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Newest Addition: Chapter Five

Richie Tozier x Daughter (my oc)

Warnings: blood, clown mention, threat, floating, fear, I think that’s it.

(A/N: This is kinda, really short, but I think the last one kinda went overload with dialogue, so I tried evening it out with this, which doesn’t really have a ton of dialogue, and then the next one should be longer, cause Im add in a flashback to give a little background, which will take up more space)


The adults talked, and drank, and ate, all catching up with each other. Lydia, happily, bled into the background, occasionally checking the time on her phone, not eating anything. Obviously, the losers tried engaging her in the conversation, and asked her questions about herself, but as it got later, she found it more, and more difficult to keep in a discussion. Not because she was tired, but because the town seemed tp have a more unsettling feel as the light began fading from the sky. 

The losers took notice of how Richie seemed to get uneasy when the sky started getting darker, and how he glanced at his daughter more. And Richie was uneasy, frankly, terrified.

He had felt his phone buzz a couple of times as the night went on, but he didn’t check it. He knew it was likely it was just his angry manager, but he feared it could be the same unknown number that he had seen in the elevator, warning him to get out of the town before it was too late.

“Hey, how old are you?” Ben asked Lydia, leaning in a little closer to her. Lydia moved her gaze from the patterns on the curtains to look at him.

“Oh, I’m thirteen!” She answered. Ben visibly tensed at the mention of the age, as he felt an odd feeling of guilt stirring in his stomach at the thought of someone as young as they were when they first faced Pennywise, going through what they went through.

“You okay?” Lydia asked. Ben gave her a pained smile, nodding.

Richie tapped on Lydia’s shoulder, handing her a fortune cookie. She pulled it open, pulling out the cookie. Before opening the packaging, and looking at the paper, something compelled her to look out the window. The sky was pitch black, not a glimmer of sunlight left.

She looked back down, cracking the cookie in half with a snap, as blood spilled out onto the table, just like the blood did out of the balloon in the library, splattering her hands in spots of red.

The losers looked in her direction, as she fumbled to pick up the slip of paper with shaking hands. 

‘Times up! You’ll float too!’ was written on the paper in neat, small, black print.

“Mother of-” Stan muttered as he saw the blood, and Lydia tossed the paper into the pool of blood, scooting her chair away from the table, as more blood seemed to be coming from the cookie, even though no one could see where the blood could be held.

There were suddenly footsteps coming into the room. The waitress that had brought them the mutated cookies, smiling just like that receptionist did, holding a check, and placing it in front of Mike, before quickly leaving the room again. She didn’t even notice the blood. 

After noticing the woman didn’t notice the blood either, Lydia just became even more horrified.

Beverly felt her heart ache for the young girl, who was staring at her own blood spotted hands, and the table that was slowly covering in blood, some of it dripping off the tables edge. Her facial expressions almost directly mirrored her own when the blood had come up from the sink drain. Pure fear.

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gsghjsgd Richie would absolutely mold his sense of humour around his gender identity, too (as one does). 

Like, modern AU, and Richie is one of the chillest bitches on the planet, but he’s also fucking hilarious. Some grouchy old manager at a store he’s being too noisy in is like, “Hey, you, boys! Keep it down or get out!” because it’s 11 p.m. and he’s too tired for this shit, which is fair. But Richie, without missing a beat, is like. “I’m not a boy. I’m a nuisance.” And then high fives Eddie before they take off down the aisle together in case this dude gets angrier at them.

I really really vibe with this. Also Richie wearing nail polish and jewellery just…. really speaks to me. He used to let Bev paint his nails, but now Eddie usually ends up doing it because they’re dating so they’re just constantly together. Or, he’ll invite Bev over to his house to hang out with them and the three of them will actually take the time to give each other fancy manicures. Other Losers are often invited to join them, depending who’s free, but it’s also kind of nice when it’s just 3 or 4 of them for a chill spa night.

And the clothes-sharing just becomes ridiculous as Richie and Eddie’s wardrobes transform. The first skirt Eddie buys after he’s like “fuck gendered clothing”, Richie is like 👀👀👀

Then after he recovers he tells Eddie he wants to try it on, because it’s really cute and it makes Eddie’s thighs look fucking stellar, and he’s almost jealous, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit properly because he’s so much bigger than Eddie. So they go shopping in the women’s section of the department store that weekend and get lots of weird looks. But they ALSO get a lot of nice clothes and LOTS of pink, because Eddie really likes pink and Richie fell in love with that obnoxious hot pink blouse the second he laid eyes on it, and he just HAD to get hideous pants to match. 

