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littleunstable2022 · a day ago
The Gentleman’s Gem(B.Bridgerton)-Introduction
Summary: Princess Royal, Estelle De Frederick, heir apparant to the throne of England, is the only surviving child of King George iii and Queen Charlotte. After nine years away- spent studying etiquette and fullfiling an education- twenty-five-year -old Estelle is back in London for her last-minute debut into high society. 
What happens when a certain artist stumbles into her life, and he has never seen a muse more entrancing nor captivating? 
Just after season 2 of Bridgerton
Tumblr media
Estelle De Frederick is a gem. 
She is not a diamond of the first waters-for now- and yet she shines brighter than the very sun warming the tilted earth. Tough as any diamond, gleaming as any of her mother’s favourite Sapphires.
Upon arrival at Lady Marie De Fabian’s school for priveleged young women, the Princess Royal had managed to make quite a name for herself. Every nook and cranny of the school knew of the young woman-of her unfailing kindness, harrowing goodness and unwavering understanding of duty and work. Years of this hard work and etiquette, had instilled in Estelle all of the qualities nessacary to become a history-shaping Queen. 
You see, her father-King George iii of England-had become quite deranged after around her tenth birthday. Her mother-Queen Charlotte- had tried her very best to sheild her daughter away from the heavy shackles of burden. 
The Queen’s effort, however were, in vain.
Estelle had grown up watching her family like a not-yet-invented- Reality TV show.
Her mother was constantly absent, either on duty in other countries-making up for the absence of the King- or locked away in her chambers, weeping at what her life had come to.
Her father, the poor old man, had taken to yelling at himself, banging cutlery around and frothing at the mouth like a dog awaiting a feed.
The Princess knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that she would have to continue her family’s legacy-one of strength and tactic.
And so, when the day came that she was sent away to school, Estelle welcomed the oppertunity with open eyes, ears and arms.
This was her chance to become the saviour of the Throne-The heroine of England.
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(Almost) Every Costume Per Episode + Lady Danbury’s red gown and sheer red pelisse in 
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dearabsolutelynoone · 2 months ago
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Just unhinged. No class. No decorum. Not a moral in sight.
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gifshistorical · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
FILMING LOCATIONS OF PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (2005)           · Groombridge Place (Groombridge) — Longbourn           · Chatsworth House (Bakewell) — Pemberley           · Basildon Park (Berkshire) — Netherfield Park           · Burghley House (Stamford) — Rosings Park           · Temple of Apollo (Stourton) — [redacted]
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kriskukko · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
wherein all else disappears // 1816
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die-rosastrasse · 3 months ago
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Zacarías González Velázquez
Spanish, 1763-1834
Manuela González Velázquez playing the piano, ca. 1820  (details)
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vvivaa · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I’ve been wanting to make a sticker sheet for a while and finally took the plunge and made one with a Pride & Prejudice theme! Had a lot of fun making this. It’s available on my shop if you’re interested!
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let’s collectively bring back romantically kissing hands ok guys??
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multifandomsw · 3 months ago
Anthony Bridgerton x reader
Summary: You had always loved him, would always do, however, did the oldest Bridgerton brother still like you after all that had happened between you? Are there any feelings that come back to the surface, after not seeing each other for years? Was the love truly unrequited?
Part 1
You lurked in the very corner of Lady Danbury‘s ball, trying your very best not to be noticed by anyone.
It was a wonder that no one had yet, but you supposed many people hat already forgotten you, it had been years since you last had been there.
Additionally, you were more than happy no one had talked to you, more than happy that the Queen hadn‘t noticed you and the most happy that you had yet to see the Bridgertons.
Your hopes had been high that they just wouldn‘t appear, but Lady Danbury made it very clear that she had invited everyone, so your foolish hopes had vanished as quickly as they had appeared.
You sipped at your drink and watched as the Ladies and Gentlemen moved around each other so smoothly and elegantly, that you could only admire them.
You had always loved dancing, rather watch people dance. You knew that many couples did not marry for love, but you could not help but watch those who were truly in love with each other.
You could tell by how they were dancing. Those who were in love did not try to keep a distance, did not look down to see if they were dancing right.
No, they were so caught up on looking into each other‘s eyes that they forgot everything that was going on around them.
They were moving as one.
Those were the ones you loved watching, they were rare, but when you saw such a couple you could not leave your eyes off of them.
You supposed that was the way you had always looked at Anthony on the rare occasions you had convinced him to dance with you.
However, he had most likely never looked at you that way back.
