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boombox-fuckboy · 2 days ago
5 Underrated Audio Drama: Comedy Edition
Thank you all for your patience, it's a few months but I'm finally back with a new 5 underrated! Comedy was never my thing growing up, but as it turns out there's actually plenty in the audio medium that are to my taste. You may've already heard the more popular ones such as Wooden Overcoats or The Amelia Project (which, add them to your list if you've not heard, they're very fun), but here's 5 lesser known comedy podcasts that deserve just as much appreciation.
Up to date as of 15th October 2021
Tumblr media
"Starting your own business is tricky at the best of times, but when you’re the owner of a bubble tea shop on a space station - with a communist as your financial advisor and an alien as a head chef, not to mention the universe’s biggest ethically-questionable coffee-shop conglomerate has it in for you- it’s a real adventure."
Burst is a lighter-hearted podcast with a really fun cast and a strong wacky, queer, anticapitalist vibe, as well as some interesting worldbuilding. The audio quality is admittedly rough, but if a short slice-of-life space bubble-tea shop sounds your thing (I'd be surprised if it didn't) I'd heartily encourage you to give it a go. Burst has finished with 20 episodes of 10-15 minutes each.
Burst is available on major podcasting platforms and on Spotify. Content warnings are listed in each episode description, and transcripts are available on their tumblr. You can follow their tumblr at @burstpodcast
Elaine's Cooking for the Soul
Tumblr media
"ELAINE'S COOKING FOR THE SOUL is a post-apocalyptic cooking podcast. This sci-fi comedy series is hosted by Elaine Martínez, DDS, in her dental clinic. Each week she brings on a guest to cook up a shelf-stable, nutrient-dense recipe to share with the survivors of the recent nuclear event. The recipes are real, the world is fictional...for now."
A post-apocalyptic dystopian cooking show hosted by a dentist from her office! While potentially a little depressing if dystopian flavour isn't your thing, I've found it really fun, and the recipes are all stuff that's easy to make at home with long-lasting, cheap ingredients. Wacky concept with good execution. 13 episodes of 17-21 mins each.
Elaine's Cooking for the Soul is available on major podcasting platforms and on Spotify. Content warnings are available in each episode description, and transcripts of the first 5 episodes are available on their tumblr. You can follow their tumblr at @elainescookingforthesoul
Life With Althaar
Tumblr media
"An epic science-fiction sitcom for your ears about an unlikely human/alien friendship in the unluckiest place in Human space. It is the mid-26th Century. John B, a humble repairman and "former human" (having lost his legal status as such), has left the Earth for mysterious reasons. He is perhaps the unluckiest being in Human space.
He has wound up at the Human Exchange Concourse, or the "HEC," once the site of Humanity's First Galactic Fair. It was the biggest flop in Human history. "The Fairgrounds" is perhaps the unluckiest place in Human space. You don't go there, you end up there. John's luck seems to have changed when he gets a good apartment at an amazingly reasonable price only to find his roommate is Althaar, an Iltorian, who is determined to befriend a Human. (Iltorians are the kindest, nicest species in all known space, and natural diplomats, beloved by almost all, but their slightest presence causes Humans to instinctively respond with panic, fear, disgust, nausea, and loss of bodily functions).
Can a Human and Iltorian live together without one of them driving the other crazy?"
A sci-fi comedy podcast which constantly impresses me. A human handyman moves to a haphazard station on the boundries of human space and winds up with a really sweet alien room-mate named Althaar, who's a young diplomat fascinated by humans and human culture. Only problem is Althaar is an Iltorian, a species that humans instincively fear on sight, on a visceral and primal level, by no fault to either party. Really well made, full cast, original music features, great original worldbuilding, fully sound-scaped binaural content, and subtley quite queer. Made all the more impressive by the movie-length episodes, I have no idea how this cast manages it, and so regular as well. Ongoing but on the last season. 33 episodes (plus one musical episode) of 53 minutes to 3 hours and 3 mins in length, usually between 1½ and 2½ hours.
Life with Althaar is available on major podcasting platforms and on Spotify. Content warnings are not given, but transcripts are linked in each episode description. You can also follow their tumblr at @geminicollisionworks
The Vanishing Act
Tumblr media
"The Vanishing Act is globetrotting farce about a German magic enthusiast, an American conman in Paris, an unfortunately-named engineer, a disappearing French magician, and a duck. A Rambling Absurdity in 12(ish) Parts."
Set around the 1930s, following a German playwright's obsession with the final trick of a 200-year-dead french magician. Given me by far the most laughs of any podcast I've heard. Surprisingly queer and the gender- and accent-disregarding casting really adds to the whole effect of it. Between seasons. 12 episodes of 33-61 mins in length.
The Vanishing Act is available on major podcasting platforms and on Spotify. Content warnings are listed in each episode description, and transcripts are linked in each episode description. You can also follow their tumblr at @vanishingpod
Wizard Seeking Wizard
Tumblr media
"A Wizard Dating Podcast"
A dating show for Wizards!!! Wacky wizards (of all genders, or none) send in personal bios, all written by their VAs, to tell the audience about the character and what sort of relationship they are looking for. There's romance, magic collabs, rivalries, and the audience votes to see who goes on the wizard date the next episode. It's queer, it's cute, it's funny, and it's really unique. Currently on hiatus, it has 9 episodes of 28-59 minutes each, usually around 45 minutes.
Wizard Seeking Wizard is available on major podcasting platforms and on Spotify. Content warnings are listed in each episode description, and transcripts are linked in each episode description. You can also follow their tumblr at @wiz4wiz
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russianfolklore · 2 months ago
If you play computer games, I recommend you to try the game "Black Book" by Russian game studio “Morteshka”. The game was released a couple of days ago. It's based on real Russian folklore of Perm region (and not just on tales about poor old Baba Yaga who for some reason always is evil in western interpretations :).
Tumblr media
The game is about a Russian peasant girl who becomes a witch for the sake of saving her lover. In the game you will meet various Slavic spirits, talk with them, fight them and/or take them into service. The genre is a RPG/visual novel/card game (fights in the form of a card game).
1. The developers did not have a big budget. So that is why graphics don’t exist (models are funny). Still far landscapes are pleasant and atmospheric.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2. Some of the English-speaking gamers in Steam are talking that it’s difficult to understand and follow all the lore in the game. But still they like it so just be ready for tons of text about folklore, believes, terminology, religion stuff and etc.
Tumblr media
1. There are English subs and dubs (but I recommend Russian voices).
2. The game is based on the Russian folklore and a bit of Finno-Ugric (since Perm Region is also a home for Finno-Ugric people). There is a lot of information. If you interested in Russian folklore you MUST play it :)
3. It’s interesting and atmospheric. And that’s not just my opinion :)
4. You can meet demons who possess samovars, speaking demon-cats, depressed demons who is sad because their masters forgot them, demons who want to bring progress to common people, demons who torture sinners... and  you can play with all of them in the card game (well most of them). You can help common people or curse them. You can befriend a soldier with pyrophobia, a cat-domovoi, a speaking head... Why yall still don’t play it?
There is a free demo version, try it if you are not sure: Black Book: Prologue
More screenshots:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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useless-englandfacts · a month ago
I don’t know if you’ll be able to help out, but I support BLM and want to learn more about black people in the UK but most of the stuff out there is about America. Do you have any recommendations about British black people? Books or documentaries or resources?
