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Some years ago I thought to have rid myself of internal separation - to have realized my oneness as a human being. 

Today - I think the persistent delusion of the unified self is as troublesome as the separated self. 

The brain is circuits upon circuits. Circuits can be open and in contact, or circuits can be closed.   Likewise, some aspects of the self-experience can be in contact, in congruence, in communication,  or not. 

If this concept is confusing bring to your mind the last time you felt ashamed of yourself, or angry at yourself. And reflect on the absurdity of the previous sentence. Who is angry at whom? 

Both what is pleasant or unpleasant can run on internal loops. Loops uninterrupted grow in their power.  Sometimes you can catch a loop starting and send the energy elsewhere. 

I am curious about fear and the loops of mine that surround it. 

It was said to me once that dhamma training is about remembering to be different. This is the way. 

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Considering the heart, I don’t think time heals the wounds inflicted on the heart, it’s a lot more complicated than just that, because heart is a complex thing. Often, with time, we can see that the heart might have healed or forgotten apparently, but then all of a sudden, little things of memories come rushing back and you realize that you never really healed, not when it concerned your heart. It’s a tragically unfortunate thing, but just a part of life we’ve got to learn to live with.

- DG

Inspiration credits: @vantablackvelvet =’)

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