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Kirishima head canon: He has crooked teeth!
Apart from sharp canines replacing his incisor teeth, this sweet honey has teeth that are super crooked! Plus Ultra crooked! He’s the cutest thing with them! He never really thought about how crooked they were and his friends never really asked him about it. Just imagine prohero!kirishima rocking a set of crooked teeth and super wide smile every time you see him! 🥺 Though now that he’s a pro hero, appearance becomes more important than actually saving lives. This proves itself when Kirishima finds an article talking about his crooked pearly whites and his smile dims. One article becomes two and they snowball into a trend for some time for people to chat about his teeth. In fact, he stops smiling wide for some time. Not in front of his friends, not in front of the camera and not even you, the little darlin’ he’s been crushing on for a while now! A few dates here and there and you two already feel comfortable with one another that he can tell you about how the articles have been getting him down. You’ve seen them, you read them all. It enraged you how people could be so cruel, especially knowing what a good soul Red Riot was. He was pretty and protective. His teeth added to his charm in your eyes! On a theme park date, munching on fair food, be brings up the idea of teeth alignment methods and you lose it. Your small stroll turned into you stopping in your tracks. He thinks nothing of it and stops with you, continuing to ramble on about the costs of braces and retainers but all you can see is how frustrated he looks about it all. You just gotta kiss him! So you do! You grab those chubby cheeks and you pull that big, handsome hero in and you give him a smooch on his lips. Your first kiss. You don’t realize it at all but he does. You stand firm on the idea of him not doing anything to his teeth because they are pretty just like he is and he goes red. You got him to smile wide again for the first time in a while.
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Tumblr media
"So manly!" 🤜🤛
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MDNI; 18+
characters are aged up :)
-.Ejioru Kirishima hates his name.
even though it is his legal name, ejioru kirishima hates hearing it come out of your mouth.
you can visually see him tense up and his lips pursed while his large fingers curl into a fist. it isn’t unusual for pet names to be thrown around between you two- and his little “pet names only” rule is the reason why.
even when you’re fuming at him. you can walk into your shared home, slam the door as hard as you need, aggressively pitch your keys and purse onto the island in your kitchen. but you may not call him ejioru kirishima. oh, especially not by his last name. YOUR last name.
red riot would be so quick to get off the couch to stomp over to you. he’d grab you by the chin to pull you extra close so you can hear him.
“excuse me?” he said. it wasn’t a question but you didn’t back down.
“you fucking heard me, ejioru kirishima.” you put an emphasis on the “ma” in his last name. your fire gave him a boner. it didn’t even matter why you were upset at him now.
“oh ho. pretty girl is feelin brave today, yeah?” his grip tightens. “i’ll show you fucking brave since you wanna be a brat. what i even do, huh?”
needless to say, he let you tell him everything he did wrong while he ate you out on the marble kitchen counter. then he stuffed your mouth full of his fat cock. good stuff.
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Tumblr media
The many shades of red ♥️
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Kirishima, lying on Kaminari's floor at 2am: And then he took off his shirt and I looked over and... Bro, his abs are just so manly...
Kaminari, with a stolen pair of Iida's glasses on upside-down and a Kungfu Panda DVD and sharpie in his hand: And how did that make you feel?
Kirishima, dreamily: Gay~
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R o cky Roa d…
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Kirishima: *carves 'K + B' into a tree*
Bakugo: what an idiot
Bakugo: *adds '4ever'*
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hes so excited!!! <3
Tumblr media
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Synopsis/Warning: Y/n and Kirishima grew up as best friends.  Now as young 20-plus years olds, they started a situation-ship by accident. And Relationships without labels can be messy sometimes. 
©xogabbiexo please do not steal, plagiarize, manipulate or translate my work.
“Please, just let me come over so we can talk face to face.”
 The chiming of the doorbell alerts you and you take a deep breath before shuffling over to the dark mahogany door and pulling it open. On the other side, Eijiro stands staring down at you with dark eyes.   You sigh exasperatedly and turned on your heels not wanting to make too much eye contact.  
“Listen E, this whole thing was a mistake-
You begin to rant letting him know how you felt… you and E have been friends since kindergarten before he got his quirk before he became “RED RIOT THE CRIMSON ROCK HERO.” When he was just Eijiro Kirishima the black-haired boy that would give you big hugs when you fall and scraped your knee.  Now here you two are about to lose the friendship you held most dear.  The entanglement began a few months back one drunk night. And since then, your relationship grew into so much more. Spending the night with one another, long days that left evidence of the passion night prior spotted across your skin.   Dating without labels leads to confusion.
You woke one morning last week to the news of Red Riot having a rough rescue. Concern and dread filled your body because you know how hard he is on himself when things go awry.  This fueled you to go to him. But a surprise in the form of a long-legged blonde awaited you. She answered the door with bruises peppered on her pale skin that looked similar to the ones that are mostly healed on your own. Eijiro’s face fall when he appeared in just boxers to see you waiting there with a frown.  But you refused to look weak. So you greeted him happily;  forcing a smile to form on your lips.  excusing yourself as quickly as possible, stating you just wanted to make sure he was ok.
Later that day Elijio attempted to stop by your place but was surprised to see Tetsu leaving your home with a grin of delight he knew to have derived from the gushy heaven residing between you thighs.
“-… it’s going to take some time, but I hope we can be friends again someday.” You say, glancing at your twiddling fingers. Eijiro’s hands found purchase on your knee in the middle of your ranting and you didn’t oppose just wanting one last intimate moment.   That same hand moved to your lap and swallow your smaller ones.
 “I want one more kiss.” He says bluntly peering down into your molasses honey swirl orbs. “E, we can’t.” you shake your head but your eyes flicker to his plump lips. “Just a little kiss.”  He says before capturing your shaking chin with his fingers and leaning in tendering to connect you two. The kiss is slow and methodical in perfect cadence with the thumping of your heart.  Eijiro pulls your entire body to straddle his lap without breaking away. Rough calloused hands trail your Body finding residency on your ass.  “Ei” you whimper and attempt to pull away. “You said one more kiss.”
 He smiles against your lips. “I didn’t say where I wanted to kiss you pebble, I want to taste your neediness on my tongue.”  
 Your screams are stuck in your throat and run away tears leave salty trails down your cheeks.  Eijiro’s hips thrust magically in your slick haven. His relentless movement orchestrates lewd sounds that flood your ears. “Good girl, fuck you’re taking me so well." Eijiro hushes your cries.  Between the wet kisses, he stamps on the column of your throat.   “Look at me,” he demands lifting his head to stare down at you. You terrible under his hard body as his cock strokes past your swollen g spot as your throbbing walls hug around his girth.  “Can I cum in you baby”?  He says needier than you’ve ever heard from him. “Let me paint you all pretty, please baby.” The guttural tone of voice in which he begs pushes your orgasm over the edge.  “ Ei, ohh… god Ei” You moan. Eijiro’s thrust becomes frantic. And your supple breast bounce under his crushing weight. A wave of heat fills your veins, and your breath is sharp traveling down to your lungs. Your pussy relinquishes a flood of warm liquid. Staining pink sheets and splattering on all exposed skin. “So fucking messy,” Eijiro growls when his hips still and you feel twitching against your womb. You two get lost in one another eyes as your pant sweat beaded across his crinkled forehead.
