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#red arrow
sohotthateveryonedied · 2 years ago
you ever realize how much better life is when you just. fucking ignore canon? toss canon out the window? grind canon into dust under your heel? repeatedly punch canon in the face with one hand while writing a 50k fix-it fic with the other? pure bliss
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fyeahoriginaltitans · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
If one of the original Teen Titans got severally hurt and they were waiting for a medic to help them, they played a game where they made up the most stupid-sounding superhero names to pass the time and distract the wounded one from their pain.
Cute, but also kinda dark:P
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nighthood · 3 years ago
Jason Todd quotes vines everyday
Here are some scenarios of that:
Dick: Hood, where are you going?
Jason: why you need to know? all up in my pussy boiiii
Damian: *about to throw a batarang at Jason’s back*
Jason: BITCH I hope the fuck you do! You’ll be a dead son of a bitch I’ll tell you that!
Tim: I’m gonna scare the shit out of Jason when he comes back from patrol
Dick: good luck with that
Tim, later: *emerges from dark, scares Jason*
Jason: *in fighting position* I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you. Not even worried about it
Jason: *showing up to the Robin training session* look at all those chickens
Roy: I mean tell me honestly, is there anything better than pussy?
Jason: yes, a really good book
Criminal: what’re you gonna do, shoot me?
Jason: I won’t hesitate, bitch *pew pew*
Tim: *knocks on Jason’s front door*
Jason: *opening door* hi, welcome to chili’s
Tim: I don’t fucking know why I come here anymore
Jason: as much as it pains me to say this, you did a good job, Replacement
Tim: really? well I didn’t do much and I was underprepared and
Jason: oh my god why can’t you just take the frigging compliMENT
Jason: Dick, do you think I can get this egg in that jar without cracking it?
Dick: no
Jason: *chucks it right at Tim’s head*
Jason: *watching Dick and Bruce fighting in the bat cave* can I get a waffle? can I please get a waffle?
Bruce: Damian was injured during patrol, his nose won’t stop bleeding
Jason: *pointing at Damian* he need some milk
*at the dinner table in Wayne manor*
Bruce: so, Jay, tell us about one of your recent missions with the outlaws
Jason: okay. So I’m sitting there, barbecue sauce on my titties-
Damian: this is why you’re never invited here anymore, Todd
Roy: I love a feisty girl
Dick: the innocent ones are the best
Jason: well, I like my women how I like my coffee... big tits
Dick: *fucks up somehow*
Jason: what the fuck, Richard
Bruce: I just want what’s best for you, Jason. As much as you don’t like to believe it, I am still your father
Jason: you’re not my dad! ugly ass fucking noodle head
bonus: retaliation from Damian
Jason: *shoots at Robin*
Damian: this is why dad doesn’t fucking love you!
feel free to add more!!
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