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brokenarrow32 · 5 days ago
Someone please tell me I’m not the only one about to start a riot over the fact that Dick Grayson still has yet to make an appearance in the DC Wayne Family Adventures WEBTOON comics? Four free episodes (that you don’t need a fast pass for) so far and we haven’t seen him 🤟😔 lovin Tim Jase and Dami though!! They all look so good 😭 maybe they’ll make Dickie a POC too considering he’s Romani- high hopes since they didn’t whitewash Damian 👀
PS that last episode with Jason stealing B’s gear tho omg 😭
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imagines-plus · a month ago
Full Moon
Tumblr media
Summary: When you and your werewolf boyfriend visit his childhood home, you learn more about him then you thought you would.
Pairing: Werewolf!Jason Todd X Reader
Warnings: Allusions Sexual Content, Supernatural Content, Bad Parenting, Toxic Conservative Beliefs
Word Count: 7,640 words
A/N: This is in honor of Jason’s birthday, Urban Legends #6, Titans Season 3, and Twilight being on Netflix. Also there’s no plot in this. Just batfam shenanigans.
Maneater (Prequel)
“Ba ba ba ba... ba ba badadadadadada,” you hummed as you combed your hand through Jason’s hair, your finger always looping around the small, white tuft in the front. Your boyfriend was reading as he rested his right cheek on your chest, forcing the both of you to squish together onto the cheap, foot-high twin bed.
“Okay, sweetheart, I love you, but you’ve had the How I Met Your Mother theme song stuck in your head for the past three days. Which means that, by default, I’ve had the How I Met Your Mother theme song stuck in my head for the past three days,” Jason said, lifting his head from your chest and thus unwinding your fingers from his locks. After giving your boyfriend a small pout, you clicked your phone off and tossed it aside to lock your fingers around the back of Jason’s neck. 
“I’m sorry, lover,” you crooned in a too-sweet voice, knowing how much he hated the title, (he once explained that “lover” makes it sound like he’s a fifty-year-old billionaire and that you were his decades-too-young mistress) and grinned as he grimaced, “Is there anything I can do to make up for it?” Jason dropped his small paperback with a hum and lowered himself back down so that his chin was now lightly digging into your collarbone. 
“Well, maybe you could reconsider coming out tonight with-”
“Aw, come on, (Y/n)!”
“Remember the deal, Jay-Jay? In exchange for me forgiving you for lying to me for an entire year into our relationship, that you would let me come with you to the manor to watch ‘Family Game Night,’”the air-quotes were practically built into your voice. 
Jason sighed and rolled over, having to awkwardly readjust the two of you (and you definitely didn’t grow a little flushed at how easily he slid his huge-ass hands around your waist and lifted you) in order to reverse your positions. You wrapped your arms around his neck, leaving your hands gently resting above his shoulders and a heavy hand rested on your lower back. You gently pushed aside the chain hanging on his neck with your matching ring and then lowered your head to Jason’s sternum. Once your head was nestled comfortable into his badonka-donk tiddies chest, you took a moment to rub your cheek into his large pectorals and get a solid whiff of his scent. He smelled like cigarettes, oak, and laundry detergent (one time you joked that he smelled like a cocker spaniel and Jason was legitimately offended by the comment.)
“Do you have to motorboat me every time...?” your boyfriend muttered, his eyes averted and his cheeks dark red. You’d be lying if you said that you didn’t take any pleasure out of getting your six foot, two-hundred pound boyfriend flustered much akin to a thirteen-year-old watching a girl lick a lollipop. With a quick grin and a happy hum you replied,
“Yup,” you popped the “p” hard, “My boyfriend is insanely hot and I, as his girlfriend, reserve the sole right to motorboat his rock hard breasts anytime I want with expressed and enthusiastic consent,” Jason groaned,
“Alright, do whatever you want. Make me Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, why not?”
“Wouldn’t you be more like Bolt? From the movie Bolt?” Jason closed his eyes and gave a dramatic sigh in mock exhaustion, but you heard the little hitch in his breath when you buried your face back into his cleavage. A moment passed in warm silence before you asked,
“Do you really not want me to come? I can understand if you don’t want me to.” Jason’s hand rose to gently pat at your upper back,
“Nah. A deal’s a deal.”
The morning after Jason revealed that he was a werewolf (damn, that still sounded absolutely absurd) the two of you settled in for a much-needed Q&A session. Some of the topics already covered included: origins (unknown), lore (unknown), and the existence of other supernatural creatures (unknown). So far, Jason had proved to be about as useful as a broken Wikipedia page, with Jason repeating “How would I know?” to nearly every question you had. 
“How can you not know if there are other werewolves out there? If it’s hereditary, like you think it is, then clearly there must be more!” Jason shrugged and scratched at his still-naked shoulder (You hadn’t cared enough to clothe him, so you just let him wrap his torso with your university-supplied ratty, grey blanket. Clothes were unimportant when you needed answers),
“I mean. I haven’t met any. But I’ve only really been in Gotham whenever I turn. Bruce says it’s safer if we all travel in a pack.” You rolled your eyes at Jason’s lackadaisical answer. For someone who was literally a thing of legend, he didn’t seemed pressed to know anything about it. Giving up on that line of questioning, you continued,
“Okay, what do you and the ‘pack,’“ Jason scoffed at your finger-quotes, “Do whenever you pull an Animorphs?” Jason had the audacity to pout and cross his arms over his chest, the edge of the blanket scrunching at his armpits.
“I don’t appreciate the Animorphs comment, but to answer your question: it depends. For the most part, we just kinda run around the woods and mess around,” Wow, you thought to yourself, Some of the coolest cryptids in history and they just “mess around” once a month, “Sometimes Dick and I’ll, like, hunt some deer or just run around the woods around the manor,” that was probably the most disappointing answer after “How would I know?” but nevertheless, you persisted,
“Alright, well, what happens to your brain when you turn? Is it like The Shaggy Dog where you have a human brain but the body of a one-hundred-and-fifty pound wolf? Or is it just, no thoughts, just dog?” At that, Jason took a second to think to himself,
“I mean... It’s sorta both? Like, I’m still me, Jason, but all of my inhibitions are gone and replaced with just wolf. Y’know?” you didn’t know, “But then, at the same time, I still feel things. I’m still in control.” With a deep inhale, you reminded yourself that Jason was your beloved boyfriend and not a professor, or any type of professional, responsible for bestowing knowledge onto others.
“What on earth does any of that mean?” Jason grumbled a bit and ran a hand through his hair (which still had some tiny branches and leaves tangled in, which Jason seemed to ignore),
“Okay, like last night, for instance, when I broke that little rat’s arm,” you nodded, “I felt that I wanted to kill him and dismember his corpse and eat it,” that would definitely be a topic for another day, “But my human brain knew that I couldn’t kill him, so I didn’t. But my responses and methods were all wolf-brain.” Glossing over the fact that your boyfriend of a year had used the word “methods” to describe torturing your ex, you did acknowledge that his example clarified a few things for you.
And, naturally, garnered more questions for you,
“Wait, about that, how did you even know I was in danger? Wayne Manor is, like, forty miles west of campus. Unless, are your senses heightened by that much as a wolf?” Jason’s eyes darted to his crossed legs, but you could see the baby pink blush forming high on his cheekbones.
“I mean... sorta,” he mumbled, clearly embarrassed at what he was about to admit to, “But sometimes I just like to check up on you for a bit before I shift back. My wolf-brain likes being near you.” Despite your current frustrations at your werewolf boyfriend, you had to admit that you were slightly flattered. The thought that even when boiled down to his most animal instincts, Jason still wanted to be close to you made your face warm a bit. It was sweet.
“It likes your smell the most out of anyone.” Less sweet.
