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#red lotus
firelordazulaaaa · 3 days ago
stan red lotus
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heaveninawildflower · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
‘Embroidered textile with Heron and Lotus Flowers’ ( Korean, Joseon dynasty (1392-1910), 18th century).
Silk embroidery and applied gold leaf on silk satin.
Image and text information courtesy LACMA.
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felicity-kitten · 4 days ago
The rewrite of my collection from 2016 is finally complete! I’m glad I revisited it again and did it more justice this time around :)
Thanks @silima and @cuteniarose for your support of my Ming’Li shenanigans, and for your wonderful art, it served as an inspiration when I wasn’t sure if I should finish this :) also credits to @lilyliv3rs for Red Lotus PTSD hadcanons
features: tension so thick you could cut it with a lava disk, a shitload of trauma, reckless decisions, canon polyamory
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huan-beifong · 6 days ago
yknow for a season focused on 'change' book 3 lok sure has very few waterbenders
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cuteniaarts · 6 days ago
A few weeks ago we had an assignment to make fanart in art class so obviously I had to draw best girl-
Tumblr media
(Her expression is based off when I accidentally glanced at the mirror in my room after pulling an all nighter to finish a chemistry project)
(No we didn’t get graded on this which sucks cause I love it)
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silima · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
May 13 - May 20
What is it?
it’s my way of trying to get more people to draw my faves. lol.
it’s a week for ppl to make some art, fics, &/or edits for the main 4 red lotus characters! it’s just a fun way for people to make a bunch of stuff at the same time basically.
How does it work?
just make some red lotus stuff and post it to instagram, twitter, tumblr, or ao3 with the tag #redlotusweek2021 !
you can use the prompts (listed below the readmore) for inspiration, but it’s not a requirement 😊
(obviously i can’t stop you from posting what you want lol, i just won’t reblog anything that doesn’t follow these.)
no nsfw
no weird ships (between relatives or with a big age gap)
has to be related to the red lotus
May 13– Backstory
May 14– Romance
May 15– Found Family
May 16– Captivity
May 17– Freedom
May 18– AU
May 19– Red Lotus Korra (or someone else if you want.... 😳)
May 20– Free Day!
EXTRA PROMPTS in case you don’t like the other ones lol
May 13– Zaheer
May 14– P’Li
May 15– Ghazan
May 16– Ming-Hua
May 17– Crimes
May 18– Death
May 19– Anarchy
May 20– Spirit world
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notsosecrettunnel · 8 days ago
We needed Legend of Korra to have 24 episodes every book. I don’t think Korra would’ve been hated on as much as she was before. The rest of Korra’s friends could have had better stories and we could see Asami show how her mothers death affected her or more information on Mako and Bolin’s parents and other street kids too. A look into the past with Aangs kids and how they felt being overshadowed by Tenzin. And how Tenzin felt about being the last of his people when Aang died and it was only him and baby Korra. 
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the-anxiety-of-awaken · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
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silima · 11 days ago
all my red lotus backstory in order
p’li’s scars (mind the content warnings)
escape attempt (again, content warnings)
a little peek at ming-hua’s backstory
accidental mingzan proposal
p’heer rescue scene
the floor is lava
be bi do crimes
ming-hua has a snapchat for some reason
meme doodles
ghazan gets stabbed
ming-hua is mad about ghazan getting stabbed
p’heer hug
extra art:
baby red lotus
ghazan’s sister
mingzan, before meeting zaheer or p’li
p’li looking really dramatic
ming-hua looking really dramatic
some early headcanons/sketches (i don’t stick by all of these anymore but they’re fun)
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silima · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
never let “being unable to handle flammable materials without soaking them” crush your arsonist dreams
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felicity-kitten · 11 days ago
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innsjo-txt · 13 days ago
word count: 2128
Ghazan didn't want to be a lavabender. He wasn't expecting it. He wasn't expecting anything.
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innsjo-txt · 13 days ago
the coldest part of lying
word count: 1498
After sending his companions on a mission doomed to fail, Unalaq reconciles with P’li.
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silima · 21 days ago
everyone shut UP about supernatural sending its canon lgbt character to super hell....legend of korra did it first 😤
Tumblr media
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fraeulein-riza · 22 days ago
Aiwei intentionally distracting (& weakening) Lin
Tumblr media
I just realized while rewatching, that Aiwei‘s intentions to convince Lin to stop working and have the acupuncture, might have been solely in his own interest to stop her from inspecting the security system. Here‘s why:
As Suyins adviser and truth seer he must have known, that Lin Beifong is the kind of person who would search through the entire city to make sure the Avatar is safe
She is a very good detective and who knows what a day snooping around would lead to, maybe she could have figured out Aiweis connection to the red lotus even before they planned on attacking Zaofu, maybe Zaheer already send word or Aiwei send word himself, that the Avatar was in the city
Lin is the only person in Zaofu briefed about the red lotus, being send to protect the Avatar by no other than Lord Zuko himself
the unsolved conflict with Su is already weighing heavy on her, he probably thought it was his best chance to use that against her after she refused to accept that she was not on work duty
he knows what the acupuncture appointment would do to Lin, sending her there to weaken and distract her before she could even start investigating the city and by extension himself
Su has a knack for giving (criminals) people a second chance without asking questions, but Lin doesn‘t. He either was there or surely must have heard about her reaction to the knews of seeing Varrick and Zhu Li and her outburst afterwards.
She doesn‘t trust easily, but he knows when she is lying, so he can manipulate her into thinking it‘s the best thing for her to have that acupuncture, not his own benifit
(maybe he even drugged her somehow, mixing something in the water in her guest house, which could explain her intense physical reaction or is that too crazy?)
and it works, with all her pent up feelings, Lin has enough to deal with instead of busying herself with securing the city
after the acupuncture & her fight with Sue, she sleeps for 16 HOURS, so whatever Aiwei planned & did, he had enough time to do everything without Lin getting suspicious because she was literally asleep for most of it
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dykes-of-kyoshi · 22 days ago
i can not stress enough how badly i want a red lotus spin off series. following them from their teens when they joined the red lotus, i want it all so bad
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