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thewillingpersephone · 42 minutes ago
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aresstyle · 2 hours ago
I just came here today, to state how great I'm feeling today. Even when I am heartbroken...
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walking-geema · 2 hours ago
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....she told me to put a whole bag of compost and manure at it’s roots
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mabrook-me · 2 hours ago
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-Bouquet of Long Stem Red Roses- Elegant Arrangement of 50 Long Stemmed Upper-Class Red Roses. Order online - - #mabrook #party #sharjah #dubai #ajman #redrose #rose #roses #flowers #redroses #flower #love #nature #red #photography #flowerstagram #naturephotography #beautiful #handmade #florist#bigsale #hugediscounts #offers #offeronline #orderonline#mabrook #onlinegifts #gifts #surprisegift #foryou
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liminsweet · 3 hours ago
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princessmiaisni · 3 hours ago
My darling, you were the most beautiful flower in my garden.
Now you're the most beautiful roses in my garden.
Mommy misses you darling
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stories-tales-myths · 3 hours ago
Fairytale: Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot (Snow White and Rose Red)
It's a German fairytale I grew up with. What I love most about this fairytale is the abundance of different versions.
Short Version and essence of all the versions:
1. Sisters Snow White and Rose Red live in a forest with their mother/aunt/grandmother [not THE Snow White. That's just a similarity in English, in German we have "Schneeweißchen" in this story and "Schneewitchen" in the one with the dwarfs and the poisoned apple. For the rest of this post, we shall talk about Snow and Rose to avoid confusion.]
2. Snow and Rose meet Bear(s) and help/befriend Bear(s). [usually three times]
3. Snow and Rose meet a sort of Rumpelstilzchen and help him too. [usually three times] But he's being a dick and is pissed that they helped him.
4. Rumpelstilzchen gets aggressive and Bear(s) show up and tear him to shreds.
5. Rumpelstilzchen dies and breaks his spell: Bears(s) now turn(s) back to Prince(s)
6. There's a wedding.
Version 1: How my grandmother liked to tell the story
1. Snow is pale and blonde and blue-eyed. She is always wearing a white dress. Rose is tan, dark-haired, dark-eyed. She always wears a red dress. They live with their mother in the forest.
2. Snow and Rose grow up with a guardian angel, so nothing can harm them. That makes them quite adventurous: they wander near the cliffs and often befriend wild animals.
3. One winter they meet a Bear. They take him to their cave and give him shelter for the season. They also give him a bath and play with him. In spring, the Bear leaves. Sometimes he can talk.
4. During spring and summer Snow and Rose meet and help a sort of Rumpelstilzchen. He is always in trouble: his beard gets caught on a tree, on a fishing rod, he's being abducted by an eagle, fell into a hole, climbed onto a tree, and cannot get down again, he is currently drowning, or his boat is about to rush down a waterfall. [Pick three, the first three are the traditional ones, I think]
-> Problem: Snow and Rose grew up in a goddamn cave in a forest, with a guardian angel to make sure they don't learn any caution during their childhood. Snow and Rose are not gentle, and with Rumpelstilzchen situations, they always hurt him a bit or rip his clothes. He's furious and very, very ungrateful.
5. One day, Snow and Rose see Rumpelstilzchen sitting on a pile of gems and counting his riches. [Whyever he had to do this in the middle of a forest] He spots the women and jumps to the conclusion that they are trying to steal his riches. He attacks.
6. Out of the forest, the Bear jumps at him and bites his head off. Immediately he de-transforms back into his human self, explains the situation and they go to the castle where the Prince used to live.
7. Everybody is happy, and the Prince has a brother. Snow and Rose each marry a prince and everybody lives happily ever after.
Version 2: How my mom tells it:
I am just going to copy and paste it and then mark what's different in green.
1. Snow is pale and blonde and blue-eyed. She is always wearing a white dress. Rose is tan, dark-haired, dark-eyed. She always wears a red dress. They live with their grandmother in the forest.
2. Snow and Rose don't grow up with a guardian angel, they just like taking risks. They are quite adventurous: they wander near the cliffs and often befriend wild animals.
3. They meet two Bears. Both of the Bears are incredibly bad at being Bears: think Queen Elenor from "Brave". So Snow and Red feed the Bears and teach about the forest. Also how to climb trees and swim, and find food. [Sometimes there is an injury involved, or the Bears step in Bear traps and have trouble getting out + they are in pain. You can play around as to how exactly Snow and Red help the Bears.]
4. During spring and summer Snow and Rose meet and help a sort of Rumpelstilzchen. He is always in trouble: his beard gets caught on a tree, on a fishing rod, he's being abducted by an eagle, fell into a hole, climbed onto a tree, and cannot get down again, he is currently drowning, or his boat is about to rush down a waterfall. [Pick three, the first three are the traditional ones, I think]
-> Problem: Snow and Rose grew up in a goddamn cave in a forest, and they are cautious, but also have different priorities than making sure not to pull on even a single hair on the Rumpelstilzchen because they'd had seen way worse. Snow and Rose are not gentle, and with Rumpelstilzchen situations, they always hurt him a bit or rip his clothes. He's furious and very, very ungrateful.
5. One day, Snow and Rose see Rumpelstilzchen sitting on a pile of gems and counting his riches. [Whyever he had to do this in the middle of a forest] He spots the women and jumps to the conclusion that they are trying to steal his riches. He attacks.