“We’ll get it right this time, baby,” Eijiro whispers before collapsing into your chest to listen to your heartbeat.
@pervysenpaix @plussizeficchick @yo-nn @bookwormsenpai @namjoonswifeyy @blkchxrryblyss @luna-indigoduh @nasty-quillz @tenyaiidasslut
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Tumblr media
Must protect-
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No More Mr Nice Guy😡
| Masterlist | Kirishima Masterlist | Navigation |
Pro Hero Red Riot/Kirishima Eijirou x Pro Hero F. Reader
During a heated discussion with your boyfriend he decides to suddenly turn the tables on you and take some of your advice literally.
Warnings: Smut below💋👇🏻; Dom Kiri; Rough sex; Oral sex (Giving); Degradation; Slight praising; Spanking; Hair pulling; Barebacking; Creampie; Porn with slight plot [18+]
Tumblr media
You let out a deep sigh in an attempt to reign in your aggravation. Pinching the bridge of your nose, you stopped pacing the kitchen of the apartment you shared. You leaned your lower back against the counter as you spoke. "I just wish you were more assertive." Your long-time boyfriend, Kirishima Eijirou, cleared his throat as he tried to consider his next words before speaking. He didn't want this conversation to continue to spiral to a worse place.
"It didn't mean anything, Pebble." It was hearing those words that made you look up at him incredulously. "That's not that point, Ei!" You were used to your boyfriend being the sweet, sensitive type. Friends to partners since UA days, you were used to seeing him take shit from his best friend, Bakugo. You weren't always happy that "Shitty Hair" never really set him straight, but you both knew how the literal explosive one was in nature.
However, Kirishima seems to be like that with everyone. Afraid to rock the boat in some way. Afraid to offend someone. Always wanting to be friends with everyone. Always wanting to please. While you always did and always would find it endearing, now that you were adults you came across some instances where you weren't pleased.
Like what happened today for example.
It was an afternoon where you happened to be on patrol together. At one point a small crowd of fans had gathered. Some flocked you and some flocked him. While you both signed autographs and posed for pictures, at one point you glanced to see how your boyfriend was faring. Sometimes he got overwhelmed with this stuff. Much to your chagrin you turn your head to find him hand in hand with some chick, her free hand rubbing along his muscled arm of the hand she gripped on to. She was batting her lashes at him as she flashed a flirtatious smile. Meanwhile he was almost as red as his hair, his other hand nervously rubbing the back of his neck.
Oh, hell no.
You rushed another autograph or two before giving a friendly smile and wave along with a "Thanks everyone!". You quickly turned and grabbed the arm out of the woman's grasp and pulled him along. "Sorry! We have to go now! Patrol to finish, villains to stop and all that." You continued to flash your smile to the crowd but narrowed your eyes at the offender. She had let out a gasp when you ripped him from her hold before giving you a look of both surprise and irritation. You pulled him along and before turning the corner you gave the crowd one last minute wave.
Once you were out of sight you let go of your boyfriend. Red Riot knew something was off about you and eyed you carefully before speaking. "Well, that was something." You gave him a simple hum in response. When you glanced at him he gave his usual chuckle but as you watched him rub his neck just like he did with her you rolled your eyes. You barely spoke to him for the rest of patrol and for the rest of the shift at the agency.
After hitting the showers you dried off and dressed in your regular clothes, thankful to be out of your costume for the night. As you exited, the first thing you saw was Kirishima standing at the end of the hall waiting for you. While normally your heart would soar at the sight of him, right now it felt like acid was eating away at your insides. He gave a bright, sharp-toothed smile as you closed the distance between you. "Let's get home 'n relax. Yeah?" You replied again with just an 'mhm'.
Kirishima was growing more worried with each passing minute. There had never been this much tension between you two. Not that any relationship is argument free but you two were so good together it rarely happened. It's like you two each made up halves of a whole. You just clicked with everything. Kirishima even briefly wondered if it was your time of the month, but remembered that wouldn't be the case right now.
As you both entered your home you headed straight for the kitchen after kicking off your shoes. Kirishima watched your departing form and let out a defeated sigh. Were you really that mad about earlier? With his own shoes discarded at the door he followed into the kitchen to find you filling the tea kettle with water. "Pebble, are you okay? Are you mad about today?" When you put the tea kettle down with more force than necessary Eijirou had his answer.
That started the discussion that led to this point.
"She was just a fan. What are the chances I even see her again?", Kirishima insisted. "That doesn't matter, Eijirou. She was all over you and you did nothing to stop it." Kirishima shook his head in frustration. He was starting to see what exactly was bothering you, but you wouldn't see that it was irrational.
You were jealous.
He had reached a point where maybe he should just get it out in the open. "Do you think maybe you're jealous, Pebble?" You scoffed in an attempt to cover up the fact that maybe he was right. "That some random chick was all over my boyfriend and he made no move to stop her? You should've set her straight. Done the manly thing."
You knew you were being petty by this point but you were just so annoyed by this whole thing.
Kirishima hated fighting with you. Hated you being mad at him. Hated that random fan for making you feel jealous and even the possibility that it made you feel insecure. So he decided he'd show you that you had nothing to worry about. If you wanted manly, you'd get it.
A dark look overwhelmed Kirishima's features as he suddenly took a few calculated steps towards you. You jolted when he slammed his large hands down onto the counter at each of your sides, actively caging you in. "Why don't you realize I only have eyes for you." His lips crashed into yours as he leans in for a heated kiss. After a few long moments he pulls away just enough to speak against your lips. "You want me to be more assertive. More manly? How about I start right now."
You read his intentions loud and clear and it made your clench your thighs together. "Ei- Eijirou.." Before you could get out more than his name he stopped you with another mind numbing kiss. This one was quicker and when he pulled back he made sure to set you straight. "I don't wanna hear it, Pebble. You're gonna listen, and you're gonna obey and not give me any lip." You nodded slowly and watched intently as he leaned up and proceeded to pull off his shirt. You watched every muscle flex as he removed it fully, looking over every inch of him and his ripped abs.
Throwing the clothing away he held your gaze as he moved on to unbuckle his belt and slide his jeans down. His red boxer-briefs did little to hide the growing tent already pitched inside. You bit you bottom lip and he lowered his arms to his sides. "Now Pebble," he nods to his lower half as he speaks, "pull these down and suck my cock."
