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It’s Supportive Sunday!

Supportive Sunday is a day when we encourage you to support someone in the fandom!

Here’s some ways to do that:

  • Kudos something you like
  • A short comment (“Loved this!” or “Extra kudos!”)
  • A more detailed comment (“X made me laugh out loud!”)
  • Make a rec post
  • Send a creator a short anon ask about their work! (“What inspired X?”)
  • Send a reader who’s commented a short anon ask showing your appreciation! (“Your comments make my day!”)
  • Reblog this post with a rec

As part of Supportive Sundays, we’re also highlighting some fancreations with few comments that may be overlooked.

Skeleton Crewby  storm_of_sharp_things [Occult October, gen]

MI6 has some…unusual procedures…for October 31st

By Manner, By Measure  by  ThrillingDetectiveTales [a missing SPECTRE scene, 00Q]

“Oberhauser is still alive,” Q explained, tapping at the keys. “The ring proves it. And it seems they were all part of one organization. Le Chiffre, Quantum, Sciarra, and your friend Mr. Silva.”

Bond’s mouth quirked. “My friend?”

“He certainly isn’t mine,” Q replied. “There was trace DNA from all of them on the ring. And do you know who links them all?” He looked up before Bond could reply and met the other man’s gaze over his shoulder, mouth curling just a little as he prodded, “Go on, give us a guess.”

“Him,” Bond rumbled ominously, voice low and black. Near to Q as he was it would only take a shift of weight from one foot to the other to bring their mouths together.

Madeleine felt herself flush faintly at the realization, but didn’t look away. How very interesting.

A Matter of Trust  by Brihna [00Q, post-Skyfall]

Trust doesn’t come easily within a network of spies; least of all from one James Bond. Yet just when Q feels he has lost all credibility, this is just what he gains from the infamous 007. That and a welcome addition to his bed. Things could get complicated.

Courage To Hope by  Jellymish [pre-Bond/Leiter]

 As James Bond and Felix Leiter face parting ways after yet another unlikely meeting, Bond finds that he can’t leave. Not when there is so much he still has to say.

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We’ve decided not to include Sweater Weather in this list because it’s so popular right now that reccing it seems a bit silly. However, if you haven’t read it, you absolutely should!

Cue Love, Go by @looney-lupin (T, 27.1k, 5 chapters)

When Remus decides to assistant stage manage the show “The Importance of Being Earnest”, he never thought he would end up falling for the supposedly egotistical actor, Sirius Black.

Pas de Deux in the Upper West Side by @taotu (E, 30.8k, 4 chapters)

Remus Lupin is a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet. A lead role comes up for grabs in the company’s newest ballet and Remus is determined to have it. But only when Sirius Black — oozing talent, charisma and all the elements of a world-class distraction — joins the company does it hang in the balance.

A Mix of Jealousy and Jager by jprongs (M, 6.9k, 1chapter)

Sirius Black has quite a few issues: He can’t accept that he is only the lead singer of The Marauders half of the time, can’t resist drawing attention to himself, and definitely can’t resist Remus Lupin.

Never Above You, Never Below by orphan_account (G, 5.1k, 1 chapter)

Actor Sirius Black just wants to spend his time off filming shopping in peace. But when an overly excited boy introduces the celebrity to his single dad, everything in his life changes.

No Bright Line by @swottypotter (M, 72.1k, 9 chapters, WIP)

In which Sirius is a famous actor who has stopped believing in authenticity, Remus is a historian with a complex relationship to memory, and Lily is the brilliant filmmaker who brings them together. James and Harry are there too, although they mostly just want to enjoy the beach.

Currents by @quoththethestral (E, 109k, 17 chapters)

Remus Lupin and Sirius Black arrive in Sydney to compete in the Summer Olympics, both intent on making these games a better experience than the last. The two swimmers have a tumultuous history and intense rivalry, but can America’s golden boy and Great Britain’s notorious bad boy put their past behind them and find some common ground?

Stalking Sirius by remuslives23 (E, 36.2k, 9 chapters)

Reluctant paparazzo, Remus Lupin, manipulates his way into rock star, Sirius Black’s, life, hoping for a scoop that will kick start his flagging career. Instead, he finds himself torn between his growing feelings for Sirius, and the article of a lifetime.

