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fondful · a minute ago
hi! so i’ve been thinking about something minuscule that could be done during Good Girls’ month(+) long hiatus. it’s like a gift-exchange(ish). i have the details of everything planned out—but i don’t think i’m at any place in the fandom to hold an event out of the blue without having someone/a few people already on board. so if anyone who’s been here (gg fandom) for longer than i have (like literally pre dec20/jan21 haha), & you’re the least bit interested, i’d greatly appreciate it you dm’d me! :D
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pregnantinpajamas · 4 minutes ago
26 weeks + 5 days
I was sore this morning and out of curiousity, I squeezed my boob to see if anything would come out. My pregnancy app said sometime this week is when the body gets signals to start lactating and I would too curious about if it would really start coming.
I didn't have to do much to make clear colostrum came out! It kind of even actually scared me when it squeezed out suddenly lol. I can't believe I'm this far in pregnancy and this is all really happening! 😭💙👣
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channienet · 13 minutes ago
gonna take a what my hero chara are u quiz wish me luck
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sipthesunlight · 20 minutes ago
our garden
“just let it go” they say like gravity trying to pull me away from the sun, skies, stars that was the world that we’d created
and my fingers slip, slip, slip from the olive branch you’ve offered me once, twice, thrice countless tries to fix what ain’t broke, but cracked where i would have poured rivers of gold to highlight our scars and make them shine like stars but you pretended them away and left valleys of silence between us
and they pull me
“just let it go” they say dragging me down but i don’t want to fall i want to climb i want to rise i want to look up at our skies even when they’re on fire or dripping acid rain into my eyes
i’ve always been fond of dancing in the rain
i don’t want to let it go even if it hurts even when i can’t forgive you even when you can’t forgive me even when you never change because i chose you and some things are worth fighting for and some things are worth hurting for and some things are worth crying for and some things are worth climbing for
"just let it go” they say but i won’t
not everything that hurts is toxic sometimes it’s just human sometimes we’re just human and this messy world of light and drought and skies and doubt and stars and scars and peace and pain and sun and rain is home
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dandyseedlings · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
ladies of pale horses and greener pastures [Image ID: A page filled with three main doodles, all colored a desaturated pink with a light blue background. The first doodle on the left is a headshot of Magnolia, a fat black woman with her hair in bunches, which are held up by flowers. Her expression is neutral. The second doodle are of two women, Magnolia and Gaba. Magnolia is in a puffy dress, and she is sitting, leaning to the side. She is looking fondly at Gaba. Gaba is a brawny Filipino woman in an undershirt, jeans rolled up to her knees, and slippers. She's laying down and grinning, propped up on one arm and holding out her hand to cradle Magnolia’s face.  The third doodle is a headshot of Gaba. Her hair is up in a messy ponytail, and her expression is one of contempt. / End ID]
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dk-thrive · 41 minutes ago
Most of the ways to fail a person involve trying not to fail somebody else.
— Gina Frangello, Blow Your House Down: A Story of Family, Feminism, and Treason (Counterpoint, April 6, 2021)
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jayseung · 56 minutes ago
engeneblr are too het.. i cant
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shinidamachu · an hour ago
Me before the Sesskagu Renaissance: I hope this doesn't awaken anything in me.
Me now: time to spread my Sesskagu agenda. Okay, ladies, this is how we can still win,
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deputystakes · an hour ago
I don’t need to spend money on ubereats but I want a milkshake so bad it’s stupid
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astagfirulah · an hour ago
I burnt the inside of my mouth on soup the other day and now I've fucked up bc i couldn't stop eating pineapple help
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wiamhar2i · 2 hours ago
Sometimes when you are sick and tired of everything, the only thing that makes you happy in that moment is food.
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