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#reko yabusame

Sara Chidouin - Sara like’s choice based games like “Life Is Strange” and “The Walking Dead Game” 

Joe Tazuna - Joe like’s racing games like “Mario Kart” or “Need For Speed”. 

Gin Ibushi - Gin likes zoo simulation games like “World Of Zoo” or “Zoo Tycoon” 

Keiji Shinogi - Keiji likes trivia games like “Trivia Crack” and “Trivial Pursuit”.

Alice Yabusame - Alice like’s dancing game’s, like “Dance Central” or “Just Dance” 

Reko Yabusame - Reko like’s rhythm games like “Guitar Hero” or “Rock Band”. 

Nao Egokoro - Nao like’s creative games like “Scribblenauts” or “Minecraft”.

Kazumi Mishima - Mishima like’s virtual chess and checkers game. He finds it a good challenge to play against an AI! 

Q-taro Burgerberg - Q-Taro like’s sports games like “Wii Sports” or “Major  League Baseball”.  

Kai Satou - Kai like’s cooking games like “Cooking Mama” and “Cooking Simulator”. 

Kanna Kizuchi - Kanna like’s simulation games like “The Sims” and “Animal Crossing”. 

Shin Tsukimi - Shin like’s RPG game’s like “Undertale” or “Stardew Valley”. 


Ranmaru Kageyama - Ranmaru like’s casual games like “Among Us” or “60 Seconds” 

Naomichi Kurumada - Naomichi like’s arcade games such as Pacman or Streetfighter. 

Anzu Kinashi - Anzu like’s comedy games like “The Henry Stickman Collection” and “Untitled Goose Game”. 

Mai Tsurugi -  Mai like’s visual novel’s like “Doki Doki Literature Club” and “Danganronpa”.

Shunsuke Hayasaka -  Shunsuke doesn’t enjoy video games, and it always surprises him how many people play them. He’d much rather read or watch tv!

Hinako Mishuku - Hinako love’s zombie games like “Left 4 Dead”. 

15 notes

Sara Chidouin - Bad grades make Sara cry. Her schoolwork stresses her out a ton because she wants the best possible future for herself. She doesn’t often cry over it, but when she does cry, she cries hard. Talking to Joe and Ryoko over the phone always helps comfort her. 

Joe Tazuna - Anything happening to animals make’s Joe sob loudly. Whether it’s in a fictional movie or a real news story. He cries fairly often. To cheer himself up, he’ll volunteer at the local animal shelter. It makes him feel better to help out! 

Gin Ibushi - Pain make’s Gin cry. If he stub’s his toe or trips and lands the wrong way, it always makes him tear up. He gets emotional pretty frequently. When he’s sad, hugging mew-chan or big sis Sara always helps! 

Keiji Shinogi - Mr.Logic doesn’t like to cry. When he gets down, he can most of the time talk himself down from being upset. However, there are a few things that make’s Keiji cry. Thinking about Mr.Policeman always makes him shed tears. When he’s upset, he cleans. It’s something he has to think a lot about. Where to put things and how to organize them. Distraction is his best coping mechanism. 

Alice Yabusame - Movies can always make Alice cry. He gets very emotionally invested!! Whenever he watches movies, he brings at least two tissue boxes for preparation, so he cries often. Doing something outdoors's like taking a hike or simply sunbathing, always helps. 

Reko Yabusame - Sad songs always make Reko cry. She connects with Music more than she connects with anything else. She doesn’t cry often, but she has a sad song playlist when she needs to let her emotion out for crying. To no surprise, music always comforts her! 

Nao Egokoro - Pure happiness make’s Nao cry! She’s a happy cryer, especially when good things happen to the people she cares about. It makes her tear up quite often. But when she does cry from sadness, she works on getting to a new environment to get a breather. Either going for a drive or just walking around a lake. 

