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#reginald hargreeves
faetheforestfairy · 2 days ago
Five Hargreeves Dating His Complete Opposite Pt.I (HC)
Pairing : Five Hargreeves x Fem!Reader
Summary : You're his sun and he is your moon
Warnings : Angst , a bit of fluff. Luther being an asshole. Mention of abused , mention of parents fighting , mention of death and corpse. Mention of abandonment
A/N : This one is basically about you. Your power , your backstory etc. I'm gonna make part 2 and maybe 3 tomorrow. As usual not my gif.
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So you're his complete opposite , you're a sunshine and Five...
Five is Five obviously
Let start from how you end up at the Academy
You wasn't born on 1st October 1989 like the others instead you was born on (your birthday) 2001 sorry if you're not 01 baby but just pretend you are
But listen you have power. It's called toxikinesis
You can create , shape or manipulate any poisonous substance. Poison , toxic , venom yeah you can manipulate all of it
Like if someone got bitten by a venomous snake you can just take out the venom using your power within a second.
And you can put a poison in someone blood , drink , food etc just by looking at them.
And you can summon a toxic air from the other world. (Only you can survive the toxic air because I say so)
So that's why you're number 8. Because you can end the world just by summoning the toxic air.
You're 3 years old at that time , your mom and dad keep arguing and you just watch from the corner. And when your dad about to raise his hand to hit your mom he suddenly stop and look like hes in extreme pain before he just fall to the ground. Death. You're confused but your mom notice how your eyes glow light blue before it fade out.
After the postmortem (autospy) on your dad's corspe. They found out there's a poison in his blood vessels. Botolinum to be specific.
Of course your mom is suspicious so she brought you to the Academy.
Tell Reginald about the situation and well he run a test on you
Yeah he find out about your power. Suprised suprised
So he bought you. From your own mom. Poor little Y/N don't know whats happening because your mom said that you will live with him and she have important bussines in the other country.
That was years ago.
But you didn't live at the Academy , he bought another house. He just don't want you to interact with the other kids. Not yet.
He paid a nanny and a few maids to take care of you in that house. He will visit you everyday on 12 pm untill 4 pm to train you with you power and combat. Sometime he will bring Grace or Pogo. Or both of them.
Oh you love Grace. You call her mom.
So the nanny took care of you untill dear old Reginald sent Luther to the moon. You're 14 at that times.
And then you move to the Academy
Reginald didn't train you everyday after that since you're already good in combat and using your power (just a bit struggle with the summoning stuff)
In 2019 you're 18 (obviously) and you're naive , sweet and innocent little child because Reginald didn't let you out of the house your entire life.
No one know about you. Including your own siblings. You hear a lot about them from Grace and Pogo (Daddy refused to tell you anything about them)
Since you're alone in the big house you spend your time with books. And you found Vanya's autobiography. Oh you read it more than one times. To the point the spine of the book is broken and the pages is wrinkly and have a bit of dirt.
Did i forgot to mention that you have a pet? Yes you have a pet , a ferret (because I love ferret). You name him Rodolfo
You beg your dad to bought you a ferret and finally he cave. Lmao old man have a tiny soft spot for you. Take that Luther
And you always spent your time with Rodolfo at Ben's statue.
Oh you love spending your time at Ben's statue too. You tell the statue about your day. Pretending Ben was there. Listening. Well guess what? He was there. But he didn't tell Klaus about you. He love listening to you rambling about your day.
He wish he could hug you ;(
You spend your time at his statue from 5 pm till 6 or 6:30 pm. And he was already there at 4:50 pm. Waiting for you. But you can't see him obviously.
Reginald die. That's when the other except Five for obvious reason and Ben he already know about you know about your existence. They're a bit shocked that Reginald hide you from them.
They're having a family meeting.
And then you just walk in with Grace , you hold her hand tight because it's your first time interacting with people other than Reginald well if you count Pogo and Grace
They look confused untill your mom said "Meet Y/N or number 8. She's your little sister. I'm gonna leave her with you guys" and she walk out of the living room. You stare at them with wide big innocent eyes. And they almost coo at how cute you are.
Klaus was the first one to approach you and said "Oh look at you , so cute. I always want another little sister". And he make you sit between him and Vanya. Vanya give you small smile and you tell her how much you love her autobiography.
