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Furry gift - Max Verstappen
Warnings: brief mention of anxiety(nothing explicit)
Summary: in which reader gifts Max a dog to help him with his anger issues
Note: this is not about making it seem like Max is bad, i have no idea about that, it’s just about a girlfriend trying to help
English is not my first language!
Max Verstappen x female!reader
Requests are open!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Baby? What are you doing here?” Your boyfriend, Max, said as he opened the door to let you in with a puzzled face.
It was understandable that he was confused, you turned up at his house at 11PM with a red big box in your hands.
“I’ve got you a gift.” You uttered while biting your lip. It was all right to say that you were very nervous about this. You handed the dutch man the box and he put it carefully on the floor before grabbing your waist and gently kissing you as a greeting.
You two sat on the floor with the box in front of you. Max opened it and a little furry animal came out of it. It was a golden dog with a red collar that said Toby in big blue letters. You had thought about helping Max with his anger issues, and you couldn’t think about anything better than getting him a doggy. Besides, he had been a little anxious before going to sleep, so maybe a presence would help him calm.
“Baby, I-“, he scratched his head, “ what is this?”
“It’s a dog, silly.”
“Well, yeah, I know, but why?”
“Well, I’d been thinking about a way of calming you down and I think that a dog will help you.” You smiled at the driver while caressing the dog’s small ear.
“But- thank you, but I can’t take care of it.”
“Yes, you can. Lewis does it too.” You shrugged because you didn’t see any problem. And if he needed someone to take care of the dog you adopted, you could do it. “I can help you if you want to, it can be our little baby.” You cooed at the dog and took him out of the box to show him around and feed him.
Max gave up, at least he would have another excuse to make you stay.
He couldn’t stop himself from smiling when he saw you playing with Toby. You set a plate with some food for him on the floor, and the fluffy ball of hair started devouring it.
The blue-eyes man hugged you from behind.
“You should stay the night, I mean we’ve gotta take care of our baby.” He whispered in your year. You bit your lip and nodded.
Max gave you one of his shirts for you to sleep in.
Max was already in bed and you were downstairs grabbing Toby to take him upstairs with you to sleep.
“Oh no, it’s not sleeping with me.” Max denied sleeping with the dog.
“Oh, please. He is such a good boy, he will behave.” You pouted at your boyfriend because he knew he couldn’t deny something to you. He just looked down as a way of giving in.
“Thank you, baby!” You happily clapped your hands and got the dog on the bed before getting in with your boyfriend.
Max brought you close to him by the hips and placed a kiss on your forehead as a good night. You felt something soft trying to get in the middle of you too. Max groaned when he felt Toby trying to separate you from him, but let him in, after all, he thought that they would have somethings in common, such as wanting to sleep next to you. Max ended up drifting off while caressing your hips and the dog’s head. He felt more relaxed, he had you in his arms and his new furry gift.
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed!<3
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holy fuck 
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I took a sip of Redbull, looked my friends dead in the eyes and said, "This tastes like door hinges."
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Absolutely no one:
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is literally the funniest shit I've ever seen heeeeelp. I can just imagine Horner rolling up with his entire redbull crew and merc just showing him like the washing rooms insisting that that is their entire factory. "We're downsizing, haven't you heard."
I need someone to film this. Please.
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Tumblr media
Lando Norris &. Checo Perez | Emilia Romagna GP 2022 - ©Carl Bingham
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The Bet- Max Verstappen ✨
Another piece from my 1k prompt list, which isn't the best so apologies!! This one is yet another angst one (can anyone tell that I'm going through a breakup right now lol!)! So like always grab your tissues... (Sorry it isn't that long but I may do a 2nd part depending on how I feel about it or just let it stay the angsty mess it is forever!)
Prompt- “tell me that there was some truth to it...” “...come on. I don’t want to do this.” “Tell me it wasn’t all in my fucking head, [name].”
Tumblr media
Summary- As the new season arrives, you are excited to be by your boyfriend's side for yet another year... However, that all fades after you hear an interesting conversation between him and the other drivers...
"Oh it's good to be back...!" Max cheered, the familiar scent of burnt-out tires and fuel gracing your noises "I missed this place too much!" Pouting your lips, you stopped in your tracks causing Max to stop with you as your hands remained attached "Was spending the last month with me that bad...?" Rolling his eyes at your playfully dig, he pulled you closer, fixing your lanyard before placing his head against yours "Of course, not Schat..." Your smiles mirrored each other, as you placed your lips on his "but that doesn't mean I didn't miss seeing you wearing that jersey...!" Swirling you around with one arm, he let out a low wolf whistle "New numbers looking good on your baby...!"
