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timmyslover · 2 days ago
all i wanted - regulus black
[ warnings: not proof read ]
i was gonna make this really angsty but i love soft reggie too much
Tumblr media
(gif is not mine)
regulus has been going on missions all the time lately. he promises he’ll be back soon every time, but who was he kidding?
“reg?” i began, earning a hum of response from him.
“do you think of me when you’re out there?” i asked shyly. “what do you mean, love?” he asked, confused.
“i mean- you’re always out and about… do you ever stop and think about me? do you ever stop to think about how i might be feeling? i know you aren’t doing this voluntarily, reg, i promise i know. it’s just that- you aren’t really putting up a fight for it, y’know. i kinda feel like you’re just giving up at this point and doing whatever.” i rambled.
“the world never really treated me fairly, y/n. it’s a shame, really. when i go out there all i can think about is you, my love. i feel like it’s all some sort of nightmare. some horrid everlasting nightmare. but as soon as i step back home, to our home, it’s a dream. i’ll see you half asleep on our sofa watching some black and white muggle movie, you’d wake up when you hear me come in. you’d make me some tea and you’d force me to sit next to you and cuddle you. i’ll see you mouth the words of the film, as if you memorised it word for word. all i wanted was you. all i wanted was a nice life for us, darling. but i can’t even make that happen. m’sorry.” he sighed.
“i could follow you to the beginning, just to relive the start. because you’re all i wanted.” i cupped his cheek.
“maybe then we’ll remember to slow down at all our favourite parts.” he added.
“we grew up to fast.” i mumbled pitifully, holding him close to my chest.
“one thing never changed. one thing never changed from since we were 11. all i want is still you.” he kissed me.
“i love you.” i sighed against his lips.
“i love you more.”
“whatever you say, love.”
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Hi!! I hope you’re having a great day. I just wanted to ask you if you could do softdom!sugardaddy!regulusxfem!reader?? Regulus takes her to Paris but her new jewelleries and lingeries and fucks her against the view of the Eiffel Tower. Only if you feel comfortable with it. Feel free to ignore.
heyyy! i hope you're having a marvelous day aswell! i personally love this request so much, it seems like the perfect thing to write, so thanks for submitting this!!
PAIRING: softdom!regulus x fem!reader
WARNINGS: nsfw content, sugar daddy-ing, descriptive smut, semi-public sex, overstim, modern AU, age gap (reader is 21) , pet names (princess, love, baby i think..?)
SUMMARY: regulus takes you to paris to treat you
Tumblr media
You’re sitting at a nearby restaurant at the airport, sipping a coffee while scrolling through your phone. Your boyfriend sits on the opposite of the small table, looking around at the small shops lined up against the large room.
Regulus noticed that you’ve been drowning yourself in school work, and wanted to surprise you with a vacation to Paris, before you arrive back home to another week of finals. You were beyond excited when he texted you about the trip, having checked your schedule the night before.
“Southwest 4379 scheduled for takeoff 9:35 pm is now accepting and loading passengers.” The loud intercom announces you and your boyfriends flight. 
You stood up slowly, shoving your phone in your back pocket as Regulus held both of your suitcases in his arms as he began to walk to the ticket instructor.
30 minutes after submitting your ticket, you and your boyfriend found your reserved seats in first class. It was similar in size to a large walk in closet, a small room stretched around a coffee table, with soft blue and purple led lights stuck on the sides of the outer walls surrounding you.
“Bed looks comfy. Oh, and check this out, Bubs!” When you sat down on the bed, a laptop sized tv made itself noticeable as a mechanical whirr sought a series of movies and shows on the screen. 
“’S fancy, don’tcha think?” Regulus settled on the side of the bed, glancing over to you, who was now snapping pictures in front of your window.
“Very fancy,” You rolled out the “e” when you replied.
“And nice.” You added with a snicker.
After taking pictures, you crawled across the bed to Regulus, who was now scrolling on his phone, looking at gold and silver necklaces.
From behind him, you hooked your arms around him, lowering you face into the crook of his neck.
Regulus hummed as he continued scrolling on the jewelry site, adding every piece he found would fit you to his virtual cart.
“Wake me up when we land...”
“I think I like this one.”
“That one?”
“Yeah. Matches my gold dress in my suitcase.”
You carefully picked up a silver bracelet and held it up to your face, eyeing the the gold engraved heart on the pallet in the middle on the bracelet.
“Could get my name on it. We could get matching ones hm?” Your boyfriend placed his hands on your shoulders from behind you as he spoke into your ear.
“Totally!” You happily obliged, nodding and giving the bracelet to him as you and him walked over to the cashier so he could ring it up.
“I like black and blue on you, Love.” Regulus caught your attention as he held up a dark lingerie set up to you, awaiting your approval.
“It’s almost perfect, I love it, too.” You looked at the set in awe.
“Should I try it on when we head back to the hotel? This is the last place we are visiting tonight, right?” You checked your phone for the time. 7:56 pm.
“Actually, there’s one more place I would like us to visit. Do you remember how you said you’ve always wanted to see the Eiffel tower?”
You two reserved a private view room in the Eiffel tower to admire the beautiful night.
“Still marvelous, am I right?” Regulus whispered a tease from behind you, blush crowding your cheeks when he moved his left hand from your shoulder to your waist.
You let out a pleasurable groan as he placed quick kisses on your neck, hands roaming across your chest.
“Haah.. m-more..” You moaned against him as he placed a long kiss on your lips.
You whimpered against his face when he guided his right hand up your loose shirt, massaging your tits through your lacy bralette. 
“May I?” He motioned over your underwear, waiting for a response from you. When you nodded ‘Yes’, he pulled up your bra from under your shirt, rubbing your nipple with his middle finger. 
You let in a sharp breath as he did that, signaling to him that you enjoyed what he was doing. 
While his right hand was on your chest, his left hand found its way from your waist to the hem of your underwear, thumb hooking under the waistband before the rest of his fingers followed suit.
He let the pad of his middle finger lightly ghost over your clit. After teasing that area for a few minutes and earning a a series of moans from you, he plunges his fingers in your wet hole.
“Please, I need you.” You begged before he let out an honest laugh.
“More specific, darling.” He took this opportunity to lightly squeeze your nipple, earning another moan from you. 
“Need your cock, Reggie.” You whimpered as his pace in your pussy went faster, making you grip the handrail in front of you.
“Well, since my princess begged so nicely for it, I might just give it to her.”
Playing with your breasts and getting you off drove you over the edge, your hips rutting against his hand as you came, moaning out sweet nothings.
Regulus unbuckled his belt as you came down from your high, thick cock springing from his boxers when he pulled them down.
Slowly pushing inside of you, you moaned out even louder due to the overstimulation, and your boyfriend pulled his left hand from your underwear, and held his ring and middle finger to your plump lips. 
“Taste yourself, darling.” 
You took his wet fingers in your mouth, swirling your tongue around them.
After a few moments of himself inside of you, he picked up his pace and thrusted in and out of your pussy, setting off another orgasm of yours.
“Mmm, gonna fuck my cum inside this pretty pussy.” He groaned out, indicating he was close, too.
While you were coming for the second time, Regulus approached his high soon after yours.
“That was amazing.” You turned around on the bed to Regulus’ side.
“Which one, the trip, or me inside you?” He let out a laugh and you gasped in sarcasm.
“Actually, both.”
“Which one did you like the most, princess?”
“The trip.”
He scoffed.
“I was kidding!”
a/n: apologies if this isnt the best, i didnt have time to spell check it and i was high writing like 75% of this lmao, its all over the place
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visd3stele · 17 hours ago
Can i request an angst fic with regulus black where he and the reader are boyfriends and she is his fiancée, so they both have the dark mark but and y/n is still supporting the order of the phoenix, regulus finds out and betrays her and delivers her to the Death Eaters, the Death Eaters assassinate her after torturing her, after that Regulus regrets after she is dead and realizes that he really loves her and that she was the love of his life.
thank you and congratulations for the 100!🤗
Thank you! 💫
I was actually taking a break from requests, but DAMN! I love this and now I NEED to write this lol...
TW: heavy angst (like super, super dark - sorry, I got in a bad state mid writing it and put all my feels down on paper), violence, death, something that looks like falling into madness (?), child abuse, torture (depictive), blood, self sacrifice that looks a bit too much like suicide, self inflicted pain as punishment
A/N: the title is the chorus of a song, actually, they don't belong to me (link for song if any of you are interested: Hurt like hell by Fleure).
v/t -> voice tonality
masterlist and requests
I loved and I loved and I lost you
Tumblr media
"Good wizards behave, Regulus. They listen to their parents and become perfect heirs. They honor their House and their name." Orion spoke as if he was a teacher during a lesson and not a frightening presence in the salon of Grimmauld place nr 12.
"But bad boys must be punished, so they right their behavior." Walburga smiled cruelly. But not at him. Never at him. With a flick of her wand, a petrified Sirius was dragged forward. His big brother's once fair skin was already covered in bruises and punctured cuts. His clothes ripped, body trembling, but defiance bravely fixed on his face.
Orion draw his wand as well and both pointed them towards Sirius. But their eyes, as grey as the brothers' – unnervingly so – watched Regulus instead.
A criss cross of blinding light ran before his eyes. A scream clawed at Regulus' ears. Then, the little boy he was screamed with his brother. Now, the obedient follower of the Dark Lord, representing the House of Black in the meeting, didn't even flinch. Nagini, the giant snake, poked her fangs in the limp body as soon as her master gave her permission.
The victim has been rumored to be part of the Order of the Phoenix. A muggle born fighting for justice. "Pathetic," his causing Bellatrix scoffed. And murmurs of approval rose from all around the table. Except from his right, where y/n, his fiancèe, stood. When Regulus turned to look at her he saw the haunting look in her e/c eyes. The unshed tears, the trembling of her face muscles, struggling to keep an even, emotionless expression.
"Mud bloods are a blight on our society," Walburga once said.
"Do not worry, dear. The Dark Lord is taking care of it."
"Why do we need to rid of them?" A curios, innocent Regulus asked. His answer came later that night, when they broke down the door to Sirius' room to point to all the disgusting posters of disgraceful bands and break some vinyls the Gryffindor didn't manage to hide in time. "They are ruining our kids, Regulus. Do you want to end up like your brother?"
Said brother bowled his fists and glared at their parents. He turned the hatred he nurtured – rightfully so – for Walburga and Orion towards Regulus. He went to bed without dinner every night and had to rest most days due to his wounds. No, Regulus didn't want to be like Sirius. The muggles and their sympathizers ruined him.
"Everything alright, my love?"
"Yes, yes," y/n answered too quickly. She offered Regulus a tentative smile. "But I can't stay for the soiree. I have something to take care of at my family's shop."
Y/n's family, as all respectable purebloods, was filthy rich, gallons pouring in from the Ministry. But that didn't stop her parents to open a small shop in Diagon Alley: a bookstore. Filled with dark artifacts, objects of that type of magic and books of the occult.
"Should I come with you? I can help."
"No, don't worry about it, Reggie. Stay, have fun." And with that, she left, rubbing her wrist where the dark mark signaling her pledged loyalty to Voldemort stood.
The young wizard bit his lips, too many thoughts pressing on his heart. The past few months had been like this. Y/n seemed to avoid Regulus with all costs and as much as possible. And he feared she found another. Why wouldn't she? Regulus has always been the quiet type, passing through life rather observing it than participating. Y/n, on the other hand, was energetic. She never backed down from a fight and always stood up for what she believed, even when her parents disapproved of it.
Then, she fell for Regulus. The scrawny boy he had been, always in his brother's shadow, barely noticed despite his name. Y/n gave him a chance when both needed the same book for an assignment, discovering in Regulus a smart, sensible guy with irony laced sense of humor and a lot to unpack. And he saw a bright witch, strong not only in magic, but in wits as well, a presence that would change the world even if no one offered her the possibility to do so.
Soon, the two of them became the best of friends and even sooner, they fell in love with each other. It wasn't just Regulus or just y/n anymore, it became Regulus and y/n. The inseparable power couple of Hogwarts. When the Dark Lord rose, they both took the mark, together once again.
"How are you, my dear? How do you feel?" Regulus asked, voice gagged with silenced sobs, refusing to let the stream of tears go. The night could easily be his worst one so far. Sirius has been disowned and thrown away, falling apart after a feral, mad punishment. And the title of the heir of Black fell upon him. Not only that, but what his brother refused to do, Regulus must fulfil. His parents wouldn't take lightly another disobedience and there was no chance for him to get away. The most Ancient and most Noble House of Black needed an heir.
So Regulus, heart throbbing, pulse so loud it was a miracle no one else heard it, mouth dry and eyes overly moisturized, lifted his sleeve with trembling fingers. He knew it'd come to this. Joining the Dark Lord, becoming one of them, Death Eaters. He didn't doubt the necessity of such a thing, especially after losing Sirius to muggle lovers and their likeness. But he was also painfully aware of how bloody these people were willing to get.
Regulus couldn't say he hated muggles, half bloods or even mud bloods – though James Potter and his band of mischief could go to hell from taking his brother from him. He never enjoyed fights. Curses, gore, violence, he had no taste for it. If he had a choice, he'd spent the rest of his time studying. A scholar life, creating new spells, discovering new old, forgotten ways of practice, maybe even teaching, like y/n suggested. Away from fights, drama and exhausted arguments. Instead, he was to swear filthy to Voldemort and do his bidding. So Regulus did, with a heavy heart.
Y/n didn't answer right away. Her lips were sealed tightly closed, her fingers twitched at her side. She and her family had been visiting the Blacks, as did other high placed families, that fateful night. And when Regulus was pushed to take the mark, she volunteered as well. Seen as a gesture of loyalty to the cause, the witch was praised for it. In reality, y/n's love and devotion made her act that way.
She couldn't care less about one's blood line. Secretly, she began to question her uprising believes. But y/n wouldn't let Regulus fall. Not alone. The witch threw her arm in front of her and accepted the vicious magic inking a permanent brand on her wrist. Her face faltered not, her chin high, body straight and stoic.
"I'm fine, my love. What about you?"
And now, the war seemed to tear it all apart. Regulus couldn't stand it. The uncertainty, the doubt, the insecurities swimming in his mind. He needed to know. He needed proof if he was to argue with himself against the stupidity of claiming y/n a cheater. So Regulus followed his fiancèe all the way to an abandoned warehouse a few miles from London.
Y/n knocked on the door, whispered something to a tall figure then disappeared inside. An easy spell allowed Regulus to hear what was being said from afar.
"... dead." Y/n's voice ringed clear over the wind.
A long pause spreaded in the night, burdened by mourning and anger. "The body?"
Silence again. This time 'round Regulus could make sense of grunts and shallow breaths. Then a chorus of exclamations erupted. "Those beasts!"
"Inhuman bastards!"
"Get me inside one of their meetings, girl, I'll..."
"Do nothing, Moody. They're too many and too ruthless," a low, calculated voice interrupted. And it was all Regulus could do not to yelp in surprise. "What else can you tell us, y/n?" Albus Dumbledore carried on. The headmaster of Hogwarts his parents always accused of erasing the wizarding culture in young kids' minds and replacing it with muggle nonsense. The old man who took a stand for Light and started an Order to fight against the Death Eaters.
"There'll be another attack in London. The Russel Square, sir." It was y/n's voice. Her v/t timber he knew so well. The same one that speaks in his dreams soothing words and whispers sweet nothings in his ear. The voice who, filled with endearment, vowed to love him forever and squeeked happily upon seeing the ring.
