aaronawbra · 2 days ago
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hauntedfutures · 2 days ago
After Hours
Draconic eyes of anhedonic fiends Annihilate thoughts left during after hours kissing you - thirst kept in ravines drowning the bellows of distant laughter.
Neon lights flicker until twilight dies. What once was a sight of tender presence Now buries the blue of yesterday's sighs But the death of the sun never lessens.
Every moment of charred dichotomy Is a memory that can only leave. The last breath before my lobectomy is the ischemia I could not grieve.
Every shade lost in the blanket of night Is another drunken thought to ignite.
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heartofmuse · 4 months ago
There are people who come into your life and draw a line not in the sand but in the very essence of your soul and there will always be a before and after in you from that moment on.
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a-musingmichelle · a month ago
my day is slow-- when i am not speaking to someone i have to sit with the feeling of missing you process the fact that i miss you understand that you are gone
it’s like this echoing that you aren’t here anymore you are not here to cheer me on to calm me down from anxiety to tell me you are always here
i miss everything about our friendship you feel so far away we feel like a memory i don’t want it to be this way 
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elegantlylamentingtheloss · 3 months ago
The constellation of stars above depicts a woman made of bones. And I imagine she was ferried there by some dark horse death had a habit of riding. Death, with his swarthy bag chock-full of snow white bones. How radiant the sky must have been when her bones first spilled out upon a clear and moonless night. t. hall
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internalearthquake · 11 days ago
confidently insecure
i join in the conversation, ya sure want me here? don’t think i don’t notice the adjustment of gears when i reappear polite and rigid tones to my ears your internal pains wreck my brain
i admit i’ve grown insecure in my years saying “sorry” every other sentence in fear my uneasiness cure there is one thing i’m confident about though my self worth is at an all time low and i can’t help but say i’m sorry 
i turn from the party gossip, d’ya regret missed moments? don’t think i don’t notice your natural accents when i’m not present cheery and lively fun with your friends your sighs of relief kill my peace
i admit i’ve grown insecure in my years saying “sorry” every other sentence in fear my uneasiness cure there is one thing i’m confident about though my self worth is at an all time low and i can’t help but say i’m sorry 
for what i cannot control, (believe me, who i am is not the goal) for existing in your presence, (don’t worry, en route to do penance) i am sorry for bothering you please accept my apologies
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ginadope · 25 days ago
I curse happiness - Had you never smiled Never been Yet here you are Such a vision of Joy Climbing up and down My ribs and beliefs Let there be light Chaos and everything unknown The Moon full for weeks Such a forfeit (with a wink) I've been at sea This Baltic sea I enjoy, I think I'll gladly, guilty sail it again
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calvinpoet · a month ago
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michaelbogild · 7 months ago
she hides her heart in her poems
ever vanishing further into her wraith of a soul she only deals in lengthening shadows is only intimate with her afflictions you know she used to touch the rainbow  would talk to the moon for hours  but her eyes now : a lost paradise and when she speaks she speaks like falling leaves wedded to the frozenness of winter drinking only the wine of forsaken songs she smiles but like a scar and often weeps at night trembling with an ancient longing a tender flower in a storm of broken love she is made of a thousand rejected stars wandering like a long lost verse and then returning to her dreams again where she tries to unlearn the world  in her dreams where he truly loves her only to wake up again as always so many endings she carries in her heart that she can hardly imagine a new beginning
and so like others before her she hides her heart in her poems where no one can ever find it
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dementia7 · a month ago
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n-ehpamoi · a month ago
You'd sit and play
my favourite band --
Not really your type of music, you said,
but you'd play it anyway,
just to watch me dance
and get lost in the tune --
your smile like a warm fire in the middle of
Winter's chill.
We'd talk and talk and
talk, for hours and
till you couldn't help but fall asleep,
and still I'd stay --
I knew the nightmares were coming --
knew you'd forget yourself when you woke --
that though you'd forget me too, in that
half-wake, it was still me, alone,
who could calm you, comfort you,
and bring you back to rest.
I'd see you whole again in the morn'.
I wasn't as good as you had seen me,
back then.
We were young. Unlearned.
And boundless empathy,
unquestioned trust -- youthful and endearingly
passionate feeling
wasn't enough.
I remember the first time you left --
how neither of us was strong enough --
how you hung up the phone and,
thirty seconds later,
we were together again.
"We never said 'no take backs'"
When, I wonder, do we stop being kids?
So much you taught me,
about self. So much you took from me.
So much, for you, I starved myself of.
And the same I did all, too,
and for,
This isn't really a poem,
I suppose --
Not the way I write them now --
not the way I did, once, for you --
Just a pondering on why, even now,
after so many years,
I think of you still,
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aaronawbra · 5 months ago
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roseblueclouds · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
i am aching
for a life that is impossible
filled with only the best parts
of books and movies
of green fields and blue skies
of stolen kisses and whispered secrets
i want the pretty rain and soft snow
to return home to a lover's embrace
and food on the table
i want purple clouds and silver stars,
yellow trees and golden air.
i want the world to be rose-tinted and
tinged with summer
the smell of books mixed with that of the rain
white fluffy sheets and hot chocolate
glowing hair and swollen lips
happiness and that's all.
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heartofmuse · 5 months ago
You are endless summer in my heart. Your warmth never leaves me. The breeze brings to me the smell of flowers in the air and above me clouds frolick full of dreams and innocence. The eternal sunshine of your presence forevermore burns like the soft melody to which the flowers of my heart bloom.
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a-musingmichelle · 7 months ago
―slipping away I drive all night looking for you But I’m on the wrong continent I reach out for your hand to hold But I don’t know where you went You are all of the places I cannot go All of the experiences I will never know You are elusive—reflections between mirrors and smoke You are the moonlight shining upon Freshly fallen snow I don’t know where to go from here Are you further away or almost near You are the firefly outside my window Visiting before I sleep I try to catch you in my dreams But you always slip away from me —Michelle Dana Sabado
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elegantlylamentingtheloss · 3 months ago
I haven't gotten out in days. My words trapped and sunless. Too little air for a mind or heart.
How I miss the spring. How I loved the warmth His hand left on my door.
His hand now frozen In the act of unlocking. As if somehow he knew
He could always get in. t. hall
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internalearthquake · 10 days ago
to be a chameleon
dreams of the suns
not overlooked
as a pedestrian
not scrutinized
like an alien
just perfect
blending in
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