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Little bit of a rant here. Little bit of spoilers too

In the my hero series I really like the path they are going with Endeavor’s redemption ark because they aren’t trying to make light of the abuse, they aren’t even trying to have him just straight up apologize, instead they are just having him say something along the lines of I will be better and I try to live up to what I should have been. So what I really want to happen, is for his abuse to be put out to the public for all to see and for him to respond to it in the exact same way he responded to his kids. I want him to own up to what he did, not deny it at all, and say that he doesn’t expect the people to want him to be the one who saves them, He doesn’t want them to continue to support him, but that he hopes that he can live up to what they thought he was.

Most of all, following the theory, I want Dabi to have seen this, because maybe he usually switches the channel or turns off the TV, maybe he even even burns it when he looks at endeavors interviews but in light of the information that was released I want him to sit down and watch the interview and just sit in shock and then the his hands starts to shake and the anger is quick to follow. I want him to be mad, I want him to scream at the injustice, even just the idea of it, because endeavor didn’t have the decency to hide underneath Touya’s bed and instead was in the room across the hall. He was the reason Touya became a villain in the first place. Touya’s entire identity right now as a villain, as Dabi, is shaped around his hatred of Endeavor and his belief in Endeavors villainous ways so I want that interview to shake Dabi’s foundation, I want him to get so mad maybe he’ll leave, try to work out some frustration and anger by killing some low rank villain or hero and when he burns them I want him to look down and get scared because he sees himself in those melting eyes.

I have thought of this far too much

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also wait no im not done because fandom treats mentally ill and traumatized people like shit.

people have the fucking audacity to shit on and drag Rei’s character through the mud, claiming she’s abusive or problematic or didnt fight back or was going to abandon her kids. people downplay her abuse like she wasn’t financially held hostage and sold to her husband, like he didn’t beat her, like he didn’t pressure her into being a fucking breedmare, like he didn’t have her committed and dehumanized for TEN YEARS against her will in a psych ward. Have any of you actually spent time in psych? I have!! Do you have any idea what that feels like? To not be treated like a fucking person? She has gone through so much, and its bad enough that canon is making it seem like she’s going to forgive Enji, but you people are out here saying she should? Saying they should be together? Saying she’s just as bad or worse than her abuser?

And don’t even get me started on Jin. So many of you just look away from the fact that he’s mentally ill despite his own self description stating so. People refuse to acknowledge it as part of why he is the way he is. People ship him with the person who retraumatized and manipulated and then murdered him. People refuse to look at how delusions manifest and what it feels like and how alienating it was. People refuse to acknowledge the severity of what was done to him.

And then!!

And then fandom wants their abusers to get redemption arcs?? Wants their abusers to get a second chance? Wants them to get back together??

Sickens the shit out of me and makes me so angry I could cry. You don’t care about us. You don’t care about psychotic people at all. Especially not when our abusers are pretty and likable. Of course, why would you ever prioritize us? No one ever does.

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WHY though… You could  hurt him just as welll

I mean after the shit He put his wife through…

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Rei, I Have Questions
by BlackCat666

Rei has a bad dream about her children.

(This is based off a Youtube video that I have seen.)

Words: 1210, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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Request: I read your Touya story and I’ve been wondering…how would he react when his twin sister is badly injured? Like during a battle with some villains she protects someone real close with her and the end result is her in the hospital with a 50% chance? Like would he secretly visit her or if she ‘dies’ does he mourn or is that 'twin bond’ completely broken for him??

Here’s a link to the first part for this imagine “What We’ve Become” about Dabi and his twin sister meeting again after Touya’s supposed death.

The truth of her twin’s survival had changed everything for (Y/N).

When Touya was dead, she blamed every hardship in her life on that event. It was why she was so distant, so bitter. Why she could never open herself up to others and why she had started icing out her own siblings. That Touya’s death broke her in some regard. Some part of her that had been connected to him since before they were born severed. But that had all been a lie. 

