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indigo-villin · 2 days ago
Vent/Rant post about MH G3
So I am on twitter, tumblr, reddit, and a few other sites.  I no longer go on twitter due to the shear amount of toxicity there and cause it’s boring.
I still go on reddit quite a bit, but now I’m not using reddit for mh g3 news or anything, at least not on the main mh subreddit, I’m just tired of seeing all of the comments against the UNRELEASED g3 dolls and series. Yes many people talk about how excited they are, but just as many talk about the fatphobia they’ve seen when the leaks were first shown, and also many talk about how the dolls have “disappointed” them.
Many people talk about how Clawdeen isn’t as good as the others, or how she “looks younger than the other dolls“ THEY’RE DOLLS, they’re all 15 yrs old (except Frankie who is 15 DAYS old), and we’ve only seen pictures. The dolls don’t come out til the end of the month apparently.
Cleo is apparently lesser than before cause she doesn’t have the same energy apparently..? First off these are different dolls and characters, they won’t be the same. We also have to remember fashion for kids is different now a days, they may not be able to get away with as much as they used to (especially with this gen being aimed at kids as young as 6 this time). The show, the dolls, and everything associated are meant for children, not adults. They’re made to convince adults to let their kids get them.
The dolls are still highly detailed cleo has bandages on her body mold, Clawdeen has fur tufts on her face and body parts, Lagoona has see-through legs where you can see the bone AND she has fish fin ears, Frankie still has their stitches across their body and now has a painted on eyebrow piercing along with an amputated leg, Draculaura still has the heart design on her cheek (and on both on the gore-ganizer doll) along with her hair going from half pink and black to mixed like it used to (again the gore-ganizer doll).
The dolls aren’t gonna be perfect by any means, but to go off and complain about EVER LITTLE THING. People bullied the company into doing this, got the cave club dolls cancelled demanding to have MH back, and now that it is EVERYONE is throwing a hissy fit.
We can’t expect the OGs to just be thrust into the public again, parents then didn’t like them for their overly slim bodies, “scary faces“, and easily breakable limbs. As a company Mattel HAS to make them more kid and customer friendly, and I honestly think they’re doing great so far.
Mattel has clearly learned from watching MGA’s doll lines flourish and designing their own lines like Barbie Fasdhionistas and Cave Club. They made both of those lines with body types different from the standard skinny-mini dolls Barbie and OG mh were. They’ve learned to make BETTER dolls that will actually last kids long enough to properly play with.
Sorry for the rant, I just wanted to get all of this off of my chest. I’m beyond excited for gen3 of monster high, and as soon as I get any of them I’m making a post here/on my doll account.
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zgoodwitchbitch · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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superectojazzmage · 2 months ago
I honestly always laugh my ass off whenever I see the ”rivalry” between Tumblr and Reddit, especially on here. Because, like, as someone who uses both, I can safely tell you that the communities of these two sites are functionally the same in just about every way, but especially in their flaws, so its like
Tumblr media
At least neither one is Twitter though.
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goingplacesartchives · 2 months ago
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agentmintea · 2 months ago
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mydietsposts · 9 months ago
Reddit Users Discuss The Most Overrated Foods; Burgers, Weddings Cakes Make List
Reddit Users Discuss The Most Overrated Foods; Burgers, Weddings Cakes Make List
Were you ever disappointed with a delicious-looking dish? Perhaps, your friends recommended it to you or you saw it on a pamphlet that made you drool. But as soon as you tasted it, you realised that the food wasn’t as great as it was hyped about. Did you feel that certain foods were, well, overrated? If you’ve faced such situations you would relate to a few Reddit users who recently had a…
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sbistreamtogetherpls · 11 months ago
// cancer mention , covid mention
if anyone ever needs a laugh i recommend going over to techno's subreddit. they're an entirely different breed
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RWBY Critics are NOT victims of bigotry, but they act like they are to gain attention and sympathy.
As you know, the RWBY Critics LOVE to portray themselves as victims of a fandom for “speaking the truth” and “being discriminated against” while promoting negativity and hate against the show and its writers.
But they are just milking it now.
