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Happy birthday, little wing
Twi | ins
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Damian: Can we sleep in your room tonight?
Bruce: Why, what happened?
Tim: We played with a ouija board and cursed all of ours.
Dick: And Jason isn't much help. He doesn't know how to banish spirits, so he's just throwing salt at them and yelling, "Does this look like a hotel to you?!"
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An older fanart pice I did for “Vacation crashers” by Imp_y on ao3
I touched this one up a bit the original was lacking some pizzazz
Edit ( thx to the person linking @impyssadobsessions I couldn’t find there tag at first)
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Birthday boy Jason sketch c:
I said I’d do a small doodle, but now look what happened FGHJFJD
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Here - have a baby Jason as Robin in these trying times
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Jason Todd accidentally becoming the ghost king because he was sparring with Phantom and totally kicked Phantom's ass with a few ghosts watching. When they were informed the next day Phantom was running around cheering because holy shit he was so happy that he didn't have to do that anymore! Todd was hysterical because 1) wait the kid was a king?! 2) the ghosts consider him dead enough to rule?! (That an existential crisis and a half to think about later) 3) he had no idea how to rule the dead! And 4) It was an accident! They were only sparring, not actually fighting! The kid should still be king
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Happy Birthday, Jaybird! ❤ 🍻 🥳
Today the love of my life is completing I don't know how old lol.
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Hey remember my old battle for the cowl au from a while back you never guess who won (or lost depending on your perceptive)
Full au guide here
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: there’s only one thing that jason wants for his birthday, and you can’t deny him any longer.
CONTENTS: oral (female receiving), shy reader, fem reader, cocky jason todd, pet names, slight exhibitionism (yall get nasty and loud in jason’s old room at the manor), no piv, squirting, spitting, manhandling, jason REALLY like eating you out, oral fixation <33, jason is a pleasure dom so true, praise, YALL R IN LUV !!!!!, so self indulgent shush, belt bondage, batfam antics at the end bc i said so, aftercare 
Tumblr media
jason stares at you across the dinner table wolfishly, his eyes sparkling with something akin to mischief. his mouth curls up in a smirk as he continues chewing his food. you recognized that look, it was the one he had whenever he was planning to do something reckless… or scandalous. 
you force yourself to break eye contact with him, redirecting your gaze back to the lovely dinner that alfred had made.
jason had been invited to spend his birthday back at the manor, and with enough pestering from everyone (mainly dick), he had obliged. he made sure to bring you along as well, because he “doesn’t think he can stand being around them that long without wanting to die again” and he needed you to “keep him sane”. you had chuckled when he announced it to you, throwing himself dramatically on your sofa. 
you now regret agreeing to come along, because there’s a gnawing feeling inside you that tells you that jason was going to cause trouble. you squirm in your seat, hoping that you were just being paranoid, or at the very least that jason wasn’t going to do something that would embarrass you too much. 
dinner was over before you realized- you were too lost in your own thoughts, too busy trying to ignore the burning stare that jason was still giving you- to notice the time that had passed.
you stood up, politely tucking in your chair and reached for the emptied plates around you, wanting to help the others clean up. alfred quickly stopped you, telling you that he and the others have got it covered, and that he’s sure jason wants to spend some time with you. the butler also winked at you, and you fluster at what he could be implying. 
you looked back to where jason was near the end of the table, the mischievous grin still plastered across his face. he held out his hand for you, which you took. his palm was warm, and you find yourself once again pleasantly surprised by how hot jason’s body ran.
jason began leading you back to his old room, mumbling something about it being too late for him to want to take the drive back. the mansion is bigger than you had originally thought, you realized. with long, winding hallways and towering walls, it was easy to get lost. 
you absent-mindedly followed him, your focus and gaze occupied with lingering on the many paintings and portraits adorning the walls. 