Now (Y/N) had no explanation for why she was such a bad coworker that always avoiding their many attempts to befriend her or work alongside her, a bad sister that avoided Fuyumi’s calls, a bad daughter that hadn’t visited her mother in eighteen months. She was even a bad hero, keeping Dabi’s identity secret for her own selfish purposes. (Y/N) was a bad person.

She had been uninjured after her fight with Dabi, but she still took three vacation days off that she had saved up to just be alone.

Logic told her to call the commission and confess the truth of Dabi’s identity, but she doubted they would actually spread this information, it would ruin the image of their number one hero, a father who turned his son into a villain. 

Ethics told her she had to tell her family the truth about Touya at least, but she couldn’t bring herself to be the person who opened those old wounds again. Natsuo was doing so well, he was studying to be a doctor and head over heels for his new girlfriend. Fuyumi was happy at work, her family finally being repaired (even if (Y/N) and her father weren’t exactly a part of it). And she worried what it would do to her mother’s mental health.

Whenever there was a secret she wanted to tell someone that she couldn’t, she could’ve always told Touya when they were younger. They were twins, there weren’t secrets between twins. They were one in the same. And now she was a keeper of another one of his secrets. She wondered if he knew she would end up protecting his secret or if he thought she’d turn him in.

The first day, she felt completely numb. She laid in bed all day, unable to move for hours. She didn’t cry or say anything, she simply laid there.

On the second day, she moved around a little more, staying relegated to the confines of her bed most of the time. But on this day she cried, it was less sobbing and more screaming with angry tears ripping from her eyes as she clawed at the sheets until she passed out. Anger at herself, at her father, at Dabi or Touya or however she was supposed to think about him now.

And on the third day, she reflected. On how much she had distanced herself from her family. She abandoned Fuyumi to take care of their home and younger brother even though she was her older sister. She hadn’t visited her mother in two years. She had pushed Shoto away because of how much he reminded her of Touya when he was that same age going through that brutal training.

After their mother was hospitalized and Touya was “dead”, it was as if her father and everyone else expected her to be the new mother despite her lack of maternal instincts. She had tried at first for the little brother she hardly knew. Shoto was a sad child then, but she remembered how her heart would break for him with how much he looked like Touya. When she bandaged his wounds or tried to hold him in an embrace, it brought back memories of her twin that were once pleasant but now left a bitter taste in her mouth.

(Y/N) didn’t want to be close to Shoto, not because she didn’t love him. She was worried she would love him the same way she had her twin, that she would be replacing him in some way, or she would lose him all the same. 

As the years passed and she saw how ruthless and cold he as he entered his teenage years, she tried to justify to herself that he was independent. But she knew he needed her, he needed someone to help him and care for him in that house the way her father was incapable of providing and Fuyumi lacked.

When she returned to work for the next few weeks, her head was in the clouds, more focused on searching up arsons and burning related homicides to focus on hero work. When she recieved a text from Fuyumi she was unsure how to answer, holding this new weight every time she tried to reach out to her. 

Instead she looked for every clue.

So many things they could have missed, how they didn’t know he was still alive. How she didn’t know her twin was still alive? 

She hadn’t been there when it happened, no one was, but she could guess from everything she had seen throughout the years what had happened. Looking at Dabi it was even more clear that their father had pushed him too far, and he burnt himself. So many questions filled her mind on where he could have gone, what had happened to him, what was he planning now?

The only thing he had made clear was how he had no intentions of being Touya again. Even though he said her name the way he always did, he turned his back on her and didn’t turn back for her the way he always used to.

But she couldn’t bring herself to wish he was really dead.

Even if he didn’t want to be, she hoped he would be Touya again someday.

Maybe that she could save him before he got himself killed on the path he had set himself down, and that she would have her twin back. 

It was a foolish childish thought.


She was such an idiot. 