“Ah, Master Jason and Miss (Y/n). It is always a pleasure to see you return home,” Alfred welcomed in his over-polite manner,
“‘Sup, Alfie?” Jason greeted, giving the butler a hearty clap on the back, to which Alfred jolted forward by just a few centimeters,
“The ceiling is ‘what is up,’ Master Jason.” You chuckled at the two as you followed Jason through his over-the-top-and-only-slightly-obnoxious childhood home.
You loved visiting Wayne Manor not to just see how the “Other SideTM” lives, but because you always learned a little bit more about Jason each time.
Last time, for instance, you’d learned that Jason had had a very intense emo phase in high school. Like, lip, eyebrow, and tongue piercing intense. (You’d always said that you wouldn’t mind he get his tongue re-pierced but then you found out that he’d done it himself in his bathroom at two A.M. with a burnt safety pin. All of a sudden it became less sexy.) And eventually it got to the point where Damian stopped inviting his friends over from school because Clark Kent’s kid saw him once and told everyone that he was a vampire. You snorted at how close he was to being right.
Well, this time, you were going to learn a lot more about Jason. You had your notebook, a pen, and a camera all prepared for the “shift.”
“Y’know, you can still back out,” Jason sing-songed as the two of you walked into the massive kitchen where a plate of jam-filled shortbread cookies sat on the island (they were still warm; how did Alfred do that?). Jason snatched a cookie and leaned an elbow on the counter, taunting you,
“There’s no shame in taking the loss and hiding out in my dad’s basement.” You rolled your eyes and grabbed the cookie out of his hand seconds before it made its way into his mouth, tossing it into your own,
“If you think that I’m going to pass up on an opportunity to see a real-life werewolf pack, then maybe you don’t know me as well as you thought you did, lover.” Jason grumbled a bit before stuffing two more cookies into his mouth.
The two of you munched in silence for a few before Jason—mouth still full— said,
“Are you sure-”
“Hey! Jaybird!” Looking up, you saw Jason’s older brother, Dick barge in, “And hey, Jaybird’s owner!” Dick exclaimed as he strolled through the kitchen leisurely. It still blew your mind whenever you saw Dick and Jason next to each other. 
Yes, they had different mothers, but nonetheless, the fact that they were related at all seemed almost impossible. Dick was so happy-go-lucky with seemingly no care in the world (which seemed concerning for a cop, no?) meanwhile Jason looked like he was two seconds away from starting a gang war for the fun of it.
“Hi Dick. It’s been a while,” you said pleasantly, to which Dick grinned, seized a cookie and replied,
“Well, yeah, it’s because Jay never wants to bring you over, for some reason! It’s almost like he’s embarrassed of us or something, which I find ridiculous, right Jay?” As Dick attempted to hug his brother, who was now putting up a very impressive fight, in walked Damian who made a bee-line for the cookies, artfully dodging his wrestling older brothers.
“Hey, Damian. What’s up?” you asked.
To be completely honest, you were pretty sure that Damian hated you, although you weren’t completely sure as to why. At first, you thought that he might be jealous of you, especially when you and Jason first started dating. But, after you saw him knuckle-punch your boyfriend in the gut over a set of Japanese tea cups, you figured that that wasn’t the case. 
The twelve-year-old quirked an eyebrow at you, looking like you’d just offered to bite his ear off.
“The ceiling,” he deadpanned, Alfred’s parenting clearly rubbing off on him. You gave him an awkward chuckle and replied,
“Hilarious, buddy.” Buddy? Seriously? 
Damian gave you a bored sigh before gathering three cookies onto a cloth napkin and exiting the kitchen. 
“Get off of me!” Jason finally shouted before kneeing Dick in the... Well. Y’know.
“Dick!” Oh look, Tim was here, too. Jason groaned before letting his also groaning older brother drop to the floor.
“Hi, Timbo. I’m also back, by the way.” You beamed at your pouty boyfriend as Tim starting yelling at him and Dick. 
You watched fondly at the warm—if not chaotic—scene playing out before you. (Dick was now back up and attempting to give Tim his own hug before the teenager ducked out of the way.) It was comforting to know that despite their sort of rocky history, that Jason’s family was still as close as they were. 
“Hi Tim,” you greeted when the teenager reached toward the almost-empty cookie plate. 
“Hey, (Y/n). Could I, like, go around you to grab a cup of coffee? Yup. Thanks.” For being only seventeen, Tim’s eyebags reminded you strikingly of your sixty-year-old chemistry professor. 
“So, Tim, how’s school goin’? I remember junior year being rough.” Tim gave you a tired chuckle and replied,
“According to the Yerkes-Dodson curve, I’m on the right end of productivity so.”
“Tim’s lying.” You startled a bit when Cass appeared beside you, a shortbread cookie already in hand. You gave a polite nod before your two-hundred-pound boyfriend clomped back toward you and grabbed your wrist,
“Let’s go. This family reunion’s been nice and all, but I don’t wanna accidentally run into-”
“Jason.” Jason cringed at the gravelly voice that called him and you gave a sympathetic wince back. Jason turned to the entrance of the kitchen, a familiar, snarky expression on his face,
“Bruce,” you saw the billionaire stiffen at the use of his first name, “What’s up? Here to tell me how much of a disappointment I am and then kick me out? Or...?” Bruce sighed and clenched and unclenched his fists.
“Jason, I know that we’ve had our-”
“Instances of total abandonment? Or lulling each other into fall senses of trust and then just rippin’ the rug right out from under ‘em?” 
“Don’t call me that.” You could tell that this conversation wasn’t going to be heading anywhere, so you looped your arm around Jason’s waist,
“Hey, Mr. Wayne. Lovely home. But I made Jason promise me that he’d show me his collection of pocket-sized literary classics so...” With a light tug, Jason grumbled a bit before letting you lead him out of the kitchen.
“O-Oh. Yes. They’re um... very small.” You gave the bumbling Bruce a polite smile before heading toward and up the “main” grand staircase (since there were at least three that you knew of).
“Stupid Bruce tryin’ to make me-”
“I love you.” Jason nearly tripped over the next step of the staircase.  
The two of you hung around the manor for the next hour, with Jason giving you  another part of the house tour (you were on part three, this time) and then the two of you crashed in Jason’s private library until Alfred called the family down for dinner.
While Bruce sat at the head, the kids filled in both ends of the obnoxiously long table with Jason purposefully sitting at the farthest two place settings.
“Tonight, I have prepared a hearty beef and vegetable stew, along with sixteen-ounce filet and a side of herb-roasted potatoes,” Alfred announced, standing next to Bruce, who was (like the rest of his children) impatiently waiting for him to finish. You noticed the family had a now restless energy to them, almost as if this was their first meal in a decade. In fact, you could hear Dick swallow at the meat in front of him. “And for dessert, I’m warming up an almond cherry pie with homemade whipped cream.” You quirked a lip at that, having heard Jason wax poetry about Alfred’s cherry pie; clearly Alfred had heard the same. 
“Alright, children: dig in.” With that, you watched in shock as the Wayne children literally begin to devour the meats and vegetables on their plates (even Cass!). You even saw Damian, at one point, stop using his steak knife and just pick up the filet with his hands and begin gnawing at it. Wasn’t he a vegetarian!?
“Wow, I didn’t realize that you were so hungry,” you whispered to Jason, who had red meat juices flowing down his chin.
“Nah, it’s always like this before the shift,” Tim explained, from across from you not bothering to swallow before speaking, “Our bodies are becoming more in-tune with the moon’s revolutions so they’re preparing for the transformation,” Tim paused to take a long slurp of stew straight from the bowl, “So our metabolism rate increases by almost triple, meaning that we’re starving.” You nodded and pulled out your notebook and pen, jotting down what Tim had explained.
