show support by liking and reblogging this post to spread the word. Happy reading!
1) Tennis Court | Explicit | 18285 words
Louis and Harry are co-workers and Louis is sure Harry hates him because he always refuses to help him with his heats.
2) Deflower Me | Explicit | 20154 words
Louis is a proud virgin, and no matter how much society tries to make him feel like a freak for not acting on his natural urges, he doesn't suffer from his lack of experience. He has never felt drawn to someone in a way that made him want to get involved sexually with them, and he isn't planning on rushing himself so he can get some because people think it's what he should do. 
In walks Fratboy, the Serial Haunter of His (wet) Dreams, who thankfully has a little business going on that might be just what Louis needs.
3) The Way The Storms Blow | Explicit | 21649 words
Louis doesn’t have a habit of thinking about Harry’s dick.
That would be weird, seeing as they’re best mates, and they share a flat, and they’ve spent holidays at each other’s family homes. Their friendship hasn’t ever risen to a point where Louis should want to see his mate’s dick, and he’s happy to keep it that way.
Except, all that Louis can think about is exactly that. The size of it. The shape. The amount of people it’s been in.
Maybe it’s the tequila talking, or the fact that Louis’ just recently walked in to an eyeful of Harry taking turns on some slags that he’s never seen before, but. Louis’ mind can’t stop obsessing over the idea.
4) Even The Best Laid Plans | Explicit | 25190 words
Louis wants to have sex with someone and decides Harry is the perfect alpha for the job.
5) Up To No Good | Explicit | 26525 words
Note: This fic is the first fic in a series.
Harry doesn’t think of himself as a womanizer, not at all. Sure, he enjoys sex, enjoys how women feel underneath him, and by some people’s standards he has sex with quite a lot of people, but that’s no reason to tell him that he can’t have a female PA anymore.
It’s especially no excuse for giving him a male PA who’s possibly the most gorgeous boy in the world who won’t even let Harry look at him for too long.
Sometimes Harry hates his life.
5) Fake It Til You Make It | Explicit | 28777 words
After a serious error in judgement causes Harry to lie to his frat brothers about being in a relationship, he  begrudgingly enlists his best friend’s omega roommate to help keep up the charade. There’s only one small issue…
7) If Ignorance Be Bliss | Explicit | 30429 words
Uni AU: Harry is too experienced, and Louis just wants to get to experience him.
8) Lidocaine and Palm Trees | Explicit | 44653 words
Heat, fake tans and lots of traffic.
Harry never expected to earn his living this way when he moved to LA.
Louis didn't think he could ever be the same after his divorce.
A lighthearted story about two guys trying to find themselves in the vibrant, sprawling city of Los Angeles, with a side of technical porn industry stuff.
9) Social Cues | Explicit | 55860 words
To Harry, Louis was becoming as tangible and essential as music in his life. He still was a mystery but at the same time, he was one of the most real things Harry had. He just hoped he could live up to the image Louis probably had in his mind of him.
He could play the part, after all, what was published of him wasn’t as detached from reality. He didn’t think of himself as a rockstar cliche, although he couldn't deny he did sleep around, partied a lot, and did some drugs. But then again, wasn’t that what the majority of his friends back in his hometown were doing at college?
Harry wanted to impress Louis, he didn’t want to disappoint or leave his expectations unfulfilled, so he’d give him the full rockstar experience.
It was a very simple plan, what could possibly go wrong?
10) Interruptions & Complications | Explicit | 99343 words
Note: This fic is locked and can only be read by AO3 users.
Kings Highway frontman Harry Styles could get whomever he wanted; Louis may be a groupie but he’s not that easy.
Harry has a thing for sleeping around, he is in a popular band after all and it would be dumb to say no to the girls and guys throwing themselves at him. Somewhere along the line he stopped caring about their names and started earning himself quite the reputation. But there was always one person who didn't want him and well that made him try even harder.
11) Blue Ice | Mature | 102967 words
An AU where Louis finds himself in a marriage he didn't bargain for.
12) Baby Heaven’s In Your Eyes | Explicit | 120878 words
They couldn’t be more different if they tried. Louis Tomlinson is 17 years old and in his last year of the most prestigious private school in Doncaster. If there’s one thing that completely annoys him, it’s that there is a poor community college right across the street.
Harry Styles is 19 years old, and (once again) in his last year of college. He goes to community college in Doncaster. He never shows up to classes and if he actually bothers to, he’s either high or drunk; sometimes both. His skin is littered with tattoos and if there’s one thing he absolutely hates, it’s the snobby students attending the private school right across from his.
13) Queen of Arizella | Mature | 277919 words
Stealing from Royalty is punishable by death.
Louis starts over, doing his best to keep his hands at his sides, but he is hungry and he tries stealing from the wrong Royal.
Harry is King of Arizella, he needs a Queen and who better than an omega on the run from death? Louis will learn to become the perfect Queen -the perfect fake Queen, but only for a few months.
A fake lover, a fake Queen, but a real bond.
Check out our other fic rec lists by category here and by title here.
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katsuphobic · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
⟳ summary : the stuff you should expect when in a relationship with shouto todoroki.
tags % warnings : fluff !
author’s note. somehow this mf has become one of my favorites to write for and ykw — im not complaining !
♡ katsuki ver. ♡ izuku ver.
Tumblr media
he sends small text messages followed by these guys, ‘:), :0, >:)’ and so on.
fuyumi was the first one to know that the relationship existed because shouto needed advice on all things girlfriend related.
his isnt the biggest on PDA, but his hands stay intertwined in yours.
shouto takes you on soba dates regularly.
after the first few months of dating, shouto starts telling his mom about you, his face lighting up as he rambles about how you make him feel.
his lock screen is a picture of you on protrol, smiling at a kid who was a fan of yours.
love language just happens to be gift giving — shouto has a big heart but his dad’s wallet is even bigger !
adding on to this, its his gifts are purely random. shouto will pull out a bag, handing it to you and when you ask what’s the occasion, he shrugs because he bought it with no thoughts besides the fact it’s your favorite colour and you kept looking at it when you two went shopping.
he makes the best coffee wtf.
fights with him can be rough, since in his childhood stuff like that was desensitized but he is trying.
his favorite nickname from you is sho. call him that more, he loves it.
shouto really enjoys showering with you. not necessarily with sexual intent but he just loves the intimacy of it all especially when you ask him to help wash your hair.
when you’re sitting on the train together, he gives you earbud so you can trade music recs.
charmed your parents within moments of meeting them, they’ll even let him stay over ( as long as the door is open ) !
Tumblr media
comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated :) <3
— 🏷 taglist !! @solar3lunar ; @mypimpademia ; @myhoodacademia ; @melaninatedyaoyorozu ; @lilsparkyswife ; @reihara ; @blackweebtrash ; @dragonsdreamoffire ; @katsumox ; @asaincy ; @katsumiiii ; @manjiiroll ; @shikamaruhairline ; @royalelusts ; @namjoonswifeyy ; @crackhead-ash ; @rins-angel ; @itachislut ; @believeyourgalaxy ; @kamalymaly ; @immaswallowurkids ; @belsumu ; @lvlydray ; @ajaviary​ ; @y2tsuki i​ ; @uwiuwi ; @p-ol ; @darashiiii ; @izukus-gf ; @solaxena ; @julia-1901 ; @loserthatlikesfanfiction
masterlist | taglist form
Tumblr media
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evanjinx · 11 months ago
alternative universe buddie fics recs :)
note: the links weren't working the first time i wrote the post but i edited and they're okay now!! if it still isn't working for you is probably because you're trying to open from a reblog from before i edit it, so try open directly from the original post on my profile.
Blind Date by @sassypopstar [complete | teen and up audiences | 3.8k words]
Buck feels a little ridiculous dressed in a jacket and a shirt. But Maddie had insisted on him dressing up for the occasion and even Chimney had quipped that it’s the right thing to do. So Buck, who never went on a blind date before in his life, listened to his big sister and her boyfriend because apparently that’s who he is now. Or the one where Buck goes on a blind date with someone called Eddie.
Buckley's Bouquets by awashleyno [complete | teen and up audiences | 23.4k words]
A world where Buck owns a flower shop and manages to develop a huge, massive, ridiculous crush on a handsome firefighter that comes in for a visit one day. Or, 5 times Eddie gives flowers to other people and the 1 time he gives them to Buck.
Call It What You Will - Fate? Destiny? (A Tsunami) by @abow123456 [complete | mature | 20k words]
Evan Buckley's day of relaxation is cut short when a tsunami hits the beach he was relaxing at. He has to fight to keep himself and a lost little boy safe from the water, as well as anyone else he finds. After, he meets the boys father and family, and it causes a snowball effect of good things for him, for once.
Capuccino with extra, extra sugar by buckbng [complete | teen and up audiences | 2.7k words]
Buck is the cute barista and Eddie is the grinch that hates coffee. Until, he doesn't. Because if Buck says he looks like the kind of person that would love a cappuccino, who's Eddie to disagree with him? OR Eddie really doesn't like coffee but pretends he does just so he has an excuse to see the cute barista at the coffee shop.