He didn’t know he if was expecting more from her or if he was waiting for something like this. Ever since he had first seen her take up the roll of a hero, he had been disappointed in her for becoming more like him. There was a point where he had been waiting for something like this to happen.

It was on the news with some clever title about a family of heroes as (Y/N) shoved Shoto out of the way of the villain’s attack and took the brunt of the attack to protect him. The camera’s had caught it all and it was broadcasting with images of Endeavor defeating the villain with his interns, as Shoto held and unconscious Frost in his arms as he seemed to be trying to keep her awake as an ice wall surrounded them to protect from the continued fighting.

He could almost laugh at the irony of it all. 

Years ago she was running to try and protect him even when it hurt herself, and even after all these years she was doing the same for another brother.

Dabi wasn’t sure if he was angry or sad or nothing, just that he was feeling some type of way since he saw her bleeding onto her white hero costume, the shade of crimson eerily familiar. The lifelessness of the last photos they had managed to capture of her before she was rushed to the ER. 

He shouldn’t have cared, he didn’t want to care about her.

For a decade now they had been separated, they were different people and whatever closeness may have existed between them had vanished. 

The only reason he was keeping tabs on her was because she knew the truth about who he was. If she had been anyone else he would have killed her. But for weeks now she’s had the information and she’s kept it secret, he knew she would. They had always been good at keeping their family matters secret. 

But worrying about his secret was definitely not why he waiting outside a hospital in his home town he hated so much. It wasn’t like he could hear or see anything from across the street looking up at one of the windows and vaguely seeing what he assumed was (h/c) hair. He couldn’t walk into the hospital, even if his disguise fooled the hospital staff, Endeavor and his interns wouldn’t be.

He hadn’t worried about someone else in a long time. He used to drive himself crazy thinking about his family whether it was his mother’s cries or Natuso’s laughter, it all started to bleed together in his mind until he couldn’t sleep. (Y/N) was another memory he tried to forget but failed miserably at.

Whatever bond that existed between the two of them was a lie they had told themselves to feel less alone in that place. It was a lie he told himself when his father marked him a failure after he burnt himself or when his mother struggled to look at him with his red hair and turquoise eyes. Having that bond with her meant there was always one person who would care for him.

It was a pretty lie they had come up with. But all it really did was break (Y/N) when she realized she was all alone in the world, and left him feeling emptier than he already was as he imagined her lying in a hospital bed lifeless.

Maybe that would make it easier.

But there was a relief that spread through him as he watched someone slowly pull the blinds even more open on the room he had been watching, red and white, and cracked the window open. She was awake and sitting up.

His eyes burned, he reached up to try and scratch behind his glasses. Whatever he was feeling now felt like relief, but there was still a residual bitterness.     

But he couldn’t bring himself to wish she would die.

Even if he knew she wouldn’t, he hoped she would understand someday.

Maybe that she could help him before he got himself killed on the path he had set himself down, and that she would have his his back again.

It was a foolish childish thought.

There was nothing left there for him anyways, so he walked away again.


“It’s really sunny out today, huh?” she asked, remembering cold and dreary the winter had been so far. This day was graced them with sunny skies however. 

Shoto stood silently as he was seemingly running his fingers through the curtains as he didn’t respond or even look at her since he had come to visit. (Y/N) had been in surgery for hours and unconsciously recovering for the past eight hours, and Shoto had refused to go home and rest, not when his sister was recovering from a risky surgery because of him. He was too guilt ridden to rest the entire night. Instead he stayed with her until she woke up.

His father had called Fuyumi, but visitors were only allowed at certain times, and so Fuyumi and Natsuo planned to visit when she was awake. The mandated hours didn’t stop Shoto from stay though, barely getting three hours of rest in the past fifteen hours before she was healthy enough to sit up.

Even when she had woken up and her condition was steady, he didn’t want to leave her side. But he couldn’t bring himself to look her in the eyes.

