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#red lipstick
diorlipstick22213 hours ago
skin : first , apply moisturizer before your makeup , hydration is the key to keep your skin healthy
the healthier and cleaner your skin is , the less makeup you need to use , so skip foundation, instead , use concealer if needed , under your eyes & around your nose
find a natural flush blush , then put the blush on the apple of your cheeks or you can mix bronzer and the blush
brows : to archieve the french makeup look DONT fill your brows too much
just keep it natural the way that it is
eyes : go for the smoky eye look with brown or black shadow
curl your lashes , then you can lightly apply mascara that will open up your eyes
lips : this wouldn't be a french look without the iconic classic RED lipstick so ofc go for the bold red lipstick !
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i enjoyed writing this so much ! lemme know if you want more posts like this 馃拰 love you all
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notshinynotnewa month ago
You have a very pretty mouth 馃槏馃い
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Thank you 馃拫 馃拫馃拫
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lovestereo2 months ago
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workaholicatrest3 months ago
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2021 is a great year for...loving life.
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land0fmilkandhoneyy7 months ago
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Dressed up like the red flag that I am鉁
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fadingrainbow4 months ago
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Lisa Slatova
IG: slatova_makeup
馃摲 Maria Pokareva
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notshinynotnew25 days ago
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Hi 馃枻
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bookclubhub2 months ago
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Hi lovelies! This was me last night.
Tonight I plan on finishing up a behaviour assessment and then drinking wine and feeling fine for the rest of the evening. I enjoy going out with friends and socialising, but my favourite thing on a Friday after work is to be on my own and engulf books.
Anyway, have a lovely Friday whatever you鈥檙e up to!
Ps. Ignore my pile of washing, I鈥檒l get to it!
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