Constellations Universe by @welshremus (E, 2 fics about 40k and 10 chapters each)

Remus, who is a teen dad, accidentally starts texing Sirius, who is a famous singer.

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We love those kinds of fics, and read them all the time!! And yes, recs!

This includes both full MWPP fics and long canon compliant fics:

Casting Moonshadows by Moonsign (M, 395.7k, 87 chapters, WIP)

Lonely and outcast by his classmates, Remus wishes on a moonshadow for a friend who understands him. To his amazement his wish is answered not once, but three times, by his former enemies, the Marauders.

We Were Infinite by @wewereinfinitelywolfstar (M, 336.6, WIP)

“The Marauders aren’t something that will just go away once we graduate.” James continued, taking a more serious tone and addressing not only Remus, but the fear that they all had found recently in the back of their minds about what may become of them outside the walls of Hogwarts. “We’re a family. We’ve proven that again and again, haven’t we? We’re forever. Unstoppable. We’re infinite.”

The full story of The Marauders from September 1st 1971 - October 31st 1981.

The Lad that Loved You by @mollymarymarie (N/A but has smut, 81.7k, 3 chapters)

James and Peter are out of sorts because Remus and Sirius are fighting. Except that they’re not. They’re REALLY not.

All The Young Dudes by @atyd-wolfstar (M, 527k, 188 chapters, almost completely canon compliant)

LONG fic charting the marauders’ time at Hogwarts (and beyond) from Remus’ PoV - diversion from canon in that Remus’s father died and he was raised in a children’s home, and is a bit rough around the edges. Otherwise canon-compliant.
1971 - 1995

This IS a wolfstar fic, but incredibly slow burn. Literally years. Long build up but worth it I promise!

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 Hi! There’s a lot to choose from, and this is obviously a really hard question! But here are the ones we decided are truly some of our favourites, and we reread all the time!

Sorted by length:

Friends Don’t by shadow_prince (T, 2.2k, 1 chapter)

Remus huffed. “I mean, even at school. You never went on dates. And I thought maybe it was just because you were always with us and whatever, but. You never date.”

“What’s your point, Remus?”

“Why don’t you?”

He looked back down at the newspaper, unable to look him in the eye for the lie he knew would come next. “I just don’t like anyone.”


Was that disappointment in his voice? No, it couldn’t be disappointment. Because that would mean Moony cared, and Moony didn’t care. Moony couldn’t care, because Moony was straight. If he wasn’t, he would have said something, and he hadn’t, so he had to be straight.

That didn’t stop him from glancing over the top of the paper to where he stood at the edge of the hallway. He was frozen in the way you froze just before you kicked off the ground on your broom. Right before a runner pushed off the block. Right before you dove off a cliff into the sea. Frozen with the promise of movement about to burst forth.

Sirius watched him, holding his breath.

“You’re lying.”

If You’d Let Me (But You Don’t) by @kerstintxt (T, 4.8k, 1 chapter)

“Today on the wire we have Sirius Black, the irresistible lead singer of The Marauders, a band we’ve been playing an awful lot lately, now that I think about it. They must be having a terrific time; just last year, the four boys from London were playing in tiny clubs and now they’ve just announced their first arena tour for next year. At the moment, they’re touring in the UK, USA and Canada. Sirius, tell me, where are you right now?”

“Uh, give me a second. Remus”, Sirius says as he leans a little too far over the edge of his bunk bed (a sharp turn of the bus would be really bad timing) so that he can look at Moony, who’s reading on the bed under his. “Remus”, Sirius says with the phone still pressed to his ear, “the nice lady on the radio wants to know where we are.”

OR, the one where The Marauders are a rock band and Sirius should reeaalllly get his feelings for Remus under control if he doesn’t want to ruin everything.

The London Underground Book Of Love by Children_of_the_Shadows (T, 5.2k, 1 chapter)

The cardinal rule of the London Underground is to never, ever make eye contact. It is a rule that, among many others, Sirius tends to follow despite his otherwise rebellious, non-rule-following nature. So the first time he makes eye contact with a human being in the subway comes as much of a shock to him as anyone else. Especially when he’s unable to look away.