Tumblr media
his room is much simpler than you had imagined. the only things decorating the huge space besides the king sized bed was a red guitar and a bookshelf. 
you walk further in to examine the large window embedded into the wall, the view of the garden in the moonlight fascinating you as you gazed out of the glass.
jason walks up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and lowering his head into the crook of your neck. he nuzzles into the skin there, planting soft kisses that have you giggling and squirming in his hold. 
“do you like the view?” he whispers cheekily.
you spin in his arms, your own coming up to wrap around his shoulders, your hands intertwining at the back of his neck. 
“i like this one more.” you smile back. 
jason leans down to peck at your lips, his slightly chapped lips brushing sweetly against your soft ones. he tugs you closer, arms wrapping tighter around you.
“did you have a good birthday?” you ask him. the sight of your radiant smile makes his adoration for you grow, a grin of his own breaking out on his face.
he pretends to ponder a bit before answering. “i did. spending time with those losers wasn’t as bad as i thought it was going to be.” 
you reel back to hit his shoulder lightly, muttering out a ‘don’t be mean, jason’, which makes him laugh before he pulls you into him again.
he continues. “dinner was nice. so were the gifts. i didn’t get what i want, though.”
“oh? and what did you want, mr. todd? because i remember you being very happy with the new motorcycle bruce got you.” your tone is laced with a light-hearted sarcasm, but you’re genuinely confused at what jason hinted at. 
“did you know you looked stunning tonight?” jason quickly changes the conversation, leaving you in a further state of puzzlement. 
you were wearing a relatively simple dress. nothing too revealing or fancy. you just wanted to look nice for the family dinner, but not overdress. 
before you could respond, jason’s lips were on yours again. the kiss is more fervent, rushed. his mouth sporadically slotting against yours. 
in the haze of passion you can barely feel yourself moving backwards, but you are. his body is pressing against yours and guiding you to the bed, your feet trying hard not to stumble in the meanwhile. 
you feel your calves hit the frame of the bed before jason’s hands force you down, your back hitting the mattress with a soft thud.
he towers above you, his frame casting a shadow over yours. he peers down at you hungrily, like how a predator does its prey.
“do you want to know what i was thinking about during dinner?” another out-of-the-blue question from him. it was hard trying to decipher him, his mind always seemed to work too quickly for you to keep up. 
he pauses for a beat of silence, then “at first i was thinking about how delicious and juicy my steak was. then i thought about how delicious and juicy you would be.”
you feel your face burn with embarrassment, heat taking its place on your cheeks. 
you recount all the times throughout your relationship when jason had tried to eat you out, which always ended in you rejecting his offers. you just always felt too embarrassed. none of the people you had been with in the past ever did it, and it became something you stigmatized. 
you subconsciously press your legs together, making jason frown. 
“come on, princess. you’re not going to deny the birthday boy, right?” 
he leans down, hovering over you on the bed to pepper kisses on your face, trying to convince you to give. 
“jason, you don’t have to, you know.” 
“i know. i want to though, really bad.” he pants it out against the sensitive skin of your neck. his tone has taken on a husky tone, almost sounding like a beg. 
you weighed it out. you’d certainly feel bad if you refused him again since it seemed like he was genuine. furthermore, you were weak whenever his tone took on a deeper pitch, the raspiness of it going straight between your legs.
pushing all anxieties to the back of your mind, you shyly nod your head. 
a large smile breaks onto jason’s face. he outwardly rejoiced, placing a sloppy kiss on your cheeks before reeling back.
his large arms tuck themselves under your knees and behind your back, before he lifts you up and throws you further up the bed. 
you gasp as you hit the bed again, his show of strength igniting the heat in your core.
the mattress sinks as he climbs on too, positioning himself on his knees beneath you. his hands linger at the hem of your dress, waiting for a signal from you. at your nod, he bunches the fabric up to your waist, exposing to him your panties. 
he whistles, an action that he's prone to doing whenever he’s around you it seems- whether it's seeing you in a new dress or in a bikini at the beach. it’s his go-to for letting you know just how divine he thinks you are. 
his hands pull at the cotton too, tugging them down and off your legs. 