“Also the wolf-brain wants raw meat, but Alfie always says no,” Jason added, taking a large swig of water. 
“’Wolf-brain?’ Is that what you’re calling it, Jay?” Dick asked with a loud laugh. Jason glared at his brother before turning back to his potatoes. 
“Why? What do you call it, Dick?” you asked, pen ready,
“Well, we’ve always just called it ‘the Wolf’ since it’s sorta like a whole animal’s living with you, y’know? He’s never gone, just sometimes goes to sleep for a bit. But, it comes out in, like, weird ways. Like, has Jay ever just, like, smelled you? For way too long?” You smirked and glanced at your boyfriend who was conveniently face-first into stew.
“Yeah. Like, ten minutes ago.” 
“Well, that’s the Wolf. It means it likes your smell.” Yeah, you’d heard that one already.
Still super weird.
Once everyone had scarfed down their main courses and Alfred had placed the pie on the table, Bruce decided to address the “you” in the room.
“So, Jason, it has come to my understanding that your classmate wishes to sit-in on tonight’s shift,” your eyebrow quirked when you saw Jason’s hand tighten around his fork at you being called a classmate, “But do you really think that it’s wise to bring her along? It can be quite dangerous and I’m not sure that it’s safe to have a civilian so close to-”
“A civilian. Really, Bruce? She’s my partner and if you have something to say then say it to my face instead of pussy-footing around!” 
“Well, Jason, you and I both know that-”
You were well-aware of Jason’s tense dumpster fire of a relationship with his father. From what Jay (and Dick) had told you, when Jason was in his senior year of high school, he and Bruce had had a really bad fight (about what, Jason still wouldn’t tell you) and Bruce had essentially kicked out his own son. Jason then couch-surfed for a bit but as soon as Vicki Vale found out about his living situation, Bruce then suddenly decided to welcome Jason back home and even offered to pay for all of his schooling. Miraculous. 
“No! She’s the only person that I’ve ever met that has understood and accepted me for who I am! And if you think that I’m going to sit here and let you talk down to her, then you’re an even worse father than I thought!” Although you had to admit, that watching Jason yell at his father in enthusiastic defense of your honor was very... exciting for you, you also knew that you would have to chime in real soon.
“I can’t risk letting her get injured! What if people were to find out!?”
“Oh yeah, because Bruce Wayne cares so much about what other people think. Especially people who aren’t even his own kids!” Did... Did Jason just growl? 
You looked over at Tim, who was still eating his pie without even looking up.
“Is-Is the growling another wolf thing?” you whispered. Tim shrugged,
“Prob. Or it’s just a Bruce v. Jason thing. It’ll all be resolved soon, don’t worry about it.” With a small sigh, you fixed your eyes back on your boyfriend and his father screaming at each other with an intensity that can only fester from years of unresolved and repressed anger and hurt.
“Jason! I am putting my foot down on this! She cannot come and that’s final!” Okay, now that sounded like a bark. You placed your hand onto Jason’s forearm (which was notably tense) and the man froze, whipping his head back at you.
“Jay... It’s okay. I don’t have to come.” Jason’s eyebrows furrowed, not used to you giving in so easily.
“Wh-What? No, babe, if you want to see the shift, you’re gonna see-” You smiled at your over-passionate boyfriend before cutting him off,
“Jason. I’m not worth fighting with your family over, alright? Family always comes first, and I get that.” The Wayne Manor dining room went completely silent, mostly due to their shameless staring, but also due to Jason’s (to them, at least) unfamiliar expression. It was disturbingly... fond. 
You knew that Jason had lived with his mom until she died when he was thirteen, meaning that he only lived with Bruce for a few years. Meanwhile, Dick had moved out by the time that Jason was in high school, Tim and Cass had only been in middle school when Jason was kicked out, and Damian in elementary school. Which means that the amount of times that Jason’s family had seen him so unguarded were few and very far between.
So it wasn’t surprising to you when the Wayne children all stared in shock at the small peek of intimacy. Although, it did make you a little sad.
“(Y/n), no. Don’t say that-” you cut him off, again,
“It’s cool. I’ll just hang out with Alfred, alright? Maybe help with all these dishes,” you joked, but the look on Jason’s face let you know that he was taking this personally.
“Well. That’s settled.” Bruce sat up from his seat, and slowly, the other siblings followed suit. Jason glanced at you, so you gave him a gentle nod before he, too, stood up.
“The moon should be rising within the next seventeen minutes, so everyone meet outside in ten,” Bruce ordered and you watched, fascinated as each child nodded before going their separate ways, leaving just you, Alfred, and Bruce. After a few moments of awkward silence between the three of you, you stood,
“Well, guess I’ll just help Alfred clear up this table-”
“(Y/n).” Damn, that man’s voice is authoritative, you thought to yourself as you sat back down, slowly.
“May I... ask you something? In regard to my son.” Bruce stared at you with a very intense gaze that, honestly, cleared up a lot about Jason’s daddy issues.
“S-Sure. I mean, yes. Yes, you can. Sir.” Alfred let out an amused huff at your struggle.
“I understand that my son has significant... feelings toward you,” for a brief moment, Bruce’s eyes flicked off of yours, “So I would like to ask if you... if you know about what happened between Jason and I.” Despite the tense atmosphere in the dining room, you continued,
“Y-Yeah? He’s mentioned it, once or twice.” But Jason was never really comfortable bringing up his issues with his father, so he would tell you the whole story when he was ready.
“Well, I would appreciate if I could express my reasoning behind asking Jason to leave Wayne Manor all those years ago.” Alfred let out a disappointed sigh.
“Forgive me, Mr. Wayne, but I don’t believe that that is something that is appropriate to discuss with me,” you replied, coldly, standing sharply enough to cause the wooden chair to squeak against the marble tiles, “You and I both understand the tremendous amount of pain that you caused, so to think that I would even consider betraying Jason’s trust is absolutely absurd to me. Now, if you would please excuse me, I’m going to go to Jason’s library, to hide from my boyfriend. Per your request.” Without looking at the man, nor Alfred, you stormed out of the dining hall with your chin held high.
Curled against the couch armrest, with your legs tucked into your chest, you were actually quite comfy as you read in Jason’s giant library. However, despite the Instagram-worthy setting, you still found your chest burning with residual anger. 
“Miss (Y/n)?” 
“Hm?” Alfred stood at the door to the library, his eyes holding a look you’d never see in the old man, “Hey, Alfred. What’s up? Do you need any help with the dishes?” as you closed your book, however, Alfred put a hand up.
“Your gesture is very much appreciated, my dear, but no. This is in regard to what you said to Master Bruce at supper.” You sighed,
“I’m sorry if I disrupted dinner. I-I just couldn’t let him talk about Jason like that,” Alfred’s lips quirked up briefly,
“Please, my dear. If anything, I commend your speech to Master Bruce,” your eyebrows popped up, “Master Jason and his father have a rather complicated relationship, and I, more than anyone, know that Master Bruce holds the responsibility of it.” You smiled at the old butler, glad to know that Jason had someone on his side. “And I understand that you are someone very important to Master Jason, which is why I am comfiting the grave crime of disobeying my son.”
As you followed Alfred into the woods behind the manor, the full moon was already hanging high and you thought that you could hear a wolf howl. Alfred eventually stopped at a small clearing with dewy grass up to your calves,
“The boys have already set out for the night, so I apologize that you had to miss the shift,” you shook your head without looking at Alfred, already scanning the trees for any fur, “Now, Master Jason can most likely already sense you, so I will take my leave before any... claws come out.” With that, Alfred excused himself, leaving you sitting in the middle of the woods with nothing but a phone, a notebook, and a pen. 
You weren’t alone for very long.
A large bark rang through the space and you grinned as a very familiar horse-sized wolf sprinted out of the trees. 