That same voice now spoke traitorous words. Y/n betrayed him, betrayed Voldemort, her family and the whole cream of the wizarding world. That much should have been clear the second he saw her entering an Order of the Phoenix' meeting, but Regulus refused to accept it.
"It's a populated area. Lots of muggle borns settle there," Dumbledore mused. "Thank you, y/n. We'll take care of it."
The wizard sounded dismissive, but nothing happened for a short while. Until his fiancèe spoke again. "Let me help, professor. I can't sit by and simply wait for the outcome anymore. All these deaths..." her voice broke off into a strangled cry.
"We shall see, y/n. Now run along, dear, before anyone becomes suspicious."
But it was too late for such advices. For Regulus Black's heart pulsed faster than his body could sustain and his mind could only understand the pain of betrayal. Later, standing alone in a dark cave, doing Light's biding from the shadows, Regulus would remember this moment. The irony, the ache, the guilt. At the moment, though, the Black heir apparated away, heartbroken and filled with hatred born from only the deepest beaten love.
The wind shrieking outside the cave digged unfiltered screams of pain from his memories. The disruption between the silence surrounding him and nature's howls outside reminded him of the stillness in the dungeon right before another spell dispatched from Voldemort's wand. The rustle of chains transformed in the crushing of waves in Regulus' mind, evoking the images of y/n's limp body swaying in her cell by the metal around her wrists.
"Reggie? What's going on?" Her voice faltered with a hint of uneasy laughter. Regulus Black, behind a group of Death Eaters, watched with a restrained expression how his fiancèe tried to break free of the purists' grip. If he tried hard enough, he could switch the context to another one. Happier. When y/n's voice was just as confused seconds before he dropped to his knees and asked for her hand in marriage.
Then, Regulus scooped her up in his arms and swirled her around, y/h/l locks tangling against the soft breeze. Now, he held her still for the arrival of the Dark Lord, those same curls brushing against his cheeks.
Regulus closed his eyes, begging the darkness to banish the memories. He couldn't bare his doings, the wrongness of it. No such luck. If anything, they become more lively.
"As a result f your betrayal, y/n y/l/n, you will be presented to the power of the blood you so promptly dismissed." Voldemort stated, once the entirety of their society gathered in the dungeons. Regulus' fiancèe has been a guest of the cold, humid hole for mere minutes, her eyes searching frantically for support in the man she loves.
But the Black heir was stoic, more so than ever. He did nothing to stop the first flash of magic hitting her body. Cuts emerged instantly, leaking with blood and fluids falling from around the severed flesh.
"Gah," Regulus hissed. Than his cheeks turned the deepest shade of red in shame. Y/n had endured far, far worse and he complains of a small cut in his palm. He moved to hold the bleeding hand above the recipient inside which a medallion vibrated with dark power. But something inside him made him stop.
Bringing his palm closer to his face, he examined the wound. A small, superficial slash over smooth skin. It wouldn't even scar, he was sure of it. Without thinking, having only the images of y/n's mauled body, Regulus pushed the tip of the knife deeper, caving in until the blade passed through. Sweat and tears mixed on his face and with a howl of despair he plunged the knife again and again. Until his bones were scratched and he couldn't make sense of his palm anymore.
His eyes traveled on the snake still slithering around the skull on his forearm.
"You are not deserving of it," Bellatrix sing songed one day. After her master had his fun demonstrating what happens to those acting against him, Voldemort decided to allow some of his most trusted, most valued soldiers to try their hand at torture.
The woman scorned disgusted when y/n whimpered. She grabbed the witch's arm, placed her wand atop the mark and begin chanting. Regulus knew getting rid of the mark was impossible, so he couldn't understand what his cousin was doing until she stood back, lifted y/n's arm and proudly examined her work, giving a chance to admire it to anyone present.
Regulus gasped. Unwilling tears spurred from his eyes. No one could have possibly survive it. The callous gap where the black ink once rejoiced. Bellatrix has scooped out the piece of y/n's hand where her brand has been made.
He was going to die. He knew it the second he stepped inside the cave. Before, even, when Kreacher returned with a terrible story to add to his mountain of lode and he sat down and wrote a letter that would decide his future. Or rather lack of it.
So upon stepping into the water, he drew out his wand and blasted the dark mark off his hand. His screams echoed off the wettened rock. Before death welcomed him, however, Regulus felt a hand curling around his leg, long fingers clawing at his flesh. More joined it, dragging him in the freezing water.
The further down below he went, the clearer his mind. Memories were now palpable stories. The first "I love you's" behind the curtains of a social gathering. The first kiss under a hot summer sun, the scent of pine embracing them in the wildness of the forest they got lost in. The sound of her laugh when he tickled her sides before entering a boring class. The snorts she made when he rolled his eyes to end an argument and the cute sighs of yielding when she inevitable gave in his puppy eyes. The spark in y/n's e/c eyes when she talked about something she loved.
"Sorry, I tend to go overboard."
"No, no, please. It's interesting."
The gratitude and relief fueling their bond early in their friendship, when both found in each other a source of safety and solace.
"You don't think I speak too loud?"
"No. But who cares, y/n, when what you have to say it's bloody brilliant anyway?"
"Am I boring you? You could leave if..."
"Reggie," she interrupted sharply. "Stop with the nonsense. You're far too good to be a bore."
How could he be such a foolish, brainless, stupid berk? He let his fiancèe die – no, be killed, brutally so – right in front of him and he told himself it was the right thing to do. She betrayed their cause, she fought against him.
But it wasn't true. And he needed to see her dead body, cold and grey and maimed beyond repair to understand it. His heart ached each time a curse hit y/n, but Regulus saw the truth of it too late. It wasn't weakness, it was his instinct rebelling against the injustice. His heart trying to tell his mind what should have been clear already. The intensity of their love was a once in a lifetime experience. And he just sentenced the love of his life, the single true soul his own called to, to a fate worse than any nightmares plaguing the sleep of those who lived long after their hearts' died.
"Reggie..." A horse voice broke through him between cruel laughs.
"Y/n," Regulus whispered reverently, words muffled by the body of water pressing on his lungs.
"I forgive you." She smiled as much as she could and fell into permanent peace.
"I love you." He gave his final breath, gagging under the pressure of water and clawed monsters.
~ I am so sorry, but know that if you cried... I did too.
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slycassini · a month ago
How you started dating Regulus black headcanons
(picture is mine)
Tumblr media
(warnings: mention of stress, no reader gender was mentioned and let me know if i missed anything)
you two met on the hogwarts express when his compartment was empty
he didn't really say anything the entire ride his nose was scrunched up in a book
it was kinda awkward too since you know Regulus Black was the seeker for the slytherin team the least he could do is that to brag
but that wasn't the case to him he didn't like to talk about himself at all
it was hard knowing him since he always bottled up his feelings
he was reserved too and kept everything for himself
you really didn't see him alot with people he was mostly alone or in the common room talking with Barty
you were surprised that he was Sirius' little brother since their personalities are so different but again not all people have to be the same
you were curious to get to know him so you made small efforts by sitting next to him during breakfast and lunch
asking him about what was written ont he board even though your vision was perfectly fine
"what is that? the second word on the third line?"
"unicorn blood"
his answers were always short and you didn't get to know him at all
but you have picked up few things from looking at him
like how he tensed up every morning when the owls dropped the letters
sometimes he'd pace around when he's reading the letter, and usually on those times he'd be pacing around that day alot
how he always have to keep himself occupied, whether is playing with his fingers or fixing his already perfect hair or crossing his arms
Christmas breaks came soon enough which it happens when you had to stay in school for Christmas while everyone got to spent it home
you were surprised to see Regulus wasn't home either
you sat down next to him, keeping some space for another person to sit next to you which made him look up
it took you alot of time to figure out why he wasn't home
and it took you so much time to let him open up to you
you learned that he didn't usually trust alot of people
and he was always stressing about his parents scolding him
he tried his best to make them proud which it was so exhausting for him
you found out that he was actually sweet, you found out what he liked and disliked
he owned a Black cat and named it celeste and it never leaves his side
it was cute
he liked sitting out on the grass near the black lake which you found yourself appreciating that more
his favorite class was Potions and astronomy
he'd point out at the stars constellation for you
and little by little he opened up for you
telling you all about his family and what they did to his older brother
you felt bad for him
you took his hand and squeezed it assuringly
he wasn't familiar with affection at all since he didn't grew up with loving family
he felt something strange for yoy that he didn't feel it before
he'd find himself gazing into your eyes
or watching how your body moves from across the room
he wanted to know what is it that you did that caused him to fell that way
which made you chuckle
Regulus Black has officially caught feelings for someone and it was you
you were over the moon with it cause you shared the same feelings with him
he was nervous at first with everything
he didn't like PDA in public
the most he would do is to hold your hand under the table
or at night where he'd have his head resting on your chest in your dorm, away from his roommates
he didn't know how to comfort you so he'd buy you a gift instead
when all you wanted was a bit of comfort but you knew this was his way to comfort you
you didn't need the gifts so you told him to stop spending his money on you
which he didn't stop
he had hard time expressing his feelings
it was surprising to find out that Regulus' love language is touch
he liked just touching you
holding your hand
or your fingers being locked together while walking
he enjoyed kissing you on the neck alot
he sometimes can be insecure
like he would think he's not enough for you and you deserved someone better
which you assured him that's there's no one else you'd rather be instead of him
you noticed how he was more stressed than usual on a specific week
you thought maybe his parents sent him a disturbing letter but he didn't had any that you have seen him recieve
so you asked if anything was alright, if he needed comfort
which you would never have guessed what his response was
"y/n i love you"
"i love you too Reggie"
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messers-moony · 4 months ago
Loyalty’s | R.B
Paring: Regulus Black X Potter!Fem!Reader
Summary: Instead of Regulus obeying the Dark Lord his loyalty’s lie with his girlfriend and becomes a spy for the Order.
The house was quiet. That was rare, especially after Fleamont and Euphemia took in Sirius Black. James and Sirius were like brothers, always causing mischief inside the manor while the younger Potter kept to herself more. Y/n Potter was only a year younger than James but was just as loved. Sirius Black became her brother just as much as James was, along with the other two Marauders. Unbeknownst to her brother - brothers if you will - she had been dating someone since her fifth year.
Y/n was in her seventh year while James and Sirius had graduated. James had already married Lily, and the war was raging on. Y/n was home for winter break. The Potter residence was to its fullest capacity. Remus and Sirius staying in the guest bedrooms. Y/n staying in her bedroom. James and Lily in James’ room. Fleamont and Euphemia had their master bedroom as well. It was dark outside, and all the young adults were in bed when a knock echoed on the door.
Fleamont held his wand tightly in his right hand as he approached the door. Euphemia was present at St. Mungo's for the night, and Fleamont was waiting for her to return home, but she never knocked. Hesitantly he made his way to the door and flung it open. Instantly Fleamonts wand made its presence known on the male's neck. The male had wavy black hair, grey-blue eyes, and sharp features. Resembling Sirius Black almost perfectly. The man gulped at the wand placed pointed at his throat.
“Sirius! James!”
Footsteps, “Yes, Mr. Potter?”
“ What’s up, dad?”
Both young adults focused on the man at the door, “No….” Sirius whimpered.
“What are you doing here!” Sirius yelled in distress, “Security question, Sirius.” Fleamont scolded.
“Where was my favorite place to hide when we were kids?” Sirius questioned, “Under Uncle Alphard’s cherry blossom tree.” He replied.
Fleamont didn’t back down, “What are you doing here?”
“I didn’t come here to see Sirius.” The man stated, “I came to see Y/n.”
James and Fleamont tensed, “What do you want with my daughter?” Fleamonts voice was stern and rigid.
“I-“ He swallowed, “I need to speak with her, please.”
“Regulus… You don’t know what you’re doing.” Sirius commented, “Please, Mr. Potter.” Regulus begged.
“James-“ Fleamont ordered, and James stood tall, “Go get your sister.”
He didn’t need any further instruction and woke his sister up, bringing her downstairs. There Y/n saw her father's wand to his neck. Before throwing her arms around him, she needed a security question. The pleading look in Regulus’ eyes broke her heart to pieces, but a war was going on.
Y/n’s heart raced, and her palms felt sweaty, but this was a question only he’d genuinely know, “When- When did we start dating?”
“November 16, 1976.”
“Reggie!” Y/n whimpered, throwing her arms around him.
Regulus held her back with the same amount of pressure. Holding her tight to his chest and never wanting to let go. The smell of her shampoo resonated in his nose and the faint breathing from her nose rested on the crook of his neck—a feeling he never wanted to lose. The world seemed to have stopped at that moment. Christmas break had been hell for Regulus so far, but now he felt hopeful.
But people were watching, and James snatched Y/n back, “Dating?! Are you bloody crazy?!”
“James-“ Fleamont began but was hastily cut off, “No, dad! She’s insane! Regulus is one of them! He’s a bloody death eater!” James exclaimed.
Sirius snapped, “He’s still my brother, ya’ know. If he’s here, then he’s defying mother’s orders. Let him talk.”
“C’mon. Everyone in the kitchen.”
The table was relatively large. It could seat eight. Fleamont took his usual seat at the end of the table. James sat on his left and Sirius on James’ left. Regulus sat in front of James and Y/n in front of Sirius. Regulus couldn’t face his brother at the minute because Sirius’ proud eyes were going to turn into disappointment soon enough.
Regulus held Y/n’s right hand tightly, “Lift your sleeve.” Fleamont ordered.
The younger Black brother obeyed; there it was; on his left forearm, “So it’s true. You obey the Dark Lord.” Fleamont commented.
“Dad please-“ Y/n began.
Heads turned, “No?”
“No. I bare the mark, but I don’t obey.” Regulus stated coldly, “My loyalty’s lie with Y/n. She’s told me about the order, and I want to be your spy.”
James ran his fingers through his hair, “You told him! Y/n!”
“James, come off it!” Y/n scoffed.
“You want to be a spy for the order?” Sirius repeated, and Regulus nodded, retaking Y/n’s hand, “Yes, but there’s something I need to tell you all. Something I’ve found out.”
They leaned in, intrigued, “The Dark Lord has horcruxs. He’s split his soul into multiple different parts. I know where one of them is.” Regulus informed.
“How did you find this out?” Sirius inclined, “I told you, my loyalty’s lie with my girlfriend - you know, the girl I plan to marry - I’m a spy. Not a pawn.” Regulus countered.
James coughed, “You are not marrying my sister.”
“I’m afraid that isn’t your call.” Y/n retorted, crossing her arms, “Cut it out both of you.” Fleamont scolded.
“We’ll have to come back to you on whether or not you can join. However, you can stay with Y/n in her bedroom for the time being.” Fleamont informed, and James gawked, “Absolutely not! Sirius and Regulus can share. I don’t want him near her.”
Fleamont turned his head slowly towards his son, “James Fleamont Potter-“ He began in a low tone making James stiffen, “Y/n and Regulus will share a room. If he is stupid enough to try something while in my house, then I’ll be damned.”
“Remus, Sirius, and you will only be a room away. Hopefully-“ Mr. Potter turned to Regulus, “He knows better than to try something.”
“With all due respect, sir, I’d never purposely put Y/n in any way of danger. That’s why she didn’t know about the horcruxs.” Regulus stated, and Fleamont looked pleased, “We’ll work on it. Now, all of you, back to bed.”
When the four of them reached the hallway upstairs, James grabbed Regulus' collar, “We need to have a talk.”
Without another word, Sirius, Regulus, and James stepped into Sirius’ bedroom, knowing Lily was asleep. Hopefully, Remus was too. Y/n gave an audible sigh and walked into her bedroom. She was slightly organizing it and grabbing clothes that she had stolen from Regulus back at Hogwarts. Thankfully she made out. Y/n had one of Regulus’ hoodies and pair of sweatpants. Twenty minutes later, Regulus walked into the room.