(Y/N) felt awkward being alone with Shoto after so long. He had been a little boy when she had left him behind. They were like strangers every time they had seen each other since that day. She was too guilty every time she looked at his face, ashamed at how she had behaved towards him, how she should have done more to protect him, and been the older sister he deserved.

“It’s really bright,” she commented, moving her eyes away from the sun.

“Do you want me to draw the blinds?” he asked, his voice was slightly shaky.

Shaking her head, a somber look on her face, “no it’s alright. You don’t have to do everything for me by the way. You should sit down, you look tired.”

“Not as tired as you,” he retorted.

(Y/N) nodded, “yeah but you’re a growing boy, you need your rest.” She looked over at him, still staring down at his feet. “You can go back to the dorms if you want. I’ll be okay. Natsuo and Fuyumi will be here in a few hours.”

“I want to wait for them,” he responded.

“Okay,” she nodded.

There was an awkward silence between them. She tried to keep her eyes somewhere else, instead finding the flowers she had been gifted by her coworkers with a kind note hoping for her swift recovery.

“Why?” he asked, voice hoarse.

“What?” she questioned, cocking a brow.

Shoto looked up at her, a recognizable pain in his eyes. She had seen it in Natsuo’s, Touya’s, and even her own before. “Why would you do that? You could have died because I was too slow to respond. Why would you risk yourself for me? I didn’t call you once in five years. I ignored you just like he wanted me to,” he pleaded, his eyes threatening to overflow.

“You’re my little brother, Shoto, of course I was going to try and save you,” she simply responded, tears rolling down her cheeks as she tried to reach out, her sides burning from her injuries. “I may not show it but you’re really important to me. Just as much as the others, and I’ve been an awful big sister to you. You shouldn’t have had to be the one to reach out to me first, I should never had made you feel like I was leaving you behind when you needed me.”

He looked up at her confused. Shoto had thought she didn’t care about him sometimes, she had always found it hard to look at him, and even harder to speak to him. But he would be remise if he hadn’t always wanted her attention, to be a hero like her. Shoto could barely comprehend that he was special to her.

“Please forgive me,” she asked, trying her best to smile, “I have been an awful sister to all of you. You’ve all been trying so hard to repair this family, and I haven’t been helping at all. So please, can you give me another chance.”

It was almost natural how he fell into her arms like he was a child again. She buried her head on his, running her fingers through his red and white locks as she swore she would always protect him the way a sister should, that she would apologize to her sister, and visit her mother again. It felt familiar to hug Shoto, she had done it before when he was a child, but it was different now.

It was how she used to hug Touya and promise him that someday they would be free someday, as she wiped away both their tears.

That’s what she wanted to for Shoto now.

Through the window she see something black. Her mind told her that her eyes were playing tricks on her. As the spot moved away, she closed her eyes and instead swore she would protect the family she still could, and that would include their newest little secret.

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This was actually a really good detail to consider, since Reader didn’t really dye her hair because of what happened with Rei, but to go as unnoticed as possible in school. But I really enjoyed this, and hopefully so do you guys! 💖



Deep breaths, positive thoughts, don’t drop the box.

Deep breaths, positive thoughts, don’t drop the box.

Deep breaths, positive thoughts, don’t drop the—-

“Todo-chan?” The doctor’s voice snaps you out of the anxious chanting going off inside your mind. Why were you nervous in the first place when visiting your mother at the hospital became a regular part of your routine?

Oh yeah….Because this was the first time after that incident five years ago that she’d be seeing you with red hair. You know it was completely different from last time, your mother’s mental health is stable enough now, she was able to see Shoto without a problem after all….But the memories from that time still terrify you just thinking about it, the idea of going back to square one with her?