Love (Messy, Tragic, Devastating) by kmc123 (T, 12.7k, 1 chapter)

it is easier to say “fuck me harder” than to say “love me and only me” - k.y robinson

rumor has it by @punkaspadfoot​ (T, 15.1k, 1 chapter)

No student had ever figured out why Mr. Black and Mr. Lupin seemed to hate each other so much, and at this point in the year the seniors were done trying. All they had time to focus on now was finals and graduation, although the annual class trip provided a welcome distraction. Three days on a lake with their four favorite teachers and plenty of time to gossip had to be a good time, right?

Save Me, Save Me, Save Me by @mollymarymarie (N/A (no smut), 15.2k, 1 chapter)

Remus overhears a conversation between James and Sirius about Sirius being in love and discovers rather abruptly that he doesn’t like the idea of Sirius being in love with anyone who isn’t him. THEN WHY IS HE HELPING SIRIUS COOK THIS WOMAN DINNER??

Probably so that, while chopping vegetables in the kitchen, he and Sirius can perform an emotional duet, serenading each other to Phil Collin’s “A Groovy Kind of Love.” AND THEN GET ALL WEIRD ABOUT IT AFTERWARD.

Because they’re idiots.

Let Nothing You Dismay by montparnasse (M, 18.9k, 1 chapter)

There are a few things Sirius really didn’t count on for Christmas of 1979. The extreme sexual confusion is one of them; Remus Lupin is approximately seventy-eight of the rest.

Now I Wanna Be Your Dog by @remus-john-lupin (E, 20.1k, 7 chapters)

Sirius clunks about in his Doc Martens and listens to The Stooges and smokes cigarettes and wears his hair much too long and spends more time serving detention than not.

And is way too forward about his sudden feelings for Remus.

(A story about teenagers and summer love in the 70s.)

Vows Under the Covers by @mollymarymarie (Not Rated but has smut, 21.5k, 1 chapter)

Remus is getting married. And not to Sirius.

“All the promises - vows under the covers.
We would play pretend, my love,
But it was real. To me.”

Likewise Variable by @oneangryshot (T, 28.9k, 17 chapters)

James has plans, Peter is the nurse, Sirius keeps fake blood up his sleeves, and Remus just tries to stay alive.

Solntse by @lumosinlove (N/A but has smut, 62k, 14 chapters)

Sirius, a young Russian billionaire hires Remus, who is working part time as a call boy to make ends meet. Things happen, feelings occur.

The Lad that Loved You by @mollymarymarie (N/A but has smut, 81.7k, 3 chapters)

James and Peter are out of sorts because Remus and Sirius are fighting. Except that they’re not. They’re REALLY not.

Here Comes Another One by PleaseDonateBlood (T, 82.7k, 17 chapters, WIP)

Do you ask every stranger you accidentally spontaneously befriend this many personal questions?

FRIEND it may have been spontaneous (destiny) but there was nothing accidental about this love

Also I guess that means this would be a bad time to ask for your name?

Your guess would be correct

What’s your name?


Sirius texts the wrong number. And so it begins. We did need another Wolfstar texting fic. We definitely did.

Currents by @quoththethestral (E, 109k, 17 chapters)

Remus Lupin and Sirius Black arrive in Sydney to compete in the Summer Olympics, both intent on making these games a better experience than the last. The two swimmers have a tumultuous history and intense rivalry, but can America’s golden boy and Great Britain’s notorious bad boy put their past behind them and find some common ground?

Palo Alto by @nachodiablo (M, 110.4k, 18 chapters)

Modern AU set in Silicon Valley.

It’s easy for Sirius to ignore his mixed-up feelings while he’s got Remus all to himself, but when Remus starts dating again, Sirius is forced to figure things out before Remus moves on for good. Or before James and Peter strangle them both.

Show Me Everything I Missed by @mollymarymarie (N/A but has smut & trigger warnings, 152.9k, 12 chapters)

In the middle of the aftermath left by life-shattering trauma, Sirius finds Remus, someone who understands better than anyone else ever could. And together, they take turns putting each other back together again when the nightmares of their pasts try to tear them apart.

Casting Moonshadows by Moonsign (M, 395.7k, 87 chapters, WIP)

Lonely and outcast by his classmates, Remus wishes on a moonshadow for a friend who understands him. To his amazement his wish is answered not once, but three times, by his former enemies, the Marauders.

