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#relatable quotes

Words vomit!

She finally got the courage to scream everything she holds.

She kept, a lot of suffering inside, so when everything came out it was more like “words vomiting!”

She shouted: ”do you know why I’m like that! Why I got so many trust issues, why I’m scared! It’s because the only person I ever trusted betrayed me, he supposed to be my best friend yet he killed me inside”.

”Her eyes saw what once thought was a beautiful future in the arms of another woman, so proudly in the bed”.

It was all the people that stabbed her in the back when she hugged them from front.

It was all the bullying and ugly names. 

It was all the disappointment she felt when people gave up on her just because she was different!.

And all the pain and broken pieces that she carried around through different phases of life.

All of that created the wall that now guards her up. It what made her very closed off and quiet, not knowing who she should trust so she kept pushing everyone away.

She thought when she said her truth he would see the bigger picture or scream back at her I love you, I’m here for you! I’m not leaving! Yet he called her a drama queen!

Eventually, when he saw her darkness when he knew why she was very afraid, he gave up on her and took the easy way out without a word. And that thing she kept safe for so many years, shattered to millions of pieces.

God knows she never loved anyone but him, never wanted someone so bad except him.

Since then, that innocent version of her was gone.

Words I was terrified to write. 💭💜

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I’ve lost my inspiration.

You were my muse and when you left I couldn’t write a sentence about how heavy my heart felt, how my hands grew so cold, how the hair on my head began to fall out, and how every time I looked out my window it was a new season.

All I ever did was write about how you were my achlies heel, my kryptonite and it was true, you were the downfall of me.

Without you I am a writer without a pen, a song without lyrics, and an artist without a muse.


Originally posted by cristanasstuff

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Stuck on you, still.


Originally posted by gradientsofcolor

Do you ever think of me?

I am here, buried deep within my tears

While you’re joyful under your bright sky

And I’m still stuck here tonight

Buried deep within my tears

No one can hear me.

Wishing for the sun

To shine above my bluest sky

I’m still here, I am stuck still

Wishing for the rain

To stop with its parade

I’m still here, I am stuck still.

Do you ever think of me?

I still think about you

Don’t you see?

I’m always worried about

How can you let go?

How did you moved on?

Knowing that I’m suffering from the cuts

you did to me?

Do you ever think about me?

Why can’t you look at me?

Wishing for the sun

To shine above my darkest sky

Feels like a prayer

You will never come.

Wishing for the rain

To stop with its parade

I am drowning,

Coz’ I am stuck on you, still.

Do you ever think of me?

Why can’t you see me? Drowning.

I’ve been crying out so loud

But you never held a hand

Do you ever think about me?

Coz’ I’m still here and I am stuck on you, still

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“And that’s the sad part that we constantly promise each other forever, as if we have it, yet in a way we create a forever for the ones we love, even if that forever is just minutes, even if when they leave, when things change, a part of who we are dies with it”

A message I sent to a person I miss, I created a forever for them and they will always live in it, I love you

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Originally posted by loverdosebitch

It’s been quite a while since I last saw you. A while since I last heard the vibrato of your baritone laugh. A while since I last saw the way sunlight touched your skin, and made you glow like the ethereal being you are. It has been a long time since I last saw the way your eyes, filled with warmth and adoration, met mine. Maybe it was, two years ago, the last time I heard the crack in your voice at eight in the evening, when I told you I was going back home. Or maybe it was eighteen months ago, when you last held your hand in mine. Maybe it was eleven months ago, when you said that it was getting harder for you to believe in the world, that maybe whatever we had might not glow and stay like the stars. And then it was two months ago when you said that you that it was best if not better, that we, no longer cradle each other through our voices on the phone, that you had found you best and ever one. And I knew, whether it had been two years ago, eighteen months ago, eleven months ago or even two months before; you wouldn’t stay with me until the end of whatever line we were walking. Inspite of knowing all of it, I still danced with you in the dark, because darling, you were the one for me, even if fate didn’t allow me to be the one for you.

-things i’ve wanted to say but never could (z.i)

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