“Um- I- Here.” Y/n stuttered, handing him the clothes, and he quietly changed, “I’m sorry about James.”
“No need for you to be sorry, love.” Regulus replied as he slipped on the sweatpants, “I know he’s protective. I’ve also got the mark.”
Y/n stood up and embraced him tightly, “That mark doesn’t make you a monster.”
“It makes me feel like one.”
“I know, but-“ Y/n pulled away slightly, looking him in the eyes, “Did you mean what you said out there?”
“Mean what, my love?”
“That your loyalty’s lie with me?”
Regulus smiled, “Of course, I did.”
The following days went by quietly. Regulus wouldn’t speak about the confrontation with James, but Y/n didn’t mind. But she didn’t miss the glares James sent his way every time he’d get close. Strangely enough, Remus was the most protective over her. Euphemia had been hospitable in his stay, providing for him as she did Sirius. It wasn’t until Christmas Day when Regulus got the news.
They all sat together in the sitting room, “You’re approved.” Fleamont stated.
“You can be our spy. Dumbledore believes the information you’ve given us is worthy of trust.”
Sirius could’ve cried out of joy, “Oh, Reggie.”
Both boys hugged for the first time since they were kids. James smiled fondly at them. Happy for Sirius that he got his little brother back. The boys sat beside each other. Sirius had his usual Sirius-like smirk placed upon his face. The same smirk he had before he made a joke.
“Seems like all it took was the Potter charm.” Sirius nudged Regulus’ elbow, making him blush, “Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Potter, for letting him stay. It means a lot to me.”
“You know Mum, always taking in strays.” James teased, “James Potter!” Euphemia scolded with a bright grin.
Y/n shrugged, “He’s not wrong.”
“There’s an envelope under the tree for you, Regulus dear.” Euphemia commented before leaving into the kitchen, and Regulus stiffened, “It’s a present, not a howler.” Fleamont added, making him relax.
Regulus’ fingers reached for the green-colored envelope. Inside laid a paper in both James and Fleamonts handwriting. The paper inside made him gleeful. It was possible the best Christmas gift he could’ve ever received, and Regulus was a spoiled baby at the Black manor.
“You have my permission to marry my daughter.” -F.P
“Take care of my sister, or I’ll have your head!” -J.P
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1-800-amortentia · 2 months ago
𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧’ 𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐞 (𝐬.𝐛 𝐱 𝐟𝐞𝐦! 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫)
summary: y/n wakes up before sirius, and notices he’s feeling needy
warnings: smut, themes of dd/lg (not explicit), sub!reader dom! Siri (dom siri is the owner of my soul), oral (male receiving) pet names (bunny, sir, etc.) heavy subspace
taglist below ! <3
Tumblr media
softly beneath the Gryffindor sheets, her legs across Sirius’ abdomen. Sirius - who was still soundly asleep - held onto her hips tightly, something y/n had loved.
His large palms pressed to the land plains of her s/c canvas. Caressing mindlessly in the dead of his sleep. Y/n’s eyes fluttered open, arms locked around his bare ivory coloured torso, her cheek pressed against his side as she gently stirred.
Her brain was foggy, she couldn’t tell if it was a side affect of her fatigue or the boy that was asleep beside her, holding her gently making her slip with ease into subspace.
Y/n let out a breathy grumble, her legs sliding from his stomach down to his crotch, her thigh instantly brushing against his erection. Y/n paused for a moment, letting out a giggle, as she brought herself out from under the covers, pulling the red duvet off her and the boy to get a better look. A tent pressed itself against his pajama pants. Y/n smiled, leaning over the bed to find her undergarments, and Sirius’ shirt from the night before.
Y/n glanced at Sirius as she slid down to her knees, on the opposite side of the bed she once slept peacefully on. Sirius slept peacefully, and deeply as y/n placed her hands softly in his chest that rose up and down rhythmically. Y/n couldn’t contain smiles, as she thought about how proud Sirius would feel waking up to see his baby doing what she was supposed to.
Her fingers latched gently to his pajama bottoms, pulling them down slowly, as to not disturb him. Excitement and arousal bubbled in her stomach and her cunt as Sirius’ length was revealed, springing to his stomach.
Y/n began to stroke slowly, to make sure Sirius was entirely asleep. He was, giving no reaction to her actions. Y/n’s mouth salivated as her hands began to jerk Sirius off, her panties pooling with her arousal.
His praises rang through her mind as she put him into her mouth, the familiar taste bursted throughout her mouth - the taste of him.
Slowly she began to swirl her tongue against his tip, excitement for the praises that were about to come for Sirius, who was still asleep. Her mouth bobbed up and down his cock, eyes shut peacefully as she continued.
Sirius’ stirring went completely ignored as she continued her rhythm. The feeling of her warm mouth sent shivers up his spine as his eyes quickly opened, to see y/n on her knees beside him, eyes shut peacefully as she took his cock in her mouth.
“Angel i-“ sirius began, stopping once he realized she was simply doing what she was taught - helping him when he needed it.
“Feeling needy sir, wanted to make you feel good.” Y/n reasons quickly, before getting back to her act of service for her dom. Sirius’ head fell back onto the pillow behind him as he let out a string of curse words beneath his breathe.
“Felt small, hm? Just wanted to help me out?”
“Yes, sir.” Y/n muttered, taking his length into her hands as she speaks, before returning back into action with her mouth. Sirius grabs the sides of her head, bucking his hips softly into the warm cavity that is her mouth. Sirius grunted softly, as tears cling to y/n’s bottom lashes. All the oxygen she had leaving her esophagus as Sirius thrusted into her throat. Her mind seemed fuzzier and fuzzier as Sirius moans filled the room.
She took in a deep breathe through her her nose as Sirius gave a final thrust into her throat, warm ribbons of his cum coated her throat.
“Swallow f’me? Like a big girl?” Sirius asks, pushing her hair out of her face comfortingly as y/n nods, swallowing all the warm seed in her mouth.
“Lemme see, then.” Sirius says. Y/n parts her lips, revealing her mouth, completely clean. Sirius smiles.
“Good girl.”
“Thank you, sir.” Y/n says with a smile, as she rose off of her now bruised knees. Sirius pulled her body onto his lap.
“Did just what I taught you to do, didnt you bunny?”
“Wanted to make you feel good.” Y/n says softly, a low whine present in her tone as she dug her head into his neck. His body was pressed against the head board, as his hand snaked up her back, beneath the soft cotton fabric of his black t-shirt from the night previous.
“Did so good. Is your mind feeling fuzzy? Are you feeling small f’me angel?” Y/n hums happily, confirming his questions. Sirius grins, a grin of admiration. He adored her in subspace.
“You wanna feel good now too.”
“Uh huh, but I want you to feel good too.”
“Want my mouth or my cock?” Sirius asked. Y/n reached beneath her, latching into his (still hard and covered in her saliva) cock. Sirius smiled, his hand going from the valley of her back to the hem of her panties, pushing them down. Y/n smiled excitedly.
“See what being good f’me does, bunny? Gets you rewarded. What happens if you’re a brat?”
“Get punished.”
“That’s right. Ready?” Sirius asks, guiding his tip across the warmth of her folds. Her nails dug into his shoulder as he rubbed her clit teasingly.
“Please sir i-“
“Don’t start misbehaving now, bunny. Been so good and it’s not even 9 am.” Sirius teased. Y/n nodded, looking down as Sirius slowly pushed his length into her. Y/n grumbled quietly, walls clenching as he began to thrust.
“S….so good sirius.” Y/n moaned. Sirius cocked a brow.
“Not my name, huh?”
“M’ sorry sir.”
“Remeber bunny when you’re feeling small it’s sir not Sirius.”
“Yes sir.” Y/n moans, thrusting her hips quickly, up and down his length. Her stomach erupted into tingly sensations as his hand flew to her throat, squeezing it.
It sent her over the edge of her head space, her ears ringing, as her mind felt completely fogged.
“Please let me cum, sir. Please, please, pl-“
“Go ahead angel. Let go f’me.” Sirius soothed. Y/n moaned loudly as her walls contracted, a deep rooted fluttering sensation sent pins of goosebumps pricking to the surface of her skin as she climaxed around him.
Sirius watched in awe. He’d trained her perfectly, just the way he wanted.
“You should wake me up like this everyday”
taglist: @lvrjoy @teenwolfbitches28 @blackandlupinsslut @steveharrigntonswhore @myalupinblack @jamiessimps @thefandomchoosesthewizard @meiitanoia @cunninambitiousdetermined @slutforrings @quindolyn @elmarrymepls @haroldpotterson @percyweasleyspuff @wisedreamcatcher @hazelryl @talksoprettyjjx @havenchy @juniebugg
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theemeraldjewel · 10 days ago
Sins, Secrets & Sisters
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin x Black Slytherin! Fem Reader
Requested: Yes|No ( @lyn07 )
Tumblr media
Warnings: Mild smut, overprotective Sirius Black, swearing, angst (?), tiny mention of toxic/abuse from family members. AS ALWAYS THE CHARACTERS ARE AGED UP! I imagine Remus & Sirius are 19/20 and Reader is 18/19. Not proof read
This kinda sucks I'm sorry
You knew it was risky, the moment you dared to get romantically involved with your big brothers best friend for so many reasons. Other than the obvious, he was your brothers best friend, he was also a half-blood if your parents found out you'd been falling madly in love with a half-blood for the past year they'd have your head and his.
It had been one whole year since you and Remus had first gotten together and you were yet to tell anyone. You doubted your twin, Regulus, would care but if your patents ever found out, it was best he didn't know. Sirius on the other hand would freak out if his best friend was dating his little sister. You were pretty sure James and Peter had figured out you were dating a while back but never said anything.
For a change you had his gryffindor dorm to yourselves, usually you spent nights sneaking him in and out of the Slytherin dorms. Remus had wanted to make tonight special, he'd lit some candles, put some rose petals on the bed and all that cheesy stuff.
"You're sure they won't come back?" You asked as he pulls you into his lap, his lips attacking your neck; careful not to leave any marks.
"Mmh James is in a quidditch meeting, Peter is studying for his potions exam and your brother has charmed his way into one of the Hufflepuff's bed" Remus explained, his hands working to undo your white shirt.
"Of course" you chuckled, working to undo his own shirt. "I love you" you added
"I love you too darling" Remus smiled, tossing your shirt with the Slytherin tie that had previously been tossed to the floor.
The pair of you carried on making out on his bed, clothes being added to the pile that was already all over the floor. His lips trailed your neck, down to your chest; he sucked a few marks into the skin knowing you could easily cover it there.
Both of you were totally lost in the moment that you didn't hear the steps coming up to the dorm until you heard the door.
"Fuck!" You whisper yell before slipping yourself under the covers to hide, as the figure came into the room.
"Moony have you seen my cigarettes?" Sirius asked as walked into the room, totally unaware of the previous actions until he spotted the Slytherin tie by his feet.
Your heart racing as you heard your brothers voice. As you tried to stay still you suddenly remembered the clothes that were tossed around the room.
"A Slytherin moony? That's awfully unlike you" Sirius chuckled "that better not be Y/N under the covers" he warned playfully.
Remus chuckled nervously, his face turning red.
"Remus?" Sirius said picking up the tie, he noticed your green emerald pin that was on the bottom. "Are you fucking kidding me?" He snarled. "My sister?! My little fucking sister?!" He burst out in anger
You let him shout and scream for a moment, Remus not totally sure how to react. "Sirius stop!" You yelled sitting up and pulling the sheets over yourself.
"I told you sleeping with my sister was off limits!" Your brother hissed, ignoring your yells.
"I'm not just sleeping with her! I love her Sirius" Remus defended "we've been dating for a year!" He added
Sirius' looked at you finally "Y/N?" He said looking at you for confirmation.
"I love him Siri... we always planned to tell you but I don't know time just got away from us and it's been a year..." you told him; taking Remus' hand
"You love each other?" Sirius said looking mainly at Remus to see if there was any chance he was lying.
You both nodded "yes I love her pads, I should have told you sooner because you're my best friend" Remus admitted; feeling guilty for not telling his best friend.
After what felt like an eternity of Sirius just staring at you both. Your heart pounding so loud that you were sure they could both here it. Eventually, a smile fell on your brothers lips "next time you better tell me moony" he smiled
He finally noticed the pack of cigarettes on his dressing table and picked them up "don't do anything I would moony!" He yelled before he hurried back out the door again.
You laughed watching your brother go. "Well that went well" you said kissing his cheek.
Remus nodded pulling you into his lap, so you were straddling him "now where were we?" He asked with a smirk
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earlgreydream · 17 days ago
𝐜𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐧. || 𝐫𝐞𝐠𝐮𝐥𝐮𝐬 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟, 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐭
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐭, 𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐝 𝐝𝐞𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧, 𝐟𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲 𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐮𝐞𝐬 (𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐬)
Tumblr media
“Regulus,” you called softly, stepping into the dim bedroom.
The curtains were drawn and Regulus showed little sign of life. The poetry spread over the desk was left untouched, novels resting on surfaces, unopened.
You weren’t sure when he’d last gotten out of bed. He laid there, staring off into space, taking shallow breaths. Dark eyes glanced at you when you stepped into his line of sight, but he didn’t move from the dingy bedsheets.
“Baby, you’ve got to get up,” you said softly, sitting down on the edge and smoothing your hands over his arms.
The devastation of being abandoned by Sirius consumed the boy, the weight of his family’s sins crashing down on his shoulders.
His sweet face turned into the pillow, a deep sigh making his back shudder under your touch. Your heart ached at his pain, hating to see him hurt so much.
“Please. You need to clean up. I’ll help you,” you gently pulled him up.
He didn’t protest much, letting you drag him from the bed. You yanked the sheets off before leading him to the bathroom, filling the large tub.
“I’m sorry.” His voice was raspy as he spoke.
“Nothing to be sorry for,” you promised, sitting on the edge of the massive tub as he crawled in.
Your hands rubbed down his soft skin with soap, the scent of vanilla blooming from your touch. You washed away days of devastation, kissing his now-clean shoulders.
Regulus’ chest moved with shallow breaths under your hands, his heartbeat seeming almost unsteady. You slowly coaxed him to lean back, dipping his head of thick curls into the water.
His dark lashes fluttered as your fingers massaged his scalp, working shampoo through the tresses. A pleased moan left his full lips, adoring your gentle doting.
You leaned down and pressed your lips to his forehead and cheeks, dotting soft kisses on his skin.
“When was the last time you ate?” You asked, rinsing out his hair, being careful not to get any soap in his eyes.
You squeezed expensive conditioner onto your hands before combing it through his hair, waiting for Regulus to speak.
“Yesterday morning, maybe. The day before?” He couldn’t remember. It had all run together.
“Please eat for me, after this,” you urged softly, worrying over him.
“I will, promise.”
After you rinsed his hair completely, you tied it up with a band, kissing his cheek. He stepped out of the water and dried off, wrapping himself in the fuzzy towel you’d warmed. You gently wrapped your arms around his waist, hugging your sweet boyfriend. Regulus melted against you, easing some of your fears.
You changed his bedding into fresh sheets, being careful to fold all the corners and drape the blankets how he preferred them. Your hands smoothed the velvet duvet, even the clean linens smelling like him.
He stood in loose pajamas, leaning against the bedpost while a kettle boiled for tea. You set a tray of food down on the bed, softly urging him to eat something.
“Have a snack then I can do your hair?” You offered, earning a nod in response.
