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tsunamiwavesurfing · a day ago
Why are airplanes slower than they used to be? 
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phoneybeatlemania · a day ago
“…the world had just lost someone very dear to them [John]…and Paul? Well, call me crazy, but he lost the wife. Im certainly not implying anything of a carnal nature here, but to almost all intents and [purposes]…what they had was a marriage…This unconventional partnership, much like a paradigmatic marriage, had endured its sundry situations...its honeymoon period; its 7 year itch; the adoption of its offspring by Northern Songs;…the tender temptations of Jane, Cynthia, Yoko, Linda, May Pang and others;…a very public airing of some dirty laundry lyrics; and finally…a mutual, if grudging respect.”
- The Chemistry Of Lennon And McCartney by Ruth McCartney (x)
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rnotsleeping · a day ago
Tumblr media
New reference for my Annoyance the Phantom! <3 Since I don't know how to make it bigger. BIG REF LINK ------------
WARNING Topics deal with mental illnesses, dark subjects, along with manipulative/gaslighting. This character is dark and not for the faint hearted. Mod is an older user so those younger than 21+ Please be wary of interacting with Annoyance and me.
Mod - This is a semi casual ask blog, This is a hobby and a fun thing to do! So I can answer via sketchs or paint sketches.
Height  Head Cannon Lore Chat Bubbles information
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freakpaw · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
And autumn comes when you're not yet done With the summer passing by,
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amezure · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More mini notes! 📝💕 | Instagram
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badcode · 7 months ago
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Oh my gosh. I just found this website that walks you though creating a believable society. It breaks each facet down into individual questions and makes it so simple! It seems really helpful for worldbuilding!
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countessmillarca · 5 months ago
About Alcina Dimitrescu
She descent from a fallen noble, perhaps the one who made the dagger.
She started trading in sanguis virginis at the end of the 20th century.
She spent 70 years murdering and mutilating people.
She was born in the 1875-1914 range.
She has an inherited a blood disease, possibly porphyria erythropoietic, due to inbreeding.
Apparently, she had her own jazz band called "Miss D and the Pallboys". The pallboys, referring to pallbearers are traditionally men family members who carries the coffin in the burials. That means the members of her band are family members related to her.
She had grey eyes when she was human.
Sometime in the 1950s, Miranda infected her with a cadou parasite.
Her mutation gave her amazing regenerative ability, retractable claws and eternal life.
She was 44 years old when Miranda infected her.
Her height is because of her regeneration ability.
In the late 1950s, Miranda gives Alcina three women with whom she experiments.
The experiment was a success and the girls awoke somber.
Alcina and the three girls felt a mother-daughter connection from the first moment, so she adopted them.
She named them Bela, Cassandra and Daniela.
Their names are in alphabetical order, matching her own.
Since the daughters were created in her chamber instead of the dungeons and with the supervision of Mother Miranda, it can be considered that the two women had daughters together.
Her alliance with the three houses allowed her to rule her castle with ruthlessness, regularly bringing in new staff to replace those who were taken to the dungeon to be killed.
The entire staff of her castle was made up of women
She surround herself with women
Maiden's blood was used to create the Sanguis Virginis.
Her favourite victims are women.
She is openly hostile with Heisenberg.
Alcina loves her daughters so much.
She has a necklace identical to her daughter necklaces.
She was drinking maiden blood until her daughters captured Ethan and took him to the chambers.
For her daughters, she decided to ignore Miranda's orders to avenge them.
When Alcina calls Cassandra, she always comes to her call.
She calls Cassandra twice upon learning of her death, just as Cassandra called her mother twice upon learning that Bela had died.
When Cassandra calls her mother twice, Alcina will ignore Ethan completely to come to her daughter's call.
As Ethan eavesdrops on her phone conversation with mother Miranda, she will look at him through her vanity mirror. Her expression is one of hatred and sadness.
Alcina locked Daniela in the library locking the door and hid the key so that Ethan wouldn't kill the last of her daughters.
Mother Miranda decided that the lives of the villagers are expendable and stopped protecting them, including the maidens of the castle.
Mother Miranda desicion brought chaos in the village because a lot of the villagers were turned in lycans or they were eaten by them, causing famine for the lords.
