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#regular breasts
pixduniya · 2 months ago
Tubular Breast Syndrome से पीड़ित लड़की की आपबीती, आते थे आत्महत्या के ख्याल
Tubular Breast Syndrome से पीड़ित लड़की की आपबीती, आते थे आत्महत्या के ख्याल
लंदन: महिलाओं को कई बार अपने शरीर के आकार प्रकार के लिए हीन भावना से गुजरना पड़ता है. खासकर अगर स्तनों का शेप थोड़ा अलग हो तो. ब्रिटेन की एक महिला भी समझदार होने के बाद अपनी पूरी जिंदगी इसी पशोपेश में रही कि उसके स्तन अलग क्यों हैं? क्यों उसके स्तनों में सामान्य गोलाई नहीं है और क्यों वो सामान्य ब्रा नहीं पहन पाती. उसके अंदर हीन भावना इतनी ज्यादा घर कर गई थी कि वो एक समय अपनी जिंदगी खत्म करने के…
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Tristian liones
what I imagine Tristian lioness to be.
Physical Description: Tristian lioness is a beautiful young woman of a slender yet curvaceous figure with a big bust and regular height with fair skin. She closely resembles both of her parents. She has heterochromia, the right eye is blue like Elizabeth's and the left is green like Meliodas. and long silver hair reaching her waist. As a teenager, Tristian lioness prefers to wear male clothing as she finds it more comfortable to fight in them. The uniform consists of a light graphite dress shirt with a blue ribbon underneath a white suit with orange accents. She wears matching white pants with a brown belt and black shoes.
Personality: Tristian is shown to be tough and brave, but she has a charm-like aura with a gentle voice. and she is a tenacious girl. she also expresses no appreciation for being the role of a princess, instead preferring to defend her kingdom as a Holy Knight. Despite being a knight, she holds a great sense of justice and feels the need to protect her kingdom from anything threatening it,
Abilities/Equipment: Tristian has shown to possess above-average combat skills, both barehanded and with a sword.
Meliodas: Meliodas is Tristian's father. At first, Tristian considered him a short, irresponsible, and alcoholic person who touches Elizabeth's breast every day when she was younger but now she comes to respect him as a hero and desires to become one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Elizabeth Liones: Tristian seems to have a good relationship with her mother as she trusts her by confiding in her
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rachelsbooknotes · 10 hours ago
The Red Scarf — Kate Furnivall
Page 2: “’We need every single pair of hands if we’re ever going to get this blasted road built.’” —> Are they building the Kolyma Road??
Page 3: “It was a bitter brew made from pine needles and moss that was said to fight scurvy.” —> Mm tasty.
Page 8: “though she didn’t like to admit it even to herself how much pleasure Anna’s talk of Vasily gave her” —> Lol uh oh.
Page 10: “’The tsarina’s evil old sorcerer, Rasputin, was murdered last month and that’s just the start. You must be prepared.’” —> Okay well that’s a bit of an oversimplification.
Page 18: “The punishment for self-mutilation was a bullet in the brain.” —> Whoa really?
Page 20: “There was only one way a woman prisoner could lay her hands on the guards’ pork fat in this case, and they both knew what it was.” —> Oh no.
Page 23: “On her first day as a teacher in Novgorod she was denounced by a pupil for mentioning that she thought that, as an artistic form, the Romanov symbol of the double-headed eagle was more attractive than the stark hammer and sickle.” —> Uh oh. This won’t go well.
Page 27: “It felt like desertion, like being abandoned yet again. No one Anna loved ever stayed.” —> Hm.
Page 30: Ahh, so the title of The Red Scarf maybe refers to coughing up blood on a regular scarf? That’s dark.
Page 48: “Vasily. She’d found his home. Now she had to find him.” —> Huh? How? Unless she just means his town and not his individual house.
Page 61: “She was up there, somewhere, the woman with the moonlight hair.” —> Lol oh no, this kid Pyotr is thinking about Sofia’s emaciated breasts again.
Page 83: What happened to Anna’s mother?
Page 84: “He was wearing the thick red scarf she’d given him for Christmas” —> Oh wait here’s a red scarf too.
Page 93: “The stone had been passed down through his gypsy line for generations, father to son” —> I don’t like that he’s called a gypsy. I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to mean other than some kind of mysterious local shaman type person.
Page 94: Also, weren’t religious types and holy men also persecuted under Soviet law? So how does Rafik practice this stuff relatively open this stuff without someone turning him in, especially people like factory foremen or whoever.
Page 104: “The boy’s brown eyes were dark with fury as he prepared to speak again, and that was when she played her trump card. She smiled straight at the boy and said, ‘I am a qualified tractor driver.’” —> I don’t get it.
Page 106: “’If you work hard,’ Fomenko said quietly, ‘you eat. Stalin has announced the annihilation of begging and pauperism in the countryside. Work hard,’ he repeated, ‘and there will be enough for everyone to eat.’” —> Lol oh well why didn’t we think of just deleting beggars and paupers from the country. Thanks, Stalin!
Page 108: “’You always seem to be the bringer of bad news.’” —> Girl, you have seen this man twice total, for less than 5 minutes each time. Don’t act like he “always” causes trouble, or whatever.
Page 120: “‘What bridge is it?’ ‘The Forth Bridge in Scotland,’ he lied.” —> Why would he need to lie about this?
Page 127: “He had one son. Perhaps too. What chance did she and Anna have?” —> I don’t know why this is such a blow to her. It’s been like sixteen years or some other ridiculously long time since Anna saw Vasily.
Page 139-140: “The older woman’s careful brown eyes scanned Sofia appraisingly. ‘You look like the kind of person who could keep them out of my school. Guard it well. I’m trusting you.’” —> Whyyy do people keep doing this! Trusting her on sight? First Lilya with her son, then Mikhail with Pyotr, now Elizaveta with her entire school. You all barely know this woman.
Page 143: “He sniffed the sleeve cautiously. Was it her? The scent of her skin on his arm.” —> That’s not how that works at all.
Page 150: Lol what if Mikhail Pashin isn’t even Vasily. What if he’s just some random dude.
Page 154: “His hand was so male. She noticed that about it. She’d been cut off from maleness for so long. His palm was broad, with short hard nails on his fingertips.” —> ????
Page 166: “She could see the animals’ breath now, rising like incense in the street” —> Interesting that she chose this comparison rather than the usual comparison to literal steam or smoke or something.
Page 169-170: “Vasily had repeatedly refused to take Anna on any of his wild escapades, declaring that it was too dangerous, yet—if it was Vasily that night—he was willing to ride through the gates of hell with Sofia clinging to his back.” —> Well yeah. He was trying to protect you, Anna, while Sofia is just some random girl he didn’t even know, so of course he’d take the risk with some random.
Page 172: “Sofia waited, aware of the value of silence with a man like this, who would always be tempted to fill it.” —> Yep, you can always figure out those types of people.