“how did i ever get so lucky?” he muses once he’s able to see your glistening folds. 
“i’m the lucky one,” you whisper above him. 
“mm, i disagree, princess.” 
he repositions himself to lay on his stomach, his elbows supporting his weight. his hands wrap around your thighs to pull you closer, with him nestling into the space between your legs. 
he leans down to place a kiss on your sensitive clit, making your legs jolt reflexively. 
“relax,” he murmurs. “i’ll make you feel good.” 
one of his arms lays itself across your waist, acting as an anchor to keep you still. his other hand drifts down to your clit, his thumb rubbing circles on the bud.
your body twitches, goosebumps erupting over your skin at the contact. you can feel small sparks start to settle in your veins, your arousal growing by the second. 
jason then pulls back the hood of your clit, granting him access to your full cunt. he dips down, flattening his tongue and running it up your sex. when he reaches the top he suckles your clit, making you erupt in a languid moan. 
you quickly slap a hand over your mouth, realizing how loud you were being. everyone was still in the house, and even though the manor was gigantic, you didn’t want to risk someone hearing you. 
“awh, what’s the fun in that, babe?” jason teases, his trademark smirk back on his face.
you can’t answer him because his thumb is back to work on your clit, rubbing fervently to draw random shapes on it. if you were to try to speak you knew you would just be cut off with more lewd sounds. 
you don’t understand how jason’s not worried before you conclude that he simply doesn’t have an ounce of shame left in his body.
he fake pouts when all you offer him is a shake of your head. “i don’t see what’s so bad about everyone knowing how good i treat you, pretty girl, so how about you let me hear those sounds? it’s my birthday after all.”
when you refuse to budge he stands up again, taking off his belt with quick fingers. before you can process it, he reaches to gather both your hands, tightening the leather around it and attaching it to the bed frame. you’re left defenseless, unable to break the tie. 
jason settles back in his previous position, now with a goal in mind to get you to be as loud as possible. 
he throws both your thighs over his shoulders, pressing himself as close to your pussy as possible. his nose nudges against your clit as he slurps at honeyed folds. his tongue curls and lathers your slick onto his taste buds, and he hums at the taste of you.
“i can’t believe you’ve been keeping this from me.” he grunts. 
he dives back in and begins to eat you out like a man starved because, in a way, he is one. 
“you’re so fucking good for me. tastes so fucking good.”
you’re a mess under him, writhing against the covers of the bed. heavy pants and slurred swears fall from your lips. they join the symphony of wet smacks emanating from jason to paint the air with obscenity. 
you truly tasted like heaven, making jason constantly moan and hum against your sex. the vibrations do little to help you keep your dignity, your whines only growing louder at the presence of them. 
there’s a rapidly coiling spring in your stomach, burning with the need to release. 
jason’s actions grow more and more sporadic. he switches from sucking at your clit, to dragging his tongue along your folds, to flicking his tongue in and out of you seemingly without any rhyme. 
“fuck, fuck, fuck please jason!” you call out his name in a broken cry. your mind feels as though it’s turned to mush, the onslaught of pleasure drowning out all of your sensibilities. 
he only works faster, lapping at your sex with all the ferocity that he could muster. your essence coated his mouth and chin, the way he was eating you out also made it spread along your inner thighs and splatter against the bedsheets. 
you can feel the slight stubble that jason is sporting, relishing in the way it scratches against your sensitive skin. you wish your hands were freed so that you could tug at jason’s raven locks. 
one of jason’s hands leaves its position from locking your legs on his shoulder to pull at the hood of your clit, exposing the bud to him once again. he reels back, collecting the salivation in his mouth and gathering it on his tongue before he spits onto your cunt. 
the saliva mixes with your wetness, soaking and dirtying your cunt even more. 