Tumblr media
I can’t even. We’re bigots now? What?
Tumblr media
R/RWBYCritics complains about a female bisexual VA in no less than 5 different posts, you defend the military complex in no less than 25, you defend a cis white male antagonist who is an abuser and a murderer...and I’m not going to get into your obsession with promoting Blacksun, a straight ship involving Sun who stalks Blake, over Bumbleby, which is two girls.
Korrasami and Bumbleby both have the blackhaired woman leaving the dude for an upgrade.
Tumblr media
But..what?...This is why you people call Bumbleby fanservice?
LGBTQI+ relationships are NOT a fetish.
Tumblr media
If you’re referring to the QrowxBlake shipper who faked their death to accuse the fandom of being toxic and yet the videos claiming they committed suicide are still up?
Tumblr media
So no matter what CRWBY does...its bad?
Tumblr media
I assume because people are always defending and worshipping the male characters as “victims” that critics feel this way?
Tumblr media
Yes, I think RWBY can and should improve. But I’m not going to spam R/RWBY and Youtube with videos screaming “bad writing” “pandering” “toxic fandom” and the like.
We watch a show to enjoy it, not to pick it to pieces and claim how you are “superior writers” when all you do is promote men over women, mansplain team RWBY, and try to shove “moral grayness” or straight ships down people’s throats.
“Fixing RWBY” is NOT saying “I think RWBY should improve” its basically “I want RWBY to be in the anime stereotype image that I want”.
Tumblr media
Just...you take this way out of context.
Tumblr media
We ask that you let us enjoy RWBY....you twist our words around and throw it back at us demanding that we let you complain regularly about a show that was made for fun!
Tumblr media
I pity you.....Criticism used to be about love.
RWBY Critics have not shown any love....between insulting the writers, claiming the show or the company is dying, insulting the animation, saying “rwby bad or rwby sucks” or making video after video of “stupid female main character this or that” ?
That is not criticism. That is not wanting a show to improve. That is not criticizing from a place of love.
That is appropriating a cause/concept for the sake of lashing out/spiting others.
Which interestingly is adam taurus’ theme....appropriate a cause to cause harm, and make yourself seem like the victim whenever people defend themselves or lash out against you.
I joined the fandom in Volume 5...and guess what?  I loved seeing women able to defend themselves against creeps in a gas station. I loved seeing girls be able to win fights against men.  I loved seeing Female protagonists while the men were deuteragonists. A female main antagonist who was not sexualized into wearing revealing clothing, none of the female cast were. The male deuteragonist ability was a support-type instead of a main ability. There were so many things I loved about volume 5. But all I see is post after post and video after video complaining about RWBY, and saying how you people are making a “love letter to Monty” with your criticism.
Guess what Monty said about you people?
Tumblr media
Monty asked his friends to help him write the show that was built on a napkin.
Monty Oum himself told critics like you to stop watching the show if you were going to complain like that.
But its not like you’ll listen to a word Monty said while he was alive.
Tumblr media
This isn’t even funny....This is downright rude and insulting.
Tumblr media
And this is what is commonly allowed in R/RWBYCritics....The amount of Anti-Robyn Hill posts is ...scary to say the least.
Now this is going to be my last post for now calling out the sheer lunacy of this toxic negativity being spread against RWBY, CRWBY and the fandom.
I’m going to focus on delivering something positive for this fandom.
Because if you’re gonna call yourself a RWBY Fan? That means enjoying the show, not enjoying picking the show apart for something to whine about.
Good Night. And God Bless.
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ohcitron · 11 days ago
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kingpattillo · 8 months ago
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colin-bridgerton-simp · 2 months ago
Why I think Colin is a virgin, and why he wasn't really in love with Marina: a breakdown of the s1 conversation with Anthony after Colin reveals his engagement to Marina.
Anthony: Do you think this is a joke? Poor Mother was beside herself.
Colin: Mother seems perfectly happy to me. She congratulated us. (Colin is being childishly ignorant here because Violet put on a polite facade and was not happy for his decision. so this sets the tone for the rest of the conversation: Colin is willfully igornant and childish in his thinking.)