Dear God he never turned you on more. You wanted to give whatever he wanted to take.
You eagerly dropped to your knees and gingerly took his cock in your hand. To say Kirishima was large in size was more than an understatement, but you took as much of him in your mouth as possible. As soon as he felt your wet tongue on his shaft he sucked in a deep breath through his gritted teeth. You were perfect to him. Even ready to please him after being so mad. He loved you so much.
This wasn't the time for loving touches, though.
Surprise had your eyes widening when you felt his hands clutch each side of your head as he began to thrust into your throat. "Don't worry Pebble. You're still the best at this but right now I'm taking what I want." He continued fucking into your mouth and you attempted to take him as easily as you could. You knew your underwear was filling with your own juices. Since he was doing the work you couldn't help but slide your hand down your pants and start to rub circles on your clit.
Kirishima's voice made your closed eyes shoot open and bring your gaze to him. "I see what you're doing Pebble. Get that cunt wet but you better not cum." You both knew there was no real way you could answer him, but that command pulled a sinful moan from you. Kirishima couldn't believe how hard he was doing this. Normally he was so gentle with you. Maybe a spank here and there but he was never rough with you. Not really.
Today would be different.
He picked up his pace and you felt him twitch inside your mouth. "First 'm gonna breed this slutty throat of yours before I take you." You closed your eyes again as you readied yourself for his release but once again Kirishima had other plans. "Open those eyes and look up at me Pebble." Your eyes immediately opened and looked right up at him. Seeing you obey so candidly had him ready to explode. He let out a deep groan and his brow furrowed just before he felt the spurts of his hot seed shoot down your throat.
After an impressive amount that even had you surprised at yourself that you were able to handle, he pumped into your mouth a last few times before pulling out. He gripped himself at the base of his cock as he attempted to catch his breath. "Stand up and undress yourself." He watched you with a predatory gaze as your naked body began to reveal itself to him. First your shirt and bra were gone. Then your pants and underwear. Once your chest was bare his hand slowly begun stroking himself and by the time you stood entirely nude before him he was nearly fully hard once more.
"Now. Bend over the counter Pebble." You slowly turned and leaned over, however you never fully bent in half. A loud smack sounded throughout the kitchen and you yelped in shock. A second later you felt the sting on one of your ass cheeks. "Bend. Over.", he demanded through gritted teeth. Ok, so he wasn't playing around. Somehow that made your body feel even hotter than before. You let out a gasp when you felt him grip up the hair at the back of your head. Suddenly you felt his lips on the shell of your ear. "Trust me, Pebble. You don't wanna be a brat this time. No more 'Mr. Nice Guy'." Still in his grip he guided you down until your upper body was flush against the cold counter. "You know you're gonna listen and obey. You're my fucking dirty girl after all, aren't 'cha?" You replied with a breathless 'yes' and he let go of your hair and smoothed his hand down your back.
His other hand still jerked his shaft as he lined his cock up and ran his tip through your folds. "You're already soaked f' me. My fuckin' slut." That elicited another moan from you and you heard him whisper curses under his breath. Next thing you knew he was pushing his cock into your eager hole. No notice or warning given. He inched his way inside and you were grateful for a moment to accommodate his size as he paused once he was sheathed fully inside you. "'m gonna teach you a lesson. Show you how manly I can be and destroy this sopping pussy."
You were already panting and he hadn't even started moving yet. That was about to change as he pulled himself nearly all the way out before thrusting back into you. It nearly knocked the air from you and you gripped onto the counter to brace yourself however you could. He repeated the action but this time slapped the opposite ass cheek before ramming back inside you. Feeling you clench him so diligently made the last of his restraint give way.
He started pumping into you and you hadn't heard him make such moans and groans before in all your years together. He was relentless in his fucking you. Your mind was blank. Plain and simple. You couldn't gather a thought together if your life depended on it. "How's this for manly, eh?", he questioned as he rammed his cock head into your cervix over and over again.
Kirishima wanted to keep watching the show of his massive cock disappearing inside you but the way you were strangling his cock had him throwing his head back in ecstasy. "Fuck..your the only fuckin' hole I ever wanna destroy. Fuck!" He gripped both ass cheeks in large, almost painful handfuls. Your mouth was gaped open in a silent scream as your fingers clutched the edge of the counter with white knuckles. You didn't think it was gonna get any better until you felt you lower half begin to lift off the ground.
Without pulling out of you your boyfriend had gripped your thighs and pulled your legs around him, making your whole body go horizontal as he didn't miss a beat and kept pounding into your hole. You had never been in this position before and it had you reeling.
"Eijirou I'm..I'm gonna cum!!" Kirishima's thrusts became a bit harder and faster, holding you in this position with ease. "Tell me who my fucking slut is!" He could barely get out the words as he was quickly losing his total composure. "Me! I am!", you called out obediently. "Then fucking take my second load in this pussy!" Hearing his words pushed you over the edge and you clamped down on him as you came around his cock. His thrusts started becoming off and you knew he was close to his own orgasm.
With a shuttered groan and your name falling from his lips in broken syllables he painted your insides white once again. Kirishima gave a few last soft pumps before stopping completely. You both remained in place as you worked to catch your breaths. A few moments later Kirishima would lower you carefully back to the ground. He leaned forward and you heard him in your ear as you felt one of his hands gently rub your back. "Are you okay, Pebble?" The concern heard in his voice brought a smile to your face. "Yeah, 'm okay."
You heard him give a sigh of relief before he paused to ask a second question. "Are we okay?" You immediately nodded and turned your head to glance back at him. You looked at him with soft eyes and a smile. "Yeah Baby, we are.", you reassured him. Eijirou then looked at you like he often did, like you just hung the moon and the stars just for him.
He slowly pulled out of you and watched your combined juices leak from the opening he had just obliterated. "You're so beautiful." It was quieter than normal and said in such reverence of you. After getting an eyeful he wrapped his arms around your waist in a bear hug from behind. "How about me and my Baby Shark go take a bath?" You could hear the smile on his face. You let out a giggle and nodded in agreement. You turned around to peck him on his lips before whispering "There's my 'Mr. Nice Guy'."
Tumblr media
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Kirishima: Man, Midoriya! You went crazy today with target practice!
Bakugo: Tch! Are you trying to show off, you bastard?!
Kirishima: Midoriya?
Bakugo: Nerd.
Kirishima, shaking Izuku: Dude?
Izuku, flinches: Huh? What?
Kirishima: Dude, where did you go?
Izuku: Sorry, I haven’t slept right in like two weeks, so I’m exhausted...Anyways, when does gym start?
