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@redshcdes​ | Got caught in the web.

ᚐᚚᚌ ⊰ Vriska had been missing for years after the end of Sburb- and the death of Lord English.

          She’d lost track. It’d been at least a sweep of wandering paradox space- drifting between the remnants of Sburb- trying to find that damn door. She wouldn’t have been surprised if whoever was left had forgotten about her- written her off as dead on impact, when she’d unleashed the Treasure on Lord English.

         But then she’d found it. The door. Her gateway to Earth-C; and out of this nightmare once and for all. She’d finally left Sburb.


—- - And conveniently- she found herself entering a small coffee shop on the other side of the door. She takes a moment to pause and think about just how utterly cliche this is- but quickly sets it aside.

        She could use a refreshment right now anyway. Utterly exhausted, she plops down at a table- to wait for someone to come take her order; that is, until she has a glance around the room and picks out a familiar set of horns- stretching out above a pair of blood red shades.

—- - No fucking way.
Not here. not yet. Please-

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@redshcdes from here: X

“See, now that’s what I thought too? Of course, I was like three sweeps at the time and had no idea that rhinoplasty has nothing to do with looking like a rhinoceros, which I only barely knew what those where. They are these giant grey mud beasts that look like pigs with a couple horns coming off their noses, so not the worst thing imaginable, but definitely not anything I would pay money to look like. But no. It just means a nose job. It’s literally just making someone’s nose look prettier. So still a waste of money if you ask me.”

The side of his mouth quirks up in amusement at what she would go for. “Dragons are pretty badass. Can’t go wrong with that. It’d be one hell of a lot of work, but totally worth it in the end. You got any sort of design in mind? Hypothetically, of course, since I doubt anyone is offering dragon transformation augmentation yet.”

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Shit anons have said.

He hums thoughtfully as he pretends to consider the question for a few moments, but it isn’t really something he needs to put a lot of thought into. He knew what he was going to say from the time the question was over. The pause was merely for dramatic timing. “You know what? I think I would. In fact, scratch that thinking. I absolutely would. Are you telling me you wouldn’t? The only people who would say that are people who hate fun. Do you hate fun, Pyrope?”

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          TIP THE SCALES AND JUSTICE WILL BECOME UNFAIR;   THE WEIGHT OF THE FEATHER WILL ALWAYS BE GREATER THAN THE HEART.   cronus is no stranger to flattery and empty words,   hollow smiles and shallow winks.   you can put as much love you want into an action and it will never be seen by the people turning a blind eye to honest affection;   cronus has learned that going over the top is key to success and that enough flattery,   no matter how superficial,   will one day sound like a truth.

there are few things that differentiates the pyropes.   latula is quick on the trigger,   hiding behind loud exclamations of cool notions and kick - flips across planetary railings,   and terezi speaks passionately of law and justice,   of what it takes to catch a criminal on the run.


both things are so dreadfully boring and nothing that cronus truly really cares about,   but at least he can nod along when they chatter away and pretend to be interested when they’re both such a sight for sore eyes.

     uh - huh,   yeah,   so   —   let me get this straight   —   any offense,   no matter the severity,   ends in a hanging ?   hm - hmm,   can’t win ‘em all,   as they say.     

twirl of cigarette between fingers   —   unlit,   of course   —   before he places it between one finned ear,   stuffing hands into pockets of pants.   a little tilt back and forth on feet,   hum on tongue;   cronus might as well be contemplating something,   or so it looks,   but he’s just dragging out the time.

     or …   i don’t know,   maybe cool it with the threats of death.   some of us can be very sensitive,   you dig ?     

@redshcdes​          /          starter call.

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@redshcdes​ starter!

“My favorite part about summer is the smell of the ocean and the treats you can have like…ice cream or lemonade.” There’s something wistful about how James talked about summer, blues affixed to the horizon from where he sat beside Terezi.  His answer is invoked from a simple question by the troll he was sharing a few cold milkshakes with. If James could bask in the setting sun on a summer evening like this every day of the year, he would…especially if he shared it with a someone like Terezi.


“We should do stuff like this more often–more regularly, you know? I think it’d be…nice.”

There’s a start of a smile, something real and honest pulling at James’ expression.

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                                     * ajj for the soul / accepting !


      “Umm? Have you looked in a MIRROR? You have a WAYYYY stupider face than me!!”