Anthony: So, you compromised this young lady? (Anthony is assuming that Colin couldn't love her yet because its been such short time, and thus his only reason for proposal is that he let his passion get the better of him. Which Anthony is wrong because Colin didn't comprise her, but he's right because it hasn't been long enough time for Colin to truly love her).
Colin: Certainly not. I am a gentleman.
Anthony: Then why ever would you... (Anthony knows something here that's not really been brought up to the audience yet. Anthony is asking, how can you be in love without the passionate fire of desire? I'm going to assume that the writers are not representing a demi or ace character here, and instead suggest that they different reason for Colin's lack of lust: he also has a lack of love. I think the rest of this conversation flows from that thinking.)
Colin: Why does anyone marry, brother? For love, of course. (Or what Colin thinks he is experiencing is love. I love Anthony's face in reply here: utter exasperation.)
Anthony: Look, I know you are still rather green, and that is my fault. I should've taken you to brothels when you returned from Eton. If this is a matter of wetting your wick... (Eton is an all boys school, implying that Colin has not been around any girls to be intimate with. Is Colin still a virgin? the entire fandom wants to know. And does his ignorance really mean he's capable of not knowing the difference between lust and love? The key word here is "rather" which we can interpret in two ways. Rather either means Colin has experience but very little, or rather means Anthony is being nice in his delivery. Colin is a known flirt, he flirts with half the girls in London, but the extent to which the flirting has happened is unknown to the viewers and unknown to Anthony. However we can know a couple things: he hangs out with London Elite Society, and he said to Marina "we can go no further because you are a lady". Suggesting that Colin doesn't kiss the girls with titles and rank that he flirts with. So his option pool of where he could gain experience from already shrinks. His other option would be brothels. However, Anthony accepts blame and responsibility for NOT taking him to brothels since he finished school. And then we get to the last sentence where Anthony is still suggesting that Colin just needs to get laid and this nonsense of marriage and perceived "love" would go away).
Colin: You are an ass. Do you know that? (This reply is him being angry because Anthony assumes Colin could confuse lust with love. But is Colin confusing lust with love? If we go from his ignorance on his first reply, we should assume yes. So WHO IS RIGHT? probably Anthony In this case).
Anthony: This is what comes of not sowing your wild oats. Proposing to the first chit you set your cap at. (Yet again, a rude way to say it but I think Anthony is right here. Colin's inexperience in the field of love has twisted the way Colin perceives love and lust. After one almost kiss with a girl he doesn't know, he thinks he's in love).
Colin: Enough! You insult me and my intended. It is not my fault, nor Marina's, that you cannot fathom true attachment. (In which Colin is half right. JB says that Anthony didn't love Sienna, but was confused about his own lust and what true love was. What he finally felt for Kate was love. But this also means that he's half wrong because if Anthony, who had something real and deep with Sienna and it wasn't love, there's no way that what Colin experienced with Marina was true love. Especially when you consider how her face would fall from her smile and turn devious after every interaction she had with him. He was being played and manipulated. But his ignorance in his own emotions fueled by his ignorance in what love really feels like and fueled by his inexperience in what lust is, is really showing. Colin's arc in his season is definitely going to have him have a few talks on what true love is and how you know it when you feel it. I hope they address just how inexperienced Colin is and I hope they address why he came back from Greece still feeling for this person that didn't care about him at all but only held him in esteem and then didn't want his forgiveness.
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khizuo · 4 months ago
ocd awareness on tumblr is shit actually and is kind of worse here than on other sites but u all aren't ready for that conversation
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phantomrose96 · 10 months ago
I find it kind of interesting that none of the big social media seem to have implemented a "x number of your followers are online" feature.
Like to be clear I don't want it or care. But I'm just positive that the more influencer-y type of social media users would want it, and have definitely asked for it. Most social media sites already have a "show if someone's online" feature so the information is seemingly there.