Kiri and Baku:
Bakugo: We just ended it. We did target practice.
Izuku: Oh...How did I do?
Kirishima:...Holy crap.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is an elaborate excuse to draw Toshinori with wet hair, because I thought it would look really stupid
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littlebowdagger · 18 days ago
driver’s license
18+ (all characters are 18+)
Tumblr media
cw. praise, overstimulation, pet names (princess, precious), car sex, oral sex (fem receiving), fingering.
drabble featuring horny kirishima <3
Tumblr media
“come on, princess. i know you got one more in there. just need you to relax for me. can you do that, precious?”
you were sitting in his car, on his lap, one leg behind his head and the other one sitting on the dashboard. thank god you chose to wear a skirt today, this position was awkward enough. kiri was not letting you up anytime soon.
your legs shook so hard it hurt. and while your cunt kept clenching tightly around his three fingers, you honestly felt nothing but pressure from his sweet abuse. with that you put your head on his cool window, groaning, “e-ejioru! i can’t, please!”
kiri was getting quite frustrated that you think he couldn’t make you cum again. he pulled out three sticky fingers to grab your chin with to make you look at him. “pretty girl. i know you can cum again. if you just let me touch you. do you need my tongue? is that it?”
he didn’t give you time to respond because he was already moving his seat back and down. you knew the drill; and you weren’t about to argue with him. moving into the passenger seat so kirishima could get himself into the back and allow you room to sit in the drivers seat and spread. because his car was one of those fancy black and red ones, it surprisingly gave him lots of room to kneel in front you.
his eyes met yours as he caressed your thigh. “god, such a pretty little princess. trying to keep this away from me.” his tongue flattened licked straight through your sore folds. you ran a hand in his red hair when he sweetly kissed your clit. his lips wrapped around the little button and he sucked. oh, and he sucked hard.
it was enough shock to make you lunge forward, slipping out the sexiest moan this man has ever drawn from you. liking what he heard, he continued.
“oh princess, this is gonna fucking hurt.” he said as he focused his mouth on your clit and let his fingers tease your hole.
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kajinovaa · a month ago
Tumblr media
Feral Kiwipima redraw cuz I wanted to see a feral bucket of sunshine ✨
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nekomamiiz · 8 months ago
eyes on me
Tumblr media
kirishima x f!reader
wc: 3.8k
warnings: all characters aged up 21+, mention of alcohol consumption, use of marijuana, established relationship, mutual teasing, size kink?, dry humping, oral (m. receiving), slight dacryphilia, unprotected sex, no prep, p**sy taps, slight breeding, mating press, creampie, cockwarming, kiri's monster coque is a warning all in its own ;)
a/n: i was hoping to get this out for baby boys birthday, but i got hit with a bad case of writers block for almost a whole month so here we are lol, also wanna say a huge thank you to @a-shy-blueberry for beta reading this bad boy, ilysm bb ! i made a playlist for this fic and you can listen here if you want to. i hope y'all like it and remember reblogs are always appreciated <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When you and Kirishima came home from the club, you crashed onto the bed together in a mess of teeth and tongue, tracing the curves of each other’s bodies with your needy hands. Your minds are still caught in the drunken haze of spending the night dancing so close to one another. The entire time you were at the club venue, all you could think of were his rough hands on your skin.
Now, here you are. Your dress is on the floor, his clothes are thrown around the room, and you lay on top of him with your thighs straddling his.
Kiri has one arm around you, his hand rubbing down your bareback—fingertips tickling your spine just right as you tremble in his arms. His hand is inching closer down to your ass, and he gives it a soft squeeze, chuckling into the kiss.
“Baby,” he pouts. “I’ve been waiting all night to get you home,” he says, pulling back to look in your eyes, his hand caressing your cheek. “Don’t make me wait any longer.”
You, however, had other plans.
The moment you set foot in the bedroom, you were reminded of the joint you rolled before the two of you left for the club. It was supposed to be enjoyed prior to your outing, but you both had gotten distracted. Now, you see it from the corner of your eye and can’t resist pulling away from him to reach for it.
“I know, but this has been waiting for us the whole time we were gone,” you say, pouting as you sit upright in his lap.
You put your hand flat on his stomach for balance, and you don’t miss the opportunity to dig your nails into the grooves of muscle that reside on his abdomen. He watches you; his ruby eyes fixed on your every movement as you place the rolled substance between your lips. You then move the joint to the corner of your mouth.
“Can you light it for me?” you ask, handing him the lighter. The joint dances between your lips as you speak, which garners a chuckle from Eijirou as he reaches for the object in question.
He grabs the lighter from your fingers, twirling it between his for a second. You watch how he moves the object between each digit with so much skill.
You would know how skilled those fingers are.
Shifting your weight, you move on top of him, grinding your clothed pussy against the fabric of his boxers. The material creates amazing friction for the two of you, and he groans from your movement, dropping the lighter on his stomach.
“Stop teasing and let me focus,” he hisses at you, chuckling at your playfulness.
He admires the way your breasts bounce in front of him, and he’s mesmerized at how gorgeous you are; that’s all the time, really. He stares for a moment with no other thought in his mind as he holds the lighter to the paper, flicking it to life.
Then you take a deep breath, the citrus-tasting smoke invades your lungs, and you hold it for a second or two. You blow out, leaning forward to get it in his face, and Eijirou feels high already just from the sight of you.
“Feel better?” he asks as he tosses the lighter back onto the nightstand.
Large hands find your hips, and he digs his thumbs into your sides, massaging the skin softly, pinching and squeezing. He’s starting to move your body, just a little bit. Beginning with a slow, comfortable grind against his cock, and you moan, taking another hit from the joint.
You only hum in response. The weed is already clouding your mind, and the way his hands feel on your body is driving you crazy. “Feels so good,” you say breathily.
It takes a while to notice that you’ve been waving the joint around, hogging it from Eijirou. The feeling of his cock hardening beneath you has you moaning in pure ecstasy as the marijuana sets into your body.
He is all you can focus on as you take another drag from the joint and pass it his way.
“Just love to keep me waiting, don’t you?” he asks, grabbing the paper, then twisting his body to flick some ash into the tray on the nightstand.
He settles back onto the bed, placing the herb between his lips, smirking at you—his pointed teeth handle the joint with so much care, and you return the smile to him. You begin rutting against him softly once more—this time, your hands wander lower, toying with the waistband of his boxers and tugging it down slowly.
“You know I love a patient man,” you say in a low voice, “and teasing you is all part of the fun.”
Your fingers have managed to roll his shorts down far enough to expose the mess of black hair that trails down to the base of his cock. He shudders from your touch, hips bucking underneath you, the length of him brushing against your inner thigh.
You move down lower on the bed, wiggling your ass in the air as you get comfortable in a new position—face to face with Eiji’s cock, nestled right between his thick thighs.