6. Out of the forest, both Bears come and kill the Rumpelstilzchen. Then they both de-transform and explain. Turns out they are both Princes and brothers. They also thank Snow and Rose. Then they go to see the King and Queen.
7. Everybody is happy. Snow and Rose each marry a prince and everybody lives happily ever after.
Version 3: How somebody told me, and I am not sure who. My sister? A cousin? Maybe I dreamt it?
Again, Copy and Paste, the changes are in blue this time.
1. Snow is pale and black-haired and blue-eyed. She is always wearing a white dress. Rose is tan, dark-haired, dark-eyed. She always wears a red dress. They live with their mother in the forest, but the mother dies when Snow and Rose are about 8.
2. Snow and Rose don't grow up with a guardian angel. They are both adventurous and intelligent and fierce, but differently so: Snow usually does the talking, she has a more strategic style of thinking and likes to play things safe. Rose is more curious and quicker to pick up on new hobbies and skills. Rose is not good with people.
3. They meet just one Bear. He is incredibly bad at being a Bear: think Queen Elenor from "Brave". So Snow and Red feed the Bear and teach about the forest. Also how to climb trees and swim, and find food. [Sometimes there is an injury involved, or the Bear steps in a Beartrap and has trouble getting out + is in pain. You can play around as to how exactly Snow and Red help the Bear.] Snow gets along with the Bear especially well.
4. All of their lives Snow and Rose meet and help a short man, who lives in another cave. He is a wizard. The wizard is basically Snow and Rose's mean neighbor, so of course, they meet him all the time. He is always in trouble: his beard gets caught on a tree, on a fishing rod, he's being abducted by an eagle, fell into a hole, climbed onto a tree, and cannot get down again, he is currently drowning, or his boat is about to rush down a waterfall. [Add as many as you'd like]
-> Problem: Snow and Rose are not gentle, and with the wizard's situations, they always hurt him a bit or rip his clothes. He's furious and very, very ungrateful.
-> Rose is sad that the wizard does not like them, because she would be quite interested to learn more about magic.
5. One day, Snow and Rose see the wizard sitting on a pile of gems and counting his riches. [Whyever he had to do this in the middle of a forest] He spots the women and jumps to the conclusion that they are trying to steal his riches. He attacks.
6. Out of the forest, the Bear jumps at him and bites his head off. Immediately he de-transforms back into his human self, explains the situation and they go to the castle where the Prince used to live.
7. Snow and Rose part ways but stay in contact: Snow marries the Prince and becomes Queen shortly after. Rose seeks out the wizard's cave and learns magic. Later, when Snow cannot get pregnant she asks her sister for help and Rose does a spell. This is the start of THE Snow White (you know, with the Evil Queen and the dwarfs). Then, when Snow dies, Rose leaves the kingdom to grieve, that's why she's absent during the entire story. [Rose can reappear as the fairy godmother or as a good with in several other fairytales]
So, do you have a favorite? What other versions do you know?
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aquablast · 5 hours ago
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photosiablog · 6 hours ago
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Rosen im Sonnenlicht Blumen Blüte Pflanze Frühling Natur Thüringen Germany - 🍀Das Leben ist schön, man muss es nur Sehen, wenn alles zu grau ist, gib Farbe hinzu. - 🍃Life is beautiful, you just have to see it, if everything is too gray, add color. - - - - - #rose #blumen #blüten #pflanze #natur #thüringen #germany #photosia_de #photo #photojunkie #plants #photography #nature #macrolovet #macro #sun #whiterose #naturelover #flowerlover #red #blumenliebe #sunlight #macroshot #beautiful #natureshot #love #liebe #esd #angel (hier: Weimar; Thüringen; Deutschland)
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lvylaced · 10 hours ago
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   Roses have a big significance in Daervihas’ eyes. Rose gardens were a big part of his people, they were where you went with your beloved or someone you were trying to court. Roses a gift you gave on many occasions depending on the color. It’s a tradition he carries on.
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your-angelic-muse · 10 hours ago
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Bestow you're radiate illumination upon me. Bestow you're gentleness upon me. Bestow you're romantic soul upon mine. Bestow you're everlasting bliss into my heart. Bestow you're endless love upon my silky olive skin. For you're soft murmurs are undying aromas penetrated into soul. You're lips carved into my lips. You're kisses engraved into my eyes.
Bestow you're eyes upon mine. Let our eyes waltz to their own hymn. Bestow you're smiles upon mine as our smiles dance to their own melody. Bestow you're hands onto mine as we dance across the floors. Entwine you're fingers into mine as our fingers feel one's touch for the first time.
Bestow you're petals I think for our love was written within the the twinkling stars. Entwine you're red flowers into my long black wavy hair so that I may carry you're sweet scent with me always. Bestow you're bouquet upon my white flowing dress for this shall be our journey of everlasting love. A Sonnet of Soul's subdued into one harmony♡
Written by:
Francesca Arreguín
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dilucente · 13 hours ago
Found a singular red rose growing despite everything around it dying.
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lilacmoon83 · 13 hours ago
Finding You Always
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Tumblr media
Also on and A03
Chapter 239: Witchcraft, Pt 1
Phoebus arrived at the Harbor and awaited one of the new ferry boats that would transport passengers from the Main lands to Pleasure Island and back again.