Confirmation Bias by strifechaos [complete | mature | 31k words]
After the fallout with his ex-wife, Eddie believed he could only trust his family with his son. He hadn’t imagined falling for his son’s sweet-hearted nanny, Buck. With his own family so distant, Buck never considered that he’d be lucky enough to find a home for himself, let alone people he could count on. Not until he meets the Diaz boys. AU: Buck was never a firefighter, and becomes Christopher's sitter when Shannon's job takes her away from Eddie and Chris for the summer. Eddie tries to not fall for his son's nanny, he's not very successful.
dream of some epiphany by extasiswings [complete | mature | 7.3k words]
Evan Buckley is lost. It’s happenstance that he wanders into the navy recruiting center—he’s been in San Diego for a few weeks, bartending late nights and weekends, living in a house with three other guys not because he needs the roommates but because he doesn’t want to be alone, and the military is…respectable. Stable. So Buck thinks maybe and opens the door. Buck leaves ten minutes later with a set of printed instructions for sending his first letter, assured that he can drop it off whenever he’s ready, and a name. Staff Sergeant Edmundo “Eddie” Diaz.
Frequent Flyer by red_to_black [complete | mature | 13.4k words]
In his entire time being a firefighter, Eddie has never met anyone as accident-prone as Evan Buckley. And Buck - well, he's quickly becoming the 118's best customer. (Or - the one where Eddie is a firefighter, Buck isn't, and Eddie finds himself rescuing Buck from increasingly sticky situations. Sometimes literally.)
Gave me no messages, gave me no signs... by @reallysmartladymariecurie [complete | teen and up audiences | 7.4k words]
"Buck is beyond nervous, and he’s really trying to convince himself that the familiarity of the situation is not some sort of bad omen. Just because there are parallels of the start of his relationship with Eddie to that of his relationship with Abby doesn’t mean that this new adventure is destined to end in the same miserable fashion. He hopes it won’t, has to believe it won’t. Because even with Abby, he hadn’t fallen this hard for her before their first official date. With Eddie, everything is already intensified by a thousand." Or, Buck covers a shift for a firefighter at the 136 and it leads to a budding relationship through text messages.
Gotta Find My Corner (Of the Sky) by doctornineandthreequarters [complete | general audiences | 31.3k words]
It was the last day of 2016 and two lost souls found themselves in a quiet dive bar, as the loud noises of the city celebrating New Year’s Eve buzzed around them. Most people chose loud, flashy bars with DJs and entrance fees and promises of champagne for New Year’s Eve. But both occupants of the dive bar preferred the quiet. They both didn’t need the added chaos when everything around them already felt chaotic. --- Or, Buck and Eddie meet on New Year's Eve, 2016, a meeting that sets of a series of events that changes the trajectory of both of their lives.
I Didn't Know I Was Lonely 'Till I Saw Your Face by @hmslusitania [complete | general audiences | 10.4k words]
After the ladder truck and the blood clot and the tsunami, Bobby makes Buck go to therapy before he does something stupid (like sue the city). Buck's not totally comfortable being alone with a therapist, but fortunately he makes a friend and ally who's willing to help him out - Eddie Diaz from the 136 who's just been caught in an illegal fight club. OR Total strangers Buck and Eddie go to couple's therapy together to get out of the therapy requirements their captains have placed on them.
i want your midnights by allyasavedtheday [complete | teen and up audiences | 36.3k words]
In which Eddie decides to rent out his spare room to help with mortgage repayments right around the time Buck decides to move out of Abby's place after some not so gentle prodding from Maddie. It's a coincidence. Or serendipity. Or maybe just really good timing.
i wanna be know (by you) by @starlightbuck [complete | general audiences | 12.5k words]
“I didn’t mean to do it.” Hen glances down at Eddie’s phone then back up at him in disbelief.
“How do you ‘not mean’ to download a bunch of dating apps but still have them on your phone?”
Or  In which Eddie delves into the intimidating world of online dating.
if i got locked away (would you still love me the same?) by @firefighterhan [complete | general audiences | 3.7k words]
Buck gets accidentally thrown in jail after meddling in a fight outside of a grocery store. There, he meets an unexpected guest, famous music artist Eddie Diaz, who is being suspiciously quiet about how he ended up here in the first place.
if only in my dreams by @buttercupbuck [complete | general audiences | 5.4k words]
Years before Eddie joins the 118, Buck meets him at an airport bar on Christmas day.
in a week by @buttercupbuck [complete | explicit | 78.9k]
in which Eddie joins the U.S. Forest Service and in the meadows of California, finds the things he thought he lost and the things he thought he'd never have.
It Started With A Bang And A Hostage Situation by JayJay__884 [complete | general audiences | 6.6k words]
Buck goes to the store one late night to buy food because of Maddie's pregnancy cravings. Whilst at the store, Buck accidentally gets caught in the middle of a robbery and gets knocked out. After waking up in the backroom, Buck finds himself as a hostage with a handsome and caring stranger.
Leading with the Left by @letmetellyouaboutmyfeels [complete | explicit | 84.7k]
When Buck said he was a "bartender" in "South America" what he actually meant was "stripper" in "Mexico." And when Eddie said, "What's your problem?" what he actually meant was, "Is this about the time you gave me a lap dance?" In other words, there's a few things the 118 doesn't know about Buck. Or Eddie. Or Buck and Eddie's relationship.
Lift me up by @captain--sif [complete | teen and up audiences | 5.5k words]
Buck gets stuck in his apartment building's broken elevator with his good-looking neighbor from the sixth floor.
Love and Bullets Both Shatter Hearts (But Only One Can Put You Back Together) by @letmetellyouaboutmyfeels [complete | explicit | 11.2k words]
Agent [Redacted] Diaz is the best at what he does. Usually. But lately there's this real pain in the ass* who's been ruining his missions: Code Name "Buck."
*stupidly handsome and annoyingly talented rival spy
Mr. Buckley's After Hours Detention by aresaphrodites [complete | mature | 11.4k words]
It’s not like Eddie Diaz planned on this. Really, there was no scenario in his mind where he would ever be bringing his son’s teacher a freaking goody basket to class; a homemade goody basket, no less. Then again, Christopher has never had a teacher quite like Evan Buckley.
MukbangsWithBuck by @reallysmartladymariecurie [complete | teen and up audiences | 19.3k words]
After growing tired of eating alone in his loft, Buck decides to start a YouTube channel where he records himself eating dinner and telling stories about crazy things his team has encountered on calls. He eventually gains a substantial fanbase, and he is led to the channel of another LA firefighter who uploads informational videos and also casual vlogs with his ten-year-old son. It isn't long before the two start a friendship through messages, both of them secretly hoping it will turn into something more. Or, Eddie and Buck are both firefighters/YouTubers and they end up falling in love.
Objects in the Mirror by SevenSoulmates [complete | explicit | 139.1k words]
The voice had always been around, Eddie remembers it, like a stream of consciousness that babbled incoherently to the point where Eddie just tuned it out.  But then the voice started speaking directly to him. Conversing like he was a whole person standing right in front of him. Like he could see what was happening around Eddie. Eddie shook his head. No one was talking to him, and Eddie most certainly was not talking back. He wouldn’t talk to the boy in his head ever again. There was no boy in his head. 
Passive Aggressive Flirting by @starlingbite [complete | general audiences | 4.5k words]
Buck and Eddie have never met. They both work at the 118 but just on different shifts. That's all about to change when Buck finds a sticky note message, signed E.
String of hearts... by @reallysmartladymariecurie [complete | teen and up audiences | 11.1k words]
“Now. Eddie is this incredible presence. He’s funny and smoking hot, and he has a son who sounds wonderful. And he’s serious and vulnerable at times. But so enjoyable to be around, every single second that he’s there. And how can I put myself out there when the expectation is so high? When the thing I might lose is so beautiful?”
In which Buck owns a plant shop in LA, and Eddie becomes his new favorite customer. Pining ensues.
check out my post of buddie fics with dad!buck
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inception30daychallenge · a month ago
Tumblr media
Inception 30 Day Challenge 2022: Give your hot takes for a chance to get hot prizes!
Create a post, whether it be text, art, music, or any other media, using these 31 items as prompts. Feel free to participate in as many or as few of them as you want!
Copy the prompt into the body of the post somewhere and tag your posts with @inception30daychallenge​, #inceptiversary, and #inception30daychallenge. Your posts will be reblogged on this blog for everyone to appreciate!
You earn one entry for every prompt you answer before 11:59 PM EDT on July 31. We’ll hold a raffle then to determine our prize winner(s)! More info can be found in our FAQ.
Prompts below the cut, or at this Google Doc link!
Day 01 (July 1): Your favourite scene.
Day 02: A fic rec!
Day 03: If Inception were a musical, what song would you want to be in it? Who would be singing it to whom?
Day 04: Eames' favourite curse word.
Day 05: Who had the most interesting job before joining dreamshare?
Day 06: A headcanon about the dreamshare team.
Day 07: What's on Ariadne's dating profile?
Day 08: Your favourite character.
Day 09: A fanart rec! (note: please do not repost art from tumblr artists! just reblog it and tag @inception30daychallenge so we can see it.)
Day 10: What character from another piece of media would fit in well with this dreamshare team?
Day 11: Yusuf's favourite cuisine.
Day 12: What is each character like when they get drunk?