You quickly shook your head, adverting your eyes from the couple you had been watching when you had heard a cough next to you.
You turned around to be met by sparking green eyes and blonde hair. The man was handsome, there was no doubt, and he was smiling down at you.
You almost let out a breath of relief that he wasn’t anyone you had already known.
“Apologies, your mind seems to have wandered.”, he looked at the couple you, too, had been looking at.
“Oh yes, they are dancing so beautifully, I just have begun to stare.”, you admired them once more.
The Gentlemen nodded his head. “They look absolutely enamored by each other.”, he agreed. “I have not seen you here last season.”
You fully turned to him and offered him a smile. “I returned from the countryside for this season. I used to live with my aunt there.”, you answered him, then told him your name and apologized for doing it so late.
You had no means to marry without any love in it, you did not even want to marry yet, however, your aunt did not want to provide for you any longer and wanted you to marry someone rich and noble for her liking.
You did not want that, you were surely not ready for marriage, but you could only agree. She was the one where you lived and you practically had no other choice than attend this season.
That is why you stood alone in the corner, trying to be as invisible as possible so you did not have to marry just yet. You did not even want to know anyone, your heart had and would always belong to one person.
“I’m Prince Friedrich.”
As soon as those words went out of his mouth, your eyes widened. That man standing in front of you was, in fact, a prince and on top of that probably related to the Queen of England herself.
Now that you looked around, you noticed the women looking at you and the prince intensely, jealousy written all over their faces.
“Apologies, your Highness, I did not know, though it is delightful to see you here.”
The prince held out his hand for you. “You would make it up for it if you would give me the honor to be your first dance.”
You were more than surprised that he would ask you, nevertheless, you gladly took his hand at the right moment as the music began.
You had not danced for some time, but the prince led you to the dance floor and throughout the start of the dance.
You managed to move around him smoothly, not once stepping on his feet. That, you were most definitely proud of. “Would you allow me to know where you come from?”, you asked as he turned you around.
“Prussia. It has attractions, to be sure, and is very beautiful, however, I attended school here in England and there is no better place to live.”, he stated.
“I always wanted to learn German, I think people are underestimating the beauty of the language. Unfortunately, I’m more into romance than Germanic languages, with the exception of English, of course.”
The prince grinned at your answer. “Then I shall teach you some German if you spare me some of your precious time.”
You had not intended to speak to anyone, especially any men, that evening. However, you could not have declined a dance and as you had spoken to the prince, you had become to the conclusion that he was a precious person by all means.
“I would be delighted.”
The Bridgerton family had just arrived at the ball and Anthony seemed to already be bored by everything. He had no intentions to marry this season yet.
While no one understood why, his mother and siblings understood perfectly well. Anthony’s heart had only ever belonged to one person and he could simply not let go of that person, not for another season, probably never truly.
However, his sister Eloise was to be married this season, and as the protective brother he was, Anthony already kept on eye open for anyone suitable for her.
Eloise, her arm linked with Benedict’s, looked at the dance floor in disgust. She could most definitely not dance that good; would not dance that good.
She did truly not want to dance at all. “Is there anyone who had caught your eye?”, Benedict wanted to know, the humor evident in his voice.
Eliose really wanted to smack her older brother, however, she just nudged him lightly. “I’m just observing.”, she grinned at her brother. “I have heard the prince is attending again. After what happened with Daphne, I want to see how this continues.”
Benedict rose an eyebrow. “You want to have the prince?”, to what Eliose almost chocked on her own spit. “That was not in the slightest what I have been saying-“, her eyes landed on said man on the dance floor, whose eyes were focused on the Lady in his arms.
“Well, well, he seems to already have found a match.”, Benedict shrugged. “No prince for you this season.”, he continued walking when the Lady turned around.
Eloise‘s heart stopped when she saw the women. “Wha-“, she tried to rub her eyes, trying to see if she was dreaming. “Come on we need to-“, Benedict followed his sister’s sight before he stopped abruptly.
There were you, more beautiful than Eliose had in mind, dancing with the very prince of Prussia and laughing at something he had just said. “Shit.”
“Eloise!”, her mother called from afar, but then Benedict joined in. “Yeah, well, shit.”, to which Violet Bridgerton just shook her head and kept on walking as quickly as possible.
Eloise turned to Benedict. “You are seeing this, too, right?”, she was still convinced that she was dreaming. “I am indeed.”