It's possible it could be prohibitively difficult to implement. Like maybe the cost of pinging for online status is one thing when it's for a list of ~20-ish "most recent chats", but another if it's trying to read through (and refresh) the statuses for a list of several-million followers. I don't fully believe that, though. I think engineers could work a bit of magic with look-up tables, decent caching, subscribed event listeners for follower keys, and queued events for changed statuses that only fire off at set intervals. And if they're willing to fuzz the numbers they could just take a random sample of followers and scale the number.
I'm more inclined to believe that it doesn't exist because it would be detrimental to the social media site itself. Maybe user engagement would go down during any "non-optimal" time of day since users would know when they're not maxing out on online followers. It could create a feedback loop of "I won't post at 4pm since that's not when most of my followers are online" -> "I won't go online at 4pm because my feed is dead and no one is posting."
I wonder if it could discourage use all together. For an account with 10,000 followers, maybe 5,000 are dead accounts, 2,500 are bots, 1,500 are people who only check the website once a week or so, and among the remaining 1,000 who are daily users maybe only 50-100 of them are online at a given moment. You're probably gonna get a lot more engagement from someone who thinks they're posting for an audience of 10,000 rather than an audience of 50.
Hell, maybe it would be bad news for attracting advertisers! If a website is trying to boast "we have hundreds of millions of users", a metric like online followers might tip their hand and bring into question how many of those hundreds of millions are dead accounts or bots.
Anyway I just think it's interesting that for social media sites will actually never be interested in implementing a feature that does not please its advertisers first. You are both the customer and the product, but mostly the product. Features aren't added based on what you want. They're added based on what will keep you around.
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lostandfem · a month ago
USTS Disqualifies A Lot of Detransitioners Despite Reporting on Detransitioners
The US Transgender Survey is solely about transgender people, and retransitioners while disqualifying actual regret + indifference.
This was inspired by this thread, namely after looking into it myself and seeing that the newest version of the USTS specifically asks questions that disqualify detransitioners from answering it. Particularly those who already have detransitioned and no longer are trying to be trans.
When you open the page to be notified when the USTS 2022 survey goes live, you'll see a form and specifically look at these questions.
Tumblr media
Literally right there, clear as day. "Taking the USTS when it is available - I am trans or non binary myself" this is a very small demographic of detransitioners and by technical standards most of which wouldn't count as detransitioners, as they'd be mostly trans.. but I decided to look into this further, nevermind I did an analysis and deep tear apart of Turban's analysis and usage of the 2015 USTS to discredit detransitioners and particularly our subreddit.
For anyone who doubts this? I took an archive of the page so you can see it for yourself. I will state this isn't a problem, I think trans people should have data solely catered to them and their needs and what's going on with them. Where I take a problem is when this survey is used to represent detransition, an understudied and misunderstood phenomenon that is now on the rise thanks to the dangers of the affirmative care method as well as distortion of gender identity diagnosis criteria.https://archive.ph/jaYrn
I decided to look deep into this because if there's anything I stand for? It's accurate and current data.. When I learned that the 2022 USTS was discluding detransitioners intentionally it didn't sit right with me because these are the same people claiming to be researching better care and practices for gender dysphoric people and even weaponizing that data against anyone who's raising concerns… This led to a hour long search until I stumbled onto a section of the USTS 2015 itself that everyone overlooks.. the questions the participants took.
Immediately, I took notice with the introduction presented to those who took the survey.
Tumblr media
"A survey for people who are transgender, trans, or non binary. It doesn't matter if you have transitioned gender or if you plan to. To see if this survey is for you, please answer the following questions."
Right off the bat, it's a bit sketch but a detransitioner could get into this survey right? That's what it appears.. at first.
Once you get to the actual questions…
Tumblr media
1.10 - Do you think of yourself as transgender.***There is not immediate disqualification for No, so this looks promising. 1.11 - Do you identify as more than one gender or as no gender?***Again.. This ties into my interest, no disqualifier. 1.12 - Do you currently live full time in a gender that is different from the one assigned to you at birth?
Nevermind I hate the stolen language, I took note of the Skip to 1.14 and this where it started to prove my concerns correctly.