Also (assuming they’re a bit older here, like late teens/early twenties), Richie definitely fucks Eddie while he’s wearing a cute mini skirt and nothing else, because like… duh. What else are they for? He just pushes him over on the edge of the bed and flips the skirt up and goes to town.

Eddie mostly wears his more feminine stuff in private, at first, but he realizes pretty quick that he’s a lot better at handling peoples’ criticisms and snide comments than Richie is, so he makes a conscious decision every time they go out together to dress a little more noticeably feminine than whatever Richie is wearing, so that people notice HIM first. They’re always taken aback by this tiny queer dude being so fucking ready to throw hands while his massive, gaudily-dressed, eyeliner-wearing partner tries to hold him back like he’s a feral dog that needs to be tamed. 

People in Derry learn real quick not to fuck with Eddie (and once they move, the people in whatever town they end up in learn the same lesson). Unless they want to get their shit wrecked, because he is 3 ounces of whoop-ass in a baby pink dress.

They also do each other’s makeup sometimes, just for shits n gigs. Usually on weekend nights when they’re stoned/drunk together and Richie wants to try out this vibrant-ass eyeshadow palette he just bought to see what kind of funky designs his can make.

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Hello all I’m need of some help find a certain fanfic. It’s a Reddie fanfic were Ritchie is a famous (closeted) comedian and Eddie is out. eddie has a denim jacket with either pins or patches I can’t remember there are some like gay prides ones. They meet cause Eddie yells at Ritchie about something then they make out in a alley. Someone takes pictures of them arguing and makes it look like Ritchies homophobic and they also get pictures of them making out and tries to blackmail him so they fake date to save Ritchies career. I think there was also an age difference Ritchies in his 30’s or 40’s and Eddies in his 20’s.

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Stephen King: Richie’s parents were really supportive and protective of him.

Fanfic authors: No, they were alcoholics.

Stephen King: No, actually Mrs. Tozier cooked for all the losers and-

Fanfic authors: They were physically and verbally abusive.

Stephen King: No, they were really loving-

Fanfic authors: They hated Eddie.

Stephen King: Well, actually-

Fanfic authors: “Did you get into another fight with your dad?” Eddie asked, leaning out his window to talk to Richie. He had to pretend not to notice the fresh bruise on his best friend’s cheek.

“Yeah,” Richie said, wiping his nose. “He caught Bev and me smoking.”

Stephen King: *Facepalms*

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Newest Addition: Chapter Four

Richie Tozier x Daughter (my oc)

Warnings: clown mention, anxiety mention, a kinda sexual innuendo, I think thats it.


Richie hesitated to walk into the restaurant, as he noticed how pale Lydia had gotten. Her skin was already pale before, but it still had some color. Now, all that color was gone.

He was regretting bringing her, that was easy to say. In his defense, he didn’t really remember what he was walking into, but now that the thing, whatever it was, had tried to hurt her, and he was staying, he felt terrible.

“So, are we just gonna stand here, or…” Lydia asked, gesturing forward towards the resturant.

“Yeah, yeah, we should probably go in,” he said, reluctantly, guiding her in with a hand on her shoulder.

Lydia stared down at the tile, trying to push the irrational fears, and random anxieties out of her mind, which were being made worse by the crowded restaurant.

Richie purposefully sped up his walking, partially out of anxiety of being followed by the clown, but also at the fact that he knew very well Lydia didn’t like crowded places like the restaurant.

They walked to the closed off room in the back, much to Lydia’s relief, as the room was quiet except for some faint ruckus from the rest of the restaurant.

“Richie? Richie Tozier?” A man with a ponytail and glasses asked, stepping towards them, out of the room. Richie stepped into the room where he was, finally loosening his grip on his daughters shoulder, finally around people he knew he could trust around her.

“Big Bill?” He asked. Both men laughed lightly, before embracing each other in a tight hug, muttering things about missing each other.

The other people in the room were a blonde man with nice clothing who was looking at Richie heart eyed, a man with dark skin, and a sweater smiling at to two men hugging, and two men with mustaches, doing the same as the man in the sweater.

They went around hugging each other, allowing Lydia to hear all their names, and only the man named Stan had seemed to make the connection between Lydia and her father.

“You reproduced?” He asked, loudly. Richie just nodded, laughing quietly. Stan turned to Lydia. “I am so sorry.”

