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#red tornado
dailydccomics7 days ago
Tumblr media
the Justice League of Air鈥檚 only requirement for membership seems to be the ability to fly however there鈥檚 no air in space聽 馃え聽
Justice Leagues: Justice League of Aliens (2001)
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redtornadomedusa12 days ago
Tumblr media
@docgold13聽Teenage Medusa's Spinning 聽Red Tornado !
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paladin-of-nerd-fandom6513 days ago
Idea: DC Comics鈥 Civil War
Premise: Takes place within the months between A Death in The Family and A Lonely Place of Dying. A teenage superhero team inspired by the New Teen Titans try apprehending a group of villains in the country of Corto Maltese, one of the heroes having an explosive power he didn鈥檛 work well to put it very lightly. In the wake of the tragedy and other similar incidents globally, civilians across the world demand action being done to limit the dangers both placed upon and caused by the rising population of meta-humans and crime fighters. As such, the UN create the Maltese Accords, basically a global scale Superhuman Registration Act in which meta-humans and crime fighters are required to give their secret identities to their respective national governments, receive training for their powers if meta human and officially be under UN mandate.聽
Here鈥檚 my list of at least the most prolific members of each faction.
Pro Registration:
Batman (Leader via both his emotional state since this is after Jason鈥檚 death and his legendary distrust of most meta-humans)
Lex Luthor (Second in Command; actual man behind the scenes in this faction via subtly manipulating Batman with his suggestions and advice)聽
Mister Terrific聽
Green Lantern Hal Jordan聽
Maxwell Lord
Blue Beetle aka Ted Kord聽
Martian Manhunter聽
Red Tornado聽
Wonder Woman (in reality a cyborg clone of her since the real Diana was MIA at the moment)聽
The Flash, Wally West
Task Force X, led by Amanda Waller:聽
- Deathstroke聽
- Deadshot聽
- Killer Croc
- Captain Boomerang聽
- Captain Cold聽
- King Shark聽
Doctor Fate聽
Swamp Thing聽
John Constantine聽
Guardians of Oa聽
Oracle aka Barbara Gordon
Anti Registration:
Nightwing (Leader)聽
Changling aka Beast Boy
Speedy aka Arsenal聽聽
Danny Chase聽
The Doom Patrol, led by Robotman聽
Red Star聽
Booster Gold聽
Bumblebee aka Karen Beecher聽
If you have suggestions for other members of each faction or your list of which character belongs to which factions, please reply and especially reblog, it鈥檚 highly appreciated XD聽
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xlandloud13 days ago
Tumblr media
core four dressed up as the four lords from re8 bc why not
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uncannycarrot15 days ago
Tumblr media
A way old panel redraw of Red Tornado and Traya
From Young Justice (1998) #3
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impossiblebeararcade18 days ago
im a slut for the robots/androids questioning their humanity trope (do they have a humanity? are they more than what they were created for? are they allowed to enjoy the simple pleasures of human life when they cannot feel human emotion? even though they have shown many times that they are capable of creating and feeling emotion - is that even supposed to be possible? does having a consciousness ultimately mean that they are able to feel emotion, whether they should be able to or not? do they truly have free will when they were programmed for specific purposes?)
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redtornadomedusa21 days ago
Tumblr media
@docgold13聽Medusa The Spinning Red Tornado of Terror !
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gentlemangeeka month ago
Some day red tornado will break away from young justice and I'll be able to go through his tag with people celebrating how cool he is
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eggpire-my-beloveda month ago
i can't watch videos/streams but i can still see y'all's posts and so i'm really hoping that everyone on my dash is just playing a fun prank on me
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docgold13a month ago
Tumblr media
365 DC Comics Paper Cut-Out SuperHeroes - One Hero, Every Day, All Year鈥
May 9th - Ma Hunkel
Back in the Golden Age, Abigail Mathilda 鈥淢a鈥 Hunkel was a hard working mother who donned the guise of the 鈥楻ed Tornado鈥 so take on a group of local criminals (inspired by her son鈥檚 admiration of the superhero Green Lantern (Allen Scott)). Her costume consisted of a pair of long johns and a cooking pot fashioned into a helmet. Armed with little more than her keen wits and impressive natural strength, Hunkel proved a rather good crimefighter and even considered petitioning membership in The Justice Society. In her later adventures, Hunkle was accompanied by her daughter and a family friend as a pair of sidekicks known as The Cyclon Kids. In the modern age, Ma Hunkle was reintroduced as a kindly older woman who has looked after the newer iteration of The Justice Society when her granddaughter, Maxine, joins the team as the wind-controlling hero Cyclone. Ma Hunkel first appeared in the pages of All American Comics #3 (1939).
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