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#regulus arcturus black
visd3stele · 2 days ago
Reminder that Sirius probably knows how to play the piano and speek french, but he refuses to because he sees it nust like another fancy thing forced on him by his parents. He also knows how to dance ballet, of which he's probably embarrased. He's definitely a smooth talker, what will all manners and etiquete shoved down his throat, but he uses the skills to whisper things to Remus until the werewolf is no better than a tomato. I headcanon him as a talented artist: painting, drawing, sketching or creating masterpieces on hidden canvas, you name it. But mostly he enjoys using a coal, beacuse it's messy and needs special attention to not smudge all over and his mother once talled him he should use the expensive, proper tools instead of a pieve of charocoal. He has to be well read, in wizarding lit, at least, but his curiosity makes him read Remus' muggle books in secret -he has a reputation to maintain. He picked up smoking after he bought his engine, spending so much time fixing it - something he enjoys. Tattoos and rings, clearly.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reminder that Reggie probably learned to play the violin so he could be different than Sirius. He's talented and could bring even a statue to tears. I headcanon him with an angelic voice, so he'd sing to his brother after a bad encounter with their parents until he falls asleep, but when Sirius leaves him, he sings quietly to himself to sleep every night. Like his big brother, Regulus speaks french - proudly - and dances ballet - he doesn't tell anyone, but he does it to let go of stress. Obviously he's well read too, and has a silver toungue to bring people to their knees and ready to do his biding. But beneath his cold façade, he's a softie, who bakes and cooks for himself and Kreacher since he was a child so he can feel the family warmth Walburga and Orion didn't offer. He can't stand a cigarette's smoke and has zero tollerance for alcohol - though he wouldn't admit it. Rings, and ear piercings, totally.
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s3okj · a day ago
my sister: so.. whats ur gender?
me after reading every wolfstar fanfic in ao3, wattpad,, every other writing sorce: sirius.
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lunorichi · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• Liar •
A short comic about Sirius and Regulus Black.
I wanted to draw something about the Black Brothers and their youth and this is the result ,sorry for the angst ,I'm still sad ;-;
(PD: I finished all my exams and commissions ,so I will be able to draw more for now 🥺)
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eronlupett · 6 months ago
*Lily, Remus and Regulus at a prefects meeting*
Lily: y’know we aren’t a bad three.
Remus: agreed. the main thing we have in common is that we find Sirius and James fucking annoying, together we could knock them off their podium.
Regulus: alone, we’re shy and accused of being weird but together?? damn we could take over the world.
Lily, Remus and Regulus: *nodding* let’s do it.
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messers-moony · 2 months ago
One in the Same | R.B
Paring: Regulus Black X Wife!Reader
Summary: Reader notices Draco going through the same pain as her ex lover and desperately wants fix her faults.
“Mr.Malfoy, can you stay after class, please?” 
“‘Course, Professor Black.”
An average day in second year. Professor Black - Y/n - taught History of Magic after Professor Binns decided his time was up. Too long of teaching sleeping students who could care less about his lessons. However, once Y/n took over the position, kid's grades improved and people were no longer sleeping. She made things fun and inventive.
After class time was up, everyone filed out of the classroom aside from the blond Slytherin boy. Draco has always been on the good side of Professor Black. She was always extremely kind to him despite his rather sour attitude at times. But Draco was always hesitant to initiate a conversation to really speak his feelings to her. But this was the first time she had him stay after class. 
Y/n pulled out the chair in front of her desk as he sat down. His white-blond hair and gleaming blue eyes. His young face, not yet defined. Y/n with her h/c hair and curious glinted e/c eyes. 
“Draco, I want to start this by saying I don’t know what your home life is like.” Y/n began, “I went to Hogwarts with your parents, though, and he wasn’t always kind. Your mother was cordial with me, though.”
“If you don’t find me intruding, what’s your home life like?” 
“I- Um- It’s good.” Stammered Draco, “Father and Mother are always kind.”
Y/n’s eyes glinted with curiosity, “Lucius tolerated me.”
“Tolerated you?”
“I married one of his best friends.” Y/n chuckled, “He didn’t have a choice.”
Draco tilted his head, “Sirius?”
“Oh heavens no!” Y/n exclaimed, “Regulus. Sirius Black's brother.” 
“My- My dead cousin?” He queried. 
She nodded, “Yes. I married Regulus right after graduation. His parents weren’t thrilled, but he loved me so, here we are.”
“May I ask a question?”
“What were his parents like?”
“Horrible. The worst.” Y/n spat, “Sirius got the worst of it, but Regulus did occasionally too.”
