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So I Hardly Ever Post Images For My FLASHBack Project, And I Don’t Reblog For Visibility


But today’s post was the last entry in the Mid-Month Madness sub-series (unless Krinkels drops Madness Combat 12 or 9.5 before the FLASHBack project finishes at the end of 2020 when Adobe pulls the plug on Flash), and I think that’s worth commemorating.

Besides, this is just a bad-ass screenshot.

So if any one is interested in old Flash animation from the antiquity of the internet, check out my #radwolf76FLASHBack tag. New posts go up every Thursday.

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Huh. Apparently, there is a limit to how long you can waffle on in a wall of tags. Good to know. 

Just in case anyone actually read that particular wall of test on the ‘fake marry and invite billionaires for gifts’ post - wall of tags, including a crucial last twos that were cut off:

#oooooh#ooh#huh#dang it#what if like…*two* billionaires showed up eh?#to some goober duo’s plan to finagle gifts out of distracted billionaires#and what if like…there’s these two billionaires in the pool of billionaires#who - well they’re a bit jaded about love right#coz life’s gone not so great for them in that department#but deep down inside there’s a wee teeny flame of ‘true romance’ that still burns#and they say 'what the hey - young love - I’ll go celebrate it in person’#and so they both accept the invites#and the 'fake marrying’ couple has to toss together this wedding#and you know how you never really know how good a life partner is until you see them in a crisis/go through adversity with them#well heck - our two fake marrying goobers fall in love while organising their fake wedding#but because they’re goobers they don’t *tell* each other this#coz neither one believes the other one feels the same way about them#and so it all comes apart at the actual ceremony and they see their dreams of really cool wedding presents evaporate before them#as the billionaires watch the truth come out#except the billionaires are slightly distracted#coz they know each other right - these two ultra wealthy but love lorn pair -#they know each other back from when they were baby billionaires together#learning how to be future lords of everything they surveyed#and they had a falling out and life dragged them apart#and they each think the other kinda low key hates them now#but in truth they still love each other more than a little bit#and they rediscover this about each other during this sham of a wedding party#and by the magic of tropey fic stuff#we end up with two couples discovering that sometimes life can give you a happy ending with a person you love#… and what if the goober duo fake marrying was Zelena and Belle #and what if the two love-lorn billionaires were Mal and Regina #that’d be fun right?

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I’ve spent the last day going through my tumblr trying to find out what’s been flagged and what hasn’t.

Everything I’ve appealed has been restored when I clicked on the appeal button, but those reblogs which ‘may contain sensitive subject’ and which you can’t appeal are making me nuts.

However doing this has also made me reblog stuff from 3+ years ago.

I’d apologize, but I’m not even a little bit sorry.

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So, I just talked about that with my mum about this and apparently I must have been 6 or so and that the whole Jesus thing came from my RE teacher. She told me that my first exposure to Christianity was more or less traumatic.

I’m questioning whether this might be the root of my problem with religion.

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I think one of my favorite things I can do on this site is reblog all of my own shitty posts because that way they still get notes lmao

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I’ve been in the FS fandom for four years now and I’ve always managed to write something for Christmas. 

It’s always nice to snuggle in bed at night and read the comments to my story and, most of all, start reading all the awesome FS-Secret Santa fics.

I’m waiting in excitement to do the same tonight and tomorrow.

This year I didn’t join the FS-SS writersso I’m reposting an older one: my first story in the Headcanon series and backbone to the whole thing.

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

Merry Christmas or Happy holiday to everyone! :)

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