I'd be happy to help out! I agree the US tends to dominate conversations about race, but happily there are quite a few British books out there too! Disclaimer that these are just off the top of my head so if anyone wants to add more then please go ahead!
Black and British: A Forgotten History by David Olusoga! He's a prominent Black historian and has also done multiple documentaries which aim to expand traditional narratives of British history to include people of colour who are so often written out. You can find a full list on his Wikipedia page of course, though I'm unsure as to how many are on iPlayer and such! There's a child-friendly version of Black and British here too for any parents/teachers who are interested!
Brit(ish) by Afua Hirsch is a more autobiographical book about Hirsch's experiences growing up as a mixed race woman in Britain. Hirsch attended Oxford University and works at the BBC, so it’s offers a good insight into what it's like for POC to exist in spaces that have traditionally been saved for rich white people. She's a journalist too so there are various articles of hers floating about covering a range of issues, some of which relate to race. She's also done a few documentaries that are worth checking out, including The Battle for Britain's Heroes which questions whether some of our 'heroes' (e.g. Churchill, Nelson) should really be honoured, and (not British but) African Renaissance which looks at Black culture in Ethiopia, Senegal and Kenya - maybe the first time I've seen African culture shown on its own terms.
Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire by Akala is another half autobiographical work, covering stuff like the far right in Britain, policing and education. It does a great job of cutting through the squeamishness I think Brits often have when talking about race.
Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge has become a sort of classic of its genre but I think it's totally worthy of all the praise it's received! It looks at how lots of white people in Britain (and more generally) equate racism with full-on hate crimes, meaning they don't consider themselves racist despite regularly committing micro-aggressions/other unintentional acts. Also an absolutely stellar insight into intersectionality throughout the book! Cannot recommend enough!
Feminism, Interrupted: Disrupting Power by Lola Olufemi is a must-read for feminists! It discusses modern-day feminism and how it needs to remove itself from that girlboss capitalist yuckiness, and should instead focus on marginalised issues within feminism such as transmisogyny, sex work, and - of course - racism. Has been praised by Angela Davis so that's a huge plus!
The Good Immigrant edited by Nikesh Shukla is a collection of essays by POC from across Britain sharing experiences of racism and immigration, and what it feels like to be constantly regarded as an 'other' or as an ambassador for your race.
Literally anything by Paul Gilroy! His work is slightly older and some of it is very ~academic~ but I don't want to suggest that it's therefore totally inaccessible. He talks a lot more about British national identity and our role in the world and how that has affected views on race and immigration. He's written lots (I recommend Googling him and having a better look yourself!) but There Ain't No Black in the Union Jack and After Empire: Melancholia or Convivial Culture are both fab.
If you're feeling brave then you could look at anything by Marxist darling Stuart Hall? Some of his writing is very difficult to penetrate imo, but it's worth it if you can. He's written a lot so I would recommend browsing his Wikipedia page first and seeing if there's anything that grabs you. Even if you don't feel up to reading his stuff cover to cover, he's still someone who every antiracist in Britain should know!
Honourary mention to Thinking Black: Britain, 1964-1985 by Rob Waters just because he taught me at university hehe! Obviously more of an academic history book, but again pretty accessible and a good insight into more radical Black politics in Britain in the era.
I haven't read it myself as I believe it's only just come out but David Harewood has a book called Maybe I Don't Belong Here: A Memoir of Race, Identity, Breakdown and Recovery which looks worth checking out! Foreword by our beloved David Olusoga too!
If you're still looking for more then a good tip with any of the academic books listed here is that you can browse the footnotes and/or bibliography to find further reading there!
If you're looking for documentaries then on the BBC you can browse for Black History Month stuff, (fictional) shows that centre Black British characters and narratives, and documentaries that do the same. There has been quite a lot done in the past year about all sorts of stuff - from Black people in the NHS, what it's like being Black in the church, more specific stuff on Stephen Lawrence, Windrush, the Newcross Fire, and even specials on Black celebrities such as Lenny Henry. There's also a Black and Proud section on Channel 4's website that does something similar (side note: cannot believe they've put Hollyoaks on there that's so funny).
I don't read much fiction myself, but it is important not just to see Black Britons as victims of racism, but also as… you know… complicated and fully rounded human beings who are able to experience the full spectrum of human emotion like everyone else. Like black people just… existing. Looking to others who do read fiction to help flesh out this section in particular but a couple again off the top of my head:
Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo
Love in Colour by Bolu Babalola (I know this isn’t about Britain per se, but she's a Black British writer so I think it counts).
This is probably more than you asked for and you can likely tell that my academic background is in history so it is skewed towards that but I hope this helps! And again, if anyone wants to add anything then feel free!
- Dominique
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koshercosplay · 21 days ago
I finally got to read Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik and oh my god. pure fable-like fantasy where the main character is jewish and it actually informs her entire life. all of the side references were jewish things. she keeps shabbat. she deals with realistic antisemitism from her neighbors. her family makes brachot over their meals together. they sing songs in hebrew.
and yet, that wasn't what the book was about. the book wasn't about judaism and how jewish she is, the book was about how to deal with malicious elves threatening the town, among other things like magic and demons and alternate realms. it was incredible.
I have quite honestly never read a book like this. I kept getting excited whenever I got the subtle references to jewish things. like when the main character's father said "are there even ten righteous men among them?" when referring to the elves. like, I got that! I get that reference! I know which story that's referring to! I learned it in school growing up!
and this is what goyim get all the time??? what a rush!
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iamalivenow · 6 months ago
so tma ended, now what? horror podcast recommendation list
💖 i mean who else is going to do this very easy idea 💖
old gods of appalachia - good taste folk horror, set in the appalachia mountains, sexy audio design and narrator has a smooth voice.
the white vault - you want to listen to people fuck around in the arctic and regret it? of course you do. a bunch of multinationals get invited to do maintenance on base and can’t leave well enough alone. nice, classic, very cold sounding.
friends at the table, sangfielle - religious horror, this is for people who want a ttrpg show, its their most current season, they just finished their world building episodes and this is the list of atmospheric pulls the main season is going to be dealing with “stalker (the film and the game), roadside picnic, annihilation, but also on things like bloodborne, weird west stuff, other things all focused on delving deeper and deeper towards this kind of corrupt reality bending heart at the center of vast open frontier areas” also the music is Good and Powerful.
the silt verses - big sexy narrative podcast about devotion to gods thats probably don’t deserve it. swings between folk and religious horror, thats right best of both worlds. made by the people who made i am in eskew, several episodes are already out and they’re Very Powerful. *first episode has audio issues that require a transcript but everything after that sounds just fine*
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kakasaku-uwu · a month ago
KakaSaku Fic Recommendations 🌸⚡:
(just because...)