Apparently, Mother Miranda ordered her to kill all the maids and maidens from her castle the same day the lycans came to the village.
Apparently, she and her daughters ate all the maidens and maids that mother miranda ordered her to killed. Maybe that's why Bela is sick of women blood.
She needs to drink blood because of her porphyria.
Despite her aversion to men blood, she argued with mother Miranda to give Ethan to her because her daughters love entertain foreigners. The daughters are excited to have male blood for once.
She writes a diary
She take notes about her experiments.
She can play the piano
She can sing opera.
Her favourite song is Danse Macabre.
Her favourite drink is sanguis virginis.
She knows how to paint and in the atelier there is an unfinished painting. She painted herself in a dress.
The unfinished paint on her atelier represents Mother Miranda and her daughters.
She kept her female victims around to continue serving the castle as moroaica and samca.
She considered women superior and preferible than men.
She abhor men.
She call men manthing reduced them to inanimate objects and not a sentient or rational being. (Ah, just another simple manthing)
She view men as inferiors.
According to the sign of the Hall of Ablution, she is not interested in men, meaning that she doesn't like them.
The woman portrait over the sign "woman are blind to male advances" is her.
She is considered an ambiguously gay character on tv tropes.
According to the lyrics of Sogno by Francesco Paolo Tosti, the song that we can find on her Opera hall, she was in love with a women.
Apparently, the woman she was in love is Miranda according to the Sogno lyric, who is about unrequited love, based on a poem about a dream describing a love with a female winged Angel, derived from Le Rime XI, a poem by Olindo Guerrini.
She and Mother Miranda are visually linked through winged images.
Apparently, she dislike men blood; also Bela, Cassandra and Daniela seems to like men blood.
Apparently, she prefer maiden blood.
She doesn't make any suggestive comments towards Ethan.
She bathes in maiden's blood.
She and her daughters kill men who stray into her castle and crucify them, use them as a scarecrows.
She resents the sunlight because her porphyria.
She is immune to bullets and explosives.
She is immune to knifes.
If you shoot at her hat, she will hold it so it won't fall off.
If you throw explosives at her, she will shake the dust off her dress.
She is not inmune to poisons and poisons can alter her metabolism.
She has to bend down to pass through the doors of her castle.
Apparently, she tends to trip over furniture that is out of place because of her height.
Apparently, she finds other people misfortune funny and she laugh about it.
She clutches her hat when she passes through the doors.
Apparently, her body scars went left by the sun and her porphyria
She uses white foudation to hide her gray face and her scars left by the porphyria.
Possibily, she feels insecure about her face scars.
Because the porphyria, she needs to hide of the sun.
She needs to wear clothes that cover most of her skin to avoid sunlight because if she doesn't, scars will appear on her skin. Specifically, in areas of skin exposed to the sun.
Possibily, she feels insecure about the scars left by the porphyria.
Apparently, she has pointed nails and you can see the tip of her gloves shows little hidden claws.
She wears a hat to hide the scar left by the cadou on the right side of her head and because she needs to hide from the sun.
Her underwear is white.
In her closet there are only white or red clothes.
She wears a 44.
She is 2,90.
Apparently, she has never married.
She has three flowers on her dress, near her heart. It symbolizes her love for her daughters.
Miranda has three roses too.
Possibly, Miranda's three roses represents the daughters.
Her daughters has two roses on either side of the hood of their shroud.
Possibly, the two roses of the daughters represents Alcina and Miranda.
Lady Dimitrescu's lipstick disappears and the personal attendant leaves a note for whoever took the lipstick to leave it in the bathroom. Possibly some maid stole it... or Lady Dimitrescu lost it herself.
Apparently, you can see her crying.
She was considered the perfect vessel for Eva because Miranda considered her a practical individual, but the porphyria did not dissapeared with the mutation and she was discarted as a vessel.
She doesn't know that Miranda only wants her as a vessel for Eva.
She doesn't know that Miranda discarded her because her porphyria. Miranda considers her a useless vessel due to her blood disease.
If she doesn't feed, she will transform in her secret form and the only way to revert it is feeding.
She hates her secret form.
Apparently, you can see her crying when she is transforming in her secret form.
In her secret lair, she has a golden statue made in her own image.
She has a lot of statues of naked women.