He sat down on the floor in front of you, eating some of the food as he moved between your legs, feeling safer caged in by your body.
Your careful hands dragged a comb through wet curls until every tangle was gone. His eyes had closed by them, and you got to work braiding the hair against his head, securing it so he could sleep without it tickling his face. He looked pretty like that, smelling sweet and appearing nearly innocent as he quietly ate a pumpkin pastry. 
You kissed the crown of his head, and he tilted his head back to kiss your lips softly. 
“I love you,” he whispered hoarsely. 
“I love you more,” you hummed, stroking his cheek gently. 
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specialbrewbutterbeer · 2 months ago
Brother (Regulus Black x Pureblood!Reader/ Regulus & Sirius)
Word Count: 3638
TW: Very breif mention of getting beaten near the end
A/N If you like this, please do consider requesting something (visit my requests page to see my list of characters ect) I love to do them, even if I get busy and they can take a little while :)
Requests page HERE
Regulus adjusted the cuffs of his shirt sleeves and pulled on a jacket. He was sat on the edge of the bed, a little nervous. More nervous than he thought he'd be.
His wife poked her head around the door, and smiled.
"Reg, she wants you to help her get her things ready." He nodded as she disappeared again. He stood and made his way to the hall. He caught a glimpse of his wife's dress as she disappeared into their son's room.
He gently knocked on the door at the end of the hall.
"Diane?" He called softly.
The door burst open quite suddenly, and there stood his little girl. She wasn't so small now though of course. She grabbed his hand and dragged him along.
"Dad! Can you help me get my new textbooks in my suitcase please?" She asked, nearly squealing with excitement.
"Of course I can darling." He smiled, towering over the girl. She sat restlessly on the edge of her bed and watched as her father carefully placed her books in her case.
"Is that everything?" He asked and she just nodded and hummed in response.
Regulus clasped the case shut and handed it to his daughter.
"Thank you!" She grinned and rushed to the hall and downstairs with the case.
Meanwhile, (Y/N) dressed the baby of the household, their son, Leo. He was 5, and very bright, but not nearly as loud and bubbly as his older sister. He was much more like his father.
He squirmed as his mother tried to put a jumper over his head.
Not long afterwards, the family was stood on the station platform in Kings Cross. Reg held his son's hand as (Y/n) and Diane walked ahead, toward the train.
Diane was so excited to go away to school, she was clever and had been talking about it nonstop since she had received her acceptance letter.
She was far more confident about this than he had ever been. He remembered being nervous as all hell on his first journey to school. In fact she reminded him a lot of his own brother. He was excited to leave home and adventure.
Regulus hugged Diane as she got on the train, and handed her her case. He lifted Leo up and held him in his arms so that he could see into the window and wave her goodbye.
(Y/n) was saying her own goodbyes through the glass as Reg stepped back. With Leo still in his arms he looked up and down the platform.
For a moment the thought he'd caught a glimpse of something familiar, but brushed it off.
After a few minutes, the train departed, leaving parents stood on the platform to wave off their children.
(Y/n) stood a few feet away from Regulus and Leo as they, among a throng of other families, watched the train disappear away from the platform.
"Regulus?" He was startled by someone calling his name. He turned and found a familiar face, dressed in worn jeans, boots and a leather jacket, his hair long and tied back and with a bit of stubble.
He said nothing. He wasn't sure if he was glad to see him or not, but there his older brother was- standing there, eye to eye.
He just shuffled and looked anywhere but at Sirius. Instinctively he held his young son just a little bit closer, protective, though he didn't know why.
"Reggie-" Sirius took a step forward, and Regulus had to stop himself from flinching away. All of a sudden he felt like a kid again. All these years later and he had reverted to being timid and wary. Sirius understood that, they hadn't seen eachother since Sirius had left school, and even before that they hadn't spoken for two years, not since he'd run away, but even so, this was still his baby brother, and there were some things that wouldn't ever change.
"You have kids?" Sirius asked carefully, trying not to spook his brother.
"Two." Reg spoke up, finally. "Diane and Leo." He stated, not coldly, but unsure of the situation.
"The older one just off to school then?" Sirius asked, watching every movement his little brother made, realising now how much he'd missed of his life that he'd never expected to.
"For the first time." Reg said.
There was a pause as the brothers considered eachother, and Reg decided it was his turn.
"And you? Why are you here? Children?" He asked, putting Leo down as he became restless in his father's arms. Immediately Leo took his father's hand and hid, shy just behind his legs, though he watched this stranger quite intently.
"No- no!" Sirius laughed, with his hands in his pockets. "Not for me." He smiled. "I'm here with James and Lily, their son Harry just went off to school for the first time too." Sirius gestured to somewhere behind him and grinned at the topic.
"Oh-" Reg replied, not entirely sure what to say.
Sirius already had his next inquiry lined up-
"So who's the lady then-" He started, but didn't need to finish, as (Y/n) emerged from the crowd, taking her husbands arm.
"Reg, we should probably get going-" She also started to say as she looked up at him, her eyes a little teary from saying goodbye to her daughter, but quickly saw that his attention was fixed elsewhere. She turned and caught her breath.
"Ah- I see." Sirius recognised her immediately and whether he meant it to ir not, his smile dropped.
"(Y/n) is right, I'm sorry, we have to go." Reg said, just trying to escape the situation.
"Of course." Sirus said, looking down at his nephew, smiling and giving him a little wave.
"Bye Reg." He said, solemnly as his little brother ushered his family away, disappearing into the crowd.
Sirius turned and eventually found James and Lily again. James had red streaks down his cheeks and a grin on his face, proud of his little boy and horrified at how fast he'd grown up. Lily was latched on to his arm, comforting his husband.
They both noticed Sirius' strange but thoughtful demeanor as he walked toward them.
"Sirus are you alright?" Lily asked.
"What?" Sirius snapped out of it. "Yeah! Yeah- um-" He thought for a moment. "I've just seen my brother." He trailed off.
"Oh?" James asked. "How did that go?"
"He's got two kids, a little boy and a girl Harry's age, and he's married." He said bluntly.
"Who is she?" Lily asked.
"(Y/n)" Sirius replied, and his friends had the same dulled and knowing reaction. He paused for a moment before putting a smile back on and hugging the couple.
"Anyway, don't mind me! How are you two doing now my godson's growing up eh?" He beamed and moved the topic on, not bearing to think about it any longer.
"So... Sirius?" (Y/n) asked Reg as they both got ready for bed. She'd been putting off the topic all day, but Reg had been so subdued since that she knew he needed to talk about it.
"Yeah." He nodded, throwing his shirt into the laundry basket. "I never thought that they'd be there, or that they'd bring him." He sighed and lay back on the bed.
"How was it? Talking to him?" (Y/n) asked, sitting beside her husband and stroking his hair.
"We didn't really talk. He asked about the kids, and then you..." Reg paused. "And then I just- I don't know but it ended there."
(Y/n) listened, running her fingers through his hair softly "He didn't seem pleased to see me. I'm sorry if I spoilt it." She spoke gently.
"No! Of course you didn't." He sat up and turned to his wife "It wasn't ever going to be some charmed reunion, I've gotten on just fine without him all these years..." He looked down at his hands. "We're not really much like brothers anymore..."
After then, Reg didn't think too much about it. He just wanted his quite life with his family, and that's what he had. By contrast, Sirius was much more frantic about it.
It had triggered something in him, he'd not been there for his brother, he'd always known that but now- he'd missed his wedding, he hadn't even known about his nice and nephew. All the big moments he supposed.
He didn't know if Regulus was still apart of the circles he once had been, or if his wife was either. He'd never liked her. A girl their mother had precured one-day, a little pretty pureblood thing. Regulus liked her immediately, she wasn't particularly loud, nor did she speak down to him, she was clever and generally quite kind.
Sirius did not, she was too much of what his mother wanted and she was too much of what Regulus was becoming. To know that his brother had stuck by her, fallen in love with her, given her children even, was hard for him.
James and Lily tried to keep him distracted but it seemed to be all he could think about.
It took until the October half term for Sirius to make up his mind. He was sat in James and Lilys living room, watching James and his son napping on the sofa on a lazy sunday afternoon, as Lily read in the window, when he decided he didn't want to miss Regulus anymore.
He ended up on his doorstep, apprehensive to knock on the door. He'd run away from this house so long ago, he'd never expected to see it again.
Inside, Reg was tiredly pawing over paperwork in his study, what had been his father's study, wearing an old green wool jumper and jeans, mismatched socks and his hair, with it's slight curl, in his face. Diane was in the living room, trying to teach herself some card games to play with her dormmates when they went back to school. (Y/n) was in the garden with Leo, who was running around through the grass and playing.
Tentatively Sirius knocked. For a moment there was no reply, but soon the door was opened and there stood a little girl.
"Hello!" She beamed at him, though she didn't know who she was addressing.
"Hello." Sirius smiled gently "You must be Diane?" He asked.
"Yes- she is." A voice came from further down the hall. (Y/n) stood there, staring at him. "Hello Sirius." She approached and Sirius held his tongue, lowering his head a little.
(Y/n) placed her hands on her daughter's shoulders.
"Mum?" Di questioned and looked up at her.
"Di, this is your uncle, Sirius. Your father's brother- you understand?" She told her daughter.
Diane smiled and held out her hand.
"Very nice to meet you uncle Sirius" She was chirpy. Sirius smiled back, and shook her hand. "It's lovely to meet you too little lady." Diane laughed.
"You want to see Regulus, I presume." (Y/n) stated more than asked. Sirius nodded. "You'd best come in then." She spoke, more coldly than she supposed she meant.
She lead her daughter and Sirius into the kitchen.
Sirius was unusually fidgety, standing, looking around what had once been his childhood home.
"Please, sit down Sirius, Regulus will be down in a minute." (Y/n) spoke, turning away to the kettle.
Sirius did as told.
"Di, go and tell your father that his brother is here please darling." (Y/n) asked of her daughter, who nodded and stopped staring at her uncle, as she had been doing with an element of wonder in her eyes for a while, and took off along the hall and upstairs.
"Tea?" She asked.
"Please" Sirius replied. The back and forth blunt and short now. Neither knew how to handle the other.
Sirius watched Leo play, through the panes of the glass back door. He never thought he'd ever see a kid play so happily in this house. It had been such a dark place for himself, and for his brother.
He'd left his brother all alone here, never even came back when their mother and father had died. Their father hadn't lived to see any of his grandchildren, his mother only long enough to dote on Diane, though by then she had become a withered and tired crone of a woman, even more so than she always had been. She was dilapidated and yet Sirius knew all too well the hold she still would have had over his brother.
As (Y/n) placed a cup down in front of her brother in law, and held her own in her hands, cradling it close to her, closing herself off and stepping back toward the counter. She leant back on it and watched Sirius.
She was nervous, and so was he. They were strangers. There was, though, a mutual dislike, despite an equally mutual extension of politeness.
(Y/n) hadn't taken her eyes off of her brother in law since he walked in, she watched him with caution, suspicion even. Sirius though hadn't looked back at her. He was fascinated at what the house had become. He stood and approached what he had always known as the china cabinet, but what was now filled with photographs.
There were many of Diane and Leo, ranging from birth to the present, and one or two of Reggie and (Y/n)'s wedding day. It looked simple, a plain, floor length, slinky satin gown for her, and black suit for him. No bridesmaids or best man, no confetti or throwing rice, but they looked happy he supposed. There was one small photograph of Reg and Sirius, with their mother and father. Sirius remembered it being taken, not long before he'd left. It had been torn up, that was obvious, but a simple charm had partially repaired it.
Soon Diane came back through the doorway, her father not far behind her. Reg stood in the doorway and sighed.
"Sirius-" he started, softly, as (Y/n) rounded up her children, opening the backdoor and ushering Leo over, picking him up and taking him and Diane out of the room, instead upstairs to the nursery, all in haste.
Sirius turned watching the children leave and then looked at him baby brother. Now more than ever, more than when he first saw him with Leo in his arms, Reg looked like a grown up to his brother.
Sirius never knew him like that, as an adult. In his mind he'd stayed the kid he'd known him as.
"What are you doing here?" Reg asked, hands in his pockets.
"I just wanted to see you." Sirius answered, cautiously. "I missed everything, didn't I?"
Reg nodded slowly.
"Alright." He sighed and sat down at the table, inviting Sirius to do the same.
When Sirius did, an odd though occured to him. He'd spent so many evenings sat at the kitchen table here, avoiding the rest of his family who wouldn't often come to this part of the house, and now he was sat here, meeting his family all over again, trying to be close with them.
"What do you want to know?" Reg asked, calmly.
"I don't know." Sirius replied, telling the truth. "I- I just want to know-" Sirius paused. "Let me start again." He leant forward. "How are you?" He tried for a smile, but he was maybe too nervous, maybe too nostalgic and unsure to conjure one up.
"Alright. Surviving." Reg replied, too tired to indulge too much emotion into it.
"That's good." Sirius was genuinely glad of it. "And the family? Well?"
"All well." Reg continued to answer in broad but short terms
"And Diane? She seems a bright one." Sirius pressed
"Yeah. She was sorted into Gryffindor." Replied Reg.
"So I suppose I'm not the odd one out anymore." Sirius gave a little smile. "Not in terms of that at least."
"No." Reggie's face didn't shift. "I suppose not." He couldn't shift how like his brother his daughter was, but maybe he was more like Sirius than he'd like to admit.
"(Y/n)?" Sirius continued.
"What about her?" Reg immediately became more animated. "You're not here for some sort of character assassination are you? Because I won't have it. You haven't got any right to come in here and play the big brother role, so don't try it." Regulus raised his voice and leant forward.
"What?" Sirius was almost taken back.
"You never liked her, I know you didn't."
"What- I-" Sirius' mood soured. "No I don't, I never said I did, what's that got to do with anything?"
"Why are you here?" Reg clenched his teeth.
"I want to know my brother again!" Sirius raised his voice to match Regulus'.
Reg sat back in his chair and said nothing for a moment.
"Brother" He scoffed under his breath, as Sirius watched him. He didn't remember Reg with this much confidence, he had never been so bold- but, though he came off on the wrong side of it, he was glad of it.
"Yes!" Sirius stood up and shouted.
"You left me here, what? 16 years ago? What kind of brother would do that?"
"You wanted me to stay? Get beaten and screeched at and tortured?"
"I wanted you to take me with you!"
"I couldn't do that! You know I couldn't!"
"But you never even tried!"
"Aren't you forgetting what you're branded with Regulus?!"
Regulus stared back at him with resentment.
"Neither of us believe in that anymore." He gritted his teeth and answered coldly.
"Not even her? Even with all the things she used to say- the both of you used to say?" Sirius twitched
"No." Reg said bluntly, at a more normal volume.
"I can't believe you married her, Reg." Sirius sat back down and sighed.
"I know." Reg stayed standing, but shoved his hands back in his pockets and looked down at his feet.
"Of all people," Sirius grimaced.
"I love her." Reg looked up at his brother.
"The girl our mother picked out." Sirius still refused to look at him "From the right family, pureblood, ready to get that mark just like you were." By now his tone was quiet and he'd slowed his pace
"Sirius." Reg said louder, his brother finally looked at him. "I love her." He reiterated.
"I know." Sirius said quietly
"You wish I didn't." At that, Sirius nodded.
"I wanted to be there for everything. I wanted to see you get married, see my nieces and nephews as babies. I wanted to look after you and I'm sorry I didn't. I didn't want to miss anything."
"You still did though."