"So you're the one who broke the spine" she smiled at you
"yeah umm sorry about that" you say with a sheepish smile.
And you tell Allison you watch all her movies.
Alisson is a mother right? So she have a soft spot for you. And so does Vanya and Klaus.
Diego is a bit jealous because you seem close with Grace.
Luther? He's wary of you.
And then they ask your power. You told them.
Family meeting continue , Luther still in denial about his lovely father's death case. He keep glancing at you. Of course Diego notice.
Brings up the missing monocle issues
And then he said "Whoever took it , I think it was personal. Someone who close to him. Someone with a grudge" while looking straight at you.
And you're just ????
"Where are you going with this?" Klaus ask looking as confused as you are.
"Oh isn't it obvious Klaus. He think one of us killed dad. Our little Y/N to be more specific" Diego replied
And a chorus of "Bullshit" , "Luther how could you!?" and "Y/N is innocent!" came from Klaus , Allison and Vanya.
"I mean how could you not think that. She can manipulate poison and stuff. What if she put poison in dad's body"
You stood up from the couch with tears in your eyes and said "Oh maybe next time i should put poison in your body" and then you climbed the stairs and slammed your door room shut.
You just lay on your bed and let your tears fall
Rodolfo is there to comfort you.
He just nuzzle his nose with your nose or cheeks.
First time meeting your family.
What can I say? That went well.
⋆·˚ ༘ * 🧚‍♀️
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frnkieroismydaddy · 10 hours ago
Reginald Hargreeves probably has a weird alien pussy
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golden-redhead · a year ago
honestly, one of the funniest things abt the Hargreeves siblings is that good old Reggie educated them well, probably in every way possible, meaning that they have at least some basic knowledge abt most things, from ballroom dancing (as confirmed in canon) to physics and yet, despite all that, they are all complete and total dumbasses anyway
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jaytodd1129 · a year ago
Ok but you know what I absolutely love?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I fucking love the fact that Five hasn’t even been in this time period for an entire goddamn minute and he’s immediatly ready to jump into the fray the moment he spots his siblings, no questions asked. 
Who started it? Who are we fighting? Why are we fighting them? How the hell did my siblings get stuck in the middle of a war between the US and Soviet Union?
Who cares. Whoever they’re fighting I’m fighting, questions can be asked later. 
 Like.. don’t ever say Five isn’t the most ride or die person in this show cause his entire existence revolves around keeping his family alive and safe and he’s literally willing to let the entire world die as long as he can secure his sibling’s safety (as we saw in season 1 with the deal he struck with The Handler).
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phoenixes-and-wizards · a year ago
ok but can we just talk about how deep reggie's abuse of his children goes? like first, we have ben, who has repeatedly established himself to be the kindest and most understanding among his siblings. despite the fact that klaus has been treating him more of a show pony than a brother for most of season 2, ben still tries to be the angel on his shoulder and offers advice when he can. he even lets it slide when klaus tells their siblings that he didn’t travel back with them, even though it’s so obvious that the remark hurt, because klaus of all people knows just how much ben misses their family, misses being alive.
but the minute klaus insinuates that he sounds just like their father, he finally shows an emotion that is anything but calm, and even goes so far as to attack his brother. this alone should be enough of an indicator as to what kind of man hargreeves was in life.
oh, and should i add that reggie just upped and decided to turn ben’s funeral--a painful occasion on it’s own--into yet another scarring life lesson for the ones he’d left behind? just imagine being shy of seventeen and having at least half the guilt in the universe weighing you down, and ben--who is right there--just wanting to tell all of them that it was “never your fault, diego, please don’t listen to him, we both know you’re better than that,” but of course he can’t, because he’s nothing more than a ghost now, so yes, welcome to powerlessness.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
five goes missing and what does he do? nothing. absolutely nothing, aside from having a painting commissioned, but who's to say it wasn't a memorial like ben’s statue and more of a warning to the other children instead? something along the lines of look at how this brat disobeyed me; do you want to disappear, too?