“so messy for me,” he huffs out proudly. his tongue lapped at his lips, collecting the sweetness that clung there.
he immediately goes back to devouring you, mouth hot against your sex. 
you’ve given up on being quiet long ago, your wanton noises filling up the room, bouncing off the walls and leaking into the hallways.
babbles and yelps, moans and cries and whines escape from out your throat, falling off the tip of your tongue and filling jason’s ears. 
you’re close to becoming undone, you can just feel it. your head feels thick- like there’s nothing but syrup flowing through it. there’s a static in your veins, overtaking your body and making you feel hot and fuzzy. your toes curl, your thighs closing in as best as they could in jason’s heavy grasp. 
“jay, jason” you mewl. “gon- m’close. mess!” you try to warn him, but you’re sure your message doesn’t do much to convey what was about to happen.
like a tidal wave, you’re swept up. the sensation overwhelming you as it takes over your body. your legs spasm as a pornographic moan climbs its way out of your throat. a jet of clear liquid shoots from your cunt, making a mess of the bed and jason. 
you can feel your blood thrum in your veins, feel your heart beating out of your chest. you can’t say you’ve ever came this hard before. you’ve never seen black stars dot your vision, or feel your limbs turn to useless jelly. you’ve never felt sparks- literal sparks- fizzle underneath your skin and make your brain go haywire.
distantly, you can feel jason continuing to lap and kiss your sex, and you squirm away from the overstimulating sensation.
you’re left panting on the bed in the aftermath, body worn out from the strength of your orgasm. 
jason uses his hand to wipe at his face, before licking the remnants of you off his palm and fingers. he chuckles at your state, fixing your dress and noting how your eyelids flutter. 
“did you enjoy that?” he asks softly, murmuring it into your hair before he plants a soft kiss.
you hum out, groggily nodding your head.
“good, because it won't be the last time.” he chuckles out. “thanks for the birthday gift, princess.”
he tucks you in, wishing you a goodnight as he watches your heavy lids finally close. 
after he’s sure you’re sound asleep, he heads into the conjoined bathroom, washing his face before grabbing a towel and dampening it. he heads back out to you, cleaning you up before stripping you of your dress. he replaces it with his own shirt, the cotton much more comfortable than what you had previously been wearing. 
he looks down at you, an endearing look washing over his face as he rakes over your form. you looked so peaceful, your chest rising and falling softly, your face decorated with a soft smile. he climbs into bed beside you, turning on his side and pulling you into his bare chest.
Tumblr media
“it seems that master todd is all grown up.” alfred jests, placing the plate of cookies on the dinner table.
“too grown up for me.” bruce grimaces, sipping his cup of coffee.
tim shudders in his seat, his lips curved into a deep frown. “i guess now we know not to invite him over on his birthday.”
barbara laughs, seemingly the only person still in a good mood after being subjected to the cacophony of lust. “i think that was his plan all along. did you guys not see his look during dinner?”
dick nods. “i saw it. he’s so evil.” the oldest robin laments before shoving another cookie into his mouth.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TAGS + PEOPLE I THINK WOULD LIKE: @qium @munsonsins @mamsvi @z3nitsusgf @sailewhoremoon @festive
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everything else stolen from viral tweets. i am the nicholas cage of twitter no joke is safe.
everything else stolen from viral tweets. i am the nicholas cage of twitter no joke is safe.
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batfam prank where they switch out dick’s costume for his old robin one and then call an ‘emergency’ which is really tim and jason waiting with a camera
Tumblr media
part 2
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Game On
Pairing: Jason Todd x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, thigh riding, making out, nipple licking
Word count: 0.8k
A/N: It's Jason's birthday today so of course I need to write something for him today.
Tumblr media
Jason's mouth was on yours the moment the two of you stepped into the apartment. His helmet clanked to the floor, his hands too busy with roaming your body. He was always so feisty when the two of you finished patrol.
"I kept you waiting haven't I babe?" Jason grins into your neck, one hand guiding you toward the couch, the other one lifting the top of your uniform the moment he sits you down on his lap. "Riled you up right before patrol. But I'll make it worth your while."