Inquiries? Ask the Archivists!

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hiiii!!! It isn’t Friday anymore, so I hope it’s ok that I’m a little late to the party!

Currently, my favorite Digimon fanfic is by Green Spaghetti. It’s unpublished, and it’s highly likely it will remain unpublished, but it’s called “Real” and it’s A M A Z I N G omg. Like. Like I could write a fricken essay about it. Actually, I could write an essay abt every single story of hers omg. Every chapter gives me chills. She’s given me permission to talk about it here, but I won’t give too many details other than the fact that I absolutely adore it, it’s takaishida, and she certainly writes Best Nii-san/Parent Yamato, well, the best XD Much angst. Lots of angst. And lots of drama. And friendship. And everything in between. And did I mention takaishida? I linked her profile because she does have fics posted on ffn for those who want to read them. :) They’re sad, but Takaishida-centric~ also if you see this hi sis~

I haven’t been very active on ffn/ao3 in regards to reading, but I’m really into Takeru-centered fics (and Koushiro, honestly esp with him being awesome in the reboot!), so most of the posted fics are Takeru-centric or include him as a major presence? Here are some posted of the most recent ones I desperately need to catch up on/really like:

Trinity by BrokenAngel01 on ffn  (and only has an ffn account as far as I’m aware? Gives 02 characters the Love They Deserve, 02-centric, Takeru-centric, Hikari-centric, Wallace-/Willis-centric)

Never Hopeless by @toastytoaster22 (or just anything by her honestly, she’s active on ffn but mostly on ao3) on ffn // ao3 (very very good at accurate characterizations, capturing the psychological effects/damage of mental health-related things, and AUs~! Also Takeru-centric)

Tales from the ‘Tri’ verse by LILFOC aka @munchkinmarauder​ on ffn  (if you love Tri omg this is a must)

The Boy and His Friends by @aikotters​ on ffn // ao3 & Sightless by @aikotters​ on ffn // ao3 (Taichi & Hikari-centric, her stories are very unique and loaded with supernatural elements! also her titles are so ominous and creative??)

Chronicle of Hope by Fantasy-Magician on ffn (this story is also very unique, I don’t think I’ve read any like it? Takeru-centric!)

Blurring Boundaries by Miss Anonymus hp on ffn (Takeru-centric, lots of fantasy elements, much angst, lots of takaishida)

annndddd pretty much anything by @tottwritesfanfic on ffn XD much good. very much good.

thanks for including me! :D hope this helps some people out, in regards to fic-reading :) 

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wow okay so i can’t believe i’m typing this, but thank you so much for 1k followers! 

seriously, i created this blog on a whim and it was meant to be an archive for my fanfiction ideas… i never would’ve thought my little creative outlet would gain traction or that 1k people would enjoy what i’ve created. so thank you, truly, because of y’all, i’ve found myself in such a welcoming community and made so many amazing friends :’)

that being said, i wanted to celebrate this milestone a little differently from what i’ve seen. with your help, i want to create

the ultimate criminal minds fic rec list!

as a fanfiction-centered blog, i thought this would be a good way to find new gems to read and feature some amazing writers at the same time (because i know how good it feels when someone rec’s your work and i wanna spread that joy!)

so, from now to October 31* send me your favorite criminal minds fics!

  • send them through my askbox, messages, or as a submission
  • include the title and author (a link would be super helpful but isn’t required)
  • self-promo is allowed
  • send in as many or as little fics as you would like
  • (^ you don’t have to send them all at once)
  • any ship or au as long as it has criminal minds character(s)
  • blurbs, oneshots, series; anything’s fair game as long as it’s on tumblr

i will organize all the fics sent in (and add my own favorites in there as well) and link the final rec list on my masterlist (permanently) and make it my pinned post for a few weeks.

*tentative end date depending on the amount of submissions i get

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It’s Supportive Sunday!

Supportive Sunday is a day when we encourage you to support someone in the fandom!

Here’s some ways to do that:

  • Kudos something you like
  • A short comment (“Loved this!” or “Extra kudos!”)
  • A more detailed comment (“X made me laugh out loud!”)
  • Make a rec post
  • Send a creator a short anon ask about their work! (“What inspired X?”)
  • Send a reader who’s commented a short anon ask showing your appreciation! (“Your comments make my day!”)
  • Reblog this post with a rec

As part of Supportive Sundays, we’re also highlighting some fancreations with few comments that may be overlooked.