“Heh. Hi, Jay,” you cooed as the green-eyed wolf trotted up close to lick your face and you brought a hand up to scratch his ears. You smiled wider at the chain hanging around its neck dangling with the ring. Jason let out a small yip and rolled over with a heavy thump, his tail wagging.
“Aw, you want some belly rubs? Hm?” After said belly rubs, Jason rolled back onto his stomach and rested his head in your lap as you stroked his crown, his fluffy , white tipped ears resting at the sides. The shared peace was disturbed with a single whine.
“Huh?” you looked up from Jason, who’s ears perked up, but lazy looking eyes told you not to be concerned. 
Another whine, followed by a small bark, directed your eyes to a dark brown wolf puppy with bright green eyes, roughly the size of a German Shephard. The puppy was standing about two feet away, with his head tilted and tail wagging lowly. You smiled in recognition,
“Hey, Damian,” the pup yipped and trotted toward you and Jason, circling once before pressing its front paws onto your thigh, clearly asking for pets, “Are you missing out on some cuddles, baby?” Jason let out a low growl when your hand raised from his head, but Damian actively licked your palm as soon as you reached out. You giggled as the puppy excitedly barked at the attention; maybe Damian didn’t hate you. After a few short moments, Jason lifted his head and whined at you.
“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll-” A sharp bark disturbed the peace and both Jason and Damian jumped up and stood in front of you. You stood up at the sudden change in atmosphere, prepared to run if need be. When you stood, you spotted what had to be Bruce. The animal stood at nearly six foot, was as wide as a truck and coated with long black fur. Jason snarled, stepping forward in a challenge, but Bruce remained still. 
You watched as the two animals stared each other down, the air thick with tension. After knowing Jason for as long as you had, you knew that he would never attack his father. You weren’t completely convinced that Bruce had that same level of control. 
The two wolves remained stiff and Damian was now growling from in front of you, his hackles thick with raised hair. The four of you remained like that until Bruce... bowed his head? The massive wolf tilted his head down briefly, but long enough for the message to be clear, before turning and sprinting back into the trees. 
“Huh,” you whispered, trying to process what just happened, but you were quickly knocked back down by Damian, who growled at having been ignored for so long, “Okay, okay,” you chuckled, resting back on one palm and running a hand through his scruff. Jason quickly forgot about the whole Bruce thing, pushing Damian out of the way to lick at your cheek. 
You woke up a few hours before the sun rose, so the moon was still hanging. Your head was resting on Jason, who was curled up, nose to tail, and Damian was curled up at your side, his small snout on your belly. You could vaguely remember both Dick and Cass showed up at separate times to sniff around you and play with Damian (they tried to engage Jason, but he was too busy getting head scritches).
“Good morning, Miss (Y/n),” you startled when Alfred’s voice disturbed the trepid silence. Damian grumbled but the puppy didn’t move from your stomach, “I apologize for disturbing your sleep, but the boys will be shifting back soon, so I’ve brought them their change of clothes.” With a small sigh, you nodded and sat up off of your werewolf boyfriend. Jason snorted as soon as you moved, eyes flying open and head snapping up. You chuckled and playfully scratched at the scruff around Jason’s neck before a more high-pitched growl disturbed you,
“Good morning, Dami,” you cooed, running your other hand behind Damian’s ears, earning you an adorable puppy yawn.
“Miss (Y/n),” Alfred politely interceded, 
“Yes, yes, Alfred. I’m up,” you stood from the pile of puppy love and dusted yourself off. Jason whined and followed suit, his wet, cold nose nudging at your hand, “I’m sorry, baby. But you’re gonna be naked in a lil’ bit and I don’t wanna scare Damian, yeah?” Jason grumbled again but turned around to nip at Damian, who was still lying down in the grass. 
You then watched, in tired fascination as the two wolves trotted into the woods, going in almost opposite directions.
“Would you like to deliver Master Jason’s clothes for him, Miss (Y/n)?” Alfred gestured to one of the five paper bags next to his feet. 
I hated the shift back. It was way worse than the shift into being a wolf. I always ended up sore, laying stomach first on the wet grass, with sticks stuck in and bugs crawling all over my body. With a heavy groan, I pushed myself up and into a sitting position as I rolled out my wrists and neck. I have no idea why the Wolf always went full out every full moon (heh) but last night was definitely more chill with-
“(Y/n)? What are you doin’ here?” She chuckled and tossed a sack at me before kneeling down to run a hand through my hair. I saw some leaves fall out as she did, but she didn’t mention it.
“Get dressed, killer. I’m starving and I’m pretty sure that Alfred made brioche french toast.” I placed a hand over my morning-skinny stomach at the thought of Alf’s cooking and then reached for the bag of clothes. 
“Alright, gime a sec.” When I opened the bag, though, I noticed that my lovely, slightly pervy girlfriend didn’t move. “Uh, you just gonna sit there and watch me?” she smirked,
“Why? I like what I see,” I felt my cheeks heat up and looked back down at the bag. I grumbled something about her being a deviant (but secretly, I love when she makes her attraction to me so obvious. Even if I’m as bulky as a WWE wrestler, she still thinks I’m so hot and I-) I was broken from my thoughts as she crawled onto her hands and knees into a very suggestive pose,
“Damn, baby, if you really just wanted some attention, I could-”
“Go away!” 
Once Jason was showered and well-fed, the two of you took the day off and were simply chilling in his childhood bedroom, discussing the past night’s events. Now on his bed, Jason was simply lying on his side, eyes closed in relaxation while you lied on your stomach, next to him, allowing him to run a hand up and down your waist.
“I still can’t believe that Damian secretly likes me,” you joked, rubbing a hand over Jason’s chest and toying with his chain. Jason snorted,
“Yeah? He’s always like that when he likes someone. The sniffing, the little glare; that’s all Damian,” you hummed and took a comforting inhale of your boyfriend’s scent, “Did you have fun? Answer any of your burning questions?” 
"Mm. Nah. Honestly, Tim’s rambling at dinner was more informative than hanging with you and Damian all night,” Jason scoffed, “But, I did have fun with you,” you gave your boyfriend a sweet grin.
“I had fun too.”
The two of you sat in the warm silence for a moment, but Jason quickly broke it once more,
“Y’know… I really didn’t want you to come,” he muttered, eyes boring into yours. Your eyebrows furrowed together,
“What? Why didn’t you tell me? If you were really uncomfortable with me being there, then Jay, I’m so sor-” Jason snorted, effectively halting your apology,
“Nah. I owed you one. And whatever you want, I’ll give it to you,” You felt your heart stutter at the simple but honest statement, “But, I never really wanted you to see me like… that y’know? My wolf form can get pretty intense and even last night, when Bruce showed up, I couldn’t even think straight with you near. Didn’t think about how you’d feel about it; about the fact that it was Bruce... I didn’t even think about the possibility that you could’ve gotten really hurt. I only wanted to kill whoever was intruding,” you blinked a bit at the surprising confession. To be honest, in that moment, you’d been terrified, sure, but it was never for your own safety. It had been, and always will be, for Jason’s. Jason waited patiently for a response while you carefully deliberated your next words. You knew that Jason, despite his overall appearance and brave faces, was very sensitive, especially when it came to those he cared about. You let your hand rest in his still-wet hair, scratching gently before speaking.
“Jay… I love you,” you said, plainly, visibly confusing Jason, “And that means I love every part of you, even if some are a little… intense,” you gave your boyfriend a warm smile, “Nothing you could do would ever scare me away.”
Jason sat up slightly so that he could lean forward and press a small kiss to your forehead. He let it linger before lowering his face down so that you were nose-to-nose. You didn’t comment on the tears welling in his eyes nor when one fell down his cheekbone.