“My colleagues and I have talked it over, and I’m more than pleased to say it’s alright to go see your mother as well as allow her to keep this gift of yours, based on the description we’re positive it may help with her recovery”

There’s confidence in each of her words, and that gentle smile of hers helps to ease the anxiety inside the pit of your stomach, a breathe of relief you didn’t realize you’d been holding in escapes which send her into a small giggling fit, but she doesn’t say anything else and offers to accompany you on the way to your mother’s room

“Dr. Chigusa?” She glances in your direction with curiosity, this woman had been one of the people taking care of your mother since the very beginning of her treatment, her kind demeanor had quickly won over every single one of the Todoroki siblings, everyone who’s met her knows that had she been there the day of the accident things would have probably gone differently…

The footsteps echoing through pristine halls are equally soothing and distressing, a seemingly endless hall keeps going and going till a certain room is eventually coming into sight.

“Yes dear?” She takes a small glance in your direction and stops walking, the way your hands grip the corners of the box tightly, she can easily perceive the insecurity and fear coming through every inch of your being, body shaking slightly once you observe that spot in the wall right besides the door, that spot where a young girl once sat with her back against the wall suffering in silence.

“…What if it happens again? I don’t want to see my Mom going through that all over again”

Worry seeps from every pore in your body, heart pounding loudly against your chest it’s a surprise the woman walking beside you doesn’t hear a thing, panic surrounds every part of your being just by the memories of that day.

Chigusa grabs your shoulders gently, the moment her quirk activated all those feelings of doubt drifted away like traces of smoke being carried away withing soft currents of air.

“Listen (Y/N), your mother is an incredibly strong woman who’s come a long way despite everything she had to endure, I promise you over my medical licence that everything is going to be alright…Do you trust me?”

Confidence radiates from each and every single one of her words, strongly enough to sway the most doubtful of hearts, even without needing to employ her quirk anymore, her eyes shining with assurance accompanied by the warm hold on your shoulders allows you to step forward to face the one thing that separates your mother from the rest of the world.

“If it makes you feel any better, I’ll go in first and let her know you’re coming, how does that sound?” God really blessed your family when Chigusa came into your mother’s life.

She goes inside the room first just like she promised, leaving you in the hall alone with the box. After a few minutes boredom takes over and you start checking out some messages with our friends. Some of them send pictures of study sessions, the girls from Shoto’s class are having a spa day at the dorms complete with face masks and cucumber in their eyes, there’s also a text from Bakugo and his friends, one that makes your eyelid twitch in mild annoyance.

“I guess we can’t call you Omurice head anymore, uh?” They say jokingly after seeing your new profile pic.

“Have you ever seen a hedgehog covered in glitter? Cause I think you will soon” You quickly text them back.

The door opens right after you send the message and Chigusa comes out with a big smile on her face.

“You can come in now Y/N, I’ll give you two some space, but remember everything…?” She goes quiet, waiting for an answer as you inhale deeply before finishing her sentence.

“Is going to be alright”

“Good!” Then she leaves, not without sending another smile in your direction.

Turning back towards the door and staring for another few seconds you take another deep breath…and finally your hands push the door open. Sunlight illuminates the whole bedroom with beautiful shades of golden light…and right in front of the window your mother’s sitting with her back facing the door.

“Here goes nothing…”

“Hi Mom”

Your eyes close in panic, a part of you expecting to hear the screams all over again just like that one time carved into your memories, instead the only thing perceived is silence, slowly looking back at her most serene look is adorning her features, confusion slowly morphing into that kind smile which had only been seen a couple of times when you were less than 6 years old.

“Y/N” The smile never left her face, not even when she took a good look and finally caught sight of the one thing that terrified you in the first place, despite that she didn’t stop smiling.

“It’s been a while since the last time you visited, is everything okay?”

Not only did it not affect her anymore but this time she paid no mind to it, making a wave of relief flow through your body, she noticed the way your shoulders began trembling.

“Yeah…” your hand wipes away a single tear threatening to come out, mouth curving into a tiny smile before looking back at her “Everything’s alright…”

That’s how part of the visit went, catching up with her after being unable to visit her for the past three weeks, the answer she got was half true to avoid scaring her.