"I know!" Sirius shouted again and looked up at his little brother, who wasn't so little anymore, who had a family and a wife. Sirius never knew if that had ever been something he wanted, but he always wanted the kind of family James had, he wanted to be a proper brother too.
"Can you let me try? Please Reg?" Sirius asked, quietly and Reggie sighed.
He took a moment, looking down at the table and then stepped toward Sirius.
Sirius nearly flinched but soon realised that Reg had put his arms around him and was squeezing him tight. He reciprocated, giving Reg a bear hug like he hadn't since they were small.
"None of us are the same people we were when we were teenagers Sirius." Reg told him and pulled away. "You've got to believe me."
Sirius looked back at him, not entirely certain but not willing to loose him again.
"Just meet her-"
"You promise me, all that-" Sirius interrupted him, turned over his arm and pulled up his sleeve, pointing at his dark mark. "- is over?"
Regulus looked back at him and calmly pulled his sleeve back down.
"Yes, Sirius." He said sternly. "Come with me."
He turned and left the room, pulling his arm away.
Sirius followed Reg up the stairs and to the nursery. Reg pushed the door open, finding (Y/n) crouched on the floor with Leo, playing with little figures of a hippogriff and swedish short snout dragon, charmed ones that flapped their wings and gave out little calls. Diane sat nearby with her pack of cards, still trying to learn new games.
(Y/n) looked up, worried, though still talking to the chattering 5 year old.
"(Y/n)." Reg asked calmly and put his hand out, beckoning his wife over.
Confusedly she stood up, and approached her husband, stood with Sirius in the doorway.
"Look." Regulus instructed his brother and took his wife's hand, lifting her sleeve to show where her own mark should be.
There was nothing.
"I was the only one who got it Sirius." Reg told him in a hushed voice, so the children wouldn't overhear. "Don't think she lead me on a path I wasn't already going down."
"Reggie-" (Y/n) piped up. "What's going on?"
"Just- I'll explain later darling." Reg reassured her, though she was still suspicious of Sirius.
Next, he called his daughter over.
"Di?" He crouched in front of the girl and smiled, then whispered in her ear. She perked up immediately, and grabbed Sirius' hand, pulling him along the hall.
Sirius recognised the way, and found suddenly standing in his old bedroom, though now it had pinker wallpaper and
"Dad said these used to be yours!" She grinned and pointed to a shelf that held three models of motorbikes, which Sirius also recognised.
He smiled at his niece.
"Yes, they did." He nodded and watched as she picked up one.
"Can you tell me more about them?" She asked, putting on puppy eyes and holding it out to her Uncle. "Please?"
He nodded and sat down with her as her parents still stood in the doorway of the nursery.
"Reg?" (Y/n) asked, now concerned. Regulus slipped an arm around her waist.
"I missed him." Reg smiled and said quietly.
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Treehouse | Regulus Black
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: You’re sick of everyone, except for Regulus Black.
Lyrics: 'Why can’t everyone just go away?' 'Except you You can stay'
Pairing: Regulus Black x Fem!reader
Warnings: Fluff, like one swear word.
Tumblr media
“Hello, you okay?"
Regulus had found you sitting on the grass, in front of the black lake. It was cold out, but not cold enough for it to snow. He thought he was the only one out.
You looked sad. You had a beige blanket, wrapped around you and were feeding the new ducks(even though dumbledore explicitly said not to feed them when he brought them for the school) with breadcrumbs he remembered you stashed them at breakfast.
"Define okay."
"Okay meaning not feeling fine," Regulus explained sitting down next
In truth, you were having a bad day. Your classmates were making fun of you because you got a T in a muggle studies quiz. You can't blame them for making fun of, you're parents are muggles and this was a relatively easy test. It's just when you saw the paper in front of you it's like your brain stopped working.
You managed to get almost every question wrong and everyone around you has been ridiculing you for your score. You were embarrassed to a different extent, people are whispering in the corridor about how 'umb someone must be to fail that test.
"I'm okay then." You answered clutching your blanket tighter. Regulus sighs and wrapped his arm around you, rubbing up and down your forearm to warm you up. "Is this about your grade?"
You sniffed from the cold before answering, "No."
"The people?" He asked softly. You shiver slightly as you nod.
"Why can't everyone just go away." You say trying to hold back your tears. It was just so embarrassing and tiring. Why do people have to be so horrible?
"You know what? Those arseholes probably got shit on all their other exams. So what? if you did bad on one test. You are literally the smartest person I know, love."
You looked up at him with a soft, troubled smile. "That's not what its about, Reggie."
"Then tell me what its about then," When he saw you looked reluctant, he continued. "I'll listen."
So you went on to explain how tired you are. How your 'friends' have been making fun of you even though you told them countless times it bothered you.
And he listened. He really listened. That surprised you. You thought he would try to cut in and defend them but he seemed genuinely on your side. It was a change.
A refreshing change.
After you were done explaining you guys just sat in silence. He didn't say anything, he just held your hand. That was more than enough for you.
"Except you." You said quietly, thinking he wouldn't hear. But of course, he did.
"What?" He asked a slight smile on his face.
"You can stay." You smiled back at him and leaned in for a soft kiss. At that moment you both felt safe. You were always safe with him.
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cassieb1612 · 18 days ago
Happiness | Regulus Black x reader
Summary: when Sirius decided to leave his family he took his younger brother, Regulus, with him. Unbeknownst to him Regulus planned to leave as well.
Warnings: mention of abusive family, swearing, mentions of torturing, house of Black (yes it’s a warning), i don’t know let me know if you find more
Don’t forget to give feedback <3
Tumblr media
Sirius knew he had enough of his family. He always did. But when his mother used the cruciatus curse on him because she found out that Sirius was dating a halfblood, a werewolf at that, he finally snapped. Sirius finally snapped after that, packing his bag while wiping his tears away.
Regulus was in his room when he heard his brother’s screams. He knew why, having heard the whole fight that broke out because his brother loved who he loved. He himself was packing his bags and was almost finished when he heard his brother coming up the stairs and slamming his door. Although he knew he shouldn’t go he did.
When Sirius put his bag down and looked up he only saw his younger brother with an unreadable expression on his face. Sirius didn’t know what to say. His brother wouldn’t understand. Regulus, after all, was his parents favourite son. The one they were proud of.
“Are you leaving?” asked Regulus. Sirius just nodded. “Give me two minutes. I an almost done packing.” Said Regulus and quietly left. To say that Sirius was shocked was an understatement. Never had he thought that his little baby brother would be packing before him and then leaving with him.
Not two minutes later Regulus came back, broom in one hand and trunk in the other. He then went to the window, opened it soundless, almost practiced, and got on his broom. Sirius was still standing looking at him like he was crazy. “W-why?” croaked Sirius, pointing to his brother’s broom and perfectly packed trunk. “I wanted to leave for a while. Actually tonight as well to be expect. I was hoping your fight with mother would have taken more time so i would go by unnoticed but clearly it did not work out, dear brother.” answered Regulus simply, sounding slightly impatient. “Will you come now too? I do not believe mother would be pleased upon finding you standing motionless on the floor while there will be no sight of me. She will probably think you killed me. So, are you coming now?” that was what woke Sirius from his stupor out of shock.
“But where will you go? I mean I have somewhere but you-?” Sirius couldn’t finish his question he wanted to ask. As soon as he was out the window Regulus begun flying off and Sirius only saw his figure getting smaller and smaller until he couldn’t see him anymore. “REGULUS BLACK!” Sirius heard his mother scream in the background and he finally hurried off as fast as he can.
It was currently one in the morning at the Potter’s when (y/n) woke up due to knocks on her door. Slowly she made her way from the living room, where she has currently fallen asleep in while reading a book, to open the door. On her way to the door it seemed that her father, Fleamont, woke up from it as well and together they opened the door. What they didn’t expect was finding a seemingly tired Regulus Black on the doorstep, eyes lighting up when he saw her.
“I hope I did not wake you up.” His eyes were trained on (y/n). While Fleamont was overcoming his shock over having the younger Balck brother and not the already familiar one on his doorstep he ushered the boy in and closed the door. Immediately (y/n) dragged him in a hug while Regulus kissed her on her hairline.
“Oh Merlin Regulus! What are you doing here? Are you okay?” the questions were asked faster than the both males in the room were capable of hearing. Monty, again in shock upon seeing his daughter clearly knowing the intruder, snapped himself out and led them to the couch.
“I hope I don’t seem rude but what exactly are you doing here? And why exactly are you holding my daughter as if you two know each other very well?” The eldest Potter asked Regulus. The grey eyed boy had his arms around the (y/h/c)-haired waist.
“I beg your pardon, sir, where are my manners. I am Regulus Black, surely you already know my brother who I believe will be here as well. At least I think that. I am here to see (y/n).” the black haired boy answered simply.
“Dad, Regulus is my boyfriend. I told him to come here if he should ever escape the hell that he calls home. I was hoping you and Mum would let him stay. At least for a few nights and then arrange something. He needed to get out, you know how most Blacks are.” (y/n) answered.
It was quiete for a moment. “I think we should wak-“ Fleamont was interrupted by a knock on the door. He walked over while the young couple made their way to the couch. “Sirius, son, come in. I believe I should wake James and Mia up for that. Come in, come in.” Sirius looked curious at that but stepped in nonetheless.
While Monty was waking up the other Potters, Sirius took off his shoes and Jacket, almost collapsing on the floor and stumbled in the living room, not noticing the worried gazes of his brother and the girl he considered his sister on him. Moments later Monty came back with James and Euphemia, Fleamont’s wife, in tow and James immediately went to him without noticing the other Black who was shifting uncomfortably on the couch and holding onto (y/n)’s hand.
“Oh who is this (y/n)? What happened at all?” Mia asked. “This is Regulus Black, darling, he is here because of her though I believe explanations are in order indeed.” Monty answered instead. This made the room quiete. James and Sirius noticing him the first time since they stepped foot into the room. “REGULUS?” Sirius asked confused. “Wh-what are you- why are you- I mean-“ was Sirius’ reaction while James was glaring at the intertwined hands in the younger boy’s lap.
“Brother, I have a special someone just like you. It was her why I left in the first place, mother found out about us and was practically fuming. Never have I seen her cursing me with such pleasure. I believe you were out that day seeing your boyfriend.” was all Regulus said. “James stop looking like that.” (y/n) said, having an annoyed tone in her voice ans roller her (y/e/c) eyes.
“Sirius what happened to you? You both I mean, other than your, excuse my language dears, bitch of an mother?” Euphemia asked gently in an motherly tone. Everyone let out a chuckle at that. “Mother found out about me and Remus. Cursed me and disowned me. The usual I mean, besides the disowning.” Sirius answered. Euphemia looked at Regulus. “I already explained. It happened to me yesterday though. She found the letter I was planning on sending you soon. It was then that I decided to leave. And I apologize for coming here in the middle of the night as well.” Regulus answered to her look.
“I think we should talk about something more important here, Mum, Dad, why is he holding (y/n/n)’s hand? I mean what are you? Friends? With a snake (y/n)?” James quipped in. “Be quiet James! And I believe that his house doesn’t define him but I would like to know that as well.” Monty spoke at last again.
“I already told you dad, we’re , well, dating. And we were friends since our first train ride. You, James, just are to daft to notice is all.” (y/n) explained.
“WHAT?!” James shouted, “YOU’RE NOT DATING HIM. I WILL FORBID IT. YOU ARE TO YOUNG.” “Shut up James.” Came from 4 of 6 people in the room. Regulus staying quiet. “Oh how lovely to meet you, Regulus. I believe I didn’t introduce myself properly and I’m pretty sure my husband didn’t either. I’m Euphemia Potter, (y/n)’s mother dear and he is my husband Fleamont Potter, her father. You already know the others. Welcome and you can stay for as long as you like. You as well Sirius but you should know that already.” Effy spoke in the most warmest tone Regulus only knew from (y/n). Clearly, now he knows where she has it from. “I think we all should head to bed now. It is quiete late. James you show Sirium his room and (y/n) take Regulus to yours. If you need anything just tell is.” Fleamont spoke tiredly. “Excuse me? Sleeping in one room? My baby sister and him? No, no, no, no I will not have that. We have more rooms he can sleep there. Dad really.” James chimed in again. “James, I remember telling you to be quiet. I can only imagine how overwhelmed Regulus must be right now so a familiar face should help. And besides I don’t think he’s stupid enough to try anything in MY house, under MY roof, with MY daughter. Did I make myself clear?” Fleamont said louder this time. At that, James got quiet and grumbled while going upstairs with Sirius, showing him his room.
When they were back in her room and dressed to sleep, Regulus and (y/n) were laying in bed, him close to her and holding her. “Are you okay now?” he responded with an exhausting nod. “What did that old hag do Reggie?” She asked again. “Nothing I cannot handle, mon amour. Do not worry your pretty little head.” Regulus responded, with words this time. “Y’know you’re safe here, right? She would probably rather die than setting foot in a blood traitor’s house.” (y/n) told him. He chuckled at that, nodding his head and pulling her even closer. “We will handle everything in no time. You’ll see.” She told him. “Good night, Reggie.” (y/n) mumbled sleepily.
“Good night, mon chérie.” Regulus whispered, kissing her forehead and shutting his eyes. That was happiness for Regulus. Laying in bed with his pretty girlfriend, not caring about a thing in the world.
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gaepris0n · 3 months ago
"Shut up and let me do my work."-Regulus Black
SMUT-Degradation, Oral(Fem and Male receiving), public oral, pet names.
Tags: @partlystiles
Tumblr media
“Can you please shut up.” Regulus hissed with a glare looking at Y/N.
Y/n and Regulus were in the library, Regulus studying for the N.E.W.Ts while Y/n spent her time staring and whispering inappropriate things in his ear.
“I’m not gonna shut up till you let me suck your dick.” Y/n replied with a roll of her eyes shutting her book and twirling a piece of Regulus’ hair between her fingers.
Regulus’ jaw cleaned as his eyes widened.
“Darling we’re in a library.” He replied lowly as Y/n’s hand started tracing patterns up his thigh.
“That's never stopped me before.” She whispered leaning closer to him as she ran her hand over his clothed dick.
Regulus’ breathing increased as he bit his lip looking at her, contemplating.
“So can I Reggie? Can I please suck your dick?” Y/n questioned in a low seductive voice knowing that always made Regulus snap.
Regulus squeezed his eyes shut taking a deep breath.
“We are in the library Y/n(n).”
Y/n rolled her eyes leaning closer to Regulus as she palmed him, painfully slow.
Grabbing his other hand and bringing it to her lips.
Regulus opened his eyes, taking a sharp breath as he watched her lips going around his middle finger.
Sucking sensually, her eyes glinting with mischief as Regulus stared.
His eyes filled with lust and anger.
“Please can I suck your cock Reggie?” Y/n asked again with a pout on her lips as she pulled his hand from her mouth, a string of saliva going with his finger.
Regulus’ eyes watched the string of saliva until it broke, his eyes falling back onto Y/n’s face.
Her plump lips looking delicious right now.
“Then get on your knees and do it like the slut you are.” Regulus grunted with a glare.
Y/n didn’t waste anytime immediately sliding down under the desk and unzipping his trousers.
No boxers underneath making her smirk.
“Very scandeles Black.” She whispered, lifting her head so he could see her smirk.
“Shut up and let me do my work.” Regulus spat in a whisper with an angry look as he leaned forward, her hand going to his dick.
Her thumb run over his head, as her other hand rubbed his other thigh.
A smirk on her lips as Regulus bucked his hips slightly.
She couldn’t see his face but she knew he’d be biting his lip.
Y/n ran her tongue up the side of his dick, right over the most prominent vein, her eyes closing as she took more of him.