"I cannot believe he embarrassed me like that," he growled, as he bumped into someone.
"Easy mate...where's the fire?" Killian asked, as he oversaw the boarding of the ferry. As Harbor Master, it was his duty to make sure all ship craft had a safety inspection performed and all passengers were checked and secured. On any cargo, he had his teams inspect all cargo, ensuring no illegal products or substances were being moved around the lands.
"…" Phoebus said distastefully.
"I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea, mate...but I don't even know you," Killian replied.
"It's not's your father-in-law," he spat in annoyance. Killian smirked. This should be good.
"Ah...well, David is a good mate, unless you've done something he doesn't like. So what did you do?" he asked. Phoebus snorted.
"Feh...naturally, you'd defend him, but he is seriously underutilizing my skills!" he ranted. Killian raised an eyebrow.
"Interesting….and what skills, pray tell, is he underutilizing?" the former pirate asked curiously.
"Don't you know who I am?" he asked.
"Should I?" Killian asked.
"I am the great Captain Phoebus! I once led King Stefan's army and was only discharged on one rotten mishap!" he complained.
"Sorry mate...I'm afraid I've never heard of Captain Phoebus," he said, only half paying attention, while his crew did a security check on the passengers boarding the second ferry going to Pleasure Island.
"I should be head of security for the new resort! But instead, he will only hire me for mall security!" he complained. Killian bit back a chuckle. With this guy's massive ego, a mall cop was certainly a blow and hilarious since he seemed like a real wanker.
"That's a tough break, mate...but I've known David a long time and he always makes the right decision when it comes to the safety of the people. Perhaps you could enroll in the academy. I'm sure if you went through the proper channels...then a higher position could open up to you in a matter of time," he suggested.
"You sound just like him!" Phoebus ranted.
"I attended the Academy and it was humiliating!" he complained. Killian looked up from his tablet and then down at the badge on his hip.
"I attended the Academy, mate and I don't remember any humiliation," he said, as he pointed at his badge.
"Oh sure...I bet Daddy-in-law dearest didn't make you do parking detail or school guard detail," he shot back.
"Actually, I did both back in the day and found neither humiliating...Captain," Killian drawled.
"'re on Charming's side. But I'll show him. I'll prove that he's going to regret not hiring me head of resort security," Phoebus claimed, as he boarded the ferry. Killian rolled his eyes.
"Sure you will," he muttered, as he noticed the time.
"Well's in your hands now. Emma is expecting me at her parents to see young Bobby off to his first dance and then we'll be off on our own adventure to the opening of the resort," he said. Smee smiled.
"Ah...a young boy on his first date. It's quite a milestone. Have a wonderful evening, Captain," Smee said, as he took over and Killian was on his way.
Rose and Fandral arrived home late that afternoon, with the children, Sif, and Hermes in tow, who had transported all of them home.
"Welcome back, Your Majesties," Bianca said, as she greeted them upon their return.
"Thank you Bianca. Have we missed the resort opening?" Rose asked.
"No Ma'am, it's this evening," she replied.
"Excellent...we're home just in time then," Fandral said.
"Yes...the staff and I have prepared your evening attire and the nannies are ready to take the babies for the evening," Bianca replied.
"Thank you Bianca. Lady Sif will be attending with us," Rose said.
"All right, my angels, let's get you both ready for tonight," she said, as Carina went to help them all get ready. Fandral and Sif went to check in with Zorro. Upon seeing him enter, the Knights snapped to attention in the presence of their King.
"You being a King is still something I am getting used to," Sif teased. He smirked.
"I'd say I've come quite a long way since the reckless days of my youth," he agreed.
"'re back," he said, as he oversaw Knight training that day.
" remember Lady Sif," he said, as he bowed deeply.
"A pleasure to see you again, Lady Sif," he said.
"You as well, Knight Zorro," she replied.
"Please...close friends and family call me Diego," he said.
"My King, my King!" Bernard, one of their royal advisors, called, as he came rushing in.
"What is it, Bernard?" Fandral asked.
"There is a call for you, from the interdimensional communication system," he replied.
"Valkyrie?" he wondered.
"It must be urgent if she is calling just after we left," Sif said, as they followed the man back inside and Zorro joined them.
Amora, disguised with an invisibility spell, wandered aimlessly around the palace grounds. She spotted him from several yards away and was a little surprised at how much she still wanted him. She had been alive for centuries and been with many, most frivolously, whether it be to seduce an enemy or for a moment of pleasure. But Fandral was the one she had never shaken. Being with him had done something to her and she regretted ever allowing him to discover who she really was and allowing him to get away. But this time, she would rectify it. It couldn't be done in her current form though. This realm was filled with magic users that could detect her presence, even with an invisibility spell.
Her current appearance wasn't her original one and she had gone through many shells through the years. She was fond of this one though, as this was her appearance when she had been with him. It was probably why she had kept this body much longer than usual. But now, it was time for a new shell and one that would allow her to move about the castle undetected. Which meant one of these unfortunate staff members. And she knew who the perfect one was, as she spotted Rose Red's chief handmaiden. Bianca was always in close proximity to the Queen and her King and she was not at all unfortunate looking, as well as younger than her current shell. Amora watched her from the shadows and once she dismissed the other staff with their duties, her eyes widened, as she felt a sensation in her chest, as her entire body became aglow.
