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#regulus black
Baby Regulus: Why don’t Mummy and Daddy ever hug and kiss? *big sad eyes*
Andromeda: Well Reggie. Some people don’t like to-
Bellatrix: It’s because they hate each other
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themarvelmarauder · a day ago
James: If you had coffee as a meal today, you need to go have another meal because why?
Regulus: *mumbling* because coffee isn't a meal
James: Louder
James: Very good!
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starchasing-chocolate · 2 days ago
“You’re really pretty. Did you know?” James slurred, reaching over and twirling one of Regulus’ curls. “My pretty little Reggie.”
Regulus looked away from the boy in front of him, attempting to hide the growing blush and smile on his face. “You’re drunk, James.”
James threw his head back and laughed. “Yes and you’re really pretty.” James smiled dopily at Regulus. “Can I kiss you tomorrow? I’d love to right now but I’d very much like to remember everything about it.”
Regulus smiled into his hands, refusing to let James see the effect he had on him. “Only if you remember, Jamie.”
“Oh, I’ll remember.” James rested his head on Regulus’ shoulder, both of them leaning into the other. “Can’t wait.”
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anythingforjegulus · 2 days ago
sirius: my god, i hate him.
regulus: me too.
sirius: you’ve no idea of who i’m talking about.
regulus: soliditary, brother.
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fuckboyevan · 2 days ago
Regulus: I'm dating James
Barty: I knew your standards were low, but I didnt expect them to be that low
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fuck-the-patriachy · 2 days ago
regulus: met a depressed, sarcastic shit today. awful
james: looked in the mirror?
regulus: someday you will have to answer for your actions and god may not be so merciful
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3lvendork · 16 hours ago
To the Dark Lord
I know I will be dead long before you read this, but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret. I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I face death in the hope that when you meet your match, you will be mortal once more.
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siriusly-a-timelady · 2 days ago
James, banging on the door: Regulus! Open up!
Regulus: Well, it all started when I was a kid...
Remus: No, he meant-
Sirius: Let him finish
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babie-snakes · a day ago
“Are you seeing this shit?”
Sirius and Peter were reclined on matching red towels, toes digging into golden sand on a beach somewhere in the French Riviera, courtesy of uncle Alphard. Remus, who had a terrible sunburn, was indoors sulking beneath several layers of aftersun. If Sirius was a better boyfriend, he’d be in there with him for moral support.
Unfortunately, he had rays to catch.
Pushing his sunglasses down his nose, he turned his head in the direction Pete had indicated.
Down in the water, James had Regulus up on his back. They were spinning around in the waves, James threatening to dunk Regulus while Regulus screamed and clung on for dear life.
He was laughing, Sirius noted. Laughing like he hadn’t in a long time. Loud and bright and so, so happy.
And then, with an undignified squawk, Regulus fell and was submerged under the crashing waves for almost too long before he burst past the surface, spluttering and swearing. His hair was soaked, plastered to his face.
“You’re dead, Potter,” He yelled and pounced - and then he was back on James' back, their game restarted.
Sirius pushed his glasses back up his nose and smiled, “Seeing what?”
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eronlupett · 22 hours ago
Sirius, knocking on the door: ayo Reg?
Sirius: Reggie?
Sirius: Regulus?
Sirius: Reggie A.Black. heheh that sounds like a rapper name
Sirius: Regulus Arcturus?
Sirius: Reg Reg Regulom?
Sirius: Regu…lar. Regular?
Sirius: …Regu…lick?
Regulus, from the other side of the door: *stifled sounds*
Sirius: aha! i knew you found me funny! *opens the door*
Sirius: oh wait you’re crying-
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Sirius looked over at the couple on the couch next to him. He watched as James stroked Regulus’ hair, smiling absentmindedly as the younger Black slept on his lap.
“Thank you.” Sirius whispered, nodding his head towards James.
James looked up at him curiously. “For what?”
Sirius sighed. “For helping him. I- I’ve never seen him so relaxed before. Back at home, he practically slept with one eye open.” Sirius chuckled sadly, causing James to frown. “And not just that, you’ve helped him with everything else. He’s actually happy. So yeah, thank you.”
James smiled warmly at that, looking down at his sleeping boyfriend. “Nah, he did most of the work himself. I just pushed him a little bit towards the right direction.”
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fuckboyevan · 2 days ago
Regulus: this chicken isnt thaw
James: you're not thaw!
Regulus: what does that even mean ?!
James: I dont know! You expect me to know the meaning of my own insults?
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some??? jegulus maybe??? 👀👀
regulus had a bad day??? 🖤 starts questioning himself??? james won't let him?????🙈
you're such an amazing writer 👑👑
i love you tons ‼‼
Alright, yes yes and yes. Here is a collection of times Regulus was doubting themself and James made it known that they have no reason to. Just cute couple’s things. Also, I’ve decided I really like nonbinary Regulus, I’m in love with the idea actually (and it’s @fuckboyregulus 's fault but I ain’t mad about it).
