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#reiuji utsuho
gensokyosinners · 9 days ago
Okuu must be overjoyed that she has so many new friends to share her beloved Orin's cocks with~
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"Of course~! It's always fun with more friends, right? And she deserves lots of help for something this big."
Okuu's happily grinning at the prospect of having so many more girls to help her tend to Orin's colossal cocks. Even now, she has her ample chest wrapped around one of Orin's dicks, while Sakuya is devotedly slurping on the tip, working in tandem to ensure that the hung catgirl is plenty satisfied with their worshipping of her bitchbreakers. Beside her, Meiling and Koishi are doing much the same to Rin's other cock, one using her luscious tits to worship her while the other uses her mouth. It's already an efficient system of teamwork and they've only just started working together, worshipping Orin's dicks is truly a bonding experience for everyone to enjoy. Especially for Remilia and Satori, who are laying passed out on top of each other after having both their cunts stuffed full simultaneously, several times over.
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thethirdeye06 · 12 days ago
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Inspired by @/astrono77153462, Atari & DOS horror games
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mitsuhika · 12 days ago
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Just something lazy (ノωヽ)
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okuuho · 12 days ago
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repost of something i made in 2019 but never actually put in the main tag
i dont have the original text image, sorry
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ceiling-dee · 18 days ago
Kinda odd that Utsuho didn't make it into the recent Touhou fighters. She could've had her own OKUUlt attack.
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It’s a redraw of this post! 
In my opinion, I’ve made quite an improvement ^_^
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nero-for-iphone-5 · 24 days ago
anime girls who have receieved at least 5 grays of radiation vs anime girls who produce at least 5 gy
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toco042 · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gensokyosinners · 29 days ago
How did Koishi's prank go when she tried to sneak up on Okuu? I bet she wasn't expecting the hell raven to be really horny from Orin's teasing by that point...
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"Boo! Did I scare you, Okuu?"
Koishi giggles as she suddenly emerges, pressing herself up against Utsuho from behind, squishing her breasts up against the hell raven's back while she playfully tries to surprise her. From behind her, though, the satori can't see the absolutely colossal erection that the futa has all but tearing through the fabric of her skirt with how much she's straining it.
She only finally gets to see it when she suddenly finds herself pinned underneath the other, Okuu moving even faster than she's ever seen her, making use of her yatagarasu strength to put Koishi in the perfect position to relieve her of her pent-up urges.
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"Sorry, Koishi-sama, I can't hold back any more~... Orin's been teasing me all day~."
Koishi would hardly get a chance to respond to the hell raven's rather lackluster apology before her clothes would be utterly obliterated without hesitation, Okuu's strength rather too much for her own good when she only meant to bypass the obstruction in fucking her cunt, but she hardly needs to care about the fate of Koishi's now-atomized clothing when she's slamming inside of her anyway, beginning to fuck her while the two moan in unison from the sudden pleasure. Even with Koishi still struggling to keep up with the rapid turn of events, she still can't help but be overloaded with pleasure as Utsuho begins to relentlessly pound her, moaning out loudly while the futa forces more and more into her, even bringing her hands to the satori's ample bust to squeeze and grope her while she plows her insides, evidently not about to stop or slow down in using her until she'd emptied every last drop of her lust into the girl.
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2dart · 29 days ago
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2mお空ちゃん等身大ポスター 再販開始!
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