Show Me The Way Home  by  storm_of_sharp_things        

Commander James “Hurricane” Bond of the RAF is an instructor at the multinational Lightning Force training program at MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina, with Q as the civilian technical chief. Lieutenant Danny “Peach” Holt was part of the program, but after his pilot, Lieutanant Aiden “Joker” Cafferty was killed, he left to run a bar near the base. Lieutenant Alex “Runner” Turner is the RAF pilot of a mixed team, flying with Marine Lieutenant Ron “Slider” Kerner.

Do Maverick and Goose even need an introduction? Anyway, the canonical deaths in Top Gun and London Spy do not happen here, sorry for the spoilers, this is mainly about negotiating relationships and seeking comfort in your partners. Also, cuddle piles.

Social Navigation by aliensundermybed, Anyawen 

Freddie Lyon is going to a party. A posh party at a country house filled with posh socialites —and his bloody annoying (and attractive) neighbor, James Bond. As he continues his investigations into the murder of Ruth Elms, and learns a few things about Bond as well. Interesting things …

Bright Wings by  IrishWitch58 

Bond sees something astonishing at the end of a mission gone wrong. Did he see what he thinks he did? And what is Q hiding? 

as close to hell by midrashic 

O then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do.
They pray: grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.
—Romeo, Romeo & Juliet I.v.114-115

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No you read it correctly! I have two fics planned with @coconutknightshade that we hopefully will be working on in the next couple months. And I’m a sucker for the “Tony picking Peter up from school” trope as well so here you go:

In Case of Emergency by aliaoftwoworlds

Tony is listed as one of Peter’s emergency contacts.

What Do Sick Teenagers Do? by natasha_alianovna_romanoff

When Peter gets suddenly ill at school and May is out of the city for work, his teachers don’t know what to do with him. Tony is sure they handled it wrong. But how do you handle a sick teenager?

Basically the classic sick Peter trope with lots of irondad and poor Peter being completely out of it.

Blue skies fade to grey by @xxx-cat-xxx

Peter gets sick at school, and Ned, MJ and Tony try to take care of him in their own particular ways.

Flying High by @blondsak & @seek-rest

“I think Coach Wilson is ready to get started.”

Peter glances over to the man who, contrary to what Ned said looked bored out of his mind. Peter wonders if Michelle was going to watch him during tryouts - only to wonder if that would be worse, considering his inability to focus when she was around.

He sneaks a glance towards her, only to see her eyes widen - his senses screaming at him a second too late as he hears someone call out, “Watch out!”

Peter doesn’t even get a chance to see what he should watch out for when everything around him turns to black.

you’re still young (that’s not your fault) by @tonystarkstan

Five times Tony goes to Peter’s school and one time Peter goes with him to work.

hold back the river by @toosicktoocare

Peter takes an unfortunate plunge in the Hudson, and it’s okay because he’s fine.

Until he’s not.

5 Times Peter Thought Tony Was Mad by @caraminha

… and one time he actually was.

Parental Obligations by wanderinghooves

“What are you doing with the kid? Here?”

Tony groans under the combined strain of both Peter’s weight and his ridiculous backpack.


(Peter gets sick while May is out of town, and responsibility falls to Tony.)

Vein Drain  by @ciaconnaa

Peter Parker faints at Midtown’s annual Halloween themed blood drive. Tony Stark gets called to pick him up.

sick day by aloneintherain

Mr. Stark places the back of his hand against Peter’s forehead, realises again he’s wearing gauntlets and Peter is wearing a mask, and retracts it. “Friday, does he have a fever?”

“Oh my god,” Falcon says. “What kind of hellscape did knock-off Harry Potter throw us into? Are you parenting him right now?”

These Hands Could Hold The World (But It’ll Never Be Enough) by josywbu

5 times Tony goes to Peter’s school and the 1 time Peter’s class visits Stark Industries.

Emergency Contact by petrakronos

Peter figured he had to have a weakness to his spider powers, but he never expected to find out in such a brutal way. It was torturous and in a place like this of all places for this to happen. He wished the universe would take him now.