Lifting his hat off of him, you placed it on your own head "Thanks handsome... could say the same thing about you!" You and Max had only started dating a couple of weeks into last season. You were surprised that he would ever even notice you, never mind randomly ask you out on a date! It wasn't every day that a multi-millionaire driver would acknowledge the team's assistant... but somehow he did.... Since it started, your relationship had grew from strength to strength! The fans loved seeing Max so happy with someone they considered 'relatable' instead of the usual F1 wag type!
Once you and Max entered the red bull suit, he was immediately whisked away, leaving you to entertain yourself for the next hour or so! You hated when he would have to leave you for hours at end while he got ready for the exciting weekend to come... obviously, it was his job, and you loved nothing more than to see him succeed in the most dangerous sport there was week after week... but that didn't mean you didn't miss his presence when he couldn't be there beside you.
After not being able to take his absence much longer, you decided to go search for the world champion yourself, hoping that he would have a little bit of time for a break... "I'm just going to go check on Max..." You smiled excusing yourself from Carola as you headed towards his private room. Just as you were about to knock on his door, however, a familiar voice saying your name stopped you in your tracks...
"So how are things going with (y/n)…" Pierre asked a smug tone in his voice as you looked curiously through the gap of the door, hoping that they wouldn't catch you "Alright I guess..." Max chuckled, oblivious to your presence as he spoke his mind carelessly "Still in for that bet..."
'Bet?' you thought... 'what bet?' but you didn't have to think for that much longer as Lando answered for you. "I'm surprised you've lasted this long... I would have quit the second she opens her mouth..." Tears spring to your eyes as you continued to listen to your supposedly 'friends & boyfriend' list of the things they couldn't stand of you!
"Shit might come out of it sometimes but her mouth is good for other things!" The line was crossed as anger flooded through your body and before your mind could think it through you pulled open the door, revealing a shock Max and an equally embarrassed Pierre and Lando!
"Hi (y/n)… you oka-" Interrupting Pierre you snapped, glancing over at Max who could already tell that you'd heard it all! "No Pierre! I'm not okay!" Tears brimmed in your eyes once more as you glanced across to the 3 guys in front of you "How could you guys...." Looking Max dead in the eyes "How could you!"
Not wanting them to see you cry you spun on your heel, exiting the room and ignoring Max's pleads for you to stop! "(Y/n)! Please let's talk!"
"Fine we can talk..." You turned around, not even bothering to hide your tears anymore "Answer this one question... was there any truth into this..." His eyes spoke a thousand words as he shook his head shamelessly "Come on... I don't want to do this here..."
"Tell me there was some fucking truth to this, Max..." You yelled, watching him in disgust as he hung his head down low "I get it.." You laughed brokenheartedly "Bye Max... Hope you find someone with a mouth worth more than just sucking you off!"
Walking away, tears rolled down your cheeks as he didn't stop you! Ignoring the questions from the crew!
"What the fuck have you done!" Christian yelled towards Max as he couldn't stop you walking away.... but the truth was nothing could stop you... he's lost you for good!
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Hating Redbull is such a stupid and narrow minded thing.
Just in Motorsports they have supported so many riders and drivers. I hate the narrative that Redbull destroys careers, if it wasn’t for Redbull likes of Vettel, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Gasly, Albon, Tsunoda and many more drivers might not have a chance at Formula 1 or any motorsports. And beyond it all, even when drivers can’t stay in the main team, Redbull still keeps supporting their careers. Don’t get me started on Motogp. Half of the grid is sponsored by Redbull, and many young riders are sponsored by them too.
Redbull’s influence goes way beyond motorsports. They are prominent in most extreme sports, they help build so many careers.
So many Turkish athletes only get a chance thanks to Redbull, most other teams/sponsors are very elitist. I remember they even sponsered my high school, a school in Middle East, every year where we had a sports week, all thanks to Redbull. Absolutely the most fun I had in high school.
I’m sorry but if you hate a company that has made the dreams of countless atheletes come true, I don’t understand you, and I suggest you unfollow me, cause I will always be a Redbull fan. I can understand disliking drivers, but Redbull as a whole contribted more to extreme sports and the athletes partaking in such sports more than any other company/people/establishments etc.