“Walburga and Orion were awful. Using the crucio curse is not a great punishment for kids.” Draco’s eyes widened, “Both of them had scars from the curse. Sirius ran away at sixteen, and Regulus was used as their puppet. So used that at the age of eighteen, he felt like he had to prove himself. Which inevitably got him killed.”
“How did you deal with it?”
“Well, would you like my honest answer or my Professor answer?”
“Honest, please.”
“Between you and I, I still haven’t gotten over it.” Y/n shrugged, “I see something that reminds me of him, and I’m back at the start all over again. It takes time, and it’s taken plenty of time, but here I am, doing what I love. Teaching kids.”
“Anyways.” Y/n smiled, “You’re dismissed. I’m sorry I took up your time. However, if you ever feel the need to speak with me, let me know. Okay?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Draco picked up his bag, rustling as he stood up. The blond boy was still digesting all the information he gained. He couldn’t believe that his cousins got the crucio curse for a punishment. He thought his parents were bad. Theirs was way worse. Draco was about to walk out of the classroom but turned last minute to look at his Professor. 
“Yes, Draco?”
“There’s-“ He swallowed, “There’s a Quidditch match this Saturday. Slytherin versus Ravenclaw. If you have the time, I’d like you to come.”
“Of course. I’ll be there.” Y/n smiled. 
He walked out of the room without a second stop. He felt better about himself now. He had someone who genuinely seemed to care about him. Draco didn’t trust her just yet, but he wouldn’t be opposed to speaking with her as he had just now in the future. Professor Black had always been open and honest with her students. Perhaps that’s why kids liked her so much. 
Saturday arrived quicker than Y/n would’ve hoped for one reason. She, herself, didn’t own any Slytherin-colored merchandise anymore. But there was a box in her quarters that she brought with her to Hogwarts every year. Regulus’s old clothes meaning all his scarfs, ties, button-ups, pants, hats, etc. Y/n couldn’t seem to get rid of them. Frankly, she didn’t want to get rid of them either. 
Carefully she pulled the cardboard box from the top of her closet. Taking a pair of scissors and breaking the tape seal she had put on it multiple years ago. Inside laid many pieces of the evergreen and silver cloth. Y/n’s hands gravitated to the green and silver scarf. Bringing it to her nose, she was shocked. It still smelt like him. Godric, this was going to be more challenging than she initially thought. 
Nonetheless, she put it around her neck along with her button-up and tight-fit pants. Y/n put on the green gloves, much too big for her but had fit Regulus perfectly, the tie, and the scarf. It brought her a sense of nostalgia. It made Y/n feel like she was a fifth-year going out with Regulus on a date to Hogsmeade. But she wasn’t fifteen or in fifth year. Y/n was a Professor and a full-grown adult. And Regulus was dead. 
The game was going well for Slytherin at the beginning. But like most Quidditch games, things can change rather quickly. Ravenclaw was studious. That was for sure. They played skillfully. Y/n sat in the Professor stands with the rest of her colleagues. She sat between McGonagall and Flitwick. But white-blond hair caught her attention in front of her. Lucius Malfoy was here spectating his son. 
McGonagall nudged her, “Where’d you get the Slytherin gear?”
“How have you been, dear?” McGonagall questioned softly, “It’s been a whirlwind, but nothing I can do will bring him back, so ‘m still here for him. It’s what he would’ve wanted.” Y/n replied. 
Minerva placed a hand on the girl's knee, “If you need anything, let me know.”
“‘Course, Professor.”
The game ended tragically. Slytherin had just tied the game when Cho Chang had caught sight of the snitch. Sadly, she was able to grasp it before Draco. Leaving Slytherin with two-hundred and thirty points while Ravenclaw ended with three-hundred and eighty points. Lucius seemed furious with this conclusion and stormed off the stands. Y/n knew something was up, so she followed him. 
She came up in a deserted hallway in Hogwarts. Draco stood - now changed into the usual Hogwarts robes - and his father stood before him. From the view she had, Draco’s back was to her, and his father was towering over the boy. 
Lucius had a cold and icy voice, “You are insufferable!”
“You had one job, Draco! One! Catch the damn snitch.” He scolded, “Perhaps you were too daft to figure that out?”
“‘M sorry, father. I didn’t mean to. Honest.” Draco was pleading and begging for mercy; it made Y/n’s heartache at the familiar words. 
“Mum, Dad, I seriously didn’t mean to!” Regulus had cried after breaking a vase, “Excuses, excuses, they won’t get you anywhere in life, boy!” Orion shouted. 
Tears collected in his silver eyes, “‘M sorry! ‘M so sorry!”
Walburga pointed her wand at him, “Crucio.”
Lucius scoffed, “Malfoy’s don’t cry, wipe those tears.”
“Should‘ve sent you to Durmstrang. You come to Hogwarts and forget everything I’ve ever taught you.”