"Don't be're about to become a part of greatness," the Enchantress whispered in her ear, before her former body fell to the floor like dead weight and her essence transferred to her new host. Bianca's eyes glowed sickly green briefly, before returning to their normal brown. She smirked and examined her new hands, before picking up the electronic tablet that listed all her duties. She waved her hand and dissolved her former body to dust so no one would find it.
"It seems Rose Red works this one to the bone," she muttered.
"It will be hard to be so close to you and not break your pretty neck...but I'll manage if it means eventually, I will kill you and take back what's mine. But good things come to those who wait," she said, with a smirk.
"You'll be mine again soon, my love...and I won't take no for an answer this time," she said, as she walked into the study and watched him from afar. He was a vision, as always, but it wouldn't do well for her if Valkyrie spilled the beans yet. She knew she wouldn't be able to interfere with the communication system for long, but at least for tonight, they would be none the wiser to her presence. And even when they were alerted, it would be far too late until they realized she was among them in a new form. She raised her hand gently, as the screen showed Valkyrie's image and it was plagued with static.
"What's wrong?" Fandral asked.
"There's some kind of interference," Sif said, as she tried to make adjustments on the control panel, but to no avail.
"Is there anyone skilled with this type of tech in your realm?" she asked.
"I know of a few we can call," Zorro said, as he took out his phone to make a call.
"Bernard, have someone monitor this station until the technical assistant arrives and the moment the channel is clear, patch it through to Bianca's device," Fandral ordered. The man nodded curtly.
"Yes, Your Majesty," he said.
"Well, I guess there's nothing we can do here for now," Sif said.
"Yes...we should get ready for the grand opening. It's not something we can miss," he replied, as they left, missing the smirk on Bianca's face.
Snow's eyes misted, as she looked at her youngest standing before her, dressed in a tux.
"My baby boy's first dance," she gushed, as she took more pictures.
"Yeah...looking sharp, kid," Emma agreed, enjoying his embarrassment a little too much.
"'s just a dance. You didn't all have to come," he said, as all four of his siblings stood there with his parents.
"Oh...we would never miss this," Eva said.
"Yeah, and if we had to go through an entire photoshoot before all the dances we went to, then so do you," Leo teased.
"Yeah...thank you small favors. There were no dances for me, because I was the only one aging at the time," Emma said.
"Oh I remember was so sad. I wish you could have had this, honey," Snow lamented.
"Trust me, Mom, I'm good with it," Emma replied. There was a knock at the door, which was the entrance to the private living quarters in the castle. David opened it and let Zia in. She was wearing a beautiful yellow colored dress.
" look beautiful," Bobby said, as they looked at each other shyly. Seemingly frozen, Leo gave his baby brother some help and handed him the corsage with a gentle shove forward.
"Oh...this is for you," he said, as she smiled and he put it on her wrist.
"Okay...just a few pictures," Snow gushed, as she snapped some photos. After they followed them down to the atrium and out front, where a limo was waiting to pick them up. They would also be picking up Gideon and Olivia on the way.
"Have fun you two!" Snow called, as David held her and she cuddled against him, a little bit teary eyed.
"He's so grown up," she said, with a sniff.
"Yeah...but he'll always be our baby boy and he'll always need us," he assured her.
"He's right, Mom. We're grown and we all still need you," Summer added, as she hugged her mother from the other side. Snow nodded. She knew he would, but she was still in awe that her youngest was fifteen already. It seemed like yesterday that she was overwhelmed with happiness at finding out she was pregnant again, despite her trepidation, because of their captivity. Bringing him into the world had not been without worry or scare either. Zelena had abducted her and intended to use him in her time travel spell, which would have sacrificed his life before he had barely drawn breath. Even as a baby, he was special, as he somehow appeared to her as an adult while she was under the second sleeping curse. He had been through two curses, enduring the first without his father and having to live with Clayton, while she was locked up in a mental hospital. The second one had thankfully had been happier and more normal, but culminated in a battle with the evil God Seth. And somehow, none of them, him included, were as traumatized as they probably should have been.
Peaceful times for the last year had been wonderful and meant everything. She was so glad he was getting back a bit of normalcy that had been scarce while growing up. She always lamented that. All her kids, except Summer and Bobby, had grown up during fairly peaceful times. Emma had a rough start, but benefited in the last half of her childhood. Leo and Eva had gone an entire eighteen years without magic or major calamities in town, save for a few issues during those years. Summer had experienced her first four years without incident, before they had entered a period of what seemed like an endless crisis for their family. They still had those pockets of peace, like they had now, and she was hoping this one lasted a while. Still, none of their kids seemed worse for wear and took everything that had come at their family in stride.
"He'll always be our baby boy," David whispered to her. She nodded.
"I know...and he's so happy. I love how he's been so unburdened in the last year," she replied.
"Me too," he agreed, as they shared a tender kiss.
"Okay...let's all get ready for the opening tonight. I had the staff pick up everyone's attire and bring it here," Snow announced, as they dispersed to get ready for the evening's festivities.