Kazumi Mishima - When Mishima gets stressed, he’ll have a good cry to vent his feelings. He has a quiet cry that makes him feel much better on a frequent basis. Funnily enough, crying and letting loose his emotions brings him comfort. 

Q-taro Burgerberg - Failure makes Q-Taro cry. He gives a hundred percent to all he does, so it’s disappointing when he fails. He doesn’t cry often, but he finds it very cathartic when he does let everything out. When Q-Taro’s sad, something that always comforts him is watching lighthearted tv shows until he feels better. 

Kai Satou - Affection can make Kai cry. Someone calling him family and telling him how much he means to them always make’s him emotional. He doesn’t cry often. When he’s sad, he runs errands to distract himself and put him in a bigger mood.

Kanna Kizuchi - Whether it’s in a fictional movie or her real life, death of any kind, especially when it’s sudden with no goodbye, make’s Kanna cry. She cries easily about other things. She’s very open about her emotions! But that’s the biggest one. When she’s sad, encourage other’s makes her smile. Seeing other’s happy because of her brings joy to her heart that cheers her up quickly! 

Shin Tsukimi - Shin cries very easily for others. Seeing others being treated poorly or unfairly is something he finds upsetting. Shin tends to project onto those he considers weak, like himself. Shin tries not to cry often, especially not in front of others. Eating a bowl of warm soup always makes him feel better after a rough day. 


Ranmaru Kageyama - Ranmaru has cried more than once, thinking about his future. It’s a stressful thought, especially with everyone starting to ask about his plans after high school. It’s not something he cries over often, but he’s had a few bad days over it. When he’s sad, something that always comforts him is having a hot drink. He doesn’t know what about it always make’s him feel better. But Ranmaru can always rely on it to calm him down. 

Naomichi Kurumada - Cutting onions make Naomichi cry. He doesn’t often cry at all about things. He tends to take out his emotions in different ways, and he has good emotion regulation. When he’s sad, he goes exploring. He enjoys going out and getting fresh air. Anywhere from abandoned buildings to old caves.

Anzu Kinashi - Anzu gets weepy when she’s overly tired. She doesn’t cry anymore or less than most people. When she’s sad, something that always cheers her up is building a fort and hiding from the world awhile. 

Mai Tsurugi - Mai cries from fear. When she feels genuinely terrified, she’ll cry pretty quietly. Going into haunted houses or watching intense horror movies is too much for her. Baking always makes her feel better. Focusing on making the perfect snack is enough to take her mind off the fear for awhile. She doesn’t get scared too often, so she doesn’t cry often. 

Shunsuke Hayasaka - The stress from his situation and involvement from ASU-NARO leads to him crying. Shunsuke is in far to over his head, but it’s too late now. He cries pretty often over it. Something that always comforts him is shopping. Not for anything big, just something small like a trinket for his apartment or a candy bar. 

Hinako Mishuku - Betrayal make’s Hinako cry. She believes most people are only out to use you, so when she allows herself to get close to someone, facing betrayal from them is very hard. When Hinako needs comfort, she reads a fiction book. It’s a good escape for a while. She doesn’t cry often. 

19 notes
i used to know this guy's dad who slept with his eyes open and whenever i would sleep over at his house i'd sneak down and steal a poptart and stare at him directly in the eyes while eating it
to test fate
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hi nonnie, ofc i dont mind :) i hope i can get this fairly accurate for you!

youre generally pretty quiet and shy, and tend to overthink everything. anxiety probably :(( a bit insecure, and you worry a lot about what people think and if youre messing up accidentally. low self esteem :(( youre really kindhearted though, and always try to do the “right” thing. you should believe in yourself! it might be hard, but youre an awesome person :))

however, around friends, youre loud and much more comfortable. youre probably really funny too, and still kindhearted. fiercely loyal. if anyone says anything to those you care about, your shy exterior is wiped away and youre ready to fight. around friends, if they accidentally hurt your feelings, you probably tend to laugh it off and overthink it later.

computers. either youre a gamer, or a programmer, or youre just on the internet all day. youve probably considered being a hacker or something at some point

lmk if i got anything right! have a nice day nonnie :)

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mmm more! Music girls doing music things 


Headcanon: Ibuki and Reko get together to practice for their separate concerts.

