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#regulus black

Summary: Sometimes you lose your life to gain your soul.

Rating/Warnings: T (some fantastic racism, references to trying to correct learned ideas/behaviors, references to death)


Once upon a time, being a member of the “Noble and Most Ancient” House of Black meant something. To be its heir meant something more. Being the youngest of two sons, Regulus Black felt all the importance of this lofty position the moment it was bestowed upon him. His parents trusted him to lead, to continue their family name, to make the right decisions. Their older son had disappointed them one too many times, and only that had placed the weight of this responsibility on Regulus’ back. He would not—could not—disappoint them in the same way.

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Thursday 26th July 1973

Dear Diary,

I. Am. Incredibly. Bored. Being. At. Home.

I honestly don’t know how I lived here for 11 years. It was a miserable existence.

It is almost Barty’s birthday and I am going to buy him a Diary just like you so he can experience the joys of documenting his thoughts and feelings. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have a Diary.  I believe it is a very healthy outlet for emotions.

Sirius on the other hand… thinks that his emotions need to be broadcasted for the world.  This is Sirius:




Sirius… please… we do not need to know all your internal thoughts.  Especially that you need to pee… what do you want us to do with that information?

You know what Diary…. tomorrow I will write in you as if I am Sirius.  Then you will understand what kind of idiocy I am dealing with.


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(not my gif) 

Pairing: Regulus Black x Potter!Reader 

Summary: This story hasn’t been told yet by the others but it needs to be done. James and the rest of the Maraudes wasn’t always alone. They had someone with them who was their light beside Lily Evans. Y/N Potter was the sister of James who has been long forgotten but it brought back up again to remember who she really was. This isn’t some a romanitc love story. This is the final story that needed to be told. 

  • chapter one - a distant memory
  • chapter two - home
  • chapter three - regulus arcturus black 
  • chapter four - the forgotten one 
  • chapter five - dead of the night 
  • chapter six - forgotten dreams 
  • chapter seven  - i will find you
  • chapter eight - darkest minds
  • chapter nine - the betrayal
  • chapter ten - the battle has begun



This story is to celebrate my almost 700 followers! I have completly falling in love with Regulus Black and as the face claim of Timothée Chalamet that I’m using him as a fancast. However, this story will be arriving soon since it needs to be planned and plotted. Please, don’t expect this story will be coming out so soon because I want to write and see what my mind can come up with the story! The current plan is that will be ten chapters. 

I will be posting this series as once it’s all completed and written. I will also post the cast soon! 


send an ask to be tagged or drop a comment below^

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closed: for @regulus7

where: rod’s office at the ministry

rodolphus was sat in his office, filling out paperwork and waiting on regulus. the boy was a few minutes late, which didn’t really bother rodolphus since it wasn’t urgent. it just gave him more time to continue with his current task. he was filling out forms for access to some of the auror office’s information that he had yet to receive and knew he would have a hard time securing them without going through the proper channels. rodolphus heard a knock on his door, looking up to see regulus. rodolphus motioned for him to open the door. “you’re late,” rod stated, putting aside his quill and taking a sip of his coffee. “something hold you up?” 

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He turned around slowly. His head tipped back only slightly, and there he was. Regulus. A soft smile that showed no teeth occupied his mouth and eyes. “Hey” he whispered just enough for Sirius to hear. “No. You’re not here” tears stung Sirius’ eyes and his head fell in a desperate attempt for Regulus to leave. “Sirius, it’s okay” Regulus whispered. The concrete room was dark and unwelcoming, the only light from the moon shining through the barred window of Azkaban. “Reggie” Sirius whispered “I’m sorry” he looked up. Regulus was standing in front of him. His grey eyes reflected Sirius’ matted state and broken eyes, that used to match his brothers. His slender fingers were placed on Sirius’ bearded chin gently and light, like a soft ghostly touch. Because that’s what Reggie is now. A ghost. Regulus pushed Sirius’ chin up swiftly. “Heads up brother, otherwise your crown will fall.” Sirius leaned into the touch but just like that. Just like before. Regulus was gone.

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Harry Potter Characters as Weird Things I’ve Texted to My Friends

Regulus: I pity the allos. What goes on in their funny little heads?


Lily, to Remus: Does he want you sexually? Romantically? Queerplatonically? Hungrily?


Lily: well, I DON’T KNOW! He’s your boyfriend, not mine!


Harry: I was joking with a friend about my childhood, but their facial expression made me slowly realize that none of it was funny


Sirius: someone yell at me to sleep because I am dumb and have no self-control

Remus: *softly* go to sleep, you beautiful bitch


Pansy: we should get porcelain masks

Draco: why

Pansy: then we can be the freaks we are on the inside on the outside, too, and no one will know who we are


Ron: will there be food at group?