       He shoots back, crossing his arms. Ah, yes, quality insults here. Nothing like getting back to the usual teasing, is there? Still, his retort doesn’t cut nearly as deep as Terezi’s, and he knows it. Hmm… God, where did all the insults he thought up in his free time go??

     “And anyways, uh, they probablyyyy… hate your stupid chalk-smelling breath!”

      Damn. Still not very good, but a little better! 

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❤ : What are your muse’s thoughts on love? If they are not in a relationship, do they believe that they will ever find a perfect someone for them?

Slick finds love gross, for the most part. Strangers showing PDA? Disgusting. He wants to yell at them. But when it comes to himself being in love, it’s a different situation! When he falls for someone, he falls hard. It takes him some time to get used to certain things, but he’s mostly okay with everything deep down.

As for being in a relationship, well, it’s complicated. He developed a Big crush on his Boxcars. And though they weren’t really dating, he gradually stopped flirting with others. Right now? He thinks HB is perfect for him in his own way, and wouldn’t trade him for anyone else.

🏨  : How well does your muse sleep?

Ehhh… depends on the day, honestly. He tends to sleep pretty good? Because he’s not exactly working anymore. But gets awful nightmares often and wakes up in the middle of the night. Sometimes he can fall back asleep, but then some other times he just can’t.

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@redshcdes​ said:  “I KNOW you have one of my Scalemates behind your back, Vantas! I’m blind not stupid! GIVE HIM BACK–!” // we are back on this BS

It’s the grey one with red eyes that Karkat has taken to stealing today, but for some reason he’s almost reluctant to let it go. The plush resembled himself in certain ways with the grey skin and red eyes–the way it was perfectly preserved compared to the other Scalemates that had been forgotten. There’d been a heavy weight in his throat at the thought that this little plush was a resemblance of him. A temptation to accuse Terezi of making the Scalemate in his image is at the tip of his tongue, mouth pressing into a thin line.

The plush is offered up silently, gaze narrowing at the woman in silence.


“Here. You can have him fucking back.”

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                                   * hurt & comfort / accepting! 


       “What?? No!! I mean, yeah sometimes I want him to get punched in the face, but not really!! That’s not gonna solve anything, anyways. Or maybe it would, but probably not.”

      Maybe he should’ve expected that kind of response when ranting to Terezi about someone, but it still throws him off for a moment, blinking in surprise. Well, at least he knew that she had his back! Which is something he would’ve never believed a couple months or so ago, but it feels like genuine support now. Real, genuine friendship where they’d be willing to punch people in the face for each other. Yup, just friendship!


      “He’s just… frustrating, that’s all. Ughhh. Thanks anyways though, maybe I’ll take you up on that offer if he keeps it up…”

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                                       * KISS TIME / accepting (1/5)

       This wasn’t a situation he ever saw himself getting into. This was going to be tricky, trying to kiss Terezi without getting punched in the mouth or something… He was looking rather shifty as he approached, eyes darting from side to side to make sure no one else was around - this was going to be embarrassing enough as it was, he really didn’t need any of his friends teasing him over it for weeks. Alright, they were alone… Perfect. Operation: Kiss The Girl was a go.


      He has his CLEVER DISGUISE on, which really didn’t do anything to mask his identity, but it DID mask his true intentions here. Oh, Terezi probably thought she was going to be in for a HILARIOUS PRANK, but instead? She was going to get a REALLY AWKWARD KISS - which, seeing as she was being tricked, would be a hilarious prank in itself! God, he could already feel the Pranksters Gambit swinging his way. 

      He has a pie in one hand as he rushes up to her, going in for what would appear to be a confectionery ambush from the right, but instead, he ends up dropping the pie, using one hand to grab her shoulder and turn her towards him and the other to lift up his hilarious novelty mustache glasses. The kiss is clumsy and awkward, but it’s a bit longer than he means it to be - it ends up being a bit tender through the clumsiness, actually -

      But as soon as he feels it’s been a second too long, he lets go and turns around, fleeing the scene and running like the wind. His heart felt like it was going to jump right out of his chest - damn, why doesn’t it feel like a joke?

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we are all on that kan/tula bullshit


it’s so good i love unrequited / complicated relationships and like……….. long drawn out confusion between both parties bc latula can’t work out her fucking feelings & she keeps giving off weird signals & it all just comes to a head…..

I JUST…………..

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