Rourke watched the hustle and bustle from afar, as the first batch of patrons arrived on the island. He was a person with no magic or real special abilities. But that didn't make him less dangerous. In fact, in many ways, it made him more dangerous. Charming may have dealt him a huge blow when he led the siege on Pleasure Island a year ago, but he had managed to rebuild some of his underground criminal empire.
Rourke had learned everything he knew and more under Clayton's tutelage. He had hopped around the realms almost as much as his mentor and brought a host of talents along with him. For the most part, he was a ghost. He had never had a run-in with any of the United Realms' most prominent citizens and yet he was the source of most of the criminal activity, sometimes directly, but oftentimes indirectly.
Mercenary was a broad term, after all. In his early days, he acted as a liaison in many of Clayton's dealings when the former was unable to make deals or exchanges. He had dealt with all the royalty of old, the more corruptible ones, especially. They had only been too happy to pay Clayton riches beyond comprehension for whatever magical item they wanted or sought. People too. He had helped deliver fairies into servitude, mermaids to pirates seeking treasure that required such an asset, and even intervened in situations Clayton needed him to.
One of those situations, long ago, had even involved the very man that had become his number one nemesis. David Nolan, Prince Charming, Supreme Sheriff and once lowly shepherd. Clayton had sent him, unbeknown to Xander at the time, to monitor the boy's situation with the warlord, Bo Peep. He had explained, in no uncertain terms, that Bo Peep could not be allowed to interfere with the boy's destiny, as Clayton had put it.
That very afternoon, he had been prepared to step in and save the boy's skin from becoming property of the warlord. He didn't understand what significance this pathetic boy could possibly be, but he became surprised when he managed to defend himself and win against her. For someone who could barely hold a sword, he had learned quickly.
Youth potions had kept him as young as Clayton over the years, but he had since run out years ago and age had begun to creep up on him. However, it had not dulled his senses or made him any less of a seasoned warrior. He was often impressed that the shepherd boy had become all that he had. He was a legend now, while Rourke remained a ghost. But that was preferable, for he had his minions everywhere.
He had been livid when Charming had swept in, razed the island, and arrested half his network. But he planned on rebuilding that network and he would do it right under his nose. It would just be a little more difficult, but he liked a challenge.
He put his cigarette out and made his way toward the Midas Casino. While the Major thought she had possession of most of Clayton's collection and had given it over to the Atlantis museum, he had managed to keep many items, especially much of the tech. And he made good use of it.
He walked in the back door at the loading dock of the hotel. It was a very busy place and the few security guards present were a couple of his moles, so he slipped into the bowels of the casino mostly unnoticed. He made his way to the counting room and slipped inside.
He approached a diminutive man and he jumped, as Rourke put a hand on his shoulder.
"Oh…Mr. Rourke, I have to go," Kuzco said, as his voice squeaked and he gulped nervously.
"Relax Emperor," he teased, using the man's fictional title that he had envisioned for himself. Rourke observed the cameras, particularly the gambling tables, as they prepared for the inaugural evening.
"Is everything in order?" he asked.
"Y...yes, but I still think this is a really bad idea. It's fraud...among other things," the young man lamented.
"Oh Emperor...where is your sense of adventure? Life is full of risks and you only get to the top by taking those risks," Rourke replied.
"But planting people in the casino and having a few dealers working for us, we take the winnings here and there and people are none the wiser. It will be sporadic enough that it will go unnoticed, especially by an idiot like Midas, who is more interested in pouring millions into this place to make some kind of statement," he said.
"What if he does figure it out?" Kuzco asked.
"He won't, but if he does, he'll want to keep it secret, because of the scandal it would cause. Trust me, I've done business with him under the table before," Rourke assured the young man.
"You just do your job and maybe those dreams of Emperor will be realized someday," he said, smirking, as the man nodded. His delusions of grandeur did not serve him well.
"Yes Sir," he answered.
"Good boy...make sure Kronk is on the lookout for anyone sniffing around where they shouldn't be," he said. Kuzco nodded. Rourke lit a cigar and made his way to one of the luxurious rooms he had commandeered in the hotel. Tonight was a big night and he looked forward to mingling among the commoners and royalty.
The water lapped gently, as the ferry carried Snow, David, and their family and friends to Pleasure Island for the Grand Opening.
"What a beautiful night," she mentioned. Despite Maine's weather and the fact that it was winter in Misthaven and Storybrooke, Pleasure Island retained its year round tropical climate, since it was technically part of Neverland. Mu and Cibola shared this trait and never got very cold. Though it was evening and the temperature had dropped into the sixties as it did most nights. But it was rare on these islands if the temperature dropped below the fifties. David smiled and held her gently, as the moonlight reflected off the water. He removed his tux coat and gently placed it over her shoulders. She wouldn't need it once they were inside, but it was a little chilly for her evening attire, which consisted of a sleeveless, glittering white evening gown.
"It is...but you're what I can't take my eyes off. As usual," he whispered to her, before pressing a kiss to her cheek. Her half heart fluttered and she turned her head so their lips could meet tenderly.
" know, I love having adventures with you, but I could certainly get used to all this peace," she mentioned. He smiled.
"Me too, my darling," he agreed.
"It can't last, can it?" she wondered.
"We can't think like that," he said, as he laced her fingers with hers.
"I'm sure the universe isn't done with us yet...and evil will never really die. But I'd say this love we have is worth it even if it means we must stand on the front of the battle lines and keep evil from overtaking the realms," he replied. She smiled.
