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#ref sheet

So in July I’m going to be enrolling my oc Skylar into the cherryton discord server so I’ve got the sheet prepped so I can grabbed one of the special coat condition spots scince Skylar has a condition which I think is call melanistic where his cost is extremely dark it appears black in some lights.

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Odienlo uwu 💜

Hate him uwu 💜

-Very attached and jealous, especially with his parents.

-He always wants to be the center of attention for them, so he will not hesitate to exclude his brothers and half-brothers if necessary.

-Dream noticed his interest in music and encouraged him to distribute the harmony by the AUs with it, but he cannot play the instruments well and they sound out of tune.

-His parents believe that he is an innocent child when in reality he only pretends to be so to them.

-He tends to annoy others just for fun, taking advantage of the fact that his “naive” parents will defend him.

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Hilbert Character Ref.

The Text cause my handwriting is trash on this.

Square: Hilbert (Trans)

Grounded, Rough, Angry Pointy.

Both of these refer to the two main shapes Hilbert body is built from, Triangles and Squares, using shape language I want to convey he is grounded and bulky yet very angry.

  • Square + triangle vibes
  • Straight
  • Trans man
  • Goth/Grunge
  • Listens to AC/DC for the aesthetic.

Sorey for the inconsistency in the style I’ve gotten better at drawing Hilbert.

Feel free to send in asks!

This is an ask blog after all.

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Hey guys! Here are the alternate designs of Nyo! Spain and Nyo! Portugal. I did this like a long time, but I have to ask permision from the owners before posting it.

For Isabella, she wears an elegant red dress resembling a flamenco dancer. It is an off-shoulder sleeveless dress with a ruffle skirt. I noticed that her dress or design is similar to Elena of Avalor. So, I mix both designs to make it more beautiful.

For Gloria, she wears a long dress which has a resemblance to a pirate dress during the renaissance. It consists of an off shouldered and a coral pink and red wench dress. To be honest, I wanted her to have a pirate design, but it looks weird on her. I gave her the skirt to maintain the old design, but with some pirate vibes.

I had fun designing their outfits and would love to cosplay them. Take note that I asked permission to the creators before drawing and posting it. Feel free to draw or cosplay these designs as long as you credit me. I hope you guys like it!

Notes: This reference sheet is created by adefiantdandelion, and edited by me for the alternate designs. For your information, Magicatalia belongs to @nyotaliafan-pinkmermaid.
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Dal’lang: She is a Red Lady with an expressive nature. The Red Lady is the most dangerous ghost than the White Lady and Black Lady. They said that the Red Lady died because of sexual abuse. She kills people with her chains or actions for not allowing her to express.


Nilyo: They are the Banwaanons named after the Visayan God of Blessings and Santo Niño. The Banwaanon is the Cebuano version of the engkanto. It believed that these beings with Caucasian features would appear to people they like. They are also ready to help those who help them. Their job is to help Dal’lang express herself by dancing.

She is the witch form of Cecelia Juana Dela Cruz (Cebu)

Notes: For your information, Magicatalia belongs to @nyotaliafan-pinkmermaid and Cebu belongs to me (@tenshiihanamaru ). I hope you guys like it!

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