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Artbreeder DC Cómics

This is how I personally imagine Jason Todd, aka Red Hood.

(I had to re-edit his eyes for them to look more greenish, cuz I thought it looks good on him)

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imagine simping this much for not only curran walters but more specifically jason todd OOP

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...You ass is grass and I'm gonna mow it.
Leave me alone!
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Jason: (holding Alfred the cat) Stinky kitty

Damian: (tearing up) NO-

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Jason(about the Batfam, to a villain)
Don't underestimate us. Our family motto is, "Maybe we'll get lucky this time..."
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I just got HBO max and does anyone know if you can choose the options in Death in The Family on the app or what does anyone know? I don’t know how else I’d be able to watch it so I might just have to watch it there even if it doesn’t have the choices🤷🏼

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(Y/N)*super angry at someone*:You know what!FRICK YOU!

Jason*trying to calm her down*:Doll—

(Y/N)*Turns to Jason*:I don’t want to hear it Jason ! NOT .FROM. YOU!*turns back *FRICK YOU!!!

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I’ve been obsessed with the idea that Slade takes Jason under his wing or they start doing jobs together. Everytime they get together in canon I’m there! And they have some quality moments. Slade knows Jason is useful, Jason is a sassy young adult/old teen. I like to imagine that Slade, being an actual adult, is probably pretty good at putting up with unruly…well,,, unruly children and in my head that means Jason tries and fails at getting on the mercenary’s nerves, much to his chagrin. I also found a really great fic with Jason and Slade post RHATO #25 and it just fills me with so much joy because there are just quality moments that still seem very possible for the characters. If you were pissed about RHATO #25 or just like Jason and you have not yet read “Real Eyes Realize Real Lies” by FUBrucewww on ao3, you should check it out. Was definitely inspired by that fic to make this even though it doesn’t reference a specific scene or anything. Okay, done talking, the end!

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Ch. 50 is up of “Red Knight Takes Queen’s Bishop” !

We are so close to the end now, but as it happens, it worked better to split this chapter in two, so the fic will end at Ch. 52. 

This chapter - The Batfam cries over saying good-bye to Jason and Harley, even though it’s really only a “see you later.” Still, Wayne Manor won’t be the same without them. 

A sequel to my story “Red, White, and Harley” in this series - read that first! It’s the setup. Bruce is still reeling from his son Jason Todd’s accusations, not to mention the oddity of Harley Quinn’s new role. He’s ready to hang up the cowl and shut down the Batlings for good until Bane intervenes.


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Nuevo vistazo al traje de Jason Todd como Red Hood.

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So i saw this thing where you choose a song to each character so i am going to do It with my favorites characters:

Dick/nightwing: Greek tragedy-the wombats

Conner/superboy: wonder-shawn mendes

Jason/red hood: daddy issues-the neighbourhood

Tim/red Robin: half a man-Dean lewis

Roy/arsenal: why’d you only call me when you are high- arctic monkeys

Damian/Robin: arcade-duncan laurence

Wally/flash: for now-sam fischer

Michael/booster Gold: break my baby-kaleo

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Bruce: We need time together.


Jason: Arcades? I wanna play Street Fighter.

Tim: Museum trips?

Damian: The zoo, father.

*Bruce looks at them*

Bruce: I was thinking about group therapy but those sound pretty good too.

Everyone else:

Jason: You’re fucking kidding, right?

Dick: Bruce, say sike RIGHT NOW.

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Jason: Sometimes I wish we had normal people problems

Jason: Like not having enough change on hand, maybe a cent behind.

Jason: Like forgetting to bring a gift to a friend’s birthday.

Jason: I’d take stubbing my toe over getting stabbed, any day.

*2 days later*

Tim: Who’s screaming?

Dick: It’s Jason. He stubbed his toe.

Jason: *angrily hitting the dining table*  FUCK THIS. FUCK THAT. I’D RATHER BE STABBED.

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Do you think Tim is ever upset or crying or something and Jason goes “Dick, Tim needs his big brother”

And Tim goes “you are my big brother”

And Jason’s brain makes a fucking error noise

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Damien: Can I go out on patrol with you tonight?

Jason: What did Bruce say?

Damien:He said No.

Jason: Then why did you ask me?

Damien: Father’s not the boss of you.

Jason*internally*: it’s a’s a’s a trap.

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Jason*rolling down the car window*:What seems to be the problem officer?

Dick:Jason, get the hell out of my car

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