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I got my Nightborne Shadow Priest in on the Hallow’s End trick-or-treating.  Seriously, holiday events like these are a great way to level your alts!  Thought I’d pay homage to another fantasy game with her costume:


Here’s Sielle.  Look familiar?


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was one of my favourite games back in the day ^^ (official art by Square Enix)


I even have a mount to match!  (it’s close enough.  There aren’t any yellow Hawkstriders in WoW).

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FFXIV Characters - How it Started vs How it’s Going

Silly twitter meme, but: I started with Dark Autumn back in very early Heavensward (so sometime in 2015). I dabbled on and off in the game, not quite finishing ARR MSQ until WoW Burnout combined with Stormblood cinematic trailer hype (and those quality of life changes at launch) brought me back…and I stuck around, started making alts (I only meant to see how other city-states started and…sorta just kept going), upgraded to a better computer, learned a tiny bit about gpose and shaders (still have a long way to go), a teensy bit of editing (I’m hopeless there), and have ended up writing a LOT of fanfic and lore stuff (I do OK).

Dark was fantasia’d to be tall as she can be, and making sure that muscle slider maxed. Aeryn fantasia’d to a slightly darker skin tone though that’s not really noticeable in these shots. Iyna’s too new to mess with yet, and C’oretta’s perfect–though the Pink has intensified.

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I get that the design choices around Red Magecraft are mostly about bringing a legacy FF archetype with an established aesthetic into XIV and fitting it into the existing worldbuilding in a fun way. I’m having a lot of fun with the class, and how it narratively works with a character who has an interest in arcane history and is maining BLM/WHM. X’rhun Tia is my favorite job mentor so far; he’s the only one who seems to have a handle on teaching as a discrete skill that deserves to be executed in a skillful, mindful, compassionate way.
That said, given that the art originated in/alongside Ala Mhigo in the wake of the Sixth Umbral calamity and your mentor is also an ethnic Ala Mhigan, I would love for the aesthetic flavor of the class to have been less turn-of-the-18th-century European swashbuckle-y and more, well, Ala Mhigan. 

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