Page 175: There’s no way Sofia will actually spy on anyone, right? She’s going to feed this officer false information? Because she has to protect herself of course.
Page 181: Lol I like this joke about Lenin too.
Page 186: “‘You didn’t even attempt to safe that man from death,’ Sofia accused him.” —> Well neither did you!?
Page 194: This must be really early in the year 1917 if they’re still talking about Nicholas II being tsar. He abdicated in mid-March if my memory is correct on that.
Page 203: “Sofia could feel the suspicion in the room as solid as a third person, but neither seemed to mind it much. They were used to living with it, breathing its fumes” —> I like this comparison but she should have kept it consistent, either a solid man in the room or a noxious gas with fumes, not both.
Page 217: Huh, I never knew that the name Nadyezhda meant hope.
Page 245: “‘No, Anna, it’s too dangerous. In six months, when all this bloodletting is over, we’ll be together again. You’ll be staying with a distant cousin of mine, but eventually I’ll come and care for you, as I promised your dear papa.’” —> Welp.
Page 268: “Which was why he was going to speak to Chairman Aleksei Fomenko. She’d be grateful in the end, the fugitive woman, he was sure she would. When she had her new heart.” —> Uh oh. Sure is brainwashed, this little one is, huh.
Page 282: I’m honestly just not interested in Anna’s story in the camp anymore. It’s not engaging to me anymore now that Sofia’s not there.
Page 326: She has started four sentences of dialogue by the same speaker on this page with the word “so” and it’s irritating me.
Page 329: “’Sofia.’ Rafik’s voice was deep. He reached out and rested a heavy hand on her head. Instantly her eyelids drifted shut, and for the first time in the darkness of her own skull she became aware of a powerful humming sound, a vibration that rattled her teeth. To her dislocated mind, it seemed to be coming from the stone.” —> Oh lord, what is Rafik about to do to her in this hypnotized state. Has he been evil all along? 
Page 334: “’Now you have come to Tivil and the Pentangle is complete.’” —> Literally what the fuck. Why do so many books about Russian history devolve into ridiculous tales of mysticism. I know it used to be a thing, but we’re in the 1930s now. 
Page 353: “Is that how Comrade Stalin felt last year when his wife, Nadezhda Alliluieva, shot herself inside the Kremlin?” —> Historical inaccuracy. People didn’t know she shot herself for years. They thought she had…appendicitis? I can’t remember now, but they thought it was a natural death. It only was revealed it was a suicide years and years later.
Page 357: “This village had in some strange way nestled tight against her heart.” —> Yeah and I don’t understand how it’s still July 1933 in this story. Didn’t she have like a four month journey before she even got here, and it’s still only July? The timeline of this is inconsistent and unclear.
Page 366-367: “‘She is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, going back through generations. Because her mother died when Sofia was so young, she never learned from her mother what she should have been told about the power that is centered in her ,drawn from the strength and the knowledge of others before her.’” —> Oh for fuck’s sake, are you kidding me with this shit.
Page 368: Ah, I wondered if she was going to lie and say that Fomenko was the one hoarding stuff when she informed to Stirkhov.
Page 369: “to see her small undernourished breasts blossom like sweet-smelling flowers” —> Why. Why do people always do this.
Page 372: “‘He shook Sofia, shook her hard. ‘Now tell me,’ he demanded, ‘that she loves me. Now tell me…that you love me.’” —> Some real Rebecca vibes going on here.
Page 373: Wait so Mikhail Pashin was actually the boy soldier, not the Vasily that Anna loved and played with as a child? This explanation is confusing and also not entirely convincing. It seems too convenient.
Page 375: Ahh and now she lied and informed on Fomenko, who was really the man she should have been looking for, Vasily. So there’s a double sad irony to this now.
Page 396: “’Sofia,’ he said to the moon when it slipped out from behind the clouds and trickled into his bedroom, ‘don’t think I will let you go so easily.’ His decisions started to harden. He owed Fomenko, an eye for an eye. He owed Anna, a life for a life. But most of all, he owed himself.” —> Uh oh. This is definitely not going to go well.
Page 424: “Gently he stroked her hair, but later, when they were stretched out on a blanket under the tall columns of the trees, there was nothing gentle about their lovemaking.” —> Lol okay thanks.
Page 425: Why is this stray yellow dog still following them? I feel like that’s gotta be some kind of an omen.
Page 444: Yeah so this yellow dog leaped in front of a bullet to save Sofia’s life, so it has to be symbolic of someone. It’s probably Rafik, and they’ll get home to find him dead and with an image of a yellow dog near him or something. Predictable, but at least not horrible.
Page 462: “‘Rafik, forgive me. I meant no harm.’ Zenia clung to him. ‘A carless word to Vanya, that’s all it was, I didn’t mean it. You know how I love you. I even torched the barn last summer to distract the troops from ransacking Tivil and causing you pain.’” —> A lame confession honestly.
Page 470: Ugh, of course this book ended with passing on the weird mysticism.
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pious-smasher · 12 hours ago
Trans Femme!Sanji, approaching Franky: "I asked Chopper for breast enhancements, but he said to come to you...."
Franky, expecting this, grinning: "How big do you want them?"
Sanji, expecting that: "Can I get them Modular? Like a bigger set for fun times? Smaller set for regular times?"
Franky, taking out some blank blue-prints: "I can do that. Do you want me to surprise you, or do you want to be involved in the planning?"
Sanji, sitting down: "Involved."
Franky, understanding: "Understood."
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drmuralisubramanian · 17 hours ago
Healthier is the lifestyle; lower is the risk of breast cancer. | Best Medical Oncology in Bangalore
Tumblr media
 Healthier is the lifestyle; lower is the risk of breast cancer. Lifestyle directs the risk of breast cancer. Consumption of alcohol, smoking, junk foods intake fosters the risk of breast cancer. Regular physical exercises, maintaining healthy lifestyle can lower the risk.
For more info, visit:
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ricardobcyj300 · 19 hours ago
Seven Amazing Health Benefits Of Nutriherbs Fenugreek Capsules
Tumblr media
Nutriherbs Fenugreek Essence Supplements service regulating hair loss and also other relevant problems to hair such as baldness, dandruff as well as gets rid of scratchy scalp. It focuses on giving women and also males all-natural sustenance for hair. Consumption of fenugreek capsules allows lactating mommies to nurse much more. Fenugreek Supplements provide shiny and also shiny hair to individuals. Fenugreek Supplements focus on reducing oil from an oily scalp. It is an excellent way to treat completely dry as well as itchy scalp.
Fenugreek Supplements To Avoid Hair Autumn
Fenugreek Supplements been available in the form of pills which require to obtain taken in by individuals to prevent loss of hair. Fenugreek pills ought to be used for 3-- 6 months to see real lead to this definite period. Regular usage these supplements aid to promote far better hair development and also guarantee your hair looks stunning and also comes to be healthy.