Day 13: A headcanon about your favourite character.
Day 14: Arthur’s childhood hobby.
Day 15: Your favourite romantic pairing.
Day 16: Inception Day! Make anything Inception-related! Take a photo, write a poem, make a meme, sing a tune, whatever you want!
Day 17: If you could change anything about Inception, what would it be?
Day 18: A rumour about Saito that the team thinks might be true.
Day 19: Which character was the most annoying student as a kid? 
Day 20: A headcanon about your favourite pairing.
Day 21: What was Mal and Cobb's wedding like?
Day 22: Your favourite quote.
Day 23: Another type of rec! (meta, podfic, fanvid, edit, meme, blog, whatever!)
Day 24: Recast some Inception roles! What other actors can you picture playing the characters in Inception?
Day 25: What pet(s) does Robert have?
Day 26: If each character was a snack food, what snack would they be?
Day 27: A headcanon about dreamshare.
Day 28: Which side character (e.g. Miles, Browning, Tadashi, Nash, Fischer Sr.) do you relate the most to and why?
Day 29: Your favourite team friendship.
Day 30: A self-rec! (anything from art to a funny Tumblr post you made!)
Day 31: A letter to Inception fandom.
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papenathys · a year ago
hey you probably have already talked about it, but I couldn't find it. do you have any recs for indian cinema by any chance? as a good latina i grew up on usa movies lol and I am trying to yk watch something other than this, and we seem to have a somewhat similar teste. thank you in advance!
Hello! All my cinema posts are under the #movies and #movie recs tags. Here are some movie lists I've made or reblogged formerly: list 1/list 2/list 3. Most of these are what you'd consider movies with a "dark academia" aesthetic, at least to differing degrees. I put together a small list here with very short descriptions, please keep in mind that I usually stick to Hindi and Bengali films and this doesn't reflect all of Indian cinema:
comfort films:
wake up sid: it's a story about friendship and family and mangoes and songs and beautiful sweltering mumbai in the rain. this film feels like a personal journal and imo it's the closest bollywood cinema will ever get to perfection. recommended if you like slow paced coming of age stories like lady bird.
aaja nachle: decades after she eloped, a middle aged choreographer returns from USA to her rustic north indian hometown, in an effort to stop the local authorities from demolishing her childhood dance theatre, and ends up having to stage a play with a bunch of village outcasts. has some of the sweetest and sincerest performances i've ever seen + WHOPPING OST.
taare zameen par: bitches be like comfort film then boom comfort be like *struggles with dyslexia* *struggles with parental rejection* *struggles with stringent indian academics* *struggles with art block due to mental trauma* (jk pls watch this film it's a gem)
bhooter bhabishyat: an aspiring indie film maker discovers an old mansion in kolkata and learns the truth about the vast array of ghosts who haunted the premises through diff. points in history. it's fcking funny but also VERY bengali so I understand if others don't like it as much.
ajab prem ki ghazab kahani: what you need to know about this film is that jesus christ rolls up in a pickup truck to try to get the two leads together at some point. ranbir kapoor is so feral and absolutely unhinged, I love him. *there is one small problematic and rather offensive scene, you can dm me and I'll let you know*
mere brother ki dulhan: extremely tired guy's extremely dramatic older brother has a bad breakup and decides to get married, the only condition being the former has to choose the bride for him. guy unwittingly ends up choosing a girl he had a weird past with. this movie is a personal fave, I was going through a rough time and it helped me so so much, it's just wholesome and funny and actually really good in some aspects of storytelling and characterisation.
english vinglish: this movie makes me cry now but anyway it's a gift to mankind. it's about the inherent elitism of knowing english and how non english speakers are treated like shit and the importance of respect and how respect and love are not always synonymous. the mc is one of my all time fave female characters.
any Feluda film: *aggressively hums theme music*
jodha akbar: swordfighting enemies to lovers pining like dumbasses in Mughal India for 2+ hours straight.
not very comforting but still faves
fitoor: search fitoor on my blog to see me have a breakdown in the tags, it's a 2 hour celebration of pure aesthetics and eroticism what else can I say
raanjhanaa: I call it a litmus test for incels and girlbosses because truly this movie has some COMPLEX character studies. the ost keeps me alive.
3 idiots: has one bad scene which you can skip but the rest of the movie towers in quality and has the sharpest social/educational commentary. does have a running arc of academic pressure and mental health, better check up triggers.
jaatishwar: reincarnated soulmates + themes of storytelling through music and interracial harmony + poetry battles in colonial bengal + my hysterical crying at 10 pm when I watched it the first time.
kahaani: heavily pregnant woman travels to kolkata (from abroad) just before durga puja in an attempt to piece together the truth about her missing husband. powerful performances + the usage of the city as an all pervasive entity gave me goosebumps. it's a thriller about deceit and bad cops and lying cities and grisly deaths but it ends with an ocean of female rage and ultimately, heartbreakingly with hope.
om shanti om: it's all fun and vintage 60s bollywood and campy humour and fun costumes and oh god oh fuck what just happened oh god take it back
omg lesbians
fire: one of the best sapphic films I've ever seen, it was a very controversial work at the time of release (fck right wings) but god it's so well made and nandita and shabana are so blessed for doing this
margarita with a straw: respectful and nuanced portrayal of disabled wlw, explores how people with disabilities are often infantilised or desexualised.
ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga: sonam kapoor ahuja answer my calls pls (side note: people had such unrealistic and weirdly scathing criticism about this film.... I'm sorry where's that same energy for rohit shetty movies or 50 something year old uncles romancing girls the age of their daughters in most bw films?) anyway cheesy happy wlw endgame film!
hopefully you'll get something to your liking from here ❤️
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thisismynerdyself · 18 days ago
1.3k mini party 🎉
thank you so so much to everyone who has ever interacted with me, made me feel welcome and special 💕 it’s been a while since i hit a follower milestone (my previous hiatus didn’t help much 🙃) sooo I wanted to do a lil celebration with y’all 🎉
Tumblr media
The theme here is musicals, send me a musical/emoji and let’s have some fun! 💕
any fandoms I interact with are accepted. I’m especially fixated on stranger things rn, but am open to any other fandoms you’ve seen me talk about/reblog etc (even the obscure ones!)
no deadline as of now
📝 Dear Evan Hansen - send me a character and a concept (and pronouns if you want them to be specific) and I’ll type/write you a note from them (these will be done more slowly/progressively as they take a little longer than others)
🎭 Love Never Dies - ships: send me a brief description and a fandom and I’ll ship you with a character
🎸 Bandstand - let’s talk music: wanna talk fave bands/songs, give or receive music recs, etc
🛳 Anything Goes - typical ask games: fmk (or any creative variations), cym, this or that, top 5, get to know me questions, fun facts, etc
tagging some lovely moots: @jellyfishbeansontoast @emersongareth @sortagaysortahigh @onlyfreds @breadqueen95 @hufflepuffhaze @anakinskywalkier @helnjk @alincstarkovs @andromedaa-tonks @melmalone
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sj-ficrecs · a year ago
What I’ve been reading and enjoying lately, as usual, no specific order. :)
If you’re new, this is a just a fic rec blog where I reblog all the fics I’ve been reading/enjoying! Mostly Bucky x reader, sometimes Steve x reader, Chris Beck x reader, Sebastian x reader, maybe a few others occasionally. 
Divider by @whimsicalrogers​ :)
Tumblr media
Bucky x reader:
Mess Is Mine by @scrumptious-delusion​ Boxer!Bucky x reader
“as a date night surprise your boyfriend takes you to a boxing match. little does he know, one of the competitors is responsible for breaking your heart five years ago, and an accidental encounter is about to send your whole world spinning.”
Sweet Eyes by @houseravenclaws​ high school!Bucky x high school!reader
“in which bucky wants to take you on a date and you keep saying no. good thing, he doesn’t give up on what he wants.”
(Un)cool by @belowva​ Rockstar!Bucky x journalist!reader
“in the summer of 1973, after covering the howling commandos’ concert for a night, you - a young and inexperienced music journalist - accidentally end up following the up and coming band from new york city across the country. between shows, parties, backstage nonsense, interviews and failed attempts at writing a cover story for rolling stone magazine, you end up developing a love/hate relationship with their brooding, but devilishly handsome, guitarist james “call me bucky” barnes. (based on “almost famous”)”
I Like You by @deaan​ College!Bucky x reader
“they say that there are five stages of having a crush. This is the story of how Y/N goes through each of them while harboring a crush on the popular nerd-slash-jock at her college, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes”
Pour Some Sugar on Me by @buckycuddlebuddy​ Rockstar!Bucky x virgin!reader
“you were hypnotized. his handsome face was contorted with such emotions, he was so lost in the music, lost in the instrument, and it was mesmerizing to watch.”
Dirty Paws & Wet Kisses by @sunshineandaisies​ Modern!Bucky x reader
“Holy shit, your dog led you to the most attractive man you’ve ever seen.
The stranger took note of you before you had a chance to say anything, and he raised his brow at you while angling his face away from Hazel’s kisses. “Does this belong to you?” he asked, pinching the tags on Hazel’s collar between his thumb and two fingers. “Hazelnut Mocha.” He snorted. “Is that your dog’s name or your Starbucks order?””