You mouth as his neck, needy and hungry, teeth nipping at his skin while your hands trail his muscles through his tight shirt, "You better Jason."
"Someone's ready to play." Oh you were more than ready. You were fucking drenches and dripping over his pants.
"Ready?" You whisper against his lips, sighing as his hand unhooks your bra and lets if fall down your shoulders, pooling in front of you, "I'd say I'm a lot more than that." You take his hand into yours and guide it towards your clit, you can already feel it pulsing in anticipation of his touch.
Jason gives you a smile as bright as the sunny day. And moves both his hands to your back. You groan, getting more annoyed than horny at this point.
"Relax, this all part of the plan." His meaning becomes clear when he drags your across his thigh, the slightly rough material of his pants making you hiss in pleasure. The more he moves your hips the more the mischief in his eyes grows. But he's not looking at you.
He's looking down at your dripping wet pussy leaving a damp trail on his thigh. You've never actually tried this before. Well you have had his thigh between your legs but not while you were naked and he was fully clothed. It was an interesting experience. Jason sure seemed to be enjoying it, based on the bulge tenting at the front of his pants.
If he's gonna make you act horny as hell well then two can play at that game. You give him a little smile as you palm at his erection. His fingers dig into your back for but a moment, a look of challenge on his face. Game on.
The moment he lunges forward, his hot mouth mouth latching onto your stiff nipple, his hands mapping the familiar expanse of your back, his muscles hardening, you bite your lip to stifle a moan, barely managing to hold it in. Your nimble fingers work on the zipper of his pants, then on the buttons of his boxers and finally wrap around his hot, throbbing length.
Jason takes a deep breath through his nose, the noise he makes strained and deep.
"What's wrong Jason? Too much for you to handle?" You move your hand faster, your finger circling his cockhead, rubbing cum up and down his cock, each stroke easier and faster than the last.
"You'd love that wouldn't you?" His teeth close and tug on your nipple before switching to the other and sucking fast. Seeing his control slipping under your touch only makes you grind down on him faster. You try to sync up your hips at your hand strokes but it's not easy when Jason has his eyes closed, his brows tightly nit together, his cock stirring and dripping more and more cum, making a mess of your hand, "Talking big, but you're close too. You're gonna ruin my pants sweetheart. Now I'm glad we decided to wait."
He was actually quite close to taking you into an abandoned alleyway and eating you out right then and there, he knew very well how damn horny you were and that he was the one who made you that way. And now he was finally, finally gonna make you come.
His mouth left your nipple, a little string of saliva still connecting it with his mouth due to how close he still was. Eyes closing in complete bliss he let himself go, his groans turning into full on moans, hips jerking uncontrollably into your hand, which also made his thigh press you harder.
That finally did it for you. Seeing him in this state, completely high on your combined pleasure it made you let go and gush all over his thigh, the juices soaking into the fabric. Moments later you heard Jason moan your name, his voice slightly muffled due to him biting his lip toward the end. His cum came shooting out of his cock, spraying over both of your stomachs and dripping down your hand, creating a thick, white pool of it in his lap.
"Looks like..." Jason snickers as he looks up at you "we both won."
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Tumblr media
Happy Birthday Jason Todd
by Otto Schmidt
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Streaks  // J. Todd x gn!reader
Requested? Yes!
WARNINGS: extremely vague reference to torture
Synopsis: You were aware of what the streak in your hair meant. The Red Hood was not.
A/N: I have like 3 Jason photos ok be gentle with me lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!
Tumblr media
“H.” You mouthed the letter to yourself as you walked on the gray speckled carpet to your target. The comforting musk of old books enveloped you, easing the tension that lined your shoulders. You were on a mission. Every two weeks, you came to the library and picked out a few books to read. It was routine and comforting and the best part of your day. Your therapist was glad that you had books to sink your mind into when the thoughts became too much.
“H.” You brushed your fingers over the spines as you looked for the last book on your list. The canvas tote bag that hung on your shoulder was already filled with a few picks, but you were determined to get this last one.