(all are completed)
Time Travel Fics:
In case of Blue Scroll (multi-chaptered) 
Looped  (multi-chaptered) 
Unbroken  (multi-chaptered)
The Hokage's Wife 
if I could turn back time (multi-chaptered) 
at second glance (multi-chaptered)
when I see you again (multi-chaptered) 
the fletcher’s heart paradox (multi-chaptered) 
BECOMINGS AND NEVER WERES by @mouseymightymarvellous
time travel by @bouncyirwin​ (same story is turned into an ongoing multichaptered fic- The Story Of Another Us)
past present by @bluefurcape
Personal Favorites:
To grow a garden (completed) 
the hardships of being a godfather 
dream a little dream (multi-chaptered) 
nice legs
j'accuse  (multi-chaptered) 
shotgun wedding (multi-chaptered)
nanda ka sabishii desu (multi-chaptered)
desperate measures (multi-chaptered) 
hokage sama 
the summoning 
yellow moon 
point of grace 
Three Years & Counting 
puppies and babies 
tardy to the party
hot cocoa 
Divine Intervention
his fault  (multi-chaptered) 
what the future holds  
what happens now (multi-chaptered)  
sing (multi-chaptered) 
kakashi's confession 
Christmas wish  (multi-chaptered)
You only live twice 
Kakashi's one night stand (multi-chaptered) 
hey baby, I think I wanna marry you 
the confessional onsen 
falling through holidays  (multi-chaptered) 
how about now 
quintessential (multi-chaptered) 
and also reindeer 
morning of a househusband 
puppy love 
one night is all we need 
kind of dating
kitten or leopard 
say it again (multi-chaptered
why not? 
The Armchair
tomatoed halloween 
a good day today
14 gifts (multi-chaptered) 
picture books 
Flower Crowns and ANBU
Don't Let Your Guard Down 
There Will Be Time 
shinobi of the sand (multi-chaptered) 
A is for ANBU  
A Pair of Red Gloves 
nine lives 
green-eyed monster 
even a blind pig 
rose tinted
ignore the innuendo 
star of silver, heart of tin (multi-chaptered) 
those three words 
in his footsteps  (multi-chaptered) 
ichor runs through my veins, painting my very insides gold (god's flesh does not come without a price)
what it means to love
Black Rivers 
chidori no jutsu 
I Don't Believe You 
try something
take my past, take my sins  (multi-chaptered) 
the alpha male
matchmaker, matchmaker 
the old biddy  (multi-chaptered) 
the fine machinery of spring  (multi-chaptered) 
peeping tom
the downward spiral 
good boy
Out of Order
distractions (multi-chaptered) 
the scarecrow and the cherry blossom (multi-chaptered) 
the old razzle dazzle (multi-chaptered) 
best christmas of my years 
Take My Past And Take My Sins
rushing silver water 
kakashi’s boredom 
a wonderful vacation (multi-chaptered)
someone that you’re with 
the dance  (multi-chaptered) 
hiding behind masks 
two pink lines  (multi-chaptered) 
improper suggestions 
Christmas party 
sweetness and surprises 
cinnamon lips 
Against You 
life informs life
thunder and lightning (drabbles) 
Coloring and Games 
11 ways to change a mind 
the 12  days of Christmas 
an announcement 
simple things (multi-chaptered)
A Game of Make Believe
My Bed is Your Bed 
Milk Teeth
Tender loving care 
An Elegant Christmas 
Quarantine and Chill 
the other fight
Beautiful, Perfect Disaster
Two Proposals With One Answer
Kakashi Go ChompChomp
Dimension Travel :   Invasion of Privacy
the other fight
Icha Icha! AU:
icha icha star
icha icha fanfiction 
icha icha sakura 
Madam Sakura 
operation distraction 
icha icha made me do it 
Icha Icha Pirates 
as luck would have it 
The Home Computer 
unorthodox birthday 
a star is born 
icha icha hokage-sama 
little orange book 
The Princess Tsunade 
icha icha innuendo 
Nocturnal Activities 
Cat! AU:
The Cat's curse  (multi-chaptered)
kitty no jutsu
and you’re gonna hear me roar
it started with a jutsu  (multi-chaptered)
Same Age AU:
Mask Off, Santa Claus 
try something
It's Useless if Not With You 
you are kind of weird...I like it 
always you
I wish
Finding You 
forgotten gift 
just a girl
when we were young
under the weather
summer storm
questionable intelligence
love you little, love you long
roads untravelled
Smells Good to Me 
Code of Conduct 
Little Things 
Stay With Me 
same age by @murd3rm1ttens
Autumn by @ryekiree 
Modern AU:
a brief introspective of sunflowers
take a chance and roll the dice 
you've got my time, you are my plans 
you are now connected 
alone with you 
drunken craigslist ads and fake dating 
cut to commercial 
the intimacy of being understood
the chemicals between us 
On a Leash 
neon city 
dear diary
what happens in suna (lasts forever) 
i wish 
roll a charisma check 
Lights Out
questionable intelligence 
love you little, love you long 
man’s best friend 
the interview 
Business as Usual 
You Again 
That Fine Line
Soulmates AU:
you know the tune, so words don't matter
to keep a promise or two
make it holy
against fate
touch of fate
your most important person
the sweetest lies
total eclipse of the heart
listen closely
Dreams Are Made of This 
i'm here 
The Numbers of My Sins 
in another life
Like Smoke in Your Arms 
Amnesia AU:
the empty heart 
curtain call
to come back to you
Hanahaki disease:
love stinks
all she ever dreamt of
Drunk KakaSaku:
the rewards of lying
drunken kisses
empty shot glasses
until morning
kakashi and booze
settle into spring
slip of the tongue
failed memories 
it started with a bet
Kakashi's Answering Machine
Strangely Familiar 
Simple Pleasures 
Party Favours
daddy’s little girl 
KakaSaku and Sasuke:
Better Man 
a brief introspective of sunflowers (multi-chaptered)
picking up VIII
discoveries in oil  (multi-chaptered)
downpour (multi-chaptered)
Kakashi Hatake: The Uchiha’s Rival in Love (multi-chaptered)
Henge Love (multi-chaptered)
skip a Beat
against the sky
another life (multi-chaptered)
Unbreak My Heart
I Can't Make You Love Me
Don't Break Her Heart
Let The Truth Sting 
Fight For Love (multi-chaptered)
Sasuke Returns 
identity Crisis
an unfortunate encounter
Twelve years
A Late Hour
An Honest Talk
Sakura blossoms differently every spring (extremely underrated)
Updating the list frequently. Last updated on 08.10.2021 📍
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dateamonster · 6 months ago
if anyones curious, heres a big ol list of anime horror ive enjoyed that dont revolve entirely around cute children being harmed for shock:
paranoia agent: an awesome single-season show thats perfect to binge-watch imo. it follows the interwoven stories of several victims of the phantom figure known as shonen bat who takes the form of a child in rollerskates and attacks strangers with his beat up baseball bat. the only thing that seems to connect these victims is that they are visited by him in a moment of absolute desperation, and somehow their lives seem to improve after being attacked. to say anything else would ruin the mystery. give it a shot. this series owns and the intro music is iconic.
perfect blue: i feel like everyone who likes animated horror already knows about perfect blue but if not, you absolutely should. a suspense heavy, brain-breaking thriller about an ex-pop-idol who quits to become an actress, only to be haunted by a mirror version of herself who is less than happy with her decision. her grasp on reality starts to slip as the pressures of her new job and a string of violent murders slowly chip away at her sanity. definitely mind the content warnings for this one.
yamishibai: an anthology series of short scary stories presented with fun, simplistic animation. every episode is fairly short iirc so its very easy to just plow through the whole series. especially good if ur the type to enjoy a classic ghost story.