Fenugreek Supplements Boost Hair Development
fenugreek capsules for hair growthcan rise hair growth within 3-- 6 months. Many people undertake hair growth issues which can get fixed with making use of these fenugreek remove capsules which promotes hair growth for both males and females. It treats the scalp as well as eliminates excess oil without making the scalp dry and scratchy for people.
Fenugreek Supplements Results in Shiny and also Glossy Hair
Nutriherbs Fenugreek Extract Supplements promote shiny and also shiny hair for people as well as also eliminates the opportunity of early greying. People can make use of Fenugreek Supplements in the kind of tablet computers or oils to achieve shiny as well as glossy hair and stop premature greying. For dry hair, individuals can utilize fenugreek capsules as a hair conditioner.
Fenugreek Supplements for Breast Feeding Moms
Consumption of Fenugreek seed extract capsules in the kind pills can assist lactating mothers can enhance the manufacturing of breast milk while they feed the infant. Lactating mothers make use of fenugreek pills for lactation due to the fact that it is exceptionally secure for their child and makes the baby immune from any sort of infection. It is the very best option to raise milk in a mommy's body which gives toughness to her infant.
Fenugreek Supplements Protect Against Lactating Mothers From Conditions
When mothers have a baby they have to be healthy and balanced themselves. Fenugreek Supplements are rich in anti-oxidants which supply a safety layer to brand-new mommies from any sort of illness while they feed the infant. Physicians as well as health and wellness experts advise fenugreek capsules for lactation since it helps to increase the immunity of brand-new moms. It also assists them to handle postpartum a great deal far better.
fenugreek extract capsules are the best choice to all-natural fenugreek seeds or natural herbs which provide comparable advantages. Fenugreek Supplements concentrate on enhancing the quality of hair and supply lots of benefits to lactating mothers. It focuses on raising fenugreek capsules breast milk for lactating mommies and also shield them from any kind of type of condition. It likewise focuses on removing mouth abscess in lactating mothers and manage the issue of anemia for mommies.
Fenugreek Supplements give glossy as well as shiny hair with a non-oily scalp that is free from itching as well as dry skin. It decreases the too much oil in the scalp and promotes hair growth by reducing hair autumn. With many benefits to use, it's now time for you to invest in these pills.
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ricardobcyj300 · 20 hours ago
How Nutriherbs Fenugreek Extract Capsules Benefecial For Diabetes?
Tumblr media
Nutriherbs Fenugreek Remove Supplements work with controlling hair loss and also various other relevant problems to hair such as baldness, dandruff as well as removes scratchy scalp. It concentrates on supplying females as well as men all-natural nutrition for hair. Consumption of fenugreek pills allows breast feeding mothers to lactate much more. Fenugreek Supplements supply shiny as well as glossy hair to individuals. Fenugreek Supplements focus on reducing oil from an oily scalp. It is a great way to deal with completely dry and also scratchy scalp.
Fenugreek Supplements To Stop Hair Autumn
Fenugreek Supplements can be found in the type of capsules which need to obtain eaten by people to stop loss of hair. Fenugreek pills need to be made use of for 3-- 6 months to see actual results in this guaranteed period. Regular usage these supplements help to promote much better hair development as well as guarantee your hair looks beautiful as well as comes to be healthy.
Fenugreek Supplements Raise Hair Growth
fenugreek pills for hair growthcan boost hair growth within 3-- 6 months. Many individuals go through hair growth issues which can get remedied with making use of these fenugreek remove capsules which advertises hair growth for both males and females. It treats the scalp and also gets rid of excess oil without making the scalp completely dry as well as itchy for individuals.
Fenugreek Supplements Lead To Shiny and Glossy Hair
Nutriherbs Fenugreek Extract Supplements promote shiny and also glossy hair for individuals and likewise removes the possibility of early greying. People can make use of Fenugreek Supplements in the form of tablet computers or oils to attain glossy and also glossy hair as well as avoid early greying. For dry hair, people can use fenugreek pills as a hair conditioner.
Fenugreek Supplements for Lactating Mothers
Consumption of Fenugreek seed remove pills in the kind pills can assist lactating mommies can boost the manufacturing of breast milk while they feed the child. Breast feeding mothers utilize fenugreek pills for lactation because it is extremely safe for their child as well as makes fenugreek capsules to increase breast size the infant immune from any kind of sort of infection. It is the most effective option to boost milk in a mother's body which provides strength to her child.
Fenugreek Supplements Prevent Lactating Mommies From Diseases
When moms have an infant they must be healthy themselves. Fenugreek Supplements are rich in anti-oxidants which provide a protective layer to brand-new moms from any type of kind of illness while they feed the infant. Physicians and health specialists advise fenugreek pills for lactation considering that it aids to enhance the resistance of new moms. It also aids them to handle postpartum a whole lot better.
fenugreek essence pills are the most effective alternative to natural fenugreek seeds or herbs which supply comparable advantages. Fenugreek Supplements focus on improving the quality of hair as well as provide numerous benefits to breast feeding moms. It focuses on boosting breast milk for breast feeding mothers as well as safeguard them from any type of kind of disease. It additionally concentrates on eliminating mouth abscess in breast feeding mothers and deals with the issue of anemia for moms.
Fenugreek Supplements provide shiny as well as glossy hair with a non-oily scalp that is without itchiness as well as dry skin. It decreases the extreme oil in the scalp and also promotes hair growth by reducing hair autumn. With a lot of benefits to use, it's currently time for you to invest in these pills.
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jeanfrancoisgeschwind · 21 hours ago
Jean-Francois Geschwind Advice For Those That Are Battling Cancer
Jean-Francois Geschwind Qualified tips provider. Being able to have a friendly and informative back-and-forth conversation with your doctor is crucial if you want to know your treatment options for a disease like cancer. You need to be aware of the fact that there is a lot more that goes into living with and treating this disease than what a physician can tell you. Study these tips to learn more about cancer.
Eliminating sugar from your diet is one of many strategies you can use to thwart cancer growth. Cancer cells live on sugar, so removing sugar from your daily food intake has positive effects on starving cancer cells. This strategy may not work alone, but in conjunction with multiple strategies, it will do just fine.
You can overcome any cancer through early detection. The best way to detect cancer early is to talk with your doctor about a regular schedule for the appropriate tests, which are able to find cancer long before you have any symptoms. For breast or testicular cancer, self examination is important, too. Examine yourself monthly for anything that feels unusual.
It's important to take detection and the possibility of early treatment, seriously, when thinking about cancer. Learn how to self-examine yourself for cancers of the skin, colon, prostate, cervix and breast. Be sure to perform checks regularly so that you can start fighting early and give yourself the best chance possible.
Here is a great tip that will help you prevent cancer. Filter any tap water that you plan on consuming. Tap water may contain many carcinogens, such as arsenic. A carbon filter attached to the faucet or a filter pitcher can remove these carcinogens from the water before you consume them, leaving you healthy.
