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captainprissyprincess · 23 days ago
Man I have just been having so many thoughts about Aang being a reincarnation and how stuff from his past lives could still affect him.
Like when he first met Koh and Koh used the face of a lover from one of his past lives, like obvs Aang couldn't show any emotion at that time and probably had to repress everything, but like what if when he was talking to Sokka and Katara later on Appa, about finding out how to help the moon and ocean spirits, and he mentions Koh and the faces Koh used, and he just gets stuck when explaining the woman's face because all he can feel when he thinks about it is an overwhelming sense of grief, and he just starts crying and Sokka and Katara are so confused and so is Aang because he's never met that woman before so why does it hurt so much to know Koh has her face? And all Sokka and Katara can do is hold Aang as he grieves for an unkown love long since past.
Or like if the Gaang one day on their journey, have a break time in close to the area where the battle was that Wan died in and started the avatar cycle, and they scout around to see whats in the area and Aang just stops suddenly and starts walking into a field where there are still remains of the battle all those years ago, Sokka, Katara and Toph run after him and find him just standing in front of a mound. They go to him and ask him what's wrong and all he says is that it was here, this is where it started, and the Gaang are like what started? And Aang turns to them and his eyes flash white and says, with a voice overlayed with all those that came before him, I did.
Or even if they decide to have a break stop in an old village in the earth kingdom, where the Gaang kinda splits off doing their own thing in the village, and Aang just starts walking around seeing what there is, and he starts getting lost in his mind and doesn't pay much attention to where he's going until he just stops in front of a vacant field and feels an incredible sense of confusion because isn't there supposed to be a house here? Where is the house? Where is his home? And that thought shocks him even more and an old lady goes past and tells him of the village legend that an avatar, many many many years ago, once called this place home, and Aang just nods and looks back at the empty field (that shouldn't be empty) and he can almost hear the echos of a memory of someone saying welcome home.
Idk I just have many thoughts about it. Like since bonds in the world can be so powerful that they have transcended lifetimes, why can't memories?
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thefruitloop-chan · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Took me a while to finish but it is done :)
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wayward-inspiration · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Pulled together through time and space by destiny, but separated by a cursed hatred...
Heres to the release of Skyward Sword HD and the soon to come BOTW 2!!!
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puppetavasharpe · 18 days ago
What are your favorite Avalance episodes? 👀
👀👀 Love this ask! Thanks, I could genuinely talk about avalance all 👏 mother 👏 fucken 👏day 🥺
These are in chronological order cuz that’s just how my brain works:
S3E1: The first time they met and immediately wanted to hate-rail one another.
Tumblr media
S3E9: The first time they realized they had a crush one another 🥺 and both were instantly #whipped. Sara asked for help and Ava stepped through a portal within .5 seconds lol.
Tumblr media
S3E12: Their first date, first kiss, and first bang 😏 Can you believe these two emotionally constipated idiots are engaged now 🥲
Tumblr media
S3E15: The first time we saw the hand over the heart for comfort 🥺 Also, even tho they broke up, this episode opened up a new arc for Sara in learning to accept romantic love. 😩
Tumblr media
S3E16: We saw a badass Avalance team up, Sara told Ava she’s as real as she feels about her 🥺, and we learned that Sara easily bottoms for Ava in this episode (she is baby for Ava only).
Tumblr media
S3E17 and S3E18: Sara tells Ava she loves her and Ava ALMOST (fucking Ray 😑) says it back. Also Ava pulling Sara up onto a horse as she rides by was something my lesbian heart didn’t know it needed until it happened 😮‍💨
S4E1: Sara and Ava grew a lot here. Ava asks Sara to move in with her, and they are able to have a healthy conversation about why that’s not the best option for Sara at the time 🥺🥰 We Stan healthy wlw communication.
S4E4: Opening scene of Sara and Ava in bed clearly having just banged, great way to start an episode IMO. Then they do their little pinky swears 🥺 and they even have a fight and make up in a healthy way. AND we get a fairytale kiss at the end 🥰
Tumblr media
S4E6: Can’t forget Ava’s birthday 😮‍💨🥵
S4E8: I just loved the Sirens of Space Time lmao
S4E12: When Sara saved Ava from purgatory 🥺 and they realized that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together 😩 We also got this amazing line: “Let's be honest. Neither of us needs anybody, right? But you are who I want." 😩😩
Tumblr media
S5E1: Ava learned how to be there for Sara emotionally 🥺 Her apology scene is def one of my top 5 Avalance moments ever.
Tumblr media
S5E3: Sara being a supportive GF of Ava’s weird obsession with serial killers lol. They’re so cute together. And I loved watching them run around a high school chasing an actual serial killer. Ava is Sara’s final girl 🥺
S5E10: The ship was broken and Sara was blinded but Ava was her guide 🥰 I really loved their interactions in this episode. They seemed like such a married couple, and they even had little squabbles but those were easily fixed because they’re just fucken adorbs.