~Mod Kiibo

12 notes

Sara Chidouin - Sara love’s to give and receive hugs! When someone in her school needs a hug, they know to go to her. She gives very warm hugs and rub’s other’s backs comfortingly as she hugs them. 

Joe Tazuna - Much like Sara, Joe is very much a hugger. He shows his affection through physical touch, so if his friend is comfortable with it, he gives hugs at every opportunity. Joe holds people very close when he hugs them. His hugs are very nice. 

Gin Ibushi - Gin like’s hugs from people who he knows, but he’ll bite someone if they hug him and he doesn’t know them well. He likes to be held, so he likes others to hold him tightly. 

Keiji Shinogi - Keiji does not like hugs. He doesn’t want to give nor receive them. If someone hugs him anyway’s he’s completely tensed up, and you can tell. 

Alice Yabusame - Alice give’s the best hugs! He gives bear hugs that make you feel like you’re in a warm bed on a cold morning. He also loves hugs from his friends. If someone says they want a hug in his earshot, they will be receiving one shortly. 

Reko Yabusame - Reko enjoys hugs a lot, as long as they are from people she knows. She’s a very loose yet comforting hugger. She doesn’t hold people tight. Her hugs always feel friendly. 

Nao Egokoro - Nao mainly gives hugs as a method of comfort. Whenever someone’s sad, she offers to hold them for as long as they need. She’ll bundle them into the crock of her neck until they feel good again. She likes to be treated the same when she’s sad as well. 

Kazumi Mishima - Mishima doesn’t usually initiate hugs, but he does like them! Mishima hugs like a protective Father. All his hugs feel very parental and safe.

Q-taro Burgerberg - Q-Taro gets hugs, and he melts. He doesn’t get hugged often because many people find him intimating with his height and muscle, so it’s always pleasant when he does. Q-Taro likes to give long hugs. 

Kai Satou - Kai hasn’t been hugged often, so he’s a bit taken aback whenever he gets one. He’s working his way up with his comfort level for hugs because he does find them very secure they’re just a bit odd. He gives a lot of side hugs. 

Kanna Kizuchi - Kanna loves hugs! She’s always looking for an opportunity to hug her friends and is thrilled when someone wants to give her one. If you hug her, she completely melts. Hugs make her feel very safe. 

Shin Tsukimi - As Shin says in island mode, hugs aren’t really his thing. They feel very constricting, and when someone hugs him, he freezes until they let go. Shin has to be extremely comfortable with someone to accept hugs. And in that case, he’ll lean into it. 


Ranmaru Kageyama - It’s not that Ranmaru doesn’t like physical affection, but he’s not a hugger. He feels very awkward and never knows where to place his hands or how long to hold the hug. If he does hug someone, he’s trying to end it as soon as possible. 

Naomichi Kurumada - Naomichi doesn’t seek hugs out, but he won’t complain if he gets one! He really likes hugs from behind. They always feel very soft to him, and he very much enjoys that feeling. 

Anzu Kinashi - Anzu love’s hugs! She’ll jump into her friend’s arms and squeeze them as tight as possible. Her hugs are very playful and always put her friends in a good mood. 

Mai Tsurugi - Mai is a hugger. When she meets people or is happy, or if someone’s upset, hugs are her go-to. Mai’s an unintentionally aggressive hugger. It’s very possible she’ll leave a bruise.

Shunsuke Hayasaka - Shunsuke like’s hugs, but he’s very uncomfortable about them. He’s always happy when someone offer’s to hug him, though. He gives very awkward back pats while in hugs. 

Hinako Mishuku - Hinako isn’t a hugger. She prefers short and swift pats on the back. But if she did someone a hug, she’d be very comforting. 

