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I forgot I had tumblr again

New Oc

i actually rll like this bean and how they look

Do not harm this bean they can stab you with a crystal

Name: Criztali

Age: Ageless

Personality: Mostly quiet and observant, they don’t like talking much and only really who when that’s needed of them. They like to travel Au’s and worlds and try to not interact too much with the ones there.

Magic: Portals to different Aus and Crystal magic, meaning they can create things out of crystals

Friends: Despite not talking much they’ve made multiple friends, them being. Lune (somewhat friends with him), Soleil, Copper, Magnic, Herb, Destiny, Liam and Terrik

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My sona will always be a possum. Because I find them adorable, they are trash children, they eat pretty much anything and everything. Like me, I too am of the trash children. I am very excitable, I am very loud, I am 100 percent extroverted, with a little introvert because I have social anxiety and large crowds tend to put me in a panicky state.

I love anime, there isn’t enough to satisfy my craving for great content, amazing stories, hot guys and gals, and best of all CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Depending on the anime I go in between dub and sub, I know there are those who prefer sub over dub and vise versa. But with me it depends if I’ve watched the anime in the dub or the sub first. Like if I watch something in sub first I can’t really watch it in dub cause it sounds weird to me, same if done the other way. Again I’m an in betweener.

My favorite animes are One Piece, Fairy Tale, Kiss Him not Me, My Hero Academia, Snow White With the Red Hair, Diabolik Lovers 1 and 2, Death Note, One Punch Man, Say I Love You, Toradora!, Dr Stone, Miss Kobayashi`s Dragon Maid, Angel’s of Death, Durarara 1 and 2, Beastars, all the Sword Art Online, Kill La Kill, Fruits Basket, My Little Monster, My Love Story, Akame Ga Kill, A certain (all of them), AHO-GIRL, Kotoura-San, Dakaichi, Love Stage, Yona of the Dawn, Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun, Blood Lad, Tokyo Ghoul, Assassination Classroom, Special A, Wallflower, Banana Fish, Demon Slayer, Haikyuu, Danganronpa, D frag, Yarichin Bitch Club, Devil’s Line, Kamisama Kiss, Brothers Conflict, Ouran High School Host Club, Black Butler, Dance With Devils, K, Rascal Does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Soul Eater, No Game No Life, Aggretsuko, Mirai, Glitter Force, Little Witch Academia, Seven Dealdy Sins, Modest Heroes, and DoroHeDoro. This is mostly what was off the top of my head. If you have suggestions for good quality anime and where I can watch it’d be greatly appreciated.

I dont like too much girly stuff like face masks and dressing up in ten thousand outfits. I’ve always been more comfortable in a hoodie and shorts. I do wash my face with soap n shit, and I wash and put product in my hair and I put lotion on n shit. But I don’t to the above and beyond shit with all the creams and face masks and all that. They make me feel weird. I prefer simple and efficient, wash your body with with soap and water, shampoo and condition your hair, wash your face, lotion. That in itself is simple.

Meat is my go to for a meal, I like veggies and fruit but I mostly eat meat. I also have big ass sweet tooth. I love sweets like cake, candy, chocolate, pie, etc. I can never get enough sweets, oh and I’m a slut for bread. I am a foodie and a binge eater. I’ve been trying to not eat as much and lose some extra weight that I’ve packed on. And it’s working pretty good too.

When it comes down to it I have a problem where I put others needs and wants before myself entirely. Like if i want to go to the movies but everyone wants to go the beach I comply, if you need something I can get it for you even though I wanted to get myself something. I end up feeling guilty like I am being selfish and I dont deserve it. I also have a hard time excepting help from others or recieving gifts.

So this is basically me in a nutshell. I have a pretty good life, great friends, awesome family, and I’m looking forward to my future. It’s scary as hell, since I don’t know what will or could happen, but I’m going to face it head on and make each day the best I can make it.

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— Long short story about Kovahtale: The war between monsters and humans is still happening, monsters only have one magic type from birth, humans don’t have any, and it has a medieval atmosphere ( ˘ ³˘)

Sirian is a shapeshifter, his magic allows him to change his appeareance to anyone he wants — I problably will talk more about this later — but it’s a weak magic in his world — only 2 tattoos — and that caused a lot of trouble to him.