"I know...our love is worth all that and more and you, my love, are and always will be my hero," she promised, as their lips met again in a passionate kiss.
"And tonight...I am off duty, thus why I hired an entire security force for this place so I can spend the evening with my beautiful wife in my arms," he said, making her smile again.
" are all mine tonight," she agreed, as she kissed him again, as the ferry docked on the island and they witnessed the splendor of what she, Regina, and many other heads of state had envisioned almost a year ago. The lights were incredible, as were the sounds of happy people. The amusement park was a huge hit already and they knew their son was looking forward to it even more than the dance.
"Your Majesties...welcome to the Galaxy Rose hotel!" Chip Potts greeted at the door.
"Thank you...we're looking forward to it," Snow said.
"None of this would have been possible without you, Your Majesty," he said.
"He's right," David agreed, as Snow blushed.
"A lot of people made this happen. I just had a hand in initiating it," Snow said.
"You are modest, nevertheless, my staff has prepared the finest, luxury suites for you and your family," Chip said.
"Thank you," David said, as they made their way into the ballroom for the Inaugural ball that was taking place there.
"Well, shall we?" David asked, as he took her hand and led her to the dance floor.
Leo found himself at the buffet table with Emma, as they sampled all the delicacies. There were a few items that were of a fancier nature that they wouldn't touch, but fortunately, there was an abundance of variety.
"Oh my was right, this cheesecake is the bomb," Emma muttered through a mouthful of dessert.
"You gotta try this fried's incredible," Leo muttered through his mouthful of food. Killian watched them with amusement and a tiny bit of disgust, as they stuffed their faces. Eva looked a little mortified by their behavior and shook her head.
"How are they like this and you're not?" her brother-in-law asked. She shook her head.
"I have no least Bobby isn't here yet. He's just as bad as them," Eva complained.
"I see it's feeding time," Summer mentioned, as she and JJ approached.
"You don't have to watch us eat, you know," Leo said, between bites.
"It's kind of hard not to. You two are eating like you haven't eaten all day, but we all clearly saw you both put away a monster breakfast," Eva said.
"That was a while ago," Leo argued and she rolled her eyes at their antics.
"Well…I need to go live, because I promised to stream for my podcast here at the grand opening. Can you two stop eating for a couple minutes to say a few words?" Eva asked.
"Sure, but I don't see why we have to stop eating," Leo replied. Eva huffed.
"Because the world doesn't need to see you two talk with your mouths full. It's gross," she said.
"If they could taste this cheesecake, they'd understand," Emma said.
"Right," Leo agreed.
"'s Mom and Dad they really care about. Go get them to be on camera," he said, with a smirk.
"Are you two giving your sister trouble?" Snow asked, as she and David finished their first dance.
"Always," Eva answered.
"I know you guys hate the attention, but will you at least say hi for the podcast?" Eva asked.
"For you, we will, angel," David promised. Eva smiled and Paul readied their mobile camera.
"And dealer calls," the dealer said at the smoky poker table. Midas' casino was the only one that allowed smoking of any kind and it was clear from the start that it would become the place for seedier characters.
"And the win again goes to this gentleman," the dealer said, indicating a man puffing on a cigar.
"Thank you kindly," the gruff, unshaven man said, as he gathered his chips and went to cash them in.
"Well...that's quite a haul you've made," the desk clerk said. The man continued to puff on his cigar.
"This is a really fancy place...not usually my scene, but since our esteemed Sheriff supreme decided to throw his weight around and they took a wrecking ball to the old place, I guess this is where a guy has to make his living," he complained. The clerk forced a tight smile and processed his chips.
"Okay...I just need to see your identification," he said.
"Why?" The man asked.
"It's the new policy, sir. All the gambling establishments must record the winnings of each patron," the clerk said. The man growled and yanked the man up by the collar, positively terrifying the poor young man.
"I don't need those sanctimonious royals tracking my every move, you little weasel," he growled.
"Is there a problem here?" A young, blonde woman asked, as she approached. He spied the badge on her hip.
"This ain't none of your business, honey," he said.
"It is my business if you're violating the Casino policy or making threats," she replied, as she pointed to her badge.
"If you want your winnings, you'll give the clerk your identification. If you'd like to continue making threats, then I'll happily haul you to jail," she warned. He weighed his options and with a continued glare at her, he tossed his ID card onto the counter. The clerk took it and scanned it, before issuing him cash in exchange for his chips. The surly man grabbed his winnings and pocketed them.
"One of these days, someone is gonna finally knock those prissy royals off their Throne and I hope I'm here to see it," he said, as the clerk gave him his card back.
"Thank you, Mr. McWolf," he said nervously.
"Save it, you pathetic worm," he snapped, as he walked out and the clerk sighed in relief.
"Thank you, Officer Herman," the clerk said. Alexandra smiled and gave him a reassuring nod.
"You're welcome, let me know if he continues to be belligerent. Avery McWolf is no stranger to a jail cell," she said. He nodded and she returned to her patrol.
"You cleaned up well tonight, as usual," Rourke said, as he waited for Avery in the corner by the exit.
"Feh...I don't know why I continue to work for you or give you a cut of anything," he said gruffly, as he handed Rourke part of the wad of cash.