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i-was-today-years-old-when · 9 months ago
i learned that the Red Bull energy drink was originally invented by a duck farmer from Thailand as a hangover cure (called Krathing Daeng in Thai) before being bought over by Austrian businessman Dietrich Mateschitz who discovered it on a business trip in 1987 (x)
Tumblr media
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Morning - Pierre Gasly
Warnings: light mention of sex, bad french
Summary: in which reader wakes up for the first time next to Pierre
Promts(by @screnwriter): “I always wondered how it would be like sleeping with you”; “Give me a good reason to say”, “I’ll kiss you”
Pierre Gasly x female!reader
English is not my first language!
Requests are open!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You woke up by the sunlight coming through the blinds of the f1 driver’s room. You had stayed for the first time the night at your new boyfriend’s place, and now you had him soundly sleeping on top of your boobs and hugging your waist tightly, like he didn’t want you to go. He looked so beautiful and peaceful sleeping. You ran your hand through his soft hair a few times and left a faint kiss on his forehead.
You stayed like that for a bit more until you felt him shift in his sleep and saw him slowly opening his pretty blue orbs and stare back at you.
“Morning, mon trésor”, Pierre said with a sleepy voice that made you feel all funny inside. “I hope that you slept well.”
“I would have if you didn’t move so much”, you teased and he softly pinched your arm. You chucked a little bit, “I did, it was nice.” You tenderly smiled at him.
“I’m glad to hear that”, the young driver smiled back at you. “I always wondered how it would be like sleeping with you.” He said without even thinking. His remark made you both go red out of embarrassment. You had never had sex, not because you didn’t want to, but because Pierre wanted to show you that he was serious about your relationship after all the flings that he had.
“I mean-“, he stuttered and nervously scratched his head with the hand that was previously securing your waist, “you know what I mean, not in that way obviously, I-I mean of course I want to sleep with you in the other way, but…”, the softs giggles coming from your lips cut him off.
“It’s all right, mon chéri. I know what you meant.” You laughed it off and the french man left a sigh of relief, he could never think of a way of offending you(even if you didn’t) and was scared to screw it up because he wanted you to know and feel that he was dead serious about your relationship.
“I could really get used to this.”
“Me too”.
“Are you staying for breakfast?”
“Only if you make it.”
“I will if we stay five more minutes.”
“Give me a good reason to stay.”
“I’ll kiss you.”
“Fair enough.”
The blue-eyed man laughed and proceeded to kiss your neck, he continued with your jaw, then he pecked a few times your cheeks, and finally kissed your lips. It was a sweet and lazy kiss because you were still half asleep. He ended the kiss with a delicate bite to your bottom lip and brought you closer to him to sleep some more minutes before finally starting the day.
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed!<33
Masterlist where I took the prompts from
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When its bring your nephew to work day
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“The Power of Branding”
@ Norte Branding
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ladywolff · 6 months ago
Pink pink pink
Tumblr media
Girls girls girls
Tumblr media
Glitter glitter glitter
Tumblr media
Twirls twirls twirls
Tumblr media
Together forever
Tumblr media
We’re Toto
Tumblr media
And Christian
Tumblr media
Best friends!
Tumblr media
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Charles Leclerc: personal Red Bull Racing post race therapist™
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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You Abandoned Me (2/2)
Daniel Ricciardo x reader, Max Verstappen x reader (Platonic Friendship)
Summary: Daniel forces y/n out his life in a horrific way, with Max stepping up and helping his friend afterwards despite what Daniel has done, or at least, what they thought Daniel had done.
warnings: Angst, language, too much angst, Daniel at Redbull, pregnancy, eventual fluff, Violence.
Word count: 3921 words.
Authors note: I told you it would get better 😊  
Part 1: You Abandoned Me
Max arrived at Spa for the weekends race a few days before. F1 stating that they were wanting all the drivers there a few days earlier in order to do some promo shoots. Max wasn’t sure how he was meant to face Daniel. He hadn’t seen him since he ran into you at the beginning of the summer break. Truthfully, he was scared of what he was going to do when he saw him. He wasn’t sure he was going to be able to keep his anger under control, despite his promises to you. He at least thought the anger would have subsided by now, but after you had moved in and Max had gone with you to one of your ultrasounds, hearing your son’s heartbeat for the first time, it felt as though it was only getting worse, embedding itself in his very atoms. Max wasn’t sure he would ever not feel angry at Daniel ever again.
As Max was walking to where the other drivers were on the track, he was messaging you, double checking that you were still okay. This was the first time he’d left you alone in your now shared apartment since you had moved in, and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t happier now that you were back in his life. He had missed you, truly missed you and you both had set up a really good routine living together in your platonic domesticity. Why didn’t more people just live with their best friends?