Regulus’ hands pulled her hair into a makeshift ponytail, pushing her head further down on him.
Y/n gagged but Regulus’ didn’t relent instead pushed her further down.
“You wanted this.” Regulus grunted out his fingers tightening around her hair.
“Shut up and take it.” He hissed after a louder grunt that was sure to turn some heads, but luckily no one was in the library.
Her hands squeezed his thighs, massaging up them softly as he bucked his hips into her throat.
Inciting another gag from Y/n.
“Want me to fuck your mouth?” Regulus asked in a whisper as he pulled her head off of him, a pop sounding as Y/n took a gasping breath.
She nodded her head rapidly, her eyes on his as he moved so he’d be able to see her eyes.
Regulus smirked before thrusting roughly into her mouth.
Gritting his teeth as Y/n moaned softly.
Quiet enough for no one to notice.
“You’ve ought to be quiet Darling, wouldn’t want anyone to catch us.” Regulus grunted out, his head flying back as she hollowed out her cheeks sucking as hard as she could.
“Gonna cum baby. Want you to swallow it.” Regulus grunted out as his hips bucked harder.
Y/n let out a whine as Regulus’ came, spirts of warmth flew down her throat as she gagged.
Regulus’ pulled out from her with a shaky laugh.
“Good girl.” He whispered, leaning back in his seat.
His chest rising and falling as Y/n scrambled back up into her seat besides him.
“Thank you.” She whispered with a shy smile as she wiped her chin.
Regulus’ eyes peaked out as he zipped his jeans up again standing up as fast as he could.
“Pack your shit and get up, we’re not done.” Regulus replied, his eyes still full of lust and maybe anger.
Y/n’s eyes widened as she looked at him surprised.
“Well what are you waiting for? Now.” Regulus spat through gritted teeth.
Y/n got up fast, shoving her book in her bag as Regulus put his papers in his bag.
*** Regulus pushed Y/n onto the bed roughly.
Locking the door and putting up a silencing charm.
“Clothes off.” Regulus hissed, pulling his shirt over his head and pushing down his trousers as Y/n did the same, maybe even faster than he had.
“And you were bothering me about not wearing boxers.” Regulus chuckled breathily as he eyed her form, noticing how she hadn’t worn anything under her white blouse and skirt.
Y/n smiled shyly looking away from him.
“Oh don’t get all shy on me now darling.” Regulus whispered in her ear, suddenly standing behind her and tracing his hands up her sides.
Y/n whimpered as his hand ghosted over her heat, Y/n bucked her hips towards his fingers but he pulled away, his chin rested on her shoulder as he pressed a kiss to her neck.
“So needy, aren’t you?” He asked as he peppered more kisses up her neck.
“You’re the one who wanted all my clothes off.” Y/n breathed out as one of Regulus’ hands squeezed her tit.
“Careful there Y/n(n). If you forgot, you’re the one who started this.” Regulus’ squeezed harder as Y/n’s hand found its way behind her.
Rubbing his dick as he massaged her tit.
Y/n shivered as her head tilted back on his shoulder.
A sharp gasp leaves her lips as his thumb was suddenly pressing against her clit.
Her head flying back farther against his shoulder, her mouth hanging open.
“Does that feel good?” Regulus whispered as his thumb moved fast, a small groan falling from his lips as she tightened her grip on his cock.
Regulus’ hand fell off of Y/n’s clit with a grunt as she was suddenly pinned to the bed.
“I want words.” He replied sharply as he stared down at her.
His left hand holding both her hands above her head as the other hand stayed beside her head.
“Felt so good.” Y/n breathed out, cheeks flushed as a small smile went on her lips.
“Touch me again, please.” She replied as she bucked her hips forward trying to get friction.
“I am touching you.” Regulus replied.
“No, not how I want you to you’re not.” Y/n replied with a pout and a glare.
“You’re so needy.” Regulus cooed as he pressed his lips to hers then pulled away before she could even kiss back.
“What do you want me to do?”
“I want you to eat me.” She breathed out.
“Isn’t that obvious.” Y/n scoffed as she became more needy.
“Quit acting like a whore.” Regulus scoffed with a glare.
“I’m asking you a question, answer the question.” Regulus added as he squeezed tighter.
“I did answer your question.” She spat with a challenging look.
“You’re acting like such a fucking whore, aren't you?” He scoffed, hitting her thigh as he let go of her hands.
A breathy laugh leaving Y/n’s lips before she could stop it.
“I thought I already was a whore. I thought I was your whore. I’m just acting how you say I am.” She replied, suddenly flipping them over so she was on top of him.
Grinding on his stomach with a moany laugh as Regulus seethed from under her.
“You’re such a fucking needy bitch.” Regulus hissed as he sat up, pushing her back so he was hovering over her again.
“I’m getting really tired of your bullshit y/n.” Regulus spat as his hand went back down to her clit.
Rubbing faster.
Y/n opened her mouth tilting her head back as her eyes slammed shut.
“Gotta be a good girl for me, so I can eat you. Can’t have you in charge can we?” Regulus asked again knowing Y/n wouldn’t be able to come up with a smart enough retort.
“Can we?” Regulus asked louder as he rubbed her clit faster, one of his digits rubbing up and down her slit.
“N-no.” Y/n moaned out as he slammed his finger in her, adding a second finger.
Then a third.
A groan leaving his lips as he watched Y/n writhe under him.
“You want me to eat your pussy?” Regulus suddenly asked as Y/n bucked her hips faster against Regulus’ fingers.
“Mmhm, yes please.” Y/n whimpered out, Regulus’ fingers still pumping in and out of her as he started pressing kisses lower and lower down her body.
Regulus knew you were close to cumming seeing as you were tensing around his fingers but he decided it was the perfect time to pull away.
A long whine and a string of insults leaving Y/n’s mouth as she sat up slightly glaring at him.
A grin stayed on his face as he kept kissing down her stomach.
“Be patient, baby.” He murmured against her stomach.
A whimper leaving Y/n’s mouth as Regulus’ left hand went to her mouth.
Shoving the already wet fingers between her lips.
“Taste yourself love.” Regulus started but then cut himself off with a groan as her lips wrapped around his fingers and sucked like her life depended on it.
Regulus’ suddenly placing a firm kiss on her clit, then wrapping his lips around it.
Sucking as hard as she was on his fingers.
Regulus groaned against her, sending vibrations through her body.
“Regulus,” Y/n moaned out as his hand left her mouth, instead going to hold her hips down.
Regulus starts humming to himself as Y/n’s moans get louder, sending more vibrations and pleasure through her.
Y/n’s hands ran through Regulus’ hair, yanking at it every time his tongue hit the perfect spot.
He could tell that she was close, Y/n’s legs were shaking and she hadn’t even noticed until he mumbled against her skin.
“Cum for me baby, I know you’re close.” As Y/ns back arches.
Two of his fingers dipping back into her, pumping faster than he did before.
“So fucking wet.” He murmured as he ran his teeth over her clit cause Y/n to shiver with a breathy moan.
“D-don’t stop. P-pl-please don’t stop.” Y/n moaned out.
“Not planning on it.” Regulus moaned out as he grinded himself against the bed.
Y/n’s mouth dropped open as her head fell back digging into the pillow.
An almost pornographic moan leaving her lips as Regulus’ held her hips down.
Licking up her slit and pumping his fingers slower wanting to prolong her orgasm as much as he could.
Groaning as he tasted her cum, he let go of her hips Y/n’s back immediately arching higher as he kept his lips on her clit, sucking harder, letting her ride out her high.
“Too much, stop.” Y/n whimpered out tugging on Regulus’ hair, Regulus immediately pulling his fingers out and taking his lips off her.
“You alright baby?” Regulus asks as he moved back up so he was above her.
“Mhmm, just need a breather.” Y/n smiled softly as she sat up.
Regulus nodded.
“I can wait.” He whispered softly and Y/n nodded.
After a few minutes of silence, only heavy breathing filling the room Y/n turned to Regulus crawling onto his lap, so she was straddling him.
“I wanna try something new.” Y/n smiled and Regulus nodded as his hands squeezed her hips.
“Wanna ride you.” Y/n breathed out as she rolled her hips forward.
“Then do it.” He whispered back, pressing their foreheads against each other.
“You sure?” She asked with hopeful eyes, one of her hands going to his shoulder while the other went to his dick, massaging it slowly.
“Yes I’m sure.” He replied with a soft smile as he closed his eyes.
“Just wanna be slow.” She whispered as she slowly slid onto him.
Moans leaving both of their lips as she rolled her hips on him.
“My good girl” Regulus groaned as Y/n moved picked up her speed.
Their foreheads still touching as she moved harder against him.
Regulus knew neither of them were going to last long, he just hoped he’d last longer than she would.
Moving his thumb down to rub her clit as she rolled her hips faster.
“You feel so good in me.” Y/n moaned out as her hands went to cup her bouncing breasts.
Regulus’ other hand stayed on her hip, helping her lift herself for better movement.
Regulus’ groaned as her moans grew louder and her pace grew faster.
He could feel her already tightening around him.
“Ca-can I-I cum?” Y/n asked through a breathy moan, Regulus’ thumb rubbing faster around her clit.
“Just a bit longer baby, hold on a bit longer, we can do it together then.” Regulus smiled, even though her knew she wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.
“Reggie, I-I don’t think I can…” She whimpered as Regulus pressed his lips softly to hers.
Suddenly thrusting up into her hard, feeling his orgasm taking over.
“Cum now Princess.” Regulus groaned out as he thrusted his hips harder into her.
Y/n let it all go, her head resting on his shoulder biting it softly as he thrusted into her.
Quiet whimpers being the only things sounding from her lips as her orgasm took over.
Regulus’ cum filling her as he groaned louder.
“Fuckin hell princess, you’re such a good girl.” He moaned as his thrusts got sloppier.
“good girl? i’m you-your good girl?” Y/n repeated breathily as Regulus pressed kisses to her neck.
“Yes, you’re my good girl.” He whispered with a small smile as he pulled out of her.
Y/n whining at the loss of contact but curling into his chest anyways.
2k words(I was so tempted to make this two parts just to piss people off.)
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phuckinphia · a month ago
💻 + regulus
literally anything where he praises the reader 😩
note: this is highly nsfw content. do not request if you are a minor.
regulus fucks you while standing
“that’s it, fuck, taking me so well”
“you’re so fucking good, you feel so good”
“that’s my good girl, love hearing you moan for me baby”
“that feels good huh? yeah. i can tell”
“that’s it love, right there, fuck-“
“good. fucking. girl”
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messers-moony · 2 months ago
He’s Safe With Me | R.B
Paring: Regulus Black X Fem!Half-Blood!Reader
Summary: A little boy brightens Regulus’ days after his brother leaves him.
Inspiration: Click & Click
Growing up always left a bittersweet taste in people's mouths. While it was nice to gain freedom and more privileges that growing up included, the new responsibilities made it bitter. It was the leaving, the stress, and the idea of putting your childhood behind you that brought the sour taste to people's tongues. 
Regulus never thought that he’d have to grow up so fast. 
The summer months were always Regulus’ favorite. They were the months that, despite everything, Sirius would come home to Number Twelve Grimmauld Place and be a resident there for the two months of holiday. Maybe during Hogwarts, they would sneer at each other and argue with one another, but at home, it wasn’t like that. 
Sirius was sixteen, and Regulus was fifteen, but that didn’t stop Sirius from taking the hits meant for Regulus. It didn’t stop him from taking the blame, so Regulus was safe. Afterward, Regulus would hear Sirius whimpering in his bedroom and silent cries. Sometimes, he’d even fall asleep outside his door, or if he were brave enough, he’d go inside and lay beside him. 
They were boys, but from the moment they were born, they had to be adults. Their childhood was stripped from them, and responsibilities piled on top of another. From the minute they were born, they had to sit straight, use proper manners, try to court girls, be charming, study, and be mature, but they were boys. They were bound to be a ruckus. 
Regulus could remember running around Uncle Alphard with Sirius when he was three. Uncle Alphard had a vast plot of land with a big house on the corner. He had cherry blossom trees planted all around the manor, and it gave the boys an area to run. When Regulus caught up to him, eventually, he’d jump on his brother's back, and Sirius always caught him when he fell. 
So why couldn’t Sirius catch him now?
He heard the window open from Sirius’ room and already had a feeling he knew what was happening. Earlier that day, he heard the shuffling of clothes and items in the room beside his own. Regulus swallowed the growing lump in his throat and opened Sirius’ door to find exactly what he suspected. Sirius had a trunk packed and head out of the window. When the door opened, he hit his head on the bottom of the window. 
“God damn it.” Sirius muttered in pain as he retracted from halfway out the window. 
“Sirius…?” Regulus hated how small his voice sounded. 
Sirius turned to face his little brother fiddling with a Gryffindor tie, tears in his eyes, “Regulus….”
“Please, wait.” Regulus pleaded softly, and Sirius wanted to, but he couldn’t, “Reg, I- I can’t. I can’t stay here anymore.” Sirius stuttered as tears filled his vision. 
Why couldn’t Sirius stay? He felt like a little boy again begging and pleading for Sirius to hold him during the thunderstorms that used to take cover of the skies. Mother always dragged him out of the bedroom, and Regulus would be left wailing begging for Sirius. Regulus would sit on his bed crisscrossed, holding a blanket close to his heart, praying, “Please, Siri, please.”
He could remember when Sirius and Regulus were forced to become enemies. Remembering when Sirius came home from his first year, he was shut in his room with multiple locks. Regulus would weep beg for him to save him from their mother and father. When the first Cruciatus Curse hit, he screamed Sirius’ name. 
“Please, Siri, you- you can’t leave.”
“Regulus,” Sirius stepped forward to cup his brother's cheek who reached just beneath his chin, “I’m sorry.”
Regulus leaned into his brother's touch, knowing it would probably be the last time, “I wanna be home….” 
“You are home, Regulus.” Sirius replied, confused but still soft and Regulus looked up at him with tears streaming down his face, “Home is wherever I’m with you….”
Sirius had tears trickling down his pale cheeks as he placed his chin on top of Regulus’ head, embracing him tightly, “Please don’t go….”
“Please. I’m begging you.” Regulus was whimpering, keening, wailing, “Siri, please.”
“It’s safer with me gone.” Sirius confessed, “You’ll be safer here. They won’t use the crucio curse on you, not with you being the only one left.”
Regulus was fisting the back of his shirt, the Gryffindor tie still in his hand, “They know that if they hurt one of us, the other one hurts more. With me gone, that leverage disappears.”
“I don’t care.” Regulus cried, “I just want you.”
Sirius kissed the top of his head and parted from his brother's tight embrace, “I love you, Regulus.”
“But-“ Regulus swallowed, “You love James more.”
Sirius didn’t answer, and Regulus let his head fall, staring at the wooden floor, fiddling with the silk tie. He felt guilty. He felt like it was all his fault. Maybe if Regulus had taken more curses, perhaps if he had been a better brother. Maybe if Regulus were strong enough to disobey his parents as Sirius did, then Sirius wouldn’t be leaving right now. 
“Perhaps not in this lifetime, but perhaps in another, I’d be able to stay.” Sirius replied solemnly, leaving Regulus’ heart to shatter like a ripped piece of paper. 
Regulus sniffled, “I guess… this is goodbye.”
“I suppose it is,” Sirius said as he approached the window again. 
This time Regulus didn’t stop him. He knew he had nothing on James. Regulus would always be second to James no matter how hard he tried. Sirius threw the trunk onto the outside ground and sat on the edge of the window, looking beneath him. He turned around one more time before leaping onto the soft grass. 