You wrap your hand around his shaft, moving up and down as you twist your wrist to stimulate him further. There’s a bead of precum forming at the tip, and you massage it into the rest of his length with your thumb, swiping it over his sensitive head.
Eijirou takes another hit from the joint, holding it in a little longer than the last. He releases the smoke through his nose and mouth with a heavy sigh, feeling every twist and squeeze of your hand more intensely than before. His eyes are on yours, watching as you settle on your knees, letting your lips hover just above the tip of his cock.
He holds his breath, watching you spit on his dick. Your saliva dribbling down the ridges of his cock, onto your fingers—letting the length of him slip and slide easily through your talented little hand.
“So fucking pretty,” he says softly, moaning a quiet fuck right after that.
You look up at him with heavy eyelids and see his eyes are closed, and his head is tossed back. He still has the joint between his lips; you aren’t bothered to ask for some, though.
With a giggle and cute smile, you kiss the tip of his dick before taking him in your mouth. Slowly at first, letting your tongue swirl around the head, stimulating the underside of him as you keep going further down.
You’re beginning to feel the stretch in your jaw; he’s so thick and hot on your tongue that you let out a slight whine to accommodate the rest of him. He bucks into your mouth, the sound makes your throat tighten around his cock, and he grunts—low and deep.
It’s so messy. Spit and pre trails all the way down his balls, and you feel him shiver when you pick up the pace. Your hand squeezes the base of him a little tighter, and he can no longer hold his voice back.
“Ah shit, that feels so good,” he rasps as one hand finds the back of your head.
He holds you in place, his cock halfway in your mouth, and the tip of him is already bumping the back of your throat. You only hum and swirl your tongue on each side of him, making sure to stimulate the tip. Kiri thrusts into your mouth when you wiggle your tongue over the ridges of his cock—moaning your name as he tosses his head back again.
He takes another hit after flicking more ash off to the side. The hand that was on your head has now found its way to your cheek—caressing it softly and wiping away the small tears that slip from your eyes.
“My pretty girl,” he moans, and some puffs of smoke follow his words.
You hum at his praise, taking him deeper as you slide your hand down to his balls, cupping and massaging them in one hand. Eijirou can’t control his hips and starts thrusting faster into your mouth—slow for now, but it’s only a matter of time before he puts both hands on your head and really fucks your throat. He’s still looking at you while taking hits from the joint, blowing the smoke into your face each time you take him deeper.
“Fuck baby, I’m gonna cum,” he groans, and you can feel his balls twitch in your grasp.
You pull off and away from him with a wet ‘pop’ as you reposition yourself back onto his thighs. While leaning over to plant a kiss on his chest, you slip your panties off, discarding them into a dark corner of the room.
“You’re the worst,” he grumbles as you move to grab the joint from his fingers. “I was about to—”
He was about to cum, but there’s only one place you want it.
“I know,” you admit as you wrap your free hand around him, pumping a few times. He’s still slick with your spit, and you rub the tip of his dick through your folds, catching your clit as another rush of your arousal seeps out of you.
“Only want your cum inside me,” you gasp as you lower yourself onto his cock.
Eijirou quickly puts his hands on your hips, supporting you as you adjust to his thick size. He can feel the way your pussy squeezes and resists the intrusion, but you simply don’t care. As you bring the joint to your lips, you shift your hips to take his entire length inside you, and the two of you moan in tandem at the feeling of your walls stretching to fit him in.
“Oh f-fuck,” you keen, feeling him reach the deepest part of you.
The tip of his dick hits a spot that makes you tremble, and he grips into your skin to keep you steady—massaging your sides to calm you down. It’s not until you roll your hips once, then twice, that you fully adjust to his size. He’s so thick—you can feel every vein, ridge, and twitch of his cock each time your pussy squeezes a little tighter. It’s a feeling you will never get used to but will always find immense pleasure in each time.
You don’t even have the sense to pay attention to the joint. Not when Eijirou holds you like this, keeping you seated on his cock as you let him squeeze and tickle your body. By now, the marijuana has had enough time to settle into your system. Evident in how you can feel every slow, heavy thrust of his dick while his hands explore your body. As if he hasn’t been doing it forever already.
Finally, you take a drag and let it settle in your mouth before leaning forward—your eyes fixed on bright ruby gems staring lustfully back at you, waiting patiently.
You place your hand on his chest for balance, coming face to face with him as your lips hover above his. The smoke spills from your pursed lips and into Kiri’s waiting mouth, where he sucks down the substance as if it were oxygen. The source of such an intense body high just came from your mouth, and he’s always eager for more of that feeling.
As you both release the last bit of smoke from your lungs, Kiri takes the joint from your hands and places it on the nightstand. He puts out the cherried end quickly and moves even faster to get both hands back on you.
When he comes back to you, you take it upon yourself to pepper little kisses on his neck and collarbones. Reveling in the way he twitches and squirms beneath you when you lap over the column of his throat. The deep groan he lets out when you bite down makes you shiver and tighten up. The both of you are so sensitive and pent up from such a long night, and now that he finally has you the way he’s wanted, he’s going to enjoy every minute of it.
“Fuck baby, you’re so tight,” he grunts, taking a deep breath.
He places both feet on the bed and holds you up for a moment before slowly settling you back down on his cock. The muscles in his arms strain from the effort, but you know it’s easy for him. He’s tossed you around much more than this; he always has such a thrilling look in his eye that keeps you begging for more when he does.
Kirishima moves one hand to the small of your back, wandering lower to get a handful of your ass. He squeezes the flesh harder, demanding you get closer to him, so you do. You lean in closer, and he presses you down, prompting you to relax your body on top of him.
You find his lips and kiss him sloppily, feeling the heat of his tongue on yours as you drag it along the bottom row of his teeth and moan into the kiss as goosebumps rise on your skin. You’ve waited all night to be this close to him, this full of him.
He supports you with one hand on the back of your neck and the other gripping your ass. Right now, he’s in complete control of the pace. Meeting your hips with slow, sweet thrusts as he bounces you on top of him. The tip of his dick is gently massaging a spot that makes you freeze, clamping down on his cock as he hits even deeper, wrapping his arms around you to hold you closer.
“Eiji, that feels good,” you breathe out, panting and moaning in his ear as you brush your cheek against his.
Turning his head slightly, he finds your lips, desperately searching for your tongue so he can tease you with his. Warm, wet flicks on your lower lip make you whine as you part them slightly, letting his tongue invade every corner of your mouth. The same way he invades every part of you.
“Yeah, baby? Right there?” he asks, picking up the pace as his thrusts become a little harder, hitting with more precision.
