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I did this before, back during the Australian Bushfires, but I since I can’t donate myself, I want to do my part and spread the word as much as I can: people out there!

If you want to help the world a little bit at a time right now, go and donate to HopeFromHome on Tiltify! So many charities coming together today to help raise money and awareness for our fight against Covid-19 and all that it’s affecting.

Jacksepticeye is currently streaming rn for the charity as well so check out that too if you want, but please consider donating! These are hard times and we need to help as much as we can!

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I need some more traffic on this blog to keep me motivated, so if anyone is interested in the following:

  • Sci-fi elements
  • Action/adventure
  • Comedic stories/elements
  • Fantasy beyond medieval settings
  • Character and relationship focuses
  • Fun one-offs to show character dialog

I can scratch that itch!

Also recurring characters Haven and Lomana, a sci-fantasy adventure couple, and various fics from Half-Life, Fallout, and Faith!

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i’ve decided with everything going on in the world to help out this tiny bit, i know it seems stupid but this game has been helping ME through lockdown so i’m hoping i can give the gift of helping another with this great game!


  1. only one digital copy to be won
  2. reblog, like and reply with your favourite villager’s name for a MAXIMUM of 3 entries per person
  3. i will be asking for your switch FC if you are the winner to confirm you DO NOT already own a copy of this game - i desperately want this copy to go to someone who is wanting a copy and doesnt own it
  4. HOWEVER, if you win and can direct me to someone who does not have a tumblr for example and is your friend/family i will gladly give them the copy
  5. following is not mandatory but appreciated
  6. please be able to access the nintendo eshop to redeem the code if you are the winner
  8. that’s it! have fun and stay safe :-)
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[Anyone X Reader - Any fandom]



Originally posted by 0nly-an-illusi0n


Originally posted by mpl0u

Another day.

They’ve been ignoring you for a while now and frankly, it’s getting really childish. 

“I told you I’m sorry..I was in a dark place and I made a mistake..why won’t you look to me?”

You can feel them shiver when you wrapped your arms around their chest; their muscles relaxes slightly against your hold before pulling away, going towards their home office. 

You frowned, it’s been almost two days since they started this. Everything started out so normal to,until-


Again, they didn’t speak and just turned their chair away; looking down at some paperwork.

Irritation ran through your body. I mean, their job is important too but can’t they spare even a single glance your way? 

Feeling your patience running thin, you gripped your fists tightly.

“Fine! Be like that then!” You stormed away from their office. In your haste you managed to bump into a stack of papers.

Cursing, you kneeled on the floor to clean the mess before a hand next to yours picked one up. 

Your eyes softened as you watched your lover stare down at the piece of paper. Their eyes blank before tears welled up inside of them. 

“Why..why did-?” They mumbled, sobbing on the floor in front of you. Fat tears rolled down their cheeks, staining the note. The ink running across the page, joining the dried up tracks from previous days.

“I could’ve helped..I could’ve done..done something..! Anything..!” They choked, gasping for air as they sobbed harder. 

Your eyes lowered to the ground, guilt stuck in your throat as you teared up as well. “I’m so sorry..don’t cry anymore please it hurts to see you like this, forgive me love, I’m so so so sorry..” 

Kneeling up, you wrapped your arms around them, hugging them tight against your chest. They were mumbling something. 

“What was that love?” 

Your lover has been very sad lately, crying silently in their office clutching the very same paper they were sobbing into now. “I wish I told you thatI love you too..everyday” 

Your eyes widened, tears slowly dropping down your face. You forgot again. Call it self-preservation but remembering it full force now only made you scream out again in pain.

You remembered.

The words floating through the air as you remembered how your love left for work that day. The door closing before you managed to finish your sentence. It was the normal now. I love you texts being left on read. Dinners alone and date nights rescheduled to the point of not pushing through at all. Work piling and schedules never lining up for the both of you.

The spark was gone.

They wiped their eyes as they looked down at your suicide note.

You screamed for him to look at you, acknowledge your presence. Tell him that you love him. Tell him that you regret every wasted moment. Screaming to any god that would listen that the both of you would do better this time. Say I love you, kiss with passion anything just please-!

Your hand went through him in your panic.

And it can never be rekindled again.

They looked around the empty room. Everything felt too big and too lonely now. A soft cool breeze brushed against their face.

“Why did you leave me?”  

Somewhere a clock began to chime and it started again.

“Love? Why won’t you look at me?”

Another day.



@thedreadthreadanomaly @quirkless-fics @savnofilter @nashiexo @alright-same @tooloudarts @kingtamakimurder @lady-bakuhoe


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A post discussing Ketspa Valdri’s anger, and more specifically, her problems with it. 

Content Warnings for discussion of:

  • Abuse
  • Mental Health & Self Esteem Issues
  • Self Harm & Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

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