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aw tysm..!! it really wasn’t easy getting here and i’ve had a lot of help along the way..!! i know quite a few of my followers struggle with body dysmorphia as well so it makes me feel so awesome when i hear my outreach is helping people change that mindset :))

i actually found a resource tonight i thought would be kind of helpful for some of you!! i was feeling a little down and reading this article made me feel better again hehe it just reinforces some of the stuff i’ve already learned but i’m gonna keep it around to remind myself in da future :)

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Thoughts On Using Reference in Illustration/Art

Do you find yourself over-relying on using references? Like you are stuck without them, you cannot even start basic thumbnails without them, you want to draw a pose you instantly try to Google some form of photo reference to start your drawing and likely failing to find the exact right photo reference for your needs? I feel like that at times after a long time of doing reference…


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Another simple ref for @cr0w5, this time of a character named Pierce!
I got to make up his suit design based on his background info, which was fun. <3

Thank you so so much for giving me the chance to make refs for these guys!

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thanks for the tips!!!!!! next time i try making home made i’ll remeber your tips and look up a proper reicppy

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no worries! i like random questions :)

is she publicly out as trans?


If yes, when did she come out?

This blog works on a loose timeline parallel to real-world time. The gym challenge was in summer 2019, when Bede had just turned 16. She came out in public in summer 2020.

When did she realize she was?

She realized herself that she was trans in Fall 2019, after she was already a public figure

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I decided to redesign another old ninjago oc of mine! She’s not as old as Lena of course but she’s here!

This is Neolani and they are The Master of Illusions and uses their abilities to steal from the rich! Though their morals seem to be very grey depending on the situation she is in.

As for personality…Neolani is very playful thus she doesn’t often take things seriously as she should, This would make her very immature for her age but she doesn’t care. In fact she is pretty care free! She is also known to be quite flirtatious and loves to tease others but aside from that Neolani is very smart and witty. Tho aside from that she is also thievish and dishonest sometimes, she is a thief after all~

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… eventually revealing themself to be a dark-skinned elf, pointed features framed by a mass of deep brown curls, dressed monochromatically in a sleeveless tunic, simple skirt, and knee-high boots. The only hint of colour was a bright red swatch of fabric tied around the top of their crooked purple staff.


…even as he spoke his face began to change. And not in the way a face usually changes, brow furrowing and the corners of the mouth dipping into a frown. Instead, or perhaps as well, his nose and chin became sharper, more severe; his dark skin fading and shifting into an icy blue; curls dropping and lengthening until his hair fell to his waist, now pin straight and perfectly white. Unaware, or perhaps uncaring, of the change, he pinned them with cloudy grey eyes that had previously been an earthy brown.


His appearance began to change again, grey eyes turning golden as his skin shifted to a mid-brown dotted with a flurry of freckles; long hair shrinking into his scalp until a fiery-hued mohawk sat atop a much rounder face than before.


His appearance had shifted yet again to someone unfamiliar; his hair, now black as a raven feather, let flat against his forehead, just long enough to drift when he blinked. His dark skin had faded to a dull grey whilst his eyes, downcast as they were, had turned a green so pale they were almost white. His features had sharpened, but there was something uneven about his new face, as if one side were struggling to catch up to the other.


Writing a shapeshifting character is fun, but you know what isn’t fun? Keeping track of what they look like in each scene. So here’s a reference post, for myself, in an attempt to remember what Teek actually looks like.

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The Outpost cast, minus one.

Or my cast, anyway. There are many more characters.

From left to right: Lamia, Venor, Shale, Occido, and Morise. I’ll post their individual references soon :)

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