Slick sounds fill the room, and the slap of his balls on your ass gets increasingly louder. Eijirou is beginning to get lost in the feeling of your pussy gripping onto him so tightly, practically begging for his cum without having to say so. He grips your hips tighter, moving you at an angle that makes him groan, and he bites his lip to keep from spilling his load too soon.
“Baby,” you sigh, shaking in his arms as you wrap yours around his shoulders. “I’m gonna cum.”
The groan that comes from deep within his chest sounds more like a growl as he sits upright, cradling you in his arms. You easily wrap your legs around his waist and bury your fingers in the mess of hair at the base of his neck.
You whine into his mouth, and heat rapidly builds in your core as your first orgasm rips through you. Eijirou smoothes his hands over your hips while you babble sweet praises in his ear. He’s moving you slightly, building you back up, and savoring the feeling of your pussy fluttering around his cock so deliciously.
Both your thighs are sticky with your cream as he rolls you over on the bed, positioning himself on top of you. His cock slips out of you, and you pout from the loss, scratching at his chest and arms. Trying desperately to get him back inside, rolling your hips to meet his, but he holds you down with one hand.
“Shh, don’t worry, sweetheart,” he coos softly, kissing your cheek as he thumbs at your swollen clit. His cock is hot and heavy against your inner thigh, and you keep moving your legs up and down his sides, attempting to trap him between your thighs.
“Gotta be patient. Remember?” he says, teasing you the way you did earlier, now toying with your wet pussy. His long fingers gather your slick and spread it through your folds, circling your clit and giving it a light tap.
You jump from the sensation and feel the shock it sends through your body long after he does it. Those skilled fingers work you in a way that only he knows, and you mewl, bucking your hips as you beg for more.
“Please, Eiji,” you whimper softly, craning your neck in search of his lips. “Want your cum.”
It’s the desperate furrow in your brow that makes him cave—as much as he likes to tease you; he loves watching you beg and cry for him much more. He plants a soft kiss on your cheek as he takes his cock in his hand, coating his shaft with your slick and teasing your entrance with the tip.
“So needy for me, baby,” he says with soft laughter that quickly dies once the head of his cock slips inside of you. “Still so fucking tight.”
He grits his teeth as he eases the rest of his length inside you, all while he rubs soothing circles into your hips and thighs. You’re so soft and pliant beneath him that all he has to do is kiss you to have you falling apart one more time. His hand moves from your hips, finding its way back to your pussy and thumbing at your clit.
It takes a moment for you to adjust to his size again. You’re still squeezing him so tight, and he can see that you’re struggling to fit the rest of him in. One of his arms moves beside your head, and he leans into you, supporting his weight on his elbow. He brushes his hand over your forehead and wipes some sweat off your brow, melting at the sight of your face twisted in burning pleasure.
Your eyes are closed, and brows pinched as he flicks your clit faster, feeling you open up for him just a little more.
“Hey, pretty girl,” he coos into your ear, and he doesn’t miss the slight gasp that escapes you when he softly presses down on your swollen nub, “Eyes on me, baby,” he whispers to you sweetly.
You whimper his name before your eyes flutter open, looking at him through hazy eyes as you bite your lip and relax in his arms. All you can do is slur the words please, and yes, and Eijirou quickly kisses your lips, swallowing up your cries for more.
The pace he built up has lost its previous rhythm, but the soft smacking of skin on skin stays the same. He’s nearing his end, and you can see it in the way he looks down at you—his eyes darkening, and his brows creased in complete ecstasy. He looks so handsome like this.
“Want you to fill me up, Eijirou,” you beg with persistence, arching your back to push your tits against his chest, desperate to get him close again.
He chuckles lightly, this time because of the way you’ve been begging for his cum all night. He knows you’re a needy little thing, and you won’t stop until you get what you want. So, he takes both legs in his hands and pushes your thighs into your chest as he successfully folds you into a mating press.
Finally, he thinks, as he bottoms out inside your sweet pussy, feeling your juices gush out of you and down the crack of your ass. Finally, he gets to have you a filthy mess beneath him, at his mercy. You yelp and moan in this position, unable to keep your sounds in because he reaches so deep like this and fills you up so well; it’s almost sinful.
He places your ankles over his shoulders as he hunches over, caging your head between his strong arms and placing soft kisses on the skin of your calf before planting more on your pouty cheeks.
“Don’t worry, baby. I got you,” he reassures you as his hips smack more feverishly against yours, his breath fanning hot above your lips. “Fuck, ‘m gonna fill you up,” he groans as he leans in to take your lips in an all-consuming kiss. The two of you breathe heavily, reaching the highest peak of pleasure at the same time as the other.
His hips come flush with yours, balls twitching as he spills ropes of hot cum deep inside your pussy. You can feel the thick ring of cum collected at the base of his dick and the way it squelches between you when he moves his hips. Some of it spills out, dribbling in thick globs down your ass, and makes you clench harder around him when it drips down the tight muscle.
You hum happily at the feeling of warmth filling you from the inside, especially when provided by Eijirou—who can see just how content you are to have the one thing you’ve begged for since you left the house earlier that night.
“Feels good,” you mumble with a smile on your face, turning your head to the side as drowsiness starts to take over your body.
Kirishima only laughs at the sight of you—so spent, yet so cheerful. He runs a hand down the side of your cheek before lifting himself and placing your legs back on either side of him. When he pulls out and away from you, there’s another glob of cum that spills from your pussy, and it’s enough to make his cock harden once more.
He curbs the need to fuck you silly by stuffing his cock back inside you, letting you wrap your legs around him again as he lays you both on your sides.
“Need to shower,” you whine in protest, but you contradict yourself by wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him closer into you.
He quiets you by kissing your forehead, cradling the back of your head in his hand while the other finds comfort on the swell of your ass.
“Just relax and get some rest,” he whispers in your ear; the pads of his finger trace idle circles into your skin, and it’s almost like he’s rocking you to sleep.
You can feel he’s already grown soft inside you, keeping his seed plugged deep inside as he holds you close to his chest, his warm scent covering you like a blanket as you drift off peacefully to sleep.
Before wandering into your dreams, the last thing you hear is Eijirou’s light voice mumbling sweet praises and affirmations of his love for you—how he wants more nights like these, how he can never get enough of you, and your insatiable appetite. He wants you all the time, every day.
He wants you in his arms just like this, all the time and every day.
Tumblr media
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foxi-mushroom · 2 months ago
Bakugou: did you tell anyone we're dating?
Kirishima: yes, Katsuki, I have no self control and I told everyone we're dating.
Bakugou: ok, jeez, no need for sarcasm.
Kirishima: no seriously, i have no self control and I told everyone that we're dating.
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chippolyta · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Trying to fine tune the settings on the brush I use for sketching. On a related note, how many Kirishimas is too many Kirishimas?
