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Now this is random, but I’ve spontaneously opened a Redbubble shop and my first products are of the painting above by Martiros Saryan, the warm-color-friendly Armenian legend of an artist. Would appreciate if you checked my shop out, reblogged/shared !

ight i’ll go back to studying for the final it’s tomorrow

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Feel free to check the design on Redbubble: Thank you 😊

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Anyone ever buy a clock from redbubble? I want to know how loud they are and if you can get to the face.

(The designs I’m looking at don’t have numbers and I want to add some small ones in)

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hi everyone! i have a redbubble now! featuring a shirt design i’ve wanted to make for a while & another i thought would be fun to have

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my friend is having a rough time right now mentally, but I think if her redbubble got some recognition it may help a bit. So if you like animals, especially frogs, she has some really cool designs on there. Dont have to buy anything but if you could spread the word that would be awesome! here is a link to her stuff 

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