“Father, I really didn’t mean to! She just got there faster than me.” Draco begged. 
Y/n saw it before Draco did. Lucius raised his palm slowly, and Draco flinched. Y/n saw the pale hand rise into the air, and without a second thought, she ran in front of the young boy, taking the blow that was meant for Lucius’ son. Draco heard the sound but never felt the impact. Carefully he opened his eyes to see Professor Black standing in front of him, a hand on her cheek. 
“How dare you get in the way!” Lucius yelled, “How dare I? How dare you for trying to leave a hand on your son!” Y/n retorted her bright cheek red from impact. 
Draco was appalled, “Draco is your son! Not a toy or a puppet, and I will not stand for this!”
“You don’t have to, half breed.” Lucius seethed, “As you said, he’s my son. Not yours.”
“I could give less fucks!” Y/n exclaimed, “Draco is my student. I will not be having you lay your hands on my students.”
Lucius scoffed, “Where’s your child, mm?”
“Right, you don’t have one.” Lucius answered, “Because your blood-traitor of a husband decided to get himself killed!”
“Regulus was not a blood-traitor for trying to right his wrongs!”
“Regulus and Sirius were no different from each other.”
“Leave them out of this!”
“Oh, so it’s still a soft spot for you?”
“So help me, I’ll-“
“Petrificus Totalus.” Draco stated while holding his wand, causing his father to fall to the ground, paralyzed. 
Y/n stared at the body in shock, “Draco.”
She didn’t even have time to reprimand him before he burst into tears. Y/n turned quickly and embraced him into a much-needed hug while the boy sobbed on her shoulder. Y/n’s hands went through Draco’s white-blond hair gently while he let every emotion out. She pulled away and wiped the tears on his cheeks. 
“You’re going to be okay, I promise.” Y/n informed, and Draco nodded, “Th- Thank you, Professor.”
Y/n smiled and sent him off to the Slytherin common room, leaving her to deal with Lucius. The Professor dragged him to Madam Pomfrey to deal with. Later that night, in her quarters, while brushing her teeth, she noticed the considerable bruise covering her left cheek: Blue and purple hues mixed to create a dark blue-violet looking color, almost grey. 
Sixth year was now here. Y/n’s fourth year of teaching at Hogwarts, and she couldn’t have asked for a better job. On September 1st, she went through the floo-network to arrive in her teacher's quarters. Looking at the time, it seemed that students were just about reaching onto the grounds when a knock sounded at her door. 
“Come in!”
A blond boy, much taller, defined face, and grey eyes had just walked into her teacher's quarters, “Good evening, Professor.”
“Good evening, Draco.” Y/n greeted smiling brightly, “What's on your mind, sweetheart?”
Draco didn’t know where to begin as water collected on his lower lash line, and gently he pulled up his left sleeve. Godric, it felt like deva Vu all over again. 
“Y- Y/n.” Regulus called through his tears, “What’s wrong, baby?” Y/n asked, sitting beside him on the four-poster bed. 
Regulus couldn’t help the tears that helplessly fell down his cheeks. His eyes were silver and blurred. Cheeks flushed and hair knotted. This past summer had been a shit show for him with Sirius running away and just everything that had gone on. Regulus had never felt this hopeless before. 
“I- I need your help.”
“Of course, anything, baby.”
He swallowed, “Just know that I’ll love you forever. Okay?”
Gently, he released a breath of air and pulled up his left sleeve. The combined snake and skull only meaning one thing. Regulus was now a death eater to the Dark Lord. Tears sprung in Y/n’s eyes but not because of disappointment but because of worry. She didn’t know what she would do if Regulus were to be gone. 
“They forced me!” Regulus pleaded, “Please, please don’t leave me.” 
Regulus was weeping, and Y/n took him into her arms, “Shh, shh, I’m not disappointed. I’m just worried about you.”
“I don’t wanna- I don’t wanna do this.” Regulus whimpered, “Please help me.”
“I’m gonna help you ‘m love. Don’t worry.” 
“What happened this summer?” Y/n asked as Draco pulled back down his sleeve.
“Auntie Bella.”
Draco was trying so hard to swallow his tears as his Professor was now face to face with him, “Draco.”
How was her voice so sweet and calm, almost like she had done this before, “It’s okay to show emotion. It’s being human. Let it go, darling.”
Just like that, the dam broke, and Draco was a sobbing mess again. How was it that Professor Black had always managed to feel more like home than his actual parents? What had his mum done for him while Bellatrix was giving him the mark? She had just stood there watching pain contort on his face. Y/n felt more like a mother to him, more like family to him. 
“Shh. Shh. You’re safe here, Draco.”