Tumblr media
there's luther, who even after everything their father has done to them--to him, most of all--still manages to make up bland, half-baked excuses that he himself is starting to lose faith in, and all that rage and resentment keeps stewing inside him until he reaches his breaking point, rips off his shirt, and yells at his father to look at me! look what you did to me! and it's even more heartbreaking because reggie does look, he just doesn't care
Tumblr media
let's move on to allison. it was mentioned at one point that she was something of a daddy's girl growing up, and even though we aren't really shown much of their time together, remember when he made her rumor vanya? how she clearly didn't want to? imagine being so heartless as to instruct a four-year-old child to wipe her sister’s precious memories, all because you were scared of being unable to control her.
and who's to say there were no repeats after that: of allison turning people’s minds and bodies against them, every single one under her father’s orders as part of her “training”, and when allison fails because her conscience has finally caught up with her, who would stop him from hurting her?
definitely not her siblings or grace, and certainly not pogo.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
moving on: oh god, klaus. it’s really not a no-brainer why his son barely has any respect for him, even going so far as to put out his cigarette in his father's ashes as a final fuck you, because who could respect somebody who forced you to confront your worst fears at thirteen with no safety net whatsoever, even as you screamed yourself hoarse in that damp tomb, with only your nightmares for company
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
later on, when klaus honest-to-goodness dies and meets him for the first time after so many years, what’s the first thing reggie does? insult him. no “i imagined it’d be a few more years before you joined me here” or “are you okay? why are you even dead, son?”
instead, reggie debunks his accusations as excuses and outright states that he will not accept a single one. instead, he reminds klaus that he is--and always will be--his father’s greatest disappointment, that him never achieving his full potential was klaus’ fault and his alone.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and when klaus chastises him for being so harsh on them and leaving luther on the moon as an easy out for his shortcomings, what’s his greatest takeaway? that he should have burned every single package luther sent back to earth instead of keeping them under the floorboards. 
no apologies, no owning up to his mistakes whatsoever. 
he just deflects his child’s accusations, and even attempts to gaslight klaus once more into thinking that everything he did was to make them stronger and how dare you disobey me, i made you children what you are today and this is how you repay me? what a bunch of disobedient and ungrateful brats you all are indeed
Tumblr media
don't even get me started on vanya's treatment at his hands. otherwise we’ll be here forever.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and then, we have diego. 
time and time again, diego has proven himself to be tough and capable; whose soft interior is something of a privilege bestowed only to those he truly cares for. and even though he's come so far in life and helped so many people, the minute reggie takes a shot at him with a few select words? 
nope, never mind, he's eleven-years-old and back at the academy again.
the man sitting in front of him may not be their father just yet but it’s the exact same words he’s heard for most of his life, the exact same weaknesses gleaned from a single glance, and even in an alternate timeline, his father just knows where to strike, every observation landing dead center like diego’s precious knives. 
(and judging from his siblings’ reactions, this speech is just a rehash of something they’ve all heard before, but it definitely doesn’t mean that it’s going to hurt their brother any less.
no, it will hurt more because he’d actually thought he was finally untouchable after all these years.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i mean, just look at him: at the way his shoulders shrink inward subconsciously, the excited light in his eyes fading, his stutter reappearing. and despite the fact that he has spent a decade away from this bitter old man, it only takes a minute for his hard earned self-worth to crumble, and suddenly it’s so clear to us just how deep his self-esteem issues go:
because aware or not, everything diego has done and said so far ("he's an asshole; i'm amazing”) has simply been his way of coping with the fact that no matter how many acts of heroism he performs as an attempt to live up to the “perfect superhero” mold reggie forced them to fill at such a young age, their father will never view them with anything less than contempt, not even luther who barely had to work for approval and their father’s twisted version of “love” because he used to be his loyal lapdog favorite, and that is the real reason why i'm gonna hate this jackass forever, in this essay i will
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i REFUSE to believe there was never a point in Klaus childhood before he got into drugs where he was like 'you know what fuck you dad if you want me to talk to the ghosts i'll talk to the ghosts' and proceeds to ask every ghost nearby about dirt on Reginald, only to immediately backpeddle when 3 different ghosts tell him with a completely straight face 'hes an alien wearing a latex mask'
Klaus aint no snitch hes not telling anyone, his abusive fathers secretly a man eating alien? hes not touching that with a ten foot pole
he will absolutely use it for his own entertainment though, by adamantly denying the existence of extra terrestrial life constantly.
Five and Luther spend 3 hours trying to convince him of the possibility of its existence once, but then Reginald walks by and Klaus is like 'Dad will agree with me, wont you? hes not stupid enough to believe in aliens!'
he gets hit in the face but it was worth it
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