Maybe the summer months weren’t Regulus’ favorite months anymore. 
The start of fifth year was dreadful. Regulus didn’t feel anything when he approached the Hogwarts Express. It felt like half of his heart had gone and disappeared. All the compartments were full, and Regulus would have to share with someone, which worsened the experience.
He saw the Marauders compartment. It was filled with the usual four boys, but inside was a girl. She was stunning with her soft appearing hair and sharp features. She was the epitome of beauty, and she made the entire compartment laugh with a quick wit she seemed to have made. 
Regulus passed it until he found a compartment with Lucius Malfoy and Evan Rosier. He slid the door open and took place beside Evan. Both boys welcomed him in with a smile. He couldn’t help but think back to the girl in the Marauders compartment. He had seen her before, but he couldn’t place it where. 
She hadn’t changed into her robes, so it was impossible to know what house she was in, but she still looked stunning in Muggle clothing. He noticed her style was comparative to Sirius’. The black ripped jeans, the doc martens on her feet, and a tee-shirt he couldn’t make out due to the jacket she wore over it. 
They entered Hogwarts and went into the Great Hall, where everyone sat at their respected tables. Regulus couldn’t help himself but try and search for her. He was shocked when she entered the Great Hall with green and silver robes. 
It didn’t make sense. Why did she get to be included? The Marauders hated Slytherins, yet she seemed to be so close with them. Regulus was a Slytherin, and he was related to one of the Marauders, yet he still wasn’t included. His heart swelled with a sense of jealousy and envy. 
Nonetheless, she took her seat beside Leia, a pureblood with long brown hair and blue eyes. They were talking until the sorting ceremony began. The sorting ceremony was long and drawled out, but the girl looked strangely intrigued. She watched intently as a little boy with shaggy brown hair and green eyes who was introduced as Romeo L/n sat onto the stool where McGonagall placed the hat onto his head.
It pondered for a while, a maximum of two minutes, but the hat finally exclaimed, “Slytherin!” The boy smiled brightly and approached the girl. He was bouncing over to her with a gleeful smile on his face. The little boy had dimples and straight teeth. He hugged her tightly, and she kissed his cheek. 
“Congratulations, Romeo.” 
“I’m just like you, sis!” Romeo grinned. 
She smiled, “You’re just like me, love.”
“Congratulations, Ro!” Leia exclaimed, “So happy for you.”
He hugged the other girl, “Thanks, Leia.”
“C’mere, Rom,” Y/n patted the seat beside her, “Sit.”
The little boy sat beside his sister and allowed her to put her arms around his neck, holding him close to her chest, “Love you, Romeo.”
“I love you too, Y/n.”
Regulus grimaced. So she had a little brother, and her name was Y/n. Regulus looked back at the stool where first years were sitting. He glanced slightly at Sirius from across the room, who was smiling brightly as James placed an arm around his shoulders. Regulus would always be second best. 
The first few weeks of fifth-year weren’t that bad. It went smoothly, and people didn’t talk to Regulus. He was cold and snappy. It turned people away, which he was thankful for. He didn’t want people to talk to him. He felt numb and unresponsive, like he was the shell of who he uses to be. 
He was in the library with a Transfiguration book in front of him. The pages were dull, and he couldn’t retain anything he was reading. He missed Sirius’ brilliance in Transfiguration. He missed Sirius tutoring him in hidden places of the library so their mother wouldn’t curse him for low marks. 
A hand had gently tugged at his robe, and he went to snap when he saw familiar green eyes, “Um, excuse me, you’re Regulus, right?”
“Yeah, Regulus Black.” Regulus replied, hoping the last name would deter him, but the boy only smiled, “I’m Romeo L/n. Professor Slughorn said that you could tutor me in Potions.”
Romeo sat across from Regulus and plopped down his supplies, “I’m absolutely rubbish at Potions, but my marks in Herbology and Charms are pretty okay. Mum says they need work, but I’m trying the best I can.”
Regulus tilted his head, “What are your marks in Herbology and Charms?”
“I have an Exceeds Expectations in both.” Romeo muttered, “Mum says that I can do better, though.”
“Exceeds Expectations is good. That’s remarkable for a first year. You’re starting out with no knowledge. For just starting, I’d say you’re doing great.” Regulus replied. 
He didn’t know why he felt the need to comfort this boy. Maybe because he saw himself in the boy in front of him, he could hear his own mother scolding him for his Acceptable in Transfiguration in his first year. 
“Will you tutor me, please?”
Regulus hesitated, “I guess I’m not great at Potions either.”
“Y/n says your fantastic!” Romeo replied, “She talks about you quite a bit.”
“She does?”
“Mhm!” He hummed, “Used to send me letters at home talking about you.”
Regulus’ face flushed, and he gave a tiny smile, “I didn’t even know who she was.”
“She does that on purpose. She knew you wouldn’t like her because of her relationship with Sirius. They’re close friends.” 
“Have you spoken to any of them?”
“Yeah.” Romeo's smile was bright, “Sirius was the one who told me to talk to you. He said that you were nice.” 
“Sirius did?”
“Yeah, and Y/n, of course.” 
Regulus smiled; maybe Sirius wasn’t completely gone, “I’ll tutor you.”
“You will?”
“Yeah. Why not.” 
Without a second thought, Romeo had jumped up and embraced the older boy. Regulus stiffened, and Romeo pulled away with wide green eyes, “I’m- I’m sorry. I should’ve asked.”
Regulus embraced the boy again, and Romeo leaned into his touch. He felt safe in the Black boy's arms, almost the same feeling he got when Y/n wrapped her arms around him. Regulus’ embrace was soft, comforting, and sweet. Romeo could smell the broom polish from being the Slytherin Seeker, cinnamon, and a hint of sandalwood. 
Romeo gave Regulus a smile before sitting back down, and they began studying together. Later that evening, Romeo had entered the Great Hall for dinner with him. The first year smiled at him before approaching his sister at the Gryffindor table, where he took his spot beside her. 
“Hey, Rom.” Y/n greeted, “Hey, sis.” 
“Did you talk to Regulus?” Y/n asked, “Is he gonna tutor you?”
Romeo nodded, “Yeah! He’s really nice!” 
Sirius gave a subtle smile, “That’s brilliant, Romeo.”
Romeo and Regulus became quick friends despite Regulus’ reluctance. Romeo thought of Regulus like an older brother, and Regulus protected him like one. He was a target for many older Gryffindors, and Regulus would always take the hits or duel them for him. 
These actions didn’t come without consequences. Regulus’ home life got worse, and letters often came about his friendship with the other Slytherin boy. They didn’t enjoy the fact that they were half-bloods and didn’t believe in pureblood supremacy. Regulus would sit in the Astronomy tower with the letter reading it with a dry face looking at the stars. 
The door to the tower opened, and Regulus didn’t move. Their footsteps were light and patted across the concrete until they saw him. She sat beside him with her legs crossed while Regulus dangled. She saw the parchment in his hand and took it from them. He allowed it. There was nothing terrible in it other than his mother threatening to throw him out if he didn’t stop talking to that half-blood. 
She read it while Regulus stared at the night sky. Y/n placed it back down on the concrete pavement without a word. She fiddled with her hands and put them back in her lap. Regulus was so silent and so peaceful. But she had to break the silence.
“I really appreciate you doing what you do for Romeo.” Y/n said quietly, “He thinks of you like an older brother.”
Regulus chuckled softly, “He’s energetic, that one.”
“Yeah. He’s got a lot of energy.” Y/n replied, “He hates sitting still. But he really appreciates that you can work with that.” 
“He gets irritating sometimes, but I try to keep him intrigued.”
“It works.”
“I’m glad.”
It was silent again, “I’m sure he’s told you plenty. He’s not very good at keeping secrets.”
Regulus smirked, and for a moment, he looked like Sirius, “You wrote letters about me?”
“I like you, Regulus.” Y/n confessed, “More than I should.”
He intertwined his hand with hers, “I like you too.”
Y/n smiled at squeezed his hand. Regulus leaned his head on her shoulder and began to tell her about the stars. He went into extreme depth of every constellation, planet, and star. Y/n noticed that he skipped Canis Major but didn’t say anything. She knew of Sirius’ departure the previous summer and how badly Regulus had been hurt thanks to Sirius’ description. It wasn’t good to rub salt in a still-open wound. 
When Regulus got the mark months later, they didn’t separate. She stood by his side and helped him through it. They didn’t tell anyone about it, not even Romeo. It wasn’t until the war was over that they decided to let everyone know. Y/n had allowed a sigh of relief when she found out that Peter was in Azkaban and her friends were still alive. 
Regulus was sleeping when she grabbed a bit of parchment to write to Sirius. Y/n dipped the quill in black ink and began writing smoothly. The ink embedded the paper like old friends, and when it dried, she handed it to her owl, Astoria. The following afternoon when Remus and Sirius were still entangled together from the previous night, the owl tapped on the window. 
Sirius groaned and stood up from the bed. He grabbed the parchment as the owl flew off. The writing was perfect calligraphy, and Sirius smiled at the note written on the parchment. His heart slowed its beat with relief. 
“He’s safe with me.”
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eunoniaa · 7 months ago
regulus black x gn!reader
Tumblr media
a/n: my reg obsession is taking over. (as always, if anything feels off abt the gn!reader bit, please make sure to let me know!! <3)
word count: 0,9k
warnings: tw // none | cw // enemies to lovers, making out, sexual tension ?
summary: Two of his digits climbed down an inch; hovering over your pulse point. He pressed onto it and you could feel the vein rapidly throbbing against the pads of his fingers, scarlet swirling beneath the skin of your cheeks, “why is your heart beating so fast right now?” His hot breath licked at the equally hot skin on the side of your face, “Am I making you flustered, love?”
Tumblr media
You loathed Regulus Black with a burning passion. So how did you end up sandwiched between him and a bookshelf as his tongue searched for gold in your throat?
That’s a great question.
“I know you love me y/l/n. Just admit it already,” he drawled, his smile a vicious strike against the dark. You wanted to crush him into tiny bits and pieces. Perhaps his inflated ego would do the job for you.
Lightly chuckling, “You flatter yourself, Black. I could never love you.” you retort, waiting for the flash of hurt to flitter across his face, but instead you were met with pure amusement, those despicable sapphire eyes had the audacity to light up; mischief in his smile, a deviant sparkle to his step as he strode over to you, his figure towering over yours in a blink of the eye.
You had to admit, his proximity threw you off, making you straighten your posture unconsciously, fiddling with your bracelet as you gazed up at him.
You waited for his next move, words tangling together at the tip of your tongue and rolling down your throat in the form of a thick ball, clogging it with irritation.
His hand extended, for some twisted reason you could almost feel it brush against your cheek, fathoming the warmth of his soft skin against yours sending tingles through your body.
But he budged at the last second, lean fingers coming in contact with one of the thick, hardback books perched on the shelf behind you, a small puff of air hitting the boy’s vest clad chest as you exhaled after what seemed like hours, your next inhale contaminated by his strong cologne, the smell of him hypnotic beyond reason.
He chuckled lightly, feigning interest as the pads of his fingers dragged down the spine of the book, you could feel the goosebumps erupting on yours as you watched from the corner of your eye.
The brunet pulled his hand back, nonchalantly examining the dark substance tainting his paper skin, juxtaposing the paleness. He rubbed his digits together, then blew out his cheeks and watched as the dust particles flew independently, some landing onto the fabric of your robes.
His piercing gaze found your figure, fixating on your eyes in an attempt to intimidate you, “Very well,” his fingers brushed your shoulder ever-so-slightly, dusting it off, belittling you.
His voice dipped to a lethal whisper. Too quiet.
“Hate me then. I dare you.” he uttered, you could feel your cheeks heating up with frustration, fire scorching through your veins.
“I absolutely despise—“
“Stay ignorant, darling. But do tell me,” He leaned closer, fingers gently brushing against the skin of your cheek, slowly tracing your jawline, “why do your pupils dilate whenever you look at me?” his words dusted with sarcasm and sugar as he cupped your mandible, “why does your breath hitch whenever I look at you?” He flashed you a full-fledged smile that wrapped around and choked your throat, “Or perhaps I should ask…”
The grip on your jaw tightened by a whisker as Regulus tilted your head to the side, and you hated yourself for complying so easily. Two of his digits climbed down an inch; hovering over your pulse point. He pressed onto it and you could feel the vein rapidly throbbing against the pads of his fingers, scarlet swirling beneath the skin of your cheeks, “why is your heart beating so fast right now?” His hot breath licked at the equally hot skin on the side of your face, “Am I making you flustered, love?”
“You’re insufferable.” You seethed, keeping your nonchalant exterior and the heaving of your chest even seeming more and more difficult by the second, his chuckle was dreary threats and noxious bets as he mocked you.
The boy’s dimples deepened, smile ever so infectious as his thumb inched upwards, tugging at your lip as it glided across the flesh, “A little drool. Can’t say I blame you.”
And that was the very last drop.
One of your hands harshly tugged at the collar of his shirt, the other threaded in his locks of chestnut, the strands running through your fingers like silk as you pulled him in --not missing the sudden dilation of his pupils, nor the hitch of his breath-- before you closed the gap between you, soothing the tingling feeling of anticipation spiraling underneath your skin.
Time stopped in a collision of senses as your lips met his, the way his frame leaned over yours as his hands found your waist seemed almost forbidden.
Your resentment towards the boy couldn’t be described in a thousand tongues. It was pure hatred. Craving to slap him across his handsome face-hatred. Wishing him off the face of the Earth-hatred. Hoping to suffocate him with your lips-hatred.
Needing to feel his skin against yours just for a moment longer-hatred.
You kept pulling back for air; sneaking guilty peeks at him just to make sure this was real. Although the warmth of his breath mingling with yours was undermining, it had an alluring effect; prompting you to chase his kiss over and over again until you felt your knees give out, the taste of him nearly silencing all your rational thoughts.
By the time you became aware of your hand it had already slipped under his shirt, the skin smooth and radiating warmth as your fingers glided across his toned stomach. Every fiber of your being was screaming at you to stop because you knew he was poison.
The poison you were dying to drink.
Tumblr media
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theemeraldjewel · 2 months ago
Hush Little Girl
Regulus Black x Fem Reader (18 plus)
Warnings: Smut, innocence kink, choking, a tiny bit of degrading, oral, daddy kink, use of pet names, edging. (I think that's all please let me know if not!)
Not proof read so please let me know
Summary: Regulus is fed up of you acting like a brat while he's working so he teaches you a lesson. (Slight AU? Regulus works for the ministry)
Tumblr media
You hated it when Regulus worked from home, having to all but ignore you while he looked through endless files.
During the day you'd tried several attempts to get the dark haired boys attention but had no luck. Though he was getting really fed up with you looking through his office door every chance you got.
It wasn't like you didn't work yourself, you did, you worked in the pet store in diagon alley. Today was your day off and you planned to enjoy it relaxing but instead you were desperate and needy.
You grabbed yourself a mug to make a hot drink, the mug somehow slipping from your hands "fucking hell" you groan
"Exuse you?" The deep voice from behind you spoke, you hadn't even realised he was there. "Do you know how many rules you've broken so far today little girl?" Regulus spoke as he stepped closer to you.
"Ugh" you paused, debating how far you should push him. But you were so needy for his attention by now you didn't care "I don't know what you mean Reggie" you shrugged
In the blink of an eye he had you pinned between his body and the wall. His fingers wrapped around your throat as he squeezed slightly "don't push your luck little one" he snarled.