I Saw You and I Knew by @sinner-as-saint​ Biker!Bucky x reader
“You met Bucky unexpectedly at an unfamiliar bar one night - one of your last nights of freedom before your parents marry you off to some rich, young man. Bucky happened to be so different from all the men you had dated or you were used to seeing that it was a little bit of a surprise how reckless and open he was. You had been subconsciously looking for a way out of the situation you were in for days, so when Bucky makes you a rather unusual proposal; you accept immediately. And it ends up being one of the best things you ever agreed to.”
Construction worker!Bucky asking you out by @angrythingstarlight​
Based upon an ask about Beefy construction worker Bucky trying to ask you out on a date. 
Fairground by @softlybarnes​ Bucky x reader
“The reader and Bucky go to a summer carnival. Bucky is determined to win a prize for the reader.”
The Mess by @sanguineterrain​ Bucky x Avenger!reader
“A wild night in Vegas changes everything between you and Bucky. Suddenly, all eyes are on you and you’re left wondering just how much can change between you and a man whose guts you hate (and who also hates yours).”
The Football Player by @sunny-reys​ College!Bucky x reader
“Based on this request: “Bucky is a football player and you are a fan of the team but you’re also really shy. Secretly Bucky also developed a crush on you. He sees you getting mocked by some idiots and he gets in between to stand up for you. Later then he asks you for a walk and he kisses you.”
Sprinkle of Cinnamon by @forever-rogue​ Bucky x reader
“Another dull day at your coffee shop turns much better when an unexpected visitor becomes your favorite regular.”
Troublemaker by @jurassicbarnes​ Bucky x reader
“In which you thank Bucky in your own wonderful way. He kinda loves it.”
Find Me by @wicked-mind​ Bucky x reader
“Bucky finds his peace with Sam in Louisiana after dealing with the Flag Smashers. But when nightmares of a woman he can’t remember start haunting him, he has to find the reason why.“
Fool For You by @baroquebucky​ Bucky x reader
“bucky just wants to be with you forever“
Softcore by @kaitkat​ College!Bucky x reader
“You transfer to NYU in the beginning of sophomore year after getting an internship at Stark Industries. You needed a fresh start and it was the perfect opportunity. You meet your new roommates and immediately get along, they adopt you into their friend group. They're an unlikely bunch, but one of them catches your attention, Bucky Barnes. The two of you instantly click, but an amazing first day in New York quickly comes to an end. You try to forget about it, but it's not as easy as you want it to be. The fresh start isn't all you hoped it would be. Does a new city mean a new romance? Or does it mean new heartbreak?”
Tumblr media
Sebastian x reader:
Three Days by @revisionaryhistory​ Sebastian x reader
“Sebastian picks up more than just chocolate chips at the grocery. A lot can happen in three days.“ 
Lost in Your Eyes by @multifandomwriter​ Sebastian x actress!reader
“You and Sebastian have been dating for a few years, since you met during the filming of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. While it’s adorable that you both are still in the honeymoon phase, it can get you in trouble when you get too distracted by each other at a panel at Comic-Con”
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heckyeahharrisco · 12 days ago
Heck Yeah–>Welcome to Harrisco Fest! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ:・゚✧2022:・゚*:・゚
Tumblr media
Generate content for Harrisco (E-2 Harry/Cisco), galvanize, stimulate, and self-propel both community and ship. 
A low-pressure experience, you pick from a prompt list sent in by Harrisco fam and use any medium you wish. This celebration runs through August and is designed to allow for individual creative pace and life.
8/1 - 8/31 ★ Pick from this year's prompt list sent in by the Harrisco community. Create using whatever mediums you wish!
Post your creations inspired by the list. 
I reblog your posts. ★ Add @heckyeahharrisco to your post(s) so I can see your pieces and reblog!
Use any prompts as many times you like. You can also combine prompts.
Please, note explicit or mature rating if the work is so. Add warnings if they apply. Make sure any text works are at least moderately proofread.
(✿ ♥‿♥) ... The master list of fest works comes out in Sept!  Post-fest, for the rest of the year, anyone wanting to play with the list can post and will be added and reblogged. 
~ digital/traditional, painting, gifs, writing, edits, podfics, crafts, cosplay, vidding, music, doodles/sketches, recipes/bevs, recs... Whatever is percolating in that brainpan, go for it, Harrisco Pit! ~
Tumblr media
Please, share this post to circulate it w/the Harrisco Pit and beyond. I'll keep this post pinned until we're finished.
Tumblr media
~~ Heck Yeah, Here are Your Harrisco Prompts ~~
5 times someone thought they were dating + 1 they were
31 Days of Harrisco
add a song or songs to The Harrisco Fam Playlist (heckyeahharrisco.tumblr.com/post/168497574996/listen-spotify-youtube-8tracks-gorgeous)
an old married couple obv!
And that, Ramon, is going to be you.
and they were hospital roommates
and there was only one sleeping bag
annoying each other on purpose
Autistic Harry
band au
battle couple
Behold, Morning!Cisco.
board game night
body swap au
both turned into kids
breaks his heart to save him oh my gods
Cisco bribes Harry into...
I can feel you behind my eyes.
can't wait to see how this one turns out
Cisco calming Harry down when he's upset
camping trip
coming out of the shower
cooking together
collaborate with another Harrisco enthusiast.
cozy domestic scene
Create a Harrisco playlist on Spotify and/or YT.
Crisis Fix-It
Cisco dealing w/a heat wave by creating his own 'water park'
death trope
deliberately makes Harry tuck his hair back off his forehead
"Did you get me a cat?"
disheveled & yelling, not necessarily at each other, background on fire
don’t slurp
drabble (100 words)
they dress each other for a week
energy, power, chemistry
evil harrisco
everyone thinks they're dating
fake marriage au
first kisses
Harry's first time seeing Cisco in swim trunks
Cisco's fixations.
free choice
from you, I can not hide.
*grumbles* Fucking Adorable
Gazing soulfully into each other’s eyes
gentle dom/sub tiems
Harry getting Cisco's powers
hadestown au
hair braiding
hair kink
happy accident
Harry's hands behind his head while standing.
Harry handing Cisco things
Harry: This. / Cisco: Yeah.
a Harrisco Fam Playlist song. Vibe it. (heckyeahharrisco.tumblr.com/post/168497574996/listen-spotify-youtube-8tracks-gorgeous)
Hearing each other's thoughts.
Hold me back, Harry.
I'd rather have you, cursed or not.
I could never stand for losing you too
I feel a yearning.
I'm the spark that lit your fire, Sweetheart.
I thought you said I can do anything, Harry.
It's couture, Harry.
I've got sweater game.
insert meme here
intelligence/competence kink
intertwining fingers when making love
Harrisco investigates a meta sighting
It's a daily struggle.
Jesse as a shipper on deck
Jesse sets up Cisco and Harry.
lapdance dance-off
laughing at the other's joke
leafy vibes
literally, stuck together
looking respectfully. well i'm looking carnally. i'm looking like a whore
magic au
making out in the lab
a medium or style you haven’t tried before
a mess
metahuman!harry wells
museum dates
Mutual Pining
mutual scheming
more smut, please!
myths and folklores
Never doubt that we're great together.
never tried it before
not ready to wake up
obsessed with _____
One lending comfort while the other cries.
only one way to soothe my soul
our flag means death au/pirates au
ofmd’s how does it feel to be in love monologue
Harry owns a cat cafe.
passive-aggressively slurps
popsicle shenanigans
post-s7 flash
pretending they haven't met before
pretending they haven't done this before
promises, promises
One pulling the other into his lap.
quality time
[raggedly] Fuck.
rec list
read and comment on 5 - 10 fics
Ready, Cisco?
Ready, Harry?
rockstar AU
Rom com scenarios with a meta human twist
sentimental dreaming
set up a Harrisco secret santa for The Harrisco Pit
sharing cardigans
single parents and their kids have a school project together
shirt that says “as above” booty shorts say “so below”
[softly]: noooooooo
[softly]: Oh, Fuck.
Song AU? Kiss Me Slowly by Parachute
Sorry, we're late. We didn't want to come.
Star Trek AU
Stargate Atlantis AU
Harry stays w/Cisco while "looking for a place" & never leaves
Straightening each other’s clothes.
strangers leaf peeping separately, then together
Harry strokes Cisco's curls
Supernatural create AUs
Cisco's sweet tooth drives Harry bonkers
Take me with you? (Angst or Fluff)
T.O. and top-graded rookie AU
Team Flash betting on Harrisco for any reason
tell me where it hurts
Harry's temporarily stuck in Cisco's body *with* Cisco.
the tea
there is only one you, one very special you.
they get a cat
I think I tried to inhale you
treat yo self
tricked into a date
under 5000 words
under 2000 words
under 1000 words
under 500 words
unfair distractions
very becoming of you
walks in on the other
warm and cozy
watching each other workout
we collided and went away w/each other's purchases
weird things found in their fridge
we-we-we're not a couple
what we do in the shadows au
with permission, write in another person's Harrisco verse
who wore who best
wreck list (yes, you read that right)
wtf, so cute.
Harry, you think you can handle this bad boy?
You need coffee first.
You take my love & my lust. Come cloud my mind.
