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Putting my own spin on a character from Marvel’s latest cringe fest: the 2020 New Warriors. The character in question being Snowflake, whom I renamed Snow Fury. In order to compliment her ice-based powers I redesigned her outfit to fit a winter-theme that includes a short hooded cape with white fur lining and collar. As well as fur-lined elbow glows and boots(not shown in picture) a black skin-tight bodysuit. I also gave her some snow goggles to complete her wintery ensemble. I also gave her a more feminine appearance in addition a new hairstyle. As far a powers go she can still create her ice shuriken in addition to other weapons and tools. Besides her ice powers she’s also a martial artist and acrobat.

Done in Manga Studio.

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You’re killing me Marvel. You’re actually killing me.

I don’t care about the ironic commentary: Snowflake is more of a name you’ll give to a pet panda bear on Webkins than an actual hero.

Anyway, I gave them a little redesign


I’m not good in names but Sleet or even Permafrost is better in my opinion.

The gauntlets around their arms help them aim their projectiles better. Also, I gave them ice picks, because why not.

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Dim Ages Redesign Treja & Rose

Treja Thunda the squirrel and Rose Sweetwater the rabbit have been friends since they were kits. Growing up in the Everglades, they were inseparable bonding over their love of music. Despite different overall tastes of punk and folk, they go to concerts together, work together at the Dragon Horn, and have dreams of musical fame.

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Wings of fire redesigns! 

i have a lot of feelings about queen moorhen. the Best Queen. especially her family unit. its a bummer how mudwings are an under appreciated tribe because each character should have a designated family unit to go with them. yet moorhen’s were nothing but an added tragedy to her character. 

so here’s a little dump of my ideas

Queen Moorhen - The eldest daughter. She recognized the previous queen abusing her powers and disadvantaging the life of the poor MudWings on the outskirts of the kingdom, so she vowed her reign would to raise them higher. Those plans came to a screeching and traumatic halt when war knocked on her door.

Prince Cormorant - The eldest son. He was the most militaristic focused figure in the troop. He handled most of the negotiations and appreciated their previous alliance with Princess Blister. But after that fell through, and they tried to declare neutrality, until Princess Burn threatened violence if they didn’t join her. Cormorant handled the brunt of plans. And announced the dragonet draft.

Prince Aster - The transgender second youngest brother focused the most on keeping moral high within the kingdom. He helped plan festivals with Basmati and Amber and tried to keep daily life of MudWings as carefree as possible, until troops were summoned. After the war, he removed his golden scales, marking his royalty, and went into hiding, to live the “normal” life of a MudWing.

Princet Basmati - The nonbinary second youngest. They originally supported Moorhen’s challenge because they were full of ideas to support the MudWing kingdom. Before the war started. In its end, they were the most uncharacteristically optimistic and ready to finally restore the kingdom back to some semblance of glory.

Princess Amber - The youngest sister. The right hand talon of Queen Moorhen and the string that was holding her sister from falling apart with the reign she never anticipated. She tried to keep morale (or at least mental stability) up within her family unit. She and Cormorant focused on simply trying to give her the relief of not having to take care of the entire tribe herself. Sweet for her family, but exceedingly fierce to anyone who dared threaten her family or tribe.

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Hey, more Hazbin Hotel! ( I’m not making a habit out of this)

I would like to remind everyone that these designs are for fun and not to insult vivepop or say I better at character design. it’s fun to look at characters in new lighting

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So I decided I’d try my hand at redesigning Marvel’s New Warriors characters, I’ve seen some other people doing so. Everyone is coming up with really neat designs. First one I’ve done is Screentime, wish I could come up with another name for him because that one is so dumb. Here’s the original and some info about him.


And here’s my redesign


I kept the logo for his costume, since it’s simple and I kinda like it. I kept the same color scheme too, I made two variations of his costume, because I couldn’t decide which looked better.

For this instead of being hit with Experimental Internet Gas??? he’s a cyborg. I don’t know anything about science or the Marvel universe so I’m gonna make some stuff up, gonna probably be very unrealistic. He died in some kind of accident, and his body was donated to science or he was severally injured and experimental procedures were preformed on him because he was pretty much brain dead.  A lot of his brain was damaged in the accident, and he was used in an experiment to replace parts of the human brain with a computer like substitute. The integration was successful, but he doesn’t remember anything about who he was and has a hard time functioning as a normal person.