Sick in second-period Spanish class. What a way to go out.

And one from me:

¿Cómo se dice ‘I’m in Deep Sh*t’? by @whumphoarder

Due to unforeseen circumstances (and a bit of procrastination), Peter runs out of time to prepare for his Spanish presentation and ends up faking sick to buy himself some more.

He just wasn’t really counting on Tony being the one to pick him up from school.

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I’ll start by saying that I’m awful at keeping tracks of the good fics I read on ao3 and only recently (like a couple of moths ago) I made an ao3 account (and i’ve been reading witcher fics since fabruary)

These are the ones I liked so much that I saved the title in my notes plus some others that I read in the past couple of months - they’re all geraskier, with a prevalence of modern aus because I like them so much 

(please before reading mind the rating/warnings)

Fussin’ Over Scars on my Soul by hugatiefling

A broken pot can still hold water by  MarionetteFtHJM

Hibernating with Ghosts by  Fayet

The power to cancel his captivity by  kageygirl

An ode to Valdo Marx  Beginte

Between a rock and a dorm room window by  serenfire

you’re only brave in the moonlight (stay til sunrise) by  SummerFrost

Chopsticks by thisgirlsays22

New Monster Stories by kathkin

Love in the Time of Video Conferencing by Elizabeth (and honestly any other fic by this author)

time to wonder, do I dare? by NoRationalThoughtRequired

You can also look through my fic rec tag, where you can find all the fics I liked and reblogged

And here on tumblr my favourite writers are, in no particular order: @julek @valdomarx @lesdemonium @some-stars @a-kind-of-merry-war @vvitchering@abluescarfonwaston @west-moor @inber @yoursummerfrost @witchertrashbag @witcher-and-his-bard @in-love-with-writing002

There are so so many more, this fandom is full of super talented people!!

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Originally posted by heavydynamics

So you just crash-landed behind enemy lines in a war you know barely anything about except that your role seems infinitesimal and insignificant, and dumped into a year, 2020, that already seems fifteen years too long. 

Before you drown your sorrows in some fantastic scotch or wine coolers for days (or weeks)… I have a proposal. 

That you step back from the flames, tune things out for a bit, and try to forget about the outside world for a while (but don’t forget to vote or I will be very sad at you!).

These fics are meant to take you out of your head (I’m including more plot/story-minded fics than PWP) for the next few weeks or months as the world goes to hell (even more) but of course there are some bits of solid angst in these as there is wont to be in many a fic. Check the tags, read responsibly, don’t like-don’t read, ship and let ship, and please do leave a kudos and maybe even a comment! :)

With contributions from @cuthian​ and @perrydowning​. ily 

This is PART TWO.

  1. Check out here for Part One and most of the Marvel fic recs, along with a selection of book recs too. :)
  2. And this right here is Part Two, which has the bulk of my Star Wars and Game of Thrones recs, along with Spotify playlists!
  3. Part Three is found here, and it’s all about the Potterverse.
  4. (Not yet complete) Here’s Part Four, filled with even more shippy goodness from all over the Star Trek universe. So. Many. Ships. :D
  5. (Not yet complete) Part Five is Witcher, Man From UNCLE, Stargate: Atlantis and SG-1, Sherlock, Hannibal, and Doctor Who.
  6. (Not yet complete) Part Six will probably be all for my newfound love of Supergirl, along with some Game of Thrones and Marvel ships I skipped, because I gotta stop somewhere with all these recommendations or I’ll be at it forever. Seriously, how much of this stuff have I read!?

Game of Thrones | A Song of Ice and Fire





Star Wars


Reylo with Anidala background (time travel)





Spotify Playlists

A collection of playlists I use to write or be inspired to write, along with just… some really fun music of all sorts. The top playlist is my personal collection of eclectic favourites.


There. This is much better, isn’t it?


Originally posted by hipindie

So my challenge to you, if your world is falling, burning down around you in flames… is this:

…if you feel yourself getting anxious or depressed, whether from the news or being cooped up in isolation or bored or on the verge of tearing your hair out or jumping off that roof or grabbing something to go after the dictator-of-the-week…. pause, take a breath, open up this rec list, close your eyes and pick something, and let chance take you somewhere hopefully far away. Let yourself be transported.

