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Deers under cherry blossom trees 😯😍

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I didnt want to derail the last post so I write my own, inspired by @cherryteafemme ’s tags about sami people.

Like she said in her tags, we’re no better in northern Europe than any other countries in our treatment of indigenous people, historically and definitely not presently.

Just a few months ago Girjas sami tribe won a case against the state here in Sweden about the hunting and fishing rights of Girjas land. Its a case that was pushed for years, all the way to highest court, and they won! It was a historical moment for a tribe to win against the state like that.

What happened next is that the tribe got threats of violence from non sami people and told that they had started a war, by reclaimingtheir own land. Not long after reindeers belonging to the tribe were shot and left for the keepers to find, which has happened to the Girjas tribe before. And this is just the story of one single Swedish tribe. There are many more like it.

I’ve heard the rhetoric of these people that are prepared to threaten and harm sami tribes, and it’s just sickening how little regard they have for living beings, human or otherwise. I’ve been casually told by them that if I see a reindeer on the road I should run it over and cut off it’s ears.

(The edges of the ears are cut by reindeer keepers in a special pattern unique to the owner(s) to identify them so their owner(s) can receive state compensation for a lost animal).

It’s important that us sane non indigenous people stand up to these people and don’t let them get away with these hateful things. No indigenous person should have to deal with hate for living on their own land. We (as in colonizer descendants), owe at the very least, that to them.

a big reindeer buck walking in yellowing grass in fall, with pine trees in the background. the reindeer has huge antlers and is dark brown on his head and body while his neck is white

(And yeah I only mentioned reindeer related hate in this post and not the other things said and done by non sami people on a daily basis that most sami people has to experience but I really got to sleep now)

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Traditionally Glammed up for the holidays…Reindeers Galore!!
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