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#relatable content
reiverreturns · 4 months ago
fucking respect to isaac for creating an army of horrifying night creatures but making one really sexy just because he could
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kdinjenzen · 8 months ago
Me: “How does this character not notice how OBVIOUSLY they are loved by those around them!?”
Also Me: “It is OBVIOUS that people around me only just barely tolerate my existence.”
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littlehorrorshop · a month ago
Regency Mat Baynton is my reason for living right now, and that's valid
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therobotmonster · 7 months ago
Underappreciated character flaw: Muppets’ Hubris
A special form hubris, when the thing you are most passionate about is the thing you’re worst at doing. This drives the character to hilarious extremes as they try swim uphill against their own limitations. 
Fozzie wants to be a great comedian. Mrs. Piggy sees herself as a glamorous leading lady. Kermit wants to put on a smooth and successful show. Sam wants everyone to be “respectable” and “normal”. Gonzo wants appreciation for his art. Even Rolf, who his a great pianist, is stuck in a third rate vaudeville act. Etc.
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hee-blee · 25 days ago
"I want to throw him in a kiln - he'll either be preserved forever or destroyed, either way it's a victory" sounds like it should be from hannibal but instead it's from monster factory and is said about justin and griffin's cursed super buff knock off bart simpson
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deansaysitsokay · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
UNHhhh 96: "Gaming" with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova
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jimkirkswaterboy · 7 months ago
the first phoenix wright ace attorney game: a summary
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