After all being kidnapped by a psychopath and thrown off a building wasn’t the best way to start a conversation, right? So all she was told was how busy you had been with classes, along with this new project.

Speaking of project…

“By the way Mom” You get up from the bed to get the box you had left in the small table “I asked the doctors if I could bring you this, is something I’ve been working on for a while now, and some senior students from school helped me out with it”

Rei gave it a curious glance, specially when you placed the box down on the floor and pulled out a smaller baby blue metallic box with no cover, inside the box there’s this white ball that looks like plastic with a few black and brown spots.

“What is it?”

You smiled at her before pressing a small button on the edge of the box, the actions makes it let out a charging noise and the small ball slowly starts to inflate until its peaking out of the top.

Rei’s eyes go wide when it starts taking the shape of a mix between a Japanese bob tail cat and a marshmallow, but the surprise is not over yet once the noise finally dies down and the “cat” slowly opens its metallic black eyes and starts looking around from left to right, once it catches sight of her the small thing carefully climbs out of the box like a small kitten.

“Fuyumi told me how much you love cats, and since it’s not possible to have pets in here I talked about this project with the staff” The “cat” turns to look at you with curiosity, and when it gets a nod in response the first thing it does is dart straight towards your mother to nudge her feet. Surprising her by how soft its body feels.

“I heard having a pet around can be therapeutic, so It’s programmed to behave like a domestic cat and keep you company”

While you explained its function the cat was already being cradled in your mother’s arms, purring softly with every stroke of her fingers on its chin, the excitement on her face couldn’t be more obvious once it bopped its face against her hand, demanding more of her attention just like a real cat would.

“Do you like it?” It was obvious she loves the little guy, but you still wanted to hear her answer with eagerness.

“I love it, does he have a name?” she asks happily, but you shake your head no.

“Not really, I wanted you to name it since well, it’s your new pet now”

That’s all she needed to hear.

“Thank you Y/N” She hugged the cat closer to her “Thank you so much”

In the end the last thing you tell her are the instructions, how the box is actually its charging station and it needs to be re-charged every now and then, and just in case something malfunctioned the staff had a small instructions manual and your number, in case it needed any repairs.

That afternoon you left her room with a bright smile and the ghost that haunted your memories finally gone, this time for good.

Nothing could ruin that moment for you while going back to the dorms with a bounce on your feet…Not even when you ran into someone and nearly fell on the floor had it not been for this mysterious person catching you by the wrist.

“I’m really sorry about that! I should have been more careful!” your voice comes out in a nervous squeak, face full of embarassment while this guy just kept staring at you, a black hoodie covering his head and even with the sunglasses he sported the feeling of his eyes staring at you was easily noticeable.

“It’s fine, just be more careful next time, you never know who you might run into” The calmness in his voice made you glad he wasn’t pissed off by crashing straight into them, but before any more words could be exchanged the characteristic sound of your ringtone went off.

“I need to pick this call, sorry about that again, see you!” Fishing the phone out from the bottom of your pockets the last thing he saw was a small wave aimed towards him before you ran off, this time paying attention to the surroundings while answering the call.

“See you soon…Firefly”


@t-amajiki @undead0relived @shoobirino @bnha-ra @godtieruwu @mysticalite

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Snippets of Todorokis

The Todorokis is a dysfunctional family and each of them have their own snippets of stories that cause them to be the person they are today. As to what these stories are, only they would know. All the hurt and pain, whose fault is it? Is it Enji? Or is it society for perpetuating the toxic and misguided mindset of heroism? Just whose fault is it?

Words: 3194, Chapters: 1, Status: In-Progress, Language: English

Read Here:

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Both version of colors, anime and manga
Which one do you prefer? ;)

is this OCC? yes, a lot
I care? no
I just needed to draw them happy! :3 think this is an AU where enji is a good father if you want XDD
is worth dreaming :’)

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