"You know why, Avery. I take care of you and I have a need for your talents, at the tables and otherwise," he said. Avery looked up at the moon and felt the familiar stirring, not that it mattered.
"I haven't turned in years, you know that," he reminded his employer.
"Yes, because you took a foolish cure and lost everything, because of it," Rourke said. Avery clenched his teeth.
"But you are still inhumanly strong and especially talented at the tables. I need both to fund our network. It takes even more money keeping it underground now with Charming and his damned magical brats sniffing around everywhere," Rourke said.
"Fine, but you're buying me a drink and none of that rot gut," Avery said. Rourke smirked.
"Of course…" he said, as he motioned to the Galaxy Rose establishment. Avery raised an eyebrow.
"I meant at Midas'. We can't go in here," he said.
"Why not? Have you done something wrong?" Rourke mused.
"Every royal in all the realms is here, including the Charming's," he reminded him.
"Yes and Charming has never seen my face and only yours for those few past altercations. I've kept you off the radar for everything except the petty stuff you find your way foolishly into," Rourke said.
" least the liquor is top notch here, I'm sure," he grumbled and stopped briefly, as they saw the Dashings arrive. Avery gave him a look of disdain.
"Relax...we're patrons, just like them. This is not the night to cause trouble anyhow. That time will come later," Rourke said, as they went inside.
Amora, now in her new form as Bianca, head handmaiden to Queen Rose Red, followed her and Fandral into the hotel. It seemed much had changed since she was gone. She had used the tablet to scroll through all the news from the last three years, learning about the curse, demise of Seth, and eventually Jekyll at the hands of Charming, Fandral's non-Asgardian counterpart, though it seemed he was very powerful in his own ways. But Fandral was the version she wanted. She could barely take her eyes off him and had to be careful, since she knew Rose would notice someone ogling her husband. But being this close to him and not pouncing was difficult, to say the least.
"Oh this place looks wonderful," Rose said.
" is quite the attraction," Fandral agreed.
"Welcome, Your Majesties, it is an honor to have you and your family staying with us tonight," Chip greeted.
"Thank you, Mr. Potts and congratulations on such a magnificent establishment," Rose replied.
"Your approval is quite the compliment. Please enjoy, Your Majesties," he said, as they entered and spotted the Charmings.
"Mom...can we eat?" Ben asked. She smiled.
"My little bottomless pit," she said. Carina smiled.
"I'll help the squirts get situated with some food. I see Summer too," she said.
"Okay sweetie...have fun," she called.
"Perhaps a glass of wine, before we dance, my angel?" he asked. She smiled.
"That sounds wonderful," she said.
"Is there anything I can attend to for you, my Queen?" Bianca asked, though inside, Amora was just boiling at having to act as an inferior to this pretty little waif.
"No Bianca...I wanted you to come and enjoy yourself. I know you had extra duties when we were gone visiting Thor and I want to thank you for that," Rose said. Bianca forced a smile. Most people would find it hard to be mad at such a kind woman, but Amora hated her with a burning passion, for there seemed to be nothing that could lure Fandral away from her side...or her bed.
"Thank you, ma'am," she said, as she made her way to the bar. At least she didn't have to spend another minute in her presence that night. She needed a good, stiff drink and then she would explore Pleasure Island. Despite cleaning it up as they had, she knew the riff raff would always hang out somewhere in the shadows. She'd use this time to learn everything she could about this place and it would take time, but she would succeed this time. Rose Red would die and she would make Fandral hers again, whether he liked it or not.
The dance was a smashing success and after a quick change at the castle, they boarded a ferry for Pleasure Island, all with their overnight bags since all their parents had reserved family suites for the weekend.
"Man...this place is incredible," Bobby said, as they disembarked from the ferry. During the curse when they were in Boston, they had actually taken a few family trips during the years and during both summers, his parents had taken him and Summer to some of the amusement parks. He remembered having a blast and it was one of the best times. Before then, they had always worried about being too high profile to go places like that after the fiasco in Boston. He understood, of course, and knew going to one in the Land Without Magic now was probably completely out of the question. So having their very own full scale amusement park was exciting, to say the least.
"It is...I've never been anywhere like this before," Zia said.
"Me either...until Boston when we were cursed a couple years ago. But they were a blast," he said.
"This is so exciting," Olivia gushed and Gideon smiled at her. He was normally really quiet, but he had a really good time with Olivia and was starting to get less shy as the night went on.
They paid their admission and went for the rides first. After riding dozens of them, they played some games, with the proviso from the operators that neither boy would use their magic, and then they hit the food stands. Each girl had a plush stuffed animal that Bobby and Gideon respectively won for them.
"Man…I could eat one of those funnel cakes every day. Now I see what all the muggles are talking about," Gideon said, as he polished one off.
"I know...Emma and Leo will want to come here just to stuff their faces full of junk," Bobby agreed, as they suddenly heard some commotion. Bobby looked over, only to see that Flynn was in some kind of dispute with one of the vendors.
"Uh oh…" he said.
"Where are you going?" Gideon asked.
"I'm gonna try to make sure Flynn doesn't end up in juvie," Bobby replied. Zia smiled at him and he squeezed her hand.
"I'll be right back," he said. Gideon shook his head in amusement.
"What?" Olivia asked.
"Charming hero complex…" he said.
"He just can't help himself," Gideon mused.