He glanced down at his phone, seeing a message from you, reassuring him for the umpteenth time that you were one hundred percent okay and if you needed anything, you would contact him immediately. He was pulled out of his thoughts by the sudden noise of the other drivers greeting him. He placed his phone in his pocket since he was now satisfied that you were okay and began greeting his friends.
Max was engaged in conversation with Charles when he heard his voice ring through the air. He immediately felt the anger seep throughout his entire body, and the next minute he felt a hand on his shoulder followed by a jovial “Howdy teammate” from Daniel.
“Fuck off” Max spat out louder than he should have, not even looking at Daniel, simultaneously shrugging his hand off his shoulder, probably a lot more violently than he should have. He was doing a lot of things he shouldn’t, and he doesn’t really see himself stopping now either.
God, he literally couldn’t even keep it together for a minute. You were going to kill him.
The entire grid went quiet, unsure of what just happened between the teammates.
“Mate, is everything okay?” Daniel asked, confused by his friend’s outburst.
Charles noticed Max desperately trying to hold it together, seeing his fist begin to clench, unsure whether it was to keep his anger under control or if it was to actually swing at Daniel, for whatever he had done to upset Max.
Almost as if in slow motion, Charles and Lando both watched Max turn and grab onto Daniels shirt collar, lifting his hand to take a swing. Lando immediately grabbed hold of the hand on Daniels collar, ready to yank it off him and drag Daniel away, with Charles taking the more dangerous position of grabbing the fist in motion, in an attempt to pull him away from Daniel before any real damage could be done, beyond the obvious already witnessed.
Within split seconds the men had already been separated before a single punch could connect with any skin.
The entire grid of drivers dead quiet and wide eyed, hearing only the panting of Max and Charles, as the former struggled to get out of his friends hold.
“Get the fuck off me Charles so I can deal with this dick” Max snarled out, refusing to take his eyes off of Daniel, treating him as though he was his prey.
“Max, mate, get it together, what the fuck is going on?” Pierre stood in front of Max, forcing him to take his eyes off of Daniel, in the hopes of calming him down.
“Want to know what’s going on? Let’s give Y/n a call and you can all find out exactly what’s going on”, Max snapped back, ripping his hand out of Charles grasp, threatening to get his phone out of his pocket.
“What do you mean call y/n and find out?” Daniel asked, voice laced with concern.
“Don’t act like you don’t fucking know what you did to her” Max shouted at his former friend, forcing himself to not go over there and climb into that smug looking face of his.
“What I did to her? She’s the one who left me!” Daniel shouted back, feeling anger begin to build in him.
“That’s not what the email that she showed me said” Max smugly stated, forcing the entire grid to look towards Daniel for explanation.
“What email?” confusion laced the drivers voice, “and on that note, when did you see her? Is she okay? Are you back in contact with her?”
“Don’t act like you give a shit about her now mate, but to answer your questions, yes, I have been in contact with her and yes, she’s actually doing great, no thanks to you” Max answered disdainfully,
 “And with regards to the email, don’t play dumb buddy, you know the one you sent her, breaking up with her, telling her to get the fuck out of your house and stay away from you and all your friends or else you’d ruin her entire life, which you can’t even deny because I’ve seen the email. I have the email. I know what you did” Max stopped to allow the bomb he just dropped to settle.
You could hear a pin drop between the drivers it was so silent.
“What email?” Daniel all but whispered.
Max chose to ignore the question, convinced Daniel knew exactly what he was talking about.
“But don’t worry, I’ve moved her in with me-“ before Max could even finish his sentence Daniel was storming towards Max in a display none of the other drivers expected. He had Max’s collar gripped between his white knuckles, getting as close as he could to the man who was now living with the love of his love, “and since you couldn’t step up, I’ll at least help her raise your son”, the comment dripped like poison out of Max’s mouth.
Next thing Daniel knew, Max was on the ground and his fist was aching. He couldn’t hear anyone else around him, the ringing in his ears getting progressively louder, refusing to take his eyes off of Max, trying to make sense of everything that he had just said.
‘I’ll at least help her raise your son’
Daniels entire brain suddenly went deadly quiet, demanding answers. He crouched low, looking Max in the eye, and with the calmest voice he could muster demanded “I have some questions, and you are going to answer them. Now get up so we can go talk”.
He left no room for argument, standing up and moving towards the redbull motor home so Max and himself could go talk, Max stalking after him. Charles, Sebastian, and Pierre following the two to play mediator in case the situation got ugly.
The rest of the grid was left to wait.
Daniel had sat quietly, eyes never leaving Max, as he recanted the story from start to finish, ending off with showing him the email which he was sure Daniel had sent.