"I'm not doing anything of the sort" You huff, rolling your eyes. Another rule break. You wondered when he'd finally snap.
"That's 5 now" Regulus said with a mean look "upstairs now" he said as he stepped back so you could slip past him and head to the bed room.
Regulus followed you into the room and within a couple of seconds he had you pinned onto your shared bed as he handcuffed your wrists to bed post and did the same with your ankles.
"You've been a fucking brat all day little girl" he scolded as his hands traced down your stomach until he reached where you wanted him most. His long fingers sliding along your underwear "you need to be punished don't you think?" He asked looking up at you.
You knew it was a trap but you had to answer anyway "please do something daddy" you whine out as you try and buck your hips to get some form of friction.
The Black boy chuckled darkly "no" he said simply "I'm going to leave you here to think about what you've done. Daddy needs to work" he said his fingers rubbing against your covered clit. You moaned out, as he worked his fingers on you, bringing you closer to your orgasm until he stopped pulling his fingers away. "When I finish work you better be a good little girl for me" he said. You whined again as he left the room, leaving you tied to the bed.
It felt like hours before Regulus finally finished his work and returned to you. By now you were fully regretting your choice to be a brat "are you gonna be a good girl for me?" He cooed as he walked over to you, his fingers tracing along your thighs teasingly.
"Yes daddy" you whimpered, desperate for him to finish what he'd started
"Mmh my good little girl" he said as unlocked the ties on your ankles and slipped your underwear down your legs before he slid his tongue along your folds.
His tongue found your clit with ease and you moaned out, bucking your hips as he slowed his pace.
"Please daddy need to cum" you whine, tugging desperately on the handcuffs
"Hush little girl". Regulus said stopping all his movements so he could look at you with a raised brow. "I don't want to hear another sound out of you" he warned be continuing his assault on your pussy, finally letting you cum.
You came on his tongue, his fingers, god you loved those long slender fingers, the vibrator and then his tongue again, that magic tongue that never failed to find your clit making you cry out in both pain and pleasure from the overstimulation. It seemed he really had it for you tonight. He'd let your orgasm fade every time you dared to make a noise.
By now you were a whimpering and shaking and Regulus hadn't even fucked you let "oh little pet look at you, such a mess for me" he purred his lips pressed to your ear as he finally let your hands free. "You can talk now" he told you.
"Please, can't take anymore daddy" you whine desperately.
"One more for daddy?" Regulus said brushing some hair out of your sweaty face.
"One more" you agreed with a nod.
With a gentle thrust Regulus pushed into you, he was always careful when he'd edged you and overstimulated you. "Good girl" he soothed as you wrapped your legs around his waist.
It wasn't long though before he was pounding himself into you at such a rough speed, his pelvis rubbing against your clit as his cock hit your g-spot with every thrust.
"Can't hold it any longer daddy" you moan feeling that familiar knot forming in your stomach
"Cum f'me little one" Regulus moaned, this thrusts starting to get sloppy as he too finally felt his own release coming.
Regulus rode out both your highs until he finally pulled out and laid next you. He pulled you into his arms kissing the top of your head. "You were such a good girl f' me" he praised
You lay in each other's arms for what felt like hours until Regulus finally let out a small sigh "come on let's get you cleaned up little one" he said, picking you up and carrying you to the bath.
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earlgreydream · 3 months ago
| regulus black x reader | fluff |
anon requested. drinking cocao while doing sleepy talk
cw: slightly steamy, no actual smut, smoking
Tumblr media
“Oh, pretty baby, now that I've found you, stay, and let me love you, baby,” your soft singing soothed Regulus as you gently combed your fingers through his hair.
His head rested in your lap, the boy curled up on the floor between your legs, hiding in the limbs as if it would protect him from fright.
He’d come into your room a mess. Overwhelmed and in tears, but you’d managed to calm him down to a sedated state of peace. His breathing had evened out, and he sat completely still as he listened to the song you sang him whenever the feelings grew to be too much.
“Baby, can I make you some cocoa?” You questioned softly, pressing a kiss to his forehead, right along the line of worry that had found its home among his gorgeous features.
“I’ll make it,” he tipped his head back to accept a kiss, his tongue sliding against yours in the messy, lazy movement.
You sank back into the couch as he stood, pulling the blanket over your tired limbs. You watched as he started the kettle on the small stove, only a few meters away in the small studio apartment. You hummed softly, the song still floating through your mind.
He listened to you as he made the drinks, watching you change for bed, into your usual sleep attire of just one of his t-shirts. Really, it was an old band shirt stolen from Sirius, but he always admired it more on you. 
Regulus exhaled a deep breath as you wrapped your arms around him from behind, kissing his spine through his thin white tee and murmuring something incoherent.
“Qu'est-ce que vous avez dit?” Regulus hummed softly, asking you what you said.
“I said that I’m sleepy,” you yawned, making him smile as he poured the drink into cups. 
“Mon amour,” he smiled against your lips, kissing you tenderly.
“Go get in bed, then, I’ll bring it to you.”
You peeled yourself off of his body, crossing the room to crawl into the fluffy bed, pushing the extra pillows onto the floor. He set down the drink in your hands once you were settled, sitting down near your feet and lifting the chocolate to his lips. 
“Have you got class tomorrow?” Regulus asked, watching you lick the chocolate from your lips. 
“No, I’ve got the day off,” you shook your head.
“Might have to spend it with me.”
“I’d love to.” 
“You’ve got a little,” he gestured at your mouth, indicating there was chocolate smeared over your lips. 
You frowned, and he leaned in and gently kissed it off of your skin, every movement of his so soft. You blindly set your drink aside along with his before swinging your leg over his lap. 
Regulus lowered down to his back, pulling you to lay on top of him, your lips still moving in slow, lazy sync. His long, slender hands slid up the backs of your bare thighs, coming to squeeze your bum. You moaned, allowing his tongue to slide into your mouth, warmth blooming through you.
Your drinks were quickly forgotten as you lost yourself in him, melting into his body and allowing him to fill your senses. You were so in love, and everything was soft, the heady atmosphere melting into pure pleasure.
His curls formed a dark halo around his head as he dropped back against the mattress, you still comfortably curled up on his body. He reached into the bedside table, one hand still resting on your back, his fingertips tracing the dips in your spine. 
He pulled a box out and popped it open with one hand, pulling a cigarette out with his teeth before dropping it back in the drawer. You glanced up at him with hooded eyes, nearly asleep as you curled up tighter on his chest. 
“Y’alright?” he asked, taking the lighter and snapping the flame, lighting the end of the cigarette.
You nodded, relaxing as his hand moved to your head, gently ruffling your hair and massaging your scalp. He tipped his head back and blew rings of smoke into the hazy air, watching them dissipate as his nerves calmed.
“No, they’re bad for you,” he scolded gently, fingers brushing over your face when you asked for a drag.
“Darling,” he put it out, pressing his lips to yours and exhaling the tangy smoke into your mouth. It was just enough to sedate you and get you to hush, and he spent the next half hour lulling you to sleep with fingers tracing your back. 
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scvrllet · 17 days ago
In which Regulus is brought to a muggle amusement park and has a better time than he expected.
contains: gender-neutral!reader, fluff. (2,023 words)
authors note: this was better as a concept in my head but i tried my best so yay ig. i haven't written a proper length oneshot in a while i really need to get back into writing.
Tumblr media
“I’m sure mother would have my head if she knew where I was.” Regulus said as he let you drag him along.
“Oh lighten up Black, I doubt she’ll even check to see if you’re actually at Diagon Alley.” Was your response as you continued to pull him through the crowd leading to a muggle amusement park.
Convincing him to go with you was surprisingly easier than actually getting him to the front gates. A mix of worry and general distaste for such crowded areas left a sour taste in his mouth but at the same time, he knew how much you enjoyed these places and the last thing he wanted was for him to be the reason behind a bad memory.
“Fine.” He mumbled as you continued to drag him towards the gate where you began to talk to the worker behind the booth. He watched as you pulled out some money and handed it to the worker who directed you to the gates leading into the park.
Usually he would insist on paying for you but seeing as he doesn’t have any muggle currency, he really had no say today.
“Wrists please.” The worker at the gate said and with no hesitation, you gave them your wrist. They wrapped a flimsy paper band around it before turning to Regulus, who hesitantly mirrored your actions. “I don’t bite.” They said in an attempt to lighten the mood. Unfortunately, he failed as Regulus only narrowed his eyes at them while they wrapped the piece of paper around his wrist.
“Tough dude.” He heard the worker mumble under their breath as they opened the gate for the two of you to pass. The smell of fried food and sweet candy immediately filled both your senses as you walked towards the crowd, Regulus' grip on your hand tightening as he trailed closely behind you.
As you led him towards a booth where he was required to get a second paper wristband, Regulus took the time to take in the place you had dragged him to which you called an amusement park. Food vendors lined the park through the center with various game booths and rides on either side.
"What's this for?" He asked once you both got the new wristband.
"This is so we can go on the rides." You explained as you walked towards the first one, a drop tower ride that looked far more scary than it was exciting. "And this is our first one!"
Regulus' eyes widened as he watched the bench a few guests were sitting on slowly rise only to drop as if a malfunction had occurred. Shaking his head slightly, he knew it was useless to try and argue though that didn't stop him from complaining. "When I agreed to go to this amusement park I did not agree to this."
Rolling your eyes, you simply pulled his arm and headed towards the line. Much to his dismay, the line was quick and before he could even finish mentally preparing himself, you were both getting strapped onto the bench with the sound of muggle music blaring nearby filling his ears. .
"Ready?" You asked the boy as the bench slowly rose to the top. He hesitantly nodded, tightening his hold on your hand as you gave him a reassuring squeeze. "The view is pretty nice from up here." You added on, causing him to look up from his lap to the view of the skyline before him. As he opened his mouth to agree however, his own scream cut himself off and the ride seemed to lose all control and they were falling down fast. Despite the fact that he knew this was going to happen, it stayed in the back of his mind as he held onto your hand and closed his eyes shut bracing for impact that never came.
When the ride stopped, Regulus opened an eye to make sure you were both okay before practically jumping off and running outside of the enclosure the ride was situated in. You followed closely behind him, laughter coming from not only you but other guests who loved the thrill of such rides in comparison to their scared peers who stood stiff as a board.
“And Muggles ride these for fun?” He asked, eyes almost bulging out of their sockets as you nodded your head and began leading him to another ride. “No no no I am not going on another one! Especially if it’s anything like this one.”
Unfortunately, his protests fell on deaf ears as you waited in line for the next ride. A roller coaster was what you had called it and by the looks of it, he was sure he wasn’t going to have the most pleasant of times on this one.
He was sure that the lines "You'll be fine, come on." and "It's not that bad." would be embedded into his mind by the end of the day due to how much he's heard you say them and it's barely even been an hour! From fast paced rides to ones that seemed to break several safety prosecutions muggles paid no mind to, Regulus was dragged onto practically all of them with little to no protests though this didn't exclude the many silly excuses and whining as you headed towards the lines.
"Now what will this one do? Go insanely fast and throw us to London?" Regulus asked as you both walked to the next ride. You remained silent, ignoring his question and instead finding interest in the person selling balloons walking by. All you had told him about this one was that it was your favourite and he'd find out when you got in line.
"Nope, we could go onto one like that if you-"
"No! No it's fine," He cut you off, having been on far too many rides that made his heart either stop or drop to even keep track. "Will it make me sick? Because I have still not recovered from that last rollercoaster."
Regulus trailed off, recalling the way the ride went through so many twists and turns that it almost made him sick. It didn't help that the ride seemed to start off calm with a steady pace up an incline before reaching the edge on top and with no moment to prepare, it dropped. They went speeding down the tracks, wind slapping your faces as it went up then down and around, flipping you upside down then right side up before finally coming to a halt.
"Anything but that rollercoaster." He said as a shiver ran down his spine.
"Don't worry, I think you actually enjoy this one." You replied with a laugh as you led him towards a line. "It's a swing ride."
"Yes, because a giant swing ride isn't terrifying." Was his reply as the gate opened and grabbed his hand, leading him to two vacant seats.
As the ride operator came around to check on everyone's buckle, Regulus took breath and instinctively reached for your hand when the ride hummed to life. As you all felt your feet leave the ground and the ride carrying you all up towards the sky, Regulus looked up from his lap to see you smiling as the ride started to spin. That was something he did not expect for this ride to do.
"Bloody hell-" His sentence was cut off as a mix of screaming, gasps, laughter and music cut through the air but it was the sound of your laughter that mainly caught his attention. Looking over to his side where you sat, he saw you smile the brightest he's ever seen as you looked at the carnival down below you. All while holding onto his hand.
"They look like ants." You pointed out excitedly, directing his gaze to the people below who indeed looked like ants from you both were.
“They do, don’t they?”
As the night went on, more of his worries faded as all his mind could seem to focus on was the moment happening before him. It was all new and thrilling. Never had he been able to go to such a place before and while the worry of how his mother would react if she were to somehow find out he was here, you were always there to shove a new treat into his face or pull him to another line before he could start to let that worry really settle in.
It was refreshing to be around someone who makes him enjoy the moment instead of watching as he succumbs to worries of his mind. Even if it meant being dragged onto every single rollercoaster this park managed to have.
“(Y/N)” He said, watching as you lifted your head up the pile of stuffed animals he had won you. Laughing at the ridiculous sight, he helped you carry a couple of them before continuing. “I just wanted to say thank you, for tonight and everything. It was fun, I had fun.”
“Even the rollercoasters?” You teased and Regulus rolled his eyes, knowing exactly what you were trying to do.
“Don’t push your luck, (Y/L/N). You’re not getting me onto another rollercoaster tonight.”
“Hey, it was worth a shot!” You defended. “But I’m glad you still had fun tonight, thank you for coming along. I had an amazing time.”
He didn’t know if it was the cool evening air slapping at his face or the simple fact that he was never thanked for his presence that his cheeks were warm and pink but he hoped that the stuffed animals he carried were able to shield your view of his face. You had already seen his face during the roller coasters so the last thing he needed tonight was for you to see him looking flustered.
Covering his mouth with his hand, he hoped to have been able to cover his embarrassment with a cough as he managed to reply with, “I had a great time too, thank you.”
While he was certain you knew, he was thankful you did no more than giggling at his actions before deciding to talk about something else Regulus couldn’t quite seem to focus on. His mind seemed to be everywhere and he couldn’t even begin to guess what it was that made him seem to drift off.
Perhaps it was his mind registering all he’s experienced today or the scent of your perfume that made him feel all warm and cozy. Maybe it was all the foods he’s eaten in the past few hours and how he’d regret it all in the following week or maybe it was the way your lips felt on his cheek or the way–yours lips on his cheek?
Finally snapping out of his thoughts, Regulus looked down to see a cheeky grin on your face just after you pulled away. He could feel the heat rush up to his face as he stood there frozen in place. Barely mumbling out your name, he watched as you turned around and began walking in the direction of the exit and all he could seem to do was pull himself together and follow after you.
“You can’t just do that and leave!” He shouted after you but all he got as a response was laughter as you only ran faster. “I had to stand here flustered, why can’t you?”
“I’m not a wimp!”
All plans of getting home at a reasonable hour that night were out the window as for the next few moments, you and Regulus were chasing each other in the empty parking lot like little children, laughing and screaming as all your stuffed animals gradually fell to the ground. The following morning–hell probably the whole week if you’re being honest–would be well, hell thanks to your parents for staying out so late with no notice of where you both actually were and how long you’d be out for but that was a worry for when morning came. Tonight, as you two laughed and held each other under the star littered sky, you were free with no other worries than each-other.
Tumblr media
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