serial experiments lain: sort of hard to explain. this is another like Classic. it is about a highschool girl so i am sort of breaking my own rules here but like the vibe is entirely different then what you might expect. its a trippy, deeply weird series from 1998 about the ways technology may begin to encroach on our lives and shape our identity. i really love older media that speculates about the ways our relationship with tech might develop in the future. if you like scifi and psychological aspects to your horror, you will probably like this.
pet shop of horrors: i havent actually seen the anime so i dont know how well it holds up but i was obsessed with the manga as a Youth and id recommend at least giving the series a look. anthology-like with a connecting thread of a spooky pet shop where rare exotic and sometimes deadly creatures are sold.
lily c.a.t.: its alien except its not. scifi horror about the crew and passengers of a spaceship whos interstellar journey is thrown off course by a shape-shifting alien invader. literally if you like alien or the thing or anything like that, this is that but animated. i think the strongest thing about this one isnt necessarily the horror of the alien itself but the horror of being stranded, far from home and trapped in a confined space with a bunch of near strangers and a massive yawning void just outside your window. there are some moments in lily cat that just made me think about how huge and unforgiving not only space but the passage of time is and im honestly still a little freaked.
akira: i mean, obviously. i dont know what i could say about this that hasnt already been said except this is the movie that made me start getting into body horror. its beautiful, its horrific, its a fucking staple of dystopia fiction. i guess you could argue its more scifi/action than traditional horror in a lot of ways, but some of the stuff near the end (that i def saw when i was too young to be watching this) taught me a whole new definition of fear so. do with that what u will i guess.
there are a couple more i cant remember the names of right now so ill come back to this if my brain ever decides to start working again. almost all of these contain some really heavy subjects so be careful and seek out content warnings if you need to.
also i dont really care about subs vs dubs arguments but a lot of these are on the slightly older side and as a result some of the english voice acting work is... not great. either way do what feels right to you just keep that in mind.
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the-aegis-court · 8 days ago
what IFs do you play on repeat? I'm always looking for new recs 😊
Okay, so here are some of my faves! I'm also adding some that I want to play but don't have demos yet 👀
Games with demos:
The Northern Passage by @northern-passage
Attollo by @attollogame
The Exile by @exilethegame
The Nameless by @parkerlyn
Body Count by @bodycountgame
When Twilight Strikes by @evertidings
The Edge of Dawn by @elysianfiction
Red Sugar Society by @redsugarsociety
Inner Demons by @innerdemons-if
Virtues End by @virtuesend-if
Games without demos:
Ear Candy by @earcandy-if
When Shadows Call Your Name by @nikwriting
Disenchanted by @disenchantedif
The Disappearance by @the-disappearance
Peripety: At Its Essence by @gamingperipety
Out of The Blue by @vahnyawrites
Pale Imitation by @paleimitation-if
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paleimitation-if · 10 days ago
i have similar taste in webtoons to you, do you have any IF recommendations?
OH SWEET okay so i'm an avid reader myself (which is horrible for my free time but) here's some i've read recently! i'll probably do a continuation later because there's a Lot
you live and fern by @beetlebethwrites who has suuuch vivid and comforting characters
all paths lead to the underground by @pol-writes which is set in a dystopian future (!!!) and cyberpunk lives in my brain rent free
hollowed minds by @shai-manahan where you play as a disgraced detective with all the angst and destruction that follows
body count by @bodycountgame since i think everyone should get to play a sexy murder mystery <3
event horizon by @if-eventhorizon is the most insane project i've ever seen, with an incredibly fleshed out universe. sci-fi in space with a bunch of fucked up people what could be better
the golden harp by @thegoldenharp because PIRATES and TENSION and PIRATES did i mention PIRATES
larkin by @larkin-if for your daily dose of vampires. and cowboys. both, even. (and who doesn't love dad man bastard wyatt)
attollo by @attollogame with an amazing neo-noir experience in a world that pretty much wants you dead!!! but everyone is really hot so that's a win
nevermoore by @asteristories since everyone should have the choice to simply say "no <3" to death and get revived in a undying town
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wip · a month ago
Hello, friends. We have gotten many Support tickets and asks here on WIP about the “Based on your likes” recommendations so we wanted to let everyone know:
You can disable these recommendations using the “Include stuff in your orbit” toggle in your dashboard settings on web or the “Include recommended posts” toggle in your dashboard preferences in the app.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[images are described in alt text]
*We’ll also be updating the name of the “Include stuff in your orbit” setting in the near future.
Some background:
First, for those who haven’t seen these “Based on your likes” recommendations, here’s what they look like:
Tumblr media
We’re currently conducting a test with this recommendation reason so if you’re not seeing them, you’re probably not part of the test.
But… why?
We want to show you posts and blogs that we think you’ll enjoy. The “Based on your likes” recommendation reason in particular uses posts you’ve liked in the last 24 hours and then shows you posts that are similar to those.
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boombox-fuckboy · 2 months ago
Sapphic Audio-Drama List
So I heard about @sapphic-podcast-fanwork-week (running August 1st-7th 2021) a while back but cut it a little close making this list! There's an incredible, wonderful amount of (brilliant, engaging, wholesome) sapphic content out there in podcasts, but you may not all know about it!!
Here's a list of some of my favourite major canonical couples and trios from pods I've heard. I'll give a quick summary, then touch on each pair/trio, and points of interest (how important they each are to the story, when they get together, if they get a happy ending, if their specific orientation is known, characters of colour, trans and nb characters, etc). I'll try not to get too spoilery in the summaries, but the character sections might give some stuff away.
(Also a little disclaimer, I'm aroace, and a little oblivious to what information might be important to people here: if you have questions or want me to add more details, please let me know! It might be valuable to other people too, so you're doing everyone a big favour.)
Alice Isn't Dead: Horror, road trip, weird fiction. A truck driver travels America searching for her missing wife, telling stories of the strange and supernatural encounters she has along the way. The podcast that got me back into podcasts, I owe it a lot. Crisp soundwork, great acting, creative stories and worldbuilding. It's complete.
Alice and Keesha: The lead and her missing wife. Some of the most gorgeous musings on love and old stories between these two. Apart for most of the story, but they get a happy ending.
Archive 81: Horror (cosmic, body), weird fiction, mystery. A young archivist is hired to digitize a series of strange housing records from the 90s, in a remote outpost. He has a bad time. Heads up that from S2 (E11) this one gets more intense (you may need to check the content warnings), and that each season has a bit of a different genre/vibe. Good queer rep, stunning soundwork and music, interesting characters. The fact my blog name comes from this podcast probably suggests how much I like it. Currently on hiatus.
Melody and Alexa: Also sometimes affectionately called "Sorcerer Wives" this sweet lesbian couple features one of season 1's leads, Melody, and her girlfriend, and later wife, Alexa. They become minor characters after S1, but get an interesting and ideallic happy ending I am very fond of. One of S3's leads is heavily implied to be mspec as well.
Arden: Comedy, mystery, "true" crime. A fictional, amusing podcast taking the form of a true crime series, with each season based off a couple shakespeare plays. The hosts (an ex-detective and a radio journalist) both have equally chaotic but very different energies which make for a fun dynamic. It does also cover and address some occasionally intense and serious topics, so it's not pure comedy. Currently on hiatus.