Just as your hand landed on the book in question, a much larger, much more calloused hand stopped right next to yours. You withdrew your hand and let out a nervous chuckle.
“Sorry,” the smooth, rough voice said. You flashed him a quick smile and did a double take. He was handsome. Ethereally handsome. Tall with a chiseled jaw and dark hair and blue-green eyes and full lips. Oh hell, he was hot.
“No harm, no foul,” you replied. “Exit West? That’s a good book.”
“So is Signs Preceding the End of the World. You have good taste.”
You turned to face him fully and he froze, his eyes fixated on the strip of white in your hair. You blanched and spun around, grabbing the book off the shelf. Of course, he noticed that.
“Have a good day,” you murmured as you hurried towards the self checkout.
Two weeks later, you were back searching for more books and when you turned the corner for the non-fiction section, he was standing there. You wanted to let out a groan of frustration, but this was a library and you had decorum. Stepping around him, you made your way towards the book you needed when his quiet voice stopped you.
“You were right. It was a good book.”
You stilled, your fingers curling around the strap of your bag. Raising your chin to meet his gaze, you only found sincerity in his gaze. You tore your gaze away and focused on the books behind him.
“Usually am,” you quipped, but the fire in your voice fell flat, as if cool water had been tossed over the coals of your anger and the last of the steam curled into the air and disappeared. You had lost a lot of that fire since the incident. That’s what your therapist and you called it.
The incident.
“I never caught your name. I’m Jason.”
“Y/N.” You blinked in surprise but shook his proffered hand. Jason offered you a small smile and you couldn’t help but return it. Pulling your hand back, you clasped your arms around the book you had cradled to your chest and then rocked back on your heels.
“Well, if you ever need any recommendations, you know where to find me.” You gestured around at the library and his crooked grin grew.
“I’ll keep that in mind.”
That night, Jason found himself seated on one of the rooftops of the Bowery. His helmet was tuned into the comms, but his focus was on the people below. This was his territory and he was their protector. That meant he needed to keep his head and watch out for potential signs of danger. The Bowery and Park Row might be the most notorious spots for violence in Gotham, but Red Hood refused to let kids and families get trapped in the middle of gang violence.
His interest piqued at the sight of a familiar figure. You walked out of an apartment complex and he tensed, searching for any signs of threats nearby. He relaxed only a tiny bit when he saw that there were none of the usual players out, but he kept his focus locked on you.
You held something in your hand and he watched as you paused near an alley and then crouched down. A few cats came running out of the alleyway when you shook whatever was in your hand and then you poured food into a few bowls and set them out. They wound around your feet and rubbed their cheeks against your legs in appreciation as you pet them gently.
A shout sounded from the east and he whipped his head around to look, but it was just some kids playing soccer under the streetlights. You gave the cats one last pat and then headed over to the kids. They cheered when you joined them in their game and Jason just couldn’t believe it.
That streak in your hair. The mallen streak. It was nearly identical to the one that marred his own black hair. But seeing you now with laughter in your lungs and a wide smile on your face…it only made his chest ache. He knew how he got his streak. He hated to think that someone as gentle as you received yours in a similar manner.
After a few rounds of pickup soccer, you sent the kids home to sleep and then started heading back to your apartment again. Jason considered his options for a moment and then grappeled down to land next to you. You flinched back, your whole body shuddering as you raised your arms to cover your face.
“Shit, sorry,” he exclaimed.
“Oh.” You lowered your hands. “Hood. Do you need something?”
When he took over the Bowery, Jason established that Red Hood was only to be feared by the people who wanted to hurt the innocent. He deposited formula and diapers on the doorsteps of single moms, intimidated dickhead landlords who refused to fix heaters during winter, and yes, putting a bullet between the eyes of anyone who tried to deal to kids. Folks thought they could make cash or get food from him in exchange for information, but the truth was that he would give them the stuff regardless. But it established a relationship between him and the neighborhood. The Bowery was his and he was the Bowery.
