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Things that I have discovered about the Free! animated series in the past 24h, because I am nothing if not late to the party:

  • The Japanese VAs for Rin, Nagisa, Rei, Makoto and Haru perform many of the soundtrack numbers together as a band and seem to purposely sing certain lyrics together to highlight the dynamics at play in the show. (Found here and here)
  • Further to that point, the VAs have also done full in-character songs about their relationships (Found here (Rin and Haru), here (Makoto and Haru), and here (Rei and Nagisa) for duets, and here (Sosuke singing about Rin), here (Makoto singing about Haru), and here (Haru singing about his team) for solos, among many other tracks)
  • Their drama CDs by the same VAs range from important topics such as “Makoto helps Rin pet a stray cat” to “Nagisa asks everyone who on the swim team they would want as a boyfriend” (to which the answers are “Not Rei-chan,” -Nagisa; “Myself,” -Rei; “I can’t choose.” -Makoto; and “Makoto.” -Haru) 
  • In one round of audio releases, the boys have have a bunch of dream sequences in which they save each other from certain doom. Rin saves Sosuke from drowning in Sosuke’s police-procedural dream, Nagisa saves Rei from wasting away in space in Rei’s stranded-space-scientist dream, and Haru, in what seems like a shared dream, is Fireman Makoto’s merman roommate found in his bathtub (I kid you not) and saves Makoto from a burning building by embracing him and evaporating. It’s very sad and emotional until Haru appears back in his bathtub through the natural progression of the water cycle and the miracle of modern plumbing. They’re both very pleased about their renewed roommateship, while in real time, they are both asleep in Makoto’s room after playing video games (listen to this incredible story unfold here)
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