Tumblr media
1.14 - Someday do you want to live full time in a gender that is different from the one assigned to you at birth? (Must be answered if you answered no to 1.12) Wait a minute, this just sounds like.. a questioning question? A detransitioner obviously DID live as another gender for an extended period of time… but came to decide that wasn't the case. Well it says no should skip to 1.16, let's see this…
Tumblr media
These questions were what made my pupils shrink, honestly. They are directed toward people currently questioning to transition and are leaning on the idea. Technically speaking a detransitioner could slip by with 1.17 onto the rest of the survey but let's use myself for instance, I wear men's clothing sometimes just cause it's baggier and more comfortable sometimes but that doesn't make me.. a crossdresser. They're just clothes. Back to the point though, if you answered no to 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, and 18 - you got disqualified which means the average detransitioner who feels indifference or regret would not even be given a chance to take the survey.
Tumblr media
Yet they most likely discarded anything that might have reported detransition, there's no way to know because this is data that isn't public or included in their form.
My search didn't stop here though, honestly I had to be wrong about this right? Surely this survey did genuinely catch some detransitioners who weren't questioning detransition and not just retransitioners… right? So I looked into the de-transition questions.
Tumblr media
This was where I remember just being disgusted. They were looking for select data, even in the survey I hosted here and the one hosted on Tumblr back in 2016 included external reasoning as a part of a criteria for why but here? There isn't a single internal reason[like regret, discomfort or coming to a different conclusion] in the list of answers! Sure there's a "not listed above and specify" but it seems they mostly discredited and discarded those kind of responses and they still got a few of those so it likely came from people who presently were questioning their transition but still presented AS trans.
In conclusion? The USTS is purely a survey for transgender and retransitioners alone, which it doesn't do a great job on retransitioners because a repressor isn't going to take a survey aimed toward transgender people.. so that's one of their demographics that's being neglected too. What this does tell us is that the USTS cannot be used to account for transition indifference and regret, it can only be used to factor a few who fell in due to currently being transitioned as well as retransition. Nevermind the definition of de-transition provided by the survey itself.
Tumblr media
"Defined as having gone back to living as their sex assigned at birth, at least for awhile." - Which is extremely loose criteria that could include trying to get a partner pregnant, trying to get pregnant, visiting extended and unsupportive family along other reasons. This definition of de-transition is also "transphobic" in of itself because in Turban's review? It counted non-binary people.
So it's worth noting that whenever someone tries to use the USTS to shut down concerns and claims about de-transition that you should point out they clearly didn't read the full analysis themselves because they'd have seen that the questions were heavily weighted in one direction and it disqualified anyone who would have detransitioned from even taking it.
I don't think the USTS is bad, I think it does a great job portraying and showing other data, though obviously there is an agenda shown here even if you go down their other stats and the heavy weight placed on certain responses.. but the USTS, 2015 and 2022 cannot be used to account or track detransition rates and data. The way they should word their findings in the survey was: "Eight percent (8%) of respondents reported having stopped HRT or presenting socially as their preferred gender at some point." - Which is more truthful then the twisted information they chose to use.
Anyways, discuss. Enjoy the analysis too.
Tumblr media
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trexpel · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kris: Assigned Freak at birth
Gurl, Bro, Dude and Freak are ALL gender neutral (to me). Kris just liked Freak best
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gemsofthegalaxy · 4 months ago
Randall is being an utter dumbass right now. He is telling a girl who is super fucking drunk that her boyfriend cheated on her with someone random and unrelated to the show and he doesn't get why she's crying???
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q-fabray · 6 months ago
i'm experiencing jackie taylor brainrot again but like. it's genuinely so fascinating to me that so much of the general audience hates her. i feel like ashley and bart WANT us to hate jackie, and trick us toward doing that, because it's exactly what we're usually conditioned to hate: the popular bitch stereotype. but when you zoom your perspective out a bit and really hold her behavior up against everyone else's (especially with the knowledge that the rest of them do eventually devolve into killing and eating people), jackie being kind of an ass sometimes is definitely not the worst thing going on here. by constantly painting her as the villain, i think the audience in turn becomes a victim of the same thing they hate her for: being caught up in high school archetypes and petty behavior when in this world, none of that matters anymore.
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