“We definitely need to distract Anthony before he sees-“, Eloise was interrupted as said man walked up behind her, a drink in his hands. Eloise’s eyes shot up and she tried to catch the viscount’s attention. “Well, before you see the- uh- the stain on my dress, we shall better go to mama.”, Eloise led him to the very opposite of the dance floor.
“I have heard the prince is here too, wouldn’t he be a good match?”, he turned around, trying to search for him admits the people, but Eloise quickly caught his attention again.
“The one Daphne almost got proposed by? I wouldn’t think that is a good idea, what about-“
Anthony’s attention was drawn to the dance floor, not getting distracted by Eloise and trying to search for the prince. When he saw him dancing with another Lady, he sighed. “Well Eloise, he really does look at that woman way too intensely, what about-“
Something about how the woman moved, something about the woman’s hair and body, something looked so very familiar. Anthony would have seen you from miles away, but his mind would not allow him to wander to those unrealistic thoughts that could never be true-
The music stopped and with it Anthony’s heart.
The woman had turned around and her face could be seen.
Anthony saw you, the person he had on his mind all day long, dreamed about, standing there in the same room as him.
He shook his head a few times, thinking his brain once again played games with him. Nevertheless, when you did not disappear, his heart felt heavy in his chest as reality sank in.
No background voices could be heard, only the muffles pleads of Eloise.
You were truly standing there, more beautiful than he had remembered you to be, wearing the most exquisite dress he had ever seen. A smile was plastered on your face and he just ached to touch you- to see if you were really real. Your hair looked so beautiful, your eyes shining like he had dreamed them to.
Real reality sunk in when he realized the smile playing on your lips was not directed to him, but to the prince. You were the woman dancing with him, those were the prince’s hands on your waist.
He should not be feeling this way, but he could not bare anyone else’s hands on you. He could not bare watching you laugh at anyone else like you had used to laugh at him.
Rage overtook him way to quickly and as he stepped forward, he was instantly held back by the strong arms of his younger brother.
Anthony could only heart the heavy beating of his heart pounding in his chest, but when Benedict, he tried to steady his breath and listen.
“We shall not make a scene, brother. He is the prince.”
Anthony shook his head. “No, we shall. He is not in the slightest bit good enough for her. And he will not touch her-“
“Anthony, calm down, I know how much she meant to you, but you cannot protect her from everything.”
“Did you know about all of this?”, Anthony asked angrily.
“We did not, but she won’t forgive you if you beat up the prince right now!”, Eloise interrupted.
Anthony clenched his jaw as he watched you being led away by the prince, but he stayed still for a few seconds, Benedict’s grip loosening.
As he heard your laughter echo across the room, he ripped himself off Benedict’s arms and stormed into your direction.
A/n: well, well, well, I did not expect my Prologue to get so many likes and I am most thankful for it. This story will be a short story (only a few chapters at last, however, I will write many many one shots for Anthony Bridgerton or for any other fandom, so just request and I will try my very best to write them all! (Link in Bio) I’d like to know how you all like my writing and what I should improve! (You can say anything, my heart won’t shatter, so please be brutally honest!) I’m kinda new to this whole tumblr thing, but just comment and you’ll be added to a tag list!
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themeadowinforks · a month ago
oh to be a middle class lady in the 19th century who has nothing to do all day but have time to think about her romantic afflictions and her beloved
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yesterdaysprint · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Lord Chesterfield’s Advice to His Son, On Men and Manners: or, A New System of Education, Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, 1815
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mrsbridgerton · 3 months ago
so......you liked bridgerton?
here are my recommendations of tv shows, movies and books that gives me the 'bridgerton vibe' (set in period/regency eras) and will hopefully sustain you until s2 drops (feel free to reblog with your own recommendations!)
Emma, [2020] josh o'connor is iconic in this
Pride & Prejudice [2005] pretty self explanatory
Bride & Prejudice [2004] pride and prejudice but make it indian, elijah from the originals is wickham!
Mr Malcolm’s List [2019] a short film based on the book (see below) but a movie is now in production!
The Musketeers [2014-16] BBC TV series, the best musketeers adaptation in my opinion, fun fact- phoebe stars in an episode!