“They- They want me-“ He was choking on his words, and Y/n placed her hands on his shoulders, “Take deep breaths and then explain. Okay?”
He began to inhale and exhale air at a slow pace, “They want me to-“ Draco swallowed, “They want me to kill Dumbledore.”
“Okay.” Y/n stated, letting out a breath of air, “You and I will get through this.” 
“You- You promise?” 
“I promise.”
Perhaps it was instinct now for Draco to stay after in her classroom. After every lesson, Draco would visit her in her classroom just to be in her company or to talk. What was it about Y/n that drew these people close to her? Ones with broken souls who believed that couldn’t be helped. Was it her kindness? Perhaps it was her caring nature—too many variables to pinpoint. 
The moment Y/n heard crying in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, she knew something was wrong. Approaching cautiously, she saw Harry Potter doing the same behind Draco, who stood facing the basin, dried tears on his cheeks. Everything happened too fast for Y/n to understand. But when Harry spoke an incantation that left Draco bleeding out on the floor, everything changed. 
She was jumping into action hastily, falling to her knees beside the blond-haired boy while Harry was almost in tears at his mistake. Y/n took her wand out and began muttering spells to heal the boy's chest. Harry was now in a heap on the floor, tears filling his glorious emerald eyes while the Professor took care of his harm. It took ten minutes before the bleeding stopped, and Y/n turned to face Harry. 
“‘M sorry. I- I didn’t know…”
“It’s okay. I’m just glad I was here.” Y/n replied, and Harry looked like a mess, “I need you to go to the Gryffindor tower and not speak of this to anyone, okay?”
He nodded and stood up sluggishly. Harry left the bathroom, leaving Y/n with an unconscious Draco. Sighing heavily, she picked up the boy and lugged him to the hospital wing, where he was taken care of. The following day an owl was pecking at Y/n’s window, leading her to wake up and take the note from the owl’s foot. 
“Draco won’t stop calling for you.”
Y/n freshened up, brushing her teeth, hair, and a change of clothes before making her way to the Hospital Wing. It was quite a ways away from. Her section of the school, but if Draco needed her, she needed to be there even if it was six o’clock in the morning. Her shoes made a light tap along with the wood as she walked and hesitantly opened the big door to the infirmary. 
“Oh, thank Merlin!” Madam Pomfrey said with her hand over her heart, “Draco has been asking for you, my dear.”
She gave a tiny smile as Pomfrey pointed to where Draco was lying. Carefully she stripped back some of the white curtain and pulled a chair beside his bed. Y/n took his hand in his. It was cold and pale. If she closed her eyes, she could imagine holding Regulus’ hand in the same exact way after a horrible Bludger accident. 
An hour later, Draco finally woke up, “Mornin’ sweetheart.”
“Professor, you- you came.”
She smiled, “You called for me, of course, I’d come.”
Draco pushed himself up into a sitting position, his grey eyes locked on her warm e/c ones, “Sorry, I just, didn’t expect you to come.”
“How are you feeling?” 
“I feel okay. Little sore but nothing I haven’t been through.” 
Y/n smiled sadly, “I knew a boy just like you, you know?”
“You did?” Draco asked, and she nodded, “I did.”
“Could you tell me about him?”
“Well, he was strong, smart, and closed off. His home life wasn’t too great either and was forced into being what his parents were too.” Draco looked eager for more, “Eventually, he realized that this wasn’t the life he wanted. He no longer cared about his parent's approval. He just wanted to be him, but by then, it was too late.”
“Too late?”
She nodded, “He was already in too late, so he did the only thing he thought of. Betraying his parents, his family. He was so caught up in what he was doing he didn’t realize what he was doing, and now, because of that, he’s no longer with us.”
“But you aren’t too late, Draco.” Y/n stressed, tightening her grip on his hand, “Let me save you. Let me help you.”
Tears ebbed at the corners of his eyes, “Please.”
Y/n took him in her arms and rubbed his back soothingly, “You aren’t alone. I’m here for you.”
It took months, but everything was over. It felt like time had stopped. Y/n could remember the terror standing outside of Hogwarts as the death eaters stood on the other side. Narcissa was calling for him - the boy who had no choice - and Draco was panicking as Lucius began calling his name. 
Draco swallowed and shook his head. 
It was the feeling of relief that brought Y/n solace. Draco took the step that Regulus took, and she would make sure he didn’t pay for it. The relief felt like a breath of fresh air now that the war was over. Y/n had stepped into the Great Hall panicking, hoping, praying that he was okay. At that moment she saw it. 
He was crouched in the corner. People were glaring at him all around. Draco saw. He saw the Weasleys crying over Fred. He saw Harry look empty, staring at Remus Lupin and Nymphadora. The way Lavender Brown’s parents sobbed over her dead body. He saw the way Dennis Creevey was yelling and screaming in pain at seeing his deceased older brother. Draco could remember how close they were. 