She has a paint with naked maidens dancing under men corpses.
She has four statues with three naked women killing erotically a maiden.
The three naked women statues killing erotically a maiden represents Alcina and her daughters.
She has two half naked women statues on either side of the doors of the Hall of Pleasure, the dungeons, and the Annex Door.
She seems to feel pain when she retracts her claws.
The woman statue of the hall of ablution receiving the wine from the maiden servant is representing Alcina.
In the Hall of Ablution, you can read "Women are blind to male advances, but the poor shall take their chances to give the lord their bounty sown, so that soon the wine may flow."
"Woman are blind to male advances" is related to turning a statue who represents her grabbing a glass of wine rejecting the sexually and romantically male advances only to make eye contact with a maiden statue who is grabbing a bottle of wine to offer it to the Lady statue and the statue of the Lady toast with the statue of the maiden.
She has intertwined venus symbols on her castle, related to the lesbian symbol ⚢ and two of them are close to the three naked women statues killing a maiden erotically.
Her castle is the only place with intertwined venus symbols.
She has a naked women statue on her Chambers.
She has two violets on each side of the tiny statue on her secret lair.
She has two violets on each side of the sign of the hall of ablution.
There are violets with things related to her, like the sign of the hall of ablution and the tiny statue on the secret lair.
Her castle is the only place with violets strategically placed.
Violets are a symbol of sapphic love.
Her love for women is reflected in her design choices for the castle.
She has a Miranda's feather close to the notes experiments about her daughters.
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phoneybeatlemania · 22 hours ago
"We didn't see much of [Paul] around the time of the final split [c.1970], although Jim and Paul had a couple of phone conversations. Jim never imparted to me what Paul said on the subject, but Jim was always a bit tearful when he hung up the phone. He felt so deeply for his beloved son and what he was going through at the time."
- My Long And Winding Road by Angie McCartney (pg. 123)
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anonbeadraws · a month ago
Reference sheet for your commission references!
So, It can be stressful not knowing exactly what the artist wants from you as a commissioner, especially first timers, so I’ve whipped up a lil something!  (gotta say, this is what I want as an commissions artist, can’t speak for anyone else!)
-  So first thing, I personally prefer having a PDF/word/page doc or a google doc for references, rather than loose images on an email. It’s much easier for me to find the information I need and not have to go from tab to tab!   If that’s something you can’t do, let me know when you email me and we can work something out! - In that Document, written description and visual references are key, both are preferable! I’m happy to charge a little extra to work from written description only but Visuals (sketches, previous commissions, photos) give me something to base off, so I don’t spend the whole time researching for your piece! Colours, patterns, face claims are all helpful!
 the following info is generally what I need (you’re welcome to copy paste this into your doc!) :
Age/Race/height/body type:
skin colour/ scars/ freckles/ skin conditions etc:
eye colour/shape:
hair colour/style/decorations:
Any additional details (prosthetics limbs/no limbs!/tattoos/piercings/wings):
brief description of any clothing, their colours/pattern :
ITEMS:  (items such as weaponry, jewellery, bags, accessories and or animal companions!)
Brief personality description (are they suspicious, happy go lucky? What's the general vibe?):
Background information that could be important in the design (their ancestry, where they come from, any inspirations?:
any preferences on posing/expressions:
If there is more than one character on your ref sheet, please separate your descriptions/images out by character for ease.    I’d also want to know the character’s relationship to each other; family, friends? enemies to lovers? are they physically affectionate to each other? How would they interact in this scene?
if your commission has a background/scene, visual and written references are brilliant along with the vibe you want for the scene and time of day! Below is a badly sketched Ref of what all this could look like!:
Tumblr media
Keep in mind, the sketch is only a guide, if you have more than one page of visual refs, that’s cool! As long as you can get the info above (and anything you think i’ll need) into a single pdf/google doc format, you are good!   This is just very helpful for me too, since i struggle with too much info at once while i work.  Any questions are welcome, hope this helps! Going to link this to my commission sheet too! Thanks and i appreciate you all! 💖💖💖
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lunaartgallery · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes from “The Animator’s Survival Kit” book.
[Pg.259 - 265]  This is the end of my book studies. I’m pretty proud to have gotten through it and do a handful of the exercises. But this is only step one, I’m moving onto more advance animation techniques and will be posting those as I complete them. At the moment I’m currently wrestling with Toon Boom, so we’ll see how that goes.