Richie gasped dramatically, slapping a hand over his heart. “Stanley! How dare you! Why must you wound me in this awful way!” He exclaimed. “I’ll have you know, I am an amazing father!”

“Richie ‘Trashmouth’ Tozier has a daughter?” Ben asked. 

“Why are you all so surprised?” Richie asked. “I was always a ladies man!”

Before anyone could reply, most likely with a snarky remark, a feminine voice spoke from behind them

“I have to second what Stanley said on this one-” she began, but Richie cut her off with a hug, which she gladly returned, before she could finish. “Oh, I’ve missed you, Rich!” She said into his shoulder, before pulling back. “Now, can you please explain to me how you have daughter?”

Lydia had turned her attention fiddling with the ring that almost permanently remained on her middle finger, something she did often, as she felt eyes on her.

“Well, I believe a bottle of vodka was involved, along with a thrashy apartment that wasn’t mine, and a crushing headache the next morning.” Richie said. “And then in 9 months, there was a tiny baby, who I ended up naming Lydia, in a cardboard box on my doorstep, still in the hospital blankets and everything.”

“So no wife?” Eddie asked, clearly a little hopeful. Richie shook his head.

“I don’t think he remembers my birth mother eye color.” Lydia said, making Stan smile.

“I like her,” Stan said. “She seems to be Iike you, Rich, just a lot less annoying.”

Richie rolled his eyes, before frowning at Mikes look of slight dread and fear. “You okay, Mikey?” He asked, though he knew he wasn’t. the second he heard that Richie had a daughter, his heart dropped to the pit of his stomach. He didn’t want another child, especially one of his fellow losers children, to be scarred by the clown. And by the way Richie kept glancing over to her, like he was trying to make sure she was still there, Mike could make a fair guess the teenage girl had already seen it.

Mike looked up at Richie, giving him a weak smile. “Yeah, I’m fine!”

“Hey, did any of you, by chance, date my dad when you were younger?” Lydia asked. Beverly choked on the drink she had poured herself with laughter. 

“N-no,” Bill answered. Lydia frowned.

“Damn!” She muttered, her gaze wandering to Eddie. She looked between him and her father. “Are you sure?” She murmured to her dad, jerking her head towards the blonde man. Beverly continued laughing, as Richie and Eddie both stammered out a ‘no’. “I don’t really believe you.”

“Neither do we, sweetheart, neither do we!” Stan said, patting her on the shoulder, smirking at Richie.

“Staniel, stop filling my sweet, innocent daughters mind with your heinous propaganda!” Richie said, dramatically. Stan rolled his eyes, laughing.

“I’m just telling her the truth!” He shrugged. “Have you told her about-”

Richie quickly slapped a hand over Stan’s mouth. Stan laughed against his hand, as Richie looked mortified.

“I don’t even know what you were going to say, but I don’t think I want you to tell her that.” Richie said.

“What did you do?”


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On the sixth night of the third week after they destroy IT, Richie returns to Eddie.

The Losers all try to stop him. On that first night back at the Town House, Eddie breaks down at the bar, telling them that there had to be a way. That there must be a spell in one of Mike’s books that could reverse what had happened. That they at least had to try.

“He died by mystical means… that means we can bring him back,” he begs, while they all look at him pitifully. Even Stanley, who had understood Richie in a way the others never could, turns his face away.

“Think about what you’re saying, Eddie,” Ben says, eyes dark and wounded as he cradles a glass of whiskey. “People aren’t supposed to come back like that. It could go wrong.“

“He’s gone, baby,” Bev agrees softly, placing her hand on Eddie’s arm so gently it hardly feels like anything at all. It was nothing like Richie’s rough, boisterous touch. “We all have to accept that and move on.”

But Eddie was unshakeable, inconsolable.

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Currently listening to T. Swift’s “Cardigan” and The part when she sings

‘Tried to change the ending, Peter losing Wendy…’

Slowly turned into

'Tried to change the ending, Richie losing Eddie…’


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Friendly reminder that Eddie Kaspbrak is dead, he died and despite the fact that they were in love, they never got to live out a happy life together because pennywise killed eddie😌♥️

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cannon that when it’s richie and eddie’s anniversary, richie buys a heart shaped mattress, and it’s covered with rose petals, and stripped down to his white boxers with hearts in them with a rose in his mouth, doing that sexy little pose thing:


like that and candles lit with led lights, while eddie my love and can you feel the love tonight plays at full volume as he smirks and wiggles his eyebrows.

