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So… Anyone else hope that Young Justice: Phantoms will show and/or tell us how Wally’s death affected EVERYONE (aside from Artemis and Dick) from the original team, including Zatanna, Roy/Will, and Raquel?

I get why YJ:O had more focus on Artemis and Dick dealing with the loss, but I want to see how the OG team were affected. Might Conner seek out Black Canary for counseling but feel guilty because he worries that he is adding to her own hurt? I want to see Kaldur put on a brave face without letting anyone, even his parents and king, detect his secret loss of interest in recreational activities and the life. How did Roy/Will and Raquel, already parents by then, handle his passing and look at parenthood differently? Maybe even Megan cries in her sleep and has nightmares, thinking that she could have done something to save her friend. What if Zatanna considered quitting the League, and being a hero overall, because she doesn’t want to lose anymore loved ones or risk being a loss herself? 

I think that friendships in YJ are precious, but I want to see how everyone else aside from Artemis and Dick really grieve and handle mourning in their own ways. Wally was a significant friend and teammate to even the newer members of the Team, so why do we not have more indication as to how his friends mourned him and how his loss still hovers over them even after three years?

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Jason: *Muttering lowly* The floor is wet.

Roy: What? I didn’t hear you.

Jason: *Ignores Roy*

2 minutes later

Roy: *On the floor*  I hate everything.

Jason: *Smirking* I warned you. It’s not my fault you didn’t hear me.

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Ok, all of the justice league heroes wear each other’s merch that’s universally decided. And of course Diana’s is the most popular. I mean who isn’t wearing wonder woman merch?

But I wanna know which sidekick/vigilante merch each personal rocks in their civilian clothes.

Those wearing the Nightwing t-shirt? Who has the yellow flash keychain? Whose got the punk rock superboy patch on their jacket?

And don’t tell me their mentors that’s cheating. I wanna hear about Diana wearing a Robin hoodie ok. I wanna hear bout Dr. Barry Allen’s red arrow pin on his lab coat. I wanna talk about the Starfire sticker on Clark Kents laptop.

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@ Denny’s at Midnight

Donna Hinckley Stacy Troy: Can I speak to your Manager? 😊

The other Four Titan Boys dying of Mortification as Donna Troy does this…AGAIN.

Wally stage whispering at Roy: What did the waiter forget on her order?

Dick, pinching the bridge of his nose: The ‘B’ part of her BLT.

Donna: It’s *part* of the goddess-damned name—I mean how do you miss that?!!

Roy: It’s late. The kid looks fresh outta High School…have a heart for the Working Man, Wonder Doll.

Donna: I have a heart that doesn’t say Pushover, Roy. The B should be in the BLT!

Garth, stage whispering at Dick: Looks to me like Donna’s got *plenty* of B on her plate.

Dick: 😆

Donna: Garth! Where did you learn to talk like that?!

Garth deadpan: Donna, I’ve been living on “Planet Surface” for over ten years. Stop being so condescending. I was educated in Scotland, for chrissakes.

Wally: Then why don’t you have a Scottish Accent?

Roy, slow clapping: The American education system, ladies and gentlemen.

Donna: Roy, you’re excluding non-binary people. That’s so rud—-Yes, hi there -finally-. Look I’m Donna Hinckley Stacy Troy, Wonder Woman’s my Sister, can I speak with your MANAGER?

Growing up is realizing Donna would totally be the “Karen” of the group.

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showing my flatmate and his bf young justice

we stayed up til 3:30 last night to finish season 1 and they friggin loved it I’m so happy they were like “i was tired but now i’m so excited i wanna start season 2 right now”

bf absolutely loved all the twists, esp. the roy one (he freaked out so much)

he’s convinced kaldur is gay and i’m having to physically hold my mouth shut to keep from telling him about wyynd in s3 because I can’t wait to see him go absolutely fucking feral

also until the episode with the sportsmaster reveal he was convinced artemis’ dad was merlyn like from arrow and he loves jade so much and aaaa

his favourite character is robin but he’s like “i hope he becomes nightwing bc in the first half of the season he felt more like tim drake than dick grayson”


he feels like kaldur is a little one-note and is cool but didn’t do much and I’m like….. wait til season 2 bud. oh boy.

they both went ‘awww’ when artemis and wally kissed i felt so warm and fuzzy inside i never get tired of that moment 🥰

they keep asking if darkseid is gonna pop up because of all the apokolips abd new genesis tech and I’m like 😶

flatmate is annoyingly good at guessing where episodes are going but he’s also enjoying it

they thought the failsafe episode was gonna end with time travel and bf was like “uh-uh if they have time travel i’m tapping out i hate time travel” i’m over here like 😬

when m’gann revealed what her true form was like bf said “oh so she could totally give herself a dick and peg conner” and i felt validated that i wasn’t the only one who had that thought

when m’gann kissed conner as black canary they both started screaming so much we had to rewind. conner canonically has a kink for black canary (and i mean. valid.)

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