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perfectfeelings · 20 minutes ago
How do you know you're in love? When it hurts but you still want to stay.
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sodamnbored · 30 minutes ago
Frank, addressing the Legion: This battle will not be easily won. But you’ve trained hard and I have faith in us. Apollo, care to say a few words?
Apollo pledging dramatically: As long as I draw breath, and you provide me with copious amounts of attention and adoration, I will be there for you.
Reyna, unethused: Inspiring.
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1-message-received · 32 minutes ago
When you get through those tough times on your own, you really don't care who stays in your life anymore.
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plushrabbits · 36 minutes ago
D o n t r b
just had a russian doll moment irl where i was dissociating in the bathroom & then looked in the mirror with knocking going on outside from ppl working on the roof ? & it was so disorienting that i have a headache now
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justyourfriendlyalien · 50 minutes ago
Me anytime someone says I’m a good person: Nope I’m not here let me show you why
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sjvandelaysstuff · an hour ago
is Good 4 U ever playing in your mind and you don't even realize it until it gets to the drum buildup and then you're just kind of jamming to a song thats not even playing??
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Me: Finds a new show to watch. Binges it in a few weeks. Get’s obsessed. Says it’s a great show. Then finds another show and does the same thing. I’m in a never ending cycle of tv shows.
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perfectfeelings · an hour ago
Everyone gets tired of me at some point. Then eventually they leave. They all do.
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batgirl011 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
“But love changes everything.”
Love changes people. Probably more than hate does. When you’re in love you don’t wanna be practical or smart… you just wanna be stupid, but together. Stupid together. You wanna do crazy things, take risks, but together. Everything you wanna do, you wanna do it with them.
When you’re in love, you’re not just in love. You get obsessed. It becomes a ride or die situation. When you’re in love, you go insane and yet the only thing keeping you sane is the person you love.
Love is a paradox. Perfectly described as pain and pleasure. When you love someone, the pain is inevitable. Because if you don’t care for a person, their actions won’t matter to you either. But when you’re in love, you’re fragile yet so strong at the same time. You want to give up and fall in their arms and just cry as much as you can. But you also want to protect them. You stand stronger than ever to protect them.
Love. It’s a funny word. Funnier feeling though. You smile for no reason but you also cry for no reason. Sometimes you hate the fact that you’re in love because if you’re in love, you can’t run away from the pain.
Pain. It’s a necessary feeling. It’s an ingredient that creates love. One of the most important ingredients. So when you’re in love you don’t just feel pain, you give it too. As I said, it’s inevitable.
While love is considered a tonic for some, it’s also toxic for some. Another ingredient… a balanced mix of poison and holy water.
When someone asks you, if you regret falling in love because of how much pain you had to go through, you still find yourself saying no. You don’t regret loving, no matter how much it broke you. It’s a paradox. It also made you stronger. It wounded you… but when a wound heals it only leaves a scar. A reminder, an explanation of who you are and how you’ve come this far.
Love does change everything. It makes your life worth something. You don’t just live for yourself, you live for them too. When you fall in love, you live to love and not love to live.
Love changes everything.
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