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Full Name: Vegeta V
Nicknames: BJ
Race: Saiyan
Birthdate: Age 748
Birthplace: Aboard Freiza’s ship
Height: 5'6"
Occupation: Prince of Saiyans, would-be Emperor of the Universe, general layabout
Affiliation: Frieza Force (mostly), Z Senshi (sometimes)
Family: Azuki (mother), Nobunaga (father), Vegeta (uncle), King Vegeta (grandfather), Gine (adopted grandmother), Trunks and Bra Briefs (cousins), Tarble (uncle), a literal pack of younger siblings (seven is a pack, right?)
Orientation: Demiromantic pansexual

BJ’s default verse doesn’t really comply with canon in any meaningful way, but I’m always happy to play in other verses if you’re uncomfortable with any of his bio!

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Okay so tldr: yes Jin Rusong would’ve inherited. 

Here’s how inheritance generally work:

  1. If you have a son -> You pass down your throne to your son
  2. If you don’t have a son -> you pass it on to your brother
  3. If you don’t have a son AND your brother is already dead -> you pass it on to your nephew (brother’s son)
  4. If you don’t have a son, a brother or a nephew, you pass it onto a male cousin of your choice on your father’s side of the family aka your paternal uncle’s son. 

So because Jin Zixuan died before he could officially succeed Jin Guangshan, and Jin Guangshan didn’t leave any will saying Jin Ling must inherit, once Jin Guangyao is Sect Master his own son Jin Rusong would’ve inherited. Because Jin Rusong died, and Jin Guangyao doesn’t have anyone else to pass on his seat to (aka no son, no brother), Jin Ling would be his heir. 

Now if MXY didn’t have beef with JGY, and JGY legitimized MXY, then it’s a little bit of a toss up. JGY could technically do either or in this case: either pass on his position to his nephew Jin Ling OR his brother Mo Xuanyu. It really depends on who he likes better. 

As for Jin Ling being Jiang Cheng’s heir. Lmao that’s just wrong. Usually a sister’s children could never inherit - if you see that in a drama stop watching the drama it’s clearly just bad. This is blatantly clear when Wei Wuxian saw Jiang Cheng admonishing Jin Ling the first time they reunited 16 years later. Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling are walking down the street and Jiang Cheng says “What are you doing messing around, especially since you’re wearing your family’s uniform. You’re gonna lose face.” The rest of the sentence is a bit paraphrased, but I recalled specifically Jiang Cheng used the terms 你们家 - your family

Jiang Cheng might love Jin Ling to bits, but Jin Ling belongs to another family, not the Yunmeng Jiangs.  

The only way for Jin Ling to be Jiang Cheng’s heir is if he renounces his claim to Lanling Jin and be 过继 “guo-ji” to Yunmeng Jiang. It’s basically adoption, but when you adopt someone like this, you literally take them out of their original succession line and put them into your own succession line. 

When I was reading about European history and I saw things like Queen Elizabeth of England and Scotland, or King William of France and England, I’m like…wtf, why are European inheritance rules like this??

You can’t lay claim to everything just because you’re related. If Jin Ling wants Lotus Pier, he’s gonna have to give up Jinlintai. 

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SteRyu Respeto tu libertad.


Ryusaki Gojo (El de cabellera celeste): Es mí personaje.
Silver Sterling (El de cabellera rubia): Personaje de Alan Garcia , (El que dió la idea huehuehue).

Ryusaki Gojo (The one with the light blue hair): Is my character.
Silver Sterling (The one with the blonder hair): Character of Alan Garcia , (The one who gave the idea huehuehue).

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10 card spread to analyse a situation and my interperetations:

1. Your current situation

2. An obstacle or potential for change

3. What aspect to focus on

4. Something relevant that occurred in your past

5. Your strengths/what you’re doing well

6. Near future/ what you’re heading towards

7. The suggested course of action/what to do

8. What you need to keep in mind while executing that action

9. Hope or fear that may affect your judgment

10. Potential outcome if you play your cards right

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Okay, One frustrating thing about learning anatomy, male anatomy specifically, is the seemingly, immense lack of reference material, for different male/masculine/and or androgynous body types. Maybe I just don’t know where to look, but I do know a lot of artists have said this is a problem for them as well…

…Anyway this is a cry for help, if you happen to see this and know of any good sites, materials, tutorials etc as reference for masculine body types, especially plus size references, please drop a comment! It’d be greatly appreciated<3

thank youu babes x🐙

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