Nonetheless, he stood up and ran into her arms: his solace, home, and safe place. Draco couldn’t remember what it felt like to be held this tight. He dug his nose into her neck and just remembered to breathe. She pulled away to see a small smile playing on his lips. Y/n cupped his cheeks gently. 
“I’m so, so proud of you.” Y/n smiled, “I can't explain how proud I am of you. You did it.”
Draco smiled and leaned into her hands, “Thanks, mum.”
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comfortscripts · 9 days ago
My Little Dove ¬ Regulus Black
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 4
Plot - Regulus wanted to love and cherish you but a desire to corrupt you was always present so what happens when you decide to let him ruin you?
Genre - Smut ♧ {16+ Only}
Pairing - Regulus Black x Inexperienced!Fem!reader
Notes/Warnings - THIS IS FLUFFY SMUT. Praise, loss of virginity for the reader, bit of an innocent kink, they are either in 6th or 7th year but this takes place at Hogwarts. Unprotected sex but I like to imagine that there are safety spells to cast afterwards
Word Count - 1.9k
The Slytherin common room rumbled with laughter. Young hormonal witches and wizards making filthy jokes as their minds concocted fantasies of their crushes. It was that kind of stage in life where all that mattered was sex, well to most of your friends anyway.
Always the innocent one of the group, 'the dove' as Nina Nott once claimed. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the sexual jokes, doe-eyes widening at stories of wild nights and flushing checks whenever your dashing boyfriend placed his hand on your smooth thigh. It baffled your peers at how the sweet darling of Slytherin ever agreed to go out with Regulus Black, the mysterious and handsome pureblood.
Whilst his friends constantly teased him about you being too innocent, about how you must be so boring and tame. Regulus couldn't help but disagree. Your innocence lit up a secret desire in him, knowing that you were so pure when he was tainted and blackened. You were his prized princess and when the time came, he would be the one to corrupt you.
Gentle firelight sparkled across the common room, making the silver decorations dance in flashes of glitter. Head resting on the Black boy's shoulder as his hand caressed your exposed knee, the two of you were listening to yet another story about Barty's wild sexual exploits from over the holidays. Even though Regulus claimed that barely half were true.
As the dirty-minded wizard continued explaining how he made a girl orgasm with a single finger, your innocent little mind decided to indulge in the sinful thoughts you so often push away. Thoughts of Regulus exploring your body in ways no one had before, or picturing his mop of dark curls between your legs as he dipped into your delicious core. No matter how innocent people thought you were, you couldn't deny that the thoughts of Regulus making you cum over, and over again, wasn't something that consumed your mind after the sun had set.
Whilst your mind flooded with sinful fantasies, your beloved boyfriend noticed the way your cheeks were reddening by the second and how your supple thighs clenched ever so slightly. His curious head filled with ideas at the subtle reactions but there was a single thought that stood out, you were aroused.
Bowing his head ever so slightly, the Slytherin wizard whispered gently, "My love, I'm feeling rather bored with this company. How about we make our way to my room?"
The velvety words were enough to bring you back from your daydream, and with a shaky nod, Regulus grasped your hand to pull you away from the comfort of the leather sofas.
With each step you ascended, your confidence grew. Tired of pushing your wants away, bored of being labelled innocent and fed up with not being able to reach that high by yourself anymore. All these reasons and emotions led you to one solution; you needed Regulus, all of him.
Entering the wizard's room filled you with excitement but the fear was overwhelming your subconscious. How do I even suggest this? What if I'm terrible and he leaves me? What if he sees me naked and decides it's not what he thought? The inner monologue battled with your confidence as you placed yourself on his large silken bed, a perk of being prefect.
The dip in the bed and the strong aroma of teakwood made you twirl your body towards the dark-haired man. Locking your eyes, you felt protected in his gaze, knowing that he would never let anything hurt you and he would never judge you. That simple look sent all your fears running and your stomach swirled with confidence once more.
Placing a delicate hand on his sculpted jaw, you inched ever so close to emit a soft "I love you Reggie" before connecting your lips with his. The gentle touch of your plump lips against his made your heart swell and your body ache for something more, aching to feel loved. Encasing you within his lean arms, Regulus guided your figure onto his sturdy lap as his fingertips trace the nap of your neck and tangle in your hair.
This reaction from the pureblood boy spurred you to deepen the kiss and shift the atmosphere into something more than the passionate make-outs the two of you engaged in. With a soft nip of Reg's lower lip, the two of you began exploring one another's mouth in an intimate dance of tongues and teeth. Heat slowly flowed to your pleading core, begging for some attention after all these usual nights ending with warm embraces.