“I love you, too. And I’m so happy that you love me back,” he whispered, his throat slightly rasp with emotion. You merely hummed and pressed a soft kiss to his mouth. Jason quickly licked into your mouth with a groan and you sighed when you felt his tight grip on your waist and his face lowering to your neck-
“Oh, Jaybird!” the both of you startled as Dick’s voice broke through the warm silence along with the slam of the now-wide-open door hitting the wall. The man’s familiar over-eager expression dropped as soon as he saw the position that you were in; Jason’s mussed up hair, his hand on your waist, and his lips on your neck,
“JASON!” Dick’s face was now bright red and he turned his face so that he was facing the door. Jason huffed at the interruption before sitting up, leaning on his palm but keeping a hand on your waist and his face reverted back to his usual resting bit-
“Uh, I just wanted to let you guys know that Alfred’s hosting a family move night since you and (Y/n) are here,” Dick mumbled, clearly embarrassed at having walked in.
“You couldn’t have just texted me that?” Jason snarled and you pressed your lips tight to prevent from grinning.
“Hey! I’m not the one canoodling while the rest of the family-” Jason tightened his hand minutely at your waist,
“Dick. Could you not alert the entire house to-”
“Dick? What’s wro-” Tim chimed before sticking his face into the door frame. You groaned and sat up when Tim immediately turned around and walked away. Only for Cass to walk in. Thankfully, her only reaction was a slight raise of her eyebrows and a thumbs-up.
You gave her an awkward thumbs-up back.
“So... Yeah. We’re starting in ten. So,” Dick then moved to close the door,
“Well. This couldn’t get any worse,” Jason grumbled as he laid back down, pulling you back with him so that you were back-to-his-front, his heavy arm wrapped around your stomach. With a sympathetic ‘hm’ you reached your arm back to pull his head toward your neck again. Jason conceded and pressed a few soft kisses to your nape.
“Yeah, but at least we have ten more minutes to-”
“Grayson? What is-” The two of you froze when Damian pushed the door back open to reveal the “canoodling.”
For a small, comedic second, Damian’s eyes widened and darted from you to Jason to Dick to Jason, again before his face flushed dark red. Dick winced and Jason sighed.
“TODD!” Dick had to make the first move to tackle Damian, but missed as the twelve-year-old quickly darted to the side, “How dare you attempt to defile this maiden in Father’s own home!”
Okay, number one; defile? Number two: maiden? And number three; how was this kid so fast? Damian jumped onto the bed, narrowly missing your torso with his foot, and onto Jason, who picked up the child as he attempted to throw punches and kicks.
“Damian! Down! Bad dog!” Jason growled as he sat up with Damian in hand, who was now biting him? You sat up and pulled at Damian’s stomach as he continued battling your would-be defiler. You ‘oof’ed as Damian got a rather strong kick into your boyfriends sternum. 
“Damian! No! What did we say about attacking family!?” Dick shouted as he reached over you to take Damian from Jason.
“I’m just gonna—hrg—take him downstairs now,” Dick said as he tossed Damian over his shoulder, “Remember! Ten minutes.”
“Put me down! Grayson! I demand that you allow me to defend (Y/n)’s honor on this-” Dick used his toe to shut the door, effectively muffling whatever threats Damian had left.
“Wow,” you said, “I mean, I’m flattered that Damian felt so strongly about my virtue. But,” you turned toward your boyfriend, who was now inspecting a bite mark on his forearm, “He does know that I’m not a maiden anymore? Right?” Jason just rolled his eyes with his cheeks stained red.
The two of you walked down one of the staircases hand-in-hand and were met at the bottom of a stony-faced Bruce. Jason’s hand tightened a bit and you warmly squeezed it back.
“Jayl-” Bruce stopped himself, “Jason. May I have a word with you? About yesterday?” You turned to your boyfriend and he sighed,
“What.” Bruce briefly glanced toward you,
“Perhaps we could speak in confidence?” Jason scoffed,
“Whatever you have to say to me, you can say to (Y/n), too.” And as much as you loved how weirdly loyal your boyfriend was at awkward and inopportune times, you knew that any conversation between him and his dad was meant for him and his dad only.
“A-Actually, Jay, I’m gonna go talk to Damian. Y’know. Clear up anything about what he saw,” you then pressed a brief kiss to Jason’s hand and pulled away (not mentioning how Jason almost didn’t let go). With a slightly awkward nod from Bruce you then darted toward the main floor.
“Hey, Dami,” you called as you sat next to him on the massive leather couch in the theater room (which, just why?). The boy had his arms crossed in front of his chest and he turned his head so that he wouldn’t look at you, “Are you okay? I know that that must have been uncomfortable to see your brother in that sort of-” Damian turned to you with a small pout,
“It’s not about Todd,” he said matter-of-factly, “It’s the fact that you deserve much more than that two-bit mongrel! He thinks that he’s allowed to touch you as if you two are of the same status! Does he not know that you are worthy of a man that gains much more respect!?” You knew that Damian was raised by his ultra-conservative-mother for the early years of his life but you had no idea just how conservative. With a wince you replied,
“Well, Dami, if I deserve so much, don’t you think that I deserve to choose who I love?” Damian’s gaze hit the floor, “And when two people love each other very much-” Damian groaned,
“Please. Father has given me ‘the Talk’ already so spare all of the details.” You genuinely wondered what Bruce Wayne’s version of the Talk was, but you continued,
“Okay, but, Damian, Jason and I do those things because we love each other. It’s a sign of mutual respect and appreciation for us,” Damian’s eyebrow perked, but he remained silent, “And I know that you may feel like Jason isn’t good enough, but I love Jason more than he could ever comprehend. And I know that Jason doesn’t love me any less.” Damian huffed,
“If I were courting you I would demonstrate my respect and appreciation without the need for merely physical endeavors.” You gave the pre-teen a small smile,
“Aw, Dami. I’m sure one day you’ll find a lovely person who’s worthy of you.” Damian glanced up at you,
“If you and my brother were to end your courtship-” you let out a small laugh and ruffled the kid’s hair,
“Sure, Damian. If in ten years, I’ve broken up with Jason, you can shoot your shot,” you said jokingly, but the look in Damian’s eye showed that you may have to clarify that with him. He opened his mouth to speak before the said item of your affections walked into the theater and plopped down next to you.
“Hey, doll-” Jason started but was interrupted when Damian stood up and pointed directly at your boyfriend’s chin.
“Hear this now, Todd: if you ever make the foolish mistake of betraying this perfect woman, know that she will be cared for in ways that you would never be able to achieve even with a completed lifetime,” with that, he walked over to Dick (who was awkwardly standing at the door, having heard the declaration) with his nose high in the air.
“What the hell was that about?” Jason grumbled as he pressed a kiss to your head. You smiled and pulled his arm over your shoulder,
“Nothing. We just had a small chat about my chastity and how unworthy you are of me,” Jason’s arm tightened around you and he pulled you closer to his chest with a low growl, “Brat better back off; you’re mine and he knows it.” At that, you were briefly reminded of when you texted Tim to ask if the possessiveness was a full moon thing (the results are still TBD). You hummed and pressed a small kiss to his cheek,
“Yes, yes; you’re my big bad wolfie,” Jason sighed but relaxed into the couch, “How was your talk with Bruce?”
“Good,” a warmth settled in your chest as Jason gave you a small, reassuring smile, “He apologized for last night,” your eyebrows skyrocketed at that, “And he said that he really liked you.”
“Aw, the big softie.”
“Yup. He said, and I quote, ‘your choice in life partner is remarkably impressive,” you grinned, “and that you’re good for me.”
“Well, I’m glad that me yelling at him worked out in our favor.”
“Wait, what?”