Bea and Brenda: a lesbian and bi couple, these two leads start off with a bit of a rivalry, become friends, and get together near the end of season 2.
Elixir: Romance, urban fantasy. A lesbian romance set during a fantasy version of the American prohibition, between an apothecar/bar owner, and the daughter of prominent council members. Still airing new episodes.
Elsie and Vera: The two leads, this story is very much focused on them and their romance. The relationship isn’t rapid but not slow to get started either. The story is still ongoing, but I’ll be surprised if they don’t get a happy ending.
Dining in the Void: Sci-fi, horror, mystery. Think Cluedo, but queer and in space. Guests aboard a space station are trapped into playing a serious of stange games by an unknown host. I am admittedly a bit behind on this one, but I adored the amazing worldbuilding, horror-mystery energy, and dynamics of season 1.
Katie Belle and Waverly: Demi wlw, these two start as strangers and get together somewhere near the end of S1.
Haunted House Flippers: Comedy, horror. A couple inherits an apparently haunted house and decides to fix it up. This one's interesting because it feels a bit het-couple Adam Sandler movie at first but becomes an increasingly more charming story about a bi buff metalhead forensic scientist and her tiny well-meaning idiot ghosthunter husband who are both weird and very supportive of eachother.
Opal and Juniper: Okay, admittedly these two have only featured in a couple episodes so far, but they’re incredibly fun and sweet, and interracial elderly wlw couples are in short supply. They constantly talk each-other up, wear matching outfits, have a wholesome witchy vibe (and a possibly immortal demon rooster), and really look out for their neighbours.
Hello from the Hallowoods: Horror, supernatural. Exciting and character-driven horror podcast that follows many people (in varying degrees of human, and alive) in their journeys in a strange land, and as they cross paths. Amazing lore and worldbuilding, both tragedy and tender moments, delightful narration and writing, highly recommended.
Riot and Clara: Young and reckless, in love from the start but torn from eachother, still searching... Both are major characters.
Bern and Violet: An older married couple we meet early on, leaders and respected in their community. The old, comfortable couple dynamic. Both are fairly major characters.
InkWyrm: Sci-fi, comedy, romance. Slow burn lesbian sci-fi romcom. Mella, the new AI caretaker for intergalactic fashion magazine InkWyrm, finds herself the new assistant to it's editor as well. Worth noting the recording quality of early episodes, and some of the SFX, are a bit rough, though it improves later (start with episode 1 (redux)). The writing quality is top notch and super funny from the start, though. The show is finished!
Annie and Mella: Oh it’s a comically slow burn for these two. Annie is a bi trans woman and Mella a cis lesbian, and they absolutely do not get along to begin with. A happy ending for both.
Love & Luck: Romance, slice of life, touch of urban fantasy. Queer Australian romance told in voicemails, it had me in love with the leads only a few short episodes in. Set in modern-day Melbourne, it features real community places and events. It also addresses real life issues faced by the queer community, so it has it's stressful moments, but is for the most part super wholesome, and gives off such a beautiful community vibe. I want a Best of Luck bar in my own city, dammit. Oh, and there's magic! Currently on hiatus.
Storm, Helen and Mira: it takes a while to meet these three, but they quickly become frequent voices on the podcast once they do. Storm is a suave butch lesbian and she quickly starts dating Helen, a shy, sweetheart trans woman, and Mira, a peppy and energetic cis woman. Helen and Mira aren’t dating, but they are best friends. It’s all so incredibly sweet.
Mabel: Mystery, horror, romance. Anna is hired as a live-in carer for an aging client and tries to get in contact with her grand-daughter, leaving a series of less professional voicemails about stranger happenings, which are apparently being recieved but never responded to. Slow transition to poetic, body-horror filled fairy romance. Currently on hiatus.
Anna and Mabel: The two leads! Both Latina, I'm fairly sure. They slowly fall for each other over the course of the show, for a strange but poetic and dedicated dynamic.
Midnight Radio: Romance, supernatural. A love story about an old-time radio host and the correspondence she starts with an odd listener who has moved back into the small town they both in. Really gentle and beautiful, cleanly made, well written and acted. The show is complete!
Sybil and Amelia: Two leads. They slowly fall in love over the course of the show. Wistful, open ended story, but trust me, it's an enchanting one.
Mirrors: Sci-fi, mystery, supernatural. Audio journals of 3 women in various time periods who seem to share little in common, bar the strange inhuman, ghostly figures they have started seeing. Love the setup and mystery for this one, the worldbuilding, how distinct yet connected everything is. Show is complete!
Karin and Sierra: Sierra is one of the three leads, and her wife, Karin is pretty major too. They know and support each other really well, which I really appreciate. Happy ending.
Moonbase Theta Out: Sci-fi. Logs, updates, and messages from Moonbase Theta as they prepare for station shutdown and return to Earth, but not everything may be as it appears on the surface. Interesting cast of characters, this show gladly delivers both wholesome and emotionally devastating content, and it's good fun to watch the situation reveal itself. Show is on hiatus.
Nessa and her partners: Nessa is a poly, pan, aro woman with a number of long-term female partners and kids. She's part of the main cast in S2, and we hear from at least one partner in a bonus episode. As well as Nessa, many of the other female cast are wlw. Sad ending for Nessa, unfortunately.
Palimpsest (Season 2): Supernatural, horror, mystery, romance. Each season of Palimpsest is a different story, so you don’t have to listen to all of them if you don’t want. Season 2 follows a young woman looking to find some independence from her family in a new job, to which she ends up as a personal maid to a supposed fairy princess in a house full of imprisoned fae.
Seoirse and Ellen: The two central characters Season 2. To talk about them more gives the story away, but it seems to be a happy ending.
The Beacon Podcast: Urban fantasy/superpowers. Anxious university student Bee discovers she has fire powers and starts a podcast to try and find others like her. Chaos ensues when she discovers she's not the only odd thing on campus. Funny and endearing series with a wonderful cast of characters and some of my favourite friendship dynamics. The university setting is a great pick and I'm very hungry for more lore. On hiatus right now.
Bee and Fox: Bee is a lesbian ace woman, and Fox a mysterious online friend. A slow romance. There's also hints of another building romance in this one between a certain charming butch lesbian and sensible bi room-mate.
The Far Meridian: Weird Fiction, magical realism. An agoraphobic young woman wakes up to find her lighthouse home appears somewhere new each day. She takes this as an opportunity to search for her missing brother and takes a journey of self discovery along the way. One of my absolute favourites, cleanly made, charming and strange and whimsical in the way picture books are. Casually queer, clean soundwork, delightful friendships. On hiatus right now.
Peri and Ruth: The lead and her bi childhood crush. They're a couple by S2 end. Incredibly sweet and I melt a little whenever Ruth, an astrophysicist, calls Peri "Starshine".
The Lost Cat Podcast: Horror (soft, cosmic), supernatural. A man loses parts of himself, befriends strange entities, and drinks a lot of wine while looking for his cat. I love the optimistic outlook of humanity, the creativity, the willingness to let the podcast be silly and a little cliché (always in the most satisfying way) at times. Oh, and there's musical features. It's on hiatus right now.
Morpin and Bojana: Minor/recurring characters from s2 onward, their relationship is subtle but very sweet.