He’s basically like a human computer, or similar to an AI, he is connected to the internet through the computer part of his brain, allowing him to basically browse through it in his mind. He has ocular implants, allowing him to see what he searches more clearly. He has trouble controlling all of this and has a hard time separating his actual thoughts and flashes of things that come through the internet.  

I based some of it on this person’s interpretation. Because his brain is part machine and having the internet constantly running through his mind, he isn’t exactly mentally stable. He sometimes can’t differentiate what’s real and what’s in his head.

The government or whatever kind of thing in Marvel that runs things, or some kind of organization or something idk, uses him to solve cases, monitor things, and gain information on enemy forces. That’s what this experiment was for and why they connected his mind to the internet, they wanted someone who could access things instantly, with just a single thought. I mean I guess smartphones do the same thing, but let’s just pretend this is better and he has access to a lot more stuff.

He’s basically a genius and he does act like he as an ego because of that sometimes. But he’s just really not used to interacting with others all that well. He stays in seclusion when he can, and doesn’t like to leave his room. He doesn’t have much freedom, because a lot of money was spent to create what he is now, and he’s constantly monitored to make sure nothing happens to him. He’s just starts slowly going more and more insane over time. The environment he’s in doesn’t help much. He spends days completely in his head, and forgets to eat and sleep sometimes.

I guess when he is teamed up with the other characters he starts to get better. He gets to interact with with others his age and learns to socialize. He eventually escapes the place he’s kept at and joins the other heroes. At first he mostly acts as the guy behind the computer, giving them info and directions and such.He’s afraid to get out in the world. But he does eventually join them out in the open and helps them fight. The visor and headphones help him tune out the real world and use the internet and such. It’s easier to access information this way, he can always tell wear he’s at because of the internet or whatever.


click for better quality

AGFGHG!!! I really wanted to put these pictures side by side so it wouldn’t take forever to scroll through, but it doesn’t seem to be working.


Here’s a meme

I plan on redesigning the rest of the characters just for fun, right now I’m working on Trailblazer, and have the others sketched out.

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The Giver Series by Lois Lowry

I didn’t like the original covers (any version), so I made some myself. I think they turned out super cute!


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Hice un re diseño de mis Pokémon favoritos!

Toda la línea evolutiva está basada en la guerra, más concreto la segunda guerra mundial del bando estadounidense (Unova/Teselia).

¿Por qué mezclar la guerra y los helados? Pues, por los Ice Cream Barge que eran buques que servían helados y malteadas a los soldados para subirles la moral.


Vanillite esta basado en un niño inocente y en un cucurucho. Crea burbujas de agua y copos de nieve para divertirse, su precencia era muy apreciada para hacerle compañía a los más pequeños.

A los Vanillite les encanta la azúcar, en su mano se puede ver una paleta que sirve para subir el nivel máximo en Pokémon Shuffle.

Es de tipo agua en representación de la serenidad y pues, porque es un marinero (además para remarcar el cambio con su evolución).

En Teselia se preparaba un postre de nieve (Porcehelado) para los combatientes de guerra al que se le daba forma de Vanillite para recordar su alegría y levantarles la moral.


Si un Vanillite se fuerza a pelear pasará por altos niveles de estrés haciéndolo evolucionar, a esto se debe el cambio drástico de tipos agua a fuego.

Es de tipo fuego en representación a las armas de fuego, el fuego de la guerra.

Vanillish esta basado en un soldado al que se le obligó ir a la guerra y un cono de helado.

Cuando los niños crecieron fueron llamados a la guerra, los juegos y la paz habían terminado, salieron a pelear una batalla que no era suya. Los Vanillite acompañaron a sus entrenadores, evolucionando así en Vanillish.

Los Vanillish son muy miedosos y aún no son expertos en el combate.

El núcleo en su interior permite disparar toda clase de proyectiles.

Porta un carameloraro con orgullo.


Finalmente tenemos a Vanilluxe, basado en un tanque de guerra y un banana split.

Vanilluxe ya tiene experiencia en el combate, siempre disparando desde distancias seguras y ordenando retiradas si la situación es desventajosa.

Las cabezas tienen cerebros independientes, parece que la de atrás obedece siempre a la de adelante, algunos dicen que es la separación de personalidades de los Vanillish.

Un Vanilluxe puede sobrevivir perfectamente sin una cabeza, pero si pierde la cabeza delantera el Pokémon dejará de pelear.

Los dulces que este porta son el carga capacidad de Pokémon Shuffle y los dulcecitos de Pokémon Go.

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