He came from a magically strong familly, and his father put all expectations on him to be strong as well, and then his magic showed up, he was weak, he couldn’t be useful to what he wanted. After many years of training and neglect, his father wanted to send him to war as a spy, but Sirian ran away from home before that could be done. His only regret was that he couldn’t bring his brother with him.

In Snowdin, he became a hitman, to increase his magic illicitly and survive, away from the war and the royal guard’s eyes. Currently, his the best shapeshifter in Kovah (that’s the kingdom’s name), though this isn’t enough for him.

About his personality, he doesn’t trust anybody so easily, and has some lack of empathy because of killing people, so strangers don’t matter to him. But once you get his trust, you get his friendship, and you’ll see a new side of him, a funny and understanding Sirian. He’s very insecure about himself, his magic, his appeareance and even his personality. “Is this really me? Or am I just pretending again?”


  • He/Him — Agender
  • Hydrofobic
  • He hides his scar with magic, though it can fail in certain circumstances. Don’t ask about the eye.
  • He uses a dagger as weapon.
  • He’s immune to blue magic or gravity manipulation.
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Ren Chloress

Species: Dragon

Age: 15

Mana: Mind Control

Siempras’ older (by ten minutes) twin sister and a total bitch, Ren was always kind of the alpha sister, often picking on her timid little sis to exert dominance. Despite this, Rens’ weaker Mana caused her to be overlooked for her sister, causing Ren to develop a crippling inferiority complex and even hatred for Siempra, and volunteered to bring her sister back for prosecution on the condition that she would be the next leader of the cult. Power-hungry, overzealous, manipulative and a raging narcissist, Ren will stop at nothing to get what she wants when she wants it, and has no shame in using her mind control for her own benefit. She ends up infiltrating the White Wings while observing her sister, and joins forces with the False Core Mara.

On a little side note, Halcyon also sold Aven off to the Chloress cult as a future bride for Ren. Aven was very disturbed when she found out, and even more so when she saw Ren making lovey-dovey eyes at her half-sis.

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Siempra Chloress

Species: Dragon

Age: 15

Mana: Shadows

Born the youngest daughter of a cult leader deep within the woods, a lot was placed on Siempra to live up to her title as potential future leader of said cult when her father passed away. Her soft-spoken nature couldn’t hope to compete with her ambitious, calculating sister Ren, so Siempra fled to Imperia to escape her hellish family. She’s had constant pressure placed on her shoulders from those around her to become a leader and toughen up, but she lacks the dictator-esque attitude that everyone expects from her, and lacks the decisiveness of her father and sister. She’s kind-hearted and kind of a ditz, but is also well-educated and skilled in the art of combat. As time goes on, she grows braver and learns to better use her powerful Mana, and eventually gains the trust of Mythos. Her Mana is similar to Corvus’s, but she can concentrate her shadow magic to form weapons and armor, and breathes black “fire”.

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Horus Pharaclos

Species: Lupavian

Age: 50

Mana: Laser

The leader of the White Wings and Skylis’s father, Horus comes from a wealthy, successful line of warriors and expects his son to live up to the family name. He’s a cold, heartless jerk who views those below him as disposable tools and has no love for anyone but himself and his wealth. He and Adelaide have a tense, awkward relationship and probably slept with each other at some point but who knows. His manifestation of Laser is a destructive beam of concentrated energy. I want him to choke.

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Teirose Paltise

Species: Dragon

Age: 32

Mana: Arcane Red

The trainer of the Altern8 and Cyrus’s father. Once a prodigy at Mythos, Teirose ditched his studies to join the White Wings, despite having a promising future as a general or trainer. Much like his boss, he’s a complete tool and tends to push his students until they break, especially his son. He and Kira don’t like each other and cannot be in the same room together, as he picked on her back when he was a student at Mythos and is jealous of her due to her success and sudden improvement. His mana is a mix of glyph-based abilities, including a beam-like breath weapon and the ability to create Mana-based extensions of his body.

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