Open up to others with cancer. You may feel that your friends and family, who have never had cancer, may not understand what you are going through. There are many support groups for those who have cancer or have survived cancer. There are also online message boards and forums where people speak candidly.
Always work hard to gather information if someone you love has cancer. They might not be in the right frame of mind to soak up the information about what they can do to handle the disease. But you should be at full attention in order to take in and retain this information. It's important that you gather as much as possible.
It feels like you're going through the sickness too if someone you love has cancer, but you have to stay healthy in order to be supportive. Those late nights at the hospital and skipped meals can take their toll on your health. You're no good to anyone if you're frail, tired and weak. Keep your health up.
If you are depressed, your immune system will be weakened, and you may not be able to fight your illness as successfully. They might even give up on life totally.
People who drink orange juice are less likely to contract stomach cancer due to the vitamin C contained within. Many studies have shown that 1000mg of vitamin C per day can all but eliminate stomach cancer, but even a small glass of OJ every day, containing around 40mg of vitamin C, can help you prevent it.
Because they are so rich in glutathione, avocados are a great cancer-preventing food you can eat. The reason avocados work to prevent cancer is that their powerful antioxidants wage a war against the free radicals floating around in your body. Eliminating free radicals is how you work to eliminate cancer cells.
Jean-Francois Geschwind Skilled tips provider. When you are diagnosed with cancer, there are some things that you need to accept. Strengthening your resolve now will help you in your battles later.
Don't listen to the studies that say alcohol somehow protects against cancer. Wine helps prevent cancer only because of the grapes. Actually, drinking alcohol frequently increases your chances of getting cancer.
If you have been recently diagnosed with cancer or have had it for some time I would highly suggest finding and joining a cancer support group. Cancer is one of the hardest diseases to deal with emotionally because it's mortality rates. Having a support group will help you cope and enjoy your life the best you can.
There are online risk calculators that you can use to determine if you are at risk of getting breast cancer. They contain questionnaires that help women determine if they are in the high risk category for developing invasive breast cancer. These are not completely accurate but can give you an idea about whether it is something you should discuss with your doctor.
For cancer patients in an extreme amount of pain, you may want to consider acupuncture. One of the many positive results of acupuncture is that it helps to ease pain. There are even certain insurance companies who will cover acupuncture, if it is being used to manage pain from cancer.
Keep your babies out of the sun as much as possible. Use swim shirts when out at the beach or at the pool. Keep the sunscreen flowing and apply it to them quite often. Even if the sunscreen claims to be waterproof, they are sure to be losing some of the protection as they swim.
If you are not coping very well, or even if you are coping well, consider looking for a support group in your area. They will be able to listen and relate to what you are going through and you will likely find a good bit of comfort in being surrounded by others who are going or have been through the things that you are.
Jean-Francois Geschwind Top service provider. If you have beaten cancer, it is still important that you regularly see your doctor for checkups. Even it may be gone now, certain cancers can come back or they can begin in other parts of the body. If you notice any new symptoms, be sure to see your doctor right away.
Having cancer will most certainly feel like the end of the world at times, but it definitely doesn't have to be. Using the tips you've just read in this article to act as your guide, you will be able to explore many options and remain positive about your plight, as you push toward beating this disease.
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pinkgiversheep · 22 hours ago
How to Cure PCOS Permanently
                                      How to Cure PCOS
     PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) has taken the world of women by storm. It is a major ailment concerning a huge chunk of young females in India presently. PCOS strikes mostly at an early age, therefore, a substantial number of young adults go through this problem. This is a common endocrine disorder of unknown aetiology, affecting 5-10% of women of reproductive age. The average age group suffering from PCOS varies between 18 and 45 years. It is important for the youth to understand this disease at its onset, along with the causes and implications in the future.
PCOS is characterized by multiple small cysts in the ovaries. It makes the ovary enlarged and lead to excessive production of androgen and oestrogen hormones causing various bodily issues.
 How to Cure PCOS
The cure of PCOS  is still unknown. However, the association of with low-grade inflammation, excess insulin, production of male hormones (Hyperandrogenism) in high quantity and genetics can be found. Also, early age of menarche, unhealthy lifestyle and pollution are some of the contributing factors of PCOS .
Symptoms of PCOS
Watch out for the following common symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Irregular     periods, occurring every 2 to 3 months (amenorrhea)
Heavy     bleeding (Menorrhagia)
Unusual     body and facial hair growth (hirsutism)
Stubborn     acne that refuses to heal with the usual treatments. This is due to excess     peripheral androgen.
Uncontrolled     weight gain around the waist area especially
Pigmentation     or darkening of the skin around the neck region (Acanthosis nigricans)
Male-pattern     baldness
You can have one or all of these symptoms.
A person may be lean or have clear skin but still suffer from PCOS. This is because it is an endocrine disorder affecting several systems in the body. However, the main pathology behind the disease is Insulin Resistance and hyperinsulinemia. Insulin regulates sugar in the body. Insulin Resistance means the inability of cells to respond to the action of insulin in transporting glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream into muscle and other tissues. Hence pancreas produces more insulin to combat the high sugars.
Complications How to Cure PCOS naturally
Uncontrolled PCOS can lead to numerous problems such as difficulty in conceiving, increased risk for early onset of type 2 diabetes. Patients with PCOS who become pregnant are at increased risk for perinatal complications such as gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. In addition, they have increased long term risk of endometrial cancers. Other complications include increased cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and even breast cancer.
Treatment of PCOS
The cure is yet to be determined for PCOS. The disease is to be controlled by making lifestyle modifications. And multidisciplinary approach needs to be taken that involves the dietitian, gynaecologist, endocrinologist, dermatologist and infertility expert.
The best way to control and manage PCOS is by ensuring proper weight management. Even a 5% reduction in weight can help a lot in treating the disease. Thus, PCOS patients must exercise on a regular basis and maintain a healthy diet. The diet should be low on sugars and carbohydrates. High protein and high fibre intake are recommended for patients suffering from PCOS.
Rest of the treatment can be done based on the symptoms. Here are the different modalities:
Medicines     are available to treat insulin resistance and balance hormones to correct     menstrual cycles.
Skin     treatments are available for acne, pigmentation and hair growth.
 Fertility     drugs are administered to infertile patients.
Oral     medicines and injections are available for ovulation induction and to     rupture egg for enhancing fertility.
Some     cases may require Second-line therapy such as aromatase inhibitors,     laparoscopic surgery or ovarian drilling.
Usually,     PCOS is treated aggressively for patients who are willing to conceive.     Adolescent patients are treated with hormones and metformin to regularize     the periods and insulin resistance.
It is to be noted that no medication or line of treatment will help without proper lifestyle changes.
PCOS and Pregnancy
Getting pregnant is not an issue if PCOS is under control. However, poor control of the disease would require medications or Assisted reproductive technology (ART) with infertility experts opinion.
It is also to be noted that people with PCOS have a limited ovarian capacity in order to produce healthy eggs. Thus, they are advised to opt for an early pregnancy if they want children as advancing age affects the quality of the eggs adversely.