Oh, and don’t click on this Google Drive link. Really, there’s not 30+ GB of data on that Drive I’m sharing. Shame. There totally aren’t tens of thousands of books, as many audiobooks as could fit, and a large collection of fanfiction downloaded from AO3 in there. (Also, not all fics have been shared to that folder yet; I’m working on it a little at a time as I download more.)

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I know this is rather niche, but I just love Good Omens characters in Middle-earth setting and I searched all of AO3 for this kind of stories, so I would like to share them here. If you know of one that isn’t here, let me know, please!

Somewhere in the Westfarthing  by DownToTheSea

While out on a pleasant walk through the Shire, Aziraphale encounters a crash-landed dragon.

A short and lovely story about hobbit Aziraphale and dragon Crowley, with both perfectly on character.


IneffableHobbitAU by @servantserah

A series of two comics with Aziraphale as Bilbo and Crowley as Smaug


Dragonfire by @candyqueenblog

Zira Featherwing, the youngest of his four siblings, is fleeing an embarrassing situation in his village of Hobbiton, when he comes across a REMARKABLE creature, hidden in a small cave in the Shire…    

Again with hobbit Aziraphale and dragon Crowley, with bonus references to the Silmarillion. (Crowley is Ancalagon the Black but his humanoid form is smaller than the dragon one. MUCH smaller.)


Good Omens Tolkien AU (Orc!Crowley & Elf!Aziraphale) by @worse0mens

A series of three stories so far, where Aziraphale is an elf from Greenwood and Crolwey is a rather inconventional Gundabad orc. Very nicely interwoven with the canon of the Hobbit and LotR movies, with cameos of several Tolkien’s characters.


The Language Of Flowers  by @zadusk 

When Hobbit scholar Zira encounters reformed human criminal Crowley, there’s an instant connection. Love blossoms and the two want to spend their lives together. There’s just the pint-sized problem of Zira’s Hobbit family who don’t approve of him, or his choices, and certainly not his choice to get involved with Crowley.

In which Crowley and Aziraphale love each other, flowers have beautiful meanings, there’s lots of fluff, and Aziraphale is just enough of a bastard to annoy his family.

Hobbit Aziraphale and human Crowley


There, and Back Again by theycallmeDernhelm    

Aziraphale had always thought that, if he could be anything other than an angel or a human, he would be a Hobbit.

A honourable mention because it’s not really set in Middle-earth, but Aziraphale is a Tolkien nerd and speaks Elvis with Crowley. A short character study.


And my addition:

The Lord of the Wings, or To the World and Back Again 

The first time they met, Aziraphale was a queen of Númenor called Ar-Zimraphel and Crowley used to be called Sauron.
The second time they met, Aziraphale wore the form of a Hobbit and Crowley was a dragon.
The third time they met, Aziraphale has been stung by a giant spider while trying to free Crowley from the power of the Ring.
(A trilogy in two pictures and one story)

Aziraphale and Crowley are maiar (which is closest you can get to angels and demons in Middle-earth, Gandalf was one too) who take different forms and roles during the history, including those of Sauron and Smaug (Crowley) and Frodo and Bilbo (Aziraphale)

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Because, to quote CNN (who was decidedly NOT talking about this in any way), my totally random posting schedule is “An absolute shit show.” and y’all deserve some delicious goodness in the form of fan fiction right about now. At least until I post the next chapters or the world ends… whichever comes first. 

(And just so we’re clear, I’m betting on Armageddon.)


Sink So Low (by Ciule): A Voldemort/Hermione fic that truly just blew me away. It’s dark, fair warning. But it’s incredibly well-written and a great look at a SANE Tom Riddle who relies on power and charm to get away with what he wants. This isn’t necessarily a happy ending fic and be know that it does deal with some major triggers, especially in the first few chapters, but is definitely worth the read if you like exploring darker characters and agendas within the HP universe. (Complete)


Praises (by cecemarty & LumosLyra): A triad fic starring Hermione, Thorfinn, and Antonin Dolohov that has left me speechless at it’s deliciousness. Like seriously, do NOT read this in public it’s impossible not to squeal in glee and squirm at the smutty, smutty perfection. It is a work in progress but they are very good at posting regularly and GAH, just read it. Like right now. (WIP)