Lisica and Sira-Lienne: Badass vigilante lady is smitten with charming vampire leader. Lisica appears in S2 as a major character but is the lead of S4. Flirting through swords and combat banter, declarations of love, and falling in love with how cool the other one is. Great fun.
The Magnus Archives: Horror. Easily the most popular podcast on this list, The Magnus Archives is a horror podcast which takes a look into the strange statements given to The Magnus Institute, an organization which investigates strange happenings, and follows the new archivist as he tries to make sense of it. Well written podcast, it is delightful to see all the seemingly unrelated stories connect up over time. The show is finished.
Georgie and Melanie: Introduced as friends, but a couple by S4. Georgie is mentioned offhand from S1 by Melanie, but becomes a major character with her introduction in S3, Melanie starts as a minor character but becomes more major by end of S2. Happy ending.
The Night Post: Supernatural, mystery. After his husband goes missing, Milo is conscripted to take his place as a courier. But nights delivering the mail in and around his city are filled with unexplained strangeness even the other couriers, Val and Clementine, can't anticipate, and while looking for his husband, they find far more and far stranger. Really well made, acted, written, full of more mystery and intrigue than I can hope to do justice to here. And it's very queer. Currently on hiatus.
Clementine and Magpie: Okay, Clem and Magpie aren't actually together any more, but I'm a softie for this podcast, 2/3 leads are wlw, and it's interesting seeing the results of Clem's break-up. Plus I'm pretty sure there's another romance in the works for dear Clementine.
The Pasithea Powder: Sci-fi (space), adventure, conspiracy, mystery. Two old friends, one a captain recovering the war that tore her planet apart, the other imprisoned for her involvement in the creation and subsequent destruction of a memory altering drug, are reconnected when another political prisoner involved in these events is seen walking free. Full of mystery and conspiracy.
Sophie and Jane: The two leads! Start as somewhat estranged old friends, relationship starts mid-S2.
The Penumbra Podcast (Juno Steel): Sci-fi, mystery, noir, action. Noir-style adventures of a detective on future Mars. An exciting, hilarious, and exceedingly queer podcast, it is well made and a lot of fun.
Buddy and Vespa: Major characters in S3, each leading a pair of episodes, and introduced as minor ones in S2. Notable trans party. Start as old loves and are married by S3 end. Incredibly sweet and dedicated.
The Penumbra Podcast (Second Citadel): High fantasy, adventure. The proudest knights in all the second citadel go on various quests to prove themselves and protect the kingdom. Amusing and exciting, well put together.
Sir Caroline and Quanyii: Lesbian knight and her genderfluid witch partner. Major/recurring characters, revealed to be married at the end of S2. Very fun serious and silly dynamic.
The Sheridan Tapes: Horror, mystery. In 2018, famous horror writer Anna Sheridan went missing and left behind a collection of strange tapes. Listen along as a homicide detective goes through them to try figure out what happened to her, and winds up deeper into strangeness than he could've anticipated. Really fun horror-mystery with lots of great stories and engaging twists.
Anna and Maria: Anna shares the spotlight as a lead initially, and Maria becomes a major character soon after her initial introduction. Anna is missing, so obviously not a great time for Maria, but they are such a sweet and interesting pair.
The Strange Case of Starship Iris: Violet Liu is the last surviving crew member of the Starship Iris, after the rest are killed in a shuttle explosion. After being picked up by a passing ship, she's thrown into a high-stakes adventure, and quickly has to come to terms with who she can actually trust. Fantastic show with a fun cast and delicious found family. Great music, sound-work, writing, characters, and a very clever framing device. I think it's on a brief hiatus?
Violet and Arkady: Two lead characters, one of whom is grey-ace. East and South Asian respectively, if my memory works. They hit it off in episode 1, and their romance slowly develops through S1 and becomes more solid (officially girlfriends) in S2. Really fun relation between well meaning, but complex characters.
Within the Wires (Season 1, Season 2): Alternate history, speculative fiction, relationships, bit of medical horror in S1. Each season tells a different story, S1 is a series of unsetting meditation-style tapes from a mysterious facility. S2 is a collection of audio tour tapes from a museum, made by the now missing artist's long time friend and partner. Unique and creative, cleanly made.
Claudia and Roimata: A deeply complex romance between a sapphic Maori woman and a West African mspec polyam woman. They only feature in S2, and while they are the two central characters, it has a tragic ending for one of them.
Hester and [???]: The two central characters of S1, this is a strange relationship, but it's so clear how much Hester loves her counterpart. A happy ending.
Unwell: Supernatural, mystery. A woman moves to a small town to take care of her aging mother in a supposedly haunted house. The town itself is hardly free off odd happenings. Fantastic cast of characters, really well made, paced, highly recommended.
Marisol and Lily: Lily, a black woman, is one of the show's leads, and Marisol, a Latina woman, is a pretty major character as well. It doesn't take long for them to start dating, and they have such a fun and flirty dynamic.
This is by no means a complete list, and if I missed out any of your favourites, I encourage you to add them on!
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bodycountgame · 26 days ago
hiii nell :chinhands: so sorry if it's been asked before but who would the ROs romance from other IFs?
please know that i spent more time on this than i will ever be able to justify and also that each RO's list was like 10 characters long until i pruned it to a more sensible size
(but thank u for the opportunity to shout about some excellent IFs and some pairings that live rent free in my lil pea brain xoxo)
adegoke: sam from love and friendship (@salty-stories), berhane from the eight year revolution (@eight-years-revolution), the healer from the nameless (@parkerlyn), R from a tale of crowns (@ataleofcrowns), B from a comedy of manors (@sviyaginthegreat)
arthur: dreamwalker from attollo (@attollogame), vanator from the black river (@theblackrivergame), zophiel from greater than gods (@greaterthangods), cían from faith of gods (@faithofgods)
atticus: nash from project hadea (@nyehilismwriting), nikke from the exile (@exilethegame), bautista from greenwarden (@fiddles-ifs), alessa from the golden rose (@anathemafiction), clémence from to the whistling winds (@tothewhistlingwinds)
avery: matt from you live and fern (@beetlebethwrites), lea chen from the northern passage (@northern-passage), eris from event horizon (@if-eventhorizon), lorcan from the golden harp (@thegoldenharp)
charlie: operator from attollo (@attollogame), fatima from when it hungers (@roast-ifs), n from when twilight strikes (@evertidings), vethna from the exile (@exilethegame), collins from secrets of swatheford (@swatheford)
ellis: eva from sentinel (@nyehilismwriting​), sterling from nevermoore (@asteristories), s from fernweh saga (@lacunafiction), aliya from blackwood (@blackwood-if), hadrian from the golden rose (@anathemafiction)
florrie: marco from blood moon (@barbwritesstuff), mal from snakeroot (@cerberus-writes), maddox from red sugar society @redsugarsociety), a from when twilight strikes (@evertidings), sophie from the spirited: origins (@yuveim)
griffin: ajmal from the eight years revolution (@eight-years-revolution), b from golden (@milaswriting), rory from speaker (@speakergame), owen from hollowed minds (@shai-manahan), leon from a mage reborn (@mage-parivir)
imogen: the sage from the nameless (@parkerlyn), natalie from event horizon (@if-eventhorizon), danny from when it hungers (@roast-ifs), flor from faith of gods (@faithofgods), charlotte from willow creek run (@willowcreekrun)
nyra: enarra from the black river (@theblackrivergame), li cowles from speaker ( @speakergame), oliver shen from scout: an apocalypse story (@anya-dev), mars from to the whistling winds (@tothewhistlingwinds)
rowan: sinclair from virtue’s end (@virtuesend-if), winston from ear candy (@earcandy-if), dominic from larkin (@larkin-if), shaw from sentinel (@nyehilismwriting)
syd: simon/e from OFNA (@ofna), imxa from project hadea (@nyehilismwriting​), gage from scout: an apocalypse story (@anya-dev), vethna from the exile ( @exilethegame​), X from a tale of crowns (@ataleofcrowns)
vinh: jordan from you live and fern (@beetlebethwrites​), penrose from virtue’s end (@virtuesend-if), ed from blood moon (@barbwritesstuff), syfyn from the exile (@exilethegame​), hawthorne from spilt milk (@spiltmilk-if)
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barbarasecretfiles · 22 days ago
Cho Sang woo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Achiever in school that has lots of red flags.”