Hermione: just leftovers from what they feed the underclassmen


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Day 2: Christmas Card

This happens after Severus graduates from Hogwarts. @deepperplexity

Pairings: Evan Rosier/Severus Snape (sort of)

It was the middle of the night and Severus was wondering who the bloody hell will send him something.

The owl had continued to peck at the window until it was let in. Severus crawled out of bed and glared at the owl “Shut up” He whispered angrily as he quickly opened the window. The owl flew inside and landed on top of his bed, Severus walked back to his bed and stared at the owl.

He noticed the owl had black and white feathers as well as soft yellow eyes. Tho what caught Severus’s attention was the envelope attached to it’s leg. “The hell…” He quickly untied the envelope from the owls leg and watched as the elegant owl flew right out the window and into the dark night sky.

Severus turned his attention back to the envelope and noticed the wax seal on it. The symbol on the seal was the Rosier family crest, he stared at the seal unsure as to why Rosier would send him anything. The only people he knew who would send him something was either Lily or Lucius, sometimes Regulus would send him a letter but that was rare seeing as they hardly spoke to eachother.

“Tsk Lucius or Regulus must have given him my address” He muttered to himself as he removed the seal and opened up the envelope. Severus pulled out the card that was inside and stared at it with utter confusion. “Why the hell is Rosier sending me a card…” he noticed the cards design, the card was dark green with glittering snow falling from the clouds up on top of the card, as well as a lovely raven flying around. ‘Magic’ he thought and slowly opened the card, Severus saw snow flittering inside as well.

There was also a few butterflies flying around some were blue, others were purple, and the rest were a lovely light green. Severus couldn’t help but smile as he read what Rosier had written.

'Merry Christmas Snape, sorry for the late delivery but my parents wouldn’t let me leave their side. Hope you had a great holiday

Lots of love, Evan Rosier’

Severus raised an eyebrow “Lots of love?” he questioned to himself. He let out a yawn and figured he’d write a letter to Rosier asking why he wrote lots of love. The two only spoke when Rosier needed help with potions, tho the two may be roommates they never really socialized much.

He placed the card inside his dresser and walked over to his window in order to close it. Severus stood there for a moment and soon walked back to his bed. He laid down and stared up at the ceiling wondering why Rosier would send him a magical Christmas card. Another yawn escaped from his throat and his eye lids slowly closed trapping him back into sleep.

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Author Interview Tag

Tagged by @of-stars-and-moon <3

Name: Kat 

Fandoms: Harry Potter (Marauders Era to be more specific to what i write) 

Where you post: i post on ao3 and here :) 

Most popular one shot: Beautiful Broken Boy. y’all really like angst 

Most popular multi-chapter: i don’t have a lot of multi-chapters but the most popular one i do have is my fic Help which is a regulus lives au. Teenage Headache Dreams is also a very popular wolfstar one i have that continues to grow…

Favorite story you’ve written so far: Sincerity is Scary. that one was so cathartic for me to write and i adore it still <3

Fic you were nervous to post: Whole. it is a fic about marlene coming to terms with her sexuality and being able to express herself in that way. you get really awesome blackinnon friendship in this fic cuz i just love having the trope of them coming out to one another and being great friends <3 

How you choose your title: usually a song, tbh. or a line that i write in the fic itself

Complete: most all of my fics are complete since i do mainly one-shots, but Help and Whole both have chapters that are expected to come soon and i may continue adding onto Teenage Headache Dreams since so many people enjoyed it! 

In Progress: i have so much in progress right now. Help and Dancing on Glass are the main ones taking priority though. 

Coming soon/Not yet started: …..👀👀

Do you accept prompts: yes! i do accept prompts but it does take me time to get to them

Upcoming works that you’re most excited about: i’m excited for the next chapter of Help. i think you all will like it :) 

Tagging: @littlejeanniebean @moonscarsandstars @magic-girl-in-a-muggle-world & anyone else who wants to do it!!!

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Sunday 22nd July 1973

Dear Diary,


I have been home for at least a week now and it is just so ANNOYING living in tight quarters with Sirius again.  



It is infuriating.  I thought the most annoying part about being home would be having to deal with Mother and Father but they are surprisingly not too bad.

Barty and I have been writing letters to each other.  His summer seems to be as annoying as mine.  His father is apparently being really horrible to him. I think because he is my friend? I don’t know why that is a big deal… I am a pureblood too, just like him….

Then again my parents don’t like me being his friend either since he’s the son of the Head of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic and we all know that my parents have no trouble breaking the law (the cruciatus curse…. Sirius….)

Anyway Potter is currently singing really loudly through the mirror and I might have to throw something at it to render it unusable.  Bye Diary.


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