Sanditon [2019-] I personally don't like this but a lot of people in this fandom have mentioned this :/
Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham [2001]- the title track for this movie will be in s2 and it’s my all time fav bollywood movie! Available on Netflix!
bringing down the duke-[evie dunmore]- annabelle archer is one of the first female students at oxford uni but in return for her scholarship she must recruit men to champion the rising women's suffrage movement-she targets sebastian devereux: cold, calculating and the most powerful duke in england, tropes-sunshine & grumpy, forced proximity
a rogue of one's own- [evie dunmore], lady lucie and her band of oxford suffragists are prepping for a coup against parliament but the one person standing in the way is her old nemesis and london's lord of sin- lord ballentine, tropes- childhood enemies/rivals to lovers, friends with benefits, boss & employee
portrait of a scotsman- [evie dunmore], harriet finds herself on the altar with her father's business rival, lucian blackstone, tropes- sunshine and grumpy, marriage of convenience, one bed trope
to have and to hoax-[martha waters] estranged married couple, violet finds out her husband james was in an accident, rushes to be by his side only to find out he's perfectly fine and he's baffled by her concern, outraged, she decides to feign an illness to teach him a lesson and chaos ensues, tropes- married enemies to lovers
to love and to loathe-[martha waters] diana and jeremy are well known for their bickering as for their flirtation, jeremy comes to diana with a proposal when he finds out his last mistress wasn't satisfied with him in bed, he asks for diana's help (enemies to frenemies to lovers/frenemies with benefits)
to marry and to meddle [martha waters] lady emily turner should be married by now but her father's debts as her dowry doesn't seem very appealing to suitors, lord julian belfry has managed to scandalise society with his acting career and owns a less than salubrious theatre, they both decide to enter a marriage of convenience- she provides him promo for his theatre and won't have to marry a creep to help her father, tropes- marriage of convenience
truce:the historic neighbour from hell-r.l mathewson, elizabeth and robert are childhood enemies, fast forward years later, they meet at a party and don't recognise each other, after having sex in the garden of a ball, they are introduced to each other again, chaos ensues involving pregnancy and a marriage of convenience.
the heiress gets a duke-[harper st james] american heiress august crenshaw wants to head her family's business but society refuses, her younger sister is offered up to the highest bidder, evan sterling, duke of rothschild, as august is deemed unsuitable for her progressive ways! evan refuses to back down from this marriage as he needs the money that marrying a crenshaw heiress will bring but after meeting her fiery sister, he realises that violet is the sister he wants, violet refuses to let her sister get married to evan and pulls every trick possible to call off the wedding, (this is literally kathony!!)
mr malcolm’s list-[suzanne allain] think john tucker must die meets regency. jeremy has a long list of requirements that a woman must meet to be deemed suitable as his wife, selina is invited that her friend julia invited her to london until she learns its to plot revenge on mr malcolm.. (this is being adapted into a movie starring zawe ashton, theo james, gemma chan and freida pinto).
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flightlessartist · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
the frog prince except jane austen wrote it🐸✨🍂
✦ find me on instagram @the.flightless.artist ✦
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dearabsolutelynoone · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“…I'd kiss you as the lights went out, swaying as the room burned down, I'd hold you as the water rushes in…” (dancing with our hands tied, taylor swift)
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gifshistorical · 29 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Regency Era + Rag Curls
Sense and Sensibility (1995) Pride & Prejudice (2005) Emma. (2020)
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kriskukko · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
johann // 1816
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malpal331 · a month ago
Oh my god, the Met Gala this year.. There is literally a TV show called The Gilded Age. It’s on HBO. This is not hard. Do your research, people.
Also because I’ve seen so many people get it wrong:
This is the Gilded Age (roughly 1870-1900):
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It’s the time of the rise of the Vanderbilts and the nouveau riche. It’s the American version of the late Victorian Era. Think puffy sleeves and ruffles and bustles and corsets. It’s ostentatious.
This is the Regency Era (roughly 1790s-early 1820s, fashion-wise, the actual period is to do with the Prince of Wales’ regency over his father George III):
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The skirts aren’t full. Later in the era, the sleeves and skirts start to add fullness, going into the Romantic Era. It’s to do with the Enlightenment Era’s obsession with Neoclassicism and a response to the French Revolution and the French Nobility. All Jane Austen and Bridgerton is during this Era.
This is the 1920s:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
While there was a lot of glamour during the 1920s, the fashion was A LOT different from The Gilded Age. Mostly, the silhouette is much slimmer. The Gilded Age loved an hourglass shape. The 1920s preferred a slim body type.
The 1920s are not apart of the Gilded Age. The Regency is not part of the Gilded Age.
Tumblr media
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marie-antoinette21 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
<3333 my heart went brrrrrr
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silverystardustt · 7 days ago
authors have to do so little to convince me to read their books; frankly it’s embarassing for me.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“He was struck again by that odd sense of somehow being more alive than he'd been just seconds earlier.” 
- An Offer From A Gentleman, Julia Quinn.
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