S5E11: I just love when they go to the college because in the background of almost every scene you can see Sara and Ava being super cute together. Like in one part Sara is feeding Ava chips 🥰
S6E1: I blame this season for making me so addicted to the Girl By The Pool meme because this episode is when I started using it (I think lmao). First we see Sara super fucking giddy about proposing to Ava, then the scene where Ava immediately jumps into the dangerous magical sigil AND IMMEDIATELY CONNECTS TO SARA CUZ SHES HER SOUL MATE AND THEN AVA TELLS HER YES SHE’LL MARRY HER 😩😩😩🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭
Tumblr media
Obviously this is my new number one favorite Avalance episode 🥺 The reunion, the cuddling, the holding hands, the softness, the proposal!!! The lesbian and bisexual colored fireworks in the background, like I CAN’T. Favorite Avalance episode ever so far 😩🥰
Tumblr media
Even just looking at this post, we can see what growth these two have had 😩 I love them so much. Thank you for this ask, it was one of my favorites ☺️
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alexaloraetheris · 2 years ago
Reasons I believe my friend is secretly some kind of deity
1) First time we spoke was a week after the beggining of freshman year she summed up my entire character and most of the events of my life Sherlock style. I asked her how the hell she knew all that. She just shrugged and said she figured out our entire class already.
2) The one time we had religion class instead of ethics she listened to the teacher for a few minutes, laughed and told me:
"Humans have wished to be gods so much they've forgotten they have to ability to create them. Imagination has truly suffered from this 'monotheism' stuff."
I was confused and asked her if she was an atheist. She rolled her eyes and said:
"Oh I believe in god alright. I just don't think the bastard deserves to be worshipped."
3) Out of nowhere she gave me this advice:
"The only truth a liar ever told was that lies weren't going to save you. Don't become the liar who has to pass that wisdom on, because they speak from experience."
4) To this day, she has one of those old-timey phones with buttons she only uses to ocassionally call someone. When I asked her why she never got a smartphone she got pouty:
"I hate social media. On Facebook they talk a lot but never say anything. If I wanted to listen to people moan about their problems and ask for help they don't expect I'd listen to their prayers." (Notice the choice of words)
5) I noticed she was stiff and I offered her a massage since I'm really good at it but when i started kneading her back I swear to this day those were not muscles I felt. I asked her what she did to turn her muscles into rocks covered with a thin layer of skin and she kinda froze then shrugged and said she was just really, really stiff. My hands hurt after ten minutes when I can usually go for an hour. Next time I offered she seemed surprised and laughed. She still has rocks for muscles.
6) We were having a debate over the way neural pathways are formed (I study biology and she forensics) and I jokingly asked if I could have her brain for study when she dies. She laughed.
"Sure, if you find a way to kill me you can have it. I'm actually curious what you're gonna find."
7) One time she was tired and miserable and I tried to comfort her. We both have really dark sense of humor so I told her she could scare the dead out of their graves with that glare. She told me the dead can't come back and I rolled my eyes and said 'obviously' but she continued:
"When you die you descend to the underworld with nothing to lose. To keep you, they give you something to lose. When you want to return, they will demand it back. That's why nobody ever leaves. The only way out is to never enter."
8) One day she just came up to me with a disappointed look on her face. When I asked her what was wrong she was quiet for a few seconds and then just told me:
"Betrayals committed in good intentions are still damning. Just... keep that in mind." Then she left and didn't speak to me for three days. I still don't know what she meant but even three years later I haven't forgotten it.
9) We were casually sitting on a bench when, out of nowhere, she asked me: "Is it just me or have humans gotten dumber? Or have they always been this stupid and I just haven't been paying attention?"
10) She asked me if I ever wondered what it was like to die. I said no but told her I would tell her when I found out. I meant it as a ghost joke but she smiled at me and said:
"Great. I'll wait for you to come back. Maybe you'll even remember me."
In conclusion, she is some kind of low-key god and she lost her faith in humanity even before we lost our faith in her but she's stuck with us because immortality is a bitch.
P.S. I just remembered her name is a variation on 'Eve'. Maybe I should reconsider my atheist status?!
UPDATE (Jan 9, 2019): Since people liked this so much I’m making it a thing. All I have about Eve can be found under #god goes to college
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artcraawl · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Doing something a little different for the reincarnation prompt. I wanted to go a slightly more story driven route and I felt like one piece wasn’t gonna cut it. So here’s two. I had this idea in my head for the longest time of these two being in a sort of ancient romance legend and meeting again in their next lives. So that’s what I tried to portray here. Feel free to come up with your own interpretation of these pieces. :D
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reoccupiedcoven · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Word of Caution: Past life readings can be rather difficult, emotionally to read. When I did mine, I almost started to cry. 
Who was I in my past life? 
Was I married? 
Was I happy in my past life?
What kind of work did I do in my past life?
Was I an honorable person?
What types of problems or challenges did I deal with?
Was I a famous person?
Was I in good health during my past life?
How did I die?
Did I have a soul mate?
Is my present love, someone I knew from my past life?
Am I linked to my parents of today from a past life?
Are any other family members from a past life of mine?
What do I need to learn during this life time?
Will I reincarnate after this present life?
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writingpostmidnight · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
do you remember my old names? recognize my other face? 
same soul // PVRIS
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beeruler · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Modern AU: Reincarnation
Take me back to the time I was yours and you were mine Take me back, the words I'd say I had to whisper Because you liked it that way
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