29 notes

who i think the yttd cast kins/how their kinlist is

sara chidouin - doesn’t kin anyone that special, probably just says she kins kaede and doesn’t care abt it in general

joe tazuna - probably also doesn’t care that much, but kins every bimbo he knows

shin tsumiki - says he kins kokichi, nagito and etc but in reality just kins chihiro but won’t admit it. also lies abt kinning midori, 10 feet long kinlist and spends way more time than he should on it, kindates keiji

keiji shinogi - kins sangwoo secretly, kindates shin

alice yabusame - unironically kins megamind and is proud of it

gin ibushi - kins every furry/animal he knows, including but not limited to razor from genshin impact

kanna kizuchi - only found out about it because of hinako, and also only indulges on it because of her and shin, but otherwise doesbt care much

kai satou - does not know what that is, kins korekiyo though

q-taro burgerberg - also does not know what it is

mishima - ALSO doesn’t know

reko yabusame - kins canon queers and canon queers only, including tenko chabashira

nao egokoro - kins angie yonaga

ranmaru kageyama - cares WAYYY to much, one of those twitter teenagers with one hell of a carrd and a very untrue and concerning kinlist, lies abt kinning kokichi and is proud of it. the very enbodiment of a kinnie teenager

anzu kinashi - likes to spend time talking abt kinning with ranmaru, mostly just does it to talk abt it with friends, doesn’t have that much of an interesting kinlist

hinako mishuku - mildly enjoys it, not as extremely but still likes it. kins every one of those tv kid shows edgy female heroes, like raven from teen titans

mai tsurugi - knows what it is, does not give two fucks

shunsuke hayasaka - same as mai

naomichi kurumada - does not know, heard of it once, does not want to know

midori - kins onceler and onceler only

10 notes

request: If you want to, maybe a Nao X Reko from YTTD? Not an AU, like, it’s in the killing game but like, not involving death or anything unless it’s hurt/comfort.

notes: naoreko, fluff, implied spoilers for chapter one, sharing a bed, established relationship

a/n: I simply think that women <3 yes, women, they just <3

Reko had always hated the dark; in the night, edges sharpen, and something monstrous drags its claws in the shadows. Since the killing game began, she had swore something was lurking behind her. One misstep, and it would overtake her. 

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Panic and fear fray her nerves raw, and her collar chokes her slowly.

“Reko?” A quiet voice whispers in the silence. “Are you still awake?”

Keep reading

17 notes

I really need to get the hang of drawing Reko

14 notes

hi,,! not promising anythingfjdjfkg

thats a,,very assorted mix. im guessing your personality is probably a bit harder to pin down, or you like kinning and finding characters to relate to a lot :]

youre definitely energetic and passionate about the things you care about,,,, maybe even a bit childish when it comes to those things. youre very loyal and care about your loved ones a lot, even when they get on your nerves. soft vibes as well

that being said, it doesnt seem like youre like this all the time. when you first meet someone, youre probably rather quiet if not a bit antisocial.

it’s not that you dislike the other person or anything, it’s just a bit hard for you to get comfortable right away. you might even sound a bit irritated if bothered or taken out of your comfort zone.

sleep deprived, probably. youre probably a bit of a daydreamer too. i think you might enjoy relaxing atmospheres, and you dont deal too well with stress. random thought but i get the feeling you like doodling while doing other things.

if you have siblings youre prrrobably somewhere in the middle? either way, you probably like younger kids but your childish nature means you enjoy having older sibling figures too

kashima and maki gives me tsundere vibes but not too sure on that onehfjdjf

that was a bit long,,,hopefully i got something right in all this rambling,,,,

2 notes

Imagine the yttd cast meeting themselves three years before the death game, or danganronpa characters meeting their pregameseleves

4 notes

I made a Reko emote for an event in a yttd server

0 notes

Sara Chidouin -  Sara is a big fan of jams and mashed sweet potatoes with chestnuts. She love’s it when Kai cooks it, which he often does. Sara doesn’t like tomato’s the texture is horrendous, but she likes most things. She’s not allergic to anything.  