Giving into your body's wants, you grind into Regulus' growing hard-on in a desperate attempt for friction. The out-of-character action elicits a guttural groan from the man as he sharply pulls away from the kiss, with confusion laced orbs at your sudden movement.
"Princess, don't do that."
"But why? It feels good right?"
"Yes but if we start down that road, I might not be able to stop"
Placing a single hand over his steady-rising chest, you confess "I don't want you to stop. I want you, all of you."
Love driven lust replaced all signs of confusion in his sharp features as he took in your words, drinking in the idea of finally being able to corrupt his little dove. Wrapping a slender hand across your back, he flipped the two of you so his figure loomed above yours.
Regulus began planting soft kisses against your jaw as he cautiously undid the many buttons holding back your exposed chest. Treating your clothes as if they were wrapping paper covering his prize and he was eager to reveal the marvellous sight beneath it. As the final button popped open, the man let himself harden at the picturesque view of your satin white bra which cupped your tender breasts. Lowering himself to delve between your mounds, his lips nipped and sucked the smooth surface, making sure to leave marks to show his love.
Sensations of the simple act mixing with anticipation left you shivering for more. His slow movements felt like a pleasurable torture as you core became slick in preparation for his attention.
"Reg, please. I want more"
"Are you sure my dove? Almost feel bad corrupting you, such a sweet little thing"
The words washed over you, adding to the heated atmosphere. "Regulus, I want you to corrupt me. Please baby, ruin me."
As if all inhibition in the man snapped, his actions became more determined and his fingers made quick work of stripping himself bare before turning his attention to your pleated school-girl skirt. Whilst all the girls at Hogwarts wore one, only you could make heads turn and only you could make Regulus feel like he won the Triwizard Cup.
"This is staying on, okay princess?" He stated toying with the edge of your skirt before sliding his hand further to meet your clothed core "But these are coming off." And with a hardened tug, the eager man torn your lacey panties.
The cool air now freely reaching your glistening core made you whine and rut your hips, begging for any type of feeling on your throbbing core. Regulus traced a single digit across your inner thigh before gliding it over your soaking core, coating his slender finger in your juices.
He brought the wettened digit to his lips before tasting your sweetness, "Oh babygirl, you taste delicious. Trust me, you'll struggle to keep me away but for now, I need to be in your tight little pussy"
Blush flooded your cheeks at his lewd words but you couldn't contain the whimper of desperation at his words, tempting him to just bottom out inside of you already. But like the gentleman he was, cautiously lining up his leaking cock with your sopping entrance before whispering "Are you sure you want this my love?"
Biting back a whimper at feeling of his angry tip resting against your folds, you shakily let out a "yes" and with that, Regulus sheathes inside of your warmth.
Gasping at the sudden feelings, the pain melted away quickly as the feeling of fullness overwhelmed your senses. The dark-haired man stilled himself as you both grew accustom to the new sensations but as your nails softly dug into his biceps, he began to gently build up a slow yet punishingly deep pace.
"You are so tight my dove. Squeezing me so well that I may not last as long as I wished." Groans fell from his lips with the interruption of a mumbled chorus of your name as if he were drunk and you were the only think he could remember.
Moans and whimpers tumbled from your mouth as his punishing length reached so deep, pressing that sweet-spot with every thrust. You always knew that your fingers could never compare but this, this was better than you could have imagined. The way his cock so expertly filled you whilst his large hands groped your exposed flesh, all accompanied by the sweet sounds the duet of moans and groans bouncing through the room.
Feeling the knot begin to grow in your stomach, Regulus places a single digit on your puffy clit before rubbing merciful patterns to quicken your climax. Your sounds grew louder as your orgasm approached, chants of his name broken up by light pleasured whimpers freely erupted from your lips. Regulus picked up the speed, now thrusting into your clenching cunt at a harsher pace as he watched you fall apart.
Pride flooded his senses as he realised that he was the only one who got to see this side of you, he was the only one who got to watch you come undone and he was never planning on letting you go. "Are you going to cum for me princess?"
"Yes, oh my god! Reg, I wanna cum"
His own climax hit maximum capacity as he began a final burst of energy, pounding into your tight hole as your noises melted into his lips with a bruising kiss. Bodies becoming one as the tension of your inevitable climaxes burst through the gates.
Reg's hips stuttered against your body as his orgasm came flooding over and he released himself into your accepting warmth with a loud outburst of your name. Your body convulsed with pleasured as you felt the final cord snap, opening the flood-gates of ecstasy. Nails impaling your lover's back and bicep as he gripped your waist with a harsh force, leaving marks of the night you shared.
