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ghostpainters · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nightwing and Red Hood take the train
Nightwing: Apparently, Tim and Duke already set up the movie in my living-room. They started Princess Bride without us. 
Red Hood: We should eat all the food before we get there. 
Nightwing [seriously considering it]: hmm...
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nananabatfam · 11 hours ago
Bruce, tired dad: I’ll buy lunch for whoever's first to get Damian to calm down and put the sword down.
Jason, holding up a frying pan: Don’t worry I got this, where is he?
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Incorrect BatFam Quotes
Bruce: If you make that deal, a killer goes free. You can get your revenge in the justice, its there.
Jason: I know.
Bruce: You're not listening to me-
Bruce: You are listening to me.
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chachacancan · a day ago
sometimes i like my jason beefy boi, built like a brick wall, huge twenty-year old dude who can deadlift a fridge. but also, sometimes i enjoy my guy tall but kinda lean. like the kenneth rocafort, frat boy sugar baby jason from RHATO (which is, imo, peak jason).
cause like fight me on this, but being 6ft tall and weighing 200 pounds doesn't always translate to being HUGE huge. like this one guy i know, who is very close to these stats, is nowhere near being as thicc as some jason portrayals.
there are pros to both kind of jasons - bigge boy jay surprising everyone who never thought he'd grow past skinny and gangly and short, but also, consider lean bean jay, who's grown all long-legs and who has a bottomless stomach, and who reminds Bruce very much of that skinny boy who used to eat everything.
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umnoving · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Have you ever seen an angry unicorn?
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calladraws101 · a year ago
They have their own crackhead energy 😌✊(Idk what kind of bust this is to have the whole fam there) song:  Mr.  Blue  sky   
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dick-nightwing-grayson · a month ago
I know we talk all the time about Cassandra Cain being the best fighter, but Jason Todd wasn't even aware she was coming and she couldn't get the drop on him
Tumblr media
Then they do actually fight and she undoubtedly gets some good hits on him, but the ONLY reason red hood did not absolutely gut her is because Dick stopped him.
Tumblr media
Like Jason says, she isn`t the only one with advanced training. This isn`t meant to put down Cass, i do love her. This is more how people forget how good the bat bros really are, especially Jason. He often uses brute force and his guns so it is easy to forget that he is an amazingly skilled hand-to-hand combatant as well.
Batman and Robin Eternal
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