Joe Tazuna - Joe is a big fan of kebabs. He takes any excuse possible to get them! Joe can’t stand mushrooms. He gags whenever he accidentally eats one. Joe has a fish allergy. 

Gin Ibushi - Gin loves pizza, but he’s picky about the types. Gin’s favorite is pepperoni pizza. Gin doesn’t like spicy things. They make his eyes water, and his throat hurt. Gin has a soy allergy. 

Keiji Shinogi - Keiji mostly eats meat. It’s a little concerning about how little Keiji’s body gets fruit or vegetables. But he doesn’t particularly like them. He doesn’t have any food allergies that he’s aware of. 

Alice Yabusame -  Alice loves very simple food’s like grilled cheese. The lists of foods Alice doesn’t like is a much longer one than the foods he does like. He doesn’t like anything too salty, or too sweet, or sour, or spicy, or too hot, or too cold. So most things. Alice isn’t allergic to anything. 

Reko Yabusame -  Reko loves pasta. Shrimp and asparagus pasta is her favorite. Reko doesn’t like sour foods. She finds them more painful than enjoyable. She has a strong spice tolerance, so she jokes she traded the ability to love spicy things for sour. She’s not allergic to anything. 

Nao Egokoro -  Nao love’s freshly baked bread. She love’s to make it. Everything from the smell to the look to the taste is mouthwatering to her. Nao has never liked brussel sprouts. It’s the one food she can’t even eat without gagging. Nao has a sesame allergy. 

Kazumi Mishima -  Mishima isn’t picky, though he does prefer a lot of simpler foods. He’s plenty fine with a simple bowl of steamed vegetables, which he considers his favorite. Mishima doesn’t like apples, which is very unfortunate due to his teacher’s role. Whenever a student brought him an apple, he’d always eat them with a smile to show his gratitude, and that started his students bringing him apples. He’s not allergic to anything. 

Q-taro Burgerberg -  Q-Taro loves seafood. Crab and salmon are his favorite things to eat. He’s pretty picky about it, though. He can tell if it’s fresh! Q-Taro doesn’t particularly like sweets. They’ve never hit the spot for him, and he doesn’t get why so many people are crazy about them. Q-Taro isn’t allergic to anything. 

Kai Satou -  Kai’s favorite food is cheese. It’s an easy, quick snack that’s perfect for his salty tooth. The way cottage cheese looks makes Kai get goosebumps. He hates it. Kai doesn’t have any allergies. 

Kanna Kizuchi -  Kanna’s favorite foods are sweets. She loves cookies and ice cream, not just for the taste but all the pleasant memories of getting ice cream with Kugie. Kanna doesn’t like most seafood. It has a specific “ocean” taste to it that she does not vibe with. Kanna’s allergic to tree nuts. 

Shin Tsukimi - Shin loves soup. He would live off of it if he could. In specific, vegetable soup and miso soup are his favorites! He’s a pretty picky eater. Shin doesn’t like anything spicy or sour, or anything with a weird texture. Shin has some food allergies as well. He’s lactose intolerant and allergic to peanuts. 


Ranmaru Kageyama -  Rice is, without a doubt, Ranmaru’s favorite food. He love’s sweet rice, mostly, but anything from white to black rice is good. Ranmaru doesn’t like most meats. They never seem cooked right, and he just plain doesn’t enjoy the flavor. He’s allergic to shellfish. 

Naomichi Kurumada -  Naomichi eats a lot of eggs. Both good in protein and very tasty! He eats scrambled eggs with ketchup and gets a lot of strange looks because of it. Naomichi can’t stand pineapple pizza, and he will argue relentlessly with anyone who disagrees. He’s not allergic to anything. 