"I like that he's trying to help," Zia said.
"Me too...don't get me wrong. But sometimes, it tends to get them into trouble," Gideon said.
"You're a thief!" the vendor claimed, as he pointed his finger at Flynn.
"It was food you were going to throw out! I didn't see the harm," the teen argued.
"Well, there is harm! You want're gonna pay for it!" he shouted, as he kept pointing his finger.
"Fine...I don't want your crappy food anyway!" Flynn yelled, as he turned to leave, but saw security coming his way.
"You called security over some would be dumpster food?" Flynn asked.
"Yes...because you're a thief!" the man claimed.
"And you're a broken record," Flynn shot back.
"Shut up, you little weasel," the man growled.
"Hey...what's going on?" Bobby asked.
"I took some of the food he was going to throw out and he went off on me. It was going in the dumpster, but he's saying I stole it!" Flynn replied.
"You did steal it!" the man shouted back.
"What seems to be the problem here?" Phoebus asked, as he arrived.
"Arrest him! He tried to steal food!" the owner claimed.
"Is that true, young man?" Phoebus asked.
"No...but this dickhead isn't going to shut up until you arrest me, so let's just get this over with," he spat.
"Wait…" Bobby said, as all attention turned to him.
"Look, you were going to throw the food out and I think getting someone arrested for taking it off your hands is a little extreme, don't you?" Bobby asked. The man huffed, but didn't say anything else. He was being unreasonable, but would never admit it and he obviously knew exactly who Bobby was.
"Listen...step aside, young man and let me do this job. I'm a Captain, you know. I have dealt with many a shady character," Phoebus said in a pompous tone.
"Captain? You're wearing a security badge, not a real shield. That means you're security or at best, a mall cop," Bobby replied bluntly. Phoebus blanched, while Flynn snickered.
"Excuse me, young man, but who do you think you are? How dare you question my authority?" he asked, severally offended.
"Well…I am the son of the Supreme Sheriff so I kind of know the ranking system," Bobby replied. Phoebus almost snarled at that.
"Of course...I recognize you now. You're a Charming," he spat.
"But I assure you, boy, I am a Captain. Your father made a serious error in not awarding me the police shield I deserve!" Phoebus claimed.
"Who is this guy?" Olivia muttered.
"Dunno...but he's a huge tool bag for sure," Gideon answered, as the three of them watched the show. Many others had gathered for the spectacle as well.
"Yeah, I doubt my Dad made an error. He usually doesn't get along well with pompous windbags," Bobby said. This time, there were chuckles and out right laughs from the spectators, embarrassing Phoebus further.
"You insolent brat! Just because your Mommy and Daddy run things in our lands doesn't mean you can get away with subverting the law!" Phoebus claimed.
"You're right…" Bobby said, as he turned to the owner of the food stand.
"Will this cover the food he took and some fresh food for him?" he asked, as he handed him some cash. The man instantly forgot about the situation at hand and nodded in agreement.
"More than enough...I get that meal up right away," he said.
"Keep the change," Bobby replied.
"Thank you, young man. I think this situation is settled, Officer. No need for anyone to go to jail tonight," the man said, as he stepped back into his food cart. Phoebus glared at the youth and then slithered away in humiliation, positively steaming at how little respect anyone had for him.
"You didn't have to pay the guy off for me," Flynn said.
"I know, but I wanted to," Bobby replied.
"I'm not a charity case," he snapped.
"I know...I thought you were my friend or at least becoming my friend," Bobby said. Flynn sobered a bit at that.
"Come on, after you eat, we can catch some more rides," Bobby said, as he waved him over and Flynn contemplated for a moment, before following.
Goldie growled in rage, as she watched Eva's numbers climb like crazy. She had gone live on her podcast tonight from the new Pleasure Island resort and the numbers were already tens of thousands in her first ten minutes.
"I hate that little bitch so much…" Goldie growled.
"Relax...we'll go on after her," Grimm said.
"And do what?!" Goldie snapped. He rolled his eyes.
"We're not there! We can't go live from there!" she shouted.
"Then what the hell are we even doing with this stupid podcast?!" he shouted back.
"You're right...the podcast is no longer effective," Amelia Blaine said, as she entered their apartment.
"That's why we have decided to change the game," she added, before leaving as quickly as she came.
"What the hell was that about?" Grimm wondered. But his question was answered, as the door was busted open and several FBI agents swarmed into the apartment.
"Hands up!" Agent Danielle Harding ordered, as she leveled her service weapon at them. They did as she asked and they were arrested.
"That bitch betrayed us," Goldie growled.
"And what bitch is that? We got an anonymous tip about you," Danielle Harding said, as she cuffed her. Goldie was silent then, realizing that something else was at play here. If Ameila had turned them in, then she definitely had an angle.
"No one," Goldie spat, as their rights were read to them.
"Are you really going to call them?" Agent Tessa Green asked.
"Yeah…I mean the murders and all the stuff they did happened there. Technically, they haven't committed any crimes out here," Danielle replied.
"They'll have to come and get them," Danielle said. Goldie's eyes narrowed. So that was it. They were bait for the Charmings, she was sure of it. Ameila was trying to draw Charming out by handing them over, which meant he would likely come with her and a few of the brats. Being the bait was infuriating...but if the Charmings ended up paying in the end, it might be worth it, after all...
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