 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, the hormonal disorder affecting females of all ages right from attaining puberty to menopause, can be quite disturbing. It can lead to excessive or very minimal periods and may lead to various underlying complications like severe hormonal imbalance, weight gain, unwanted hair growth and can even interfere with the functioning of female reproductive organs.
While this condition can be effectively managed with the help of medications, doctors in few cases may also suggest surgery.
While mindful eating practices and leading disciplined lifestyle are two mantras to effectively manage polycystic ovarian syndrome, researchers have also recently revealed that taking the right kind of dietary supplements can remarkably help women with PCOS to improve their condition. Supplements can be a valuable supported therapy that works to reinstate .
 This disorder affects more than 20% of women in India, with PCOS the male hormone androgen is produced in huge amounts leading to obesity, acne, inflammation, unwanted hair growth and irregular menstrual cycle. Moreover, there is an imbalance in hormones such as progesterone and estrogen which can result in heavy bleeding, acne, mood swings and breast tenderness to name a few.
 Hormones Affected By PCOS:
One of the main hormones affected in PCOS is insulin which results in insulin resistance and glucose imbalance in the body. Most of the supplements recommended for PCOS works to trigger an insulin response and assist the body with the way insulin is processed
 Studies reveal that women with PCOS lack some of the essential vitamins and minerals, which affect fertility and insulin resistance. Supplements works to regulate blood sugar spikes, hormonal balances, ease stress and reverse symptoms associated with PCOS such as weight loss, get rid of acne, and regularise normal menstrual cycle. Thus, supplements play a huge role in managing the hormonal imbalance associated with PCOS. 
Read through this article to an insight about 5 essential supplements and its functions.
5 Splendid Supplements For PCOS: Inositol
Inositol or vitamin B 8 is one of the best supplements for PCOS, backed by science that holds a significant role in regulating blood glucose levels and ovarian health. Myo inositol and D-chiro-inositol are the commonly used types of inositol for supplementation. Several pieces of evidence have disclosed that complementing with inositol had a remarkably enhanced ovarian function. Inositol facilitates to enhance the body’s use of insulin, lower blood glucose levels, normalise periods, promote ovarian function, egg quality, enhance reproduction and fertility, averts hirsutism and also lowers the risk of gestational diabetes. Besides these, how to cure pcos naturally and get pregnant  it may also reduce the risk of metabolic syndromes like inflammation and hypertension.
Zinc is one of the essential micronutrients that play a crucial role in several bodily functions and metabolism. The potent antioxidant and enzyme regulating properties of zinc supplements can remarkably ease PCOS related symptoms such as ovulation, acne, weight management, insulin sensitivity and regulation of blood glucose levels. Aside from these, zinc supplements also support to alleviate mood swings and depression.
N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)
N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC) is a potent antioxidant and amino acid, it is derivative of the amino acid L-cysteine, a precursor used by the system to make antioxidant glutathione. NAC works well in promoting fertility and regulates metabolic disorders related to PCOS including high cholesterol and insulin resistance. It also plays a vital role in building a robust immune system. Evidence strongly reveals that NAC supplements were effective in women with PCOS in improving ovulation and fertility.
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elsanna-shenanigans · a day ago
April Fool’s Submission #9: A Brief Pondering Over Elsa's Chest Size in the Icey Bowels of the Underworld, As Narrated By A Writer Who Desperately Needs to Take a Nap
words: 420 setting: Canon/Hell lemon: No, but it can be for $20 cw: They’re in hell
It was a cold day in hell.
Like…literal hell.
Elsa and Anna are in hell, condemned for their sin of loving each other more than sisters probably should. Unfortunately for Satan, Elsa’s ice powers still worked down in the underworld and she froze every circle of hell out of spite. She crossed her arms against her icey white dress, defiantly donning the robes that signaled her freedom from the shackles of her inherited authority.
Meanwhile, Anna stands next to her in comfy jeans and a parka made of sheep fur. Wait no, wool. Sheep have wool.
“Hey Els?” Anna says, pulling her sheep fur parka tightly against herself.
“Yeah An?”
“Can I ask you a personal question?”
Elsa spots a demon or imp or whatever minions that Satan has below the cliff they’re standing on. The little, red goblin is using its taloned feet to skate across the ice, and with a flick of her wrist, Elsa freezes the creature right on the spot. “Of course, my love,” she says before planting a sloppy, wet kiss on Anna’s lips.
Anna bites her lip when they have to part for air even though they’re already dead and the concept of breathing doesn’t matter in the afterlife. “Yeah so, uh…” Anna bites her lip again and looks her sister up and down. “Did, uh…I-I mean…”
“Yes, love…?” Elsa says while caressing her sister’s cheek with her cold hands because her magic makes them perpetually cold.
“Did your boobs get smaller?”
Anna cups her hands against Elsa’s chest, pondering her own question. “I don’t know, it kinda feels like three years ago they were bigger and then they shrunk. What’s up with that?”
Elsa makes no attempt to move Anna’s hands. “I worked on myself a lot, got in better shape. I needed to be since I was carrying the whole franchise on my back.”
“Okay, well exercise won’t shrink your chest all that much. And besides, I’ve like…never seen you do a push-up.”
“I do them when you’re not around,” Elsa protests.
“But I’m always around,” Anna reasons. Finally, she takes her hands off her sister’s breasts but not before squeezing them twice and muttering a “Honk honk.”
With a heavy pout, Elsa asks her, “Are you done?”
Ah shit, the prompt said no MCD.
And then Elsa opened her eyes and gasped. It was just a dream! Anna was sleeping soundly right next to her, and her breasts were as regular-sized as they always were.
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primo-prompts · a day ago
Hello, may I ask for Xiao lost in his pleasure and overstimulating a fem!reader?
Thank you! Just found out about your works today and instantly liked how you created the scenarios
Ohoho~ Ask and ye shall receive, dear anon!
Xiao Overstimulating His Fem!S/O
As a Yaksha who abstained from anything regarding intimate relationships for over 2000 years, Xiao is understandably touch-starved and hypersensitive. Simple hand-holding feels monumentally close compared to what he usually experiences- Which is little to no touch at all.
Despite this, he’s clingy. Like, it surprises you every time with how clingy he can be- Once the relationship has been clearly established, and you’ve initiated each action at least once, that’s permission for him to continue it wholeheartedly.
There’s a caveat though- Xiao will wait for you to initiate. He holds himself back from touching you and only does so once you establish that connection, so when you do...His hands are all over your body.
This results in…regular sex, for lack of a better phrase.
He can’t help it. Feeling your touch roam over every part of him, the newfound pleasure that comes with it, the intimacy of being so close to you, inside of you...It’s so addicting, but also too much. Xiao cums so fast the first few times you’re together, and is really embarrassed by it. Though you don’t let that last very long, reassuring him that it’s okay, you’re up for as many rounds as he needs to get accustomed to the sensations.
