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#red hood

This turned into a beast. Enjoy! 

Request for anonymous: Angst 9 (“You can’t die on me. Please don’t die.”), Fluff 5 (“Marry me.”)

Word Count: 3,400

Warnings: Gore, violence

Tags: @idkmanicantenglish (I’m sorry I forget to tag you all the time) 

Penguin got the drop on you and Red Hood. Penguin of all fucking people. Honestly, you probably should’ve expected it at this point. Metas are rarely allowed in Gotham, so when your fire powers made an appearance with the debut of “The Phoenix”, you caught the eye of quite a few crime lords, which meant a lot of crime lords attempted to capture you. 

You grimace as one of his goons tightens his iron grip on your bicep, forcing you to your knees next to Red Hood. The barrel of a gun digs into the back of your head, holding you in place along with the binds around your wrists, and the power inhibitor collar around your neck. The hired muscle steps on your ankles, holding your feet in place. You jerk against the restraints, causing him to press his foot harder. 

“Wow, they weren’t kidding about the new ass running around with Red Hood,” Penguin grabs your chin. “What’s a pretty face like you doing with a piece of shit like this?” He kicks Hood. 

You growl and spit a mouthful of blood into Penguin’s face. 

“Go to hell,” You growl. 

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OK idea number 2

Batfam fan cast 2.0


Originally posted by yesthebatmanme

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman


Originally posted by maksymoff

Danny Shepherd as Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson/Nightwing


Originally posted by matthewdaddyariio

Matthew Daddario as Jason Todd/ Red Hood


Originally posted by lucyrozes

Ryan Potter as Tim Drake / Red Robin


Originally posted by umbrellaacademy-uk

Aidan Gallagher as Damien Wayne/Robin


Originally posted by waverlyyearp

Brianne Tju as Cassandra 'Cass’ Cain/Orphan


Originally posted by ellefanningcompilation

Elle Fanning as Stephanie Brown/Spoiler


Originally posted by vodka-con-amor

Emma Stone as Barbara Gordon/Oracle


Originally posted by lilpieceofmyworld

KJ Apa as Roy Harper/Archer


Originally posted by missnothingquotes

Ruby Rose as Kate Kane/BatWoman

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Jason: Technically, penguins dont drown. So I didn’t kill him, it’s his fault he can’t breathe underwater.

Damian: It has about time Todd used his grey matter .

Tim and damian: *snickers*

Jason: Shut up demon-spawn and replacement



Inspiration :)

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  • Fandom: DC comics, Batman
  • Pairings: Jonathan Kent x Damian Wayne (JonDami) & Jason Todd x Timothy Drake (JayTim)
  • Rating: General, family feels, hurt/comfort
  • Other(s) links: AO3


The Batfamily was broken.

It was six years ago, and they had barely stood together since then, trying to stand up despite guilt and regret.

Damian was sure there was nothing to save, not after losing something that he didn’t know he cared about. But when a new opportunity to get back what they had lost appeared, he cannot help to doubt as his past decisions haunt him again.

If you love somebody, set them free. But you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

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How would RH report them ya think? Would he even? Like, "I've got two muggers here on 5th. They were mugging each other." Or do you think he'd just leave them alone? Social distancing and all that...

G: I mean… they’re just vibing man. I personally wouldn’t report them. I mean like, if you leave two idiots alone long enough they’ll end up taking care of themselves. People watching is a really good hobby in Gotham if you’re bored and I’ve seen a man try to rob a police officer in broad daylight, like… we may have Batman but what this city really needs is a brain cell.

W: Agree with G, but also the vigilantes don’t really report stuff anyway, they kind of do their own thing. Red Hood especially isn’t seen a lot around petty crimes, mostly extra violent stuff. If any vigilante were to step in in this mugger scenario though, the guys’d be tied up and zonked out before they could realize what was going on.

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Cold Cold Cold

Jason Todd x reader



prompt: anonymous: “Are your requests still open and do you write for Jason todd from the show in dcu called titans? If so can you do a imagine or bc or something idk but where the reader y/n (preferably female) is like freezing so she asked him to hold her I thought the idea was cute thank you very much! And you don’t have to write it I don’t want to pressure you!


Originally posted by seacaster

“Goddammit.” You muttered to yourself as you pulled your bundle of blankets along with you down the hallway, tripping and fumbling the whole way down. “Wayne is a fucking billionaire but I’m not allowed to touch the thermostat? That fuck is this shit?” You complained to yourself in the dead of night. “Lock box on this stupid thing, is it really that serious?”

“It’s because Dick sweats in his sleep.” You heard a voice in the dark and realized you weren’t alone. You quickly assumed a defensive stance as you spun around and faced the figure. “Calm down, it’s just me.” Jason approached with his hands visible to you.

“Can’t he just get a fan? This is getting ridiculous.” You fidgeted with the plastic box locking the thermostat controls for a moment more before Jason took your hand and moved it away from the piece of junk.

“Come lay with me for a while. I have a space heater in my room.” He raised his eyebrows while you thought it over and you gave him a tired little nod. With that, he pulled you back to his room and the moment you walked in there you felt so much more cozy. “The heater’s been on all night, so it’s already warm.”

“Why were you in the hallway?” You asked him as you crawled into his bed.

“You were stomping around, y/n. Someone could have been kidnapping you for all I knew.” He chuckled as he pulled the covers out and hopped into bed. The shift of weight caused you to get a little closer to him, which he actually preferred. “Come here.” He wrapped his arm around you and you rested your head on his shoulder. “Better?”

“Yeah, better.” You yawned and nuzzled into the crook of his neck. You couldn’t see it, but Jason was smirking like an idiot. Couldn’t even hide it if he wanted to.

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Ppl make lots of jokes about the Red Hood’s twitter but if the Red Hood had a twitter it would just be crazy socialist liberatrian anti authority rants that sound like shit posts but he means with 100% earnesty and executions he filmed in abandoned buildings and he’d be constantly getting banned/having to make a new account

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Jason for the arcana prompt?

The Tower: destruction, sudden, flames, fear of change

Word count: 164

I really wanted to make this happy and original because Jason deserves it, but 🤷🏽‍♀️


Orange dripped from the edges of the world and casted weird shadows in the corners of his good eye. He couldn’t keep the other one open, it ached and he was pretty sure it was swollen.

Jason crawled through the room, forcing the gears in the back of his mind to work. There had to be a way out of this, a way to save his mom and maybe, if he got lucky, himself.

Manic laughter filled his ears and made them ring and, while Jason imagined there could not be a sound as horrible as that one, the world flashed in bright orange and red.

In the back of his head, Jason thought of how much the woman he believed to be his mother was shaking and of the exam he had to take next week. Then, as everything was covered in a black curtain he could barely see through, of how mad Bruce was going to be when he found him.

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Hello, good people of tumblr!

I recently graduated and had to quit my internship, so I’m super unemployed and it’s not like people are hiring right now. To help with the bills, I’ve thought about selling some stitching patterns, but I’ve never done that before and have no idea how to.

I’m talking about this one


It’s 300 x 265, eight colors. I have no idea how to price this and if there’s copyright stuff I should be concerned about. If anyone here could give me a hand, I’d really appreciate it. Or if you’re interested in the pattern, please, hit me up.

I also have this one ready to go

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