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gaeleatiamindeed · a minute ago
Seven Days in June by Tia Williams
Seven Days in June by Tia Williams @GrandCentralPub #WeNeedDiverseReads #Thoughtful #Family #Dreams @TiaW_Writes
Tia Williams comes to the blog with a story of second chances, hope and love with Seven Days in June  From a rather unexpected rom-com-like start to the deeper twists and turns that brought humanity and depth to the characters in ways unexpected, Williams has brought a story that manages to honor the issues of expectation, failure, addiction and illness in ways that allow readers to understand…
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dailyjobz · 2 minutes ago
Will be Uzair Baloch Punished his Statement?
Will be Uzair Baloch Punished his Statement?
Will be Uzair Baloch Punished his Statement? Will be Uzair Baloch Punished his Statement? عزیر بلوچ سے منسوب ایک اعترافی دستاویز – لیاری گینگ وار کے مبینہ کنگپین – حال ہی میں انسداد دہشت گردی عدالت (اے ٹی سی) میں اتری تھی جس میں اس نے بنیادی طور پر پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی (پی پی پی) کی قیادت اور پولیس کے خلاف شدید الزامات عائد کیے تھے۔ اس کے مطلوبہ جرائم پیشہ عناصر کے بڑے فائدہ اٹھانے والے جنہوں نے…
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leftarbiterpoetry · 5 minutes ago
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sofiajonas · 7 minutes ago
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depressed-ant · 31 minutes ago
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This was yesterday. June 24th.
580kcal net! More than usual but I was so hungry and didn’t binge ❤️
Yesterday night my boyfriend said about a superskinny friend of his that he thinks she’s pretty tho... Then he said ‘but look at all the girls I’ve dated before, you know I don’t really like skinny girls’... meaning that he does not see mee as a skinny girl. so I guess we’re starving ourselves today 🤡
I mentally feel like shit today and I’m on my period so I really have to be careful not to start binging.
I think I’m gonna go on a long walk to avoid binge 🤡Does anyone have podcast recommendations ? About like anything ?
+ BODY CHECk omg this is so scary but in a few weeks it will get better
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rwp0 · 34 minutes ago
i cannot fix my childhood, it's gone
i've to deal with the damage it caused
but how?
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vegeterianana · 36 minutes ago
The conversation I had w/ my dad earlier
My dad: holy shit you’ve gotten big
Me: what do you mean
My dad: You’re fat.
Me: laughs it off *dying inside*
Also my dad: why don’t you eat I’m so worried about you.
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purely-practice · 40 minutes ago
Will I be loved?
If I play perfect and fragile and put on a mask
If I play the perfect soldier
So no one sees the cards I hold
"Do as I say" you say
And I stay.
And after years of guilt and shame and pain
Innocence slowly breaks away
Like porcelaine plates
Yet I cry
And til the ocean waves slowly tame
I will live and I will die
With each bloody sunrise
And I will wait for the harness to snap
And I will fly on wings of wax
And I will survive today.
The sun on my shoulders
Even when I fall
And float surrounded on my own
Alone I will try
My hardest, my best, and put your words to the test
And someone new, quite unlike you
Will come and carry me home
And it won't be a trap.
I will take my poetry
And you won't be there finally
I will be safe and warm and free
And I will tell the story
To the oceans of ghosts inside me
And I will tell them my sorrows and troubles and worries
And I will tell them of my family
"And are you loved?" they will ask
"And you will be loved" I will add
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advanceseoservices · 43 minutes ago
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andreauhhh · 43 minutes ago
For not giving up. Trusting the process.
For strong relationships and friendships.
For realizing how much more there is to life that I will experience one day.
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studyspomemes · an hour ago
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you can let toxic people go ~ tshirt ~
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savsnikki · an hour ago
how many calories are in sleepy pills typically?
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theaftertimes · 2 hours ago
Your latest 1am ramblings
Instead of being in my apartment with my cat after a long day of working 2 jobs
Im with my mom, in South Carolina, after a long day of work, play, and travel.
Tomorrow, I will work remotely and go to a local speaker meeting featuring the therapist who told me “you can’t have an an opinion on something you haven’t tried”
Then I will join him, and other loved ones for a joyful reunion weekend at rehab
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angelicy · 2 hours ago
What are some good weight gain methods for after/during recovery from disordered eating?
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vrstechdubai1 · 2 hours ago
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