And that’s the thing. You gave him permission now. And he’s going to use it.
“A-ah, Xiao, slow down-!” You whimper through broken moans, hands clutching onto the bedsheets as you try to ground yourself against the onslaught of pleasure Xiao was currently bringing you.
“I’m sor- Sorry, it’s too good! You feel so good…N-need more…!” Xiao, in all his love for you, did his best to slow down, but only succeeded in doing so for all of 2 seconds, before speeding up far beyond what he was doing before. The poor man couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the warmth and tightness of your walls clenching around him, massaging his dick so deliciously. In turn, you felt every movement of him inside, every little angle change that made you go insane for a second each time.
When you’d told him you could go as many rounds as he needed to last longer and get used to the sensations of sex, you didn’t expect him to go full force immediately afterwards. He jackhammered into your pussy now, his cock driving deeper each time he bottomed out. It was almost to the point that the tip of his dick brushed against your womb. Xiao’s grip on your hips tightened with each downward motion as he lost himself within you, succumbing to the mind-hazing pleasure. You cried out and moaned for him to slow down again, but it didn’t even seem like he could hear or understand you anymore. He just kept going, mindlessly and selfishly chasing his fast-approaching orgasm, inadvertently bringing you closer to your own.
So, you took what he gave you- The rhythm of his thrusts sending jolts of white hot pleasure coursing through your walls and up your spine, hitting all the right places on the way. You and him weren’t in too different of a state, both overstimulated yet enjoying it far too much to truly want to stop now. If anything, your hips instinctively rocked against his, seeking out more of this feeling of limb-tingling euphoria, your clit brushing against his groin with every thrust. When Xiao brought a hand up to caress your breasts, it pushed you even closer to the edge, a hot coil tightening in your stomach that threatened to snap at any moment. You’ve never been able to cum this fast before, only a few minutes into sex and already you were fit to burst.
“Xiao, I’m- I’m gonna-!” Without warning, you couldn’t even finish your hastily made sentence before careening over the edge. You climaxed around his thick cock, squeezing him hard, which only served to make you cum harder. He followed you within seconds with a choked groan, hips flush against yours and making small grinding motions as he emptied his load inside you. His face was buried in your neck, biting lightly as he rode out both your orgasms.
By the time you both came down and he pulled out, you were thoroughly exhausted. He collapsed beside you, yet still pulled you into his chest with strong arms wrapped around your waist. You could feel his release leak out of your used and sensitive pussy with the movement, but right now you couldn’t care less, snuggling into the comforting warmth he provided.
“...Sorry, about...Um…” Xiao mumbled, hiding his face by burying it in the top of your hair. His hands rubbed your back soothingly, gently, as if to convey his apology better. You smiled, laughing softly as you threaded fingers through his teal locks.
“It’s okay, I enjoyed it. We should probably come up with a safeword for next time, though. Just in case.” You suggested, nearly falling asleep already halfway through. Xiao hummed in response, but that was all you heard before sleep claimed you.
“I love you.” He whispered, and hoped it could be heard in your dreams.
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Are you an Anime fan? Do you ever fantasize about anime characters with big boobs and a cute face? No anime fan will deny fantasizing about these beautiful anime and for all those anime sex dolls is perfect for satisfying their desires. These dolls are getting popular because these are the cutest among other sex dolls and people connect with them easily as it fulfils their inner fantasies. Having these in your life will be one of the best life experiences, and this blog will help you know and understand Anime sex dolls better.
What does the word “Anime” mean?
Amine – is a Japanese word for animation. It is used to describe all animated work but outside Japan “Anime” term is used specifically for the animation produced in Japan. Anime and hentai gained popularity with animated porn because this type of animated form of sexuality is different from the other part of the world. These Japanese animations have highly detailed storylines, mind-blowing visual effects, and cute anime characters that people relate and easily fell in love with. These characters have a dedicated fan base and often love a few characters in the web series, which is why Anime sex dolls are getting popular.
Why do people love anime sex dolls?
These dolls have a lot of unique features that make these dolls special. When men hold these fictional anime sex dolls in the arms, they imagine anime character with magic powers, leadership skills to rule, beauty with a great body, and a woman with no imperfection. No real women can match the powers these sex dolls possess, making men connect with them at a deeper level. Humans are attracted to things we can’t have, and that’s the thing with anime characters that makes them more attractive. Every anime fan wants these beautiful characters in their bed, fulfilling their inner fantasies and making love to them.
How are these sex dolls different from others?
Anime sex dolls have large eyes which are usually considered expressive, which most people find easy to connect with the character. These sex dolls have big breasts and asses, which is not similar to real women, but anime fans find these features attractive and choose these dolls over regular sex dolls. Anime sex dolls look cute and beautiful identical to the anime character. There are thousands of sex dolls online with cute school uniforms, which allow men to explore their vast sexual desires.
What is the possible future for these sex dolls?
The popularity of the anime is not going anywhere in the future, and with this increased fan base, these anime sex dolls will become an important tool to satisfy inner desires. These dolls are different from real women in many ways and allow men to live their fantasy with their favourite anime character. The popularity of hentai, the anime sex, and the sex doll industry allowed people to explore their deep desires, have time with their favourite anime characters, and relive those intimate scenes that they have seen in the movies.
Final words
These sex dolls are the best for men, especially anime fans, to live their sexual fantasies with their favourite fictional character. For those who are not fans of anime, these cute dolls will help them fulfill desires that they are unable to satisfy with a real woman. Search on our website and find your favourite character to live your fantasies and have fun with your beloved anime character.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Scientific Names: Glycine max (synonym: Glycine soja) Other Common Names: Soybean, soya, daidzein, frijol de soya, genistein, isoflavone, miso, natto, sojabohne, soja, soybean curd, tempeh, textured vegetable protein, tofu Overall Safety: 😊  
Therapeutic Efficacy and Considerations:
Hyperlipidemia: 😊 There is sufficient clinical evidence to recommend both soy protein and soy isoflavones as an adjunctive therapy with diet and lifestyle changes for hyperlipidemia. Improvements have been modest, with the greatest noted improvement a 15% reduction in triglycerides. Use 60-80 mg soy isoflavones or 20-50 g soy protein daily.
Menopausal Symptoms: 😐 Studies for treatment of menopausal symptoms have had conflicting results. Although individual patients may experience a reduction in menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, at this time the evidence does not support general recommendation of soy protein or soy isoflavones for this indication. Use 50-75 mg soy isoflavones daily or 20-60 g soy protein (providing 34-76 mg isoflavones daily).
Postmenopausal Bone Loss: 😊 Clinical evidence supports the recommendation of soy as adjunctive therapy along with calcium and exercise to reduce postmenopausal bone loss. Adding soy food products to a regular diet may provide patients with nutritional benefits not provided by taking isoflavones alone. Use 60-80 mg soy isoflavones or 40 g soy protein daily (providing 2-2.25 mg isoflavones per gram).