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if you’ve got a taste for terror, bring stan to the prom!

stanley uris! carrie au for you all on this second night of #10nightsofmonstermads ! hopefully stan can wash his suit 💀🖤🩸

stanley uris stands in front of the crowd at prom in a dark blue suit and gray tie.
stanley uris stands in front of the crowd at prom in a dark blue suit and gray tie.
stanley uris stands in front of the crowd at prom in a dark blue suit and gray tie.
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So, are you excited?”

The words startled Richie out of the half-dream state he’d been in all morning and he jumped, turning away from his work to see Beverly Marsh by his side, arms crossed, leaning against the end of the aisle he was stocking. She raised an eyebrow and had that teasing smile Richie only liked to see when it was aimed at other people. Unfortunately, he seemed to be the only one around.

“Jesus, Bev,” he muttered. “You know I’m zoned out.”

“Well, are you?

Richie sighed and set down the box of detergent he was putting away, brain completely fried. He was nearing the end of a 9-hour shift and it was evident in his shoulders and the bones of his feet.

“What for?” he asked, only to indulge her.

But before Bev could answer, another coworker came up beside her—Mike Hanlon, from produce. His smile was twice as big.

“To meet your new soulmate,” he said, obnoxiously drawing out that last word.

Understanding finally kicked in and Richie groaned, rolling his eyes. “Hilarious,” he said. “You know it’s not like that.”

Richie’s “new soulmate” was, in actuality, just the new dairy clerk that had been hired last week. In the past, he had maybe dated one or two of the previous dairy clerks. This was not a big deal at all, but for some reason his friends found it very funny.

“Oh yeah?” Mike said. “So what about Matt?”

Richie grimaced. “Technically? We didn’t really date.”

“And Jess?” Bev pressed.

“You know, I heard her and Ellie are doing really great now, actually, so—”

“Oh, what about that guy you were so sure was going to help you get over you-know-who. What was his n—”

O-kay,” Richie interrupted, meeting Mike’s eyes. “Don’t you have a florist to flirt with?”

Mike clamped his mouth shut, but couldn’t hide a grin.

“I bet he’s fifty and bald,” Bev went on after a beat of silence.

“I bet Richie still fucks him.”

They laughed, and Richie’s deep scowl only seemed to make them laugh harder. They laughed and continued to laugh even as Richie picked his work back up because apparently, they didn’t have anything better to do. Richie really ought to consider switching departments.

“What’s so funny?”

The two straightened up on instinct at the sound of a fourth voice, but relaxed when they saw that it was only Eddie, another best friend and coworker (yes, the codependency was perfectly healthy. Maybe.). Eddie, as far as Richie knew, didn’t know about any of this, which was deliberate, and Mike and Bev were polite enough to try to keep their mouths shut.

“Surprised to see you here on a Thursday,” Richie greeted him, hoping to change the subject. He was surprised to see him here on a Thursday, and anywhere in the store that wasn’t the front end. Eddie didn’t really like to hang around, on or off the clock.

“Yeah, well,” Eddie murmured as he got distracted with his own name tag—crooked probably, but only to him. “I switched. See?” He held up his hands to show Richie the heavy duty work gloves he was wearing. “Talked to Sheryl, finally. She put me in dairy.”

Yeah. Alright.

Richie managed to keep his composure, but Mike animatedly blinked—once, twice, until Bev elbowed him hard and he shook his head to hide another laugh.

“Yea, I have to, um…with the…Bill,” he stammered, gesturing wildly. “Bill needs me.”

He took off—in the direction opposite to floral, god help them all—and Eddie looked between Bev and Richie with suspicion.

“What is it?” he demanded.

“Nothing!” Bev said, at the same time Richie said “Well,” and she sighed. “Richie might kind of sort of have this habit of dating all dairy clerks”

“Oh,” Eddie said, frowning. His face was unreadable for a moment, and then he managed a small smile. “Sorry to break the streak, Rich.” There was a beat of awkward silence, and then he added: “I should clock in. But break? You wanna do you break together?”

He was very clearly looking only at Richie, who gave him a thumbs up.

“Sounds great,” he said, having taken his break three hours ago.

When Eddie was gone, Richie turned back to the aisle and pressed his forehead to one of the shelves.

“Not a word, Beverly Marsh,” he said. “Not a fucking word.”

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