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yanderenightmare · 7 months ago
soft boyfriend KIRISHIMAAAAAAAAAA YAAAAS just DO IT! you KNow you cAn! DO IT! just DO IT!
KIRISHIMA EIJIROU ! boyfriend headcannons
this turned into a trend
goodiebag warnings: slight misogyny ig, manliness
He was an overenthusiastic klutz on all your first encounters.
Not so much out of nerves... but rather because he was so jacked up with wholehearted eagerness, to the point he acted like a complete clumsy fool every time he was around you.
But it wasn't as though he was awkward and flustered.
He was more... uhm... kind of overbearing and INTENSE.
Just very obviously interested in you.
Which was sweet in its own way...
Where most guys try acting cool, Kirishima fell flat on his face only to jump right back up again.
He'd squeeze your hand too hard, ask way too many intimate questions, talking like he'd never spoken to another person before.
He was like a dog, a BIG dog, whipping his tail about and knocking things over.
You couldn't help but smile and laugh at his big goofy grin.
Being both amused and flattered.
After the two of you became a couple you asked him what made him fall in love with you and he instantly said that it was your smile.
Before face-palming himself and saying it was nothing as superficial as that.
"It was your laugh. No! Your- uhm- your..."
You just giggled at him where his face had gone from wistfully thinking about the time the two of you first met to stressing out that he'd completely fucked everything up because he couldn't name a single thing that wasn't along the lines of "you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen".
And it's the truth.
He's absolutely smitten with everything that you are.
And completely mesmerised by how soft your skin is.
Where his is rough and tough even without his quirk activated, yours is smooth like velvet.
He's obsessed with stroking your cheek.
What more...
He's also creepily fascinated by how tender your flesh is.
And adores your chunky areas.
Thighs and ass are his two favourite places.
He'll grab and poke and touch and feel you up like putty between his hands for hours.
Grabbing handfuls of your fat, squeezing on it, pinching and prodding and poking.
Playing with it as though it's the most fun he's had since playdough in kindergarten.
Muttering about how his skin is all stiff and tough and yours is plush like a pillow.
Perfect for napping on.
He also loves playing with your hair.
He'll touch and pull on it, run his fingers through it, card and rake, trying to braid but failing miserably though happy nonetheless.
He's not too gentle in this manner either.
He's more like a toddler.
Like he's expecting something more to happen other than you wincing once he tugs too much and rips a couple strands from their root.
You'll shoo his hands away, but they always seem to absentmindedly wander back to your strands to twist the locks around his fingers.
And speaking of hair...
He loves it when you help him touch his up.
Whether you're simply keeping him company while he's dying it or you dying it for him.
Or when you style his spikes and little horns with hair gel.
He worships you.
Offering to help you left and right.
Pushy to a degree it's almost like he's nagging you.
Where he can come off as slightly misogynistic half the time.
Though he never means to offend you in any way.
It's just... that bag looks heavy and he doesn't work-out everyday for nothing.
And with all that muscle comes a hefty appetite.
You're convinced Kirishima's stomach is bottomless.
Meaning both that he's constantly hungry and that when he sits down to eat, he will EAT.
The guy needs at least three tiny meals between meals.
He drags you on way too many 2AM grocery store runs.
Always buying a ton of snacks. An entire grocery-bag's worth.
And never something he's bought before, only constantly new things.
He spends a good quarter hour in the candy aisle just to browse for things he has yet to try.
He'll hand you half before stuffing his own face.
Wanting to discuss taste and texture with you and to compare it with past snacks the two of you've tried before.
Where you have the suspicion that he strangely finds it even more fun if you end up not enjoying the flavour.
He's not too romantic in the traditional sense, but more goofy.
He loves spending time with you though.
So even when he's not the most romantic person, dates are still FREQUENT.
Almost exhausting actually.
Never anything chill.
Always something that makes the heart race. - Horror movies and action thrillers in the cinema - Amusement-parks, both the water and rollercoaster kind. - Beach-days. He definitely brings a volleyball. - Mountain hikes and camping.
He's definitely down to chill at the end of a day though.
Where the conversation runs like fluid.
He's not a man shy of talking.
Where he'll even call you multiple times a day, just to ask you what you're up to and the works, and also to share anecdotes about his day and how he's feeling.
Always letting you know if something you said, did or wears makes him feel a certain way.
No matter that feeling be happy, horny, insecure, upset or angry.
He lets you hear it.
On top of that, he's also an intense listener.
Honestly, being just an overall amazing communicator.
Always EYE-CONTACT with you when you talk to him, or hums of acknowledgment when speaking through the phone.
He always gets himself so vividly immersed in whatever story you're telling.
To the point where if you says you dislike someone at school or at work, Kirishima will dislike that person with a vengeance too.
The same goes for if you say you like someone, he as well will approve of them.
He drives Bakugou mad with all his little comments.
Every time they pass something you've mentioned, Kirishima will always state it. - Pebble likes this coffeeshop. - Pebble bought a bikini here once. - Pebble thinks you're cool Bakubro. - Pebble this, Pebble that, Pebble etc...
What can he say other than that he's a passionate guy?
Often loud and rowdy.
But strangely enough, he rarely uses crude curse-words.
He'll of course let the occasional one slip when the situation really calls for it.
But considering he's spent almost every single day of his life with Bakugou for the past years, you have to give him credit for not being further influenced by the rude blond's potty-mouth.
Eijiro will instead use those corny substitute curse-words, such as: - Fudge. - Fiddlesticks! - Aww shucks... - Oh crud. - Shoot. - What the heck? - Geez man.
Sometimes, when he gets upset with someone. Most of the time, Bakugou. He'll call him a turd and walk away thinking he's made his point.
You couldn't stop laughing that one time where Bakugou, in the midst of losing in a video-game to you, yelled fiddlesticks instead of fuck.
The blonde going completely red in embarrassment before turning demon-eyed as he tackled Kirishima to the floor and cursed him for feeding him those moronic passive-aggressive terms.
Keeping him pinned to the floor whilst the red-head could only laugh at his friend's silly rage as the blond kept trying to make him say a curse-word so that they'd be even.
Living with Kirishima...
It's like you already have kids.
He's a hopeless dresser.
No sense for fashion whatsoever.
Brown cargo-shorts, horizontal stripes and military and animal prints.
He's not too opposed to you dressing him though.
As long as what you pick out for him is comfortable to wear and not too flashy and "feminine".
He wants to look a certain way, but he's not too good at communicating what that way is, where the only keyword he'll ever give you is manly.
Which is no help at all because the range of things that appear as manly to Kirishima is vast and have visually no correlation whatsoever. - Bakugou's gardening habits and his seemingly naturally domestic place in the kitchen is manly. - Kaminari wearing chokers is manly. - Scars are manly. - The way you can bear to walk in those heals is manly.