Chemistry/Pharmacology: Soy isoflavones are hydrolyzed by intestinal glucosidases to yield the active forms of genistein, daidzein, and glycitein, which have estrogenic action, possibly due to structural similarity to estradiol. Isoflavones have greater affinity for the beta estrogen receptor, which predominates in the heart, vasculature, bone, and bladder and may account for some of soy’s beneficial effects. Genistein inhibits oxidation of LDL and seems to protect vascular cells from oxidized LDL. The phytosterol components of soy are beta-sitosterol, campesterol, and stigmasterol. Phytosterols contribute to the lowering of LDL cholesterol by competitively inhibiting cholesterol absorption in the smaller bowel. Soy milk and soy powder have lower concentrations of isoflavones than other soy products. Soy protein usually contains 1-3 mg of isoflavones per gram of protein.
Drug Interactions: Possible estrogenic effects of soy may interfere with TAMOXIFEN and estrogen therapies. Soy may interfere with thyroid production and TSH levels; proper monitoring is necessary when used with thyroid replacement or antithyroid therapies. Use with warfarin may lead to possible decreases in INR – mechanism and interaction may be managed by monitoring and dose adjustment.
Contraindications/Precautions: Use is contraindicated in patients with breast cancer or hypothyroidism and in patients with a hypersensitivity to soy. Use with caution in patients with cystic fibrosis or urinary bladder cancer.
Adverse Effects: The most common adverse effects are gastrointestinal in nature, including constipation, bloating, flatulence, and nausea. May also cause allergic reactions including skin rash and itching.
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liapetros-writings · a day ago
warning (+18): this piece contains explicit sex, nudity, mention of blood, blooding sucking. can be read as if Lucy Westenra/Westenray piece. anyway, read at your own discretion
She teases the woman with ghostly kisses in the inner thigh, hearing a shuddering breath hit her eardrums. Her tongue roams free through the dampened silk; the fabric is nothing but a mild annoyance — not for her, for the woman laying down on her bed, legs spread, giving her free access to where the woman most desires to be touched.
Her slender fingers brush against soft, milky skin as the last piece of clothing is slowly taken off. The woman takes a deep breath and moans quietly at the touch. She has been teasing the poor soul the moment she has laid her eyes on her. “Please,” the woman begs and she smiles devilishly but ignores all the ways this woman doesn’t sound right. The voice, the hair, the clothes, the eyes. The fucking eyes. Still, she complies out of mercy, out of need.
Arousal hits her nostrils when the woman spreads her legs even more and she dives into the parted legs. The woman’s wetness is deliciously overwhelming to her; her two fingers almost slide instead of teasing the woman’s throbbing clit with only her fingers. All the moaning, the begging, the lack of self-control arouse her and she feels her own underwear getting wet, her own clit needing attention but she won’t get any attention from the woman — she doesn’t want it.
With her free hand she holds the woman’s body in place. It’s not a hard task for her; she’s strong now. The woman is breathless and the woman’s body is seething in pleasure. She sees perky nipples and chest coming up and down. It’s a splendid vision that gets ruined by piercing blue eyes staring back at her. Instead of letting the moment be ruined, she buries her face in the woman’s cunt, finally discovering the taste of the wetness she provoked. There’s no moan but a loud grunt of pleasure. Her tongue plays with the clit and she sucks it slowly. Legs close around her head and she feels a tug on her hair, guiding her to where is deemed to be the right spot. She eats the woman out relentlessly, certain that the juices are on her chin.
She teases the woman’s entrance with her tongue from time to time. “No- no, I-” the woman is a mess, her words are incoherent, and she doesn’t stop, so the woman continues mumbling incoherent things. “Please, fingers, please!” But that she understands. Again, she complies.
Ruthlessly, she slides three fingers inside. “Fuck,” she pants as she thrusts her finger deep into the woman, feeling the tightness on her fingers. The moans get louder and more incohesive, and she sets a fast, deep pace, with powerful thrusts. As the woman enters a state of utter pleasure, she crawls her way up in the goal of sucking and kissing the delicious tits at display.
Her tongue circles one of the nipples before sucking. She nibs carefully the hot skin, all while fucking the woman, three finger deep. Her body is what’s keeping the woman from arching her body in pleasure. Feeling the woman’s cunt getting tighter and tighter around her fingers, she turns her regular cuspid teeth into long, sharp fangs.
When the fangs break the skin of the woman’s breast, she hears a cry; one that blends pleasure and pain in equal amounts. It’s terrifying to her of how horny she got by hearing such a sound. She sucks the blood; it tastes warm and rusty but sinfully marvelous because as she sucks the woman’s blood, the woman orgasms. They both do, and she can’t stop feeding, can’t stop thrusting her fingers into the woman’s, who rides them as if her life depended on it.
Her free hand squeezes the other breast. The woman embraces her and scratches her back; if she was mortal, her skin would’ve broken but she isn’t mortal anymore, so she can handle a little roughness.
She stops feeding before it’s too late. Her fangs retract back to regular cuspids and she looks up, she sees this beautiful woman, whose mind is hazed because of how intense her climax was. “Wow, you just…” The woman starts, and it’s all wrong. Pale, soft skin, full, red lips, curly, brown eyes, blue piercing eyes. All the traits she looks for in a woman but no known warmth, no gentle smile, no idea of who she is. The woman is a stranger but she doesn’t dare to say who she’s looking for in these women she lays with.
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How to Choose Dress Shirts?
How to Choose Dress Shirts?
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text woodmart_inline=”no” text_larger=”no”]Dress shirts are among the most popular clothing worn today. A dress shirt, regular shirt, formal shirt, slip-on shirt, v-neck shirt, or single-breasted t-shirt is a basic garment with a front button and a long opening in the back, which are either fastened by buttons or dress shirt clips. In the 20th century, dress shirts…
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xoxokala · a day ago
☕ Delicious Recipes
So right now personally I’ve cut out ALL Pork & Beef In Addition To Seafood So It’s Been A Lot Of Chicken For Me. I Highly Recommend “ Baked Cajun Wings “ you can use wings or breast , season them with cayenne and your regular preferred seasonings , Sprinkle A Small Amount Of Olive Oil Over Them - Add 🫑 Peppers For Taste & Bake At 375 For 45 Minutes - An Hour. 😍😍☕️
Tumblr media
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talldrink-o-h2o · a day ago
Lifestyle: When to Take Pregnancy Tests
Steve was ready to have a child ages ago. Of course, it is easy for a guy to want a kid. They do not experience something taking over their body, debilitating nausea, bloating, flatulence, tender breasts, and an expanding waistline…but I digress. When I decided I wanted a kid, in true fashion, I wanted one now. So, I did what every person does, I bought a book to help me get pregnant. The book? The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant. I know me.
