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#reference sheets

im still p new to tumblr again, haven’t been here since 2015, but hey why not share my commission prices here too????? 

i’m offering reference sheet commissions, with a fullbody (or two if the design is different in either side) and a head shot to see face details!!! 

25 USD!!

i can add more text and description than what is shown in the examples, im just bland when it comes to my own characters!


if interested in commission me, hit me up with a message! 

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So I made a lineup of the bronze boys and misty with my headcanon ages, heights, genders and sexual orientations, along with which markers I use for each of them ♡

I’ll probably do the gold squad someday just now now I’m tired -w-

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Again, my pacing needs work. And I’ve decided that Peedee’s clothes in the show are his work attire. you bet your ass I’m giving him a wardrobe!


Also, I’ve come to a realization. I did some panel line work for a friend of mine and tried out doing thumbnails for the first time. And it was soo much easier! So future pages are gonna be shorter, but hopefully, they’ll be better!

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Mmm, more reference sheets of some characters from my show!

(Nekkarus is gonna be revealed in the Calvin prequel, you guys can still ask him here though)

Sorry for my Spanish followers, the references are in English X’<


Mmm, mas hojas de referencia de algunos personajes de mi show!

(Nekkarus se revelara en la precuela de Calvin, aunque todavia pueden preguntarle aqui)

Perdon por mis seguidores en espanol, las referencias estan en ingles X’<

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Another OC introduction!! This is Moxie!

Some cool facts abt her:

  • Was kicked out of the underworld and lives with Faeth on the surface, where she’s still adjusting
  • Can barely drive her motorcycle (doesn’t know how)
  • Her phone has a built in AI that can give 50/50 advice (despite looking like a flip phone)
  • Doesn’t really change outfits a lot
  • Loves watching TV (Earth life fascinates her! As it’s still super new!)
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An OC introduction !! This is Faeth !

Some cool facts abt her:

  • Works for a moving company
  • Loves thrift stores!
  • Loves to wear pastels but doesn’t wear them exclusively
  • Surprisingly good at winging things
  • The charms on her shoes are actually gifts from her demon gf!
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Guess what, I made a shipkid!

Two friends got me into Insomnia (Dream x Error) so i wanted to make a shipchild! This is Delirium! (Deliri for short)

If he keeps eye contact between him and his opponent, he can cause them to hallucinate. These hallucinations can vary from hearing voices to feeling like the ceiling or walls are closing in on you, leaving you very vulnerable. He has simple bone attacks and blasters that look like his mom’s, which he always uses at a distance.

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a Bubblez ref sheet??? almost unheard of. of the 6 years I’ve had her I’ve made a maximum of four reference sheets and it’s truely sad.

but as a celebration of my birthday in three days I finally updated her ref, last one was made in 2018 smh

(accurate ref as of now)

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