Confession: Did I saw I was gonna post this like two weeks ago and then promptly never finish it? Maybe. I'm sorry. The Big Sad hit hard but we're on the upswing now.
Also another confession: this has been sitting in my asks forever, since before I really started writing Jegulus, and I finally decided to do some more since it's been forever and it was gonna be short and sweet and spiraling into like 2k words... oops. But who here is gonna complain? Yeah, I thought not lol <3 I had several ideas for how to write this so I wrote them all, tell me what one was your favorite? :)
1. ~after exam nerves~
Regulus has just gotten out of potions, head down and shoulders slumped, when they caught sight of James on a bench across the still crowded hall.
“Hey. How’d the exam go?”
“Kicked my butt. I’m sure I got half of it wrong. I’m just rubbish at potions.” Regulus sighed.
“Hey, no one’s allowed to do anything to your butt but me. And I’m sure you did fine, you studied non-stop for the last three days.” James smirked. “Or rather, you did stop a few times.”
“Yeah, when you were incessantly distracting.”
“I’m always distracting. Look at me.”
“Oh, I do, don’t you worry. But this exa-”
“Nope. You did great and I will not hear otherwise. You had it all down last night, as long as you didn’t mix up Wartcap powder and Octopus powder again, you’ll be fine.”
“Which one of those was for the Fire Protection Potion?”
James chuckled and threw his arm around Regulus’ shoulders, pulling him close. “It’ll be alright. It won’t hurt anything at least; it just won’t work. Now had you added both, it would have made the potion…”
“Stronger?” They looked up at their boyfriend.
“Exactly. It’s a fairly harmless ingredient, just strengthens most potions. See, you know it, just need to not freak out about the exams.”
“But my potion was wrong.” They sulked.
“But if everything else was decent, your grade will be alright. And we’ll really study up for the next one.”
“We?” Regulus asked, smiling up at James.
“Yes. We. I’ll actually help this time, instead of being a distraction.”
“But I thought you were always a distraction?” They smirked.
2. ~pre match jitters~
“I should go, Sirius will be back from dinner soon.” Regulus said into James’ neck, from where the two were cuddled together on James’ bed in Gryffindor Tower.
“No. Stay.”
“I really should head back and get some rest before the quidditch match tomorrow. It’s only against Hufflepuff but if I don’t do well again, Mulciber’s going to bump me back down to reserves.”
“No.” James snuggled impossibly closer, “You’re going to do great. I know you are. Ravenclaw is a tough team, but you’re going to kick butt tomorrow. I know it.”
“But,” they sighed, “What if-”
“Nope. No, I will not hear slander against my partner. Not gonna let it happen.” James protested, holding Regulus tight and placing a kiss in their curls.
They stayed cuddled together for a while, James holding Regulus tight and rubbing reassuring hands up and down their back until they drifted into a light doze.
Sometime later, the other three marauders returned from dinner, rowdy as always, banging the door open.
“Shh!” James shot them a dirty look as the person in his arms grumbled and shifted. James soothed a hand down their back and hugged them close.
“What are they doing here!” Sirius whisper yelled. “They have a perfectly good dorm several floors away from me they could cuddle you in. Gross.” Sirius feigned disgust. But James didn’t miss the smile that pulled at the corner of his lips at seeing his sibling sound asleep in his best friend’s arms.
3. ~rough words from home~
James smiled at Regulus who sat next to him at the Gryffindor table, filling their plate with toast and bacon for breakfast as Regulus poured tea for the both of them.
I was quite early, not many people in the great hall yet, so they ate in comfortable silence, sitting impossibly close, and ankles locked together beneath the table. It wasn’t long before the morning post arrived, and the Black family owl landed in front of Regulus with a angry hoot.
James shot Regulus a worried glance as they untied the note from the owl, who tried to peck their hand before flying off.
“You alright?” James asked them, eying a little spot of blood on their knuckle.
“Yeah, it’s fine, barely hurts.” Regulus said, taking their napkin to clean up the drop of blood.
James eyed them wearily as they reluctantly opened the letter, trying to get a read on Regulus’ expression. They never liked getting letters from home, usually their mother just expressed her disappointment in her “only son” and scolded him to do better. This one seemed to be no different, and James could feel Regulus go tense beside him as he neared the end of the letter.
Regulus folded he letter back up neatly before placing it in his pocket, staring down at his plate, disinterested in finishing it.
James wasn’t sure what was wrong, but didn’t want to overwhelm Regulus with touch, so he jostled their entangles feet and waited for Regulus to process what he wanted to share. If he wanted to share.
“Mother is not happy about my last potions exam.” Was all they offered.
“Forget her. You did so well. Way better than the last one, and you passed with flying colors.” James reassured them.
“I may have improved but not enough.” Regulus’ voice waivered, tears in his eyes. “She said if I- I don’t- she-”
James moved a tentative hand to his back, “Hey, shh, it’s alright. I won’t let her come near you. Okay? Please. Think about what I said, yeah? I’m serious. You never have to go back there again.”