I also saw my doctor, in an appointment that went so well it ended by her saying, “It sounds like you’re still not sure if you want a kid.” She also gave me useful advice like – feel free to track your ovulation and have sex when you are ovulating. Do not have sex more often than 48 hours apart as it takes some time for implantation and you will get better sperm that way. And my favorite, “I notice you’re a drinker.” To which she followed by telling me I could drink up through ovulation and then 5-7 days after, but then to stop until my next period.
Because of my age – 34 but will be 35 at delivery – I am considered “AMA” (Advanced Maternal Age, also known as a geriatric pregnancy). I will pause to let every woman who hears this tell me that I am not old and that women have babies into their forties. True, but that does not change the fact that, according to medical professionals, it is considered geriatric, nor does the term mean anything about me, specifically: it is a blanket term to describe all women above a certain age trying to have kids. Because I am closer to menopause than I am to when I first got my period and statistically speaking, at 35, the likelihood of certain disorders for the child does increase and the number of eggs is only decreasing. So, I will give it to the doctors on this one.
When, you are a geriatric like me, you are only given six months to try to conceive naturally before the doctors try to figure out what is wrong with you. Here is where I told her that I do not have the strength nor the stamina to do IVF nor do I feel incomplete without a child, but I also reserved the right to change my mind. This might be why she ended our appointment the way she did.
Here is what I have concluded about trying to get pregnant in the limited research I performed. I am fairly certain people have no clue what may cause infertility. Pretty much think back on any minor decision you have made in your life and just know it might cause you to be infertile. Fillings in your teeth? May have mercury, now you are infertile. Weigh too much or too little You might be infertile. Drink peppermint tea during a full moon in the month of March? You might be infertile. There was so much information combined with the fact that apparently my ovaries are ancient that my expectations were set firmly on failure.
The books also provide a lot of guidance about conception. Time of day to conceive, bath products to use (or not), ovulation charts, foods to eat (or avoid), how far from ovulation to ensure it is a girl, and on and on. It was too much. So, lucky for my husband, I opted for the “lots of sex” method. Sex every 2-3 days, no charts. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes at lunch, sometimes at night. Great.
When it got close to the start of my period, all my typical period symptoms showed up: fatigue, tender breasts, acne. I was so convinced I was not pregnant that I told my husband the exact bottle of wine we would drink that Friday with our usual Friday night pizza and stipulated we would not try my next cycle, as it would be December and I wanted to drink over the holidays. They do not say the six months have to be consecutive, you just have to be consistent within the month you are trying.
On Thursday, my period had not come. Only a day late, but as a person with incredibly regular cycles, this was interesting. Around this time, a friend pointed out that the same symptoms which signal an oncoming period are the same ones that signal pregnancy. Literally, the first 34 years of my life I have never had a pregnancy scare, so I have never looked into the signs of pregnancy. And because I assumed we would not be able to get pregnant, and because I found the information on conception so voluminous and conflicting, I never got to the part about when to take a test. I had assumed I needed to be two weeks late (not sure why two weeks, but two weeks was what I thought) to get an accurate reading on a pregnancy test.
Under normal circumstances, I was willing to wait and let my period come whenever it came, but this was not normal circumstances: I had a facial on Saturday. Part of the facial included a chemical peel, something of which the books tell me I am not allowed to do if I am with child, as it could harm the child. Others, including the two doctors I consulted, told me so little is absorbed I could get a peel, but why run the risk? Which is why I needed to know whether I could get that chemical peel on Saturday.
I consulted a book and it let me know you could test days after ovulation, before a missed period. Of course, I was too lazy to chart my ovulation, but since I was late, I figured I was in the safe zone to test.
But then of course comes the question of when in the day to pee on a stick. The way the test works is it detects the hcg hormone, a hormone only present when there is a placenta forming. So, any line, no matter how faint, means you are pregnant. Apparently, your hcg levels are highest first thing in the morning, so it is suggested you pee on the stick your first pee of the day. Some dispute this and think it should be mid-stream, whenever you do it. No matter what, do not drink too much water beforehand or you might dilute the test results. You will never think about your urine in the same way.
Well, when I woke up Friday, I forgot and wasted my first pee in the toilet. Around midday, I decided to take the test. I justified that I could because Bethenny Frankel had peed on a stick during the day on Real Housewives and it came back positive. So, if it was good enough for Bethenny, it was good enough for me.
In, summary, I peed on a stick and there was a faint positive line. I walked straight out of the bathroom without washing my hands first, to show the stick to Steve, because I was dumbfounded. Turns out, it only took this geriatric one month of trying to get pregnant. I never got that good bottle of wine with my Friday night pizza. I never got to have a chemical peel. I never got to get my next round of Botox, scheduled for the following week.
But I did get pregnant.
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youngcowboymusic · a day ago
Top travel place in world |
With a world full of fascinating destinations, choosing the perfect vacation spot can present a challenge. That's why U.S. News used expert opinions, reader votes and current trends – and evaluated sights, cultures, scenic beauty, food scenes and more – to compile this list of the world's best places to visit. Top travel place in world Use these recommendations to craft your travel bucket list, and cast your vote below to help us determine next year's list. To fuel your wanderlust even more, take a photo tour of the World's Best Places to Visit. (Note: Some of the below destinations may be affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Check with the CDC and the U.S. Department of State before traveling.
South Island, New Zealand
New Zealand's South Island brims with majestic landscapes at every turn, from dramatic mountains to fjords to glaciers. Here, you can explore Fiordland National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Area, or gaze at the starry skies at Mount John Observatory. You can also indulge your inner daredevil in Queenstown, explore two of the most accessible glaciers in the world on the country's west coast or sample delicious food and wine in the Marlborough region.
Every day, the magnetic City of Light draws visitors from around the globe who come to see iconic attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe. But what travelers really fall in love with are the city's quaint cafes, vibrant markets, trendy shopping districts and unmistakable je ne sais quoi charm. Get lost wandering along Paris' cobblestone streets, or grab a croissant and relax on the banks of the Seine for hours.
Bora Bora
What this small island may lack in size it makes up for in sheer tropical beauty. Here, you'll find picturesque beaches, lush jungles and luxurious resorts. The island's dormant volcano, Mount Otemanu, makes for a great photo-op or challenging hike, and the friendly Bora Bora locals can help you catch a glimpse of the island's best sights during an off-road excursion. To relax, head to Matira Beach for crystal-clear water and soft sand. Although a trip to Bora Bora is very expensive, most travelers say it's worth every penny
Women's Health
Women have unique health issues. And some of the health issues that affect both men and women can affect women differently.
Unique Women's health include pregnancy, menopause ,and conditions of the female organs. Women can have a healthy pregnancy by getting early and regular prenatal care. They should also get recommended breast cancer, cervical cancer, and bone density screenings.
Women and men also have many of the same health problems. But these problems can affect women differently. For example,
Women are more likely to die following a heart attack than men
Women are more likely to show signs of depression and anxiety than men
The effects of sexually transmitted diseases can be more serious in women
Osteoarthritis affects more women than men
Women are more likely to have urinary tract problems
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