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#red vs blue
rubykgrant · 14 minutes ago
How Everybody reacts to being outside of their armor-
Tucker; YEE-HAW, he’s bee waiting for this for a WHILE, and at first he wears as little as possible, just tank-tops and shorts unless it is literally too cold (eventually he starts having fun with wearing cool clothes). He basically doesn’t want to sit still or sleep much for a while, we just wants to go out and DO STUFF like a regular person and be around other people
Caboose; He feels so AWKWARD at first, he’s not sure how to walk around and do stuff without an outer “shell”, but the he gets distracted by how much he likes seeing everybody’s faces, so he’s happy. Now that he doesn’t have the armor on, he’s slightly more sensitive to touch and thus more aware of being gentle when he does stuff (he’ll still tackle-hug his friends, but they’re used to it)
Grif; Heck yeah, it is SO much easier to curl up and nap when you’re wearing a soft hoodie and sweat pants instead of clunky armor… not that it ever stopped him, but now he’s at MAXIMUM COMFORT (has to remind himself not to do the touching-people’s-faces-thing, but his sister understands this is both an armor-thing and a result of being isolated, so she’ll squish his face with her hands first, and he returns the gesture)
Simmons; He feels NAKED, and he does NOT like it, now everybody can see how much his face twitches, he’s so self conscious of his expressions and how it feels to touch things, and he has a mini panic attack when people look him in the eyes for a while… eventually he settles down a little bit, but it takes a while for him to figure out what to do with his hands when he’s just standing around (his hair also got long at some point when he forgot to keep buzzing it short… it kinda looks OK, though?)
Dout; also YEE-HAW, he feels naked as well, but he DOES like it. Now he can’t wait to get some sun on his skin, go on a shopping-spree for new clothes, and visit a spa for some over-due pampering. Once he gets the rush of being free of the armor out of his system, he enjoys being outside a lot, just sitting in the grass under a tree, maybe smelling some flowers
Kai; She’s having fu wearig different outfits again, and she likes getting to know everybody by their faces… since she had trouble with the whole color-coded armor thing. She also really wants to play around with everybody’s hair (they try to protest, but Kai gets them when they’re distracted, and TA-DA, you got braids or buns going on).
Doc; He feels a little odd, and he wishes he could relax because he DOES want to be comfortable without the armor, but he’s sort of torn between liking that everybody looks at him more and not knowing what to do with this attention. He gets a little emotional over the fact that now, when somebody wants him to come a long with the group, they’ll just sling an arm around his shoulders
Wash; Somehow even MORE awkward than Caboose, mostly not wearing the helmet… but now his beard bothers him less, which is nice. He just keeps getting weird shivers from actually FEELING the wind on his face. This is making his goofy-nervous-laugh happen more, and he feels like he’s having flash-backs to his first day of high-school (like he’s gonna get made fun of for wearing dorky shoes)
Carolina; HATES IT. Almost getting sensory over-load from TOUCHING THINGS, and she doesn’t like the fact that while she still has impressive muscles, wearing armor for so long means she doesn’t have any callouses… her hands and feet are all soft, ugh. She decides the best way to fix this is to go barefoot on runs through hiking trails, and hit the punching-bag as much as possible (surprising nobody)
Sarge; Threw an entire man-baby temper-tantrum hissy-fit because he DID NOT WANT TO TAKE HIS ARMOR OFF. They had to hold him down and peel it off by force… he’s gotten really pale wearing the armor all these years too, and now he’s determined to get sun-burned so he’ll be “red again” (also insists on keeping his hair buzzed short and wearing work out clothes ONLY)
*when they return with synthetic bodies*
Tex; She felt all weak and withered at first, which she most certainly did not care for… once she was strong enough to walk around on her own, she started spending as much time as she could outside. She had the same reaction as Carolina; toughen herself up. She eventually gets satisfied with her own muscles, but is trying to work on her “people skills”… she’s more than just a “mean murder machine”, she can be NICE, dang it!
Church; Very weak at first, too… but he got to be surrounded by his friends when he woke up, and he milked the attention. He’s touch-starved, and beyond the point of trying to front like he doesn’t care about people anymore, so he welcomes the hugs. At first he has to be on a liquid-only diet, but once he can eat real food, he starts putting some meat on his bones (he also wants to get strong enough specifically to carry his girlfriend around. That’s it, that is his entire motivation
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genogenocrazycatman · an hour ago
After saving all of time itself, Donut had wanted to get away from the Reds and Blues for a while, just to see what life had to offer outside of them.
So when Wash finds him, he takes him hostage so he can't run of and tell the others.
Donut thinks he's a very good captor.
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trocadero-ghost · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
The parallels between these two scenes breaks my heart.
Forehead kisses
Saying goodbye to their father, who they will never see again
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exploring-new-fandoms · 3 hours ago
Locus: Tucker just whispered, “Oh, this is going to be so fucking efficient,” before spraying Febreze directly into the ceiling fan and proceeding to cough his guts out when it blew back in his face.
Locus: These are the same guys we lost against back at Chorus.
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rvb-morris-code · 8 hours ago
... --- -. / --- ..-. / .- / -... .. - -.-. ....
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dirtyratjpg · 10 hours ago
if you like dragon ball, the arcana, or red vs blue PLEASE INTERACT CRYING AND SOBJIGN
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Kuro: Half-and-half bastard, say something rebellious.
Sora: Uh, okay. I think the working class should uprise against the rich people.
Kuro: I said rebellious, not revolutionary.
Minori: (pops out and grabs the steering wheel) Oh, okay. I drive a fast car over the speed limit. All the time.
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incorrectbuttonhouse · 13 hours ago
Captain: Don't forget to lift with your legs.
Julian: I know how to lift, Captain. I've been carrying this group the entire time.
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alolanroy · 15 hours ago
Red vs Blue fans be like:
"Man that Red vs Blue fight was EPIC, easily my top 10 of all time"
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redteam-daydreams · 18 hours ago
Summary: Sharkface stumbles upon the discovery that one of his partners in crime is ridiculously, knee-weakeningly pretty, and it’s all downhill from there.
I guess I can toot my own horn a bit over here, huh? keep forgetting that's a thing.
"Distraction" is now chapter 1 of a 5-chapter work called "Conduction". And there's a chapter 2, woohoo!
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toblebrone · a day ago
Tumblr media
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gwenjamin · a day ago
thinking abt carolina meeting the reds and blues in season 9. and the fact that wash had literally just straight up faked his death and also stolen church’s identity. and its just so funny to me they would have so much shit to explain to carolina
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genogenocrazycatman · a day ago
A year ago, Tucker made a New Year's resolution to stop tip-toeing around Wash and finally confess to him. Turns out the universe is not a fan, though, and it's totally not Tucker's own fault that he still hasn't gotten around to doing it yet.
But Tucker is a lover, not a quitter, and at this year's end-of-the-year party, he's making one final push to tell Wash his feelings before the clock strikes midnight. Too bad he can't anticipate what'll thwart him this time.
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Fort Freelancer Writer: CabooseHeart Misc: Red vs. Blue
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