“It’s not safe to walk alone at night,” he answered coolly.
“Who said I needed protection? I’ve got a taser and a mean right hook,” you shot back. His lips twitched under his mask and he fell in step with you.
“I was talking about me needing protection. Good to know I picked a good person to walk with.” You rolled your eyes at his comment, but you didn’t stop the smile that grew on your lips. Stopping at the mouth of the alley again, you bent down to collect the empty food dishes from the cats. You walked in companionable silence up to the door that led to your apartment complex.
“Thanks for walking with me,” you mumbled out. “And thanks for protecting the neighborhood. Back when…back when he was in control, the kids weren’t safe to play outside.”
When Black Mask was in control, he noted. The predecessor to the Hood before he was put down by one of Jason’s bullets.
“You’ve lived here a long time?”
“My whole life.” You puffed your cheeks out and then let out a long stream of air. “Debated on moving when it got bad but after you killed him, things got better.”
He watched as you reached up, your fingers subconsciously brushing against the white streak in your hair and all of the pieces fell into place. Jason forced himself to unclench his fist as he recalled the terror in your eyes when he had appeared beside you. How you raised your hands to defend yourself from a blow to the face.
“Did he hurt you?”
You ducked your head and dragged your shoe along the gravel below your feet, scuffing the edge of your sneakers in the dirt. “My roommate had a debt that she didn’t pay on time. When they came to intimidate her, they grabbed the wrong person. Didn’t realize their mistake until three days later but it was enough.”
Rage burned through his veins, but he tamped it down and instead, brushed his gloved hand against your jaw and lifted your gaze to meet the white lenses of his helmet. Tenderly, he touched the edge of your hairline where the streak started and then slid his fingers down to cup your cheek.
“I should have killed him sooner,” he whispered.
tag list: @annalayton19 @khaetiin @mcrmarvelloki @gone-batty-fics​ @someoneimsure​ @perpetual-fangirl900
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editorofeverything · a day ago
It’s 2 in the morning and my sleep schedule is fucked so I’m having fun with writing prompts for later and using the italics and bold features a little too much.
I’ve had a sudden vision of Danny Phantom, in very quick succession:
1. meeting Red Hood for the first time
2. sensing that he has a whole ass corrupted core, and, without explaining anything to anyone about anything
3. picking Jason up in the air and shoving his hand into his chest
I can see the Batfam but especially Bruce/Batman being horrified at watching what they think is this otherworldly, eldritch terror entity appear out of nowhere and murder their brother/son/friend right in front of them.
They attack, and Danny jerks something out of Jason’s chest before dropping him, ignoring all his new wounds thanks to the Batfam to immediately contain the toxic green, oozing core like it’s worth more than his life. (I imagine like an ecto-shield but it acts like a Steven universe bubble) and sends it away/destroys it/contains it for the time being idk
Tumblr media
Jason is somehow alive- although he’s collapsed on his hands and knees puking up all the leftover toxic, corrupted ectoplasm that has been filtering through his veins for however long since he was revived.
After a disgusting/concerning amount of time, Jason is all out of toxic waste to puke up and the others have either captured Danny or he disappears idk
But suddenly Jason pops up looking more revived since he was- well- revived and he is like “I know that was wildly traumatic for all of us involved, but I think that weird little glow stick just saved my undead life” and the others go:
Tumblr media
Because they absolutely hammered that thing when it attacked Jason and it just disappeared?? With no trace???
And Danny is just like: who the fuck is this random person walking around with a corrupted core killing him just as much as it was keeping him alive and why did everyone within a ten mile vicinity just use me for target practice
Shenanigans ensue
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minnow-doodle-doo · 2 days ago
i really love how you draw smiles it feels so bubbly in my heart, especially on dick and jason they look like such sweet boys i want to give them butterscotch candies like a grandma
Omg thank you!!!! I love drawing them smiling cuz they need it!
Tumblr media
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tamdrry · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy B-day Jay 🎉🎉🎉
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