His character succeeded academically but it doesn’t mean it will guarantee his success. Park Hae Soo nailed this character. He made lot of people hate him. I hate his character but I grew fond of him because of his Prison Playbook character. If you haven’t watch it, please do try. Glad he receives the recognition he deserves. And thank god because he have better hairstyle in this drama. 
Park Hae Soo’s other projects:
Prison Playbook
By Quantum Physics
Time to Hunt
Legend of the Blue Sea (side character)
Money Heist as Berlin (soon)
and a lot more!!!
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ddarker-dreams · a month ago
do you have any Childe fics you’d recommend? <3
as in childe x reader, both yandere and non-yandere? i have a few that came to mind! bold means that the fics contain not sfw.
tricks of the trade / childe x reader
an immaculate story, where reader is a spy who gets intertangled with childe on the job. i cannot recommend it enough! the reader herself is smart, likable, and has a sharp wit that lends to great banter with childe.
cat's cradle / yan childe x reader (by @merakiui)
now listen... this is one of those stories where you can read through it multiple times and always pick up something new. the build up toward the end was so well done, and i loved seeing how childe played with the reader. that's what makes him such a terrifying yandere imo.
ruin / yan childe x reader (by @solarisensun (dub/noncon)
PHEW feral childe instills so much anxiety in me when he's written well like in this story. the final line of dialogue in particular gave me chills... an exploration of the darker side of childe's character that i can't get enough of.
archery practice / yan childe x harbinger reader (by @aerosiderwrites)
i love love love harbinger readers when paired with a yandere... getting to see how a stronger reader is backed into the corner is always interesting. the way you can see childe's friendliness becoming more and more strained as the reader rejects his advances is ,, chefs kiss.
treasure in plain sight / childe x reader
i've read this more times than i'd care to admit. very spicy... very well done... the build up was fun too. lots of verbal cat and mouse exchanges between reader and childe, aka my favorite thing to see in a childe story.
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violetsandshrikes · 11 months ago
If you have a minute, you should go check out Inhabit Media
“We are an Inuit-owned publishing company, with our head office located in Iqaluit, Nunavut. To our knowledge we are the only independent publishing company located in the Canadian Arctic. Our aim is to preserve and promote the stories, knowledge and talent of Inuit and northern Canada.”
They have an amazing range of educational books, nature guides, story retellings, children’s books and more!!
Check them out here!
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writingwithcolor · 4 months ago
Representing China’s diversity
@hewwo-god-its-me asked:
Hi! I’m Chinese-Canadian, creating a secondary fantasy world completely based off of China and coded as such. (Don’t worry, I know China is a huge country with a vast amount of regional and temporal variation throughout dynasties; I have been doing/will be doing more research so as not to conflate these.) I’m not sure my question has an easy answer, but I think my question sort of extends into the creation of any secondary fantasy world heavily based off of real-world countries (hopefully!). Though media has popularized a particular “type” of Chinese person, in reality, China is a lot more diverse than “pale-skinned, black-haired”, and DOES have migrants from other parts of the world, including other people of color who aren’t Chinese. I want to reflect this diversity, since it seems disingenuous, inaccurate, and downright offensive to say that “X people do not exist at all”, especially since my story will take place in a time period analogous to our “modern” today. However, since my world is coded as Chinese, with the various cultures that exist taking inspiration from (and sometimes, almost wholesale being aspects of) real-life Chinese culture, I’m worried that, in this case, in trying to reflect this diversity, it will come across as assimilation/erasing their own cultural identities. Sorry!! I might just be totally overthinking this, but I’ve been thinking myself in circles about this for a long time now, and being Chinese myself, I thought it would be important to ask how other people of color would feel about this, and am totally open to discussion on the topic!
Han Chinese are the majority group in China forming approximately 90% of the population. They are the majority all over China and originate from northern China. 
I recently found out I was Hmong, so I will talk somewhat about minorities in China. There are 55 recognized minority groups in China, and Hmong is one of them. The Hmong have generally darker skin than the Han Chinese majority and mainly reside in southern China. They are also present more so in southeast Asia, but even there, they are still a minority and heavily persecuted because of American interference and the use of them as spies against communism during the Vietnam War in Laos. Many Hmong immigrated to the United States as a result. Because of Chinese imperialism, a lot of minority groups are suppressed. There’s also the Manchu, who founded the Qing Dynasty.
Perhaps you should focus on a couple of cultural groups in China but have it mentioned several times that there are even more groups different than the ones focused on.
–Mod Sci
So I would also like to note that even within Han people, there can be a range of skin tones. I’m Han myself and while I’m currently pale, I’ve been quite tan before when I was out and about in the sun as a kid, and my brother is also much darker than the rest of our immediate family. When my mom was telling me about growing up in Taiwan, I got the impression that tan skin was the default, as one of her friends stood out for being pale among everyone else. From what I remember, pale among Han Chinese is not necessarily the default; there were definitely darker-skinned kids in my Chinese school, and having pale skin was probably more the exception than the norm. 
–Mod Jess
I think it’d be incredibly difficult to cover every single cultural group of China but at the same time, obviously a singular pan-Chinese identity doesn’t exist as you’ve mentioned. During worldbuilding (while it is important to clearly code your groups), make it clear that these aren’t indicative of every group that exists in real life; The representation that you cover within the span of your story isn’t exhaustive and cultures exist outside of the main cast.
I think the biggest thing you should remember when doing this is that the media in the West usually doesn’t try to go beyond a single, homogenized Chinese identity. Even within Chinese diasporic circles, I haven’t seen too many attempts to go beyond just “Chinese”, which isn’t horrible because our cultures are super mixed! However, like I said, there’s a lack of exploration of China’s diversity.
Speaking from a Chinese-Singaporean/Taiwanese/Vietnamese/Indonesian standpoint, representation of Chinese diaspora from other East Asian and Southeast Asian nations isn’t something I see a lot of, either! Ethnic Chinese people live in Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines… and although I don’t like taking space from those who are marginalized by us in these places, we do exist outside of China and our cultures are influenced by other Asians as well.
Sci gave a great list of identities above that I haven’t seen much representation of above. I think that if you’re even taking a small step like this towards showing the diversity of China, you’re doing a lot already! 
