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Why I hate quirky culture

Because the whole point of it is to be “quirky” and different from others but they are all just trying to be a part of this big community. I assume the initial reason some girls were doing this was because they were trying to prove that they were not at all like the whole “Regina George” kind of girls who were in fact- brain dead but pretty. But now if I see a girl who claims she’s so quirky and different, in my mind, she would be cheap, fake and utterly RIDICULOUS. And the whole thing is about being different but they do the most average things like eating. I’ll see girls on the internet saying that they can eat a whole pizza by themselves. Okay, so can I, and so can he, and she and literally ANYONE who is hungry. Are you saying other girls dont eat? Then there’s the whole thing about reading books, I find it to be… how do I put this in the nicest way..umm. A LIE. Because if they really read books, they would be much more sophisticated and have atleast some decent sense of mind. But then again, its not my problem. Its just so frustrating seeing all girls who could be such beautiful people inside and out, lose their originality and uniqueness to become….this.

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Hi. You guys know those kind of romantic dreams you have with people you’ve never really seen that way. Yeah, WHY THE FUCK DO THEY EXIST?

And normally when I have a good dream, I forget it 2 minutes after waking up. But when it comes to this, my brain just randomly reminds me of it at 3 in the afternoon like WHY

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