Your first Harrisco thing.
You're fucking amazing.
Halloween Costume Prompts:
Harry claims he's going as E-1's Harrison Wells.
cisco as the flash and harry as vibe
Tumblr media
Harry wears scrubs if he laughs at Cisco's imitation operation sound.
Tumblr media
Cisco: please Harry: no Cisco: please Harry: nope Cisco: what if I wear short shorts ? Harry : ... Fine
Tumblr media
Harry = Spock / Cisco = Uhura
Tumblr media
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ggukkiereads · a year ago
Fic Recs | Themed Series - OT7
These recs are based on an ask about 
“OT7 fics that has a story line for each member and they're all connected/in the same universe”
Because there are so many universe/s, I categorized the fics into the ff:
Band/Music/Idol AUs
CEO/Office AUs
College AUs
Mafia/Gang AUs
Science Fiction/Dystopian AUs
Secret Agents/Spy AUs
Slice of Life
Credits go to all the writers who planned these series. Thank you dear writers for sharing these gems with us!
And if you happen to see/read fics listed here and enjoyed them as much as I did, don’t forget to show appreciation through reblogs, comments, or other positive interaction you could think of.
Tumblr media
Note:  These are NOT polyamory fics but rather, themed series set in one universe and each member gets their own story/ one shot / series
if link to fic doesn’t work, click on author and go to their masterlist
Tumblr media
Melodrama Tour @jungkxook - one shot per member | punk band AU, musician AU | angst, fluff, smut
Make it Right | Jungkook - Exes AU
Backseat Serenade | Taehyung - Brother’s Best Friend AU
Other members fics coming soon
beyond the scene is a seven-member pop-punk band known for their most recent breakthrough success, taking the world by storm with their sold out melodrama tour. but, as rumour has it, the newly shining stars each seem to have their own melodramatic secret to go with them
You can also check their vlogger series: Not a Clickbait
Tumblr media
The Sunset Series @ilikemesometaetaes -  one series per member | Rockstar AU | angst, fluff, smut
Don’t Hold Your Breath | Jungkook - series [6/10] | rockstar AU, Exes AU, CEO!Reader
Other members fics coming soon
Brothers ‘Til Sunset (BTS) is a world renowned rockband consisting of seven members that operate on and off-stage
Tumblr media
BTS in 10 Years AU @hayjeon - drabble per member | idol AU
In 10 years, once BTS has amiably broken up and the members have moved on to find their places in their new careers and personal lives, they end up settling right exactly where they needed to be.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
CEO Series @hisunshiine -  CEO AU, Office AU | smut, fluff, angst
Business Attire | Taehyung - Regional Manager Taehyung x Assistant!Reader
Devious Ethics | Namjoon - CFO!Namjoon x Environmentalist/Activist!Reader
Competitive Advantage | Yoongi - Head Lawyer!Yoongi x best friend of the tree hugging environmentalist
Fiduciary | Seokjin -  coming soon
Insider Trading | Jungkook -  coming soon
Client Centered | Hoseok -  coming soon
Supply and Demand | Jimin -  coming soon
seven shot series where each BTS Member has his own story that intertwines with the main plot of Namjoon and Seokjin taking over as CEO and CFO of their families company.
Tumblr media
Cardiovascular Palpitations (Jungkook, FWB AU, Surgeon AU) and Cut Me Open (Yoongi, Husband AU, Divorce AU) belong to the same universe - @/hayjeon
Tumblr media
Operation: Love Letters @ve1vetyoongi - mystery, college!au, romance | fluff, smut
Sign up for the Love Calculator today to find your perfect match?
It’s one series split into six (6) chapters and each member gets highlighted.
It’s a mystery, so you guess who is the endgame for OC
Needless to say, I had fun with this series =)
Tumblr media
You’re so Creepy (drabble series) @whatifyoulivelikethat  -  crack, university au, creepy girl au | fluff
kim namjoon - part i | part ii (fave)
kim seokjin - part i | part ii (fave)
min yoongi - part i | part ii  
jung hoseok - part i | part ii (fave)  
park jimin  - part i | part ii (fave)  
kim taehyung  - part i | part ii
jeon jungkook - part i | part ii  
There’s always at least one campus creepy girl. Or seven. Part 1 (1st kiss) Part 2 (2nd meeting). Also part of this reading list
Tumblr media
Worshipers Series @jimlingss - one shot per member, unless indicated as a series | God AU (can be read interdepently but best to go through sequentially
Worshipers of the Stars | Yoongi -  Goddess of Light and Life!OC x God of Moon!Yoongi
Between Heaven and Hell | Hoseok -  Human!OC x Human!Hoseok, War AU
Worshiper of the Sky | Taehyung - series [3/3] | Goddess of Sky!OC x Sacrifice!Taehyung
Worshiper of the Spring | Jimin - ??!OC x God of Wine!Jimin
Worshiper of the Souls | Namjoon - Ghost!OC x King of the Underworld!Namjoon
Worshipers of the Sea | Jungkook - Pirate!OC x God of Sea!Jungkook
Worshipers of the Sun | Seokjin - Goddess of Love!OC x God of Sun!Seokjin
Long ago, there were gods who resided in Heaven — existing to watch over and protect the universe. Each of them had their own flaws, trials and tribulations; some which were more sparing than others, but these are their stories...
Tumblr media
Crescent Bound @parkhabits - BTS | 31.9k | Seven werewolves. A pack bound by the moon. | S, F, A  ~ [3/7]
Jungkook - one shot | 12.3k | Werewolf AU, Bestfriend AU
Yoongi - one shot | 8.5k | Transfer Student, Strangers to Lovers 🌷
Jimin - one shot | 11.1k |  Werewolf AU, Ex Friends AU
Seokjin - to be posted
Hoseok -  to be posted
Taehyung -  to be posted
Namjoon -  to be posted | Werewolf AU, Arranged Marriage AU
if this is more organized and detailed, it’s because it was part of my reading list and I just copied 😊✌
Tumblr media
Werewolf AU @littlemeowmeowschimmy - one shot per member | werewolf AU, Tattoo Artist AU (well some of them)
Mark Me | Jungkook  - bestfriend jungkook x human reader
Come Play | Taehyung - classmate taehyung, FWB (sort of)
Vamps and Wolves | Jimin - werewolf!jimin x vampire!reader, Enemies to Lovers (this is actually 🥕my favorite from the series). read Part 2
Librarian | Namjoon - Librarian Namjoon x Hunter Reader
My Moon | Hoseok  - Tattoo Artist Staff Hoseok  x Bartender Werewolf!Reader
Sexy Drug | Yoongi - Werewolf Yoongi x Witch Reader, Music Prodcuer (my 2nd favorite)
Best Friend | Seokjin - Tattoo Artist! Seokjin x Bestfriend!Reader
Tumblr media
Tempting Universe @kinktae - series or one shot per member (maknae line) | demon AU, Angel AU, supernatural AU, Fantasy AU | smut, angst
Tempting | Taehyung - series [13/13] | 67k |  Demon Taehyung x Angel Reader, Forbidden Love
Soliloquy | Jimin - Angel Jimin x Reader, Unrequited Love, Fluff, Angst
Too Tempting | Taehyung - a sequel [3/?]
Supernova | Yoongi - coming soon
Valentine | Jungkook - coming soon
A definitive masterlist of all my stories written within the tempting universe, listed out chronologically/in the order that I would have you read it.
Tumblr media
Tales of the Purebloods @rosaetae  -  maknae line (series per member) |  Vampire AU, Royalty AU, Soulmate AU | so far, we have Jungkook’s story
Spellbound to Be | Jungkook - series [1/?] | witch reader
Ardently | Taehyung - series [coming soon] | sort of exes (?)
Of Whim And Tonic | Jimin - series [coming soon] | human!reader
In the Upper World, hidden from a mere mortal’s naked eye, holds the naturals of nothing but super. These stories encompass the tales of three brothers who have been born with vampire’s blood in their system, their names bringing goosebumps when mentioned for they have been feared by both the Upper World and the mundane world over many centuries.
Tumblr media
sorted: a hogwarts au @gukyi - hogwarts AU, various AU | fluff
white chocolate fudge | seokjin — one shot | 11k | head boy x head girl
interconnection | yoongi — one shot | 8k | pining, letters/poems
tutor | namjoon — one shot | 11k | enemies to lovers, rivals
a series of scenarios featuring each member, set during the same hogwarts universe.