–Mod Em
Firstly, I recommend reading about the mummies of Urumqi in Xinjiang, and their importance to Uyghur identity. 
Secondly, I recommend that you study Chinese history in depth, particularly:
The Silk Road
The Yuan dynasty (i.e. Mongols) 
The treasure ship diplomatic trade missions of the Ming dynasty. 
The Silk Road on its own resulted in regular interactions between many ethnic groups bound by trade, including many Central Asian Turkic nomadic and landed populations (of which the Uyghurs are a part). 
The Han are the majority ethnic group now and have arguably always been the supermajority (Depending on who you talk to), but to what degree this has been the case will vary from dynasty to dynasty up until the end of the Qing dynasty with the Manchus in the 20th century. Pay particular attention to when dynasties emerge and fall and which ethnic groups are mentioned when this happens. I think you will be surprised by what you find. Thoroughly studying a country’s history is generally the best way to fully appreciate its diversity. 
- Marika.
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danhoemei · 17 days ago
Hi, danhoemei.....if you don't mind me asking who are your favorite romantic relationship's couples in books/ manga/ anime/movies/tv series (canon or non-canon)? Sorry if you've answered this question before......Thanks....
Hello thanad-zid, the curious sweetheart 💚 I don't mind at all, you actually made me think about the series I haven't thought about for so long! (I'll answer excluding danmei because that's material for a whole separate post and I partly answered that)
19 days by Old Xian - tianshan
(and zhanyi who I love with my whole heart but tianshan is The One for me akjvsbdv)
Tumblr media
Tough on the outside but soft on the inside delinquent and the devilish lonely rich boy who'll go batshit crazy if his friends are in danger. Both of them learning to trust and very slowly showing their vulnerable sides to each other.... I can't say much, it's already a spoiler that they become closer because in the story they start as strangers or even "enemies". They're also secondary characters so they make appearance later in the story and gradually gain more importance (well, it started with them being secondary but tbh now they're one of the main characters with a lot of focus AND I AM SO HAPPY). But anyway, I am absolutely obsessed with them.
The original main pair (zhanyi) has completely different dynamic and vibe, but I love them and enjoy their story and relationship very much as well <3
Tumblr media
This series has such variety of multilayered characters who honestly could have their own separate manhuas. I absolutely recommend 19 days, it started like absolute crack but gained so much depth and action and angst and questioning yourself and 'am I abnormal for having feelings for you' and trust and progress in relationships and-
I love this manhua so much, please read it, if you enjoy danmei you'll enjoy it.
Their story by Tan Jiu
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You want a sweet story about a lesbiab who fell in love at first sight and then pursued her love interest, firstly becoming friends and learning about each other, everything among a lot of humor and shenanigans? Well here you go.
Brooklyn 9-9 - Jake and Amy & Friends - Monica and Chandler
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I see similarities so I put them together lmao. They are wholesome and sweet, support each other no matter what, work for their dreams and for people they hold dear. The guys are hella funny but also very smart and cool, the girls are intense and ambitious and need to have everything under control but are also very sweet and loving. The shows are light and hilarious, good as a stress relief.
The Good Place - Chidi and Eleanor
Tumblr media
First of all I recommend The Good Place in general, a wild ride of unexpected twists and turns, each reveal more “whaaat” than the previous one, with diverse representation and filled with philosophical questions and lessons, created by people who love philosophy. Its humor is incredible as well akjvndfv
Chidi and Eleanor are complete opposites - a nerd with severe anxiety issues who spent his whole life buried in books, and a bi disaster who partied hard, made a lot of bad things, and cared mostly about herself. They learn from each other and complement each other, all the while growing and changing right in front of our eyes.
Aggretsuko - Retsuko and Haida
Tumblr media
HAIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA im love him your honor. Get a partner who can do both (be sweet and supportive, be badass and taking no bullshit). I truly believe they'd be happy and just right for each other, and I want them to be together 😭😭
Yuri on ice - Yuri and Victor
Tumblr media
akhdbsdjkfnlsdf if you watched this then you know why. I recommend it if you want a good quality lgbt anime with an interesting story, diverse characters, and beautiful skating scenes 💚 I love this wholesome duo so much T^T
Svvord of Truth - Richard and KahIan
I kinda feel like I owe it to them to mention them here, probably my earliest couple on this list. It’s an old high fantasy series which I read when I plunged straight into puberty, I haven't read it as a more mature person so I wonder if there are some harmful stereotypes I didn't see or how many typical tropes there are (well e.g. the main guy is so ridiculously overpowered and smarter/holier-than-thou, and there is a lot of black and white there) but also it’s a really complex world with interesting mechanics. However, what truly makes me remember this series fondly is because it was there with me when I was going through a lot of hardships, showing me a rich world with many people worth loving, strong women who I admired and strived to be, wise people of different backgrounds, cultures, and ages. It taught me how important it is to be kind and compassionate, that no matter how desperate your situation can get there is always hope and a way, that people who care about you will be there for you when you need them, and that you need to reciprocate as well. To always “think about the solution, not about the problem” which became the thing I repeat to myself every time I start struggling. The main couple also showed me what I want to strive for in a good relationship - support, understanding, standing by each other’s side no matter what, deep respect for each other and treating each other as equals, working for the relationship, and most importantly trusting each other. The series might be a typical high fantasy but for my growing and messed up mind it was a good teacher who reminded me of things we consider obvious but tend to forget, and might have played a significant role in who I am now.
Ok, I wanted to add a short bullet-point list of some other couples but this list is already long so let’s end here xd
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lemonlinelights · 3 months ago
Podcast recommendations please? Mainly fictional/story telling ones.
The ones I already listen to/know about and recommend to you they’re ✨
TMA - very sad :-(
Death by dying
Stellar Firma
Alice isn’t dead
The exploring series
Hello from the magic tavern
Wolf 359 
Trials and trebuchets
Archive 81
Wayward guide for the untrained eye
The bright sessions
Clarke’s world
Lime town
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arcaneslut · 3 months ago
Draco Malfoy fic recommendation :
Tumblr media
some of my fav smuts :
spilled coffee by @eunoniaa
quidditch jumper by @elevatorsdoor
astonished by @selenesheart
dessert by @ronsmommy
broken rules by @acosmis-t
daddy issues by @dracomalfoys-wh0re (allusions of sex)
reader cheats on draco during an arranged marriage by @hpimaginesandblurbs
innocence kink by @thotbutpurple
Tumblr media
entire Draco Malfoy masterlists :
entire masterlist by @sultrypotter (my favorite masterlist to binge through)
smuts & imagines by @fredshufflepuff
smuts by @ronsmommy
entire masterlist by @slvt4fakerealities
smuts, imagines, blurbs, headcanons by @elevatorsdoor
smuts, imagines, series, requests, headcanons by @arcaneslut (me)
fluff, smut & angst by @dracoscene
masterlist by @yoooespinosa
entire masterlist by @chokemepansy
draco malfoy imagines by @selenesheart
Tumblr media
some of my fav imagines (fluff & angst)
bad day by @henqtic (fluffy)
draco rejects reader part 1 & part 2 by @yoooespinosa (angst)
falling out of love with astoria malfoy by @babydraco04
point of view by @draconisxcaput (short smut scene)
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