“Also, I totally told him about the traumatic incident earlier,” Tim interrupted, planting himself next to Damian and Dick. You snorted,
“So he knows that his rebellious son is secretly a huge sap in the bedroom?” Jason ‘hmphed’ and turned away with pinkened cheeks. 
(You definitely weren’t as cocky when the two of you left the next day and Bruce handed Jason a box of magnums and a Planned Parenthood pamphlet on safe sex.)
Once the the rest of the family filled in, it became clear to you that choosing the movie may take more time than actually watching it.
“No! Last time we let Dick choose we watched Clueless for the third time!” Tim shouted, “Why not watch the Wendy the Werewolf Stalker movie-”
“Drake! We are not watching your American brain-melting garbage just so that you may impress Jon’s brother!” Damian hissed and you noted with a perked eyebrow that Tim turned bright red and quickly conceded.
“Okay, but what about Little Women?” Jason offered, “Dick, I know you love Emma Watson and Cass, the visuals are amazing.” Cass simply shrugged. You were glad to know that there was at least one person who didn’t have a concerning amount of hard opinions on movie night.
“How about Pulp Fiction?” Bruce proposed as he helped Alfred carry in the popcorn, “It’s my favorite.” All of the children groaned at that.
“Perhaps, since we have a guest, we should let Miss (Y/n) decide,” Alfred said once the last of the popcorn bowls were distributed. The family all turned to you expectantly.
“Uh... Parasite? I heard that won a bunch of-” you were cut off as Dick groaned,
“Damian made us watch that last time!” Damian crossed his arms in proud approval.
“If no one can decide on anything, then I’m just gonna choose the first thing we see on Netflix!” Jason shouted as his siblings started bickering again.
The absolutely heinous cackle that you let out was definitely worth getting glared at by your werewolf boyfriend and his entire werewolf family when Netflix recommended...
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
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tiredalldaylong · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Very fast finished doodle of Jason, ears ringing because of a whack on the head he took while fighting a few tugs.
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darkfearsandkittyears · 17 days ago
This is just just shower thought, but...
You know how people say Bruce or his kids probably run a conspiracy blog? Well, I think Bruce does, but they all share it.
Think about it, the paranoia this man possesses is extreme, so he'd go to the extreme to protect his identity. So, this includes weekly updates on who batman could be, and bi-monthly photo shoots. Bruce will have the entire family sit on different buildings in different parts of the city, and take their masks off. Then Tim or Barbara will take pictures from afar, and then take the photos and scramble them so the faces are undiscernable, no matter what you do. Then he posts these pictures and asks if anyone can tell who they are.
Oh, did I mention that Jason goes on endless rants on this blog?
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smolcaffeinegremlin · 17 days ago
If you haven’t read the new Batfam comic on Webtoon I suggest you go do it now because look at them!!!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They’re just beautiful!!! 😍
Go read-
Batman: Wayne Family Adventures by CRC Payne/StarBite
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mxsmwndr · 8 months ago
In Your Hands
jason todd x reader
Tumblr media
“Hold him gently in your hands. He has been cracked enough as it is, and his heart is more shattered than he lets on.”
“C’mere,” You murmured into his neck.
Though Jason visibly tensed at this he made no effort to stop you (which he surely would have done if needed) from literally dragging him down. He wanted to say “what are you doing?” but ultimately didn't, as he feared that speaking would ruin this moment (even though he didn't truly know what this moment meant).
You're oblivious to this, though, and you wrap your arms around your man. Slowly, at first, until hesitation turns to comfort and comfort turns to craving. It's slowly, and then all at once - slowly you reach for him, then all at once he falls onto you.
All 230 lbs of him.
Jason wants to jump. He wants to get up and run off the couch and leave his apartment but he doesn't, because he can't ruin this. Not yet.
He’s still frozen in your grasp, though he seems to be finding some variation of comfort. He searches for anything, really. First it’s your steady breaths, which he syncopated his own to; then it’s your warm stomach, which ultimately gave his cold fingertips something to feel until finally, his head was on your chest.
Until finally, he let himself breathe.
You thought of Jason, your boyfriend. The man who was once Robin and now was the Red Hood. The man who has been through too much - far more than you could ever imagine or want to live - and still remained unbroken. The man who you loved; Jason Todd, who died once and lived twice.
While you thought of Jason your mind shifted to his family. To his father Bruce; his brothers Dick, Tim, and Damian; and to Alfred, their family butler, who, at the same time was so much more.
Then, finally, you thought of Alfred’s warning to you. The one he gave only after making sure no one other than you was near the same radius of he. The words which Alfred whispered and you never truly recognized until now.
And it wasn't just a warning. It was a plea and a thank you and a vow, too; all from Alfred to you, so you could say it all to Jason.
Everything he couldn't tell the boy is now for you to share and so is everything he can't tell the man. All for you; from Alfred to Jason Todd.
From Alfred to Jason Todd, the broken man, who, though he will never believe it, is finally fixed.
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pipedreamss · a month ago
so i was so excited for the Red Hood storyline in Titans, but we are three episodes into this season and they managed to ruin everything from the start. why am i not even surprised?
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they-call-me-vee · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Holding it down for bae during this quarantine ❤️
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afandomroom · a year ago
Red Hood 🤝 Morro: Both being their respective father figures’ greatest mistake/regret.
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brokenarrow32 · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
An old doodle of Jason i touched up in class today haha so I’m dumping it here
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imagines-plus · a year ago
Tumblr media
Summary: The Iceberg’s new owner is definitely a piece.
Pairing: Jason Todd X Spy!Reader
Warnings: Spoilers for RHATO Prince of Gotham, Light Violence
Word Count: 3,412
A/N: Guess who got ghosted so actually published something on time??
"Don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious-spicious,” you mentally cursed Justine out as the stupid Parks and Recreation tune ran through your ear again. Was it what you needed to do? Yes. Was it stupid? YES. 
With a huff, you grabbed the tray stacked with vibrant drinks and went back out onto the casino floor. Almost immediately out of the kitchen, you were practically slapped with cigar smoke and Balenciaga cologne. 
I swear, on my next mission, I’ll be on some tropical island where the atmosphere is mostly nitrogen and oxygen instead of nicotine and formaldehyde!
“Hey, sweetheart! Thank you much!” You gave a polite smile as the portly man snatched his drink off of your tray (to be honest, you weren’t even sure it was his) and gave you a disgusting once-over. With a shudder, you continued through on your route. 
“Ew, that guy was nasty. I could feel him grabbing your boobs with his eyes!” You were about two seconds away from ripping the faux earring from your ear and just finishing this mission solo. 
“It should be simple enough; get in, find a way into the head office, plant the bug, and get out.” Justine didn’t even look up from her laptop as she spoke, clearly quite confident in your abilities. But her confidence didn’t prevent you from getting irritated.
“Can’t you at least pretend to care about this mission? I mean, Penguin, might be dead. If our information is correct, then the entire Gotham underground could fall into chaos!” Justine chuckled and took a sip of your tea before replying.
“Sis, I love you, but you’re being a little dramatic. You’re just the plant! It’s not like you’re Stage 2 or anything.” You snorted and turned to her from the driver’s seat as you were facing a red light.
“And who’s fault is that?” Justine made a face as she began packing up.
“I thought you were over that. It was just a prank.” 
“Yeah, a prank that ended up demoting us!” Justine chuckled, “Whatever, what we need to focus on is the new owner. Any updates from your research on him?” Justine finally put your drink back in the cupholder and picked up her phone.
“Yup; interesting dude. Jason Peter Todd, age 27. Orphaned at some point in his childhood, which resulted in him going (and escaping) from a couple foster homes for a few years. Eventually, though, he became one of the many hot adoptees of Bruce Wayne. Honestly, why does that dude only adopt the same kid every time? Like, is it a race thing? Does he want to pretend that he conceived them? Or-”
“Justine,” you cut in. 