But put him in an exclusive floral-shirt and he'll scratch the back of his neck unsurely before telling you it's not exactly his style.
Also, the crocs never go away.
He's also messy...
He'll shower daily and brush his teeth twice a day.
But dirty laundry and dirty dishes and shoes cluttering in the mudroom and worn boxers left in the bathroom and socks absolutely everywhere, never in pairs, is a much too common sight.
And he never learns to turn the TV and lights off.
There's constantly candy wrappers left everywhere in the house.
And bandages and those cutesy childish kid band-aids that he always buys for some reason.
You'll put them over the minor cuts he has, but the silly things always fall off so easily.
Nor is he a very good cook either.
He's sweet tough...
Trying to make dinner when you work late or surprising you with breakfast in bed.
Eggshells, too much seasoning, unknown ingredients.
In bed.
He has those jump-scare worthy sudden random loud snores when he's asleep.
But other than that...
He's gentle, passionate and rough all at the same time.
He'll growl and moan and whimper and whine and pant like a dog in heat as he touches and kisses you all over.
Body-worshipper to a T.
Thirsty to gorge himself. Wants to bury his face between your thighs and lap until pussy-drunk.
He's also a sucker for kisses on his chest.
Warm or cool, preferably wet, pecks of your soft lips against his tough and swelled chest.
Kissing his scars makes him whimper.
He also likes nipple-kisses. Especially if you nibble a bit on him.
Even outside of bed, he has zero reservations when it comes to intimacy.
HANDS-ON at all times.
Even when he's sweaty, even when he's grimy with dirt and mud.
He wants his welcome-home kisses and hugs.
No discussion.
He doesn't really care if you're busy.
Mostly because he doesn't quite recognise that you're ever busy.
He believes he has respect for your little hobbies and your job...
Though he constantly expresses his thoughts of how he doesn't see why you even need a job when he can easily provide for you both.
You should always have time for a quickie, right?
If he has the time, you have the time, in his mind.
So he'll pull you from your computer or kiss at your neck and beg you to hang up the phone with your supervisor.
Yeah, sorry... he doesn't really respect your job.
He has a habit of lightly biting you at random on your shoulders, neck, thighs, stomach and whatever the moment calls for.
And he absolutely must play paddy-cake with your ass at least once a day.
He just loves resting his head on your lap and chest.
He'll instantly fall asleep into an open-mouthed drooling mess if your start playing with his hair.
You can't ever finish a movie.
The two of you regularly sleep on the couch instead of upstairs in the bedroom.
He HATES showering without you.
It feels wrong how boring it is.
He hates having to shampoo his own hair and how he can't reach his back and how he doesn't have your thighs wrapped around his torso.
He loves you in anything red.
Rep lipstick, red lingerie, red hoodie, red stockings.
It's his weakness.
He can be having a really bad day, but just one look at you in anything red and he'll immediately lighten up.
It could be a simple thing like a red scrunchy in your hair or around your wrist and he'll perk up with a smile at once.
He can be mad at you, but all you need do is slip on something red and he'll fold almost instantly.
You don't ever worry about Kirishima not thinking you're pretty or gorgeous or hot or cute or this or that or anything.
He makes it all rather obvious.
Still now, after the two of you are well beyond the point of new-love and the honeymoon-phase.
Kiri will still be showering you with words and actions of affection and adoration.
His straightforward pining still going strong.
He's the KING of "I know you're asleep, but..." speeches.
Be it when you're asleep in his arms or on voicemail when he's working late nights or early mornings.
He'll recite paragraph after paragraph of absolute word-vomit about his love for you.
Just NEEDING to let you know each time the thought crosses his mind.
He won't ever show you that he's mad at you.
When you've done something that's upset him, he'll simply tell you.
But never angrily.
Which can be slightly irking...
Sometimes you wish he'd just yell at you.
But he never does.
Even when you raise your voice at him.
Kirishima takes you seriously and apologises sincerely when he's upset you for whatever reason, and never deems you the curtesy of fighting with you.
You thought at first it was because he thought it would be ridiculous of him, big man that he is, to fight a little lady like you.
But when you confronted him with that theory he couldn't stop laughing.
Turns out, he just doesn't like or see the point in verbal fighting.
And after that you started noticing how he reacts that way with everyone.
Even Bakugou, who could shatter glass with all his shouting. Kirishima just laughs his little hissy-fits right off.
You swear, he must be the most calm and happy-go-lucky guy in the world. - He never bitches about people. - Never holds a grudge. - Never picks fights he doesn't have to. - Always admits he's wrong when he is.
He's constantly doing gentlemanly gestures as though it's a ritual.
It's just his way of life. - Opening doors, every door, car-doors too. - Pulls out your chair and pushed you back in. - Drapes his coat over you when it's cold. He doesn't even ask. - Gives you most of the umbrella when it's raining. - Takes the side closest to the street when the two of you walk on the curb.
But gentlemanly acts aren't just reserved for you.
They're for EVERYONE. - Assists that old women cross the street. - Gives that old man or pregnant lady his seat on the train. - Joins the search party for that missing child. - Helps people up when they fall and then proceeds to collect their things from the ground. - Helps that little girl find her mommy in the grocery store. - Volunteers for about any and all charity work.
If you're being honest, his sense for heroics and need to be helpful is a bit overwhelming at times.
Almost makes you feel like a bad person.
Sometimes you wish he'd be more selfish like everyone else.
But then at the same time, it's what you love about him.
And besides being a gentleman, he's also the most loyal and caring friend anyone could ask for. - He's the first to ask you how your interview went or that presentation you had to have in front of your boss. - He always calls Bakugou, Denki, Sero and Mina to ask if they got home safely after a night out. - When you come home from out shopping with friends, he's at once demanding you give him a runway show. - Each time he knows one of his or your friends are home alone by themselves since their spouse has gone on a business trip or something of the sorts, he's always inviting them over for dinner. - And when a friend of either one of you is going through a break-up, he's inviting them to stay with you so that they don't have to be alone.
Which is nice and all...
If the guest-house hadn't been refurbished to be a fully-decked out gym instead.
It doesn't exactly leave too much space to house guests other than the living-room coach.
But he needed space for the boxing-ring...
Him and Bakugou spend hours out there, while you and mrs. Bakugou sip whine and talk about how strange life married to two top-heroes is.
You see the couple a lot since Kirishima and Bakugou are co-CEOs at their Hero Agency, as well as still being best mates.
Kirishima asks you to train with him too though.
And where he won't make you train with him, just the same as he won't make you do anything ever...
He will playfully guilt-trip you to.
A thousand pretty-pleas and pouts and puppy-dog eyes until you fold.
Just because he loves you and doesn't want to spend a single second without you.
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