Daniel couldn’t take his eyes off the words in front of him. He felt a cold sweat break on his brow.  
So this is why you left, because you thought he hadn’t wanted you.
“So she’s pregnant with my child?” was all Daniel could get out.
“With your son” Max said, suddenly softening thinking about you at home, completely unaware that Daniel was still in love with you and clearly wasn’t actually the one who sent the email, a fact that was slowly dawning on Max.
“With my son” Daniel repeated, feeling the words in his mouth.
“Oh shit, wait, here” Max exclaimed, getting the ultrasound you had given him out of his wallet.
This was his son. The son he had created with the love of his life. His heart sank at the thought of you thinking he didn’t love you and that he didn’t want the beautiful child you had both created.
“Ignoring how we got into this mess, honestly Max, what are the chances of me being able to fix this entire issue” Daniel asked Max frankly, getting you back being the only thing we was remotely concerned with at this point.
“Truthfully, she’s still so in love with you man, so hurt but so in love with you. You were it for her. I doubt she’d ever even consider being with anyone else after you, but you didn’t hear it from me.” Max answered, seeing the hope filter into his friends’ eyes.
“Listen, your turn to be honest with me, you honestly didn’t break up with her, you didn’t send that email?” Max asked, hesitant to allow Daniel near you again after what he had believed he had done to you.
“I’d rather die than ever leave her Max, I was going to propose to her,” he looked down and smiled, “I am going to propose to her” he stated.
A smile adorned Max’s face, despite the pain blooming on the side of his jaw from where Daniel had socked him earlier.
“So, here’s the plan. When we get back to Monaco-“ Max began
“I’m going back today” Daniel interjected
“Jesus, just, hold your horses, lets just, sort shit out first before you go in there guns a blazing mate” Max said, concerned without any warning you’d be completely caught off guard and he was so scared to do anything that would cause potential harm to either you or your son.
Noticing Daniel wasn’t fighting him on that, he continued, “When we get back to Monaco, I’ll go home to Y/n” Max noticed Daniels jaw clench at the notion of Max living with you “whom I am only staying with because I was concerned for her safety and wanted to keep an eye out for her while she’s pregnant with your child” he quickly added in, hoping it would calm Daniel down slightly, “then I will begin explaining the entire mess to her, start to finish, and say that you want to see her, want to pick up where you left off, and then we hope and pray she’s willing to hear you out, how does that sound?”
It was clearly a better plan than Daniel had at the moment, his entire focus only on feeling you in his arms again.
“Fine, but we leave straight after the race” Daniel demanded.
“Done deal, lets go get this Grand Prix done and get your girl back” Max said, slapping his thighs as he stood up to go back to the rest of the grid.
Charles, Pierre and Sebastian sighing in relief when the talks had gone smoothly.
Max heard quiet knocking on his driver’s room door as he was preparing for the race.
“Come in” he shouted, as he continued relaxing on the couch, getting his head into race mode.
Daniel popped his head round the door and quickly slid into the room, closing the door behind him, He didn’t leave that spot though, timidly looking at Max, like a child who was seeking comfort from a parent.
“Everything okay?” Max asked, concerned at his unusually quiet friend.
“Could you, uhm, could you call her?” Daniel asked, a blush creeping up onto his cheeks, refusing to meet his friends’ eyes.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea right now mate, remember the plan-“ Max started reminding Daniel before he stopped when he noticed Daniel shaking his head.
“No, I mean, don’t tell her I’m here, come up with some excuse to talk to her, I just, fuck, I just need to hear her voice” Daniel pleaded.
How the fuck was Max meant to deny his friend that?
He grabbed his phone off the table and clicked your contact, placing the phone on speaker and back on the table.
Max was pretty sure Daniel didn’t breathe until he heard your voice filter through the speaker. His eyes closed and Daniels entire being visibly softened at your voice, finally letting out the breath he had been holding since Max began the call.
Daniel couldn’t help but chuckle at hearing you excitedly shout Max’s name, it hadn’t changed since you two had broken up, taking him back to when you would walk through the paddock with him and you would come across his teammate, bounding over to your friend, shouting his name to get his attention, giggling as Max would pretend he didn’t want you touching him but hugging you back tightly nevertheless.
His heart ached.
“Good afternoon, Y/n”
“And what did I do to deserve this excellent phone call before your race?”
“Oh this is me just making sure you’re going to be watching”
“Already plopped down in front of the TV, waiting to catch a glimpse of you lot in those gorgeous racing suits”
“You don’t have to act like you’re looking at anyone other than Dan you know?” Max said with a giggle, watching as his friend widened his eyes at his comment.