Little Moonlight (by Kittenshift17): A little one-shot with Hermione and Fenrir Greyback that just warms me right down to my toes with it’s sweet (and sexy) little glimpse into their lives after the war. Just give it a read, I promise that you’ll enjoy it. (Complete)


To Serve The Most Noble House of Black (by Snaperipper): This one’s really just getting started but is already well on it’s way to being a thing of beauty. I can’t say too much because I honestly don’t know too much past what’s already been posted but this is one of those fics that I JUMP on as soon as an updated is posted. It’s GOOD. (WIP)


Lies of War (by Freya_Ishtar): Even though they’re currently on hiatus, this fic is really really fucking good and totally worth the read. It follows Hermione in the direct aftermath of the war finding out that Remus’s body is missing and the hunt for him. It’s technically a Remus/Fenrir/Hermione fic and let me tell you, it is GOOD. Really, really fucking good, y'all. (WIP)


Dancer Adjusting Her Shoulder Strap (by adathoroughgood2018): This is one of the first fics that truly took my breath away (I’m actually in the middle of rereading it now) and it is HEAVENLY. It’s a Dramione, my main ship because they should have been fucking endgame but God FUCKINg DAMN this is perfection. Like how could this possibly be the first fanfic they’ve ever written? It’s perfect. Just read it, trust me. (WIP with only one chapter to go)


Silence Miss Granger (by alyssarey): Okay forewarning, this is pure fucking smut. Like just straight fucking. I should know, I’ve read it SEVERAL times. Yeah, no shame here at all. But if you love a good Snape x Hermione smutty one shot, give this one a whirl under the cover of darkness. It’s good if you’re in search of something for a little me time. And it’s LONGGGGGGGG for a one shot so it’s definitely got the potential for multiple orgasms if that suits your fancy. *wink wink* (Complete)


That’s MY Bucky Bear! (by emma98): Okay, so this one is obviously not an HP fic but it is fucking GLORIOUS. It’s one of the first de-aged avengers fics I’ve ever read and I LOVE it with alllllll of my fucking heart. While I typically ship Bucky with Darcy and Steve with Nat (or really anyone, let’s be honest) seeing the interactions between kid Darcy and kid Steve just sets my fucking soul on fire. This is the perfect fic for a rainy day when you just need a little fluffy goodness in your life. (Complete)


And that’s all I’ve got. Excuse me while I go procrastinate some more by browsing Netflix for three hours before settling on watching Schitt’s Creek again. For the third time this month. (Yes, I’m aware we’re only twelve days into the month of October.) 

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Ooh okay, I know the two you mentioned (actually co-authored one of them haha)

the conspiracy kids by @tempestaurora

in which peter, harley and ned ask the all-important question: WHO IS SPIDER-MAN?

Avengers Vandal by @awesomesockes & @whumphoarder

On the afternoon of February 22nd, 2019, fourteen dicks were spray painted onto Tony Stark’s property. Shortly thereafter, Clint Barton was accused, convicted, and banished from the Avengers compound, despite a distinct lack of physical evidence that he committed the crime. But Peter and Ned believe there’s been foul play.

This story follows their investigation.

Or, Avengers Vandal: a Cockumentary by Ned Leeds & Peter Parker

Besides those, I know of: 

a day in the life by @akillerqueenwrites

“So, Ned and I have a video project to do for school – we have to, like, film a day in the life kind of thing. He suggested we could film here, all the Avengers, maybe me at my internship.” Peter takes a mouthful and waits.

Mr Stark shrugs. “I don’t see why not.”

“What – no!” Peter nearly chokes on his toast.

or, Peter and Ned become amateur vloggers for the day

Webcams and Webshooters by @losingmymindtonight

Once Peter’s relationship with Tony gets out, the public can’t get enough of their new favorite father-son duo.
So, naturally, they monopolize.
(Or: Tony and Peter’s relationship, as seen through videos.)

Eat the Rich by @theoceanismyinkwell

While Peter is home at the Tower over spring break, a very bored Harley decides to make a YouTube channel and debut with a mukbang video with Peter and Tony as guests. Per usual, the two buffoons manage to bully him about everything.

And more can be found in this search: Peter Parker & Tony Stark + “youtube” + gen + english


Peter Parker & Tony Stark + “social media AND video” + gen + english

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