Tumblr media
BTS!Supernatural Series @preternatural-fools 
Black Magic - Witch!Yoongi - (4.7k words)
Rune Stones - Psychic!Jimin - (5.1k words)
Blood Drive - Vampire!Tae - (8.6k words)
Purple Haze - Fae!Jungkook - (8.6k words)
Macabre - Necromancer!Hoseok - (6.3 words)
Moon Shine - Werewolf!Namjoon - (8.9k words)
(Jin) - coming soon
Tumblr media
Mythical BTS @thesammtimes - Supernatural AU 
Bloodless - Jimin | Vampire
Epoch - Jungkook | Grimreaper (complete)
Pure - Seokjin |  Angel
The Chaser - Yoongi | Hunter
Erratic - Taehyung | Demon
Vile - Namjoon | Vampire (never posted)
Immortal - Hoseok | Fallen Angel
This is the recommended order for reading the AU (use desktop to check the list)
(note: the series is incomplete but it’s a great read because of the intermixing of the stories. you really have to follow the recommended reading order)
Tumblr media
Guarded (The Gajog) Universe @xjoonchildx - Mafia AU | fluff, angst, smut
Guarded | Hoseok - series [7/7] | 26k | Enemies to Lovers, Slow Burn, Tsundere, Bodyguard
Guilty | Namjoon - series [4/4] | 17k | Boss AU, Assistant AU, Mutual Pining
Greedy | Yoongi - series [7/7] | 46k | Doctor AU, Pining *also I really find him intriguing since Guarded - Taehyung too (though KTH doesn’t really get a story hahah)
you can read how I raved about Hoseok’s story here if it helps (have yet to post for Namjoon and  finish last few chapters of Yoongi’s sorry 😥)
Tumblr media
Mafia Series @neonlights92 - series per member | Mafia AU, Gang AU, Arranged Marriage AU | angst, smut (uhm this is the first mafia series I’ve ever read 😁)
Monster | Taehyung - series [6/6]
Enigma | Yoongi - series [6/6]
Burden | Seokjin - series [7/7]
Charred | Hoseok - series [7/7]
Change | Jimin - series [7/7]
Run | Jungkook - ongoing [6/?]
Namjoon - TBA
This is the story of seven men. Seven dangerous men.  These are the stories of how they fell in love.
Tumblr media
Top Priority Suspects @yminie -  one shot per member | Gang AU, Mafia AU | angst, smut, fluff
Kim Seokjin – The Boss | Read Here
Min Yoongi – The Underboss | Read Here
Jung Hoseok – The Caporegime | Read Here
Kim Namjoon – The Consigliere | Read Here
Park Jimin – The Spotter | Read Here
Kim Taehyung – The Supplier | Read Here
Jeon Jungkook – The Carrier |  Read Here
Tumblr media
Bangtan and Mafia Universe @yoongiandchiminie - one shot/series per member | Mafia AU, Gang AU, Mafia AU (no masterpost for this series)
Addicted | Yoongi  - 01 02 03 04
Contrary | Jungkook
Rekindle | Seokjin
Crescendo | Jimin
Vague | Taehyung - 01 02
Kismet | Hoseok - 01 02
Brave | Namjoon - sadly never finished 😥
I’ve read it a long time ago and I just checked now but it hasn’t been updated. It’s also drabble-ish, so even if the parts are unfinished it’s still okay to read
When you’re born, you can’t see a color until you meet the eyes of your Soulmate for the first time. Bangtan is known as one of the most infamous gangs around. This series will focus on the lighter side of things, their soulmates- Well, maybe they’re lighter. Maybe.
Tumblr media
Wanted Universe @jincherie -  Alien AU, Science Fiction, Soulmate AU, Action | fluff, angst, smut
Wanted | Jungkook - series [6/6] | 55.9k | Selkie King Jungkook x Human Reader who is a wanted “criminal” that crash landed on another planet
Tentacledipity | Jimin - series [6/9] | 50k+ |  This tale starts, as any good fiction does, with a girl crash landing on a foreign planet.
Tumblr media
Fragmentation (links to general masterlist) or read on AO3 @thebiasrekkers - [10/10] drabbles per character as a prequel to Defragmentation (coming soon) | The Matrix AU
also check the card set [01 02] for this series, this is just so cool!
Tumblr media
The Company @btsmakesmehappy - Secret Agent AU | fluff, angst, smut
Broken Vase | Namjoon - series [4/4] | 25k | Agent!Namjoon x Agent!Reader
Palate Cleanser | Taehyung - series [5/5] | 35k [ Agent!Taehyung x Baker!Reader, FWB AU, Strangers to Lovers
Sweet Scent | Jungkook - series [4/4] | 28k | Agent!Jungkook x Forensic Doctor!Reader
MicroWave | Yoongi - series [1/?] | 4.8k+ | Agent!Yoongi x Neighbor!Reader
Jimin -  coming soon
Hoseok -  coming soon
Seokjin -  coming soon
If you click the masterpost, the profiles for each character is  omplete with their skill set and level of competency. just amazing =)
Tumblr media
Hobiverse Universe @bloomsuga - Slice of Life, Time Traveler, SMAU (but with written parts) | fluff, angst, smut
Forever We Are Young (pianist!yoongi x art student!reader)
BLOOM (idol!jungkook x idol!reader)
COLLIDE (artist!taehyung x waitress!reader)
ROSES (dad!seokjin x photographer!reader) - there are spinoffs for Jungkook and Yoongi stories too
ANONYMOUS (rapper!joon x singer!reader)
KIWI (idol!jimin x coffee shop owner!reader)
WOKE (time traveler!hoseok x writer!reader)
a series of chaotic slice-of-life social media au’s connected by one thing; parallel universe-traveling wannabe cupid, jung hoseok, who’s in charge of making sure you find your soulmate
Tumblr media
Map of the Hearts Drabble Collection by hoseoksyn/bluesxde  - drabble series per member | Slice of Life AU | fluff, angst, smut
Keeping Things Simple | Namjoon - series [15/15] | 24k | Doctor AU, Fake Marriage AU
An Abundance of Scrunchies | Hoseok - [13/13] | 24.3k |  Single Parent AU, billionaire!hoseok x teacher!reader, enemies to lovers
Hesitate | Yoongi - [2/?] | 2k+ | Police Office AU, Friends to Lovers
The Formula for Love | Seokjin - [3/?] | 4k | Single Parent AU, Professor Seokjin
Cat Got Your Tongue | Jimin - [3/?] | 5.8k |Divorced Jimin, Cat Cafe AU, Brother’s Best Friend AU,  Secret Relationship
Say Hello to Me | Taehyung - [1/?] | 1.2k+ | Singer Taehyung, Friends to Lovers
Before the Sun Rises | Jungkook - [1/?] | 2k+ | Bar Owner Jungkook, FWB AU
a collection of drabble series set within the An Abundance of Scrunchies (aaos) universe
Tumblr media
Amourville @artaefact - one shot per member | slice of life, fluff, angst
Grinchly, Yours | Hoseok - Christmas AU, Florist AU, Bookshop AU
Bakery 1995 | Jimin - Bakery AU, Childhood Friends to Lovers
A Letter in Roses | Taehyung - Valentine’s Day AU, CEO AU, Husband AU, Established Relationship
The Devil in Chanel | Jungkook - Bodyguard AU, Enemies to Lovers, *coming soon
just recently realized that the Jimin and Hoseok in Taehyung’s story are the same ones in fics #1 & 2. This is fluffy goodness 🥰
Tumblr media
Snowball Effect Project by various writers @stutterfly @gukslut @fortunexkookie @ddaenggtan - Christmas AU | fluff, smut
Snow Don’t Tell - PJM | 27.2k | Neighbor AU, Friends to Lovers AU
The Holiday Unplugged - JHS | 17.4K | Domestic AU
Tip of the Iceberg - MYG | 20.1 | Strangers to Lovers AU, Single “Dad”
Frost Impressions - JJK | 41.3k | Teachers AU,  Enemies to Lovers, Pining, Bestfriend AU, Gamer AU, Idiots to Lovers  🌷
Cheapskate - KTH | 25.2k | Domestic AU
Half-baked Holiday - KSJ | 12.6k | Bakery AU, Friends to Lovers, Idiots to Lovers
Midnight Wishes - KNJ | 10.3k |  Roommate AU, Friends to Lovers, FWB AU
part of this reading list; it’s one small town and they’re all friends who found love during the holidays. what a charming series
Tumblr media
BTS Dad Series @bts-reveries - SMAU series per member | Single Dad AU, Single Parent AU, Parent AU, Family AU | fluff, angst
Daddy Diaries - Yoongi | single dad AU x baker!reader
One Night Light  - Hoseok | choreographer x singlemom!reader
Page Turner - Namjoon | author AU, fangirl!reader, single dad AU
Daddy Duties - Jimin | Parents AU (new dad)
Mini Me - Taehyung | artist!taehyung x singlemom!reader
Young One - Jungkook | parent AU, photographer AU, 
Expect the Unexpected - Seokjin | parent AU, CEO AU, designer!mom
read in order to make sense since characters will appear in other SMAUs
Tumblr media
Halloween Hookups by Krisaissosmart [ao3] - one shot per member | 17k | Romance (or hookups) one Halloween Night | F, S
Mario Edition - KSJ |  "I can't believe I had sex with a guy dressed as Mario."
Haunted Tour - MYG |  that time you met a hot guy during a haunted tour and took him home to have loud sex and piss off your roommate
Emergency Edition - JHS |  Halloween is a rough day for EMT's. You and your partner, Hoseok, need to find a quick way to release stress in between calls
Scary Move Edition - KNJ |  “We’ll get kicked out if we get caught.”
Mortal Kombat Edition - PJM | When Sub-Zero met Scorpion
Car Burglar Edition - KTH | Exes AU,  "So…Tell me. Do you still masturbate to the thought of me?” 🥕my favorite!
House of Horrors Edition - JJK | no summary
so I rarely recommend AO3 fics since the platform has a more organized way to read fics and I want to highlight tumblr works instead. But I don’t think this has been recommended yet and I just love that Halloween becomes cute instead of spooky. 
