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#reign fc
equalpay4betterplay · 12 days ago
This is what I like to call the Laura Harvey Effect™️
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femultras · 6 months ago
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Crystal, Rapinoe, and Christen with a puppy🐶
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amelmajrii · 3 months ago
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mkwoso · 5 months ago
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Reign FC 2021 kit!!!!
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incorrectnwsl · 8 months ago
[Sounds of police sirens nearby]:
Rose, who's never done anything wrong in her life: They've found me.
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the-ghostcrew · 10 months ago
NWSL Mock Expansion featuring Steph McCaffery, Haley Kopmeyer, Carmelina Moscato, and the dude from BeastModeSoccer
Points of interest:
“I didn’t know we could do that” regarding Chicago’s full-roster protection
Some discussion of what would happen if all teams tried that (*cough* Portland *cough*)
Chicago still has the rights to Sam Kerr so they could potentially get her back when she’s 28
Criticism of league/Utah approach to releasing the news about the fired Coach
Steph is surprised Portland left Tobin unprotected, she would pick Tobin and Press because they can be valuable for a few years or have value for trade
some talk about how teams know it would be hard to get players out of market even if they do get traded/drafted - everyone knows that heath and press wouldn’t want to leave portland and it’s unknown if they would even want to leave england next season
Steph wants to know if Chicago still has her rights, thinks about getting Cheney out of retirement
Tim Horton’s is overrated, and apparently so is In N Out
Carm Moscato’s insight on the unprotected Canadian players (in her very Canadian accent)
Canadian/American players like to be domestic during Olympic years
Katie Stengel (and related drama) mentioned, would be picked by Haley and Dave 
McCaffery, die hard KMew fan, didn’t seem too excited about that
Steph Labbe plans to retire in a year or two
“Sonnett loves waffle house so that’s the only thing Louisville has going for her”
No one can believe Sky Blue left Estelle Johnson unprotected
“Cheney could go on the field right now and skin us all”
Everyone thinks there’s some behind-the-scenes conspiracy/backdoor deals that no one saw coming
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notoriouztph · a year ago
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this whole thing is so sexy you love to see powerful women supporting each other🥺💖 also they bout to be hella 💰💰
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cypher2 · 2 months ago
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The backheel + the stunner. First regular season goal for Tziarra King 51' (assist Le Sommer) | ORL v RGN July 24, 2021
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So Black Women’s Player Collective started a fundraiser to keep doing the good work. If you don’t have any money to donate you can always reblog this and spread the word in any other way you can, so that they meet they goal, which currently is at $20,000. 
Here’s the link: 
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mkwoso · 5 months ago
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Done deal!!!! I’m so excited!!!!
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lea-schuller · 2 months ago
Zee King And Alana Cook being gorgeous on Z' s ig story
😍😍😍 Look at them!
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