Daniel couldn’t deny he was hoping you’d admit Max was right, which is the exact reason Max made the comment in the first place, knowing he was.
“Am I that obvious?”
The admission was music to Daniels ears, his smile growing even larger on his face.
“Honestly, yeah, you are, it’s a little pathetic” Max joked with you.
“Ugh, then can I tell you something incredibly embarrassing?”
“God, please do”
Daniel waited with bated breath.
“When the camera panned over to Daniel, the baby kicked slightly”
Daniel and Max both looked at each other wide-eyed, Max trying not to laugh at how giddy his friend looked, Daniel trying his hardest not to faint from happiness.
Suddenly, your voice, softer and quieter this time, came over the speaker.
“How is he doing, he looks good?”
“He’s actually doing better than he has in a really long time, nervous as all hell, but better” Max answered honestly.
“I miss him Max”
Daniel thought he was going to die then and there.
“I know, but things will be better soon, I promise”
The boys heard you sniff, as you tried to keep the tears at bay, Max having to throw Daniel a stern look to not get involved just yet as he noticed every ounce of Daniels being wanting to say something in order to comfort you, it was like he couldn’t help himself.
“He likes physical touch when he’s nervous” you said, trying to distract yourself from the pain now settling in your body from missing the man you loved.
“I’m not touching him Y/n” Max said, earning a giggle from you.
“Listen I’m going to let you go get ready for the race, good luck, and if it’s not too weird, in some super sly way, wish Daniel luck for me, please” you said, your tone with the slightest hint of begging in it, there was no way Max could deny you.
“Of course, anything for you” he responded, not taking his eyes off Daniels the entire time, watching a tear slide down his friend’s cheek, wishing that this could all be over as soon as possible.
With that you hung up and Daniel and Max sat in silence for a moment.
“Thank you” Daniel finally said once he had composed himself enough.
“Of course, anything for you” Max mimicked the words he had said to you just moments before.
“We’re leaving after this race, and as soon as I’m home, I promise I’ll talk to her for you, ideally the goal being you and her are meeting tomorrow and fixing everything” Max felt the need to remind Daniel.
Daniel took a few minutes to reply, staring down at his own feet, replaying the entire conversation you and Max had just had in his head.
Suddenly looking at his friend, the biggest grin on his face, “She said she missed me” Daniel shouted, laughing his head off and running out of Max’s driver room, unsure of what to do with this newfound excitement.
“Max, hurry up and get your trophy so we can go!” Daniel shouted towards his friend, ripping his own helmet off, itching to get going back to Monaco.
Max just laughs at him, already congratulating his other friends, Charles and Pierre for their podium wins alongside himself, Daniel just missing it with a P4.
With the three winners up on the podium, Charles leans over to Max and makes the kind of comment that stops Verstappen in his tracks. Did Charles even realize the weight of the comment he was about to make to the fiery driver?
“I was thinking about it, that night that the email was sent, wasn’t that the night that we were all having a few drinks and Daniel asked Horner to take some photos with his phone?”
“Yeah, I think it was” Max answered, hinting at his friend to continue his thought
“And didn’t Daniels phone go missing for a few hours, before Horner realised he still had it and gave it back to Daniel?” Charles said, “look I’m not accusing Horner of anything, but didn’t Y/n let slip to him that she was pregnant?”
With that Max closed his eyes, letting the full weight of Horner’s actions rest on him.
“And we all know Horner is nervous of losing Daniel to anything” Max finished Charles thought.
Daniel was ready to rip Horner to shreds if it was true. Both Max and Daniel stormed into his office, slamming the door shut behind them, startling Christian as he sat behind his laptop analysing data.
“Boys! To what do I owe the pleasure? Aren’t you meant to be on the way to the airport back home?” He asked, completely unaware of the shit storm that just rolled into his office.
Max decided to take the back seat for this argument, simply being there to back his teammate.
“Do you know why we’re rushing back to Monaco so quickly Boss?” Daniel calmly asked, a large contrast to the energy he had when walking into the office.
“No? Care to explain?” Horner answered, clearly unphased by whatever answer he thought Daniel was going to give him.
“Well, Max here recently found Y/n, and some interesting information has come to light since then, and we’re going back to Monaco, so I can win my girl back, isn’t that right Max?”
The only response Max giving was a grunt in agreement.
Before a stiff, wide-eyed Horner could even comment, Daniel continued,
“Now, I have two very important questions, to which I already know the answers, so I advise you answer honestly, am I understood?” Daniel sternly spoke to Christian, as the other man sat there shell shocked by everything being thrown at him.