Anzu Kinashi -  Anzu’s favorite food is fondue. She always gets so excited when one of the birthday parties she works for has a fondue table and offers to let her have a bite. Mayonnaise is a food that grosses her out, and Anzu isn’t sure why. Anzu is allergic to celery. She doesn’t like celery anyway, so it’s not a big deal to her. 

Mai Tsurugi -  Mai loves fresh fruit. She always looks forward to Summer for fresh melons and grapes. Mai hates candy corn, despite loving most sweets. Mai has a very mild reaction to peaches, but she eats them anyway because she loves them. 

Shunsuke Hayasaka - Shunsuke loves sushi! He always looks forward to grabbing a bite of it after work. Shunsuke can’t stand pickles. They ruin entire burgers for him with their juice. Shunsuke has a slight egg allergy. 

Hinako Mishuku - Hinako love’s edible seaweed. She always gets a package when she shops. Hinako doesn’t have a lot of food she feels very strongly about being terrible. She’ll eat most things that are offered to her from indifference. She’s not allergic to anything. 

27 notes

I always took Alice affirming post-room of lies that Reko behaved exactly as he remembered and he was her brother and therefore we could trust his judgment as something that absolutely confirmed that Reko was a fake.

Because, like, the game had already estabilished even before entering the room of lies that Reko underwent a drastic change after Alice’s murder case. Alice himself had told us that she’d changed a lot, so when he started saying “her behavior is the same (I remember), she hasn’t changed,” I took it as a confirmation that Fake Reko was an imposter rather than doubting that, unlike the Let’s Players I’ve watched.

Idk it just striked me as odd when people doubted Fake Reko was actually fake due to Alice’s arguments.

16 notes

Alice: I almost dropped my phone on my soft, carpeted floor but thank God I have sharp reflexes and was able to slap it into the wall instead


Reko: are you fucking stupid

80 notes



Nao definitely likes making gifts, don’t blame her, she wants to make sure all her close friends are happy. We are officially winding down with four days left to apply, our interest check goal is in reach but again, we want as many applications as possible and thank all of you across social media for making us almost hit our goal! This will be the last of these videos we do since the next three days will be filled with other things. We appreciate all of the support as always and a special thanks to the instagram followers because you all have done wonders for our reach by sharing across your stories and posting about us. We sincerely love you all, regardless of platform and cannot wait to move into the next stage of things! As a reminder you can find our interest check form located on the Carrd link (it is on the G icon!)

5 notes

Reko and Sara are a really underated brotp.

Reko is really sweet to Sara! She trusts her so wholesomely and kindly, and she even says at one point that it’s not fair Sara has to shoulder everything when she’s just a kid! Reko thinks of Sara as her friend! I should see more content of them!

21 notes

Sara Chidouin - “Two Birds” by Regina Spektor

Joe Tazuna - “Take On The World” by You Me At Six 

Gin Ibushi - “Dirty Paws” by Monsters and Men

Keiji Shinogi - “Runnin” by Adam Lambert 

Alice Yabusame - “Little Lion Man” by Mumford And Sons 

Reko Yabusame - “Just Like Fire” by Pink

Nao Egokoro - “Crosses” by José González

Kazumi Mishima - “Safe And Sound” by Hannah Jern Miller

Q-taro Burgerberg - “Glitter And Gold” by Barns Courtney 

Kai Satou - “Bleeding Out” by Imagine Dragons

Kanna Kizuchi - “Sad Machine” by Porter Robinson 

Shin Tsukimi - “It’s Alright” by Mother Mother 


Ranmaru Kageyama - “Obstacles” by Syd Matters 

Naomichi Kurumada - “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John 

Anzu Kinashi - “Firework” by Katy Perry 

Mai Tsurugi - “What Baking Can Do” from “Waitress” the musical. 

Shunsuke Hayasaka - “Castle Of Glass” by Linkin Park 

Hinako Mishuku - “This Little Girl” by Cady Groves 

40 notes