“Right, yeah. So, back in the early 2000s, a rumor went around that he’d died but apparently he was just on some soul-searching thing through the Middle East. But, because of it, he and his dad are kinda in a spat or something.” You scoffed at that,
“Honestly, he sounds pretty harmless. Just another petty rich boy who bought a club owned by a literal mobster just to get back at Daddy. Can’t blame him for being stupid. It’s not like Wayne’s exactly Einstein.” Justine shook her head and replied,
“Well, here’s the thing. He’s been almost completely off the grid for the past decade besides some family gatherings over the years. No socials, no jobs, no real estate: nothing. Now, all of a sudden he steps into the limelight to buy the Iceberg Lounge fresh out of Penguin’s stiffening hands?” She had a point. Justine may act like a stereotypical freshman from Arizona U, but she always proved herself to be beyond capable on missions. 
“That is suspicious. What about the staff? I heard that he hired a whole new crew.” 
“That’s another thing! You know who he’s hired recently? The Su Sisters.” That earned a two-eyebrow raise. 
“Wait, what? All of them? For what? How does someone like Todd even know them? Hold on, maybe he’s just an idiot who was infiltrated before us. Were they using their actual last names?” 
“Yes. It’s way too gullible of a stunt, even for a Wayne. I think he knows damn well who they are, and that he even hired them personally.” 
“You’ve got a solid point. Something definitely doesn’t smell right,” you said with a sigh, finally parking the car, “Whatever. That’s tomorrow’s problem. I’m exhausted and I have to go in for work tomorrow.” Justine was already booking it into the hotel, well before you finished talking.
Honestly, it was difficult to remain low-key when the Iceberg had a “dress code.” The skirt of the dress was longer than most but your whole cleavage was nearly popping out of the non-existent neckline. Nearly every man and woman that you’d served today had taken a good, long look at your chest. At the moment, one of the customers in the Gotham University alpha-beta-douche group had pulled you next to him with a large arm, around your waist. Did he even order, yet!? 
“Damn, this dude is on you, hard,” Justine said through the earring. Yeah, I’m well aware! you replied silently.
“Um, sir, I’m so sorry but I’m running really behind and I need to-” the blonde interrupted you by slapping his hand against your thigh. You nearly tore his whole arm off.
“Chillax, little mama! I’m sure the big ole boss won’t mind if he knows you’re serving a customer.” Fighting back the urge to gag, you tried again, knowing that Todd was on the floor and now was your time to get moving.
“W-Well, I just got this job and I really, really don’t wanna let him down, y’know? So could you please, just-” The hand that was on your thigh gripped harshly, forcing you to wince in surprise. The dude-bro growled before turning to one of his friends,
“Penguin used to know to keep around the quiet hoes, man. Now, they’re all chatty and think they’re worth somethin’.” Before you broke your cover, a heavy hand landed on the massive pig’s shoulder. 
“Good evening, sir! Anything I can get you, tonight?”Crap. Jason Peter Todd was standing next to you, wedging himself in between you and the customer, who was forced to release your leg.
“Hol- Yo! It’s Todd! Get out of there!” With a curt nod, you moved to leave when the customer began shouting at you.
“Yeah, you could get your waitresses to show the costumers a little bit of respect!” Clenching your fist over the edge of your tray, you turned to give this entitled little Gothamite brat a piece of your-
“Well, I’m sure we can get all of this taken care of. Right, sweetheart?” Todd flashed you a trademark Wayne smile before leading the way toward the back end of the casino. His arm was practically wrapped around the customer as he apologized and attempted to appease the hothead.
“(Y/n), not to freak you out, but I think we missed out on the ‘lay-low’ part of this mission,” Justine said. You would try to duck out but every now and then Jason's eyes would meet yours from in front of you. 
Crap. He’s definitely onto me, you thought to yourself. You were tempted to give Justine the signal (a tug on the earring), but you decided to wait it out, just in case. 
Eventually, the three of you ended up in the grand hall between the casino and the lounge area, which was marked in the middle by a wide staircase.
“Alright, this is my partner, Miguel, and he’ll be escorting you to one of our more exclusive suites.” Todd handed the man off who was led toward the flight of stairs to who-knows-where. Feeling your pulse begin to race as Todd turned toward you with a familiar-looking gaze.
“Don’t worry, Miguel’s just kicking him out. We don’t need those kinds of guests here, right?” he said with a flash of his teeth. 
“Yo, this dude is even finer up close,” Justine muttered into your ear. You didn’t disagree with her. With that, you decided to change up the plan.
“It’s totally fine,” you gave a wide grin and tossed your hair over your shoulder.  Todd’s eyes followed. “I mean, you get used to guys like that.” You could hear Justine eating popcorn in your ear.  
“Well, I’m so sorry about that,” Todd took a step closer to you, his hands still in his pockets, which wasn’t a great sign. “Is there anything I can do to make up for it?” You sucked in your cheeks with a small pucker of your lips,
“Maybe...” you blatantly allowed your eyes to travel up and down the owner’s torso, “You free tonight? My shift ends pretty soon,” you added, batting your heavy falsies and tilting your head. Todd chuckled and pulled his hands from his pockets and rubbed at the back of his neck. Perfect.
“Haha, sure. In fact, we could head up to my office right now if you wanted? Being the owner definitely comes with its perks,” Todd gave you another cheeky grin and held out his hand.
“Well, lead the way, bossman.” Taking his arm and handing your tray off to a passing (pissed off) waitress, you mentally high-fived yourself for a successful mission. 
“Damn, I hope you remembered to take your birth control,” 
Ironically, the furthest you got was just a (very heavy) make-out session on his couch before he put an end to it. Despite being disappointed, you had to admit, he was talented.
“Sorry, doll, but it seems like I’ve got an appointment soon,” he said, readjusting his tie and standing up. 
“Boo, but we were just getting started. And I’m on the pill!” you whined, making sure to wipe at your mussed up lipstick with your thumb. Without his eyes leaving your lips, he chuckled and made his way around to the back end of the couch. Leaning back, you reached for his arm and pressed a kiss against his hand. 
“I’m so sorry, sweetheart, but I’ve got a visitor. Besides, you can always come back tomorrow, right?” he whispered, leaning in and planting a kiss on your cheek. A small (very annoying) part of you squealed as you noticed his lips smudged with your lipstick. A larger part of you clung to that last sentence,
How does he know my schedule? 
You bit your lip and reached up to reach your hands around his neck.
“Mm, okay. But only if I get to be on top, tomorrow,” Jason barked out a laugh and pressed another kiss against your cheek.
“Alright, I’ll remember that.” With that, you beamed up at him before standing up and walking toward the door. Jason opened the door for you, and you were greeted with the stark face of Suzie Su. Masking your shock, you grinned at her and waved,
“Sorry! Didn’t know he had an appointment! I’ll get going!” with that, you trotted out, waiting for Justine to say-
Justine had been silent for nearly that entire ordeal. And she’s never silent. Especially during sexpionage. Without breaking your step, you continued back toward the casino, where the employee locker room was.
“(Y/n)! Can you hear me!? You hit 24! Scratch your earlobe if you can hear me!” Justine’s voice came back to you when you reached the same hall from earlier. Quickly, you scratched your earlobe, which received an audible sigh from Justine.
“Omg, you scared me! As soon as you got into that office, the line went dead.” Crap, that’s not good. “There’s some sort of blockade around that office and I lost both audio and visual.” Making your way through the lockers and out the employee exit, you tried your hardest to appear relaxed, but you could feel your heart racing. Once you were in your car you replied,
“Justine, I’m so sorry! I’m on my way back to the hotel.” Justine went silent again. “Justine?” 