Truthfully, Horner never thought he’d get caught and he wasn’t sure how to lie his way out of this one.
“First question, did you, or did you not know Y/n was pregnant?” Daniel paused to give his boss a chance to answer.
“Daniel listen-“
That was all Daniel needed to know. Clenching his jaw, feeling the disgust roll around in his mouth.
“Second question, did you send the email?” Daniel wasn’t in the mood to hear his soon to be former boss lie to his face, the anger was radiating off of him, enough to leave even Max scared.
Horner weighed up his options, still believing what he did being the right thing for both Daniel and the team.
“She was a distraction Daniel” was the only comment he could make.
Daniel stood up, slamming his fist on the desk, making the other two men jump, and making Max push himself off the wall he was leaning against, just in case he was going to have to get involved in something stupid Daniel was about to do, no matter how justified Max thought he was.
Without breaking eye contact, Daniel spoke low and slow, making sure Horner understood every word.
“Consider this my formal resignation, and good luck keeping your job after this all comes out”.
With that he stormed out the room, Max following so they could catch their flight back home, and he could be one step closer to being with you again.
“Y/n, I’m home” Max shouted
“In the lounge, what you are doing back so early?” you shouted back.
 “You got a second to chat?” Max asked, opting to ignore your question, having to get this conversation out the way as quickly as possible.
He entered the lounge where you sat on the couch, tucking into a bowl of your favourite Ice cream, and handed you the flowers he was carrying.
“You got me flowers?” you asked confused
“I didn’t, Daniel did” Max corrected you.
“Max, you promised you wouldn’t tell Daniel, wait, he got me flowers?” the panic in your voice suddenly rising, terrified of what might happen.
“Shhhhhh it’s okay, I promise everything is okay, it’s actually a really funny story if I’m being honest, just let me get through the entire thing.” Max started, not continuing until he saw you nod, the fear prominent in your eyes.
For the next 20 minutes, you sat deadly quiet, listening to Max explain absolutely everything that had happened that weekend, the only noise coming from you where the sniffs as you tried and failed to stop the tears pouring down your cheeks.
When Max finally finished, you were shaking and the only thing you could bring yourself to ask was,
“He still loves me?”
“He never stopped Y/n”
“When can I see him?”
“Honestly, he insisted on waiting outside the flat in the hopes that you’d want to see him tonight”
And with that you were on your feet moving towards the door, not wanting to be apart from him for a second longer.
Daniel scrambled up from his position on the floor the second he heard Max’s front door opening and before he was even up right, you had flung yourself at him and he had finally felt you back in his arms.
You both had a vice grip on the other, terrified you were about to lose each other again if you let go, and Daniel would do anything to make sure his home never left him again, under any circumstance. God he’d give up everything to make sure he never lost you again. You and your son.
He closed his eyes and placed a kiss to the side of your head, thanking whatever God existed that he had the opportunity at a second chance with you.
“Pick up from where we left off?” He couldn’t help himself, desperately hoping you would be willing to be with him again.
“Pick up from where we left off.” The statement confirming that you wanted this as badly as he did.
“In that case,” he pulled back slightly, wanting to look into your eyes and be able to get lost in them all over again, finally seeing the smile on your face that mimicked his own,
“Marry me?”
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holdmyhopeinyourhands · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
One of the most respectable qualities Checo has is his ability to not blame others when things go wrong. Like the man is just straight up objective which even the fandom struggles with. Hats off to him seriously.
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wearesointhebin · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Behind The Charge | Max Verstappen and Checo's Awesome Austin
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alltoolewis · 2 months ago
Surprise...? : Max Verstappen 🖤
Summary: After a discussion with your friend, you decide to surprise max with a surprise dinner for valentines... but little did you know that the young Dutch had planned something very similar 🖤 Prompt 1: “I made dinner reservations.” “So did I. Surprise?”
(Not proofread)
Tumblr media
“You haven’t got him anything?!?” Your friend gasped, hand clutching her mouth as she watched you in disbelief “(y/n) It’s Valentine’s Day!! You have to get him something...!” Shoving another chocolate in your mouth you shrugged “It’s just another day to us... we never celebrate!” To your friends, Valentine was the day of the year when you could shower your partner with over-the-top love and affection all without being judged for being too soft or claimed to be whipped! But to you and Max... It was just another day on the calendar, not really needing to celebrate the day of love when you’ve been celebrating 4 years of it!! “That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard... how are you both the most loved up couple in the world, but don’t celebrate the day of the year where you can be as loved up as you want!”