Read in order, the characters will make appearances which will make sense when you read the other one shots
Tumblr media
Activate Your SIM Card Series @stutterfly​ -  IT/Nerd Reader x OT7 | one universe (so same character makeup per series) but for each series IT!Reader ends up with that highlighted member instead
Love Bytes - KNJ | [9/9] | Bestfriend AU *completed
Swipe Right - JJK [4/?] | Personal Trainer!Jungkook, Enemies to Lovers *ongoing
Love Virus - KSJ | Chef!Seokjin, Friends to Lovers |  *TBA
Overloaded - MYG | Bartender!Yoongi, Friends to Lovers, Heavy Angst | *TBA
Cable Switch Tango - JHS | Dance Instructor!Hoseok, FWB AU  *TBA
Pixel Perfect - PJM | Model!Jimin, Friends to Lovers |  *TBA
Cache Only - KTH | Artist!Taehyung, Friends to Lovers | *TBA
IT/TechSupport/NerdReader gets dating help/advice and ends up falling in love with them instead
so I debated if I should include this or not but it kind of fits the bill! It’s also interesting to see alternate scenarios like what if OC ends up with Jungkook instead (read Swipe Right) or maybe with Model Jimin (go to Pixel Perfect). Haven’t seen anything like this so give it a read! 
Tumblr media
🌷 posted: 2021 Mar 20 | updated: 2021 May 02 🌷 other lists 🌷 I love to read so feel free to recommend a fic =)
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seraphcastiel · a year ago
Tumblr media
“seraphcastiel’s 2021 monthly roundup: JULY               ⋙  JAN | FEB | MAR | APRIL | MAY | JUNE
hi guys! i wanted to do something new this 2021 and do a sort of “round up” of all the edits i make, as well as some of my personal favorite bits of content (edits, fic, art, etc) that others have made throughout the month. this is largely to keep track of my own content so i can see how my PS skills are improving as i continue to relearn how to make edits, and also i thought it’d be cool to take note of how many edits i do/what kinds of edits i do each month so i can see how i’ve grown as a content creator at the end of the year. (plus, i get to give a quick shout out to some of my favorite content creators as well hehe).
so without further ado, onto the roundup! big thanks to everyone who liked/reblogged my stuff this past month, i really appreciated it! xx
deancas, “goodbye stranger”:  made this in honor of the 8x17 script drop and the subsequent ‘cule-wide meltdown over “i forgive you. i love you.” that dean shot is one of my person favorite shots in spn history; ive used it in other edits as well. something something that man covered in blood. i wanted to keep the edit super simple and clean to draw the eye to the moving parts of each panel, and i played around with the shadows and black textures overlays to bring out the pops of white and red. really liked how this came out, considering i made it pretty quickly. 
deancas x “loki”: a lil marvel-inspired edit for @rainbowscas​! imma come clean and say that when i made this i hasn’t actually watched much of loki yet but i saw this quote everywhere on my dash and knew i had to use it (and i didn’t see any spn edits with it yet at that time which was??? weird to me like were yall spn/marvel fans sleepin on it ooorrrr). so anyways, perfect quote for deancas considering the number of blades/knives they’ve used on each other. went with a greenish-tinted coloring scheme to tie in with the quote’s origins and messed around with the red and yellow tones/saturation until i got that perfect dark reddish-black shade for the blood. that last panel makes me squeamish in an oddly proud way - the cut looks so realistic with this darker coloring. 
supernatural + tarot card series (john): my tarot series is finally over! i always knew i wanted the devil to be the last card but i had originally planned on using the canonical lucifer. then i realized that that would mean having to look at mark p’s face for extended periods of time, so i nixed that idea and went for the more “controversial” choice bc fuck john winchester. tbf, i enjoyed making this edit bc the darker, washed out season 1 footage i had to use made getting consistent coloring across all three panels a bit of a challenge, and i really love the orange-blue-gray combination that i came up with. i was definitely not expecting this edit to get many notes either (bc john), so i was incredibly pleased that my tarot edit series ended on a relatively high note. thank you to everyone who liked/reblogged my tarot edits! (and if you want some behind-the-scenes info about how the edits were made, i did a lil write up here.)
holy family || dean remembers mary: spn-natural my beloved, how i’ve missed making you. the friendship between #1 pta parents cas and kelly kline is HIGHLY underrated imo, and after rewatching this episode and seeing the shot of cas kissing her forehead made me legitimately cry, i knew i needed to make something for them. pretty simple coloring compared to what i normally do, but i did do a bit of color editing so that the flower wallpapers in the first and third gifs mirrored each other. i also don’t normally do black and white gifs but i didn’t want the three panels to look like they were just blurring into each other, so i once again experimented with the black tones and shadows until it fit the vibe of the other two panels. the gifset still makes me emotional when i see it. i love them so much. 
scoobynatural 2: electric boogalo:  hooooboy, this edit lol. first of all, i honestly did not expect this to get this many notes since doing these kind of mashup edits is so spn fandom circa 2012. but i used to watch the scooby doo movie religiously as a child and i had been thinking about making this mashup for a while, so when @avaarts​ requested AUs for her birthday bash, i knew exactly what to do haha. between work and the date of ava’s actual birthday, i didn’t have a lot of time to make this gifset so i had to be super strategic about it. i knew i had less scooby doo footage than spn footage to work with, so i started by finding clips of the scooby gang where they were in locations that could easily be found in spn (hotel corridors, stone passages, dark outdoor scenes) and were positioned to the left/right of the frame so i could add the spn character beside them later. then i went and found shots of tfw 3.0 that would fit those chosen scenes (sticking to shots from s12-15 only so that 1. i didn’t have to look through 15 years of episodes, and 2. so that eileen and jack could be in it and dean, cas, and sam were the appropriate ages in comparison). from there, it was just a matter of blending the two shots together then matching the lighting and coloring between the movie and the show. don’t get me wrong, the color correcting and editing took hella effort and time, but going into it i was more stressed about finding enough matching clips to make a cohesive gifset with a plot, so once that was done, i felt fucking invincible dsksksdh. honestly, i had a lot of fun making this, and i have other “missing spn episode” edits in the works, sooooooo,,,,,, new series perhaps?? watch this space.
garthbess, “islands in the stream”: some dollynatural ft. the fitzgeralds for my beloved @garthed! had to make something in honor of thee healthiest relationship in spn history, and islands in the stream is one of my favorite favorite songs so making this edit was a no brainer.  just something sweet and simple, using my favorite coloring combo of green, blue and red shades with a fun lil cowboy font. couldn’t stop smiling while i was making this, and it still makes me smile when i see it in my notifs.
castiel, “l’alouettte”:  i have to gif these iconic 4x16 shots at least once every three months or else my casgirl card gets revoked. thankfully, @lucymorans‘s birthday gave me the perfect reason to use one of the quotes i’ve had saved in my “shit to make cas edits to” photo album for months. this month i’ve really enjoyed making gifsets that use zoomed-in shots and interestingly cropped framing, so i used the longer gif ratio to highlight the length of cas’ neck/jawline and cheekbones. then i once again messed with the black tones and shadows to create a really dark, almost coffee grounds-like effect over the whole thing. idk it’s hard to explain but i really like how this came out. simple, but pretty.
deancas, “four seasons”:  another quote from my “shit to make cas edits to” photo album! this time for floralnatural edit for @floral-cas‘s follower celebration! i knew i wanted to do an isolated color-style of edit with the emphasis being on the flowers found in iconic dean/cas/deancas scenes, but when i made my first draft of the idea it seemed kinda??? boring?? lmao i just wasn’t feeling it, so i found some sheet music textures and just kinda fucked around with it until i was happy with it hahaha. really like how this turned out, especially that last panel (even if you can still kinda see the random purgatory dude pop up in the background sdkfjalskdfh).
dean winchester, “pynk”:  pinknatural for @angeltiddies bc of course! no real story or process to this other than i got a lil drunk on leftover wine coolers and decided to pinkify scenes of dean that i thought he looked exceptionally pretty in sdfdjaklfa. i will say that pinknatural is incredibly difficult to do well bc spn is not lit well enough to do pinknatural so hats off to all the pinknatural artists/content creators out there. doing the lord’s work fr fr.
and now some of my favorite edits, fics, and art from this past month: (edit: i fucked up and accidentally deleted all my recs :(((( sorry yall, will try to fix it when i have time.)
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isthisselfcare · 4 months ago
Here I am again with another belated response. I have not answered all asks as I want to make decent posts for some of them -- fic recs, literary inspiration, music things -- but those will have to wait until my life-chaos abates (said with a kind of reckless optimism)
Re: are you British / where are you from / etc.
My dad is British, my mum is French & I did my schooling in both education systems, plus a smattering of Abroad for optimal linguistic confusion. I am more French than English but prefer to write creatively in English (if I disappear it is because Molière’s ghost rose and assassinated me for my betrayal)
No need to elaborate or anything but, if I may be so bold to ask, is this your first Dramione fic?
A long long time ago, in the early noughties, I dabbled in Dramione on LJ -- all very short things. None of it is still extant today, thank god! I haven’t written for HP otherwise, until Mortifying
Quick question about Chapter 7: How did Hermione find out Draco touched the book?