“(Y/n), why isn’t the bug working? The static blockade shouldn’t affect it since it functions as a landline,” Crap. Reaching into your bra, you felt around to find the bug was still attached, not turned on, and definitely not in Jason’s office.
“Ugh, guess I’m going in for work tomorrow.”
“I know you’re not complaining.”
You weren’t.
“Um, Candy, have you seen Jason?” Candy was one of the Su Sisters. Whether or not it was her actual name was still unknown to you. 
“Mm, I think he’s up in his office? I don’t really know. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the boss!” She flashed you a cheeky grin before grabbing another rag to wipe down the edges of the tables. 
“Uh, I have to go ask him something, is that cool?” you asked her, but you were already walking through the empty casino. It was a good hour until the lounge opened and you and Candy had prepped almost everything already. 
“Bro, I’m digging this empty Iceberg vibe. It’s almost like that scene in Ocean’s-” you were grateful when Justine was tuned out as you headed up toward the head office. 
However, standing at the door, again, was Suzie Su.
“Um, is Jason in? I think I left my earring in there, yesterday,” you said with a sheepish smile. The woman raised an eyebrow but replied,
“No. He’s out somewhere with Miguel. He’ll be back soon, though.” Perfect.
“Um, can I just look in and get out. I’m sure I know where it is.” Suzie snorted but opened the door for you. “Thanks!”
Knowing that Suzie was still watching you, you quickly made your way toward the couch and bent over, looking through the cushions. You hummed a little bit as you did, before reaching into your bra and clicking the bug on. 
“Ah! I think I found it!” you exclaimed and shoved your arm down in between the cushions, near the back of the hardwood, and plugged the minuscule plant in. “Oh, never mind.” 
“Found what?” Craning your head over your shoulder, you saw Jason standing there with that familiar smirk on his face. With a lackadaisical grin on your face, you stood up and trotted over to him.
“Welcome home,” you pressed a kiss to his cheek, “Suzie let me in if that’s okay?” Jason wrapped his arms around your back and hummed,
“Of course it is, dollface. Now, what were you looking for?” 
“I lost my earring yesterday, and it was really nice, and I was just retracing my steps. Did you happen to see it?” Jason shook his head,
“Nope. Do you need any help?” While the idea of seeing Jason bend over was very appealing, you had to get out soon.
“Nah, I think I’ll rummage through my locker, again. Besides, Candy’s probably waiting for me down on the floor.” You attempted to slip out of his arms before they suddenly locked around you. Despite your earpiece being blocked, you could hear Justine squeal in your head.
“Mm, I have another idea. We have about forty-five minutes until we open up,” he pressed a kiss against your lips, “How about you spend that,” he leaned in close to your ear, 
“Telling me who you work for?” 
36, 37, 38
If you were being completely honest with yourself, you’d seen worse. 
Suzie had knocked you out relatively efficiently and you now had a low-grade concussion. You were alone in some sort of dungeon, somewhere, tied to a chair, without any of your jewelry and you really had to pee. The counting definitely wasn’t alleviating any of the pressure on your bladder.
“Okay, little lady,” the sole door swung open, revealing,
“Red Hood?” you exclaimed, causing the vigilante to scoff.
“Hm. I wasn’t sure you’d recognize me without the bowling ball helmet.” He walked closer to you dramatically, as Hood always does,
“What are you doing here? I thought Penguin was out of commission, thanks to you.” He crossed his (enormous) arms over his chest and scoffed,
“Shouldn’t I be asking you the exact same question?”
“No, because you know exactly why I’m here,” you said with a tilt of your head, hoping it would accentuate your chest. Unfortunately, he was wearing a mask, so you couldn’t be sure if he noticed. “Why you’re here though, is a different question. Are you trying to take over Penguin’s share? Using that pretty Wayne boy as a decoy?” Hood chuckled and uncrossed his arms, resting them on his knees so that he was at your eye-level.
“What? You like Todd? I think he’s pretty, too,” his tone, despite his voice modulator distorting it, was teasing, similar to a six-year-old mocking his crush on the playground. 
You pursed your lips,
“You’re not answering my question, Hoodie. Unless you want to talk about boys all night.” Hood let out a laugh and stood back up.
“As much as I’d love to do that, doll, we still got some things to work out. Starting with,” he pulled out your earring, “Why you were wearing a wire. Very cute, but honestly, too clunky to be subtle.” You continued to wear your cool facade.
“Mm, that’s what I thought, but the big mamas didn’t agree. How about next time I break into a lounge owners office, I wear one of those anti-kidnap necklaces with a GPS in the chain?” you gave him a cheeky smirk,
“Maybe, as long as it’s not the same tacky shade of magenta,” you laughed at that. Who knew Red Hood knew more shades than just purple?
“Aw, I really wish that it hadn’t been you who caught me. I could have so much fun with you,” Hood’s right fist clenched loosely,
“Same here, sweetheart.” What.
“Todd?” Hood minutely jerked back before resuming his casual demeanor,
“Really sayin’ other guys’ names around me, huh?” Oh, yes. This was gonna be good.
“Well, I don’t know, do you not know you’re own name?” you let out an almost cackle, “Oh my goodness! Jason Peter Todd, age 27, alias Red Hood!” Hood remained silent. 
You sneered at that.
“What? Are you gonna kill me now, like you did Penguin? Well, sorry but if your looking to score some real estate, I only have a one-bedroom in Queens if you wanna buy that from my beneficiary.” You almost couldn’t believe this! Not that you had fallen in love with Jason or anything, but you would be lying if you said you weren’t so happy just thinking that there was one guy out there who wasn’t a greedy, murdering narcissist. Well. Maybe narcissist was never really crossed off.
Hood sighed and pulled off his masks (plural), revealing himself. 
“What gave me away?” Damn, his face was still gorgeous.
“You're the only man who’s ever called me ‘sweetheart’ without me gagging up my lunch,” Jason snorted and rested his hands on his hips before leaning in real close.
“Flattering. But that doesn’t negate the fact that now we have a bit of an issue on our hands, don’t we?” you sighed and crossed your legs. 
“I suppose so. How about this, I give you my number, and you can hit me up when you’re done with... whatever this is.” The door swung open, and there was Justine, stun gun in hand.
Hm, 44. Guess, your estimate of when you got knocked out was more off than you thought. 
“The he-”Justine shot him with her stun gun before he could finish the sentence. In a buzzing and jerking manner, Jason fell to the ground in front of you. 
“Wow, I cannot believe you let yourself get caught, Mrs. Bond,” she said with a snort before coming over to release you.
“Ha, ha. Hurry up, I have to pee so badly.” Once you were free, the two of you made your way out,
“Wait, a sec, I think he’s still awake,” Justine said, holding her arm out in front of you. With a smirk, you walked back over to him, kicking him lightly at his chin. 
“Hey, sweetheart. Next time, I’d recommend keeping your conversations brief. Get to the point,” you crouched down in front of him and he glared up to you, still temporarily stunned.
Damn, he was fine. 
“Justine, you gotta pen on you?” 
“Always. ‘Tis mightier than the sword. Unless you’re Inigo Montoya.” She tossed the pen to you, and you turned Jason’s head, exposing the length of his (thick) neck. After scribbling your civilian number on, along with a tiny heart, you pressed a small kiss to his cheek.
“Call me! I’ll be on a different assignment next time, so it shouldn’t break any rules.” Before you could stand up, however, Jason groaned.
“Maybe next time you can leave the bugs at home,” you snorted and headed toward the exit.
“Don’t flatter yourself, sweetheart. You’re not that cute.”
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tiredalldaylong · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jason and League leader Damian, omegaverse.
If you are of age and want to see the uncensored drawing, please visit my Twitter. ;)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This was originally meant to be a Destiny Steven Universe crossover but I was running out of ideas so I used characters from other cartoons/games/moives
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