Staggered breaths fell from your mouths as Regulus carefully unsheathed himself and brought your exhausted body into his loving arms. Delicate kisses were littered across your exposed shoulder before he placed a single tender kiss against your forehead, a shy communication of love that he created for you.
"Are you okay my love? I wasn't too much, was I?" No matter how much of a big game Regulus spoke, the both of you knew that he feared harming you above all else and inside, he was the most caring man there was.
Lightly pressing a kind kiss on his plump lips, you offer a glowing smile. "It was perfect, I couldn't have ask for better. I love you and I don't think I could feel happier than I do now"
Snuggling closer into the pureblood man, you hear his rapid heartbeat begin to slow as he accepts your embrace.
"I love you my little dove"
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Reunited: R.A.B. x Fem!Potter Reader
A/n: Thank you @insanityismyvanity for proof reading this and supporting me, even though we were both supposed to be in class! I should have added this before but I'll be honest, I forgot...
Warnings: Angst, Mild swearing, Disownment, Mentions of Sex
Summary: James Potter's little sister, the outcast, finally feels accepted by a special someone.
House: Slytherin
Blood status: Pureblood
Word Count: 1463
Y/n Euphemia Potter. Daughter of Fleamont and Euphemia Potter. The great James Potter’s little sister. That has always been how everyone saw me. Even my own parents.
James was the son, the sun, and all the planets revolved around him. Me, the daughter, the black sheep of the family. The silent one. So, unlike the rest of my hearty family. A mistake. A blemish on the clean records of the long list of Potters. Just another one of the celestial bodies that obeyed his every whim and command.
I always lived in his shadow. At first, I adored him, my big brother, my brave Jamie. But very soon, my love warred with my resentment for him. He forever was and will remain in the spotlight. He would remain the favourite child, favourite grandchild, favourite cousin, every fucking person’s favourite, whether they mattered or not.
“She is so much quieter than Jamie here,” people would say.
“Oh Y/n/n just prefers the solitude, the quiet,” my parents would say with the tense smiles that appeared when they talked about me, before piercing me with their sharp gazes, the ones that demanded that I spoke and smiled and curtseyed like the perfect pureblood daughter that I am.
“You are wrong,” I dearly wished to scream.
“You don’t know me at all. And you never will, as long as your precious Jamie is alive.”
But my mouth was sewn shut, by myself, knowing that I must fit in. That could only be done by being the obedient little witch I must be, so, I just gave went along with it, practically giving them the permission to use me like a bloody Barbie doll my aunt procured for me from the muggle world.
My aunt was the only person who loved me more than she loved Jamie. She loved me as her own, just as much as she loved her son, my cousin, Henry Charlus Potter. Dorea Potter née Black was probably the only person who didn’t view me as perfect Jamie Potter’s odd little sister.
But then, she and her husband and son, moved away, to send Henry Potter, Junior to Ilvermony. And with that, I lost the only source of familial support. The only one who wouldn’t have turned her nose up at me when I was later Sorted into Slytherin, because she was Slytherin too.
I suppose I should have despised Slytherin like everyone expected me to.
But how could I? No, I couldn’t. Not when my Sorting gave me a friend, the one who soon became my first, truest and last love. Regulus Arcturus Black, a fellow year mate, younger brother of the disgraced Sirius Black, my brother’s best friend. My Reggie. The only one who would always want to have me around. The one who would love me endlessly, even after my last breath.
It was Reggie who held me as I sobbed pitifully when my parents sent me letter telling me how disappointed they were that I had been Sorted into Slytherin. He had not known me more than a few hours. Yet, he became my closest companion and confidante that day. After I wettened his new robes with my salty tears, we were inseparable.
It was Reggie who taught me to be impervious to the cold glares my brother and his friends gave the both of us, which had replaced the loving and mischief filled looks, the same ones that Jamie had once given me, the day I was Sorted.
It was Reggie who saved a seat for me on the Hogwarts Express, when my brother and the rest of my family continued to pretend that I had never been born a Potter.
It was Reggie who stole my first kiss, the day I turned thirteen, back in second year. He was the only person I ever kissed, or rather snogged after that. Typically, a thirteen-year-old seldom finds her soulmate this easy. But I knew then and I know now, Reggie has always been the one for me.
It was Reggie who wrapped me in his embrace in front of everyone on Platform 9 ¾, when my parents were too busy bidding farewell to Jamie, giving him all the hugs and kisses, even those that should, possibly would, have been mine, had I not been a Slytherin.
It was Reggie who coerced me onto his broom for a victory lap in our fourth year, after he caught the snitch and won the Quidditch match for Slytherin. He kissed me after, during the party in the common room, before we lost our virginity to each other in his dorms.