Crooks grassed on him!
Will there be more smut in DMATMOOBIL?
When do you think the last chap of the mortifying ordeal will be posted? No pressure or anything just curious ^^
Tomorrow is going to be a double update, so -- April 8, in theory. Oh, and looking at the calendar, I will be travelling that day so that’s lovely, we will have to see how that works out
How long did it take for you to plan/map the plot then write Mortifying Ordeal? It’s so well thought out and well-written!
Oh, thank you! I reread the HP books during Christmas 2020, then the thing began to Percolate, as stories do, before they seize your soul and force you to tiptap them into existence on your long-suffering keyboard. My earliest notes are from Feb 2021 and they include this perceptive observation:
Draco sort of rhymes with taco??
I only share so that you are aware of my true level of genius
Thank you so much to everyone who wrote me a nice message, I can’t answer them all but I appreciate every one. Now I must go reblog beautiful things that have been sent in! Sorry for the dashboard spam.
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stinastar · a year ago
Trans Rep Witcher Fics
Tumblr media
If you’re coming to this list from a reblog, please click through to the original post as it’s likely been updated with more content!
Please note I haven’t read everything on these lists, so I can’t speak to all they contain, ya dig? Mind the tags etc. <3
- - 
Jaskier gets diagnosed with ADHD - trans Geralt - Established Geraskier, Geralt brings Jaskier to his appointment - by @jaskierswolf
Nurse Jaskier - trans Geralt & trans Jaskier - Geralt gets hip surgery, Jaskier is his nurse - by @feraljaskier
Jaskier starts following Geralt - trans Jaskier - Jaskier starts following Geralt on the path and the Witcher is 100% supportive and respectful - by @persony-pepper
Just Jaskier - trans Jaskier - Jaskier comes out to supportive, gruff as ever Geralt - by @brasskier​
Glory Be - trans Ciri (they/them) - Ciri growing up and settling into their identity as they go, ends pointing towards Ciri/Cerys - by @childoffantasy​
❧ Much more under the cut!
You Saved My Life - trans Aiden, mentioned trans Geralt - established lambden relationship cuddles and banter - by @jaskierswolf​
As brothers, they'd stand together - trans Eskel - Eskel comes out to his family and receives nothing but love and support in return, with extended platonic hug bonding coming from Lambert - by @officerjennie​
Copper - trans Jaskier - Jaskier gets his period, and Lambert is lovely and supportive - by @artistsfuneral​
Oh No He’s Hot -  trans Eskel, nonbinary Lambert - Lambskel meet cute ish in modern au - by @funkylittlebard​
I’m not like other Cats - trans Aiden - soft lambden fluff - by @feraljaskier​
Magic Strap - trans Aiden - Lambden smut with a magic strap on - by @feraljaskier​
Sexting - trans Aiden - Lambden sexting mishap - by @feraljaskier​
I'm stuck with these Chucklefucks - series where Aiden, an AFAB transman, is a cat school witcher that meets grumpy fuck Lambert from the wolf school: banter and smut ensue - by @lynge81 (Tumblr won’t link)
out in the pouring rain (down on your knees) - trans Ciri - Ciri isn’t a central character in this but she is fiercely loved and protected in this smutty, angsty, beautiful Yennskier/Yenralt/Geraskefer fic - by @yoursummerfrost​
a breath beneath the surface -  trans Jaskier - Geraskier smut - by @witchertrashbag​
Witchers Were Never Girls - trans Geralt - Supportive loving Jaskier, Geraskier smut.
free animal - trans Geralt - Geralt potioned up with black eyes, Geraskier smut - by @stonedgeralt​
something's set to start - trans Geralt - Modern AU Geraskier New Year's Eve hookup - by @stonedgeralt
other things i'll never be - trans Geralt, trans Jaskier & trans Yennefer - Modern AU Geraskefer fic - by @limerental
Take It Slow - trans Geralt - Geralt carefully comes out to Jaskier, who fully accepts him, sexytimes throughout - by @caffeinatedcorvids
Oh, Golden Mornings - trans Lambert - Lambden kinky sexytimes in established relationship - by @caffeinatedcorvids
Helping Hands and Loving Tongues - trans Geralt - Geralt experiences gender dysphoria, Jaskier helps him through it.
Repeatable Mistakes - trans Geralt - Established Geraskier, semi-public sex.
my soul's warmest fireplace - trans Geralt - Jaskier reminds Geralt he’s worthy of love - by @stonedgeralt
Return to Oxenfurt - trans Jaskier - Fluffy canon-era Oxenfurt Academy AU featuring genderswapped Valdo Marx and soft! understanding! Geralt - by @vands38
Relocation - trans Jaskier - Prof Jaskier meets blacksmith Eskel at a medieval history conference and they get stuck when their flight is cancelled, smut ensues - by @jennyloggins
Unravel - trans Geralt - Geraskier smut c/o Jaskier’s butt bow, you know the one.
Stolen Nights - trans Geralt - Geraskier smut.
Damn what the stars own - trans Jaskier - Jaskier is a royal runaway, and has taken upon himself to keep an eye on Ciri while Geralt tried to escape his destiny - by @jaskierslastbraincell
Reprieve - trans Jaskier - Modern AU strangers to lovers Geraskier smut
your lips curled into me - trans Geralt - Established Geraskier, Jaskier asks Geralt to sit on his face, smut obvs - by @stonedgeralt
lock and key - trans Geralt - Established Geraskier, Geralt has missed Jaskier very much and Jaskier welcomes him back (with sex) - by @stonedgeralt​
Cherry Baby - trans Geralt - Geralt is a bodyguard for (underage) rich kid Jaskier. Angsty (very little related to gender) with a happy ending.
Incredibly Specific Dysphoria Porn To Cope - trans Jaskier - Jaskier experiences dysphoria and Geralt buys him a strap-on; smut - by @tinymacaroni​
Talk to me - trans Eskel - Geralt and Eskel pause during sex to discuss what terms/descriptors to use for Eskel's privates  (and then get back to sexy business) - by @officerjennie​
All Those Books That We Both Drowned - trans Jaskier - Geralt- a grumpy, workaholic, history professor- meets the flamboyant music professor Dr. Pankratz and immediately develops a rivalry. When they are recruited to work on a project together said rivalry and the stewing sexual tension between them make things... complicated.
Treat Me Gentle, Kiss Me Soft - trans Eskel, GNC Aiden - Eskel discovers Aiden looks damn fine in a dress, and they discuss Eskel's hesitations concerning sex. Aiden is soft and tender with him, and Eskel feels precious like he never has with anyone before him - by @officerjennie​
You’re safe with me, I promise - trans Geralt - Geskel fluffy smutty goodness in Kaer Morhen - by @funkylittlebard​
match made at the DMV - trans Aiden - Lambert has a tendency to loudly disparage romance, despite very much wanting it for himself (not that he’ll admit it). Vesemir has had enough and takes matters into his own hands, and that's how Lambert meets Aiden - by @purpurred​
I've got you - trans Jaskier - Geraskier smut - by @theamazingbard​
- - 
I’m not really updating this anymore, I’m tired y’all. Please feel free to reblog with your own additions, or make your own list and link this one on it <3
- - 
More rec lists
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meantforinfinitesadness · 10 months ago
As you can see, I’ve shorted this into a “read more” post lol (tl;dr: I’m not posting fics on here anymore)
I wanted to add two things, though!
I wanted to say that it’s okay to ask me about fics/wips/aus that I have running around. I won’t share fics on here, but I love talking about them! So please! Stop by and ask questions if you’re ever curious!
Also, I thought I would tell you that aside from asking me about fics and stuff, I also love talking about music! So, talk to me about your favorite songs/bands/instruments/whatever! Send me song recs! I don’t know! I just love music!
*waves* Hey everyone. 
So, I’ve been thinking about something for a few days. This decision was not made lightly, but it’s also not a huge deal. Don’t worry. It’s nothing to worry about lol.
So, I’ve decided that I’m gonna stop posting my fics on tumblr. My confidence is shit. My self-esteem is as well. 
It sucks when you work hard on something and it gets 302 notes but those notes consist of 246 likes and...54 reblogs. It’s kind of a punch to the face for me. And it just keeps getting worse. When likes outweigh the reblogs it isn’t the greatest feeling.
I know you’re probably thinking that I’m whining, but like. Writer’s (and artists) work hard to bring you wonderful creations and likes don’t really do much for us. So. Yeah.
What does this mean for events on tumblr? Well, if I do participate in any events, it’ll probably only get posted to ao3. 
No, I’m not going to stop writing. I’m just. Not going to share anything here. That includes links. 
I’ve talked about reblogging fics over and over but it doesn’t seem to matter much. That’s okay. Uh, I get not wanting some things on your blog. Likes are great. I love them. I’m appreciative of them because at least I know someone looked at the fic. But if you don’t reblog it, it just sort of.....does things. 
Anyway, Sorry for my rant. Yes, go ahead and call me a whiner. You have every right to do so. 
Thank you for your time. If you want to read my fics, you can always check out my ao3 which is tagged in my description and you can subscribe to my account if you want. 
Thank you and sorry once again.
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