——————- Tools: Rough Animator - Ipad + Apple Pen Patreon: [] Twitter: [@LunaArt_Gallery] Instagram: [@lunaartgallerys]
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cilceon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I tried to make something that looked like it could fit in with the DA:I tarot cards... I don't think it turned out all that great
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npyn · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Haitani tattoo ref
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heavenlyyshecomes · 2 months ago
Misc readings pt. 9
Interpretation of dreams, paromita vohra, mumbai mirror
The original goths: why women write gothic horror, the book habit
My grandfather's cult, nathaniel g. moore, toronto life
Our lives happen in restaurants, new york times
Love’s contradictions: catullus on the agony of infatuation, armand d'angour, psyche
The skeletons at the lake, douglas preston, the new yorker
YouTube's lo-fi music streams are all about the euphoria of less, jason parham, wired
On memorizing poetry, connie pan, bookriot
How the clouds got their names and how goethe popularised them with his science- inspired poems, maria popova, brain pickings
Crush, larissa pham, believer
Century old marathi-hindi kirtans get revived in mumbai, mohua das, the times of india
The crow whisperer, lauren markham, harper's magazine
Mugger much love from a one-armed priest, excerpt from wild and wilful: tales of 15 iconic indian species by neha sinha
stopping the void: ottilie mulzet on how her adoptive heritage lead her to a life of and in translation, the paris review
How facebook got addicted to spreading misinformation, karen hao, technology review
The new gwen stefani is a lot like the old one, anne helen peterson, buzzfeed
How a secret european language ‘made a rabbit’ and survived, martin puchner, psyche
The trouble with charlotte perkins gilman, halle butler, the paris review
The limits of the lunchbox moment, jaya saxena, the eater
How the new yorker fell into the “weird japan” trap, ryu spaeth, the new republic
Camping the canon: matthew lewis, milton & the monk, colin broadmoor, blood knife
Why contemporary women artists are obsessed with the grotesque, tess thackara, artsy (article has graphic images)
Haphephobia, olly nze, the audacity
The anxiety of influencers, barett swanson, harper's magazine
My octopus girlfriend, sophie lewis, n+1 mag
Nigella lawson wants everyone to experience the (thoroughly guilt-free) pleasure of food, nigella lawson, lithub
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unu-nunu-art · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Template's redesign is finally complete!! It took a lot longer to finish this design than I'd like to admit, but it was worth it. I think he looks super cool now ^u^
This does not replace his old design but is supposed to reflect his character development that took place in Somewhere Else. So his old design is before, this new one after meeting Error in Somewhere Else. It's still okay to draw him in the old design ;D
More info under the cut!
Of course there are some small changes that come along with this new design. Template will carry his pen all the time now. While he often simply kept it safe in his Anti Vo- I mean his Art Zone, he now has it on him at all times. The belt around his chest is acting as a mechanism that allows him to carry the pen on his back; this construction is created not by himself but a fellow AU Alphys he occasionally hangs out with (and yes, of course they watch anime together). From now on, Template does not deny knowing about Errors anymore, but he will still deny that he is an Error himself and when repeatedly bugged about will become more and more aggressive. His glitching increases when he's mentally stressed just like before. Template will, as usual, try to act cool and 'heroic', but while he never meant to hurt anyone, he will now attempt to erase any Error he meets and is actively hunting them while visiting Alternate Universes. He might not admit it, but since he is an Error himself he relishes in the feeling of destruction, which he is now able to channel into his new purpose. That means yes, he gets kicks out of killing other Errors. How nice. Template will always insist of being the good guy and is convinced that he's doing the right thing, arguing with him about it usually doesn't lead anywhere but to make him become increasingly unstable, which usually isn't a thing you would want to do. While Template still respects Ink, he is not longer putting him on a pedestal and doesn't treat him like his role model anymore. Instead, he is convinced that he's surpassing Ink by actively protecting the multiverse by his actions of hunting Errors.
That's all for now. I hope giving Pale a redesign will be less of a headache, haha. If you have any questions, please let me know. :D
(There are still so many asks I want to answer but eeeee I'm trying you guys, I promise!)
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