I still remained the docile, compliant daughter. But that was until they allowed Sirius fucking Black into my house, which should have been my only safe haven, away from cruel, judging eyes as long as I stayed within my chambers.
The hateful, disgusting arse, who sneered at me for befriending and loving his “idiot brother”. My parents would sit tight-lipped and mum, while he casually threw daggered words at me, with my brother cheering him on. It hurt so much, but I silently took those verbose descriptions of me, usually including the word ‘traitor’ and the phrase ‘dirty, vile Slytherin’ among other cutting remarks. I tried to dodge them and pretended that I did, even though they tore through me.
But then he poked jibes at his own brother, my Reggie. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had never been a brave witch, but I gathered up all the courage I had to calmly tell my parents that I would no longer like to remain a Potter before packing my belongings and call for the Knight bus. The bus took me to 12, Grimmauld Place.
My parents didn’t react at all. Just nodding before going back to ignoring me, as though I was being childish. Perhaps they thought I would come back to them. I do not know.
It was Reggie who held me as I sobbed into his arms, the events spilling from my lips almost incoherently. He convinced his parents to open their home to me, although I think Walburga only did to to spite my mother, for all but adopting her disowned son.
We were quickly betrothed, the summer before my sixth year. I was a pureblood Slytherin after all, and I was now estranged from my blood-traitor family. Those last two years of school were perhaps the best in my life.
Even seventh year, when I held Reggie’s head to my heart as he cried about the newly burnt brand on his arm, how sorry he was but if he hadn’t taken it, the Dark Lord would not have hesitated to hurt the both of us. How he just wanted to assure us safety. I had told I loved him for the first time then, and that I vowed that I would always love him, no matter what happened. That we would always have each other to rely upon, to love and be loved. That I would stay with him forever.
But the night before we were to be wed, a few months after graduation, my decision to take a wandless stroll outside 12, Grimmauld Place had turned out to be a fatal mistake. The last thing I remembered before waking up behind the Veil was two very drunk Death Eaters shooting curses at me and a sickening green flash of light. It had been so very quick. I was only sorry I broke my promise, my oath, to Reggie.
I don’t know how long I remained there, skulking in the darkness, avoiding other lost souls, wondering how my life would have been if I hadn’t just died. Would my parents have come around? Would my brother ever have loved me again? Would he have invited me to his upcoming nuptials? Would I have lived ‘Happily Ever After’ with Reggie?
I know it isn’t a good thing to not let go, and simply forget, but I can’t let go off the one person who loved loves me. I can still feel the flutter in my heart when I think of pretty dark curls and near-silver eyes. Memories of Reggie and those we created together, keep running through my otherwise tranquil mind, like waves of the Black Lake, the ripples disturbing what would have looked like a perfect piece of glass.
Presently, I stand here, shrouded in pure blackness of the veil, barely seeing the silhouettes of the fellow dead, when I see those familiar grey eyes again. We fall into each other arms, grasping for dear life, hoping to never be separated again. Whispers of ‘I love you’ and ‘I am sorry’ breach the eerie silence. I suppose I can fulfil my vows, this time. We are finally reunited.
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mischief-marauders · a year ago
Why do y’all talk so much about Snape and Draco ? There are more interesting Slytherin’s in the wizarding world that can be talked about. Let’s talk about Regulus Black who defied Voldemort for his house elf and died by himself to stop Voldemort. Especially when the entire world looks down on house elves. Let’s talk about Andromeda Tonks who defied her family and married a muggle born. Then lost her husband, daughter, and son in law in the same year and still found the strength to take care of her grandson. Let’s talk about Narcissa Malfoy, who was the only death eater to not have the dark mark. The woman who hides her cunning and manipulation beneath beauty. She lied to Voldemort, the most powerful legilemens to exist, to save her son and Harry. Let’s talk about Leta Lestrange. A powerful black woman who was bullied at Hogwarts yet didnt become evil. A powerful witch that sacrificed herself to Grindelwald to save Newt and redeemed herself. Slytherin is THE house. They have the high class and elegance. Silver with dark green. Slytherin is cunning and ambition. There are so many layered and deep characters but all I hear is “Snape this” and “Draco that”. Slytherin is way too interesting for people to talk solely about Snape and Draco.
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marauders3ra · 15 days ago
Okay but Sirius was actually the biggest softie ever. This man would go out in his leather jacket on his motorcycle with the long hair and tattoos but gets home and asks his werewolf boyfriend to read him a bedtime story and make him chocolate milk
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moony-likes-hot-choc · 8 days ago
Regulus: you know
Regulus: my parents treat me like a god
James: really?
Regulus: yeah
Regulus: they ignore my existence unless they need something from me
Jame: reg no-
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“I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I face death in the hope that when you meet your match, you will be mortal once more.”
— R.A.B
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