Regulus let out a wet laugh, “You’re not Sirius.” They sniffled, turning into James’ shoulder. “I… I have to go back.”
“No.” James was resolute, wrapping Regulus up in his arms. “You don’t.”
They stayed like that for another minute before Regulus sniffed and pulled away. “Will you help me study again? There’s another exam in a few weeks and if I have any chance of getting a hundred percent, I’ll have to get started now.”
“Of course. I’ll always help you. And you’re going to do great, you know everything, you just don’t explain yourself the best in the essay portion. We just need to work on getting you to slow down and writing out your thought process is all.”
“But I suck with words.” They slumped.
James knocked their shoulders together, “No. You’re great with words, you just get a bit ahead of yourself when you write them down. Now, let’s forget that dreadful letter.” James help out his hand expectantly.
Regulus handed over the parchment and watched at James cast a quiet incendio and turned it to ash.
4. ~late night ramblings~
It was yet another win against Ravenclaw for Gryffindor today and the party in the common room showed no signs of dying down anytime soon, and it was already one in the morning.
Regulus, not one for loud parties or being surrounded by loads if people, had snuck up to James shared dorm room some time ago to curl up in his bed, away from the chaos.
Regulus had been nearly about to drift off when they heard the door creak open behind them and click softly shut before feeling a weight dip the bed and an arm lay softly over their waist, pulling them back into James’ chest. They smiled as James placed a soft kiss to the back of their neck.
“Finally had enough partying for the night?” Regulus teased, sleep slurring their words.
“Was missing you.” James answered back simply.
“Why?” Regulus let slip out.
“What do you mean by that?” James went a bit rigid, holding Regulus tighter, sounding much more serious than his soft flirting had been a moment ago.
“I- I just meant… I don’t know.” Regulus got out through the sleepy haze threatening to take over. “I just don’t know why you’d miss me. Rather be in here than having fun downstairs. I just don’t get why you’d- you’d waste time with me. I’m not worth-”
“Why do you like me? Like spending time with me?” James countered.
“I dunno.” Regulus slurred out. “You’re good. And make m’ feel safe. And caring… no one’s really cared about me like you do.” Regulus clutched James’ arm to this chest.
“You’re good, Reg. You make me feel safe, and good, and I care about you so much.” He squeezed them tighter. “Don’t you ever doubt for a second how much. You’re worth it all, Regulus. Remember that.” He placed another soft kiss on their neck.
Regulus gave a contented hum as they wiggled happily, getting comfy, and James could sense the tension leave their body as sleep pulled them under.
James just snuggled in as close as he could, holding Regulus tight, never intending on letting them go.
5. ~woke up on the wrong side of the bed (James wasn’t there)~
“You’re not good enough for me. Why would you ever think this was going to work out.” James sneered, “You were a mistake. I should never have brought you here.” His hateful words were hitting Regulus like bricks catapulted at his chest. “You aren’t worth saving.”
Regulus awoke with a gasp, bolting upright. They looked around the room frantically through teary eyes. They didn’t recognize where they were as they brought a jumper sleeve up to wipe the tears off their face. Looking down at the jumper, it was soft and in a deep maroon color. This isn’t mine,they thought. Looking around the room, they took in the warm red of the walls, the open window to the left, and the bedroom door open to his right.
Regulus started to panic more, breathing fast, trying to work out what had happened. James had been yelling at them in the dream. Had it been a dream? Sneaking off the train and going home with James and Sirius for the summer had definitely felt like a dream, finally getting away from their parents. But his yelling had felt so real.
Regulus tried to work out what had happened but couldn’t help hyperventilating. They barely heard footsteps pass outside the door just to come back and knock softly. They looked up to see someone rush towards them and envelope them in a hug.
“Shh, it’s alright Reggie. It’s okay.” Came Sirius’ voice.
All Regulus could do was let out a sob, unable to get their arms to move and hug their brother back.
“What’s going on?” Regulus heard a clang as he saw through teary eyes James hastily put down a plate on the floor as he entered the room. “Reg, what’s wrong baby?” He sat down on the bed next to Sirius, going to pull them into his arms.
“You- You hate me.” Regulus sobbed out as Sirius reluctantly let his sibling go to allow James to scooch closer. Sirius kept a hand rubbing up and down Regulus’ back, sticking close by.
“Never, baby. Why would you think that?” He questioned softly.
“You- you said- and then I woke up and you weren’t here, I-” They gasped out.
“No, Reg. It was only a bed dream. Never. Never, I promise.” He held them tighter, starting to understand what must have happened. “I’ve got you, Reg.”
Regulus cried harder for a moment before they quieted, and James help them until their breathing evened out a bit more. “I’m sorry.” They hiccupped, whispering a barely audible, “Please don’t go.”
“Shh. I’d never do a stupid thing like that. Never, baby. I’m right here.”
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fuck-the-patriachy · a day ago
james: let's hang out today
regulus: uh, sorry i'm busy
james: it really wasn't an option
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