“We just don’t need it!” You giggled, pointing over to the fireplace full of pictures of you two over the years “We’ve been dating for 4 years... I love him, he loves me! Why do we need to shower each over in chocolates and roses to prove that just for a silly holiday!” Of course, you loved being spoiled occasionally, the random flowers or stuffed animals on your countertop always caused your heart to flutter... but it didn’t need to happen on a random day to make you love him! “I don’t... I just think it’s sweet!” Your friend sighed “Why don’t you surprise him this year?!? Take him out on a fancy dinner or something!”
“(y/bff/n)!” You groaned thinking she would have just dropped the conversation by now “I just told you we don’t do valentin-“
“But what if it’s not for valentines!” She interrupted, pulling out her phone as she searched for the fanciest places in town. “What are you talking about now!” “I’m just saying... What if it’s for his win... but just celebrated on Valentine’s Day!” Looking at her confused, your eyebrows furrow “But he won months ago... we already celebrated it!”
“Alone...?” Her question caused you to freeze, as you looked back at the past 2 months. Despite there being a lot of celebrations for Max’s historic win, you couldn’t remember just celebrating it together... just the two of you! Of course, you did privately, spending the week after it just wrapped in nothing other than the sheets of your bed. But you didn’t do anything special for him other than that... Does that make me a bad girlfriend?... You thought. Sighing as you looked back at your friend, who already had dozens of screenshots by now...
“What do you have in mind...?”
The minute Max arrived home that day chills crept over your body, not knowing how he would react to your random and unexpected proposal...
“I have something to tell you...?” You both blurted out together. Laughing at how in sync you both were, you smiled “You go first...” “No...” Max laughed, pulling you in a hug “You tell me...” Taking a deep breath, you tilted your head high to meet his gaze. Telling that you were nervous, his hand brushed your cheek softly "You can tell me anything y'know...!"
"Umm... I made dinner reservations..." Max's eyes grew wide at your confession mumbling a low 'oh' as he played with nerves... "We don't have to go through..." You quickly objected, noticing how stiff he had gone "I just thought y'know with it being valentines... and you winning your championship, we should celebrate it...!"
"It's not that I don't want to go it's just... mhmm.... So did I?" He winced at how your body froze in shock "Surprise?"
"You booked dinner...?" You whispered, max giving you a small nod as tears appeared in your eyes "Why...?" "The same as you really..." He chuckled, pulling you into his chest as he left a small kiss on top of your temple "I was talking to Pierre about us not celebrating Valentine, and he brought it to my attention we still haven't celebrated your graduation..."
"M, that was almost a year ago..." You giggled, looking up to him at the right moment for his eyes to lock down with yours. "& we still haven't celebrated it..." He responded, disappointment clear in his voice as you gave him a gentle smile "Everybody was so focused on my season & title chase, that we forgot to celebrate your incredible accomplishments!"
"Why don't tonight... we celebrate the two of us...?" You suggested, huge smile on your face as it reflected on Max "Your world championship win!... My graduation..."
"Our love..." He interrupted
"Our love!"
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motosimp · 3 days ago
A little insight to redbull team orders yesterdays:
It was obvious Max would overtake Checo (they have actual data for this stuff, unlike people conspiring in front of the TV. Example Bono knowing Lewis would finish P8 or higher even though Lewis dropped to P19 and wanted to retire. Engineers have data. they have programs that can interpret these data very fast.) So they knew.
They knew they didn’t have to give team orders for Max to pass, just as they knew Checo could pass George compared to Max stressing the engine and wearing out the tires.
What they also know is that the car is really unreliable. Especially considering the temperature that day, and other cars also having overheating issues.
They needed to minimize risks, because they have been taking a lot of risks with the car design. Adrian Newey likes to pack the cars components as tightly as possible to optimize aerodynamics, but this can cause overheating problems, and we have already seen too many technical DNFs from Redbull this season.
The DRS problem is another example of them trying to push the boundaries with possibly piston weight and stuff, and in this track it bit them in the ass.
So they wanted to minimize the risk wherever they could, which was 1) asking max to lay off the throttle a bit on the straights (George and/or Lewis was asked the same iirc) and 2) not letting their drivers get in unnecessary battles that would further stress the engine, posing a high possibility of a DNF.
This wasn’t a case of “Checo be nice and let him win :))”; this was a case of “Checo he will fight for the win bc he has better pace(which can be seen by the gap he opened by the end of race) and then you both may end up blowing off your engines”.
This wasn’t a multi 21 or let him pass or you guys might crash
This was a “We don’t want our engines blowing up and losing a 1-2, valuable points for WCC”
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